hey guys we’re back for another episode of red Santos gaming and we’re doing another video with legit sniper or legit ko whichever he’d like to go by yeah we’re today we’re playing World of Warplanes I’m sure or well I hope you’ve seen my recent trailer for world of warships which has yet to be released this game is just been released into open beta and since me and legit were signed up beforehand even though we didn’t play it much we actually got free premium so I’ll hover over that yeah you guys can see it up there in the top left so we get more experience as a 50% credits and experience for a battle and I starting to be rich we’ll probably get some like extra bonus deals later on and stuff if there’s anything interesting we’ll should let you know and also if you haven’t checked out his cinematic trailer I’ll put a link to it probably right now on the screen yeah check it out really good I like it it’s probably been playing in like the top right corner something like that in one of those little windows since we figured out how to do that that’s pretty awesome um and I think that’s pretty much it so let’s explain the whole plains thing we get for starter planes I guess one for every nation because it looks like there’s only four right now there’s a US which is what Lidge it’s using there’s Russian or USSR whichever way you want to say it German and then the Japanese I’m gonna be using the German planes and legit you will be using the US yeah the US planes so we’re gonna try and uh in this episode what you would do at least get to the second plane in our tree ah yeah okay so show them the tech tree so you guys can see it’s got lots of planes where I’m actually gonna go on this right side I don’t know which tech tree you’re going for legit which one are you doing the left I can’t go into the tech tree because it’s already dope oh okay well okay so the are you gonna go right I’ll right go right okay well let’s make it so you understand what you’re choosing he wants something with more hitpoints and firepower or do you want something with more maneuverability something that can like move around a lot or something that does heavier damage probably more damage so if I go from the 11th you yes so yours is a you’re just right so we’re both just gonna do the right the the right side seems to be the cool they’re looking planes I think I’m only need to upgrade to like my third plane to get a really nice one so that’s gonna be nice which plane are you aiming for legit I’m aiming for the build up F whatever was f7u so that she would just jump right into a flight or okay this isn’t vs. so we’re not gonna put like a little screen on the Saturday evenings this is just dual commentary so we’ll live commentary do alive okay do although you’re ready um you have the correct plants what did I guess we just do a random battle yep well they’re still loading screen changes based on the map I actually haven’t noticed because of yeah it does set in World of Tanks so I think it should do it you know it’s yeah I notice that it did in real tanks yeah cuz see it says Harbor so it does change based on the I’m the loading screen T blissed one of the things I’ve noticed about a the like world of planes World of Tanks and so they have a really nice theory yeah I really don’t like this I mean it’s really good scenery yeah I guess better than most games are you already loaded in with the countdown going oh yeah loaded in Wow we’re the only two with premium in this game ok look behind you to the right you’ll see me I see you we are the only one of its premium yeah okay oh wow that is really loud loud plane oh wait why am i in a weird view like I’m below am i playing oh you hit shift what you’ve hit shift to go below your plane but I’d never hit ship I don’t know chicken trust where are you at oh I see you’re all the way down there cam diving towards you these red dots enemies no those are buildings it’s you might want to get yourself a little distance from them they have AAA guns oh shoot I don’t want to do that yeah if you if some planes have bombs and if you have missiles or bombs or rockets or

whatever explosive you have certain Oh while you’re getting beat up over there certain spaces here they are are those buildings yeah you’re getting destroyed I’m trying to come up on him but it’s like lagging just the right amount that I have no boobies and my edges damage Oh take out your engine yeah don’t don’t crash I see you getting really going into the Mallee so I have some cover he’s following you I’m following right behind him actually trying to take him out ah I’m going down going down well I see you just dove into the mountain that is so cool okay I’m trying to take out this guy who just killed you but he’s doing him doing a flip I really like this game it doesn’t count as a barrel roll if you’d like go backwards there’s that just like actual rolling I forget what it’s called with an actual maneuver oh I’m falling I’m like okay you’re watching my screen yeah that guy I’m shooting is the one who actually killed you I’m trying to take him out but there’s planes everywhere it’s like I know it’s like huge dogfighting everything’s like on fire come on I want this guy died he’s using the same plane as me you’re like equally matched but he’s just trying to get away yeah cuz he