here everyone and welcome to my qualifying lap and this is something new I wanted to introduce my quarry instance these formula X books videos because I feel they’re so it needs to need addition of course this is post calm as in i’m not doing this live because that would be impossible but you’ll see here i’m on my very first flying lap which is my best because recently I mean that good in qualifying and then again I’m not very good in a wet qualifying but going actually I’m okay actually we’re going to the first sec then I’m just a tenth often signior as we carry on and I really don’t like these conditions and I’m really sorry if this is not what you want if you don’t if you don’t want it just comment and say that you should be a bit more streamlined it should just be the race or whatever we see it sing at 37 9 and then I’ll restrain my fingers at 39 building goes fast and later on this session but on my later runs I should have been proved but Cartman go in the way on my very last lap and who else was it no I made a mistake or another that but I went on to the grass Lucy I’m only two-tenths off insignia so it’s looking actually really really good because I in practice beforehand I beat Richard time and time trial I was feeling ok but unfortunately is one hundred percent weather forecast for qualifying in a hundred percent for the right of you see are showing up since 3790 you as much faster later in the session to go fastest as we carry along this back straight and we’re heading to the end of that I need to get my breaking right for this last corner it because it’s really crucial and I don’t really get the optimal line I don’t really go on acceleration very well but using a little bit occurs out the last corner and across the line it’s a 38 5 and I never improved so that’s its and it got me in sixth place seeing the race hello everyone and welcome to round 2 of 4 Xbox season 4 and we’re in Malaysia as you can see it is very wet and qualifying wet with intermediates as well now I’m thinking about putting the qualifying lap before this video course you’ve already seen it and I would have commentated on it but if you seen that that’s good and if you liked it do it if it’s not on there then don’t mind you know nevermind and I qualify in sixth place because I’m a fast lap I’d cart man hold me up but I think he was on his personal best lap so in fact it was just unlucky unlucky timing for me and I can improve my teammate doing a really good job in third place they and I’m behind Hamilton fence top map which I’ve needs dispatch quickly if I want to get a podium today I think but I’ll shrimp get to pull I think its first pole the season I call me whether gun in Australia or not my teammates in third and of course with our Williams teammates first timer teammates turned up the clothes on their head on the track get co2 pit first but we have the light here in Malaysia we’re going to start the race in wet conditions we don’t have to use both treichel I mcLaren has gone straight down the inside as we had this is horrendous weather suppose we were driving this it looks like Ferrari I think of starting at Lacey lesson through then you notice Richard that helped carry on I’ve got absolutely no grip I still might go barreling down inside Hamilton fan the aggressive move it seems but inception your house affair now I think made contact bit with condition the really poor everyone came through struggling a grid

Oh side-by-side Hamilton fan moving down is inside then rubber to fifth place re wish my steering wheel will stop scaping from me because it’s touched where’s made the stick onto a table with the those are sucker things suction things with uncle and doesn’t do a burrow you now you try and start catching stop map be difficult because he’s gotten very fast quite quickly I wasn’t meant to be planning by the way horrible sly at last corner but still mad a horrible slide as well trying to get it real climate is this game it’s a good sign not lost in the depths like I was in Australia but i doona start making inroads on stop map so that time two seconds for us to meet he’s lucky DRS isn’t on otherwise how to very attacking me as you go at the end of first set to a lap three still not used to made a couple of errors already this that if you’re enjoying this river to leave a like and a comment on something looks like I made a little bit of headway over Hamilton found this map stomach seems very out shape through there so close now I’ve actually got the spray coming into my face from his car lost connection to arte then who’s our host so that’s a bit worrying yep haven’t affair has fallen back i was at 46 one gap down is slightly versatility blistering pace we said he likes his track so I’d say that I like Korea and India and I’m good at them you it’s gonna be difficult it’s got to stop that I think has the same place I always do is stick behind him I think and weight him to force an error rate from to force now I need to force him into an error try a closer but I seem to be falling behind Italy this that you you got on this lap I’ve made errors and he’s got the time back so that’s a little bit frustrating stomach going wide they’re in the same place that Perez did although some budding goes well I just Paris because if you did I’d be overtaking him the

