hello everyone this is miss put the blade and in this video’s are gonna start showing you how to bump with small size bombs and how to get a lot in in the game with the bomber in this map in Hokkaido I mean like in every other map you have a lot of medium-sized pillboxes like light bill boxes each debt big books can be destroyed with the 500-pound bombs bombs and it’s it’s not difficult at all to hit them but first thing if you want to bond with 500 pounds you need to stay under the 2,000 meters altitude that’s important because every 500 meters the bombs are missing more in the spirit of bombs is bigger so the best is go just under the 2,000 meters like I’m going now and if you go like you’re gonna see now it’s like minus 34 degrees diving so that’s maxim that you should you need to dive when you booming when you approach to the pillbox then you’re going to be very close best is to reduce speed to have like two fifty percent throttle but still you can stay in the stain that dive so you’re gonna see are gonna be like under 2,000 meters and with that you can very very easily um bom the pillboxes in Heaton so see I have on a half I reduce the throttle and now is bomber is still flying um pretty fast but he is very still actually and now I’m turning you have also two big boxes here on the right ok I will not hit that one but I could hit this one and you proceed further so then go or you go to be so easy i already have almost 500 points and still all bones didn’t drop I mean hit yet we have Lancaster in this map is very good actually to go also for other bumpers with your bumper because you can actually very easily kill them so I proceed now to a and you still have here like two big boxes and one on the left and this all needs to be done 11 see I also reduce the speed again and again more and now i can turn and still hit that last one we just need to follow that I’m is no need to follow that dot you see that cross pointer with with a circle inside venue bombing so with him you can actually see how much anger you have and then you’re aligning with bill box how much your plane is gonna turn to one side so again going to the second run I still have three bombs and look my score I am still not done I still not kill any fighter that Lancaster is still alive but maybe I can get him later you’re gonna see I have Spitfire approaching on me can I please hit that too maybe before he comes now he’s going for me you see what I’m doing now reducing speed is side under me and trying to hit him and who’s that so you need to mess up his aim it’s very

important so look to score now this is all my old games that look like so i cannot basically lose I just gained and gaining and gaining more and have liars and wines I still have one bomb but fortunately it’s too late to go do some something with that bomb maybe I can still do it some closest target you can reduce speed flab zone turn faster well they’re coming for me I think so i need to run yeah that spirit is definitely going for me so CI I back off again and now he’s gonna be dead and this is all do it you just need to mess up his aim he needs to overshoot you even if your big like a [ __ ] spaceship and that’s the key to be successful boomer books going on and it’s still rising I still have that one boom is gone we can clear that bill books add green and then go to land yeah and this is how you have fun with that I am too long now that’s true but I can do that I cannot do anything about it for now I can just only try to hit that last bit books and go to land we are pretty much in good shape whole team okay I throw and now I need to run but it’s still a lot of them here towards 3 1 vs. 1 1 is up is still too many of them I think my son Gunners are dead but oh we still here long custard oh my god she’s going proficient you destroy [ __ ] I don’t have I don’t have undergone so this is only way to do it so she just quote no I still have incoming and I don’t know what else I have and you see I didn’t

I didn’t hear that guy unfortunately again this is all this stupidity that we have in the game that the writer is not working anymore that’s only only going to do something like that see we can yeah don’t know before and now it’s only one option to land and then option is belly landing in high pot in high speed landing because if you’re gonna use landing gear or flaps this could be very deadly for you it needs to be high speed it needs to be very accurate to the bottom to the ground I still too far come on just you need to go full speed so don’t lose yes so you see the score now and it’s still two of them alive and I can still boom I am not done yet it’s actually this game gonna pretty much show you how to be excited with the Bombers you can actually need to use Tony two flaps you’re gonna take off he is actually very short round right to take off and we don’t have nothing on the sea but we haven’t be so my games if I survive they’re always looking like that and you just need to learn all that stuff they’re gonna keep your life as much as possible because it’s not point2 so it’s not point of survive its point to make bigger durability in the air with your plane so you can get more and actually do something for the whole team there are only three bombers now but I think if tanks are gonna stop the boxes three if things are going to capture these things this point he’s already captured we can win because they probably gone out to rearm themselves but maybe I can finish the game I just need to change my clothes yeah if

I hit that too in slower I’m gonna have more than 5,000 points and this is how the bumper game supposed to look like this is very dangerous to fly here like you see because let’s see if this is going to be enough one down and the last one may be going on the roof yeah but something is still away and I don’t know what exactly so I have five and a half thousand points on the free user account so even if we lose we actually born i mean at least i won ok I see these things I think maybe the only option it’s gonna be the kill the gears or they need to capture the capture the points or kill one carrier so that’s two options because with killing a a you don’t get something everything is giveth and oh I don’t see anybody oh I see the one their boat 20 more so if you’re gonna go like here I’m going for the Stewart just don’t be on the two thousand this is very dangerous thing should kill him yeah do one you’re going to see a lot of these games again in other maps this was for ke dono and you see how much I get I mean you’re going to see know so i get 95,000 lines for this game with not using premium with not using any wagers any boosters I give three planes killed 60 ground units with 500 pound bombs on 2,000 meters

altitude so this is how much you get and this is how you need to fly this beast yeah see you next time and keep trying and keep training in that way like i do i doing it always and you see here I’m level 18 with not using premium look at the amount of money i have i have all these planes already with not using Golden Eagles I was just using them in a small amount of playing that data wins World War 2 chronicles on that nothing else no premium plane so ya see you next time I salute you and bye-bye you

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