Buffing up for STATS: BUDGIE POWER! #WrongOption #NoobMove Running with 1.6k Magicka recovery with a potion up and 1.1k Stamina recovery (comes in handy) Back Bar STATS: We keep our stats level on the bar swap to avoid stat loss Attributes: We run 55 in to Health and 9 in to Stamina. For other races this would be different RACE: We are a Breton for the Magicka cost reduction and Spell resistance Running the Lady Mundus Stone for our Physical and Spell resistance (important for this build) And we are a Vampire. you want to be minimum stage 3 but I run stage 4 as I am used to that… and I hate carrying Mara CONSUMABLES: We are running a Tri-Stat food to keep our stats as high as we can get them And Tri-Stat potions for the same reason. Generally I try to avoid using them unless necessary but always have them ready GEAR: So we begin with a 2 piece set of Endurance. This is because Endurance gives the highest 2 piece Health Bonus in the game Our lack of chains means that we currently run Swarm Mother for the ad control in trash pulls If in a trial where there’s no ads (AS), swap this out We are running 5 pieces of the Akaviri Dragonguard for that pairing with our passives to reduce our ultimate costs further notice the use of Stamina enchantments on 1 small piece and 1 large in order to get our Stamina higher than Magicka And our reason for running the 5,3,2,2 setup in our gear 3 Pieces of the Potentates. This gives us a further reduction to our ultimate costs (see SKILLS shortly) SKILLS: Main Taunt Minor Resistance buff and gives us 8% max Magicka This will always pair well with Swarm Mother, healing you and then pulling them in Heroic Slash gives us ultimate generation, to play to the strength of our low costs Also a source of Minor Maim And our Pet to proc the extra 8% health, The Budgie. You can run the Clannfear here, but it is melee and being melee and AI means the Clannfear dies a LOT unless you drain Magicka to heal him And our ultimate is the almighty Aggressive Warhorn! Check out that Ultimate cost…. 165 is just outside of spammable range Range Taunt Bound Aegis is double barred to keep activation and the minor resistance buffs our main source of Crowd Control, pull ads in and lock them down Boundless Storm gives us our major resistance buffs and small amounts of damage to proc implosion on trash Major Expedition will also keep you ahead of Eager Damage Dealers #NoPullingLeeroysPlease Double barred the Budgie Our Ultimate on this bar is the Absorption Field, which stuns and silences ads and provides healing to all within You can slot the Block ultimate on this bar, which is literally spammable in big trash pulls PASSIVES: CHAMPION POINTS:

DOUBLE DUNGEON TIME: First up we have vet Spindleclutch 1, one of the pledges for the day 1st Boss A quick note: Our setup for these dungeons is 1 Tank and 3 DPS, 2 Stam DK’s and a Mag Sorc who has slotted the budgie… #BudgieHeals Didn’t block that #NoobMoment

Full Bags, #FallingBehind Bubble that Trash! Encore of the Bubble Finally got my Warhorn Morph option. Main reason for my love of the bubble in here Go Hard Mode or Go Home 🙂

And the Funky One goes down. #rip Ouch! Poor FaiyFaiy. #EvilWhisperer DUNGEON 2: This is vet City of Ash 1, the other non DLC pledge from the day I wanted to save this song for a recording of Blackheart Haven but it seemed to fit well Running on the Mount. #BestVisualGlitch

a BSW Inferno Please? RNGeebus says No Weakest Boss in this Dungeon. #BuffTheBanekinHandler Forgot to block because he does no real damage Still a #NoobMoment BSW Inferno Please? Noooope… The Hunt Continues #BSWinfernoPlease #NinjaSlide 10/10 Y’all know the drill

Go Hard Mode Or Go Home #Nuked

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