yo what is going on guys and welcome to the 25th episode of the Nintendo night podcast I know it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these it’s been it’s been a long time actually has been a couple of months but don’t worry we are finally back we’re going to be talking about all the stuff that’s happened since our last episode let me introduce to you guys who we have at the moment we’ve of course got ruffled Rowlett howdy make sure to wear protection and we’ve got we got our new guest here we got Master Luke what’s up hey what’s up guys welcome and I think we’re going to be getting some more people join in in the middle here at Texas some other people might be joining a little bit later but yeah it’s been a solid like I would say even close to like I don’t know like four months or so since our last episode or maybe even more so it’s been a lot of stuff and some of you guys might be wondering like how come you didn’t have an episode in April and then in June or whatever when all that stuff happened the thing is Nintendo this year has been kind of wack they haven’t been giving us a director really anything and what happened was pretty much we got like like one announcement every month so if even if we did have a podcast we would just talk about that one thing the whole for the month or whatever because like that’s what happened like April I forget what was in April I don’t know if we had anything but like June for example was just minmin being in Smash we would have just had to talk about that the whole time then July was that paper Mario game that’s all we would have had to talk about August was Pikmin 3 Deluxe being announced that’s all we would have had to talk about last month we had 3D Mario and then the Zelda game so we there wasn’t really a lot of what we decided was to just combine everything and now we can talk about multiple things so should be pretty good too two to go but yeah I guess we can kind of go in order from stuff that happened so the first one was a was the Paper Mario game that came out I’ll be honest with you guys I didn’t pick this game up I don’t know if you picked it up Luke did you play origami King yeah so I played about I didn’t get anywhere near to beating it but I did play like like four or five hours hours into origami King and then I just got too busy and and and I honestly did not have the interest to go back and finish it it was every time there’s a new Paper Mario game announced I always go back and forth because I wanted to be good and this is the way I look at this one so the original 3 trailer the original trilogy is still

amazing then you have the the wac trilogy which star Color Splash and that we’re gonna King origami King is still the best of the three but I mean out of sticker star and color splash yeah yeah I’ve heard that too yeah – yeah I’ve heard that too better than Color Splash and sticker star I mean that’s not hard to do are more interesting I guess with the ring makes you feel really stupid is what I don’t know at least for from what I found because I went into it in the first couple battles you’re like I you just move I’m like two spaces over okay bada-bing bada-boom it’s easy and then they start maybe I’m just bad at like looking at it and deciphering the puzzle because the timer makes you like I don’t know feel super rushed and I hate it and it doesn’t like the battles don’t become fun it just like or of yeah I’ve heard I’ve heard mixed things about this game like some people said like this or this Paper Mario game is great and then I’ve heard others say like no no it’s really bad this so so that’s the thing why I didn’t pick it up first improved like they make some corrections to go back to what they originally did which I can appreciate but I don’t know it’s like why they only went halfway as the problem I felt like yes they fix some stuff but then I don’t know I was was I don’t know if I’ll go back and finish it anytime soon maybe one day I mean I know how the like I kind of know the basic story because I’ve seen like other people who have completed the game and nothing really like stands out to me that’s like oh man I really want to go back and and finish it but hmm I don’t know I don’t it’s it always seems to sell well so it would that’s I guess we’re going to get another paper Mario game and five five or six years don’t know what they’ll do with that one but yeah I mean it’s always been kind of a mixed thing and I’m assuming we’re awful you probably didn’t get the game either right no yeah did you hear people talking about it or you hear people talking about talking about it I just heard really negative about it though to be on yeah yeah like mostly on Twitter a lot of people have been just like saying like things like that they shouldn’t have done and I don’t know yeah I mean I’ve just heard like again literally just negative stuff about I haven’t heard anything positive mostly just had people being disappointed or complaining about yesterday anything about crazy thing about that is like if you have heard it like Bobby yeah Bobby yeah most people know what goes on with that character now because it’s been so long since the game has been out but like that’s the only positive thing I’ve seen people talk about the game and they’re like it makes me cry and I’m so sad but other than that like nobody brings up any yeah I mean usually the thing like that everybody always talks about is how people like it always just turns into some argument about like Thousand-Year Door versus like modern paper Mart yeah something you know but tell no because I remember I think I watched Alpha Rad’s video I think on it because I think he made a video about like about it and just generally had a lot of complaints as far as I remember I could be wrong here I don’t really hard right now but I remember like I watched him the about it just plain so now was like well yeah like we have never really had an interest for the for the game so for me it’s just what I would you be honest well the next thing that we have here is something that you did play and I’m pretty sure everyone here has played this and and that’s the one DLC the first one that came out in June a came out the Isle of armor the first DLC past that was announced back in January of this year and I guess we can just say overall thoughts we can go in order so Luke what are your overall thoughts did you play it I’m assuming you did Fast slow pokes that was my favorite part I don’t know why I just like that I don’t know I thought the characters were cool like I liked the mustard I thought he was he was I liked the design of the characters and then I played so I had what’s her name Clara and like like to be honest I enjoyed that small little segment more than I enjoyed all of the main game which is kind of sad because it’s like how do you enjoy like a 30-minute DLC the more than like it in a tower again and going yeah going through all the main Jim’s I don’t know it’s just that was what’s so frustrating I liked it because it kind of brought back that like tropical theme from from gen7 and I don’t know I like the beach what can I say but it’s just like as it was kind of short that was my biggest complaint with it yum yeah I thought I wouldn’t I went to school and I mean I’m glad they brought a lot of some of my favorite Pokemon because a lot of my favorite typings are water deal and psychic those are my three favorite types of Pok√©mon and they brought a lot of those back which was really nice nice I don’t know overall I liked it didn’t blow my mind but I enjoyed my time with it hmm

well by you ruffle oh boy well kind of stimulation really blow my mind I mean I think the thing I love the most about it if we’re on from actually going to say I love anything which there was something which was I would probably say the like the actual out of armor itself like like if felt like an actual place you know I mean it felt like it was it had a like it was it had a purpose right like everything was kind of like you know like if you compare the open world area like this tea while they are you from like the base game it just feels like somebody just went into unity and just press the like mapmaking tool and just like did a straight line you know that’s just how it feels like with a few bumps here and there like it feels like babies Wonderful Life like your wasn’t creative enough know it was just it was just plain it was boring it was just like there was nothing there the there’s awake over here when you have these and grass and the desert right because whatever you know it was just kind of like nothing felt really properly but it was just kind of like like just that here’s a straight line forward well put a few obstacles in your way and that’s about it like I didn’t it was just it was just large but kind of boring you know I mean like there was no things to do and like there’s just kind of like f you know I mean but I feel like with the olive armor they kind of went in a better direction of actually making the feel a little bit more alike like things sent feel like it felt like they had a purpose you know you have like I think my favorite part but also most annoying part was the sharpedo’s because they’re annoying yes but it’s realistic because it’s fast yeah yeah it’s cool though it’s like it’s cool like it’s such a weird thing cause we didn’t have that you know in the base game I mean sure we had Gyarados and like pissing around missing about but you know it just it wasn’t the same thing it didn’t harm to after you like a freaking shark shark you know I mean like dun dun dun dun dun it was like there’s nothing there was kind of boring then own personality but Sharpedo does because guess what it’s a shark and it’s a torpedo it’s fast it’s meant to be fast right it’s meant to come after you like a torpedo really quickly it was like this data that showed up the personality of the Pok√©mon in really good way by utilizing the new like open world like you know kind of thing we’re going for now we’re talking about right like the open world kind of setting and all that sort of stuff it utilize that to really really good extent and I love that I feel like they could have done more I think the story was lackluster in my opinion I think it was just one of the it’s just it’s just it’s just kind of whatever it might be like like I thought the little missions we were going to do for them we’re going to be more than what they were but I was just like oh go catch three Pok√©mon there really quick you know and I was like okay well fair enough and there’s no like connection between them I thought they were gonna like lead into something with it but they didn’t know find the much bigger like something bigger with it maybe or like something something cooler and even the tower the tower for like the new structure right it was so short and not just that but it was just so uninspired there is just like walk a while we just started to the top and we evolved it now like whoop Dee do like is this it was only had to be like five battles or something I was like oh and they were yeah as he battles because they were just like one-on-one they like everybody only had one Pokemon which was like what yeah it was really really freaking easy and also just kind of again uninspired just didn’t feel like they they much else like into it it’s like oh whatever let’s just you know slap something together that’s just what felt so I don’t know like that’s just that’s what I would initially say but also the setting you like the the whole like exciting and all that but see I’m gonna do the opposite I hate those settings like they’re kind of like I don’t know why so you mean like don’t really bite no I didn’t really know I just didn’t like sitting there I just I don’t know what it is but I just don’t dig the setting I don’t know why I really don’t know why is it don’t take this adding so for me personally that was a kind of like a type of deal like I’m way more excited to like playing the the crime Tundra because I like the more I mean maybe it’s because where I’m from is yeah it’s probably yeah that’s probably it so I’m so used to it so you know like I’m just like oh this is what I’m used to this is what I like but I don’t know like I think overall though it was just kind of cluster because we only got one you glory inform right which was like the slow Borough slow bro Slowpoke line right with local favorite I mean good for you there was nothing else I was really hoping like for secret ones like hidden inside that we were going to find out later exactly that’s what I was hoping for as well but then when I actually saw how many new things we got I was like is this really it like this this is it really about like advance stuff like that but they added four Michael Essex but that’s the thing though that’s the thing I’m not a competitive player I’m more of a person who like you know goes with the story and you know exploration and stuff like that that’s the sort of stuff I

personally like as a player that’s what I enjoy right now I like gen7 across the board has really been lacking in that and I mean the law has been pretty shitty yeah yeah Jenny sorry gen8 sorry little bit know but I feel like it’s just been generally lacking in terms of Well story story elements just be kind of boring the post game has been non-existent in terms of you know other stories and stuff to do they’ll be there there was that whole thing with those like Shield bird and sword bird why the they were called I had a whole thing that was lame I don’t know it just feels like four players like myself we like just finding right it just wasn’t like there was nothing there it was just empty and I thought the out of armor would bring some of that back but it didn’t which is why I now I’m hoping that the crown time just going to kind of make up for that old thing but I know the Alberto yeah just kind of yeah for me I think I gave it like a 7 out of 10 for me it was it was all right like what you guys said with the the story and stuff it was nothing mind-blowing it would kind of just felt like a sequence of events that they made you do like do this and then do this and then do this and then up now it’s over that’s kind of mostly have it was I would say the most exciting part for me like the best thing that I liked out of the olive armor was kind of when you stepped onto it it was finally like that that like type of area where you could freely go wherever you wanted you know what I mean the freedom here that was like that was like the first thing and I was like the one thing that I kind of wish the whole entire game was like where we didn’t have those hallway routes where you just have to go straight the whole time but like rather like they just put you onto this island and now you can go to this cave over on your left or you could go ocean with the Torpedoes like you could go wherever you wanted so I like that freedom or that was like the thing that I kind of wish that they wanted that they kind of went for with the whole game so that’s like my favorite part and I already know that like people who datamined the crown Tundra map or something have said like it’s even bigger than the I love are more like double the size or something like that so really that was going to be huge yeah it’s huge it’s huge so it’s going to be really fun to like explore because it’s going to be the same way in that as well so you’re going to be able to go wherever you want so that’s going to be really fun to see how they do that that but that was definitely the most exciting thing that I liked so I collected all a hundred and fifty diglettz hmm did you guys do that I collected like I think like 30 here’s something would you get anything good for doing it or oh yeah you do you get you get like a little Pok√©mon for it for it so like yeah you get it all all will be one forms yeah and you get okay on what you choose you’ll get the same typing starter from a Lola and I mean once you get all of them if you like if you chose a score by you get a Lytton if you chose a group you get a rally okay if you still have trouble you get a popular so that’s we get a 151 which is I think that’s cool I like that that’s good that’s good yeah I’m fine with that that’s fine the other day it’s just a fetch Quest and when you think about it it’s just I’ll go get this right well I it’s just let’s be honest it’s not like game freak is made anything better in general like when it comes to Quest beyond that I mean they’re really like they I mean if he’s not in in recent time that I know I know today that you something yeah they’re all just show me blank Pokemon or find this or something yeah yeah but II feel like they really should try to do more unique because I’ll always come back to one of the best things in Pok√©mon which was back in gen3 the way you got the Reggie’s always get remain to me you like one of the best quests and like side missions whatever the you call it and apparently that’s going to be apparently that’s going to be in the crown Tundra because we see that in like the trailers I’m just grabbing some kind of similar yeah because we dude I I love when I saw that I a lot of people noticed it that they had a relic can’t battle yet exactly what yeah which is so cool because that’s the exact Pok√©mon you need a relic at a Wailord young know you need to position them in your party top and bottom to actually like unlock the Braille on the wall and then they will summon like it’ll basically open the doors to all the caves exactly like I don’t know if it’s gonna be and also going to be to that same extent or if it’s going to be a little dumb down now because it might be a might have to do that but I’m just happy that it’s kind of there even if it’s like a a time and of course I’m gonna drop it down that’s that’s not obvious one because I think children nowadays you know like yeah it’s not going to be as like cool as it was when we played it but yeah so I’ve never played gin three or gen-5 those are the only group that one are like two of my favorites about like the Reggie’s like I know that there’s the new Reggie’s in this but like row so the Reggie’s like they had these insane yeah they had these insane Quest like imagine like in 2000 like three or whenever these games came out like playing through these games you had no idea how to get these Pok√©mon and like the you just hear like murmurs of people like on the streets and like the playground talking about how you’d get them because you’d have to essentially find these two Pok√©mon that you needed position them in your liked the fruit like the one that you needed had to be at the top of your party the other one had to be at the bottom and that unlocks the the stuff that you need to read on the walls and in order to do that you can find each it’s really really cool how they did that and it’s like you would never know how to do that

if it wasn’t for like guidebooks I think that’s how mainly people figured it out back yes but there wasn’t there wasn’t like yeah you couldn’t just like look it up on YouTube there wasn’t a game explain video to help you for that you had to just kind of talk to people so that’s like the stuff that a lot of people who have always like kind of been asking for it they just want those types of like cool like like harder like missions back in Pokemon because now everything is just kind of so simple like they tell you exactly on the map where to go and they have like little bottom screen telling you exactly where to go and everything is just really linear and straightforward where it’s not like there’s not that much mystery you know what I mean so I don’t mind a game being linear as long as it has a good story to go along with it yep but if it’s linear and also doesn’t have a good story that’s where that’s when it gets it it if like you get a cool cutscene or like it tells you like I just don’t want to go there pick up three random items come back handed to us and be like and nothing exactly like okay yeah but the next pot now I think with sword and shield they just made Sonia into a storytelling device every time something like plot plot relevance has to be told to you she’s just there as an exposition dump you know I mean she’s there like comes to you randomly like oh you see this wall well this wall tells us that there’s a connection between the sword Bates and the you like okay cool and then it breaks down and you like and she’s like oh my god did you also know it turns out these were Pok√©mon and not look like right after you leave it like Sonja like like talks to you she’s like come over here I want to show you something and she shows you like this Factory in the distance and she’s like this is actually one of chairman roses factories and you’re like oh that’s kind kind of cool never gets brought up again I was like maybe I get to go explore that noakes I was like I was like well what’s the point of telling me about that like oh I know what my most hated part of the Isle of armor is now mmm that scene with like hop and the vesa Queen the the what you know oh oh yeah we’re you like we’re like rely clicks it or whatever you like a gigantic Queen comes out but it’s like the worst shot cutscene scene ever it’s like screams what what kind of cuts into it but it doesn’t ever show it it’s like invisible yeah yeah that’s that was my that’s when I was like are you serious yeah I was like look I was screaming about with a lot but that was was that kind of me at that moment I was like just embarrassing more than anything honestly did this is really embarrassing honestly man man happening like why didn’t you to keep like well here’s the thing right because they can get away with it because they don’t have to anymore because I didn’t just you know but that’s what he just said yeah it’s like they just they don’t have to put effort into it you know I mean they really don’t need to because that’s the same thing that’s the same thing about like something like and I always bring this up as an a comparison which is like World of Warcraft same thing with that game like the developers keep making a lot of fuck-ups and ruining the game like even now they had to delay the game for the first time that they like I think they properly delayed the DLC I think this is the oh no DLC expansion pass which is essentially like a brand-new game kind of added to the on top of the existing World of Warcraft right and this is I think one of the first time the eventual like delay it which is because they finally have to kind of listen a little bit more to the to the audience because they’re losing people people actually after like such a long time people have stopped playing the thing with Pokemon though is people expect so little from it you know I mean like Pokemon is always been very basic in its in its it’s you know structure but I feel like the reason why I expect more from it is because I was I played Pokemon doing what I consider the Golden Era of Pok√©mon like quality and games right as we can only look at like red and blue as games we can really you know really look at it any matter because it was the first games ever and they were made in like 1996 you know we can’t really look at those and be like you know like all those were bad you know those were not as great you know like those that less stuff than these other ones so you know what are you talking about no I mean like genuinely looking at the games that were like the gold Pok√©mon we’re like from gen 3 until like Jen Phi that’s like the Golden Era of Pokemon when the games were like they just tried so much new you know I mean they really tried their best like implementing new features and crap like that and I think that to me was unique with it and fun with it because you know what they do now though all they do now is they make one new feature every game one new feature one knew what we call them again one you gimmick right right and that’s a bad thing we should need to have gimmicks to find on deafblind ignaz like different I kind of they would have kept it alive I like big emotions but that was the first time they did that there was a first gimmick they make it was cool when they did it the first time it was cool when they did it the first time but then it’s like oh I’d never bring those back I mean like if you want

