dancing d other idea what are you reading is a member Torian okay um so I have a quest that says me jakar nathean your arm Lee looks so cool thank y’all okay it says he is this way ok so we’re awake this time yes we’re awake I’m so raspy voice though that’s all right me too yeah I’ve got the snuffles you should know foolish I’m drinking water um is this the end then is the antis these horses are completely identical the chances of that actually happening in real life are strange he’s very strange yeah who’s this person that killed Trey if you’re looking called a bastard chicon he’s at the tavern with a rental chair that that’s teas right there overheard me telling a Red Guard hello he’d whisk her after Sentinel that he was a ship captain she swooned like a fool like i did but i tell the head man where he’s hiding if I didn’t hate the headman more I need off this island okay can i hmm screaming mermaid where is he he’s over here named for an inn why do I have like white around the edges of my vision uh I have no idea went away are you in first person yeah that might be cool hey I never play in first person so i had no idea okay hey there glad to see you made it oh he’s cute here’s the gem you stole hey now the head man stole it first and you brought it back to me didn’t you thanks good looking you owe me for free you and Captain Kelly needs your help seeing as it’s you asking sure she’s planning a job I’m in all I ask is a trip off this rock after it’s over I against women okay I got a new sort out office but no one thing it really is that this it’s like can you take a piece of that set bonus away you’re a way to go down I really stuff like that yeah sorts okay enter Colleen’s hideout after you finish recruiting you oh no no who are you I was dancing on the table I hate I won’t judge yeah let it know judging or judging help out a pores are we gonna earn a buck yeah you gotta earn booboo destructions what I get distracted by shiny things in the ground the lady smokes makes a really good weapon damage potion and i will say i don’t know these things when we get hired but up in the levels i can make us some potions and make it really juicy to play juicy i don’t know why i’m saying that people did you see before okay had free be juicy the game so what am I guilt does it every time we do something like we kill something oh that’s juicy and I’m like okay looking instead up so much i’m guessing now i’m saying it why heist we’ve even got a few sailors clamoring to join our crew you should go speak to the captain boat here we go the person you’re back hmm inside anyone else to help us with the heist ha I knew you’d get it done who needs the old crew those traitors oh we’ve got you helping us okay turn to the quest and here we go we’ve got a crew to run the zones time to make some oh yes I don’t do that again at a rave with a real challenge the heist the talk talking like three zone section it’s going to get what’s coming don’t are you’re going / shield is sailing logs there we go his sailing logs are the key to our fortune

friend they are the records are we ship that docked here every stolen cargo they’ve unloaded and every illicit patient assistance those records are worth a fortune to King Fahad they’re written proof that blah blah blah blee bloo blah blah blah okay obtained servants disguise Dracula Rhys motley crue aren’t we she’s right you need to disguise to get anywhere near Bozek fortunately you have me just say the word my pleasure meet me outside the palace i’ll pick out something it’s a wonderful day for a sailing trip isn’t it friend especially if it gets me off this rock before bow set keeps the key loans get your disguise and meet me out back leave both sectomy okay I like talked to all the members of the crew oh yes I can offer help I remove this device from let me know if there are little things ok so now I need the service disguise where is she crafty law recently gave me the disguise I don’t remember oh good there’s a marker I mean I had to do really far up north I don’t find out I’m still in the building it hasn’t told me yet it is um where’s matt m it’s up north okay i know we’re going on how do you horse hey horse I can’t reduce horse hmm sorry very good I don’t for a second or so you had a horns it on just like dude you don’t feel like we know how don’t ya ya light be oh ok yeah get that hey let go get it cool ok where’s mark oh I gotta meet somebody way up here yeah come up here first yeah you quiet i’m on yep nice yep cuz i’m awesome a billy goat was a billy goat in a past life you can actually buy a goat pet now thank you for husband well look who’s come to pay a visit did you find a disguise for me yes try these on I’m sure they’ll fit you just right in the meantime I’ll just continue did I find you one no he crappy larice found one somehow come on now I look like a servant with a shield on my back because that makes sense I don’t know and a sword servants carry swords can you put on your there you go we look so cool in our servants uniform right good thing I still had this epiphany about the quest oh and I can’t enter you but yeah after yes I know I can’t oh hey I did this by myself oh there’s no fighting in there okay so you should be fine because the quest part I did that cause i knows how did it you two did he I shall loot things why you do that things and where am I going just upstate okay to the store I feel like I should be looting put things while I’m in here to straight think I should grab steel oh yeah it’s read bookshelves Oh bookshelves lay there some up top on the second floor VL she looks like an interesting lady leaned up against a bed upstairs yeah I see bookshelf search nada oh no there’s only one bookshelf Oh intermediate all right I’m gonna go home Cisco is it monkey monkey I don’t you might actually have a monkey pet probably open says me okay I’m in a palace yard click the key which is down here hi I’m just a servant hey my lowly

