OK Eddie R of is under age are if I didn’t could see two and you did will come the rights of days of a Ender is active in Federal that the days they are or semen sample are gonna get the full load of a of a hate to have a yet it’s time for deeply disturbing stream tonight the man I can remember when we we started this play through half of a sloppy to two years ago at this point the boy if I have I learned a lot of have a a a a a boy the boy oh boy are it’s a leap , Kay are at some audio issues like Diana started 10 minutes later then I want to hear ’cause II turned on all my streaming stuff and in my monitors and it’s because of my own of my audio interface just started bugging out on me and it does a from time to time but it’s ever been this bad side to shut it all down reviewed everything started up in a very precise order and now everything’s good here yet what is a specially bad because I up by E had my monitors turn all the way up a ticket sales messing up microphone settings a launch a clipping so hopefully we’re a bit more clear today, I am by got all sorts of audio upgrades coming in the next week are so on so it’s only do together from here have what I am I’m upgrading the entire audio tool chain top to bottom in the next week or so will have a quite good sounding stream once that’s all sorted out to all rights so well that’s good start here I guess, so the plan tonight is of all we’re going to finish are seen them play through pallor hi assures all hope not so worn in a dual his bomb were going to change the clock on the dreamcast ID forward manually and then jus , instead of a play through taking like three weeks and all ill take one sitting so we just Gotta turn off dreamcast adjust cloc and the yen and that that should let us C in least most of the game , I do want it to the credits or whenever the credits are in scan I’ve no idea that’s why I’m playing it and love hovel see all that it’s not quite the insured but it’s it’s pretty close, so I will be having VO SEI remakes radio going on during this becaus we can lease for the parts only done so far there hasn’t been any music whatsoever soul of so I’ll have the Golan there are rights laws do it yet let me more time traveling all first slots at let’s see what the game if says if you try and load it’s a within older alder say I’m pretty sure I got the Asha AG and reboot my of control and monitor here

I had to restart everything earlier so lets the O’keeffe and get this working again home bucket, port three and then dreamcast air ago are there we go OK is very important UC inputs for this on all right seem an eye 18 wheeler Helen Allen bombed up where I get the music is Sunday’s web site called rain we’ve got CC and that has it’s like in a radio station for the the arena wave got CCREINWAB it is necessary are our Leonard Nimoy we shall do as you instruct so the last time that we we played the game was November 19, 2019 so will I will set the dates two November 20, 2019 and then we’ll just keep going from there are saying that that’s what happens if you’re a, if your clock is set earlier than your save files because soul for us to addres we have that selected first and then hit the white button and system menu of art so currently says that we are November 27, 1998 of sure of me change that I actually changed up about a RE on my of all my dream cast like a weaker so go in preparation for a rough role this and at midnight a love and 10 bucket close enough this that this military time always gets me every time all rights yet whether Nimoy disease can be very upset with us OK if you I’ve heard a lot of good things about the the truck driving games on dreamcast and be back all right if I kept a step the right social agenda fraud probably I I’ve no idea of a I don’t know that much about this game that will find out together a guess are this is a cement experience are here a man big mother truckers I got the idea of both of the big mother truckers games on PS two for PSU offer TV was that gave some some amazing subtitles that one her are alone all uses just big mother checkers and eight other truckers to the um that of a pal release the European release a big moth it as a case Elliott we can call over 20 soul will just keep that barely say I think so I make art by it’s been so long since you’d be amazed eight C man keeper up that are that things are foot over here apparently up of god a cement bite

of of the cave well that’s America Life and seem an up to meet are that sell its actually feed him , of Seattle because it’s like this and that namely a tip that and then pocket are coming out so we have three left now I can we have with three survivors currently what does that is still eaten a guess CNN policy man I even today seem an cement below sure seem an below how are you today seem an cement bond yuan of shore leave what why why it’s what did I do seem an fine but maybe they just want a more food disposal find out shortly that if you don’t all right art five OK and Ms. Allen still still hanging out over there have a the if so we can we can grab this thing but we can do anything with it and then like these weak in the very slowly move around we can only move it back a little bit and none on a short but those are all about CNN they do in today seem an Siemens cement sure not very talkative today I see did you learn a lesson cement their ego that are good doubt on OK well the town’s but the OK button is the other ones are needing the death of a th book a button petition it’s all we can really do 10 A and is that some days you don’t really accomplish much in Encino land by wood Leonard Nimoy book a service was 1120 nine just make a note of this and it’s gonna be 1121 next

let’s make a note of things here are OK are of the incredible dreamcast bit sound so this is the sister VGA capture by the way in the sound is a digital audio of digital audio directly from the attack on the up on the motherboard service is almost as good as it can look and sound from the of these the beginning of a forgotten get a change to have the time that are I’m also not sure if I should count the Gilman gases deaths but I guess is precedent for that salutes the let’s do that book if are it’s that easy are what’s new in CE mainland I am a dead end Tripp what about some theme park and then Directed a good job yet exactly the positive reinforcement of 17 park made it into a son died of this is padres saying it up and have a cement think the ticket prices are a little low and whites edited Odom of actually I have Odom and I have the other microphone I’ve never played the game but for some reason on a whim in like 2007 or something by a of I bought the game tied microphone to have a a a bouquet of so that there’s more yet but whereabouts of two gill may have a novel a fellow pain as 3000 from Germany are denying a typical of limit in this out the right porn out two reveal method are many have a a he didn’t die play left when U.S Of lifeline is actually a begin a B8 near term project so as to why I have a headset for it until I discovered when testing lifeline of any eight any USB microphone will work if lifeline it doesn’t have to be specifically that would Logitech one that they recommend

of the game is smart enough said to just know I can NTSB mike and I will just work like you can plug in a professional grade , like interface UPS to have met will work of kinda weird cement that was a little creepy especially right after you murdered your brother what you have to say face LC man what’s like for example my OM a my USB , but that’s too far away but then the old head so I use the use of an added enormous one bomb day USB adapter for that just works he has played in the PS to nip it sees it as a another source below cement I even did a scene an cement what’s up today seem an is a temperature just right in your habitats a man sure the right of what it took a ride on on these are sure that’s OK with you that you still hungry CNN cement you hungry on some food cement sure are perfect the show was boss before we turn and for the day pretty sure it’s all we can really do this to have most times in this game and there’s only like 2 minutes with the stuff to do before you did your kind of done for the day I would Leonard Nimoy are so this was the 21st are if you can do this is capable by the way you can actually hit the the start button doing is animations and skip that good evening are a another are its but I know wires on a launches into the game like if it it should make me a reset every time I do that but sure five acres of slightly more convenient 1/2 have their own ways suffering from a cold sick of