just kind of like they created that was the first one so that wasn’t really a gimmick at that time but now it is a gimmick because they do it every generation now they just switch that that get Nick out I’m you know new gimmick and it’s just like why why do you keep making these gimmicks it doesn’t like improve anything just literally replace something with something would like something that’s essentially the same thing I mean you remove megas and added Z moves removing a really cool element which was the Mega is like the actual change in form and all that which is the compartment behind like yeah exactly yeah and then you remove Z moves and you add in Dynomax thing which is essentially megas but wit like and when we’re ready yeah Godzilla basically right it’s like you know they just need to stop adding these gimmicks gimmicks and improved this is again literally it goes all the way back into World of Warcraft as well because that’s what they also do in World of Warcraft instead of working on the base game and improving features there and work on the features they have this added a new gimmick every expansion that just gives them more work and it’s just unnecessary and just adds like it just adds an element that’s not needed and I mean and Pok√©mon the same thing they just add the new element that’s not nice really necessary you know it just doesn’t need to be there and because of that they then like sacrifice a lot of other aspects I mean you know like it’s just sad a lot of other parts of the game they could have been working on or they could have spent their time I like I don’t know maybe improving the like some you know the story of the game or improving the general like you know postgame adding a posting to begin with because there is nothing in sword and shield there is no post game and you can’t use like us are shiny hunting as an argument because that existing in pretty much every Pok√©mon says game since Jen to like it just it’s just there it’s a fundamental aspect of shiny hunting because it’s just there they know people like it right so it’s never going to disappear same thing with like competitive right it’s there even like let’s go back to the screen but there are still competitive play it’s yeah it’s like impressive yeah you know I go but like that’s where I mean the like they need to stop making these gimmicks just just just literally drop it to I remember like when we went from like gen3 to Jen for to Gen 5 there was no new gimmicks but we always had like fun going from each one I don’t know I don’t know why they feel like I don’t know why they feel like they have to do that now like it’s not even necessary so do you think Joe Giga maxing and gigantic maxing basically kills megas like were never born in gen9 because now or does that mean mean not even even not even Giga Mac or giganta Maxine’s is going to come back like they’ll come up with someone I don’t know better than that something else gen9 will have like like micro battles instead of being like and giant I wouldn’t be surprised if they even do like the the ash anime thing where like you can fuse with your Pok√©mon or something like that like dude I was about to say that yeah yeah positive they’re going to do some fusion yeah yeah some ash Greninja Fusion type of stuff to be honest I wouldn’t mind that but you know what the problem is they sometimes add these features in that we like and then they take them away from us the next gen and I mean like Megan they did this is too much effort let’s see well yes sort of yeah but that mean like backing like gen7 you know I mean when they give us Z moves because he was were really much easier for them and I mean just making like pretty shitty animation for the Pok√©mon just got to move making a move and boom you’re done you know what it’s like an actual Mega there is there is a design process you know I mean yeah she got a design that and you know that he got a problem well dude I don’t know man I mean and Beggars and Dragons maxing I don’t think that would happen I think what they could do is probably do like a combination of magazines lose though you don’t mean like a like a magazine move combo type of the other I mean we’re like it’s one turn and you get to turn into a form yeah of course something they’ll call it something else like zero forms all these o0 for Pok√©mon they’ll use 0 moves where they do special they turn into this Hood this new form for the ultimate sounds whoa its ultimate form every round they do super move whoopty do you know like they’ll probably do some like that let’s be honest yeah but that you know like it’s just I feel like they need to either either just like and if they introduced a new feature keep that okay if people like it keep it just don’t remove it keep it around and don’t just introduce other because you’re just like why Why was the purpose like you’re just adding

these things and then we are like me and you start liking it then you remove it and just like sitting here like okay well the foot added new to gen8 that you would like to see them carry over into gen9 oh well I’m gonna do something will you statements or we talking about like anything in the game like from designs to I mean I like I like I like how the the aspect of a gym battle was in that game because everybody like the whole like giant Arena like it’s more like swimming or it’s not like the not like the actual like gigantic mixing and stuff like that cause I don’t know I’m kind of like neutral about they make the liked how it felt that was like the first game that was like the first Pokemon game right you can say like when you got to that champion fight at the end end it actually felt kind of cool because you like you saw like all the people who like knew who you were last in the game you know what I mean like like it felt different than just like going to Cynthia at the end of like diamond and pearl and being like okay here’s the champion battle likely on you knew he was like this really awesome like Opie trainer from the start of the game and like when you finally get to that ending and you’re like now I’m in the arena with him and now we finally got a fight together it’s kind of cool I want that type of aspect to continue you like the character design then yeah the character designs are amazing I love all the characters I don’t think there’s any character that I like hate how they look except for sword sword word and she’ll break those are ugly ass but you know well yeah but even like the ghost I forget his name but like the ghost type trainer yeah he’s cool from Shield yeah Lester he’s cool he’s cool okay Shy Guy welcome by the way Marie sing I didn’t say anything oh yeah I doubt there for a second I freaking love the way they are kind of worked but I will say one thing though I wish to count just didn’t like they removed like what the China began taxing they have to make the stadium huge you know I mean yep I wish they would make them what smaller to be similar to like the the anime and I mean you know the anime were ashes like what his friends inside of the gym and and like you know if it’s a small gym there will be like a few like you know areas where people can sit in but they won’t be that freaking large and I mean yeah that’s what I want them to continue now because like it made sense for gen8 because they had to do it for dynamic things them but I don’t want like gen9 to go back to like how it was before I want it to be still kind of big and Grand like how you’re saying exactly that’s what I mean but like I want them to like keep it like if it’s the first gym you take on right it’s one of the weakest Jim’s then he’ll be logical that that person wouldn’t have as many fans as people coming to watch and stuff like that actly I mean if your first battle they couldn’t be like a freaking because like that’s the thing that really made it feel weird watching like it was so stupid to me when you walk into the Giants stadium and there’s like a crowd of a thousand people you’re like when the did you all come here like when did you enter this building like this is so logical when you think about it like this is such a big pothole because where the did you enter from I didn’t see you why are you here why are you here to watch a battle between my level 15 freaking score score bunny and his whoa isn’t an entertaining at all this is literally stuffed why are you here for like like I feel like they should really just like scale it down and make every like Jim’s like actual Arena where you battle feel like unique to that place and I felt like they all felt kind of really similar in the say me and I mean whenever your bet you would actually battling them yeah it was just it was the color of the color of the stadium that would change to master time yeah but beyond that it was just like whatever you know I mean I wish they would do something more like maybe you know if it’s like I think the only one would they did a unique was the spike myth myth Jim you know like the the the dark type gym right well he didn’t use yeah and he didn’t use Dynamic either yeah exactly exactly you know when I can think of is like you had the double battles with the dragon type trainer yeah it’s cool Rehan Rehan the other one was what’s it oh that old woman who like basically gave you random debuffs oh yeah she’s cool she’s cool he’s like okay nope debuff yep no but like I feel like like the gym done like in a pretty cool way I think they that’s one of the plus sides of the game but I feel like the only thing they should need improved fun is like once there is no gigantic maximum Dynamic see any more to the next gen just make the Stadium’s more like logical to what’s happening and I mean like you don’t like it because all we do now is just copy paste and change the color that’s it you know I mean when you were inside the stadium which is just the same stadium but just like change the color slightly and that’s it I also want to win battles which eye is weird because it’s like you want what scaling scaling oh yeah everybody does does I hate how I hate our way Lord is the same size as a person it’s like why yeah Wailord being like the size of a trainer yeah and the thing is they’ve done it in the past we’ve seen it with the GameCube games and even on the we like like Pokemon were

huge if they were supposed to be in the battle so so what are you asking initially right about like what we want to see return right like across the board and see I’m just thinking because they’re like the one thing that I just want to see isn’t even from sword and shield but but just the Isle of armor what I talked about earlier just a Pokemon roaming around but having like a personality to them you know I mean like just I think we’re gonna say like the the aspect of being able to go wherever you want to because I like that as well I mean that’s it that’s a given that’s a given of course I want that you know I mean but I feel like you know if we’re going very like specific something I would say what what I just said is like the personality that the Pok√©mon when they’re in the wild because I really like that aspect where they will just act a certain way like imagine if you were walking in the pok√©mon like you know in a wild area right and then that’s another thing they need to really do by the way they need to make the walled area and not feel like it’s just specifically made space to be open and I mean because it’s like when you look at it should be naturally just embedded into the game some stockley it’s just gonna be a better job of that on the island and I think that yeah yeah that’s what I mean but that’s why I mean like that’s what I liked about it because you get just you seamlessly go for this kind of open field into this Lush forest and it makes sense it’s like made in a way would make sense that that would happen right like oh yeah you kind of from this place this kind of like you know little Glade would like you know a few trees and stuff it’s logical it’s like a nice transition right whereas in the the base games while the area is just like oh here’s a hey guy has a days and open fail can’t you know his trees and the weather Challenge from section to section so Ruby like Sonny and then all the sudden they’ll be like I always do like knowing it’s like well this doesn’t make any sense to start snowing out of nowhere yeah sure but like in real life situations situations it does Don’t Rain and then it’s like you know doesn’t rain and then all of a sudden it’s sunny and then it’s like hail and snow like that doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen you know and like the game we’ll just go from like oh it’s sunny now and you cross like you go over a bridge and it’s like now it’s a storm it’s a thunderstorm you go back over the bridge oh it’s sunny again you like like what’s going on yeah like I feel like they just need to make it that like make it seamless like make the world seamlessly integrated like and while there I mean it seemed like have a wild area just make the world and open open world you know I mean yeah dude like for me to be breadth of the wild level and sighs whatever but he doesn’t really doesn’t need to but you need to make it all like genuinely like fit together so it doesn’t feel like it’s detached because that’s what it is now they call it the wild area it isn’t like a bass part of game it’s a separate part of the game that’s really what it is it’s this separate thing that you know you got to go to to you know freely move around your camera running around so I feel like they just need to like you know just prove that make you wanna do you want to come back oh I don’t know I mean they’re they’re kind of cool but like I don’t think there I mean I like the idea that I think that how would they how would they even work though without Dynamic seeing and stuff like they’d have to rework but my skills I’ll be as the only reason they added them was just kind of like appeal to that Pokemon go audience with the rates and I know there were saying like oh we were we thought about this ID before Pokemon go came out I’m just like yeah sure sure you did did yeah yeah and I’m a billionaire called Bill Gates of course sure sure definitely and it’s also because Gary they just wanted to do it so that it like makes the the dynamic scene gimmick look more exciting you know because that’s like one thing they can say yeah and I mean I don’t know I feel like just the max weight battles like it’s they made this kind of element where you can literally just do like you can start playing the game do like 20 Max raid battles and you can have enough candies to literally like max out your poker Pro I’ve seen seen I’ve seen that happened dude my dude yeah Nintendo Ultra you guys know him you like he’s literally I was watching him stream the game you pick task or bunny he did three max raid battles he got all the candies and he just I don’t know why he’s spam them because I didn’t think he I guess he thought they weren’t going to get that much xp man had a level 66 into raised before the first gym I was laughing so hard hard yeah I guess in terms I mean we’re pretty much good with that I do have like an interesting like kind of discussion Point towards the end but I want to talk about it now I’ll bring it up towards the end about it but now we can move into we can move into Mario which was the thing that happened last month in September and the big thing that happened was they were those are there was a Mario direct to happened they announced the 3D World Port that everybody was hoping for for like the longest time so that’s coming it’s going to come next year but the big thing that happened happened was the three D Mario All-Stars collection which was heavily rumored since March and it was exactly what people said it was going to be Super Mario 64 sunshine and galaxies now the thing about this is it seems like most people are okay with it but there definitely has been a vocal group that is talked about all the stuff that they don’t like

about it so I’m assuming that most of you who I know Luke probably got it I have it ruffled I don’t know if you’ve gotten it but I’m sure you’ve heard people talking about how they feel about this collection well I heard heard some things but it’s really conflicting in football hmm so I guess I guess let’s give our general thoughts like for me personally going I thought this was fine like I thought the Mario collection it made sense it was rumored it turned out to be exactly what people were expecting the first thing that I know everybody hated was how it did not include Super Mario Galaxy 2 which a lot of people like to say is the better one out of the original Super Mario Galaxy in the other one but people were just disappointed that that was nowhere to be seen in this collection collection and also you’re somebody like graphical things like some people didn’t like how Mario 64 was not wide screen how they was still like that same resolution kind of like size that they had originally it looks like some of the games don’t run at like the proper resolution like they use like a dynamic resolution for like sunshine and galaxies they don’t run at 1080p it’s like up to 1080p sometimes 720 and it’s just like these are like 2000 to two thousand seven games how come they can’t do that so definitely I can understand where all of those people people are coming from from for me I can say like for most people they’re just buying this collection because they never got to play these games originally so I think you can still get that experience for sure out of them but there’s definitely way more that they could have done with them you know there’s definitely a lot more effort that they could have put into like them because this definitely does seem kind of basic where it’s just the ROM files just put onto the cartridge and you have like an emulator that you’re running but that’s my general thoughts on it what about you lose there really that many people that didn’t play this this game though I feel Mario Galaxy sunshine and 64 like some of Nintendo’s like best-selling games I mean I mean a lot of a lot of like new people like I mean there’s a lot of new Nintendo fans I’m sure all three of those games plenty of times before yeah I mean I bought the collection so I could have them on switch but I mean I wasn’t missing out like I knew exactly you know how all those games played you know I mean I actually know a lot of people like a lot of people might comment sections were even saying like they never play these games like we started like I know like some people who said like the most the only one they played was Galaxy because a lot of people started on the Wii and had a we but like I know people who said like they never played Sunshine or 64 and like there’s so many people like Believe It or Not Who probably like I wasn’t even born when sunshine are not Sunshine When 64 came out because that came out in 96 I was born in 99 so there’s a lot of people who just never played it like I got to play that on on like an emulator at some point but like a lot of people don’t do that they were just like okay that’s an old game I guess I just it so well so I’ve actually so that’s the thing I never played the original version of the 64 but I did play the DS version yeah yeah so I don’t know how many people played the DS version of Mario 64 and that’s the thing going back Mario 64 is like actually not to me not that fun to go back to yes I definitely was like groundbreaking for the time but for sure yeah I played the DS version and they kind of switch the camera controls they made it better yeah the original game is very slippery and oh for sure dude I’ve been playing it and the camera is the camera in that game is actually atrocious like it is so bad to control that camera because you know it was one of the first games to use a like a camera that like follows you around in 3D yeah yeah I understand like it’s limited because well Mario 64 was a launch title so even for the 64 you you know it’s not great because they were just first trying to get understand how this camera thing was going to work exactly yep but that’s yeah that’s why I wish this remaster 3D All-Stars romp or whatever you want to call it like it like changed more quality of life stuff like the new camera for the DS version and stuff like that because it’s like maybe I guess this game was sold as like an anniversary like 35th package to people who who played the original games yep but that’s the thing it’s like I don’t know I don’t know how many people other than like hardcore Nintendo fans really want to go back and play Mario 64 as adults I mean the be the people behind the game now our kids and younger people who never got a chance to play it exact I think it’s very uninviting for kid nowaday who’s never played 64 to then go whoa okay this camera really sucks yeah dude that that’s what I’m thinking about like like we’re talking about like people who probably played Mario like like 3D World and like 3D Land and Super Mario Odyssey like imagine like that generation of people going now to 64 is camera like their pie like what the hell is this like yeah exactly and that’s why

which they yes I understand that it’s authentic to Win It original yeah that camera was insane for a 1996 but not like well what it is yeah now what it is now it is kind of terrible to go back to because it’s very hard to control and the movement is just not that good my my still my favorite Nintendo like collection that they’ve ever made is still the Kirby’s 20th anniversary on we I think that was the I remember that one yeah Anniversary Collection that Nintendo has ever done the menu is were cool it added fun facts and even had an episode of the Kirby anime in it and it had what six games in total so like it was on the Wii which I mean yeah they had virtual console and you could get those games but I’ve always been a collector and I thought that was a really cool package and it came in a box with like a music CD and stuff like that and I’m a sucker because because I collect stuff like that but I thought that was really good the Super Mario 3D all on WE sucked get that was that was miserable I’m trying to think what else they’ve done though for anniversary collections in tow hasn’t done a whole lot yeah they don’t really do a lot the only other thing I can think of was that like Club Nintendo exclusive GameCube version that came with like the original Zelda 1 Zelda 2 and then Ocarina and Majora’s Majora’s Mask and then like a trial demo of Wind Waker and that was kind of like a bundle set yeah I still I still own a copy of that but like all it was was you can play N64 games with the with a GameCube controller they did the same thing it was like like that to me is what Super Mario 3D all starts is they it was just like a was a ROM and they’re like okay you know bare-bones menu click the game you want and here you go now you got a GameCube controls where you can play these games mmm so yeah what about you ruffle do you hear like anybody talking about what they don’t like from this collection well controls controls I had a lot of play out back I remember seeing an article made by animals Bloomberg someone the job that article about the controllers and like wide that’s like why it’s proof that it’s never it was never a good idea to bring back like oh my goodness this is like a proof that they should never bring back a Mario game Mario Galaxy do because of like the way the controllers were and I don’t know if that’s true or not I have no clue to me be honest you because I haven’t played it literally in the middle of like moving country whenever like that thing the whole dropped so I don’t know I haven’t really heard much to be honest with you I have just seen a few things things heard a tiny amount of stuff but lately I’ve just been out of the loop where you’ve heard you’ve heard about the rumor that like Pokemon could apparently be doing something similar next year right similar to this yeah dude I was I covered that stuff like yeah I don’t know how I feel about that like there was like a rumor that like Pokemon is being cleared gonna I think they said like X&Y Sun and Moon and then like Gen 5 I it was it not I think it was more like she know I can’t remember to be honest with you now yeah it was like a combo of game yeah yes a group of like old Pokemon games that they were saying we’re going to come to switch I don’t know how that would work oh like a 2D pixel ones I guess I mean some of them what the ones that I saw were saying like dr. sun and moon some of the most pressing up to sun and moon and I was like that’s kind of recent though that’s only like four years ago they really put that in a collection now yeah I don’t think so look what they did with sword and shield you really going to do all the work to put out now yeah yeah I think maybe like some of the pixel games like gen 3 4 & 5 but even that wouldn’t make sense because next year we’re all thinking Gen4 remixer gonna come so why would they give us the original Gen4 and the Remake talked about this during a podcast actually with a guest spot on it but I guess podcast yeah dude I saw that the one with the Hoops in hip-hop I saw that one yes sir yes sir I talked about that on there and we actually had a bit of a longer conversation but there were some errors in in recordings where it’s kind of like redo a lot of butter we talked about it they’re actually and I don’t know so many things kind of lineup for the possibility of something like that happening like because remember we it’s been exactly like this was kind of a similar situation whenever we got what’s it called again what do we got the virtual consoles for like Whatchamacallit like red blue and yellow I think it was kind of similar situation like the timing was like some very similar you know I mean so on sleep Anything is possible like you know it’s easy to say no it’s not happen but you never freaking know you never knew they can literally do like a re-release of like gen 1 2 & 3 right on like you know which as like a bundle at the start of the year and then tell basically do like a gentle remake next year as well and be like oh you have played Jennifer you know Jen for as well well guess what you can