servant your Justin my dear friend head man Bozek is sleeping off the attentions of these two lovely lady okay so we have the key key into palace hi hey I have to go back inside now oh I know I try so hard and don’t let me you can’t door I can’t door today I just can’t door am i doing fine Bo sex lock box does it give me a hint upstairs ozo sirs kind the big bulky dude dr. kill the big book dude no you can distract him oh he’s handsome let me distract him I killed him did you kill him I killed him why did you kill him I clicked on him oh and suddenly Lightning came out oh he’s still alive he’s just unconscious oh oh oh you can I didn’t know either I was like hi there big boy zap hahaha I learned if they do every day I guess I came out okay I had to start a fire in the castle gonna me leave really yeah it just was active like I mean no I long to see the far corners of Tamriel oh I just divorced and now I’m shifted don’t ask questions I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore it’s a TV PvP your move I’m a guard that’s how we click the quick on self when we’re seeing some more if we don’t wanna get killed by crap [ __ ] like to say there’s a goat yeah that’s a new pet oh I wouldn’t really want to go pet hey they’re cute to have running behind you I have a lizard one and a few others most people like them because you can rename you can also rename your horse if you’re into that kind of thing how do you rename your horse you go to the selectable thing and you go to you right click it and it has an option to rename my viewers should make my horse yes neighbor horn something like Bob my friend welcome back do you have those tight logs okay now i have to follow Captain killeen here you are thaw of the shipping logs that show you both such defiance of the Kings decrees come on it’s time to go it’s time to go try to help example yeah take it off you go to your character screen Oh Run button and you go see your accessories house had like a pile of clothing in the first tab that’s cost you and you still take that manual station so double click repair to sale Mary oh hello cool man hey it’s the robot spider ok so I’m followed her I’m mosey over the armor presented ship that’s you my clan ok talk to her before we leave Babette Nick talk to the crew get familiar with this I’m ready to leave right now let’s say oh and i’m laying of the first monday and oak island but hasn’t yet joined the Covenant I her mom possibly wanted to do here before lab or is happy to go home she may we don’t have to alright cool ah cool cuz i just left oak ok how late too we’re going to bet Nick whatever that is I guess yes yes yes that’s what I’m going that’s where I went woot woot pneus Oh every mon Dieu me war as a stretch I love stretches ok tap to talk to captain Killeen which is all right there put on my face I haven’t done these course I don’t are you sure you said I never thought I’d see bet Nick again people now your distress to get a drink this is home and will be careful here these orgs they aren’t fools is hurt my hand doing it I’m gonna load screen let’s see I wait for you Oh finally the armor she gave me is better but yours gives me a promise I wear it ok so I gotta talk to this person keep your

weapon sheath newcomer good thing you sailed in with Captain Killeen bloodthorn of course we slaughter bloodthorn pop plot I talk to somebody up here maybe yes yes I still up higher staying out of trouble nope during that the link yeah they’re not enough here when I was a nice waste ur time how do we get in the building follow me oh that’s sleek where are you and then I saw your little crown we don’t hang these we skinned them alive it’s more entertained Boing jumping decay Oh yep hey there haha maybe I’m about his killer gras I could tell everybody he left and just take me and cold assaulted the fortress the cultists retrieval in the search start with shaman lagana she witnessed bloodthorn merde was a lonely boy it’s a graveyard it’s mostly wilderness see ok so there’s something to eat up here no it’s below hello investigate the river I’m go to investigate the river I back alley murders is that here or no that’s that’s a different area what quest here the blood thorn plot okay the closest one is there so much I follow you the fellow me yeah if spiders to [ __ ] I like killing things hey off a horse now h/o cuz I nope the candy again Opie’s candy oh oh okay tug a war no no no no yeah that’s dead what I don’t know maple cut with the axe that I pull it up my butt yes okay be at peace ancestors the souls of the Dead you isma the aliens we are Kenya where are we going the first time talking to ya I oh already did that I wasn’t jump talk with the purple people they’re ghosts that we kill we can kill him yes oh good what I can grab him with a chain but that makes sense well you grabbing their armor they can hit you true I should probably leave the word that you kill too yeah it helps these all melee guys still mailing nothing no I can’t leave I’m collecting jute I don’t know what you it is but I’m collecting it that is for a light armor okay try the fall this light that’s flying everywhere what else we I do did you have a rustic eat down there yet I don’t know what catering and that little valley there’s a key I’m being killed anyone this down here yeah hmm oh I don’t have anything hit oh that’s probably okay so it’s best if investigate grim field investigate

cartels and it’s investigate more silly there’s another key hole right here actually depress and a sky chart ooh sketch I I’ll see you sir I have the ad on the shows me where it is I don’t have to push this i don’t think i have this class they shocked the lady at the beginning of it or read it was to ghostly you didn’t pick up any item plus okay at the wash in a random instances like this where it’s like actual real world if a person takes another one can’t take it yeah you’re dead haha this is a ll dwell you can’t say it oh I see it um if you stand next to it with me and we press it you can activate it it gives you a helpless like helpless boosts seq dang hey who’s this person oh it’s normal oh my the mysteries of not even you must indeed you shoot just like old times isn’t it oh nice such a useful tool Oh

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