it and kept it doesn’t I wonder so far for called out in a school that is not of R Boyer suddenly they did voices have a bouquet so I think it’s some point you need to have the heater turned up higher than the between 50 are 18 and 20 not sure when that is the old code , Nancy man up a now that might be too hot bucket will you’ll get their bill locey man once crack and cement shore a cement but prelate away until that attention goes down and as we discovered like two parts ago it takes actually forever for the attempt through to go down OK, and this is our last food pellets so out can I well sure OK almost a 1.2° left and then I’ll be ready to talk at school and a month that just that when cool enough it is still warm in the tank I’d heard most of these remixes by that the I’ve been on a Serie Nixon have eight years may have a are almost ready to talk to almost half neither go bears the man I’d like to give your name I want to give you a named cement cement I wanna give you a name name of I wanna give your name , god is is that isn’t

this cent a gallon last time I see a man was a cement I want to give you a name see men are you doing today seem an talk to me seem an I want to give you a name a row now say they but subs in an I want to give you a name I think that are many take the than always put up a filter off of the bucket and we see that show you the cert at the of the microphone is oriented on the on the DC controller bucket stares out that the controller looks like what the the microphone extension on it so it’s it’s got the the microphone holes are facing down words and it’s also got this of this thing on the back here so if if you hold it up like this you just you’re kinda sell so I’m trying to figure out your that cement maybe this was the whole day like this icy man I’d like to give your name book a a leave you alone for now seem an AC men talk to me what now all T tell me about Japan mail mail a kiss to looks like the debt of you Gotta talk into the the backside and it that’s right places mouth mount moving what else is new seem an ad like to give you a name CNN what’s up seem an say then I’d like to give you a name and cement of that I want to give your name play is if cement I want to give your name scene and I want to give you a name what’s obscene an out all

this than ever came up in our our last play through policy OK we can toggle between our inventorying and and this now a case of Alles Brady what that will maybe this needs to be hundred but it still blew so at the OK IE a so those are law does those ecologists eggs and I’d want that those aren’t like what though those are larva I guess are lots a cement boat what is that the like this larva I gave you cement tell me about Japan no also know he 34 in a depicted the talk now know this like you Gotta wait for a few seconds no 34 and can actually hear a beep in the the audio U.S Sure is seen an but apparently this is gonna be our are seen an autopsy man CNN scene and I’d like to give you a name seem an talk to me march yes

shore a upstart of its windy year round here seem an Exe the bay area for yet seen an item actually hear it there’s like a high pitched a high pitched sound that comes on each time cement is readied up to say somet effects digital unusual noise from the processor a cement the third no no third in others it is a beep the third day no three yes but have a all USAir will be but seem an one is my birthday when is my birthday cement below what is your names seem an I’d like to give you a named cement of the ceiling I want to give you a named are cement I want to give you a named bombing or wait until the next end game day I guess cement what’s up off a queue cement about that how about what you see so little then the men talk to me sure I’d like to give your name cement Denise Simplot progression here seem an delayed me hangin’ have a kit up up sure are maybe the next all I forgot to turn the timer on apparently a perhaps the next in game day are so this was the 22nd and yet it is checking for flag like it’s a it’s actually will get a weird that you can hear the CPU doing something whenever you a few talks seem an R of

the case 23rd of what his letter Nimoy got to say this time I am old I did admire though are are to lie like to think as Leonard Nimoy is just a spooky ghost was haunted the lab and he’s not able two of the help out Neither very hungry apparently The very hungry but they knocked in the the maybe those hatching the things that the eventually all all half but half of all men of a of a of a Bugsy have a a a have a a a white the deed that he died a a a a day you are lose some weight cement are have a boat this one’s like blue book a is that because I dropped it have a eye of

a cave this one this one might be dead ” bet that’s that’s is larvae was a kit , and this this for a nice if there are quicker way to do that book a what’s up seen an how was your day today seem an shore a cave goodbye seen an ace in an upscale and unseen an unknown CNN was a potato I’d like to give you a named scene and name of name of a one to give you a name of seem an Sol Witt is a plant over here now resist was a sample for the attack was the yeah I remember there was there was like a set amount of questions and yesterday at am not sure that all talk to you later thing is the is the miso were done for the day or if you want a thought leader in the code the Jews see men are coping out of bounds exactly you just buy your ghost of a one I know it but at what I had a jew go underneath the floor stay in the tank cement at the talks in an cave sure percent seem enduring love me as this game is is certainly something certainly something policy man same man I want to give you in a mid stop trying to leave it takes a man your home is here now forever seen an cement let’s talk CNN are at am I guess they’re done for the day the dozen give me the that he a lot of talk today so they let’s give them one of these dispose of Sure if I don’t believe there’s the immune function for offer this on the only thing of it showing their only

only give an example of of what the DM you does during this game so by default it just looks like this but if we if we talked to seem an and then hit the button see men how you doing today seem an seen an sighted changes to that the that! Of symbol whenever it it said determine that the big game recognize that you said something but that’s that’s about as much via me interaction as I’ve seen this game has so far so not much are but it would only done for today seem an I want to give you a name cement cement bucket as head of this is much slower going actually the night ago the attack as the home is in a first aerial are your the mu generally get used as much as it probably should have but but then again it probably got used about as much as it sh a R a case that was that 23rd set up another day , cement are you also tell there when the when the dreamcast stops accepting inputs are what’s new Leonard Nimoy I am no , it may be today seem a lot may have been given name the rights it seems I got a B three careful with the of a blur the that plants that got a lot larger since the offense last a R thatcher this will check in on our bug tank im of a rehearing service of this over here by the way is the thermometer if I remember correctly that enough though she’s OK

Good morning Tonight and thus they want eats up at a guess I could just leave one in their buses leave them in the of a mandatory both played in already screwed up an index off locked a don’t have a book that seem an me to this three of us though four if you count the ghost of Leonard Nimoy he likes to watch you know but I you do and see men I want to give you a name seem an talk to me by hello others seem an how you doing today how old are you one is my birthday seem an did you already forget seem an below sea man cement talk to me how’s the weather down there all Note the cement high you do on seem an CNN hello I would like to make progress seem an watts talk do you want the heater up seem an CNN let’s talk I want to give you a named seem an a case of a something in the Manual I missing here of bucket of feeding esteem and cleaning kisser seeming to date are dozens of variations Siemens weird if you’re violent or just been really a cement well as ship of a stranger for in terms of cement designer Stan willfully and consistently repeat the same types of words over and over again the