maneuvers at the same rate as me so it’s hard to get like right if you aim at the red circle in front of them it’s kinda like a uh whoa where it’s hilly I almost hit that guy you see like we’re like flipping right behind each other I think everyone did this would take forever no I couldn’t pull up fast enough dude oh okay so we both died up there there weren’t that guy yeah yeah well okay there goes another guy like the worst premium yeah okay something like I had some poles in his wings oh my god he’s the last one left on our team let’s just watch him crash yep into the building yep oh there’s another guy though what when I hit tab it said there’s only one I guess this is the last guy every time we watch him do we just leave it’s gonna die this is watching okay I just watched the defeat of our team yeah I’m trying to look behind him I want to see the guy shoot him look at him like swervin and everything well he’s barely dodging you know one of the problems was during closed beta everyone wanted to kamikaze say we’re slamming into a I just crashed into a tree well Wow okay I guess we lost yeah see it press escaped returned hangar okay so let’s go back to hangar that was ridiculous okay um uh I’m so used to having so much money because before the close in the closed beta I had like a ton they gave you like unlimited funds or something um I wouldn’t up and here’s one up is how many do you have have 8400 oh yeah I’m 300 below you so eight that is the 100 how many tokens I don’t think we get tokens 56 I’m gonna give onap 25 huh I don’t know I can exchange tokens but let’s see what I can do with the tech tree uh can you do anything to your plane I mean we should probably upgrade these as much as possible in one episode because we’re going we’re trying to get to our next plane right like first thing yeah okay so I’m just gonna upgrade everything to level 2 um once you research it you have to purchase it though yeah okay so I researched it researched it and mounted it okay so I researched a better body and a better engine and I mounted it so now I got a little slightly faster and I guess slightly stronger plane what can I apply it I can’t mount it you might not battle with spiritual oh I needed to get the engine yeah sometimes you need a like other pieces for it to line up alright there we go I got a better frame I think and a better engine yeah so same thing is me just like the American version okay so ready up and we’ll jump right into another game okay let’s hope we do better yeah seriously I hope we don’t die this time so fast like Miriam and we like just get destroyed yeah I’m guessing a lot of people got it today because the open beta um today so I think the first day they open beta cuz I played it yesterday and it didn’t tell me I had premium you guys should all try it out links in the description really fun game yeah as you can see it’s really well done with scenery and everything if you don’t like rolled the plains as much and you think he went a little bit of a sturdier game try world of tanks that

one’s very bulky version of world of plains why am i below my plane I don’t understand ok there we go now I’m not what do I do I press escape and what’s a menu in the back that’s to make sense it’s like I don’t see okay underneath I can’t get stuck underneath even if I want to okay so you see I’m have fun your Maps kind of got Nick what okay down back okay if you look at your map legit you see how it’s got letters and numbers yeah okay it’s kind of like a battleship yeah okay um f5 is like the best place to have dogfights on most amass cuz it’s like the most open so that’s always where I like the first place I had but on this matter I like to stay over do you see this river on our right yeah stay either near this or the lake over there because you want as much space below you as possible enemies spotted oh yes him yes either they’re staying over the lake on that side you showing there a lot of them it’s a pretty good place legit you might want to slow down let our team catch up with you a little bit there’s a lot of guys here I see a bomber that one the agoa oh that’s the German bomber that I had before open beta servers are still laggy though yeah they are so I got a weird kind of delay thing going on yeah like it delays the buttons you push everyone so long oh shoot no I’m taking the heavy fire I’m trying to take out one of the enemies oh shoot I can’t cover you where are you I am on the ground oh you’re crashed yes by nuke not out noop knockout yeah ha school plane would be the orange one right I don’t know what color Woods I didn’t never saw lit I’m trying to take out some of these enemies here but they’re like all around me well I found the game says I have lower frames and what perhaps is telling me yeah I don’t know why the game does that I guess fraps is I don’t know cuz my fraps tells me like you might tell me 25 and the game might tell me 19 I’m actually gonna turn down getting right by this don’t really care about shadow at the moment yeah stuff like shadows don’t really matter barking quality uh it’s only but yeah I’m definitely gonna die water quality who’s shooting me okay yeah I just got destroyed while looking at my enemy okay so let’s see how many teammates we got left we got four so instead of watching them let’s back out