problem in these conditions is that closer ties don’t get some of course I get spray those made a big mistake there I’m within a second so I think I’ll be proud pitting on lap six hung at the undercut problem is I am really got that much of a pace is now focused on it not anymore at least gap up to 1.1 I need to try and keep my laps clean because in the wet where your lap is in terms of cleanliness is the fastest so our eight heads down to drop off with these wet tires this is the most demanding track for tires in terms of the load on them because of the fast corners so maybe that’s affecting my wet well then on to that six one point two seconds how fat is still sticking behind me though if you want to I won’t be doing a Monaco here won’t be not stopping because there’d be a stupid move within a second of stop that yeah definitely feeling it’s dirty air and I’ve lost load of time thing is the real problem is that i think my teammates in third place but i don’t know whose head on the track because I don’t get that often of a report on his position this is effing awesome laughs and hope for free we can you that as anyone pays it up front damage to his front wing into the lagoon area no I’m pissed in front by couldn’t so I’ve been told to pitts but i think my teammates going to hit however will spin out there I mean absolutely terrible and now this is a bit where my tires are hurting and his dirty yet is going to hurt so seem to have taken okay though if it’s slow Oh big mistake there from starting that I’m not gonna have a look down the inside not going to dive it down inside

you so I teammate hits it kicking ass annoyingly I would have pitted lap before this their team isn’t give me any updates it’s not like teammates up into second place as I virus from behind me and I’m not gonna be able to jump something so annoying that it seems to give you any updates so I’ll have time to root down the outside there the as the fresher dies so will you expect as we carry on that must have lost me so much time oh crap that was my hand on the steering with that yeah I team is ahead of insignia don’t cuz I’m gonna be up before my teammate who have ever seen oh I’m gonna get jumped by stop Matt though almost a hundred percent sure of two laps after my pit stop but will be on fresher tires I don’t know how good they’ll be there I start Matt’s past already Wow sick you have no more scheduled pit stops so look after your time that lines the back of me please now you to really start work you’re my place my toes probably two laps fresher than most people the car behind his own standard red car behind his running standard reps I’ve got son he’ll catch up Sam you got a pod you in Australia stole my look at the map looking into mini map in the bottom left hand corner and you’ll see ahead of the dot which is Sam is stop that and that’s kind of undercut oh god lag a horrible except that last corner to sakenley get to Sam more language Sam how to fan easy off her tail distracting me

looks like I made a mistake might be what I needed Sam is a real quick guy in this league you can even catch Sam no stop may use oak Sam Sam cat Sam don’t ah come on damn it Sam somebody’s gonna get full well my cats has jumped from my bed I was that to shock me too design for my door and closed it again or while driving from one car well come on a game whatever might so better race in Australia so far but I need better point positions in this see Sam’s has it in that first sector awful awful those Sam’s gone wide we have a corner cut that accidental now Ronnie does yeah or get away again why something I’m sorry about a squeaky pet oh I don’t know how to fix that maybe sponge yeah I know that’s a depressing thing was battling with some a if I haven’t carried on those tires i was still be battling with him so if battling with Sam his tires can still drop off yet horrible growl Scuttler really really I’m tied up right now yeah Sam’s get away again ah looks like can’t luck never goes my way especially this I’m gonna have to change the pit stop system James because this is stupid because I’ve lost so much because of the fact that you you could have told me that you’re going to pit late you always put on time because I almost always go for under color because i didn’t know when you’re pitting so we need to sort that out immediately I’m sorry to hear anything the background it’s not under black control right so Oh got to be kidding me like hers is failed

looks like an incredibly disappointing result again sixth place yes you could say there are better drivers in this league now try this happening but it wasn’t for that crappy pit stop thing I would be with stop night and forth or at least fifth and ahead of Sam misamis drive off his distance with older tires just typical oh ok me time in the gun with that and it was like no cares pretty much ran off my chances now this is the law if we take this guy we gain the point still cause it online hmm crying out loud please curse come back as savage have lost a lot of time on this lap there’s no what happened my cousin coming back got no curse this it’d be perfect i wove had fifth place if it wasn’t for the curse a teammate amazing result from him the second place I’m a disappointment but yeah look at the pit stops yeah everything’s the same I would if I wouldn’t be able to do something if it wasn’t for that pit stop so another bit down because yeah well I am because if my curtain fell we’ve had fifth and if it didn’t up the pit strategy I could have been fourth I know that my teammate was out of reach today but because the wet conditions i just can’t could be i’m just i’m not that good in the wet unfortunately um ok wet qualifying but apart from that that’s it and yes I I ocean winds in Malaysia his first win of the season i think is insignia one last time with my teammates second place excellent result then insignia and third our membership arrival it seems stop Matt and forth with a good result they’re picking a better strategy than me Sam who just held on me who had a cursed failure and up pit strategy Howard’s offense seventh here interesting battle with him surprised and a bit disappointed that I didn’t have better place than I did see wow how had my teammate finish within 2.6 seconds when I was traveling see made a mistake hammered fan just a ran a beat and then Jonesy but yeah so I finished a whole pit stop behind my teammate I’ll over a 25-percent race so that’s a bit disappointing if I’m honest we’re going

to see winner here as our shrimp but I’m gonna end it there remember to like if you enjoyed I remember describe if you haven’t already this me Alex I don’t see you next time goodbye

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