ABC man does not like the calling and seem an open over again and that’s the and that’s causing me to lose progress perhaps the Mimi controls in a storage matrix by as to their there is of the immune function for this but it’s for like multiplayer so not something I particularly care about a bucket so clearly we need to be nicer to our seem as if I’m sorry seem an all be nice to you now enough at Walden is looking good today did you get a haircut it looks nice how you doing today still seven below OK to talk while we got a no saving notification so something clearly happen baby was up a bug thing of maybe they want to be warmer than 18.5 assists us just get up to 20 bucket says still the Jews OK so that’s the one we left in there before and it’s just don’t learn things though I got I screwed up by reading that other popping over here policy men what’s new with you today anything new CNN let’s talk seem an I want to give you a named the man they just they just a lot of talk at all anymore would you like to talk I play video games on the Internet by played games on the Internet’s half U.S Of a a a a a a you’re funny guy excuse me what is busy pope in but the fact that of a bite of

love well sure they let’s talk how you doin’ seem an ole least a warning before an AC than a kit sells liquor done for the day then sure why it’s a fertilize the the habitat I guess shore all maris’ sets as wild arms are are so we are on the issue be the 25th now that it out of old I would book a can do it only took like three days longer than I thought I would lets up good evening I will give you a named by we’ll give you a named cement I want to give you a named

by will name you and Mrs. This is the last one in here amid MIT screwed up by put in both of those the as popping some of the habitat of the those are the edible things and I could and like I couldn’t pick them up so does those are the Poppins this turn of those OK so I do that when they’re happy I guess a cement I want to name you I want to name you I want to give you a name by want to name you name it all my god I want to name you good evening by want to give you a name of by want to name you OK , that this one good evening seem an hello seem an I want to name you tell me about to sell cement I want to name you know us yes does you ask each you tell ’em cement you tell ’em I want to name you will cave man as I really custom off earlier as the cave well that I’m really hoping that something something does anything over here formed have a buttery reload the next date of I was able to name them last time I was able to name a mind eight day three class Time Services up actually fall through the lights on I would win anyway as I was able to name a before and I named in the law but apparently I am upset my CE man so much once I realized that I can ever by a customer still had two OK that, 26 , and Leonard Nimoy

yes I will give you a name is the exact phrase that he says the kit I will say exactly that of a a R really hoping that this larva in the other screen are right there better be something on the the insect think otherwise we’re gonna be in trouble if he eights of I probably was spouse to keep those pods and here I guess the man the well maybe maybe they’ll appear suddenly some of the day good evening not yet I will give you a name I would a low I will give you a name of good evening cement what’s up OK good evening cement th by the bad news for a a there’s no food left a note what I look of food I will give you a name but that one clearly dozen likely cement I will give you a name of a night I think I thought the pure to have a a man this is this pretty unforgiving cement no food

I will give you a name cement OK CNN what’s up seem an aloe aside and understanding anything below sea man and his son just as much talk all are it will all but by the feeling we have to start over by live by a bucket sure what let’s see if we get the food a spa next time I’m pretty sure this is this is another white by the way and thus making it more of more those larva to spawn just sit idle idea of what that there’s no in game mechanism for telling me that those things will respond this is something were to learn apparently she it there’s nothing in the Manual at all about those things are men and that would’ve been like a weaker real time all that to add a year’s entire week of progress just gone because even understand how to utilize the the insect cage I am at a rate of what I would what what that’s no why it why is he coughing of the I think it’s over Boise AG it’s over one aiding and a naming a missing gonna do any good if if they’re going to starve to death anyway is right and if the Gilman is their their current stage of evolution well I of we get the school plants in here now but yet they are clearly that was clearly upset it was up of no food cement Gilman but the book that if at us at starring

I’m so our CNN at by I’m sorry scene and I’m sorry but it’s time to go and sewers cement are surely everything will be fine next time real foods of this only spawn an and everything will be great , they all the faults of food they are the doll one and you’re supposed to generate food from V of the insect tank but I did no idea that does some those kind oval shape things were of or how more Laver gets bond I’m doing a good job again this to live out as the coughing this time but in its start in two kickoffs up book offers the weird are eight scene and if men that that’s a really annoying that the book is Eric now well see an added it’s time to know the delight that the habitat of and start over again good lord it takes like half an hour to do the first days things but I’m angry after this point because it’s it’s clearly are clearly saw flocks of ship are eight book eight are so there’s that the storage and the user data so that this is some this thing here is a V and you game as you can see it says it says game on their and then the one on the left is the actual CD and a deadline I’m pretty sure you have to delete both are artsy man way we have learns learned our lesson this time bucket so does November 26 still the boy if sure if all the problem is is that that if we did this last time that even the if all of your scene and I , you don’t get your food back to have so we actually this is our third time restarting the game as we learned last time that the if the old IE you have to completely burn it all down

a doubt I I’ve learned ¥bray’s I will never get tired of your lender Nimoy are actually mean it does that if you if you skip is dialog really enough to pick off is in the above and book it arts there’s gonna be nothing exciting going on for like half enough will realistically for the whole stream but especially not for half of a is it’s like that’s how long this first phase takes it takes a lot like Easley 30 minutes of a mannequin interrupt the the visor and PCs something part that’s already a huge improvement over over PlayStation version of care we also learned last time do not let he’d are dead butts of one to double check is what I screwed up last time by setting the theater way too high for of for the beginning of a tickle seem an you can tickle cement barely with expletive our day one transfer eggs of the tank a taped it of an budget and cutting its loss in 20 to oh two between 15 and 20 is will want this to be are them pretty sure that’s all we can we can really do here for have the first table feature a little bit are loan

Are in no way to sorry for these Atty. and a mushers and actually the step away while this is why this is doing deaths of all be back in a couple up up death up up the rights that should be back up to snuff. If car looks like I missed a whole lot here a whole lot of not much luck it S are still waiting for this stuff to do its thing and kept a need to do much else here just waiting for this up head of the death of it are the area all kit much faster than last time we did that OK seven next is a need to bring the mushers down over here like this to wake up are a little buddy here bucket that went much faster than the last time we didn’t have a case smelly Gotta keep the key those born by this thing so it has the four rom

If eddie’s of this stage of the cement is the as a whole lot nicer than the later ones that we’ve learned our lesson of the case and out of the miracle of life should happen fairly soon near are so let’s see if of soapy as explosion else to say if its upcoming fees explosion we got bomber men fantasy race in tiny tank, Ba I’m guessing it 2 to 3 hour game so one sitting in for that one and then the tiny tank I’m not sure I’m guessing that once probably 8 hours ’cause it’s a a later PS one of action game even if it is like our key dish of those probably gonna be the 8:00 AM guessing that seem an ember isn’t like part number is run from Parton Inc man and we’ve had nine of them nine of them have died so far of that this is full attempts number a and a three I think this is a start of our third third habitat I guess they’re trying habitat of me as far as the event the next casual games six backlogs the of I was planning on starting steel battalion which is the pick the Xbox game with the enormous dual state controller and other of design in meeting the play at some someone keynotes of only gets like a level three are for something , when it came out and I was planning on starting that of bytes on an 8:00 8:00 PM on New Year’s Eve I was taking that rationale , and landed awkwardly on my up all my left ankle so effect of my left foot again love so I can’t said I started out and I can’t some can easily pressed down the left panel any actually do need to use some all as of the left panel is say that of dodge paddle so there’s dodge break and then throttle on the petals on that one and you do have to use both the tough to play properly on for that one sold say I’m I’m stuck an undecided what the what will be doing for for backlog stuff as the ID to be able to lock up up up up up up up if the man of a a a a mostly danger for myself meant of yet just died tightest edition DS clock for are for accidents in the in 28 same but hopefully that’s that’s a 2019 thing and we can weaken the injury three for a free 2020 he it airs this is a freak accident like I was just I had both hands full eyed a pizza box and then a full of full garbage bag and the just stabbed my stove Michael go downstairs and for Dole put down their the boy that so this latest thing as can the gonna start doing the miracle I fear that neither can guarantee that this last mushroom are if I said I do SMS a motorcycle protective gear that maybe this is where that all the time to have a diskette some us some heavy duty boots and a helmet and my of idealistic jacket and just where that all the time and the the gloves that dot the letter fingers been backwards and then maybe just maybe I can go months without