and go for a different different type of planes so it’s okay to skip them back to hangar yeah I don’t I like that feature or what you don’t you don’t like going back to hangar to switch out planes everyone smell like your plane’s still in battle you know I mean it could be worse I guess I’ll go German you go American huh what you kind of think I was thinking what well like do like you go Russian I go Japanese or something like that okay which one which one do you want to be actually Russian or Japanese Russian okay the Japanese okay I’m ready undo so job under such abundance I think I’m turning Japanese that’s so racist um yep no I don’t Japanese just I don’t know that’s my name my guys name is Darcy nough garb I don’t know – tink hey-oh I actually don’t know the name of my guy I wanted ding bag what’s the heck tink I know the battle to last until all the enemy aircraft are destroyed I like that it’s got like the hints page but it’s not just like showing your random hint like you can scroll through it like if you’re doing all these evil words on the loading screen and there’s like so many pages I’ve yet to they reach the last page before it ended loading which I’ll never be as good as these hints show yes sir so the hint so like a guy doing like a perfect angle and then he shoots like me I’m just like spazzing all over the place firing yeah if I can change my sensitivity if you see on the player list mean you have like those little golden shields you know why because we’re in the same flight maybe it might be I died I don’t know cuz like even when I push tab it’s like that it could be it’d be cool though like if the enemies like knew we were bring him

I’ve actually mapped the the roll buttons like a barrel roll to my mouse how do you uh bear world there’s no button for it yet but like I went into the controls and set it to my mouse because it’s got macro keys so if you look behind you with right-click you can you can look around so look look behind you at me see me yeah I see you that’s good for dating I’m going this bout I’ll do it probably like the safest place you don’t get shot up we actually our enemies are way above us we should probably go up cuz we don’t want them diving down on to us yeah that might be good actually you’re really low they probably won’t even notice you go triangle around all the way to the other side oh I I stalled there guys I’m like capture points or like oh yeah and the other side of the map the flag it’s just like the flag in World of Tanks except it’s an airfield that you go and you like fly over want ahead there yeah but if they know we’re over there they’re gonna start you know flying in like crazy okay I’m gonna try and head towards like f5 but stay low so they don’t notice me I’m really low right now yeah I see you you’re like down in the valley um you see where you’re like little pointer is in the middle of the screen oh I’m at negative 170 meters negative I don’t understand I get to fly up like beside a waterfall that’s so cool yeah I’m like right above the waterfall I’m like waiting for you to come up you might actually have to keep going up because there’s an a a gun road on the other side of that waterfall was where see you look towards me it’s actually shooting at me right now nevermind I couldn’t oh there you are yeah you’re being shot up yeah by an egg on cam diving down to get near the lake you want to go under that bridge up there kind of luck we can but we’re almost to the flag Hey look one of our teammates is a bomber oh he bombed the base he took it way did we get it yeah he bombed the base if they bombed the base all their AAA guns get like super inaccurate and stop working right wow did you just crash into the side of the a gun I didn’t think I did I flew over it I guess on my screen I just I fly straight into the side of it I’m fine I flew over it an Olsen I just blew up there’s only two guys you’re like the only guy left oh I want to see if I can land an aisle and you’re already good so it’s not gonna matter if I die oh really slow slower slower I’m just gonna tap the ground to blow up yep my tire barely taps the ground and I exploded there is no landing that’s like it’d be cool if you could land and like take the enemy plane legit that was me at it woah okay well they’re dead you didn’t respond there for like two minutes oh because uh I had I had a phone call I was on vibrate and I was like don’t call me at this moment gosh it sound like goofy or something like that I’m a good voice actor I can sound like everything yeah okay so I’m actually gonna use the money from that game to upgrade to the 11th hours and tokens can use my research the next plane already I think so yeah I’m gonna research the second plane for the Germans I can also purchase it so research it I don’t think I have enough I forget what comfort experience oh yeah wow this is a really large plane a German plane like the second one is amazing but it’s a bomber I think it looks like a bomber I don’t know what’s so you can train your crew yeah you’re better the crew training the better stuff is like a give with the one that’s like 100% we’re training you have like perfect accuracy and so like that but it

