hello folks and welcome back through the vertigo tea party and let’s play Lords of the Fallen first I want to thank Russ he is the sponsor of today’s Lords of the following video thank you very much rust for your continued support on patreon so first of all you might have noticed I have a cool new helm or at least I’m wearing a cool new helm I went through my gear long story short I kind of looked at you know I actually got the calculator out and did some math now I know that the fence writing here is a combination it’s basically a combination of the actual physical defense as well as the poise actually I think it does not ignore spose but it looks at physical defense and magical defense I think it just adds it all up 50 60 70 80 yeah it adds up all up and you have a generic defense scored I just kind of did some math found the best ratios and then you know went back and got myself to the point robbers just barely in the green I just had to had this helm because this helm looks awesome I also found out that and I guess maybe the arrowhead weapons for one of those weapons I couldn’t wheel because it ends the agility but now these weapons actually do more than my etsy daggers so yeah this was doing 12 plus 30 you see I don’t know if it’s 31 + 12 or 33 plus 15 no matter how you look at it it’s better so let’s go ahead and get started this is going to be a short session I’ve been having a lot of technical problems with this game today way our way late gnarly like early but the opposite then right as I was jumping back I knew he’s gonna do that did you ever have a lot of technical problems today I was messing around you know figuring my armor and [ __ ] out try to hit that last hit because it wouldn’t stagger him but yeah so another thing I’ve realized I haven’t been using my spells it looks like it changed my spell back to what it was damn it stop that you little [ __ ] yeah he’s got a heel unfortunately that’s fine I guess I completely screwed that up there he jumps so far dammit every time I [ __ ] press jump it’s like her it’s like slightly too far am I used to do only I [ __ ] that back attacking [ __ ] he does I hate that [ __ ] there we go but yeah so serious technical problems I kept like I would running for a little while and it would crash I’m gonna go heal up that freakin fire on the ground last forever by the way and the range is way bigger than it actually looks like on the ground like you see where it hit me and I ran way to the side but yeah I hate that fire [ __ ] but you also notice I’ve got a bunch of experience because I was messing around my builds all that and mostly frankly trying to get it to stop crashing so yeah I actually not having to reboot the entire computers to get to stop crashing I was reading the forums long story short the game’s got a lot of technical problems still after about a month of release which is real shame regardless let’s look at our experience I want to keep getting our agility up to the point that I can use that other weapon hopefully the same thing happens as soon as i unlock it i can use it and well not only use it but the weapon will be better so are the damage will be better so let’s go ahead and bank at should be points oh we’re just shy by 34 points on XP anyway so the goal today is to to clear out that bottom area where we had those two nights I’m not looking forward to repeatedly having to clear this top area though that’s not not fun frankly but I’m getting a little bit better because I again I did do a little bit practicing offline just trying different builds and again kind of cute from crashing nice i like that animation better anyway are you actually gonna attack you’re just gonna stand there all right looks like you’re just gonna stay in there works for me I was also looking at my gyms and the abilities like the various like abilities that you you get from like combining them into like your gauntlet and stuff there’s some cool [ __ ] in there I want to get this guy to come on over so I want to start using my gauntlet a bit better I just want to get him over here i’m tied him to get around over there something to hide behind unfortunately this guy’s really slow like I just partner I’m in the game with his partner on this a little bit earlier did I switch to the right spell ok I’m