tearing some sort of tissue in my bones and nobody kept busy the unfortunately it, i.e. I saw lock myself unknowingly are sold in the game here you get these food pellets that your intended to feed your semen left and then once you run out of the is eight insect tank which is off to the side in the tell you about the later on and by you’re supposed to feed these little Caterpillar larva to the scene and 2:00 PM ends of the services of that old Kadar P looking things and then there’s all cities like a sack looking things as oblong like purple and red SAC things and I thought of those are the things this pasta feed the cement bomb that apparently those error if those are things your spouse to keep in the insect tank for it to make more larva and I did know that so II took him out of the tank and I put them in Siemens tank and a growing the plants and they didn’t spawn anymore of the food of Kadar P things so that episode the days ago by and my cement say they’re very hungr so we just had to to get out the shoe box and put the product at number two it’s a man and a shoe box and start over again as we’ve already established in the first play through that once you screw up its over in all still let you play eight ’cause th if you screw up enough and in my defense there’s no , there’s nothing in the Manual all about the avelar vote and there was nothing and the length of the glitzy man told you about set the now we know now I know and hopefully that’s the last time that we run into something like that are a seven sons of an oven born here and that’s OK how well the grading CNN how you doin’ shore hello I see bucket I think that that’s all we can do for today I guess because I am pretty sure they eat each other that a skit that he got it by many mother again for the second game winner of a dislike and in both the a dow was called bogey something of the dead six I’m a new mother in this game as well no one so once you had a once the mall as does its thing it’s just gone forever I’m pretty sure the only way to reset this game two hits the back to the original state is to delete are saved on pretty sure that other censor them pretty sure a day so as we get the insect tank if we get the electric are twice its ends of the tank but because we didn’t unlock that one y a right I would look it off to the next in game day are and Leonard Nimoy if

messages like before we’re messing with the Indian clock here set the game thinks we’ve waited a day only clearly haven’t an enemy Moyer what’s new today of the cap list of seven to have a right to feed its star was still talking he does that bucket against hellos @are trying not feeding them and see what happens ’cause I know they they do the bloodsucking thing are greetings how well or the old that era go as they they do this was sold because they do this I mean it’s probably not worth it to feed me out and use of food back and be used for the later ones are major has spoken Well done my son hello cement how well shore of the the the frame rate gets pretty back great read about here but it does Added 20 other 19 briefly and then gets a really good over here that we can begin to color scene and I probably could have done that with our are ones last time that were written a grumpy can we take Alar OK now have a cement and I read it to really keep them in a good mood this time it will probably be much more productive if we do that

Tickle tickle to call are in tickle them and then they will he each other overnight but a perfect Are by would not at that that weight went up OK sure calendars are hard a right service of this play thoroughly if we keep track of how many in game days this one started on November 29 I guess a case is still six as the AF you’ve heard that before OK a thunder not OK and are good morning cement how you doing shore are so it’s like we’re about to have five cement of are another one bites the dust Hello seem an what’s new shore good morning cement cement cement

work under nuts bucket umbrella they’re still not hungry yet so that’s that’s good day lead and just wasting the the food pellets are CIA quickly these days ago by a R R us to Leonard Nimoy good evening and should be five left are a pair of a hungry says still not hungry interesting and Agassi got to feed and pellets until there a baby boy stage are tickle good morning cement know of have a a a a a 1/2 byte as not to talk that when I guess this not not worth doing now are not full selection in progress over there might have a cement what is up I’m sorry cement cement hello Cement good morning

hello cement and Kate R think we’re done for today as well If are probably gonna have to start feeding him from this in game day Are all that still not starving apparently it’s something I guess they had a a Artis pose a kid dropped one: an probably won’t hurt if 10 are invited to tickle good morning cement how are you today good Hello see men EA cement hello are all a cement are you having a good one Good evening cement what all are we’re down to three now

are and then there were three date I would Leonard Nimoy bucket so we might get full grown full grown Gilman next in game day I’m guessing are all I want for Christmas is grandma’s sweet elixir soup sure I am of sure this is this is crooner triggers a net and our needs all the R the same in the position have a a a if cell is a tickle again immediately murdered by their brothers right after ethical and OK are we’re down to two at now-feet of a of up to determine who’s gonna survive the cement Howarth how are you today warm enough orient and that’s it lets of saving the

bombs are a cement how you doin’ otherwise are the talks in an up but it sorry fat on a murdered a brother projected in game they and we’re down to two are sure of a bold see that I’ve I think I didn’t get that prompt last time because those mean Tom that must be why it is as big an embedded become a bow to take a long time and we’re doing nothing to tickling and the nicest time that never go are and will even if the dome when they ask for it and see everything in it and be sure to do are I can’t go over to the the other lab to set so if I do laughter to go to the inventoried in the left are again it just brings yo good evening cement I will give you a name how were you today as a Kent

I’m sorry OK the cement have goes it as promised being without a game are the minute you need to be fed may just not saying anything up OK the cement I’m sorry good seen an how were you seem an policy men has ago on a kid and pretty big see men book a good talk seen an island off I should wait around on the screen and so they they say I wanna talk as they did do that making this rock over here for a non that Iraq over there and then shake this rock little bit has a gun cement Goodnight seem an good night’s vote meant these buyers are see men are kinda vassals sure are maybe next time will tell us about the debug thing are Leonard Nimoy laid on the I would

bet that at a trade that already they were not amused all men of the starch and two remax and scrape this one device is the odd this is the venerable forest the of the forest area by the opening village are while the one E but the end of the gun E bailey OK there go are if Kent good evening seem an good evening hello how are you today at 00 One more food the cement good evening , Kate , they’re both still angry good evening shore good evening below how you do on Into the government said a better mood the cement I will give you a name they I’m ready

depot people people know mail mail us up a boat they don’t people and good evening people all the ones those gold OK set this is our boy now good evening deny people are no no no 34 yes are sure is cement are a people deny people in his this again march yes yes thank you save an three yes it’s seen an easier sell security that credit card number and the numbers on the back a key cement people how you do on icy I’m sorry are good one bucket I’m pretty sure that’s all we can do today , but still that’s that’s a lot of progress are finally making progress now hopefully he tells us about the the insect cage next time are we gonna kiss his people the night deny people good and nights people good night

depot OK you add definitely it’s not like I’ve killed 14 of your brothers are ready good night people out is busy Poupon me again yet are so yet proved again we bothered see man enough lament that some people is the is neo from the matrix are are hopefully this time we learn about the insect age and then I don’t screw up its also critical I guess there and Leonard Nimoy status update starred 810 A and only and that the other one But it so about 17.8 is where you need to let go of the heater button for optimal often leading are enough boys