costs a lot like it cost eighty thousand to train the crew for this plane um but you don’t you don’t have the second American plane yet do you yeah I does it’s got it oh you just got it okay so we’ll just use the ones we just unlocked I’m just gonna sell the first one I think you can just yeah you can just right click on the first one and then click sell doesn’t give you very much but I’d rather not have too many planes yeah filling the entire thing she sold yours uh the p12 yeah yeah okay so I’m ready here I think I can upgrade my plane by tier two Oh actually let me check I didn’t even check if I could do that can I do that yes I can no I can’t I need just a little bit more experience and I can get well these have bombs oh yeah sure this one I can I can research the SC 58 some weird type of bomb and you can get hundred pound bomb so I guess I got 50 pound bombs you got a hundred pound bombs my guys name is Chief Warrant Officer third class Jason Dumble time I would have laughs it’s in my hands over from Patil welder I’ll dirt Bertran sua right Rance Ali it’s really weird overfilled well burr what we able okay so we don’t solder Bert rantzau you know I love how the I’m the back tire is like the tiniest higher in existence yeah I was looking at that on some of the planes like the Russian plane doesn’t even have a tire just has a piece of metal there’s no tire on that just great crap I’m gonna take a look yeah that doesn’t seem very efficient okay I’m ready I’m ready hey with modules oh that’s that gonna run what are much it’s just your text create buttons how to get to it quicker okay so I’ll just jump straight into battle oh this has a faster air speed maneuverability I think your third plane is kind of like the ones in the loading screen like it’s just flat with the guns and the wings it might be that or the fourth plane I know that those are like the best planes if you don’t have bombers I guess the German planes are bombers cuz okay yeah we are premium because see there’s three other people three other people what do you mean on the other team they have no I think so where are you you loaded into the game okay look up look at look at the plane look that I have look out oh cool mine syllabi plane mine’s got a second gunner on the back I guess cuz my guns prior really weak since it’s supposed to have bombs but I couldn’t research the bombs yet yeah me neither I don’t have enough experience things yeah okay so I guess since this map doesn’t price my game do that gosh okay I’ll keep on going below my plane and then I have the president’s cape twice that’s really weird oh this is very clouds clouds I’m gonna try and get just above the clouds well that’s actually good idea wow you can’t see anything you’re going through the cloud I can see you when you’re above the clouds you can see like who’s underneath it but you can’t like see while you’re in it actually you know I want to I want to go into it so I can show everyone that this is not [ __ ] oh wow high up I don’t want to go too high or I’ll stall out yeah have you stalled yet I stalled them the German plane my German oh I just don’t understand a flip and dived and got some weird lag in the middle of it this thing does not maneuver fast at all die I see if she danced someone but frickin lag Wow first they have open beta and they’re already getting like great it wasn’t this like even us oh god it’s closed what did you die just crashed into each other yeah I was shooting up this guy and we just played chicken none of a turn way oh my god I am just my game is completely frozen apparently I collided with the ground the lag yeah there’s a lot of people on this first day of open yeah I guess since the first day open there’s more people because when it wasn’t closed beta there wasn’t any lag and yeah not many people got into it I think yeah I guess I’m supposed yeah I guess with the open beta they like said to everyone who had a world of tanks probably like on

the World of Tanks like men you said like world the planes first first day open beta sign up sign up and like everyone white and like the heck out of the servers yeah plus I think they’re good servers are probably all on the tank server since World of Tanks is like so much bigger and the lag it’s so hard to shoot people yeah cuz then your your plane is like frozen for a second so you don’t know where you’re aiming yeah I’m actually who you spectating i’m spectating dark XZ who’s got an OG oh i’m spectating stu-dog oh yeah the guy in the German plane I see him yeah he’s shooting the guy in front of him I can never hit a plane like I think I do but I don’t if you hit it next to the health bars there’s like a little – member like it says like – and then the amount of shots you’ve gotten onto it when I did it I did get one kick gold so I couldn’t – this is you have negative one points it says I’d make a kill result yeah my kids crashed into the girls they crashed into the terrain all somewhat scratched in the water I didn’t see that I saw someone fly by but I didn’t see him hit the water oh there one another person you know what they have like these big dog fights you can easily just go to the enemy flag cab base their field that you don’t win instantly with the enemy fly capture you you did the whole point of the game is to go their way look like if you capture the flag in World of Tanks you automatically win right what okay you know how in World of Tanks