play the remade version of ha ha boom boom you know yeah I can see that happening because the thing is the thing is this collection would 100% not not be the those like the new Pokemon content for next year even if it’s happening it would not be that it would be like the replacement to Mystery Dungeon this year like like like like like that Pok√©mon content that comes out earlier in the year that’s not as important exactly and then you and then you still have like the main big release in November like they always do so that’s probably what would it be you know yeah I think they’re going to do they’re finally going to in January or February that’s when they’re going to drop detective Pikachu on on switch oh yeah there’s there’s still that detect a PC games about that by the way that was announced they also they say they also still we also still have no idea about what what’s going on with SNAP if that’s going to come out next year also roof what’s going to go on without him where’s 10 cents game by the way that’s true too Pokemon Unite Pok√©mon you night bro I legit forgot about that game they said wasn’t did they say was gonna come at the end of the summer it’s fall now like we’re in fall I don’t remember that that but damn I don’t know what they didn’t say any any release date didn’t mention even though I thought I heard something about it like in the end of the summer push push and make that a big deal because I don’t care about that at all oh I don’t either but the fact that they had a whole event for it honestly that’s just for the Chinese market and not the rest of the world do they really look the reason that game is being made it’s actually like like I already know this because I’ve played some of the games that they’re that they made right right but that game like the Pokemon game we sold put when your night is a carbon copy okay of to other games that this company is also made Ten Cent which was a Ten Cent owns everything okay like Ten Cent owns one of the biggest chat like chat systems or whatever you want to call it in China okay like which is like I think it’s QQ chatter wherever the it’s called they own that okay they had their hands and everything they own a part they own Riot games which make League of Legends which is a mobile by the way right right which is why they never got there which is why there is a League of Legends like a riot never sued them because they literally copied their like they literally copied League of Legends and made on the mobile and I mean they copied their map and everything just literally copied it ripped it off and made their own game on mobile but then they bought like majority stake in Riot games so they can’t even sue them and I mean because they now they are now they own me you know I mean so also own a part of Blizzard who makes World of Warcraft so they make a lot of choices that up like they made a lot of choices or it or had a lot of impact on stop there they own a part of like well I Activision as well just Activision Blizzard you know I mean so Call of Duty they have an impact on that which is why they make Call of Duty mobile they made that one you know I mean so any mobile game you can think of Pop G Mobile call duty mobile League of Legends the new mobile little aggressive game same thing they’re the ones in Vault with that and this became will get a Pokemon is literally carbon copy of to one of like to of their other games which are also identical to each other they just called different have somewhat different characters but the rest of the games are identical yeah the game mode and everything is the same it just uses Pok√©mon actually show you this tencent mobile let me this I can screen share on this court you guys can see me me see let me know we can see my screen Arena arena over here you guys come to see this yeah I mean are you already showed me but I was looking gonna let me just see it yeah one sec let me just stop the screen share and just turned on the right on the right frame my bad it’s just I have a million tabs open all right so while you guys talk about that right now that we can there’s we already showed it to me I’ve seen it it before all right Dodge screen sharing look at this this isn’t right yeah yeah do you jump the the light you sound like you sound like a robot right now your glitching out a liar not like crazy bad my might be because you’re sharing yeah it’s probably the screenshots using up a lot of your internet yeah let me let me just send me a screenshot and and you’ll see what I mean what can I send it oh wait able to send in yes look at that image right there right and then look at this of the Pokemon game right now I’m not identical images but you’ll have to just kind of like the compared to to these to like the woman just sent you so the first one right there that’s one of the that’s one of their like more games

right so look at that and compare that to Pok√©mon other Pok√©mon with me let me name except yeah Pokemon yeah exactly just literally it’s literally the same game they just put Pokemon or at least can be Pok√©mon yep all oh my God see ya mean the game modes already been made it’s just now using Pokemon characters instead of the other ones sold the rights to Pok√©mon you know what they did you know what they just did though you know what they just did they literally took a game mode from League of Legends a game mode that they by the way removed from League of Legends because they were too lazy to uphold it they just took that game mode and put it into Pokemon that’s what it is now it’s literally a game mode the Dominion from League of Legends that’s just been shoved in to this game and is the whole game mode for like the Pok√©mon you night game and like literally it’s literally just dumb Dominion from freaking League of Legends it is insane to me to see that they’re doing that and yeah they were pretty much happened here is Pokemon just gave the rights to a company to make their own Pokemon thing and of course what they’re going to do is make this because in China mobile games are insane popular okay like they’re super popular in this like the whole Asian market by the way in Asia majority of people play mobile games and I mean like Mobile gaming in Asia is huge so yeah yeah mean that’s what they’re used to and that’s what their standard is because not a lot of people like they like a PC I because that’s considered to be like if you play PC games and like Japan or consider like a otaku a nerd and like a neat right like a shut-in okay yeah literally it’s like people don’t do PC gaming they play on their mobile mobile phones that’s more socially accepted like that’s literally more socially accepted and then you look at something for example like India right India I literally had I think I don’t even know a few hundred million people playing like pop G mobile over there which is also game owned by this company as well like like ten cent but they literally like this was before the recent banned by the way because they banned Tick-Tock in India by the way when he had 600 million registered users which is insane but they also had to ban pop G for certain times of the day and on gotta for a while totally ban it because people are so addicted to playing Pop G Mobile on their phones in India that people literally would stop going to school and stopped going to work because they were just playing a game that’s man crazy yeah no great no no joke dude no joke and you know the reason I can also kind of a test to this being the case I currently live in an essentially a second world country okay we’re here people don’t have the same level of computers that we do you know I mean they don’t have the same level of income or money that they can work with because here the you know a monthly pay here is like $200 that’s a good you know that’s a good paycheck here you know I mean well that’s it that’s it that’s it it yeah that’s that’s for some people that’s a good paycheck and I mean but like that’s like that’s like you know what generally people get here for a pee if you’re not working like a okay job you know I’m not talking like a fantastic job like literally you if you work at it working like coal mine you know I mean you get about what about is about $1,000 I think is what you get a month you know I mean I think actually know the I do no no that’s way more that is no no sorry $700 about that right but then you had to do a grueling job you know I mean everything here is like really labor labor heavy work and I I so so basically people don’t make a lot of money so they don’t go around buying like crazy good PCS and stuff so the best way to play games is oftentimes on their phones and I mean or a really shitty PCS and really shitty PCS can’t really play a great game so that they’ll oftentimes play games are really you know require weak computers and guess what mobas games like this are the ones that require the least amount of freaking like effort I remember I had a shitty computer back in at like almost like 10 years ago now a a shitty-ass computer and I could play Legends like without any problems and that computer by the way it was atrocious it was all you don’t need anybody could play no it’s really really really not like GPU or CPU intensive it really requires little because it’s just you load in this smallmap the characters are tiny you know there’s not a lot of Graphics that need to be loaded in the graphics in itself are pretty cartoony and I mean that’s that’s all style over you know I mean all right I think well I think we got that covered I mean look at yeah yeah we can move on there’s like three or so things to talk about so the next thing we got here is Zelda the brand new Zelda game that was announced now I’ll be honest with you guys this is probably my most excited like new Nintendo game this whole year like I’m super excited for this game and in tendo just came out of nowhere and was like yeah we got a new Zelda game this year and it takes place a hundred years before breadth of the wild it’s like a prequel game so they announce this a Hyrule Warriors age of Kali game which comes out next month and it’s a prequel and it looks really really good like if you’ve seen the gameplay for it like how they’re showing all the characters how they were like a hundred years ago I think the game is going to be really good some people have mixed mixed opinions on it because they don’t like the the whole style of Hyrule Warriors

and how that game kind of has the gameplay in it but I think it makes sense for the time like of course with Calamity Gannon attacking and stuff he’s going to bring in all those crazy troops so it makes sense to have like that one against a hundred type of gameplay Style so I think it looks really cool but what are your like just general thoughts on the game you guys excited for it it or well brother I mean up looks pretty cool I mean a thing for me though is I remember I told you this arrow is that I didn’t even know it was like what it really was like yeah bro I remember I told you there was a new Zelda game I would like you’re like are you kidding me yeah I looked into it I’m like oh ring no no yeah that’s what I was worried about when I first saw it like when I first read the tweet from Nintendo and it said a brand-new Hyrule Warriors game that takes place a hundred years before breadth of the wild I was like Hyrule Warriors like that doesn’t sound that exciting because I was like I know how those games are like the hack and slash like like games where you just take down enemies and stuff I’m like that doesn’t sound that interesting but then I saw the gameplay in it and I was like oh this is like actually breadth of the wild like the same like areas and stuff it even looks like breadth of the wild I was like damn that’s really good good so it definitely read you acids from like breath the wild oh sure for sure and they said they said they’re working really closely with the with the main Zelda team with this game too so so yeah yeah mean I personally I think it looks great honestly will I have time to play it probably all let’s be honest he’s still got you still get all of the main breadth of the wild to play yeah I still haven’t finished that bro I just heard the time honestly I yeah no no I understand it’s the same thing with me bro my backlog is hell right now dude I got like undertale Persona 5 so many she liked games to play but like I just need to get on it is hard to find time and then also make YouTube videos and then keep up with college work and all that it’s just it’s just terrible yeah I know what you mean but yeah this is gonna be this is gonna be a Nintendo’s holiday game for this year because we were all thinking like there’s not going to be Pok√©mon this year what are they going to do in November for their holiday this is going to be the holiday game it literally comes out during the Pok√©mon slot if we were going to get a Pokemon game this year so this is what they’re banking on and I think it’ll do pretty well I think pretty much if you were a fan of breath of the wild which you know 17 million plus people bought that game of course I don’t think the same amount will buy this game but I still do think a very good portion of people are gonna buy this game just for the whole story aspect of of it yeah I I wouldn’t see why one dude that feel like they really did Market in a way were you know know it’s kind of like a oh this is a prequel to like you know with the wild you know they didn’t outright say that but they really marketing it that way because that’s what I felt like it was whenever I’d actually the trailer is and the gameplay and stuff I’m like well this okay the story said a hundred years before breath the wild I see long I see Zelda Elder ooh I see a little bit of these little bit of that and I’m like okay you know this is is basically a prequel I mean if you played by the wild you probably want to play this just to know what the going on when you win I’ll get the game player but the while but you will get when you get to you get to play as all the characters you don’t get to that’s also the one of the best parts is like in breadth of the why do you you’re just link the whole game but now you can play as Zelda you can play as ravali like our Bosa mifa all these like other characters that you just saw in the game you know yep yeah yeah Luke what are your just general thoughts about the game you excited for for it or yeah I’m not picking it up you’re not you don’t like it nope well here’s the thing I don’t like breadth of the Wild yeah yeah to me it wasn’t a Zelda game I think it’s a fine game I just do not like it as a Zelda game yeah that’s understand why I’ve seen I’ve seen other people I’ve seen other people have similar tastes like because because because it I’m okay so here’s here’s the thing I will definitely buy age of calamity but I it might sit on my shelf for a while I’m in like know to play it because I did not care about the story in breadth of the wild I thought it was kind of boring like yeah Gannon killed everybody and that was it yeah I mean that’s one of the things that a lot of people say oh breadth of the wild story is not anything like crazy it’s not yeah there is there is a Bare Bones I see here’s the thing this is my controversial opinion I will play Skyward Sword over breadth of the wild any day even though skywards told has whack controls controls and hold your hand to no end just for the fact that I like Skyward Sword I think gear him is super cool I like the whole story of the sky and I like the whole Hyrule coming from the sky and landing on the Earth and then the whole curse that begins with demise and all that like that was cool to me and I am 100% I will die on this hill story over everything else else

I mean that’s how I feel about most games to I usually play for story wrapped gameplay I will put up with the worst game that’s just me too that’s basically my face enjoyable characters and at St or story that’s basically meaty video I don’t play video games to have I mean that’s why I don’t play a lot of multiplayer games I play a lot of single player games because I want somebody to tell me cool narrative yep yep you just want to dive into that world and be immersed in it you know exactly I feel you that’s that’s like me also I think it’s kind of weird because I used to play a lot of used to play a lot of multiplayer games back in the day now I play kind of more single player ones you see I’m the opposite used to play only single player games and now I really just a lot of multiplayer games like we just did it we did a switch or room I did yeah wow wait I’ll see if age of Calamity can fulfill on the whole like filling out the rest of the story and it it it if it can complete the story of breath of the wild I might give it a chance the thing is I wasn’t crazy oh the thing now is we have the whole trilogy because we got this as the prequel with any got breath of the wind and now we know there’s going be a sequel to so it’s going to be like a whole connected immersive story much more excited for breath of the wild to John I’m sure I’m sure most people are yeah me too yeah me too my favourite Zelda game of all time and the creepiness of that Gannon really has me excited for sure yeah the yeah I I have mixed opinions I know people people disagree with me because I think the thing is I just get I get jaded because everybody everybody says that breadth of the wild is the best Zelda game and I think while I don’t hate it I feel like I have to take a stand like that I don’t like it because so many people say it’s the best and well I think it’s it’s good I don’t think it’s necessarily A Zelda game I think it’s a it’s a it’s a fun game that happens to have Lincoln it but I’ve seen other people have a similar a similar viewpoint Zelda game a Zelda game my best friend actually had the same opinion he just he just couldn’t yeah I’ve seen multiple people I think that is not an uncommon opinion and no boss battles yeah they’re getting in fights or terrible the no no I’ve seen I’ve seen multiple people have this opinion where they’re breath of the while just isn’t like I understand why a lot of people love it and think it’s amazing but I’ve also seen people who are like it kind of feels empty like you’re just kind of in this world you know and you just have to do these two things so I can see both views get it they designed it to be that way that’s why everybody is dead but and it’s also because it’s also because the the whole entire story is very low whole experience is so unique to every person like the way I played breadth of the wild is totally different from the way you’re going to play breadth of the wild you know what I mean or as most games everybody just goes through the same thing because it’s like you do this first and then this first and then this and you know so and I like and I like exploration don’t get me wrong I saw Dayton’s comments is third favorite mainly for exploration like so my exploration in that game is played yeah you can explore all kinds of places in that game go where like like wherever you want that’s really cool game for exploration same and then you got that story on top of it too so so it’s like I don’t I feel like breadth of the wild is too big that it loses like some I don’t know it doesn’t it doesn’t feel as yeah I know what you mean it’s like it’s like they put way too much like into the exploration part of it to the point where now the story becomes lower it’s like you you gain some you lose some you know what I mean yeah yeah so that yeah I can understand that I am buddy yeah and that’s why definitely for breath of the wild to a lot of people are excited a lot of people are excited about the wild too because now they have a lot of the world and a physics and everything already done they’re not gonna have to do that again so they can really they can really prioritize story and make that like insane as much as they want put a lot more effort into that’s why I’m very hopeful for breath of the wild to I think it’s going to be much much better than the original so yeah same here and then we got two more things to talk about the other one being the brand new Smash character that got announced a couple of days ago comes out in two days I will be honest I did not see this one coming at all we got Steve from Minecraft really bright oh my god dude I was I was like what the hell because here’s the thing this this was a meme for like the past like six years like getting like Minecraft Steve inside a smash was the biggest meme for like anytime somebody mentioned it we were we’d always just laugh because it was like it just never sounded like it could happen and now here we are and I saw that reveal trailer and I was like what the hell is even this game anymore but overall just general thoughts

how you guys feel I guess Luke you can go how do you feel about see you ever see my reaction I think I sent it to you in the disk or don’t know if you watched it or not I never got it but I will I will watch it if you send it to me Irene I renamed the video local local Nintendo YouTuber gets depressed over Stephen smash and that’s because I was like on the the big like Xenoblade 10th anniversary 20th anniversary or whatever oh I wasn’t going off of that I didn’t think it was going to be Rex I just didn’t think it was going to be Steve dude I was just thinking I was going to be anybody like that was gonna be yeah I just thought it was gonna be anybody who was rumored like people like before that happen everybody was like it’s going to be Dante from Devil May Cry it’s gonna be Crash Bandicoot I was like it’s gonna be one of those and then it just turned out to be Steve and I was like what the hell but I will say as disappointed I was on the original day that it released a couple days later we got that like 30 minute direct that kind of like went into more details about about the character now I’m excited I was not at first but now yeah we plays and like it just died I’m over it I’m not that that’s the thing that I’m going to say like I’m gonna be honest I’m gonna be honest with everyone right now Steve was definitely one of my least Wanted characters inside a smash like I just did not see the appeal like I didn’t want him personally and the reason for that is believe it or not I have never ever played Minecraft in my whole life I’ve never played the game reason being is because last year dude like the reason being is like when everybody got into it went like during their childhood and stuff I didn’t have a computer to play halftime and the systems that I did own like video game systems I had a DS and a we both of those which Minecraft was not on so I never grew up playing Minecraft like a lot of people did so of course yeah so if you have like many many years of playing Minecraft from like 2011-2012 then yeah I’m sure you’re probably losing your over Steve being in Minecraft or in Smash but like for me that was just not like something that I had any attachment to because I never played the game so that’s why for me I was just I never had the attachment to the character most yeah I mean that’s also true I mean after looking at his moveset and stuff that he looks like an interesting character I was like I was like upset for like the first like five minutes of him being revealed but then after looking at it I was like at the end of the day you can’t really be upset because Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time it is likely it has over 200 million sales and to say that it doesn’t it in to say that it doesn’t deserve a character or a spot in Smash Bros which is like the celebration of video games wouldn’t make sense so like I’m fine with him and at the end of the day we still have 4 more characters coming so like even if you don’t like Steve I’m sure at least one of those four characters you’re going to end up liking so and well that’s the thing you know it also gets kind of skewed though because yeah Minecraft is the number one selling game of all time but if you think about it it’s been releasing on PC and then consoles and then it keeps getting ported every time there’s a new console like yeah it’s just a re-release basically like all those combined sales since since what and 6 when the beta launched like it’s it’s like if you took smash ultimate it came out in 2006 and then they kept re-releasing it on every single console up till this day of course it would be the number one most you know yeah yeah because there they they’ve never made like a you can’t which is that I mean you could say the same thing about like Skyrim and I mean because yeah Skyrim plays I’ve ever they even have an inside joke with Skyrim that it’s like you can play it on a toaster which at this point it will get five if you could have you can literally play that game has been re-released more times than I can count it literally keeps coming out all the time I bet you it’s gonna be out on PS5 and Xbox series oh 100% 100% oh 100% out on those yeah because and even specially actually especially now when Xbox actually owns Bethesda yeah dude even more than we could take a talk about that too if you want that’s that was all race because I remember I woke up to that and I was like that’s that’s really really cool cool i know so many like Sony fan boys were getting like pissed off at that they were like this is so bad now like Sony you gotta by Konami or something I was like bro like everybody made fun of Xbox for not having exclusives and and now they like own Bethesda that’s pretty sick like that’s pretty but I like how they just went like with a Chad move instead of being like you know actually make the games like games with our existing Studios let’s just biases like it just buy it all the me did all the memes that I saw all the memes what I saw that would like Phil Spencer and like these quotes that made up and they were like if you can’t beat them by them by the competition that’s true it’s a truth is that it literally is that exactly what you just said it’s exactly what they did yeah ah we we can’t make the games well it we’ll just buy the biggest thing we know yeah what did they do well let’s just go and buy you know the company that