the cement good evening it’s it’s the tickle man fellow people how did you know what’s up how was your day people said Sunday that the insect enclosure no of icy that constantly hungry, this like cats in cities are reared fish things are not sure why bother feeding not one but sure hello people anything new I see you’re welcome sorry about Simplot and then spent us maybe shore what’s up by ASU first that’s right me to what can talk I agree big mood

sure goodbye are below how you do and other cement cement are the talk are a distant shore are other scene and knows it is as days are numbered as OK if well hopefully the other one will all tell me and about the the other thing at some points and ish cement two was really weird it’s like it’s a caveman or something of an island known as a war like that of a and an eight walking on 22 of two legs I guess the Japanese only and that’s about all I know that on PS to but apparently requires extensive Japanese knowledge two of to do anything in it which is why it most people I guess I was probably haven’t the haven’t seen much of it that is as there’s a SQL this game Sure so not much new tone of apparently had a remake of cement two the man that this type of game one worker in a mobile and it’s probably easier to do what it does now days with all the the voice recognition libraries that are out there you don’t have to start from scratch like ship the beacon Prada making in DC man game with the with voice recognition you don’t need the full force of Sega making the decisions of the game does I have and production costs are art and rough and two apparently OK below what some new people I’m sorry

it’s up to a people anything you follow insect tank is john pollard sat john Paul guess a habitat words words words words do you have any memories anything new old cement people it’s where that it it’s like we may call a lot of progress here and then big game just kind of walled off again like bike Aidid said I need cement remember about the other lab otherwise we can feed and starting pretty soon they seem an heavy remembered anything where is more food wares food more food shore goodbye OK and agreed to give this a minute there something for further cement of a low hello good evening how are you today seem an good evening how are you do you like being tickled ticklish hello dreamcast I agree dreamcast as kind of not great right now goodbye cement are settling down at good evening below heavy remembered anything hello anything you tickling I’m sorry So we we got one more day food left then that’s it a

and Ballou old good evening people you go me two people how are you otherwise anything else knew remember goodbye people OK five up that have had the right man this game really likes the way this I’m about to leave up a case so that the larva not those said these things here those need to stay where they would not even a touch those movies of the things that the alarm to come from and they turn into these all Kadar P things that will use those to feed the cement so these things we made up of the grave mistake of taking those up and putting them in the cement tank and that the MN made a start completely over a god didn’t bid event are idea more a stickler of books by know the Manual doesn’t save of the way they add that talking fish so far it knows more about this than I do all we can that we can spray though and III think giving a spray of 200 is one wanted to do probably Leonard Nimoy seem pleased last time when I buy sprayed this thing so but sprayed at the lake 75 as maybe there’s like a sweet spot for for spraying perhaps sure that that seems fine denied cement I love you cement by your people that I see dump, god are there’s the sea dump deny people at the R now we can begin leaving for the night may be getting here over 19 is what the wall causes further interactions and I would are

are what you did a lemony moist All locate arts old datasets at 19 R so we should have larva over here vote we don’t and also those two things disappeared a bed of aid they sprouted in the in the plants interesting all case and maybe eight maybe that means that, if we leave the larva in here MIL heat the plants and then they lay more as maybe and maybe the colors of them are the art male and female maybe at the top of a total and maybe I should have tests got this to 100 and perhaps there is a mistake not making this 100 and I know book if Mandela opened in screw this up by not make that 100 Boyd of the embarrassing if are an O that you let people get that by you love a little until they actually it but they hatched OK to have the Kate so you get too green you get to watermelon ones all for a watermelon of what the help of a

by Ai never notice that apparent way at the rate sure am a man super Mario RPG a net that’s wrong thank have a right of a similar page is a great the rates began when the looks of things that never been nagging casually heading to the far as ever in a casually was the a was volcano and that some I’d actually have the cartridge of and I bought the cartridge for it like a month before a nasty this so I have that eyes star fox and yoshi’s island of all those three carts for for Playfair Zhong consul and then of course as the distaff supports it does exist and of the people how those it today , and saving Yellow that I don’t know for regular as the business is changing the name but the one the bike by creek see is that again Ukrain and also the Brea see this as if you I if you have a good enough like soldering skills you can actually make your own car that just order the PCB from China and order components and then and then just pieces together actually consider doing that a 1. as it is cheaper than not been getting it from a distributor but RT other parts of a ton of a huge reason to do so good evening people good evening good alertness other that kind of perper surface mount the dusty does this is probably a little too difficult for learning of the there are some good if some good bore beginner stuff for a rougher soldering events for SMS like the the digital audio mod b you can make that herself and the OM of the AR GB boards of those you can also make itself and those are a lot cheaper to do in the fall of her to mess up are anything you’ll talk to me people what’s up how do you feel about super Nintendo flash cards same what about shore how are you up saving something at But because of something by that’s that’s grown a lot OK noticed is that the eggs disappeared

Sure anything else knew cement cement people what is your favorite drink as game people say DEF any other wisdom to impart Sunday sure why meeting move iraq’s no good a people what it’s what secret tell me a secret it’s saving again what why good evening cement how are you why not sure why are you still why used on the state up th of a of a book eight nice one well done that’s right only done for I play video games on the Internet shore us all a cat that closer this time I’m not a sex worker this I have a nice one good night people are I think that’s it for the NT in game day than OK but all is progress are making and I I’m pretty sure having the key to wrapped up to 19 is probably was helping bucket and make sure that this is hydrated so we still got me get for these things are done at the start feeding these two of two the scene and starting tomorrow are are made 3130 have an AK I guess it didn’t help that we had to start over again

and yet say he did mention the last time until I’d already wasted all one love ship date let’s do it is not actual timely advice is time so I’m guessing we need at least two of a least two larva in the insects enclosure at all times and they’ve been getting really big bite the gate and a noticeably bigger now OK the list is still only for your is a seconded or 64 remakes are are those for people are not for you ever seen an all occur at are the dates and food people Dave yes OK I guess one of a wealthy both below anything you What’s the people let’s talk no yes Deanna a locate more progress

but stock but stocks a more U.S No U.S U.S Up a shore the man cement get info can real of hop up a bit of th cement any more call outs today are we going through the whole DSM four in this game cement against my better judgment let’s talk a people anything you’ll us as a live close on and on top of the underwear but you have to write book a good night cement I’m sorry if sure anything else tonight cement are you going to pry further into my personal life cement into the only one keeping you live is me as people deny people a note or saving or saving that that anything note that night Goodnight people I see and then it saving again shore but the thing you overhear that we got the a case that one civic occur now th of a R8 says two left in one skit for now to weep pick up the contents interesting are it will refine the next time dispose and it appears having here overnight same as what the dead son and are talkative mood anything else anything else now saving shore