there’s the flags and you like drive into it it has a little counter if you capture it in World of Tanks don’t you automatically win yeah yeah I don’t I don’t think it’s like that throwing this cuz when you land cuz it’d be cool well that was the whole problem when you were on the phone I tried landing and like Mike tire just tapped the ground by going way too fast I was going to really friggin slow there was no way that’s boss fast let’s put to the test yeah okay you ready yeah well I’m getting lots of exchange tokens yeah all kinds of tokens I’m at the thirteen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine I just had to spend like two thousand tokens to get my bombs because uh I wanted to see how those work I’m a pretty much were rich yep I’m sure we’re doing better than most yeah a lot of people because we’re getting double the credits okay some of these people like they have to do we have one what do you mean the shield Oh what and some of them have free um I don’t know what to show this anymore it’s because a lot of those shields are so hard their goals oh yeah ours this gold maybe that means that we play World of Tanks why it’s my game do this I hate this here your underneath your plane again yeah every time I had to like actually you know that I’ve got bombs I want to be underneath because I want to see my bomb like credit dad if you press H that’s how you go in a bomb view oh I thought okay yeah H and shift are two different views shift is just underneath H is actually a bombing wheel like my ship doesn’t do anything chief doesn’t did anything for you know I’m sure if you watch my video you’ll see what I’m doing right now I’m just spamming shift right up and down steep point okay so I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m actually glad I’m actually diving down over the ocean because I want to hit whatever that is it looks like a raft um what does it f to go into sniper view yeah oh [ __ ] holy tits I took damage Brian AAA oh my gosh I just got destroyed in like four hits can I drop my bombs or anything no wow that kills me fast am I at least gonna hit the thing no like I see where you what kills me oh my god dude our teammates planes are like a million times better than ours yeah since it’s open today they must’ve been planning all this morning yeah like one of our teammates flower-mobile he’s got like a Russian plane with four machine guns under each wing two machine guns in the cockpit planes huge Han

seems to be very nimble so he’s got like super heavy firepower trying to take up this one guy you’re still alive yeah oh my gosh dude after looking at her teammates planes you’re like the scrubby Astana team okay this guy has like rear guns yeah one of our teammates SH weed or something like that he has a he also has a rear gun my plane has a rear gun actually but I don’t man it’s like dude you have to take him down he is like almost dead Oh oh my gosh your tail what oh oh I got killed by a bomb explosion Devine when you got near the ground wow that’s pretty good though yeah am I looking at our teammates planes yeah like freakin one of our teammates call in or whatever has like two planes ahead of you why are we in a game that these guys have like such nice stuff I don’t know where’s the machine gun oh this guy’s plane well they destroy each other at the same time I didn’t see that who did I don’t know the machine gun Fred uh Rex my next 9 you’re the guns are in the front there’s a lot of them I’m sure you get increased accuracy you know the better planes you get yeah you get better accuracy better speeds but those big planes are kind of slower to think about it yeah like look how slow he’s doing that like backflip but he’s like destroying everything in like a few hits yeah he doesn’t really heavy hit stuff like I don’t mind being slow as hell if I at least do like major damage yeah the tank we actually won just penance we have these tier four planes yeah you get more experience going going again I got like no chance at all well I guess we’re going against have some really strong [ __ ] so when you get a victory you get more tokens more tokens yeah I think so Wow yeah you do I’m up to 125 tokens okay well I guess upgrade our plane some more yeah okay rear gunner research and by that I’m gonna get my airframe much better I can’t upgrade the airframe and mine like it’s not an option I think in the next one no no but our gun the guy on our team was flying a BF 110 I think and that’s like three planes ahead of me okay you can get equipment I don’t I don’t know how the equipment proved optical sight reinforced fabric covered I don’t think that the equipment works though cost a lot to get the equipment fifty thousand who I painted my plane oh you did yeah you set the top next two modules yeah yeah click exterior I’ll be in World of Tanks you couldn’t do this unless you’re premium I think well we are playing them though yeah I know well I thought camo wears equipment I don’t see it anywhere it’s in the modules down below reinforced steel metal improved optical say I don’t know what that is oh I do it’s an improved optical sight which means I got better actually and more better Hall with the steel metal but I like I don’t want that just wait for an upgrade but if you have really good camo you’re harder to spot when you’re close to the ground someone have well other than the whole radar thing yeah but radars only if someone it’s easy I think isn’t it just like yeah it’s like World of Tanks um if they see you you’re called in yeah you guys haven’t seen World of Tanks at um you can’t actually see the person until you’re within a view range so someone actually has to see you for the whole team to see you so I think I think it’s the same way in this game I’m not sure probably um I’m ready like I’m ready to