on mimic which is Wow apparently everybody is a crack shot in this game unfortunately this spell like takes forever to cast and I also don’t like how it’s like it obscures my vision that’s kind of annoying to say the least but as you can see that’s some serious damage that’s the one that liked the little mimic like copies what you do pretty sweet alright let’s see xme at me or yep I really got to find a better way to kill these guys too because they are really annoying the parlor problem is that little itat stupid ass little attack he’s got there we go perfect nice that backhand attack re really can move a lot while he does it alright so let’s see if we can do better this time it’s going to heal up cuz this was pretty nasty down here I something this game seems to give you a lot of a lot of healing potions but damn every hit takes a [ __ ] load of armor or a shitload of health so I got a decent amount of health and my AC is not bad considering I’m supposed to be a row again I’m wearing very little rogue armor all right let’s do this I want to see if I can that’s a jump attack wrong thing worked out well though I tryna whoa all right I think we just crashed again hello folks we’re actually back again game crashed if this continues despite what I was just saying about not you know not missing days going forward it looks like we might miss days going forward if this doesn’t stop so yeah that’s unfortunate i already killed those enemies by the way this one they’re dead i’ve been trying to see if it’s going to crash saw him going for it hate this attack just cuz it takes so long for it to go away come on jump at me no that’s not what I said if I jump because I need you to not be there damn it that first attack like he just will not bounce back it oh for God’s sakes stop that you little [ __ ] drink like I don’t know see like that first attack he’s got a huge time before he gonna dodge but anyway so yeah if this game doesn’t stop crashing non-stop I it’s you think I was salty before with some of these mobs it’s gonna be ten times worse if I lose 45 minutes of progress because the goddamn game keeps crashing so yeah I’m going to just try to do this because I figured this is kind of a semi short section here when i try to sneak around this [ __ ] i’m still trying to learn like how close I can get before I have to whoops before I have to you know switch the sneak before they’ll hear me but yeah I’ve basically what’s happening if anybody cared just in the short version oh forgot sex with a fat finger that you idiot uh I’m just like tired of dealing with the [ __ ] at this point like I just want them to die cute ofer what the camera you know what [ __ ] it just go echo stairs and drink yeah I figured yeah this is where I thought it was by the way makes sense and this actually works out that we found that out for sure though because now I know I can go back to that smithy which I was kind of wanting to do anyway let’s do this first there was a stone wait what why is it oh it’s a stupid dogs around now there’s more than one oh whoa it was weird please camera here we go thank you fatty still over here wait how did he hit me with that range when he was out but that little camera please for God’s sakes oh wait dessert must have been another oh the other fat guy that’s in there he came out my god

these guys never leash is that what we’re doing here stop drinking you got a problem oh my god just [ __ ] die holy [ __ ] I like so tired of dealing with these same mobs over and over because the game keeps [ __ ] crashing oh no target him please thank you just die stop falling backwards let’s kill this fabulous [ __ ] come on please dajjal i press touch or at least in the same time frame that i press it how are you even moving like that fatty oh I don’t know what that was but I need to do that more often I was a good left like a several light clicks at the mess with that it was a bunch of hits in a row in a staggered him but yeah I’m getting frustrated more quickly now because like oh [ __ ] i might have to redo this because the game might crash apparently i was reading the forms i think well maybe I’ve just got some weird setting somewhere but nope apparently this is a big problem that a lot of people are having let’s put points into attributed can of course I of course we’re going to agility now the more I look at it the more i think this weapon is going to end up not even being useful because if you do the math you know our arrowhead it says and if i’m reading this right it’s got 34 base damage and then we get plus 16 because of the the scaling you mean though that doesn’t make a lot of swell I don’t know what our agility is so we get plus 16 on top of that because of the scaling but it’s got a 34 base damage but if we look at where it go it is needles i think called needles you have needles which has a base damage of 24 because you take the base i’m just doing now and we’re losing 14 down just because we’d have the agility to wear it right so 24 that would make sense that’s like 10 less base damage it does to percent more scaling but i don’t think that scaling is going to make a big enough difference i want to go ahead and try it anyway just to kind of confirm what we’re seeing because obviously agility still helps us because it increases our damage for you know these all of our weapons that are jilly based but it’s worth trying they don’t want once I’ve confirmed that i’ll probably go and put a poison i think in the area garlits so i’m getting so pissed off but may not like trying to put it on on thing but you have no idea how much trouble I’ve been fighting this [ __ ] game just to get it to work because the problem is once it starts crashing it just like you can’t even run the game at that point like you have to reboot the computer in order to get it to run again it’s been incredibly frustrating so depending on what happens here I might actually had to take a break until they patch it because apparently they’ve said we know there’s a problem we’re working on it they said that like a month ago but hopefully it’s coming soon let’s see what I was looking through the runes it looks like me like four basic different rooms if one gives physical defense that we’re talking about just armor here not shields or anything else well guess physical defense and the others are kind of self-explanatory poisoned gives poison defense fire room gives fire defense you know stuff like that now one thing I found interesting though is that the fire rooms increase your attributes scaling so that’s pretty damn good especially if you’re really strong in one attribute I can see that being super useful three percent on top of whatever it is it’s a pretty nice I’m still going to go with a poison just because I find poison be fun it’s probably not going to be ideal by any stretch but well you know give it a try maybe it’s really good who knows um so yeah we want to put you know our runes in our items I kind of want to unlock a big room let’s let’s do a big room um and let’s put like a thousand XP into it God that thing goes up really fast let’s try it flawless fire rune see a weapon gives fired excuse me + fire damage plus Phi far defense and shield ten percent a the fire damage seems like he would probably be okay I’d love to get a poison one let’s try it again just for the hell of it I’m gonna leave one big room just to have it but um oh this is a thousand okay oh ok thousands the most that you can put in ok so what the more XP you’re investing the better chances are that rooms are high quality okay so a thousand is the max alright so there’s no hits off too sure about 10,000 and getting a shitty rune which would really suck flawless luck room I guess the attribute scale were just talking about equipment capacity plus six on armor and lest block on energy loss now some of