are now regard for the night I would love a Nimoy I would are so now we’re kind of an uncharted territory here meant to have I been holding as controller for three and half hours now and I can feel you’re right about there on my underneath the knuckle I really hate dreamcast control have so much all meant I should really just designed my own controller at some point if I’m gonna keep playing dreamcast games as three deep run my own comment by Leonard Nimoy of what’s up to a didn’t escape of the war will irony have a controller hooked up to my of my imprimatur here so I could just the radically eight use of a PC controller an but F running at that Point I’d much rather just modify an existing controller PCB others are there’s a lot of of all other dreamcast accessories are our kind of rare which is a little weird by Theo the light gun the light Dennis super error apparently sent to the Saturn that Ellen Mcsorley more sense because there’s like two games that use light good on Saturn bucket so we got here so I still have the larva and then But are the hungry what’s up what’s up as shore anything else they’ll they’ll even under a bucket U.S. citizen cup are so likely one of these will feed both on the note that if they do and other little thing anymore for Coppola so the chef

good evening people anything new I see still fish of no correct yes yes OK have anything else know below just just more real talk what’s up with you people all of the game is doing what it says hitches for second ’cause a dozen after I say something a lot of times we’ll talk to people how you doing sure what’s up of its saving OK so the immune system aiding on and it doesn’t show me that the? Icons anything you if you people I see shore up not saving again shore tell me about yourself by sea goodbye good afternoon if you’re right shore a son does even have a right of so we did that it is costly saves for no reason a cave well still not sure what what to put this thing devotion it that’s probably life of a couple of good at this break of a of a book eight of what was going on here , and then this one was going on here that age is waiting for that the spray apparently Will we can’t are the miracle life

all this to be eaten by a cement , got the same no kill me a key L and the parade up buckets Packwood is growing book a at the wings are drawn an all right but was at the other one fallen out we try to fall are right , gets assigned a probing in the seem an area of of the right the world’s slowest maw that at the cave are the world slows my office taken off of have a book eight the god are very picking up the debate up OK to a tickle them off do not signal the mouth currently are the mothers of ticklish

a right sure the success of th I don’t think seen awful farewell end of the balloting care issue probably not what’s up good morning people below people are good night people people really does one of talk barely OK that even did a thing on the DNA of R sure are so hopefully we’ll all have some more moth eggs next time may be as if not been shipped more back to square one 8th of the hopefully they’ll a more than one larva the AMA can survive on that I think three or four days about being fed but they they did a very mad if that happens and you lose like a day of progress as soon as can be more people a little all well anymore in are but hopefully there’s people of the over them off enclosure below what’s up people below people how are you talk to me how I became a god! From that OK I am not sure we have anything the eight bouquet we get two more to more those but those are not people

it I think I see men are gonna have to possibly wait another day that we got our the miracle of life again the site I think I’ll leave these in here again just a gross more plants but I guess those of later on or probably enough to start putting those in the OM in the cement sank an an unassuming feeding those to the cement as I can the back and to do anything I guess we’re not just wait another day , have nowhere to watch over to the zoom in on it again a slow Moet , are since we don’t have any food there’s not much we can do today are just enough to go hungry for a day cement does is big enough and again , if I think this is sonic two , said the their summit two more like a date that last little sonic 1 May be a death think can never been so long as kaiser and yet out on avenue for Leonard the white to be that Murray of the end of the nice but he probably cost a lot more than Leonard Nimoy did back and back then is displayed as my son will the loans things didn’t go so great or a row on their we had two of start over again twice and unless and unless my my insect larva of the produce some babies we’re at a food so my life is sun is currently very hungry and I’m unable to provide at the moment the Wyatt why is this not the to use air so you have to watch it the whole time does this thing not hatch unless you watch a patch all my god

of a rate sure what though I did spray it it was is still the blue 21 eye of when I came back half as it and see how quickly the the hydration meter is down owner feet to the to pick up these things and then just drop them in place for them the to grow are patch faster , if a cement what a game of if I’m pretty sure those those things there are a are these these things that they just they fall off and then they just for another one that would just hang in a midair bucket are modest get to it get busy makes a larva as you follow a bucket so that one is just gonna a case that a tool are there and those will hatch by next time are instead slang more looks like I wonder if it just continually lays them or if it dies off after a day Are you gonna make smaller a note or stop all chip 30 hatch and are at it looks like it was no half as it would be very unfortunate if two months only produce two eggs as a means word or just kind of stuck with what we got right now you have a son of those is is really weird idea doesn’t sound fitting with the game but it’s not like the rest of the game has that many sound effects

the latest of them waiting to see this one does anything as not are well we just got hope that that our boy serve as another day of his nationally have a but not quite not quite are babies are are hopefully they last last another day the case are food is on the way by the hopefully they survived or maybe it maybe people just eight the other one that would also be fine if that happened one less about the thief says are hopefully Leonard Nimoy does not bad news for us here of an imagined doing this only playing effort 3 minutes a day like good lord I tried to do that in the Kent not dead yet locate very hungry been a bad importantly bucket by kill the others adults I’ve no idea to have I have actually no idea this is all new to me to have a probably are so hopefully those eggs turned and of Kadar P’s lake and toss in the tank attic of the Leonard Nimoy no probably but Sega’s check cleared just as good as anybody else’s then I guess back of the day are three of what the fact is a buck an area we get a son not sure if the spider hatch and add egg art is there if I guess it did what in the hell is a the date they cannot bouquet idea on and then these designs straight up and down anymore so the shirt the hell’s going on at those but I want those sent to grow a Ku if you’re gonna be food though are uninsured separate the spider have a bad boys 108 are good boys and the fed bucket as

good evening how are you Gotta be nice to cement a knife in undo any progress good evening people good evening how are you I’m sorry but now saving OK what’s up same shore anything new I see OK looks like it it can take voice input string and now saving shore up good yes OK more prying into the personalize the cement shore is just doing what: face but do nowadays except this was in 2000 anything else knew the ad yes yes is that over there exactly anything else knew see men are you an information broker I’d like to opt out cement the EU will hear of this cement tell me about data protection laws none of it of course naturally what else is new cement below people February shore march march as shore for for convenience’s sake of shore ’cause obviously don’t understand February by agree busy being tickled anything else knew cement IC let three yes it’s uncanny

while cement stub don’t tripping me this is getting a little too real right now in else knew cement butts up anything you shore I see good night seen an good night’s good night’s that anymore prying into my life see men now is out of the efforts of as are but let’s see if there’s anything new in Montana on the no red spider go but here we have two new eggs as promising just hopefully one doesn’t turn and a spider hello of such are the hell does things about that sure there’s a spider now maybe elite of you with one of the dead moths may be a OK sure I would are eight arts at this point it this point it’s been half a month so we started this disincentive see men on the 28 and doubted it still doesn’t seem like we’ve done a lot of progress have a are not improved above the water this time when we got here are we get two two of those so file even one alive became the probably turn into a of another maw in the week in the way a spider web now OK , not that must be some mechanism to the