do his paint but that’s fine upgraded my frame and my gun now I really don’t want to get shot down instantly like we did last I try not to crash into the ground you know that – we have a tier 5 tier 5 yeah I don’t know one who see you know what the difference between tier 1 tier 2 is so I should another isn’t okay we only have tier 2 and tier ones looks like we’re the only one with the shield I hope that’s a good thing I don’t have this stupid view like it’s in your settings you might want to look while we stove the count down or to be under though I don’t know let me let me open my settings let’s find out graphics see at all oh [ __ ] I mean the game started a flight it’s under flight I think okay if you look at our mouthpiece ej2 and h2 you see those two red dots and then try and go and hit them with the bomb hopefully I don’t get spotted gosh I can’t see anything shoot ahead of on so you can shoot on these guys taking the time to shoot the the actual buildings feel like boats hey John I should you know I just dropped a bomb let’s see if it makes it come on blow up oh [ __ ] don’t does she professional – and that okay I destroyed one ground target as as the game’s little announced you like to say Nik if you walk on it does some weirdness how do you lock on again gee yeah but you can’t turn while you’re in that view that is really weird like how do you even like get a shot when you’re in that view don’t take my kill people this is my kill no no no I gotta assist I was just about to kill me jerks we have landed a lot of hits yeah I did too that’s my religious image and it looks like this guy’s got a rear gunner but he’s in like a really small plane there’s actually a guy that says target hit oh like the announcer dude yeah yeah he’s a is really good at his job don’t hit the ground no like targeting so weird did ever time lag sets in I just point away from the ground because it would happen less game oh dude now you’re stealing my kill how that guy you’re chasing who’s really smoking that’s my kill no it’s mine oh I can light it in it you just come into it right in front of me there cuff destroyed by collision with red van toast oh you cashed in to me what how is your plane still good my plane still got 98 health you jerk how did but you didn’t even hit me you like exploded above me maybe your tail like hit 9 but how is yours perfectly fine that that wouldn’t make any sense because I don’t know because I don’t know watch out you’re being shot about the anti-air and about to go down – you’re losing health I’m dropping oh yeah yeah pretty good health actually hey let’s get out destroy Oh dragon wrecked it yes you got it there’s someone behind me though isn’t there yes above you she’s my melee you should be able to get him it’s like he saw me turn around and he decided I’m gonna shoot at someone else I’m gonna shoot the ground oh maybe he’s lagging cuz I was down there just don’t long dude bullet pull up pull up really okay I’m gain some altitude yeah

I’m into that let the other guy chase him is another guy on our team good enough well yeah they’re circling around each other whoa they’re getting low did you see how close he came to the ground yeah what’s he doing I’m watching them for my like reverse of you they’re spinning around each other they’re just dance that is really low for them to be doing that oh no our teammates gonna crash oh gosh oh he barely got [ __ ] oh he’s about here I see how close he’s getting to the [ __ ] houses I know Oh is he gonna hit the water tower okay almost spectate him I know he’s he’s taking a lot of damage that guy got behind him pretty good he’s got the crash into a tree if he gets any lower oh he’s dead okay looks like it’s up to me cheap dude but you have a lot of health you’re like a tank you can do this we’re gone we’re gone dude yeah my rear gun is why isn’t he shooting Victoire I don’t know he’s not firing because I don’t control how you can see that’s pretty good automatic don’t oh [ __ ] remember your big plane hit okay yeah I can’t do spins like that okay he’s shooting right now yeah I see him shooting yeah and he’s thinking what a help oh [ __ ] oh I didn’t even get to see that crash awesome oh we’re not game with we got a lot okay I got 5,000 credits for that game oh yeah me too nice okay so I’m definitely gonna upgrade my plane which US plane do you have the third u.s. planar the second one I have the second one is there a way for you to get like straight to the third cuz since the u.s. plane is a wait you’re on the right carrier base fighter because I think the third one has like let me check its health the third one’s hull is 85 and the one you’re in right now yeah only 65 wood yes so it’s a big health difference it’s 20 it’s 20 points and even though I’ve got like a hundred and eighty or something like