owns Bethesda and essentially like another like 15 Studios so like yeah I mean yeah and now and now we’ve got like yeah there’s like that picture I don’t know if I can find it would like all of the different like franchises that you can see are now under Microsoft now and it’s just crazy crazy like how much it is like we live we live in and we live in an age now where I’d like everybody like two of the most Wanted characters in Smash Bros were the character from doom doom guy and Master Chief and now we live in an age where both of those can technically be considered a Microsoft rep like that’s crazy to to me yeah doesn’t Microsoft and Nintendo generally have a pretty I mean realistically we’re late I mean I mean they had it freaking Minecraft grow like yeah but I mean like in general terms terms yes so yeah that anything is possible nothing I mean dude I never thought I’d see the day were I just remember waking up to the announcement I was like what the I was like what I was like I was so convinced it was very surprising to be fair it was very odd and nobody saw coming this wasn’t even like like it wasn’t even though and it wasn’t even real murder leaked or anybody I don’t remember anybody saying that this could potentially happen but yeah here’s the image source of actually there was a lady that actually did talk about this because because this is actually been in the works for like well over like two years I think this was an 8A out of the blue you know like I was just like you know you boys I’m thinking about something we should just gay by John STD a for about seven billion dollars what I think think yeah hell Bill what do you think about it you can’t just by them you know it’s pretty clear that this was like yeah that’s what it needs to be because it’s a in dollar deal it’s a small money which was again but how can a huge money here so yeah but like you can see this image you can see the image I put up on on stream now these are all of the the game franchises now that are under Xbox like it’s crazy Dishonored like Wolfenstein Elder Scrolls Fallout Doom Starfield Evil Within pray like these are huge huge games like that’s crazy that’s insane yeah so I don’t know I mean the way that these the way that they talked about it it seemed like they said like they’re not going to make the games exclusive apparently but I don’t know I mean the fact that their own now they could read money for the studio make them know what they will do though what they will do is just like the early versions of them right like we need that yeah that’s it it what I’m thinking that’s what I’m thinking you guys know you guys know having in Call of Duty like if you like get DLC and stuff it always comes out on Playstation first it comes out on Playstation like a month before it comes out everywhere else that’s probably what they’ll do now we’re like these games will probably be available on PS5 and all that stuff but you just probably get like the DLC in the new content on it on Xbox like a while before you get it on other systems and that’s why the way that I see it on the others they’re like well I already bought it for Xbox exactly yes I think that’s what they’ll probably do yeah you’ll get to play it first on Xbox but I don’t think like they’re going to restrict the game’s it only on Xbox is apparently Phil Spencer like himself said like they don’t plan on doing that but of course they can always Backtrack on that to you know nothing’s set in stone but I don’t know we’ll see how they decide to go about that well it was really does is give them more leeway to put more of those but those the games that already exist like the backlog because think about like what they just got they got a backlog of games as well by the way so now they just have an easy way to put a lot of these games on the game past right you did the freaking means that I saw because they’re like the this was announced like literally like a few days after like that PlayStation event or whatever and I remember the memes that I saw where like remember remember during the PlayStation event like they announced like that collection that was coming and I was like it was like all the tweets that I saw were memes about like Sony like how they were reacting after putting Fallout 4 on their collection now but there’s this gone it’s like ah Boise is the thing is though it doesn’t really matter to doesn’t really matter to Sony in reality right Sammy but in reality doesn’t really matter in like in when you think about it because yeah I’m sure they’re not like like scared of anything we’ve already playing for the thing they’re not paying or not paying the PlayStation online thing you know or PlayStation Plus they’re not paying that to just play like fall out there paying that because they want to play online and they’re paying that so they can also get that bundle of games and I mean so it’s not like you know they’re like that one individual one matters in like in all the grand scale of things so I mean but yeah I don’t know it’s it’s a strange things yeah yes that’s right true you can mine craft Brewers even Minecraft Steve Steve from Minecraft being in smashed like literally only in 2020 would that happen of course

of all years 2020 is a year 2020 is the year but damn it’s crazy so he comes out and smashes into days so that’ll be kind of exciting and yeah the last thing that I have here is is like a another rumor that’s been going around a lot of people have been talking about it I actually think that this is going to happen as well and it’s about the possibility of an updated Nintendo switch to possibly come out next year because we’ve heard these rumors about a switch Pro for a while now but now we’ve heard from like these these people Nintendo has been reaching out to Developers and telling them to get their games like in quotations for K ready to get their games and like there’s also the all of these like rumors that like a new Nintendo switch model goes into production towards the end of this year and it’s going to be ready for release by like the first quarter 2nd quarter not like a new a new color or something like new Switch like designer um I think it was like these experience or or yeah I know what you mean I think it’s because we I think it’s from the person who like predicted that it was going to be like there was going to be a switch mini also and it’s the same guy who’s saying that intento has like been working on the gate yeah yeah and they’re saying it’s not like a color barrier because the light was an actual new system so they’re doing the same thing and apparently this is going to use this is going to use some Invidia well though well it’s sweet I don’t know that’s the thing we have no idea yeah because that’s that’s one thing is like the switch was made to be like this exclusively portable system where it’s like it’s much smaller you can take it with you wherever you go it wouldn’t surprise me if they make the switch Pro or whatever they call it like more just Home console focus and it’s you can’t take it with you but it’s only going to be only getting on the TV but you can actually make it much more powerful because of that you don’t have to take it with you it’s not portable it’s just going to be a box and you can put your switch cartridges in it or something you know but that would make sense though for them to do something like that because like that’s because that’s the thing I’ve noticed right now with the with the switch it is it can’t compete like it can’t dude I already have three I know that is a day one pre-order like easily have normal and then I have the smash version and I have the Animal Crossing version dude I just have three basic ones because I need a gun for for example is released and I want mrs. different consecration yeah like that’s literally the only reason dude like I have one one for I custom firmware and to for like recording whenever new games come out so like because I mean there’s two versions I can finish the both games at the same time so I just have my brother playing one we’re going to Meanwhile merging you know so yeah it’s it is insane but I’m really in the reason they do need to make a stronger version is because what I’ve noticed is when Nintendo is lacking is in that third party support of yeah because and especially now after the next generation is coming out out they’re going to be fun act like if it’s like if they still just keep this 2017 switch model as like their most powerful thing they’re not going to have the support because you’re not getting those PS 5 games to get like pouring it onto this anymore it’s not going to work this thing right I play for example like like as much as I hate ta I still play FIFA but I don’t really waste money on like you know oh my God any other stuff on it like I don’t I don’t the only reason I play with my cousin for example for example because they like playing football game something like that so basically I play FIFA with them right but I never played the online mode or any of that but here’s the thing what I’ve noticed is a lot of these like third-party big sellers are not on the switch there is no Call of Duty that’s not on there you know I mean I see no Call of Duty I see no like well any like Noah none of the Fallout games I’m pretty sure right they’re not on there as far as I know I’m missing something there’s like a Fallout there’s a fallout shelter but that’s not like an actual yeah for shutter who cares about that yeah I know it’s a mobile game and I mean but that’s the thing it’s lacking a lot of these games that you know just there’s always an audience for the you know and it got them before it got them before like when the switch first came out yeah it has Skyrim and had Wolfenstein to it had Doom but now it’s not really getting all those crazy crazy like you know but I don’t see they caught me they just not bothering putting them on their reason why is it’s too hard to develop for because the switch requires you to literally have to backtrack so much in development right now you know I mean removed so many aspects exactly yeah now yep downgrade it’s like at that point it’s just like is it worth the effort for a company to downgrade it because that’s a lot of work by the way it’s not yeah no no and you’re in your right about that because the thing is we’ve seen examples of when when game developers do it poorly because there’s games that are ported to this which but then run like absolute because you can tell that they kind of just did this in like like an hour because they just they were like you know a we want to get it on the switch but we don’t know how to

do it but we’re just going to do this and it’s like you can see how like I think one of of them was like the WWE game like there was a one that got ported and I think people said it was literally I think rated as the worst Nintendo’s which game will be available on the system like it got like a one point six out of ten or something like that so it is not surprising because it was hot garbage it was yeah but I’m saying like that game could have that game could have probably run pretty well if it if it if it was actually just like properly you know coated on to work with the switch you know but that’s the thing it’s like do you take the effort you take the time to do that that or do you just like you know what screw it like not many people are going to buy it anyway we’re just going to move to the next thing you know so that’s why so that’s why that’s why this idea of a new Nintendo switch coming out next year to me makes a lot of sense I do think it’s going to happen the one thing that I do want to say to everyone watching when they say when they say that the that Nintendo was asking developers to make their games for K ready and that the switch could have the this model could have 4K we’re talking about upscaled 4K we’re not talking about out actual 4K because the switch is nowhere near going to run actual 4K is not powerful enough the no way the technology is not there but upscale upscale 4K is like it just takes the existing 1080p game but it there’s like a special like like algorithm or something that makes it look much more pre prettier and smooth and out to where it looks like 4K but it’s not real for case not actually rendering the game in 4k because it’s not powerful enough to do that if that makes sense so I think that’s possible I mean we know that like they’re working closely with Nvidia on this whole system Nvidia came out with that new I forget what the name of the the algorithm is that like does that we’re like upscales games and I could see that happening I could see that coming out next year they could try to do that with like some of their existing games maybe like releasing update or something for them so I think it’s very possible I think that would definitely be like the switch right now goes for $300 that could be maybe like a hundred dollars more I could see it being like a $400 system and they said they’re saying it’s coming out early 2021 and I think it’s I think it’s possible I don’t know if you guys saw that one post that I made on Twitter about this pattern that I discovered but after I saw this pattern it really makes me think that next year is when we’re going to get this which Pro I’ll show you why yeah yeah because this this is because they’re doing exactly the same thing that they did with with what I’m with what I’m going to show you so you can see right here let me get it on stream where did it go oh crap where did it go hold up let me find it again again and I hate using this but I guess I’m going to have to because that Twitter for some reason exports it into the worst format okay so file save save all right let’s see hopefully that works now now all right please tell me it works there we go okay so this this image right here is what I made on Twitter and the thing is they’re doing exactly the same thing that they did with the Nintendo 3DS and you can see right here the reason being is when the Nintendo 3DS first came out in 2011 we had the normal version of it that’s exactly what the Nintendo switches like then two years after the Nintendo 3DS came out we got the more cheaper affordable version of the Nintendo 3DS which turned out to be the 2DS guess what came out two years after the Nintendo switch the switch which is just like that a cheaper more affordable version than two years after that guess what we got a more powerful Nintendo 3DS that had better features more improved stuff and that was called a new Nintendo 3DS and guess what’s being rumored to come out two years after the Nintendo’s which light a new Nintendo switch model and sources telling them that are saying that Nintendo’s telling developers to get their games for K ready it just seems like it all it all lines up to me it seems like it makes a lot of sense I could definitely see this happening next year year I just think it would make a lot of sense and especially the new 3DS XL launched at the same time it was the Excel I think or no no no I think it was the new 3DS that launched in 2015 and then I think the year later that we got the Excel I’m not sure how they did that actually but I just know we got the new Nintendo 3DS in 2015 so so you think they’re just gonna call it the new Switch the new Nintendo which I I really hope not because that’s it’s like that term titling I hate that naming scheme so much because like what if like what what about like when we’re in like the year year 2050 are talking about like old-school Nintendo systems like your this isn’t going to be the new system anymore Mario Bros Wii like that like I hate that whole naming scheme but yeah I think the possibility of this news watch for sucks there’s

such Geniuses calling it that though think about why they do that because then whatever you talk about Italy seem like it is new you know I mean that’s yeah that’s smart smart strategy for like business is like you can always make it sound like it’s brand-new when somebody’s buying it right if I can Grandma goes to buy it it she be like oh want that new Super Mario game for my nephew for my little nephew would what you say well is it nephews I always say yeah like yeah and they’re like oh yeah so bring it – he took my son will be like it elgrand moist not the shower wanted to him Nu plus + Tu Barrio game you stupid like you know kids in like 20 2015 yeah probably gonna be going Grandma’s like that yeah but uh do you think is actually going to be called the pro though or do you not that’s just like a dubbed name I think it’ll be called something I don’t know what it’ll be maybe they’ll call it a pro which light isn’t called the like the switch mini which be exactly yeah exactly we’re going to be called switch Pro in my toe neither do I yeah it’ll have some sort of new needs yeah yeah I just hope it’s not a stupid name like at that point if they call it a new Nintendo switch then then the pro would have just been a namely don’t call it that call it something like like call it like a Nintendo switch like Elite or anything not that’s not like you know new Nintendo switch but yet you guys so both of you both of you guys you guys think this is going to happen or oh definitely it definitely needed because they just don’t have a third party support they need a better consult exactly some pretty good just don’t want to develop for did you guys hear about that one that one developer that said like we’re going to Port one of our third games if Nintendo ever decides to release a more powerful switch that was Bethesda I thought was it but that’s that it was like some like like anime like RPG game I think and like people asked this game going to come to switch is this game going to come to switch and they were like on the currents which we can’t but if Nintendo ever decides to release a more powerful switch than we will like take all the Rwandan everybody’s like playing now all the sudden oh no it’s not going to remember it’s not Kenshin impact it’s not it’s not no bleep then you’re wrong about that yeah I don’t know I don’t know anybody there it’s not that but I do want to play that game though I’ve seen a lot of people say or do they slit little Gadget in fact late dude really you have you been playing hockey pay walls and stuff no no see that’s the thing I heard no no I heard it microtransactions but it’s not like scummy in the way that they do it look like it’s a weird game because they took the the good elements of a mobile game the good elements of an RPG and like the good Elements of like an open world game in kind of like like just like day basically did this they took a mobile gotcha game like I don’t know Farm Heroes it’s a breath of the while they took like some random RPGs and they made them all have sex together like in a big old gang bang that’s basically what this game is like you just made a lot of weird games just have intercourse and this is the result it’s weird but it works it’s a nod to game like it is it’s got like a weird starting curve but the gameplay is oddly good and it actually runs really well on mobile as well a lot of them on mobile and on PC it actually runs really well like all the yeah I’m probably gonna get on all right gotta get on PC because the thing about on PS4 I heard it doesn’t have crossed saves which is really stupid No on PS4 if you get it on PS4 you’re just screwed like that system but if you get it on PC you can play it on that and then get your save data back onto mobile so I’m gonna be playing that for very much longer yeah it’s going to come to switch also so I hope that they do the same thing with switch yes you’re the next year so that’s the thing with switched is that you got to wait till next year if you want to play on that but yeah that’s cool I was looking for mmm yeah so that’s that’s what I’m saying is like there was a developer that said that they were going to do that if Nintendo ever decides to release a more powerful switch and then also there was actually one developer who just straight UPS who was just straight-up saying like that Nintendo might have some more like new hardware cooking up in the in the back or something if you guys have I don’t know if you guys saw that tweet no I’m not sure about that today we like new hardware I got you I got you hold on hold on let me let me show you guys because this is is what I was like why would they say this because this is this is the thing where I was like something is something is fishy here because they would never ever do this do you think we’ll ever get a fully just portable thing again like the 3DS or is like portable gaming like dead now it really depends on what they decide to do is kind of killed it really did like portable I don’t know how I would feel like how you guys feel we’re developing a Gameboy like system system if you have the switch eh and that’s also what I mean like how do you guide of how would you guys feel if Nintendo just goes back to Dedicated