to get rid of the MAVS maybe I don’t know why you wanna do that but shore yet all of it that might be something that we need to get rid of that some point or that are no Yes it doesn’t snow here sure that could talk good evening people anything new and got the! Their the what’s up hello people tell me about the spider shore your last name of sure all OK tell me about Japan tell me about Japan bouquet you and us are cut shore anything new U.S U.S Yes OK with just a golem through all family questions I guess anything else knew the more questions people anymore prying to a people you heard me all really yes yes the Siemens got that the prehistoric lore apparently see men are you an alien of white

cement are you an alien bouquet shore I do a deal amato shore anything else ? As all really a dummy about the rocks the rocks down there a good night cement good and nights people march yes weird coincidence uncanny I know how the UC men when are you born seem an three yes cement your mother was that mollusks thing cement real talk bucket good that people bucket that’s probably the games you for or other things talk about for today as the men are as for myself security and my credit card number and the numbers on the back weird of K thing doing here are to get two more of those on the way we still get to see men MAVS we have the spider it’s up to no good I guess over here shore are I would the so far the mas haven’t talked nor has the spider or the the little Kadar P’s it’s only been the scene and in the autumn of seven spoken your and Leonard Nimoy of course Jeffrey Leonard up

a old always ship all right progress is probably gonna grow arms and legs and guessing or just a full as human head either that or it’s gonna eat the other one of what’s up up up a hula cement I’m sorry people I’m sorry what some people us us a all things people off shacks of my I is yes yes what was that the duo they have a fifth of personality you and us

shore I knew Siemens take that answer book a R wears as transformation cement but as if it takes a lot to tickle cement later in the game anything new people people what’s up actually that there’s something right there are a few really hard to see the looks like there’s there’s something right there is like a little tendril that’s Gotta be a backlight coming an as is one of the 2:00 AM now is that it’s a no interesting by lawsuits going on over here the OK says Stalin hatched it will then said that they’re hungry at a case we got another butterfly people ready to go on the issue that has some food than well where it than a legacy system and rounded up are you live here now I guess what’s up with the the thing on your side what’s the people people personality U.S Same answer for both I would have many different answers there for that I am those are definitely legs and have a a a flop battles of a god it’s great that of those is definitely legs of Kay half are eight F pretty sure it’s all we can really do today still not sure what the hell school and not the spider year but is to find out and then these things maybe eight are nine of a one and one in the sink and all the the other one of america’s and they clearly are growing over there those adjustments in there for like all over weakened in time and they haven’t done anything up what

the city’s A I haven’t seen them do that before added a fully doing weirder things now people people people eight I guess it as a dozen of act one swing backwards people people by people talk to me how low hello people talk to me what’s up no U.S Shore that that’s not how works seem an S if anything else knew people we take that back no U.S That’s for sure anything else yes what’s up sure us as OK anything new people us I will anything else sure let’s talk people yes no

that’s my other account see men with sat up and at that and have us men this game is really really gets me if I can head anything else a man a people what’s up any other deeply personal questions that did eight half of the thus the same still does chill and over here are what else anything else for me as people people more questions people to you I put say that I planted one of these are there because there is there’s too all over here that are just been sitting there for like 17 game days just not doing anything so if if they weren’t some if they weren’t spreading into a new plan here than I figured they could probably had to had to be put into the eye of the other thing and the solvent hatched it so much a roots have to put these men or gonna get to Spires at hatch and will be completely screwed what they’ll do anything are anything more from anything else I told shore what else OK Goodnight seen an R bucket I would a reading a step away for a couple minutes here it and I’ll be back and continue this insane psychological delving journey through cement maker to sell rebooted and the Allee back in a couple minutes up

up up up are another super Martha Gere a mix of bucket a whole were have seen in an R if land a of pod fish OK OK so maybe they want that the tank hotter men of the Gilman would have maybe I’m guessing now I’m pretty sure it caught fish a quad fish all baby a soul blazer a GS say that of a a a soul blazers the first game and the greatest recited quadrille due by the way service is practically a grand stream side of remax yesterday that there’s really no reason a player ones that a grain streams exists a kit air hungry and we got the bed is attached and then what the hell this one just got enormous

service of this other of planting still hasn’t done anything else so I’m just gonna and put this one over and that the tank as Owens RT spread in that put it this far right there a cave so they’re all men that good afternoon I see this this animation is quality good evening pair people are what’s up what can I do to change a tank prepare tank a case there is actually come to think of it what’s no you and us yes that yet I guess and in 2000 still wasn’t super, now the computer I guess what’s up cement boat a people sure a case of the the Manual had had some others say about the of musher as amp is controls converse of the light switch heater are feeding seen an PC men good nights than harm of an that process you miss help cement become free the confines of the habitats that’s impaired at some point a case that this is kind of wore out right now that the secondly imperative that some point by not even get a safe not in a set of unit that will cement docking up a

fifth of the late as a second I use of what the bouquet shore in the nightcap a shoebox the book and then what the facts just happened people how was it anything new in Japan hello people what’s up was the a up up up up up up a case that that’s great that they put in response to that but if I think that set up was around same time ship by one of those on purpose are a bucket into a kid of three of those now say enough for bouquet of skin have moths for days parent lee are so say about the mess of secondly imperative that some point that he transformed the but not to worry see men will assist you in achieving this goal when the times rates are eight so I have a feeling it some in sprawling got something to do if moving those rocks around a death hand pane data have a a a a fight but I’m smarter than a fish of the human head it’s got a it’s got a circle with a line through it on the me right now the why let’s do it as one unit was corpses just over have a a a a a a path OK it is again it’s a click a month the pushover the second thing OK maybe needs 62nd vote

I’m not sure what moving them rock overs can accomplish what maybe this arena has something good and that lead you do in all us woman there for somebody recuperating yet this is probably gonna be the water part and this a meal and a guessing yes there’s like if there’s a drain and many fear that would that make sense and then it probably has to be able to grab on to this that some point and then baby hop over the the tank wall at cement among many needs a day, and then there’s still spider here sure are interested now that this is resting the OK maybe it maybe this is seeded a bouquet of do one last try your that bouquet one of the Kate database and a mass arrival every single time cell is those wed like 2 minutes I think in the chain pushers and I think those 2 minutes as it’s up a better be cool because it’s been 7 minutes since the of the other see men died so it certainly been less time than that of it sank we need to wait until that sent via the lead a minute mark OK and then the list and Sibley drain via drain the pool and that should allow more own moral issue and I guess the edited out corps now not really a OM of most of the other corpses had just that disappeared after, a save and a IR restart or load adding they just that they just kind of pitch go like that on their own in real time have wedding fund at this game that this is one of those games that isn’t like fund its inexperience it’s like a canny have fun with it, got G