the stuff on the gauntlet is really cool I forget which one I decided I want to go with the gauntlet and let’s see crees chance of dropping loot that’s kind of cool the projector gala increases chance of dropping loot by hurting or killing enemies with it that’s pretty cool let’s see so before the gauntlet let’s do that one first nice you’ll break me out quick runes I guess we go here to do it so you’re trying to find the one that I wanted for the gauntlets crees chance of droplet that’s kind of cool I like that but I don’t finally want to use that gauntlet breeze fire this sets enemies on fire on impact deals fire damage on detonation there’s one in particular slams the ground spawning a powerful shock wave shoots magical projectile that Pierce’s enemies explosive bomb poison blast large cone a poisonous energy that corrodes armor poisons the target Selene slowing it down and draining its health which it’s kind of nice creates forcing us cloud on the ground and slows enemies down that’s being it could be handy i guess most enemy seem to have a range attack or are already slow so it doesn’t really that seem that great which one was it there was one in particular that I really like the look of oh this is it the magic rune releases a powerful blast of magical energy that steals health from enemies they steals health which to me sounds like it heals you which obviously that could be good projectile temporarily sins target into a dimensional breach a passive shell remains that sounds pretty damn good explosive gauntlet those about to go bomb that stays in the air and keeps shooting at enemies overall that one sounds really good and so do we have any really good i like how it sorts it by most powerful by the way that’s nice it was I thought it was powered oh his magic wasn’t it yeah magic rune we don’t have any higher power runes that’s fine for the time being that’s fine where’d he go there it is so how do I have to go to this I’ll be okay there we go you have to click the item you want and then go to it I make sense common magic rune nice all right so see we’re using cunning boots and pretty much everything on the armor I want the higher power room because it gives physical defense I kind of think if I should kinda thing I want to keep it on the items that i know i’m going to keep right that just makes sense I’m just match that there we go so like this wisdom armor one it looks badass and the weight to defense ratio is pretty baller as well and it is good magical defenses overall so yeah thats that one that nominal key physical defense yep I probably should go ahead and quit everything you think does this have a rune it sure does I love this hell my love look at this helm I don’t remember if I showed off the new armor set up I have or if I lost that footage because the crash or not i think i did though so i’m not gonna bother showing it off but I’ve got a mix of everything from light armor too heavy armor based on the ratio here real quick you wants the power runes common power and plus physical 10 to physical defense yes so is it actually equipping them yeah it is okay just wanna make sure I wasn’t wasting my time and yours all right so heavy armor that’s the gloves I’m where I think everything just about i’m wearing supports that obviously later on you’ll probably want to start you know putting in putting in [ __ ] for like other stuff but so you can always spend 500 experience on small roads that’s interesting I like this system i really like that system of being able to do nice we’re going to leave about 11 because i know you can use somebody mentioned in chat sorry I forgot your name that that you can use runes to open like chess and doors of white seals so I don’t do that come and fire room damn no power rims hi your fire window that’s kind of cool and I see I’m not gonna spin like oh how its place too much more time doing this so let’s see if actually we’re not wearing any of those boots or are we just it’s got a check next to it that means I’m wearing it I think yeah so I’m not wearing these boots salutes I’ve got don’t have anything we ruined out the gauntlets yeah we did we’re not really our shield does it have one needles you know what let’s do this

let’s put a weaker power rune in there or not power word a weaker poison room that way we can test it out right poor common poison rune poison debuff we can give her a whirl make sense and again I want to make sure it actually did it because I make sure escaping Davis no wait what it didn’t do it for that oh I must not I did it for the weapon sorry let me do that real quick and then we’ll go give it a try I must have escaped too early

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