Home console and handheld after this like after the switch generation like would you like that or would you got yeah you how to weight is now so I know what I mean yeah exactly I feel like this is like their golden thing now they have to keep doing this and just improving this as they go forward you know that’s yeah like I can’t imagine like them releasing like another like Nintendo DS type of system like I think they need to do grow is is this though is like they to if they’re going to go forward with this model which is really cool they kind of they need to like do what like Sony and Xbox series excerpt or like you know its own he’s doing with like the place in five and What makes us do with Xbox series X which is 2 like have on release day two different versions you know I mean like like what they like let’s say we’re going to get a new console is going to be very similar to the switch in terms of design and stuff right have one that’s kind of like the the the sort of like the light version right well yeah you can play it on your on your TV and you can play in the handheld yeah but you know it’s it can only handle a certain amount of games right or it’s like this specific type of deal with it but then have another version that’s kind of just like the the more pumped up version that can handle more games and it’s generally on you know it’s not possible to basically what PlayStations kind of doing yeah yeah exactly the digital version and the entropy is fine is not more powerful than the other it just doesn’t not know but like yeah Xbox it is the one is stronger than the other it is that’s the yeah actually the cape so it’s not like big margins though it’s a big margins and it’s cheaper than the switch bro that’s insane the like the the less powerful Xbox series X is cheaper than the switch that’s insane to me like that not like that level of power that’s insane yeah but you just said it’s not as powerful well compared to a switch it’s insanely powerful compared to a switch and I know it’s not as powerful as the other X multi the other Xbox yeah yeah the other xbox but are to us which it is light years ahead I think it’s that I can do like like 4K like rendered like gameplay which is insane for $300 system but here’s the here’s the tweet that I was talking to you guys about so here I put it up on stream this was this was from a developer they said we’re happy to confirm like this this is some game they said monster boy gets an update for next-gen consoles supports native 4K 120fps stay tuned and they said Xbox series as Xbox 360 PlayStation five some guy responded to him and said damn damn I have to switch version looks like I got a hunt down a PS4 copy and then they reply to him saying who knows maybe switch also has some next-gen Hardware in the oven which is such a very very weird response like if you are a developer for these guys are developers why would you say this as a response you know what I mean like anybody would have just said like well we hope that you can find it or thanks for supporting our game or thanks for enjoying her thanks for playing why specifically this like he literally he legit just said maybe there’s some next-gen Hardware coming it’s so weird like how he said that that it really just makes me feel like Nintendo has been like talking to all of these Developers they all have an idea of what this new Nintendo’s which is going to be like it’s all but confirmed and I feel like it’s definitely going to happen at this point I think it kind of has to look like ruffled said like they have to with the PS 5 games and stuff like if they have any chance of being put onto like the switch or on Nintendo systems Nintendo needs a more powerful system because the switch is good and all but the switch was good for PS4 and Xbox One games to get ported on to that we’re talking about PS5 and Xbox series X those games you can’t put that onto a 20-17 switch you need a more powerful one for that and I think that’s why they have to kind of do this and I’m sure Nintendo knows this as well so I think I think next year I think next year mark my words before the year ends we’re going to see we’re going to have a more powerful switch in our homes I think it’s going to happen for sure yeah I wouldn’t be surprised yeah I want yeah and that’s definitely gonna be a day one by for me I like for me Nintendo systems you already know like day one by PlayStation five I would get I will I am going to get it at some point but I can’t buy it this year I just can’t you have a prisoner way no no I don’t have a period of but it’s just too expensive and there’s not like any game that I have to get this year that I feel like I need to play like the only game that I would get it for this year is the Spider-Man game Miles Morales that’s the only reason I’d probably get a ps5 it for DLC not a not a game I mean honestly like I mean there you also get the remastered version of Spider-Man one on there so that’s that’s still pretty good too but like that’s the only reason that’s the most exciting thing was he looks like Scott what you did I saw all the memes about that dude ruffle did you see it like the remastered version of Spider-Man like how they changed the front why are people I don’t get why people are so salty about I really don’t I’m really angry be it’s just hilarious that that he now people are salty there’s some people that are saying that the PS4 version the off I saw people just lose I think it was better I think the and some people don’t seem to like

he looks fine yeah I know it looks fine I don’t have a problem with it but some people seem to like not like how they went late they can’t pay Tom Holland for that appearance because that’s too expensive yeah yeah literally by the way literally hmm no yeah I don’t have a problem with it I can see like some people think that the PS4 version looks better I don’t know I don’t know how well it’s just a different design for Tom Holland so let’s pay for Scott instead he’s not as expensive just take the first best closest thing yeah well we can’t we can’t get Tom Holland so we’ll get Scott yeah it’s all right fans won’t notice hmm alright so the last thing that I have here before we answer a couple of your questions and then wrap it up is that that controversial thing that I was talking to you guys about about Pok√©mon when you’re talking remember how I said like at the end of the stream was going to mention something so this is something I saw on Twitter now I want to just get your thoughts on it because like this is something that I’ve seen is a big discussion going on on Twitter right now 10,000 people like this tweet there’s a lot of people saying like that they agree with it that this tweet is facts it’s spot-on it’s a hundred it’s a hundred percent and then there’s a lot of people that are saying this tweet is it’s like it’s not interpreting it correctly so I just want to see what you guys think because I think it’s a very interesting type of discussion to have let me let me pull up the actual tweet what’s funny is of course this this image actually comes from 4chan which I find ironic but it’s funny because I can understand where they are coming from from so let me show you guys you crossed the line to I mean I mean the pictures from Fortune but the Tweet was on Twitter so here’s the here’s the here is the image I put it on stream I’m going to read it to you guys because it’s kind of long and then and then we can talk so it says here the real reason why Pok√©mon sucks now isn’t because of the lack of a National dex or the ugly Graphics or whatever Pok√©mon Red and Blue were great because they were presented they presented a pretty effective illusion grand Journey you traveled across a world that felt large even though it wasn’t you encountered plenty of dynamic and interesting monsters even though they were really just that Express rights you cross fist with a lot of powerful opponents even a mafia but there was no real depth to any of these characters it was at the game was designed to look like a great adventure designed to seem like an incredible Quest but that’s all it was ineffective illusion nowadays we have real adventure games things like breadth of the wild Xenoblade Dragon Quest Witcher these games aren’t making you feel like these games aren’t making you feel like you’re traveling across a huge world you are traveling across the ancient world they have they have deep characters they have incredible event and so much more to see and explore with so many options to experience the real deal the fake just doesn’t cut it anymore Pokemon is a cut as a cardboard cutout of an adventure it’s Hollow shallow experience is meant to imitate something greater that worked when it was when the greater thing was unobtainable but now it looks laughable when you travel across the small linear cave you don’t think wow this is amazing it really feels like I’m going on an adventure in a dark cave you think wow this sucks why couldn’t they just make a real goddamn cave Pok√©mon is a relic of the past a dinosaur that should have been extinct ages ago that is kept purely Alive by nostalgia it can’t stand up to new games because it either needs to be reinvent itself or off that’s what this says here on 4chan oh wow I have so much to say about this and here’s the thing that’s so true here’s the thing they like there’s a hole discussion about this I can link you the Tweet there’s some people are saying this is the most this is the most thing that they’ve ever seen some people are saying this is facts they are right this is exactly what they’re saying so I guess we can go kind of in order Luke what are just your general thoughts it’s gonna just send a tweet to yeah I’ll link it to you give me one second but uh Luke what are your general thoughts about just hearing hearing this because there’s a lot to take in here here when it comes to Red and Blue blue I disagree when it comes to like the rest like some of the other titles Yes red and blue is a very Bare Bones game because it was the first one and and there wasn’t a whole lot to do but as you’ve seen like there’s other Pokemon games that do like you do go on more of a quest and like they have interesting characters and you go two more interesting locations and you know I like I think they singled out red and blue like they’re comparing red and blue which are like 2D Sprite games too I agree with it and I don’t agree with it like when it comes to gen8 specifically yes gen8 was like miserably you know when I linked it to you in the chat by the way where’s the other adventure games nowadays and it’s a disappointment but like I still think other like gin to and

gen4 were good and I don’t think they were it was an illusion of anything I like I he means by at the time like at the time he playing this in 1999 it felt like an illusion of a grand Adventure because you couldn’t do that 1999 yeah I know that’s what I mean yeah I played these when I was when I was like in the in the 2020 2002 like 2010 so like there was newer games out by then and they had like 3D graphics and like and I still played 2d Pokemon games because does they were still fun adventure games but I think I think the biggest problem is not it’s more an issue with gen8 than anything else because Jenny was supposed to be this big thing where it’s coming to the switch and yes six through six and seven were were 3D but they were still on the 3DS which was very limited and what they could do with 3D graphics and so we were like ok now we finally have the hardware and it of like hmm fell flat yeah I don’t think in this is this I feel like Narrows down to a lot of like it just it’s talking about the graphics which I know all of us have have been very disappointing in sword and shield we’ve all been vocal and that’s what I think it’d make like he talks about Lo o the cave doesn’t look cool like and stuff like that like so I think this guy whoever wrote this post see mostly has an issue with the graphics and and I would agree with that can I do something because because I agree with him fully actually I agree with this post 100% because it is true though Pokemon is Just an illusion of an adventure because just think about it right in an actual Adventure there is choice and consequence and you know there’s like this there’s a lot of you know like think of well let’s take an example of a game yeah but like what I mean is like well yeah they are they are they are the a lot of games are like that’s what they used to be that’s what the game used to be but now that isn’t as much the case like for example let’s take a really simple example racing games right racing games in the past used to just be a static Sprite in the Middle with a curving like esthetic image in the you know in the front you know like you know like in rather a static like Sprite in the front yeah I know and a background like in the back there’s just kind of Shifting left and right slightly right that’s all it really used to be that’s an illusion of racing right that’s literally literally is what it is right because the the the idea of an Asian is to make you think something is there that really isn’t there right but with like racing games nowadays it’s there you are driving in the game I’ll freaking car you know it’s an actual track it’s been made there’s literally this audiences there is foliage there’s you know even rain on the tracks and like there is friction between you and like them yeah well that exists now it actually adds all immersive yeah you know it’s literally a stimulation like we were talking about with the gyms in like they actually put a crowd and like made it seem more but they still there bear but you know what eyes also mentioned in also mention that like it makes no sense where the crowd came from because it just never gets explain to just kind of there and like why are you here to watch me I’m nobody at this point why are you so many of you here it is never explained all I have a crowd for like the championship battle or what I should be or should be a crowd like later battles or a crowd that kind of changes like would ruffle it said like the first gym shouldn’t have a full a stadium they should know this is the weakest gym later so maybe we should have like a small group of people you know like not like exactly like obviously obviously for her like a real a battle I can understand like a full Stadium yeah yeah see what the proper Pokemon is they he’s right though they did just create this illusion of a grand Adventure which is what games had to do in the past right that’s what you just had to do everything because because they were limited by the hardware yeah they were limited by what they had even pong pong is an illusion of ping-pong right that’s all it is it’s you’re just playing ping-pong but this is the best way they could make it like you know portray it so so yes games used to be that but the thing is that all shifted around like 2011 2010 games like got into this new like level of like you know what it could be and the thing with Pokemon is when you look at Pok√©mon now right in Pokemon then the thing with Pokemon Den is it had a right to be the way it was okay they had a right to be that way because it was really difficult to create a Pokemon game that was this like 3D game with a huge Adventure in a sprawling world and stuff you know it just couldn’t be done as easily back then you know I mean because the error of 3D games had just began because God no I mean like they just started into it and Pok√©mon fit in that like it for them it fit in that 2D style they can easily make it that way but they still keep in mind still kept it as a guy was a Grand Illusion that’s really what it was because look at every Pokemon game it is all linear with no choice right you all do the same Adventure the only variable that changes is what Pok√©mon you catch compared to your you know friends who

catch other stuff as as the only barrier Gilda choice is what game you purchase in store well we shot that that is listening that lets not like necessarily get into the whole thing with like which by the way they don’t even need to do is sell two copies the only reason they do that is just double dipping but like I’m just saying is like you know Pok√©mon itself the only choice that really exists the only true choice that exists is what Pokemon you choose but guess what not even that is a true choice because even those Pok√©mon are specifically placed out in specific routes in specific like you know specific numbers at what they should show up at etc etc etc making it that you know you always have no one to be balanced though yeah but true but like here’s the thing though it’s not really like what an adventure would generally be like I mean look at like for example a Xenoblade right I remember I picked up Xenoblade like the layers game right I started playing it and I was shocked into this open world area right and I start running around and I see a mother beast that’s like little 50 or some I’m just like a movable guns the big gorilla news even in the like more recent 3D games and if you notice that the reason we have a static camera that like doesn’t let you shift like left right and Centre is because everything around you is just like a facade right those buildings you see they’re just facades and the reason you’re stuck in his one position is that they don’t have to do the extra work of building out the things around you so if you walk in a specific way yeah the reason they don’t allow you to rotate the camera is because on the other side it’s just an empty void there’s nothing there you know I mean there’s nothing there to see you know and that’s also why we have so many like invisible walls and that just like that to me when I see that it brings me out of the experience right it just it’s like oh well you know I’m not this isn’t a a sprawling real world this isn’t a real Pok√©mon world this is just a game that somebody’s like put together like it brings you out of the illusion whereas if you compare to but any other RPG that like it doesn’t even need to have a gigantic open world that’s that’s not necessary you know I mean but they give you this like it they actually create a world that feels like it’s alive right and it doesn’t feel like an illusion wheres Pokemon when you actually think about it really that’s all it is it is an illusion it’s just this this facade in front of you to make you think you’re going on as Grand sprawling Adventure but when you actually sit down and think about of two seconds you realize well not really because this adventure has been done by million of the people I can probably in a very similar fashion the only difference is what Pokemon I chose and that’s the only difference there is there you know I mean yeah can I mention something real quick so this is something that I saw in the comments of the video and I’ll show you guys and the guy was talking about it compared to Dragon Quest where if you guys think about it Dragon Quest is very similar to Pok√©mon in the sense that it they kind of started out on similar Roots it was like a you know sprite-based game and it actually came up before Pok√©mon didn’t Dragon Quest come out and like 86 or something like yep yep Dragon Quest actual like actually you know what’s funny this is something a guy in like I tweeted something out and somebody got really pissed off off and start arguing with them guy in my replies about how like a Pokemon is this or dad and then this other guy was like well guess what dude Pokemon just stole a bunch of design ideas from like Dragon Quest well that’s always a really intricate yeah yeah the thing with the thing I was trying to talk about was like here’s like an image of what like an old-school like Dragon Quest game looked like you can see on stream I put it up right so this is this is basically what like Pokemon was as you know we’ve got like these sprite-based based games you know that’s that’s what Dragon Quest was like at a time like a Pokemon Gold and Silver were like at a time but now if I take a look and show you guys the most recent Dragon Quest game this is what it looks like now you know what I mean these are the world’s that you get this is how the series has evolved you know what I mean like you can just a way for the image to pop up but I know I don’t know yeah you’ll see it I mean like but like you can just see like how much the series has evolved when a Pok√©mon it really feels like it’s still kind of linear in the sense that that it’s still just like those linear routes but it’s just now 3D and on the switch you know it doesn’t feel like you can like fully immersed in go wherever you want and do what you want you know so in that sense I understand anything Square Enix just has more money than Game Freak know I think the problem and second Quest van is on this I think what it is is this though I think just Pokemon is it’s a stoma touch like there’s nothing to admit

a of Pok√©mon in it you know I mean we’re up at a thousand at this point I think right yeah we’re like where’s also one thing to say for sure is like they had like Dragon Quest is like what a hundred enemies or something like that Pokemons got 800 monsters so that’s obviously a fair thing like to mention of them are just recolored re skins which is all right that doesn’t bother me I think it’s kind of charming to be honest but like he’s thing right so what I’m kind of thinking is this like yeah Pokemons got way more like models they need to think about but he thing they keep keep reusing them it’s not liking even done like we’ve had the same models since X and Y well that’s what I’m saying bro there was like an image any extra work they are literally just reuse the same all right I gotta show you all the the other Tweet now because I got us find it but man I know exactly what you’re talking about like for me Pok√©mon like like do you guys remember like when going from every single like new generation or new Pokemon game the sprite Pok√©mon but you would get in the game would actually change how they they looked yeah dude they were doing that between between like but like third versions and over yes yeah exactly like now why I always have looked the same yeah and now they’ve just looked the same since like how they they were before you know yes sir since like X&Y and Y since X and Y that’s the craziest thing that’s because it’s 3D and not Sprites anymore so they’re like well why does it matter because it’s 3D what even if it’s 3D the point is like it’s just that they keep reusing the same thing like they don’t even update the 3D to make it look like newer or more vibrant or more it like they could definitely make the 3D look better to you know I’m trying to find the image okay here it is here it is not fine bad let’s go I think the models and let’s go honestly don’t look that bad they’re the same ones for Max and why they literally all the same I know but they for some reason why did they look more polished they look like smoother than the one would it is no that’s a different art style coming into play you know what it is it’s like the only thing is there it’s a different texture that’s it it’s just a different texture the the model itself is identical it’s literally an Roi guys you know what that is they just took the models out of Pokemon go and shove them into let’s go that’s literally all I did it’s like they just took that those and shove them in here the ones in Pokemon go other ones from X&Y would slightly change textures but beyond that they are literally the same so here’s again think it’s an illusion it’s an illusion of a different thing but it’s the same so here’s like the image that I found that I’ll show you guys like here’s an image of Blastoise and how he changed like throughout the games you know what I mean and then you can see what they look like for the last for Generations see look at this is what blasters look like in Gen 1 one Gen 2 JH & 3 you can see like how the Sprite changed how you got a different view of him every single time that ever since X and Y Blastoise says look the same in every single goddamn game because they’ve always just kept using the same 3D model and it just feels kind of stale you know what I mean like there’s not any significant change at all like like I remember like going from just like a new Pokemon game back in the day just seeing the new models or like not the model but like the Sprite just having a different design or a different pose looked sick like I remember there was ones ones would like Charizard mouth open like crazy and loved ones where he was looking pissed off as reminds me of what that that image of where it’s like Paper Mario then and then Paper Mario now and it’s like all the unique toads and then like all the stock like just read toes yeah I mean I mean it’s also something similar to that happening in Paper Mario Community as well but yeah that’s what I mean I mean like roughly do you see that image of the Blastoise is here yeah dude I know it’s literally that that’s what I’m talking about that’s exactly what I’m talking about bro bro what and like how how long is it going to be till like they finally decide to change this because now it’s been this came out in 2013 so we’ve had seven years of the same looking Pikachu the same looking Blastoise the same looking Charizard whereas within seven years do you know how many different iterations of Blastoise we used to get like with the older games like that’s what I mean like I like the older version thousand models now you know what the crazy part is though they don’t even need to change the models they like my ticket just want thing bro yeah the model is not even like just like make it to a different like a movement or an animation or something you know like or just use the animations that they have do you do realize they have like out of me she’s forever just don’t use it they have out of me I’m not I’m not joking they have animations for literally everything it just don’t use them that’s it that’s literally it and also about the way the reason I was annoyed with they’re not adding the all the Pokemon to the Pok√©dex he’s because they could do it they just didn’t want to like that’s literally it they could do it and I I guarantee you right now they were going to sell those Pokemon is DLC but when they saw the backlash day back down I guaran-fucking-tee you that initially they were going to sell the Pok√©mon as part of the deal sees but when they realize that people are getting pissed