you know it’s it’s the journey not so much the the destination and this and this is certainly unique by kisses and experiences on experience I want to do over and over again or let’s say more all but I’m glad that I played this this is is this is one of the more unique games it’s ever been released and is II wanted to beat this anyway is because I had said I had to buy the spiking microphone for the dreamcast so I might as well pla because the other dreamcast microphone as a cheap and the cheapest I found this from a cell in Japan and I think I paid like , like 35 blocks for it so did am writing in a tie to play this game of the deaths of as I invested and isn’t this dumb dreamcast the microphone thing are 1 minutes it see if we can move rock stick was time it’s quizzed I’m brain what a sore throat see it as cities is expecting smart as answers every single time back up seem an editor easy like this why you like this cement are apparently something cool is gonna happen I’m ready for it at the wild that a K Daly three have like a week of this of a case in these and more Kadar pease Eric if we get to Kadar pease, not this is gonna give me a copyright notice thanks brain wave this is their strainer friendly play list that of this and get me up a full on takedown from cannot if a R is ready for some are riddles

they different sex is good enough that I could tell they disobey both had different the coloration is but that’s about it at Woodley they otherwise look identical there have been if the only one said I’ve seen that had differences is that there’s two different types of Caterpillar’s art Kadar pease these things and ocean hatched yet of the spiders on the loose this one’s enormous for some reason like there’s service was like bright green and I’ve also seen like a more bullish colored one that’s not it I’m not sure what spiders up to a weird all we get another of planting effort they would assess so this law is wracked with the with different for some reason OK if market if yes what’s up below that it out. I figure that’s what it wanted but Issa said he hoped to be there that I should set is tendering my cement people was a she are of three everything to feed a radio are we get two newborn cabbies that up or not what the hell out of Mario R are just just leave the other half of the

the canopy corps over here are a ride its arrival time and angry cat this is so stupid that of a bill also that cats will and will willingly get in a fishbowl just to be that as a slick cats to Bachus normal cached things meant it. So we have that another cut seen as a capsule bulls cats will change their shape to fill their container up to and including a fishbowl but a cave a right now says this is a much different now a cave sold as only a year now your lights and apparently 19 is this too cold now as it’s Gotta be leased 20 am guessing 20 to 25 hello people that we haven’t been tickled people in a while what’s new people well all of a a a a lot of a a a a a a U.S What’s new people people nice jump people people in more questions what’s new what’s new with you water what else is no a people people any more questions open with you at your fish yes I agree if shore OK not sure if there’s anything else we can really do today may be the more evolution will happen overnight and if we can to remove these sanity as a team of these little bit more now in remove this time And these said

no idea Anything you people became a, guess we’re done for the day that up are at the miracle of life over here of a a a a a right of the shore and get two more eggs era Are not as disregard for the disk and gained a guest are a next event of as are still saying him by the way at OK are tougher than the dramatic birth yes Are a thing you all know we’re down the line others still OK to get two new ones of those

if they knew the spider not just inspire things seem an has both saved relationships and probably destroyed just as many as the relive are already I’m ready to witness the miracle of birth good morning people I’m ready people PC I be on shore that attach I think what computer do I have back then like I think I still did make my own computer yeti so I see the outlet no idea bike I think I have a case from Compaq but the eyed by bought the parts myself and put into getting myself in in in 2000 it had a 500 MHz processor of the seller on 500 MHZ and asis motherboard of I think in 2000 it had at the idea that a banshee still a the soundblaster live I think than a but II don’t think see men would have accepted that answers have a a people people people what’s new people hello good morning talk to me people have of a up up up up up up up if a Sari forgive me if you desktop a downed the five tent route all meant of a welcome the cutest of people can’t get any kind is a Mage they can talk to a frolic a minute of cocaine loan they should plants the oh god for rates can noticeably worse over here all men beautiful but there’s another another mile down I guess it’s that’s what the spiders for so you if you do get rid of the spider it’ll probably a Tuesday that of OK art service I probably at the plant are here , chief has come up

people pornography yes yeah we will pick up up up up up up up up up up up up home a people it around the year 2000 that that was nearly all use the Internet will have a set accurate that’s all have a a a a people what’s up was the note in a setting that is time for the miracle birth depot time for birth to try harder you hardly complicated if the right below people good morning as have a yes this game is crazy and of Leonard Nimoy told me just prior to this this in game day that it’s about to give even wilder of a a a a note that’s it’s too cold again why the blues lose that the normal temperature are tiny to turn the lights off for a people of all I know that that’s a different kind of earth to have up up up up th they people what’s up just pope in nano what you meant to give birth are of it is clear that the twos of a a a a a people

what’s up by and talking to a computer right now the realize the irony of this whole conversation have are just here for the miracle of life just to just get over people people Leonard Nimoy promised me the miracle of birth sure good night people a cave I guess the miracle Berth will have to wait another in game day of the right of short the right vehicle Berth the next end game day I’m guessing are how much do we disappoint Leonard Nimoy this time of are lots hopefully it actually happens today rather than a whole bunch judges jumping out water in the shore hello people yes yes

are ready ads conversation a half all we have what else people good morning people people that that the saving of cave is a time of this are waiting for another now saying I can’t pay people people is it time you know what I’m talking about shore deposit at E and while the U.S Into there’s another bite plot thing that I haven’t done yet unproven with Iraq over here sometime up that accounts that doesn’t do anything the OK then maybe to have all these plants be fully grown before a before birth of the net spider that no one that we can say that of a book a 1,000,000 dumbest idea of a UC he and eight stab it are well shore fine kiln they are lots of us give another one of these two people and other sacrifices a people what’s up

pornography yes what some people people downloaded me like that people have a staff that of up sure people it’s time U.S Yes e-mail cap of omega wall no U.S Yes you and man this game skills hard in the paint have a a flip home it takes one and no one seem an cement what’s new people sure yes shore so it seems like it’s it’s either on a timer a war like an amount of interactions between questions shore a people absolutely of a live update if only

seem an assault racism a pair of a of a but we have the perfect song tough to give birth to hear its time seem an cement its time people well to have I don’t think it’s a little anymore it vents I’m ready people where’s my miracle birth people what’s up while not that of a bet we got of

the circle the the thing of it circle and threw it by which end is a cut of it is a right what what a deep note paper have the Apollo oh my god a of all these are these are tadpoles site of the determine the frogs bouquet I can pick them up though so below the mold half so we would we told about the Internet and then and then about S R8 and we still get started this a cave all wondering if I need to like dying to move the bring the water level backup may be reduced OK as the Sony theater is still just write it seems bent for a kid to specially bad 15 MPS but those exit must be rendering like that the full detailed models OK sure well it seems like we still got a fair man a game left ear so I’m not sure there’s much more we can do today though we can’t the do anything with these the shore OK and camera people over OK well sure I sure would buck a well I discern a beating cement and S a what what a weird as game polio OK well I guess we’ll have to to finish this tomorrow maybe you’re at it even if it even can be finished tomorrow as I was expecting to meet this tonight but that’s on the first inning how long this game is the guests are sold over two nights of what seen next next Ramon Moore this and will probably also of UPS explosion which is what’s a

197 Ballmer Memphis to raise solely a wall of we’ll probably start stream off with Ballmer and fancy race and then the back half of this remote site will be a more cement school will probably maybe finish a person and play through next time but it NLCS of take care of and one by

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