that I’m uh but I do very big damage so okay are the bombs good because it might get some bum yeah yeah my bonds 100 pound bomb actually wait wait till you get the third one because since the third one’s got more health it’ll be better for bombing okay so I upgrade my engine yeah you need to go faster um trying to think of a way that we can do this like maybe if we get the one with the valley again if you know the one where you followed the lake we can both go into the lake and then you can cover me for if like anyone dives down and then once we get over the base we can just bomb all their [ __ ] all right you ready yeah yep okay tokens I think you can just automatically buy planes with that yeah but I don’t really like that kind of thing because I think you can become by a tier 5 if you wanted yeah I know but I’d rather like I’d rather be the person who wastes tokens on skins and stuff like that and actually use like in-game gold because it’s just funny are you but there’s another guy on the team called red Legion and he has the uh you’re like directly below me did you put a camera on your plane yeah nice okay and what I should work on this map yeah okay so do we dive yet gorgeous – right let’s think the river like you did then waterfall did you take the right side of the river at the left they both lead up in the same location yeah but like I’m saying which one did you take the first time you want I took left okay then let’s take left it worked for you the first time it’ll work the second time right theory yeah where are you oh [ __ ] your ass your ass we’re done here all the way down there already you even boost a faster than me can link dive straight down cuz that’s not dangerous at all right no it’s not it got me a lot of speed Oh what the hell negative 20 negative meters we’re below sea level apparently even though the ICG above me that’s pretty cool I’m above Ian yeah you’re in front of me actually I’ll still slow down a bit watch out your green fire oh come on take this guy out record think of shooting me shooting me I’m not

shooting you huh did you die I crashed into old but it didn’t kill him he’s part got low health then saw I’ll take him out come on get closer let’s try and take out the Antioch it’s uh I don’t know look at how many bullets he’s shooting I gotta assist though he was firkins oh did I make it oh I just pointed straight up dude you were lucky inch away from hitting the ground I’m serious okay this I’m not gonna crash – your wing I would have a bad you’re playing so much better than mine it’s that just got lucky with the German plane you need to hang a left dude are you dropping a bomb there yeah I think I missed though hey did your clothes I hit it just oh [ __ ] I just dropped into their bomb into nowhere that radar I wonder if that that signal thing I don’t know what happens with you whoops probably they can’t really radio in maybe yeah I think when you destroy certain buildings their radar gets like smaller and stuff because you see I don’t I don’t know if you stagger map up it shows like that little like green area that you can see like I think that becomes smaller because your radar gets worse but if these guys with like low health flying around the area with did you get that kill yeah you did yeah good eye I think so yeah of a kill then my cap again Oh what shouldn’t you I don’t know but I’m going stroller passes three cool oh no the heck is shooting you don’t stall dude yes I’m looking around I don’t see anything oh it’s that stupid thing and now oh you don’t have any oh you’re gonna stall dude if you go straight off don’t stop don’t stop nose down [ __ ] dolphins what are you trying to like shoot it from above yeah I was trying to go a little bit higher okay you’re gonna try this I’m oh god I’m not gonna make it turn turn turn turn okay what apparently you can’t fit oh my god there must have been like an inch on each side I’m thinking like I’m about to hit the brake I’m not paying attention I’m just like I just went under the bridge there’s no problem and just slamming to the side of my teammate was just following me like oh all the dirt the dirt smash into something oh he destroyed the enemy thing we still want though yeah um I slammed into a wall no see you think in front of me I’m like looking behind me like did I just fit through that bridge and I just slam back into the bridge I’m just like watch out watch out what’s out there that’s why I turned and I was like what well Oh God okay so uh get up more let’s see ah let’s see anything else we can do it detector EES hiney 900 more okay well I guess then with that we will say this has been World of Warplanes yeah episode 1 or well I don’t we might make a series out of it I don’t know yeah part we’ll talk about it later um if you guys liked it like comment subscribe do all that [ __ ] uh this is pretty fun what’d you think of it legit check up again it’s free really awesome yes all you have to say yeah um wargaming.net check out the game links below like from like fom what I say final like favorite subscribe comment do all that [ __ ] you can’t really write anymore but I’m gonna say it anyways rate 5 stars yeah rate 5 stars because YouTube still has that right it’s 2008 still see you guys next time yeah

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