and heated they were like okay let’s not do that lets just put these in there as as Live @ like a free update yeah yeah free update but here’s the thing though even though they did a free update is still not free because remember this you still need Nintendo switch online either Pok√©mon home or a friend that also has those poker or a friend that has Pok√©mon home to get those Pok√©mon trading over so so did still not free it isn’t free I haven’t bought Pok√©mon home by the way I would spend my money on that I’m not buying that either yeah that’s my Pok√©mon sword and shield I don’t want to do that I didn’t buy it Pokemon its a Pokemon files are literally like two kilobytes of data and you have to pay 10 dollars a year for that that I’m not paying well like that it’s it’s i just i yeah people it’s only $10 well it’s still 10 dollars ten dollars I can get like a dude rather buy a like like a terabyte folder of hentai then spend $10 on Pokemon home when I know that it’s just BS and they just created that just make more money I was just going to say I could go somewhere and get some food for $10 but okay dude I’d buy that hand tight editor by folding in hell yeah yeah dog like hell yeah looks like alright so how do I how do I go from that just like Westco like West Coast hand side just like it’s out of exist where the dude and the meme where the dude just like disappear like ya did it was like hand oh yeah the peace sign with the guy and just Fades away with the West Coast side so yeah the peace sign yeah he sounded like disappears why does he West Coast I think I’ll just I’ve been watching too many rap videos recently you know right but yeah so you guys seem to mostly so you guys seem to understand where that where that whole entire discussion comes from than right because because Twitter is going insane right now because Twitter some people because some people like I’m reading through the comments I’m reinforced course course yeah I know no but like I’m reading through some of the comments and he’s like this goes like like completely against what Pokemon was supposed to be there like you’re buying it for the moves you’re buying it for the new abilities I’m like really don’t like it saw that tweet it’s so rich I was like what hey pootie Adventure I buy it for like no that’s the thing the talking about this but I’d like for the moves no I don’t I buy to see the new Pokemon to experience a brand new adventure to see new characters to play a new story that is why you know the reason I might not to be like oh this is this a new move oh it’s called Thunder Mega Punch I liquid know know Papa muda right there hell yeah brother I love mood a guy cracks me up up you know it in low light so much yeah yeah dude I love with armies late dude oh man no but for real though did it like a people think that I saw that tweet and I was just reading I was like oh my God these people yeah so dumb like oh it’s GI Bride for the moves right bike for the new tight like you did they have any data to toppings but okay but you know it’s just it’s just know that’s that no that’s not what I mean I mean the thing is that person that person is behind of that person it has a point there is different types of Pok√©mon players right like there’s some people who like who buys it just one minute how can I was getting to that I was getting to that I was like I was getting to that the point is there’s people who buy it for competitive there’s people who buy it for shiny hunting however the majority of people like the biggest group of people that play Pokemon games buy it for the adventure the play through the experience of the main Pok√©mon game there’s there’s of course yes people that buy it for the new abilities and stuff just to see how it changes in competitive but of course if there’s people who wanted to do that they could also just Boot something called Pokemon Showdown there’s not like that’s not like the biggest reason why people buy it for for these games like Pokemon games people buy it for the story you know what I mean like the the adventure the playthrough they wanting to go through the new region and exploring and like it worked it worked back in the day with what they were able to do with the hardware but now that we’ve seen what other game companies and games are able to do Pok√©mon just can’t really get away with it as much as they were able to before so so I can see the Tweet is coming from I definitely have a pretty pretty like big stance on how I feel about it I can see where all these people are coming from but I kind of agree with it I think like they definitely need to do something like revolutionary to make it feel like different you know because Pokemon has always just been the same exact thing and I guess gamefreak just goes

by that mentality of the fit ain’t broke don’t fix it you know like we’re still selling 16 million so clearly we’re supposed to be doing we’re supposed to be doing something right I guess that’s probably just how they feel and that’s the thing that’s how that’s why we’re just kind of stuck with these games because long as people keep buying them there’s no reason for them to change them you know it’s sad but that’s the that’s the truth that’s what we’re at now so I would be juice you know I don’t know man yeah I mean I’ve already said it before like for me Pokemon has just become like that type of that type of game franchise were out by the new games I’ll play them but it is no longer like a priority for me like there used to be a time where I would be so excited like I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newest Pokemon game but that that time is long gone now like for me I I’d much rather just get excited for like a Zelda game or something else you getting older and like not or do you think it’s more the Pokemon company well for me it’s the because that’s the thing people say like to me all the time where like Arrow maybe you just outgrown Pok√©mon you know maybe these these games just don’t appeal to you anymore and I’m like I’m like that’s possible but here’s the thing how come I don’t have fun playing sword and shield but now if I go and take out my cartridge of hard gold I have a ton of fun and I can get through hours of that game you know it’s clearly not the game it’s like it’s like there’s there’s something with just a new games they just don’t appeal to me in the same way but like if I play Platinum right now we’re Black and White 2 or any of those games I can get through that game like playing for like five or six hours hours you know like like those games are still like some of my favorites of all time I have a ton of fun playing them I just think it’s the way that they kind of make these new games for me they just don’t appeal to me that much anymore and I think a lot of people are in kind of the same boat so I can understand where we’re some people are coming from but yeah this was just I just saw this tweet this morning when I woke up and had 11,000 like likes or whatever and I was like we’re talking about this on the podcast today because I want to see what other people are going to say and I already know if Ben was here he would have gone off on this tweet I don’t know why I don’t know why he was like he was like like so hyped for this episode 2 he was like I’m gonna be here on Sunday and man just never showed up I don’t know I don’t know what’s up with him right yeah I texted it over things and that art yeah Dayton in the chat HeartGold SoulSilver game Black & White engage both gulp both both of those games are so good so good both of them I probably give a 10 out of 10 easily but yeah there’s an expensive to have you ever seen like a copy of HeartGold and SoulSilver on eBay yeah Brody dollars is your minimum for like a new like a completely new new one are you talking about like pretty lonely and like I mean you could put the reason just the cartridge for a lot cheaper but yeah because the reason that they’re so expensive reason that they’re so expensive is because HeartGold and SoulSilver came with that pokewalker accessory oh it was packaged with the pokewalker yeah yep yep I remember that like a special like bundle set thing that know that was the base that was the base like game and I remember I remember picking that up you couldn’t buy it without the pokewalker no no it was it was yeah it was a part of the game it was so good it was like part of the experience like when you got it like you bought what it was it lets go it came with a mule and a Pokeball or something well that’s if you bought the bundle like you could still buy the game separately I’m talking like you can’t do that here like you can’t just buy sole survivor of Heart Gold yeah you had to buy it in the box that came with the pokewalker that’s how it was because it was part of the experience it’s like so that was the coolest thing because I remember like the the box was so sick it was like a reflective like holographic like gold and silver depending on which one you got it was so cool cool and and so that was like how they did that with with those games and I feel like I think that’s why it’s so expensive because people try to sell like that box which is really valuable compared to like just the game itself yeah it’s a collector’s item now for sure yeah I still have my pokewalker I don’t know if it works I think the batteries ran out on it but it still does work I think if I put new batteries in it should work but that was like the whole part of those of those games like that was like the whole experience like you got the pokewalker accessory accessory so that’s why they all came with a you couldn’t just go into the store and just buy the the cartridge of SoulSilver hard cold you had to buy the box that came with the pokewalker and and everything but yeah so those games to me are still some of my favorites but we’ll see I don’t know I definitely do feel like that though with hopefully with Generation 8 even though it’s sold really well I do think that the Pokemon company gamefreak they all probably had definitely have at least heard the message like you know they’ve definitely seen people being upset with the games people like talking about what they would want and I just hope that they at least are acknowledging it and trying to do what they can to improve it with the next game obviously sword has its own thing like you know the games already out now the deals he’s done they’re not going to change anything but I’m just hoping the next like main project that they’re working on they try to you know make some of these things that make these changes that people have been asking for that’s all I hope for but this will see I mean next year is also going to be a very important year it’s going to be Pokemons 25th anniversary next year The Big Year for Pok√©mon

lots of Pok√©mon stuff is going to happen next year so it’s going to be exciting to see what actually goes down everything that happens because the last time this happened happened 2016 Pokemon 20th anniversary they did a lot of cool stuff I mean we had a whole new generation that came out in 2016 with sun and moon like during the Pok√©mon 20th anniversary and then throughout the year they had like the gold and silver released on Virtual Console they had or Not Gold and Silver they had red and blue and yellow and the gold and silver was the year after and they also released all the mythical Pokemon so it was pretty cool oh yeah they had like a mythical Pokemon event and that you Crystal Virtual Console to yeah they did Crystal that was let those the year after I think was in 2017 okay but yeah so next year should be pretty cool I don’t know what I like what will go down I’m sure we’re getting a new game for sure I can’t imagine the 25th anniversary of Pokemon not having any new main line game people all saying it’s going to be the Gen4 remix that’s most likely when I think it’ll probably be as well but of course gamefreak loves to throw us off every time we think something is going to happen it doesn’t so who knows I mean like we thought Pokemon Z was going to happen know you’re getting or S now we thought Pok√©mon Eclipse was going to happen now you’re getting Ultra Sun and Moon so who who knows what they’re actually it wouldn’t surprise me maybe they maybe they do give us a something else maybe like I know some people are saying like something crazy could happen like where they just move on to something else but I don’t know know II don’t think that can happen I just think Jen for remake seems the most likely one because it wouldn’t make sense for them to get like a they can’t give like a Pokemon spear or like a Pokemon bow now because they did DLC will be really really screwed up to do that and then release a third bed leaving they even said they even said that the DLCs were placing third version yeah so that be really scummy if they did that I don’t think they’re going to do that for sure but definitely not I mean honestly dude the way things are looking right now I think all we’re in for now is easier definitely I think at this point a remake I think it’s undeniably guarantee that we’re going to get a remake next year this point because everything is just everything and I really mean everything is pointing was that on top of that when you think about like what’s going to happen after that we’re in we’re in due time for another generation generation soon by the way I mean I mean it’s not next year but the year after it not next year but the year after year but laughter but that’s why I mean we’re in due time for that to happen so it is going to be a remake which it needs to be because this is the Remake here the next year right is the Remake generation because that’s what they do every other generation is a remake generation where we get first day in un and then beam a game and then usually like you know now we got the DLC before we got the third version right or to set of the third version we got that before the remakes so so basically basically next year until remakes and the year after that j9 unless they decide unless they decide because of all the backlash because let’s be old back yeah it’s a whole bag the only broke the only franchise in Nintendo’s repertoire has been getting a fuckton of like controversy and and criticism is past Ben Pok√©mon nothing else in other games other games to like like people like people people but it’s nice not to yeah I know what you mean yeah it’s not to this extent you know like Paper Mario like we talked about earlier in this dream people have been talking about how they don’t like it how it’s not like what the old ones were like Exemplar which was that is nowhere nowhere near close to the amount of steeping listen what is right the big and his massive yeah which is their number one one look at that every other one of those is generally well received right I mean the smash Community let’s not even talk about that because that’s just Mash but like overall the game is doing well there’s not a lot of controversy right there’s not a bunch of people like boycotting the games or yeah the biggest like a controversy even in quotations one like by lift got an ounce and people were just pissed off because it was another Fire Emblem but like that’s not even that hungry houses and so funny and genuinely here like actual you know big overseas Pok√©mon was the one that’s yeah one that’s been getting the most and like the one that’s been kind of the thorn in the side of Nintendo because they’re generally seen as a company that makes quality games right that’s what they’re generally perceived as received as that you know you get a few Duds from the majority of the stuff they make when the you know when it’s coming to Big releases tends to be you know proper stuff so when one of those being Pokemon which is closely associated to Nintendo a lot of people still think Nintendo Nintendo makes them and Freak but you know this is so closely associated to them it’s one of their also franchises they wanted to be sitting there and having a ton of controversy even though it sells well sure that’s money but it kind of stains the image of Nintendo and also like it affects kind of you know the broader kind of appeal like the image of you know Pok√©mon yeah like do you want to be known for having 16

million sales and games that make your fans disappointed or maybe potentially just games that make everyone happy you know that’s like the thing yeah occurs because that’s the thing breath the wild made ton of people have assured his people they don’t like it when my best friend’s hates it but like it’s like that you know the majority of people the ones that are vocal love it you know I mean the reviewers loved it the the people who played it a lot of people I’d say a majority love the game so like you know I mean there’s not a lot of controversy there sure there’s those people that hate it and those people just hate it that’s that but with Pok√©mon there was controversial controversy you know and it’s just like frustration anger blah blah blah then they do the DLC and people are like well you for DLC you know it’s like yeah there’s it’s so many layers of it like like Pok√©mon like Zelda’s layer was mostly just like people saying like they didn’t like the open world aspect of it or how did have a story or the boss battles with the Divine beast and things like that but like Pokemon it just got worse and worse like like there were like I don’t know if you know but there were people initially when the game was first revealed before we even knew about the National dex that were just kind of little disappointed when we saw that first revealing like February you know I don’t like you you because like I Ember that I was like watching the the first reveal where they showed like score Bunny and everything like before we knew anything else and I was like this game looks pretty good it looks all right and I know some people who would like I was watching people’s reactions after they were they were like yeah this looks a little similar to like the 3DS still kind of like the gen7 type of aesthetic like they were like really hoping for Pok√©mon to like go insanely you know like immersive and like open and 3D and it just didn’t feel like that so there are already people right from the start they were kind of disappointed from it and then the III thing where they announced that the National dex and not all the pokemon was like straw that broke the camel’s back and that’s like that’s like when everybody started piling I’m tree that got passed around true Twitter like crazy the what the Ocarina of Time tree oh yeah and then after that point it got worse because then it’s like then people were arguing about the fact that they couldn’t add all the Pokemon in then we got the other layer on top of it with the people talking about the graphics and how these tree textures look like then we got another layer with the double kick animation and the animations are really lazy and letters like using the same ones then on top of that we we got another anime then we got like another layer of how the models are being used just like the model just like yeah and how the yeah yeah the legendary just like turns around does like the 180 and then like walks away so it just kept getting layers and layers of people adding more and more stuff that they disliked about the game and just kept getting worse and worse and it kept like snowballing into this giant thing just like constantly spammed like deck stuff like every single time Pok√©mon tweeted about literally anything hmm so that’s the thing it’s like Zelda had like it’s problems and things and has it but like Pokemon it just got worse and worse like people just kept adding more and more and like that’s what I mean like even today this was a tweet that I saw today as soon as I woke up and had 11,000 people talking about it you know what I mean so so it’s just like that thing that it’s like Pok√©mon like it’s just it’s just been a discussion point ever since last year and people have just been talking about how they feel about these games for the longest time so ruffled totally right about how its had the biggest I’m not one that hurry to play a new one well neither am I bro neither none of us are none of us are but like that’s the thing with like I want to say that the developers like just stop like take some time figure out where you’re going to go with this next game and put some extra time into the development of it and we’ll see you in two years because like I don’t need it that bad like I have plenty of other games in the big exactly exactly like I’m not like burning to like play a Pokemon game anytime exactly and that’s the thing is like that’s what a lot of people feel like but then at the same time the Pokemon Community also has a ton of people that do want to play a new Pokemon game and keep demanding for a new Pokemon game every year and that’s why it’s turned into this this what happened to say one thing what like as a content creator his thing as it was an as a content creator I want to release the game every year because that’s just that’s just more content for me and more yeah more stuff to talk about Pok√©mon as a Pokemon fan and as a as a a let’s just say the really really cringey word gamer okay I’d want them to spend a few years developing another game you know I mean I want to spend more time making it but like at the end of the day you know they’re in the same model as as like Call of Duty game every year that’s literally what it is they just keep shoveling out because they know it will sell people will buy it and you know they can just keep shoveling shoveling more stuff and more stuff and more stuff that’s just that’s really all it is and the thing is even Call of Duty you can say is definitely kind of evolved in a way from what are used to it has it has it definitely I mean still retains like the general basis of what the it is yeah it’s done make like it because it Call of Duty kind of started started good when really good then when downhill yeah they’re really like scrape the bottom of bottom of the barrel and only recently has been going back up again and I mean and making good choices and and I’m really really hoping well dude like the high was like

you know high for me was like modern Black Ops 2 Black Ops 2 those those things are amazing amazing like what was it was the beginning of the end yeah goes 2013 goes and then once we got it and then they didn’t Advance Warfare Advanced Warfare and my Black Ops 3 all of those games yeah after that that’s when it yeah and then I started going back up again whenever we got like well the reason one what are we got the recent game with modern warfare monomer murder weapon yeah it’s been going up again because that like that’s actually I’m gonna be honest I play like that game all the time and I think it’s good I mean I’ve heard every people say it’s good it’s not it’s passable for before um what they’ve done before recently like it’s the best one out of its listen it’s not comparable to the to the old games in terms of quality it just you know it isn’t but it better than what we’ve had like it’s real it’s like miles ahead whatever the hell we have I mean like is way way way way better than any of the other garbage we’ve been like you know getting shoveled in our face this philosophy years from Call of Duty well as thing at least they’re trying new like that’s what I like about Call of Duty because they’ve dropped like in the new Modern Warfare they dropped something which was called like remember ground war right but the game mode what they did was they basically made like a brand-new version of rock or yeah helicopters you got tanks you got like a big-ass map I mean they actually made like a like literally they took what Battlefield had stopped doing which was these Grand scale battles and literally made that you know I mean in these like in like this modern setting which is what battlefields and done now for like half a decade or some actually more than that holy it’s been a long time but like basically basically they’ve doing things that they’ve never done before for and making unique choices that I freaking love and I think they’re really doing better but that’s the thing they just need to keep doing that but the thing with Pokemon is Pokemon is progressing Pokemon is just kind of feeling like it’s going backwards like here’s the thing with Pokemon we’ve seen this a million times they take two steps forward but five steps back that’s what they always do they go slightly forward would unique like oh cool we got a little bit of an open world and roaming Pok√©mon but then they’re like well you we’re gonna remove a bunch of of pok√©mon and you we’re gonna remove a lot of these cool features and you in the room with us as well you know it’s like they’re just they you over by removing a lot of stuff you like and it’s adding a few things you do like and then just be like well you’re not gonna get the rest it’s just gotta know they yeah basically they say I’m really hoping I’m really hoping like when you said like that that one Call of Duty game that was like the bottom of the barrel trash like awful one I’m really hoping that’s like the sword and shield of Pokemon and we started going back up after this one I really hope like I don’t want it to get worse Pokemon’s moon in the downwards Trend full like 2013 bro yeah yeah since ever since like we ever since we ever since we have reached the 3D I’ve always been saying this bro I have not had the same number the same level of fun that I’ve had since the last one I played with Black and White 2 they may say me I mean actually I did I did love playing all right but that’s because it was a remake of I mean I actually like I know this is this is different from you because you don’t like these games but I actually had fun playing sun and moon and ultrasonic Moon I think out of the I think Adams demos is terrible but I think out of I think out of the recent Pokemon games like this like this modern era Pok√©mon gen7 was probably my like favorite one like like the best like them one that they’ve done but that’s still not saying much compared to 7 is the best yeah same but I still don’t think that’s comparable to what we’ve had before you know what I mean just out of the modern games yeah no definitely not I mean it’s but for you it’s probably or S instead of sun and moon but you can still look great like but you just I can see what you mean though yeah but you can still agree with that or as doesn’t come close to like what black and white to did and HeartGold and SoulSilver exact exactly sir yeah like it’s it can’t because that was just a remake of Ruby and Sapphire so at that point you you need to compare Ruby and Sapphire to black and white right right so know because that was just a remake but if we look at if we’re comparing actual new generations which would be Gen 6 7 & 8 every other generation before I think Superior maybe not gen 1 because Jen one was so or like you’re such an early generation that you know is the first Pokemon game so you can’t it’s kind of hard to compare them I feel like every other one you can kind of like you know everything from gen 3 until gen5 you can kind of compare to the laser the latest generations and make a fair comparison I feel I mean because breathe 3 of the early gents 2/3 of the latest Jen’s you know I mean you know and and it’s like you can clearly see a difference in quality I’m actually I’m actually going to play X&Y again on stream at some point I’ve been playing on it because for me right now x and Y are my least favorite Pokemon games of all time Mainline

Pokemon games X and wire for me personally now I don’t now after put now after playing sword and shield though I want to go back seven years later later and see is it really as bad as I remember it or was I just too hard on it because it’s been seven years I haven’t touched the games I do plan on playing them again at some point on streams I want to see like if it really is as bad or if I really do hate it as much as I kind of did or you know so I think I’ll probably do that at some point because I really want to see because maybe I was just kind of too hard on it but for me the thing I remember with X and Y was just the most like hype leading up to the biggest disappointment ever for me like I remember like the the hyper x and y was leave about like like it was like the first Pokemon game to go into full 3d on the Nintendo Nintendo 3DS brand new ones brand new Pokemon game brand new Pokemon game brand-new like system I was so excited for it and like the thing is the trailers were hyped to I was hyped for it everything that they would did if you guys remember they actually had two Pok√©mon directs before this game even came out it was it was insane how much they were doing for this game it looked insane and then the day that they reveal Mega Evolutions I lost my I was like what like that looks sick like it was so cool like I was like insanely excited for this game and then I and then I pick it up I play it and I was just like that just wasn’t like really all that fun like it wasn’t really all that cool like the Mega Evolution aspect was cool but it really wasn’t as like entertaining it or like like as big as big of a part as I thought it was gonna be like like it ended up just being a thing that hey after the fourth gym you can now press this button and do this like extra formation whenever you wanted to I was like really that’s it like I thought I was gonna have like a whole like Adventure based around it and it never was there it was just like two other trainers I used it so for me that was like my problem with with X and Y that that I remember that I disliked from it but I do want to go back to it at some point I’m probably gonna play this year I want to see if it really is as bad as I remember it you know but I was like why I hate it mostly that’s why it’s my least favorite I still had fun with it a lot of people like to say that like they are you saying like you didn’t have any fun there still hasn’t been a single Pokemon game where I have not had any bit of fun fun like there’s a I every Pokemon game that I’ve played so I wouldn’t I wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t having fun but I think X and Y is definitely the least favorite of all of mine and then sword and shield a second for me but I want to see I want to revisit it after seven years so yeah that’s just what it is but like Swedish field like whenever I think back about my playthrough well it was during a bad time in my life and I played through that game but also just generally the whole game like it even when I replayed now it just kind of feels hallo I like I have no good connection Association to it like I think back when I go like sword and shield what when I go play like well like when I go play like HeartGold SoulSilver silver or platinum or really any of the other older games like even Horas even like freaking like you know even I don’t know like any of the other games when I play them I know there’s this like like I know this is weird sense this weird feeling like it feels good like it’s kind of like what could be like Nostalgia but it’s also just like it just feels good to be playing them it feels like oh man like this feels right like it feels right to me playing this this is how like you know I’m enjoying myself when I first started to feel like it just feels like wrong like something is not right like it feels like as I was laying I’m just yeah that’s exactly how I feel yeah yeah something just feels off about it yeah yeah yeah all right well we got a couple minutes to go here I think the last thing we’ll do is we’ll just if you guys have any questions that you guys want us to talk about things that you want to talk we can answer a couple viewer questions from the chat here and then we’re pretty much going to wrap it up you got something to talk about we can talk about yeah all right what is it ideas great usually IGN’s known for making her any oh boy they put best one ever this week oh this one this week what came out this week oh no oh oh the FIFA what are you talking about that one FIFA you know that one okay okay okay I got it okay so on the switch FIFA has been giving us the same shitty as game every single time IGN I know trust me I know so IGN for the first time did the funniest where they were like they were like since since FIFA is giving us the same exact game again we decided to copy paste our same exact review and lower the score naturally it was the funniest ever they legit just copied and pasted I want to see that yeah I’ll link it to you again here’s the tweet it got sixty two thousand likes it’s it do an idea like that please look give me that give that me I will yes I sent I sent it in the Nintendo night chat but yeah it’s so funny because it’s they legit just copy and pasted the reviews and lowered the score and like people are natural yeah

yeah yeah oh my god it’s amazing copy paste in last year’s free fall to switch again this year once again saying it has the city as saying it has the same gameplay without any new development of significant enhancements are stored page with the full price of $49.99 I decided to go do the same same and copy and paste in my review of this is the most badass thing ever bro I love it it oh my God I love this oh it’s funny too is funny too because it’s the IGN UK account which is like it just shows like all the UK accounts are so much better than the u.s. ones man goddamn lucky like even the Nintendo UK account always tweet out memes and stuff they like the UK accounts or are you the UK accounts are on point bro the UK accounts are on point but like it’s so funny because there’s some people in the comments that are like mad at him they’re like well if Nintendo decided to release a more powerful console than maybe it would actually happen there’s like no bro that’s not the reason that’s crazy all right so let me look through the chat here if you guys got anything you want to talk about we got like you got like let me see my God god yeah yeah yeah I’m stopped em yeah but I’ll put it up on stream what this is the best thing of seeing this I’ll put it up on stream because this is hilarious oh dude this is I do this is I mean this scene that they did this with the review is amazing considering its IGN and you know these ones the yeah dude IGN does the worst reviews for this so yeah that’s what I mean put it up on stream stream they legit reviewed that game in 2010 and said this game is freaking amazing the only thing that sucks at these ugly as graphics and now they give you the same exact game but with better graphics and they’re like yeah we’re lowering the score I just don’t get it man oh man and then like Pokemon but he would even like check like even if the reviewer was like oh I’m going to give it this score did and then with and then with Pokemon that can sing go see what the previous school it’s just really Pokemon probably Pok√©mon they said sword and shield is the greatest Pokemon game of all time they said it’s the best Pokemon game ever made yes they did they give they get they give it a nine point three nine point three it’s insanity are you serious I’m not even joking and so long I’m not even joking this is why this is surprising to me what do you think this is hilarious that’s why it’s so funny because IGN is so usually they always like just like give the dumbest reviews because they like to say they like to yeah yeah sword and shield Z yeah they always go for the corporate ass reviews and like like Last of Us 2 is a masterpiece it’s a 10 out of 10 it’s a mauling my God oh my God they did give it a 10 out of 10 by the way I’m not lying like they actually did and they said it’s a masterpiece yeah they said it’s a masterpiece I must play so so that’s what I mean the idea need to swap places with Joel damn but yeah all right so quick question I cannot recall it the top my head what’s the name of that cave cave in Kanto so where you find Articuno like what’s that area called again see if Oh my legs see you if I know I know cancel off the back of my hand is I love that region I have played Canto 60 times I love it so much yeah yeah see some islands recall what the hell yes See For Miles I love it there’s like in FireRed and LeafGreen I don’t know if it was in the original I think it was like the whole strength puzzle but yeah it’s pretty cool alright so if you guys got any questions you want us to talk about you know please let us know know we got like a like 10 or so more minutes left let us know someone in chat saying Metacritic is greater than IGN well the thing about Metacritic as they just take everyone’s reviews and give you the average it’s not like their own specific reviews so that’s why it’s like the best way to look at at it I feel like there was something else oh um but yeah I’m glad that you mentioned that IGN think that’s funny as hell I would have talked about that I forgot about it though yeah I’m trying to think what else is coming out

the only other things like oh this month I don’t know if you guys care about it or not but that that Mario Kart live comes out yeah the toy I personally don’t have any interest and it’s expensive to isn’t it like a hundred and fifty dollars just $100 $100 $100 holy I had zero interest in it and then they showed there’s like actually going to be like Grand prix’s yeah it’s a little game the whole game I just don’t know how it’s going to work I’ll probably see some thought but I thought it was going to be like no the only way you could play it is like build your own tracks like the fact that it comes with like pre-made tracks I mean that’s cool but aren’t you also gonna have to like find room in your you’re going to find room in your house to actually like like turn that thing on and play it you know oh I was going to do it outside oh I guess that works works yeah I mean like I live in a trailer they show the kid playing it on in his home so I was like yeah well I ain’t got no space and in my house I have to take it to like a like a playground or something or like a like a basketball court hmm Rescue Squad is saying Arrow have you checked out the recent have you checked out steam recently is there something going on on Steam right now like a steam sale or or something I mean I haven’t really looked at steam I think the one game you know what I am planning to do it at some point with the the whole Nintendo night crew is to to have like in Among Us stream at some point dude we need to do that you’re like I’m so down like I’m so down I just need to find a time where everybody can come organize it up like properly those yeah because because I got Ultra onboard been said he would be cool with it I know Luke would love to do it it’s like we’re all down for a we just need to find somebody like in one day like at a time we all got to play that game is so fun bro I don’t know if you played are awful but it’s fun dude I streamed it last night and it was very fun yeah it’s a ton of fun but yeah I do want to do that at some point so I need to get I need to get Among Us on on Steam so I’ve been I’ve been playing it on like an emulator for Android on my PC but as it’s not as fun let’s see here Hayes the saying how deep how deep do you think that the Xbox and Nintendo relationship is going to go I don’t know I feel I mean at this point like like it’s already you can already see how good it is to the point where Minecraft is literally in Smash like I feel like that should show you how much of a good relationship they have like the fact that they put the most like literally the most popular video game of all time on there you know did Mike kresteva still surprising to me I still can’t like I remember that was a meme it was a me that’s what I mean like a friend sent me a message on this chord bro bro I Christian holy Mike receivers in my like in Smash I’m like bro do the night before the night before I texted you I was like do you want to watch it with me can you imagine if we watch that together and we saw the reviewed I was not even at home that would have been whole dick that would have been sick the holy shoot I was literally I was literally out out of on of town like I mean I’m not gonna lie I don’t think anybody was expecting expecting it to be such a crazy character like that everybody thought it was going to be had I been there dude we would all we would have we would have been yeah we would have lost that girl yeah yeah we would have lost it all right let’s see here usually I check out fans of the series games reviews instead of news companies usually more accurate so here’s the thing I feel is like with reviewers I hate corporations when they review things because a problem with that is you essentially have to like play the lottery for what review you get because it’s going to be a different employee each time so like you don’t know which one you connect to but if you make it Steve who loves his called duties but that but then he doesn’t know about like exactly like like like artsy like me of my yeah yeah so that’s the thing where like if you watch a person who’s just one guy like if you watch us me review of stuff and you guys know what I prefer what I usually don’t like if you watch like I don’t know what are some other reviewers that I usually watch I usually watch the guy Angry Joe I don’t know if you guys know him he’s the guy that I watch the most for reviews Angry Joe for reviews because like I know what he likes I know what his preferences are what he usually doesn’t like so that way I can kind of tell like if he likes it then I kind of have similar taste with him in that feels I might we enjoy the game as well that’s kind of thing with like reviewers who were like are just that one person who reviews everything where where it’s equal to my God watch or read reviews because yeah I just buy the game and then if I don’t like it I just get rid of it I mean that’s that’s actually the best way to do it you know you form your own interpretation why am I why am I watching somebody else review the game when it’s like I can make my own decision about it well yeah I know what you mean it’s just more like some people like to just like like they’re careful with how they spend their money and just can’t do it right away away you know where they try to hear what other people feel about it yeah yeah some people just can’t do that so they try to like listen to what other people saying get their overall views of how people feel about games and then decide if they want to buy them or give them a try or

not yeah let’s see your cookie cookie dude 56 says do you have any excitement for the game awards if it will still happen so I think they said didn’t they say that it was going to be like an online thing this year I think Geoff keighley tweeted about it he said it’s going to be online so it’s still happening we just don’t know exactly what’s gonna go down like I don’t know if you like it is they’re still going to be like these crazy premieres like they always do is Nintendo going to show up I don’t know because the thing is last year everybody was like yo smash character Nintendo announcement breadth of the wild 2 Gameplay something and we got literally nothing like the only announcement that we got was what was it bravely Bravely Default to yeah coming to the switch which is cool and all but not really a Nintendo announcement more of a Square Enix enix announcement you know so yeah I don’t know if they would do the same thing again game awards I’ll probably stream it I usually stream it anyway because it’s just kind of chill to watch and you never know what could happen like that one I still had the video of me and endgame the cube and ruffled all like flipping our out to to a Joker when he got review for force majeure I still have that video I still have that video it’s so fun and the thing is like none of us actually thought it was going to happen none of us like we’re expecting anything and then all of a sudden it was just so cool so I’m glad I had that because you know what the game stuff like that can come out of nowhere so I still watch it but yeah I don’t know if this year we’re going to get anything Nintendo I don’t think so in terms of Smash I don’t think we’re going to see anything I think this year now 2020 is just done in terms of Smash content I don’t think we’re going to see any like new Smash characters yeah we’re not seeing any smash character until next year we feel 2121 that will see the next yeah yeah for sure for sure do you believe the game will words might have even a lower number of games then we had probably I think maybe a lot of a lot of games just got delayed and announcements and things like that so they might not even have that many this year if anything yeah if you guys got any other last-minute questions we’re just about to wrap it up here so let us know if you guys got anything you want us to talk about any questions about anything really video games things like that Nintendo Xbox PlayStation doesn’t really matter here at this point we can talk about anything yeah like I don’t know man it’s just kind of crazy so wait so ruffle talk to me about the the the gungeon impact game have you still been playing it or because I don’t know much about that game yeah I mean I have an idol until you again will you just around trying to like I can get paperwork and the getting this we call it is really stretchy like it’s this game is weird game because initially the combat may feel a little bit stale to start with that’s because you need to kind of like well you need to basically hire more you know yeah you don’t have to like craft weapons and stuff but then once the group game Loop gameplay Loop is really good like the gameplay Loop is really really good once you get into the flow of it see I didn’t even know this but like it’s like someone told me that there’s like after you get your adventure rank to a certain level you can actually unlock unlock multiplayer which is sick I don’t know that either in the coop and stuff and like you know like you can invite like you can invite your friends over to your world and then like you can fight Pete like enemies and stuff with them which is really cool yeah yeah it’s dude it’s a name I think it’s worth taking a look at and trying out because it is yeah and the best part is it’s free and the best part it says yeah and it’s if you don’t like it mobile you know and on consoles it’s like dude it’s like people a lot I’m like literally I was Channel but making that sort of content and stuff like that dude it’s been really fun because I’m looking for like tutorials for the game changes channels were just like brand-new without it like huge because people just searching for the game really into like it’s definitely got a community rather than now and I hope people stick around with the game and it for longer so they know for sure the thing is the thing that update I’ve heard they said that the game isn’t even done yet and they’re going to have like I think they said for more massive content updates until February of 2021 at the minimum so that’s it the thing that I mean that’s a big dude that’s like four more like until February that’s a lot of time for for more like that’s still like a short amount of time to get like four huge updates that’s crazy as long as people keep lying that’s that’s all that really matters and I feel like we need to reward games that do things right because they managed to like you know like especially when people saw that game they were like it’s a breath of the wild clone and you plan it’s like nothing like this yeah it’s gonna be like that style and stuff but yeah you can you can tell you can tell the you can tell the inspiration inspiration from breath of the body World design kind of like the greenery and things like that yeah it’s like it’s not even close like I’ve seen the gameplay of it like it doesn’t look close to breath of the wild that also yeah and the thing is like there’s actually there’s like an actual whole story to it too which is like the craziest thing because that’s like the one thing about Brussels a wild

where I know Luke said like you don’t feel like there’s like a really insane story to it it’s more of just like little tidbits and memories that you kind of get threat the game it’s so you can trust trust those games that you got a story it’s got a whole story that’s crazy it’s cutscenes and like that like that’s awesome yeah that’s awesome and for free that’s that’s insane that’s the best part it’s free like like you can’t even can’t even go wrong and try me I don’t seen psycho freak in a long time hello secretary how you doing just want to say hello in the Chen hello no yes it continued like sorry for interrupting you guys all good yeah so let me see here a couple questions so what is from Victorino saying what is your game of the year so everybody I guess we can go down so for me of course Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive edition first time I got to play the game it’s not my game of the year it’s my favorite video game of all time now it’s like it’s so good like the plot twists not knowing anything about this going in and then seeing how it ends I can’t even look at the boxer at the same way anymore without like knowing now the full game so easily 100 percent must play a game if you haven’t definitely my game of the year well by you Luke yeah it’s been a tradition game of the year I mean you’ve already played it too though oh wait hold up I mean like for I mean I guess you know dollars without the DLC coming later this year year okay I don’t know yeah I played a lot of games this year I mean there hasn’t been a lot to play I mean I guess for you Animal Crossing the right if you like anime yeah yeah yeah Crossing New Horizons horizons and then for ruffled I’m going to take a guess it’s going to be ghost of of Tsushima there you go you got it you got it I figured have you had you beaten that game though like I don’t know we’re super excited for us I saw some people play it but I never played it personally but it did look really cool yeah yeah I mean a lot of people are predicting that’s gonna probably win game of the year and I could see that happening I think it deserves it I think it deserves there’s a lot of games that look like game of the year like this year oh consumer friendly I love love them for being so consumer-friendly bro they added like big-ass update that added multiplayer to the game right for free no no no DLC tons of extra crap bro like brand new maps and there’s a ton of just being added for free and I mean on top of the game already being like huge Nono highlight I take back everything what I said I know what will be Game of the Year this year what cyberpunk 2077 oh yeah that game does look at that yeah but we’ll have to wait it’s coming out in November that is definitely going to hit Game of the Year hundred percent Aunt I mean are you talking about like your personal opinion or like if actually going to win game of the year I think it might actually win game of the year I could see ya I’m just a really big fan of cyberpunk yeah it looks really good it does look really good good yeah anything with Keanu Reeves is an automatic win I mean God damn it I mean the thing is the nominees for Game of the Year like if I had to guess them I would think it’s probably going to be ghost of tsushima cyberpunk Last of Us 2 as much as I hated it probably going to be there no whoa probably probably Final Fantasy 7 remake as well and then I’m trying to think what else could be there we’d Animal Crossing which which one final fantasy yeah it came out in April dude everybody says this doesn’t it feel like it came out so long ago doesn’t it feel like it came a so long ago it was it was literally April well that’s what I’m saying it feels like it came out like two years ago but it was literally April that’s why this year feels so like crazy dude that’s so weird that’s insane I remember playing this game in April it’s like but it feels like I beat sephiroth like fighters to go yeah yeah I know beginning of the pandemic yep March and April yeah yeah yeah do the whole entire situation like would like quarantining and all that like the beginning of the year just a blur now to so many people it’s just yeah yeah Animal Crossing and sleep and that was it Animal Crossing could be nominated for game of the year but I think it’s unlikely to be honest I don’t know yeah I don’t think I don’t think so like the game definitely has a huge impact it definitely did a lot of crazy things this year but to be ignominy the game of the year appeals to a lot of casual people who don’t care about the the game awards and stuff like that yeah yeah I don’t know if it’s like a yeah people who are playing Animal Crossing don’t really care about like award shows and they’re not going to vote for it so I don’t think it would win hmm yeah so those are the only four I can think of right now goes to the tsushima ff7 remake Last of Us 2 and then cyberpunk unless you guys got any others you think could be nominated I don’t know yeah my my bets on cyberpunk cyberpunk cyberpunk will be I came is mass

dude like the keep building it up and even with the delays like every time like everybody who I’ve talked to is hyped beyond belief for that game everyone in the chat right here Matt is saying goes the tsushima deserves the win goes to tsushima is brilliant subarashii saying yeah I mean I’ve heard it’s already really good if he could technically it’s not out yet all we know is like trailers and gameplay footage so and I haven’t played I haven’t played ghost of tsushima but uh it looks amazing you know for me my like out of those like the nominees for me probably would be Final Fantasy 7 remake I’ll be really really happy if it wins that deserves the win in my opinion I had a ton of fun with that game but I know goes to shoot him has also really really good so like ruffle did you beat the whole game or are you still planning no no dude I had to leave my PS4 back back in Sweden oh yeah you told me yeah yeah so I basically have an advocate ability to play through the rest of it you know bird in the cherishing age of Calamity is Game of the Year for 2020 so you like if we narrow it down to a new games only and just Nintendo switch then yes it is fry game of the year for me it beats out Animal Crossing but if we’re talking about anything that’s released for the switch in 2020 then for me it’s Xenoblade Definitive Edition but if you don’t want to count that because it’s a re-release than you can say h of Calamity probably because that game looks really really good yeah Nick Victory fires is who do you believe will be the next DLC character for smash um I don’t know see the thing is the thing is now after they’ve put Steve in to this game game that whoever the next character is is going to be less like they could there’s no one who can top Steve you know what I mean do you think they I think Steve was the reason they put Viola thin in fighter past one exactly because I don’t think I was right I totally didn’t know I totally agree with that because there’s a whole entire rumor or like a like a conspiracy theory or whatever that by live wasn’t supposed to be the last character because it was supposed to be someone else but they they didn’t know at the time they were going to do another round of DLC so what they decided to do was because they announced another DLC past afterward they decided to switch the characters and instead having Steve which was highly going to be the ending of the DLC in the at the start anyway but since they decided to do more DLC they switch someone from fighter past to so that which was probably by lifts they probably took Violet from fighter passed to and made her the last character of the first pass I actually agree with that a lot I think it makes the most sense I think I think if there was not going to be a second Fighters past and Steve was going to be like the last surprise the last big character of the first fighter past which still would have been a solid a spaz if that was the only DLC that we we got but now we got four more coming I don’t know who else could really really come that’s the thing is I feel like the next character it has to be someone kind of I don’t know I think they might try to do the pattern where it’s like first party third-party first party third party for his party maybe that’s what they’re going to try to do so maybe the next character is just going to be a Nintendo character maybe we could get like a like a Zelda character like as you know Blake character or something like that the worst one the worst one is if we get a generation 8 Pok√©mon next I’m going to be so upset if please do not do that and the thing is that such the the such a free thing to like you already know what’s gonna happen it’s literally inevitable that there’s going to be like like a freaking Cinder race or her Shifu or something that’s going to join smash like that and I don’t want that but they put a big brain dear dear comes to smash yeah cause like I can see them doing that even to just promote the freaking goddamn DLC or whatever but I really hope not I will I really hope not pointing because it’s no one I don’t want another I need to hear is like the trailer and it goes like all like it’s a black screen and you’re like oh what’s it gonna be what’s it going to be and then in the distance all you hear is because he like runs into frame I need the Rex cream in a smash reveal that’s that’s got to be a taunt it’s got to be a taunt like you just like press down on the d-pad ah super Rashi says give us a Yokai give us a Yokai I’d be down with Yokai I don’t know anything about Yokai I’ll be honest but Yokai at least would be a new franchise and you representation I stopped watching of dollars Channel they stopped watching this channel I stopped watching of dollars Channel when it became like 90% Yokai like I I gave up at last but yeah like I can do this are you okay would be cool I don’t know any of the names of the Yokai but I’m assuming like the most like generic like the like the mascot of Yokai is that is the orange cat right I don’t know the name of it John John what’s his name jibanyan jibanyan okay so that’s Destiny I don’t know what it was but yeah so that’s probably that’s yeah that’s probably the one that would be would be in Smash if they did that Jonathan says thoughts on the crown Tundra DLC I think it looks promising we’re going to see next week and literally comes out next week we’re going to be playing it so yeah

probably gonna have a good old time with a please do that man you know it’s gonna be all right mean we don’t know what time it comes out I actually have a question here and maybe you guys can can can confirm this or D confirm this is it true that technically dioxis is an ultra Beast is that red conned and I Axis and is actually an ultra beasts because no it’s normal to base no it’s no he’s not no I don’t think so no it was that there might have been a legendary it’s a mythical I thought right what do you think real quick this for a minute because I I need to there have there it is it’s a legend I think it is a legendary or it was originally in gen 3 I’m looking it up right now it says here the character the character associated with auras and frequently appears in them it is recognized as a legendary Pok√©mon throughout the franchise though today it is recognized as a mythical Pokemon that’s what it says yeah that’s because so we have because between and and well the reason the way to know if something is a mythical is if it has all of its hold hold on isn’t it like if this stats add up to something or I forget how you check if it’s a mythical yeah these look like the thing on them isn’t it like if every stat is a hundred or something like that all right that’s that’s how it’s a mythical like I’m like I’m you a Geraci Victini all of them have a hundred and everything a hundred attack on it was forget the added into that image of all the mythical so I always assume it’s a legendary I know yeah I always thought like it’s kind of funny like a lot of people used to assume that dark cloud was a legendary which it’s not yeah yeah this isn’t it these are all the myth goes broke the Medicals Diancie Genesect Marsh shadow of a Bermuda mythical it’s basically like those like cutesy Pok√©mon that you think are legendaries but they’re not waiting how is he Mew a mythical but Mewtwo is a legendary because because muto’s created from you yeah it was just create a friend wouldn’t anymore mythical know because because I think that this and I think the reason it do it that way recently the kind of distinguish between them I’m pretty sure I mean besides the stats stats aspect of it is the way they distinguish between them is that the usually legendaries tend to be like how do you put how to put it into perspective be in the game as a way you can just catch them you know I mean like just simply catch them where is mythical is often times but usually event Pok√©mon you know I mean so in reality they’re they’re kind of the same yeah here’s an image of all of the here’s an image of all the mythical you can see right here here those are all the mythical Pokemon that’s okay Shaymin manaphy Diancie genocide Deoxys Celebi always always seem to be a lot smaller too too be here he’s massive beasts and like mythical is like our kind of right I don’t know confuse like I guess that’s why his thing is I was trying to remember because I always think of it as I was think of it as a legendary and then like a separate branch that goes off into mythical ‘s that’s always how I looked at it guys we have like pseudo legendaries we have pseudo pseudo legendaries and I mean it’s like wait what’s a pseudo pseudo legen wait what wait what a what’s a pseudo pseudo legendary because I’ve never heard of that legendary you know what that is right so you got like Garchomp yeah I know those I don’t know what to say is you know is though legendary that’s like not pseudo legendary but likes the step below that let me actually find you some of us I’ve never heard of this before I know it’s two toes are legendary though I’ve never heard of a suit kazuto legendary legendary guess Chris Paul the Pok√©mon that are like basically like it’s not like an actual cool it’s like you the the correct term would be more like said I mean pseudo legendary I guess but it’s Pok√©mon that are essentially could be like you know it’s real legend as well for example Kingdra a grand Flygon slacking Haxorus so it’s all their other really strong Pok√©mon okay most of those are dragons yeah that’s the thing right there because all the all the suit alleged to be star dragon types yeah they’re like Dragonite Tyranitar Tyranitar to though I heard yeah but like not all of these are Dragon though because even they even have a screen in you guys count those but basically they like pseudo celebrities are basically just slop the Pok√©mon the people consider to also be kind of in the category of a pseudo legendary but just never are officially you know recognized as a sort of legendary right because usually they only have one suit alleging

Reaper game which is you know if you look back so Jen one it was Dragon Kite Gen 2 with Jen too I think Tyranitar even what yeah truant are actually no was it no was it no I don’t think it was it what was it no it doesn’t matter this right now probably just so don’t even see what you’re right sorry about that so Dragon tried to run charts elements and then gen3 is the only one that has two of them which is Solomon’s and Metagross is the only game that actually officially has to sort of legendaries then you have Garchomp hydreigon Goodra Comeau and then drag a port for the latest latest games so Jen 6 yeah yeah yeah that was the the suit alleged never actually knew where gujjar came from yeah sorry I always like dude the reason I forgot about Toronto Charlie and I didn’t think about your answer is because I went the assumption that all of them had the dragon yeah they most of them do pretty much only become a thing since like Garchomp pretty much that’s insane it’s the kind of implement that but before that it was the only one that had Dragon typing was well Dragon Knights you know where as Toronto didn’t have its elements I guess elements during tapping is it I could be using this year Salim makes me dragon yeah sounds good salomon’s that medical but I think there was some almonds and Metagross were the ones for gen3 right so there’s one that was dragging in one that wasn’t and then Garchomp in from Garchomp is where it’s nonstop just dragon types but what I’m trying to say it’s basically unnecessary steps that are not really needed but hey it just makes the whole thing feel a little bit more you know no Essence which is fun I guess mmm-hmm mmm-hmm yes I think the whole thing about Deoxys I think it might have been a theory like some just like theory that if that it might have been an ultra Beast or something there’s a ton of ultra beasts and there’s only one one dioxis like there’s yeah it’s the same altar Beast that’s the only thing hmm yeah I think it’s a cool interested it’s an interesting it’s an interesting Theory because they Ultra beasts are supposedly it’s interesting Theory because like Ultra rubies are said to have come from space and that’s also where Deoxys comes from and you know yeah so I can see what they know if he was like one of the original Ultra beasts come into oh and greatest thing to come out of Horas is zhenya and zinnias theme Dubrow zinnias themes so good show you something an internet chat with my top three of all time it would be so good and then the this Mash remix of it is even insane or it’s like it’s crazy better yes do you that’s even better than the one in the game yep I was like how did they improve Perfection and then what else oh yeah one thing the L also they need to keep from gen8 bring is going to be in you is it going to be a new video ruffled yes sir dude I’m working on it what I’m doing what I’m doing is that I’m going to be your reviews for every game every game stat thing you know I mean I’m not gonna spoil it yeah I’m not going to talk about yeah but that’s cool the thing at the bottom there right you know the you know the p word yeah well that’s right no nothing don’t think of it the wrong way it’s just already I say p word you can talk about what Pokemon it spoke yeah it’s Pok√©mon huh – yeah we do like reviews for every single games you know that thing but unni yeah it’s coming to Jasmine a in the chat is thing which is most likely the thing that we’re going to see next year based on hints merch and Anime Gen4 remakes let’s go Joe Doe or univer remakes probably Gen4 remix Jack Jen 40 makes let’s go JoJo was kind of a thing that people people were thinking was going to happen before the Pok√©mon presents announcement because of all the stuff with ishihara and all the kind of Johto hints that are behind him which to be fair they’ve done it in the past so a lot of people didn’t have the like a lot of people were saying is so bad like to even think that you thought that was that was going to happen but like they’ve done that in the past where they’ve teased us with things like that so it was a fair type of prediction of course that didn’t turn out to be what we got we got that mobile game instead we’re like Wario and Waluigi Waluigi cuz and yellow cheers and Sakura Haruno you know soccer I don’t think I’ve ever seen that thing or anything with the thing with Smash Bros the thing would Smash Bros I never understand is have they ever actually hinted at a character like that I don’t think they ever have that’s what I mean like Pokemon we Pokemon I can pull up actual proof of times where they’ve done things that I’ve hinted at like future things he did the only thing that smash did was with the Simon and Richter reveal you where they had Luigi’s Mansion three was teased because Luna we will ya but I’m talking about smash like a specific smash thing that was revealed that was the smash reveal

no I’m talking about like something that they teased about smash smash you understand what I mean like like a character like a character in Smash or something about smash because that’s because that’s what people are because that’s what people that’s what people come up with their like oh the purple and chair the purple chair means that Waluigi is coming who smashed Barrel in the background Carol was hinted out with the Barrel in the background of what of what because I don’t remember that earlier in the presentation there was like some DK Barrel somewhere all in the presentation I’ll maybe maybe so II don’t remember that I guess maybe that happened that’s the thing though is like what Smash and never understood it because I was like they’ve never I don’t have any memory of them doing it whereas like Pokemon I remember like like Masuda would tweet out like there was one time he tweeted out a picture of the sky and it was like the Moon at the same time with the same and he was like isn’t it funny how the moon and the sun are out at the same time and that was a day before sun and moon were first revealed so he’s hinted at things like that and then last year of course not last year but I think in 20 or in 2018 with what happened oh yeah soccer I did not cry he did it the three fingers like yep he did yeah in the thumbnail yeah I guess so but that wasn’t even really about bother it was like about he was counting in binary he’s counting in binary but that’s what the part of the presentation was games but I guess I guess people wanted to say that was a hint I may be so maybe he meant it like indirectly but I I don’t know but like here’s the here’s the hint that he did about sword and shield if he never sought I’ll put it up on stream this was the hint that Mouse what I did in 2018 in 2018 he posted this picture on Twitter of him and Link together holding a sword and a shield isn’t that kind of funny a year before the game was announced thank pay attention children what years ago on the Pok√©mon it always pretend everything they do because they always hit you may think there aren’t but they are okay if they put a freaking ice cream in the background assume we’re getting ice and Pok√©mon fire version let’s just you know let’s vanilluxe in hell yeah I do double feeldog guys like genuinely it’s like they hint so much like you make it’s not true in Italy Italy nothing’s gonna but they do though he do he does it actually does yup yup I got one other one to hear I don’t know if I don’t know if Luke with know about this one but this is this is the this is the most like evident one like we’re gonna feel yeah even if you didn’t see my sword and shield well there’s even one that’s even more like significant than that I’ll show you that one because this is the one next on people don’t even want to believe those like the Sun and Moon one the the Sun and Moon one and then the sword and shield one other those were just coincidences he didn’t actually hit them okay I think that’s a little too extreme but even think that those were enhanced but if you don’t want to believe that this is the biggest one this is the one where he just straight up tells you so do you remember the Pok√©mon presents second one that happened or not the second one the first one that happened earlier in the year and do you remember do you remember that app that was revealed the the Pok√©mon teeth brushing app you remember that yeah that thing it was called Pokemon smile it was called Pokemon smile now look at this look at this image that Mouse would have posted before Pok√©mon smile was announced on his Twitter literally a picture day before and I don’t think it’s like a few weeks before I actually know a year before a year before it was a year yeah oh all right so look at it he was my post this bro bro he posted he posted image it’s literally him brushing his teeth with his phone and his shirt says smile if you don’t think that’s a goddamn hint I don’t know what to tell you I don’t know what to tell you because that is the most obvious straight up hand ever but but of course you wouldn’t know that until the game was until was finally revealed to you you know dude he takes a picture with a chair and a table and we’re like oh Pokemon in a table table yeah yo chair ganglia more gig big you know and then Pok√©mon floor is the third version let’s go wait oh c’mon floor let’s go but yeah that’s the thing that’s the thing with Masuda it’s like the key known for tweeting these things he loves to hit that he loves doing that so Pok√©mon oh c’mon you can’t really you can’t really get mad at like Pokemon YouTubers or people who are like who are like him who are like looking at possible hints and theories of announcements that

happen Smash Bros I don’t know I’ve I’ve never really seen like a distinct hint the barrel I guess you can say was a hint the three fingers I still don’t think really hints at three houses it was more of him counting in binary and they just got that picture at the right time but maybe it was maybe it wasn’t maybe it wasn’t Sakurai hinting at it but rather the guy who made the thumbnail because he’s like it since it’s a three houses character let’s make him hold three fingers in the thumbnail maybe that’s what it was yeah the Rayman ice and smash yeah exactly like people come up with a dumbest theories like in on Battlefield on Battlefield people think like there’s a frozen Raymond inside of the stage like why would that even be a thing for though was it I’ll smash 4 really but I don’t think that was the ultimate peace out it’s like half past midnight and I going to wrap up this stream here as well as I guess we can just kind of end it here so I’ll get I’m going to I’m going to assign us all out anyway I was going to wrap up the stream anyway it was like there’s not really many other people asking for questions so if you guys did tune into this dream all the way from the start I really do appreciate it thank you guys so much for tuning in and hopefully next month or whenever we get some more significant news I think this this kind of year has just been a little bit weird for the podcast because we can’t really do anything until like a Nintendo designs to give us news so this is why I like we waited a couple months so that we had multiple things to talk about and we could have a long episode this time around so so unless Nintendo decides to give us a lot of information we’re probably not going to do another podcast for a while but I will see I mean maybe it’ll just be one that we have where we talk about stuff I do want to do that Among Us stream at some point maybe we’ll just do one of those instead but yeah thank you guys all so much for tuning in we’ll let everybody given their plugs and stuff so for me of course you can find me on this channel right here arrow and then of course you can go ahead and follow me on Twitter and abjure Arrow as well that’s where you can always chat with me and send me stuff on there subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already liked the video really would appreciate that as well and then also join the Discord server because that’s where we’re I’m always talking with people and you can definitely go in there and have a good time so type in an exclamation point Discord in a chat join our Discord that’s usually where we have the most fun and yeah Luke you’re up yeah I got a YouTube channel as well or we just play random things usually Nintendo games but like recently we were doing Among Us see you go scribe that if you’re new and then follow me on Twitter at real master Luke awesome all right I’m a garbage so you don’t have to watch me and I’ll see you all the next time all right I guess so I guess we just going to sign off tonight so thank you guys so much for coming and yeah we’ll see you guys next time

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