hello everyone wanted to do a quick review for you on a diaper bag backpack this is a backpack made by a company called TWELVElittle and this is a company that i just recently discovered maybe a month or two ago and i am really enjoying their products i think they’re really well made and they look really nice so this is their Companion Backpack it retails for a hundred and ninety five dollars and you can find it on their website which is twelvelittle.com you can also find this backpack and their other products on websites like nordstrom.com as well as buybuybaby and bed bath and beyond so there are a number of different places to look for TWELVElittle products so this is just a company that seems to have a design philosophy to make bags that have multiple uses besides just diaper bags I mean obviously they have the features that you want in a diaper bag but they are designed to look just like any other bag so like this backpack doesn’t scream diaper bag their other handbags definitely don’t scream diaper bag so you can have you can definitely continue to use them long after your little ones are grown and you don’t need a diaper bag anymore so i really like that design philosophy of theirs and like I said their products just look really nice and seem really well made so just to get into the Companion Backpack really quick you can see that there are a lot of exterior pockets which is a big plus for me this bag is made overall of a very very lightweight I mean this bag practically weighs nothing it might barely be over a pound in weight so it’s really not going to add a lot of bulk to what you’re carrying so the nylon material is very very lightweight and it’s very easy to wipe clean and it’s very nice and softly padded so it’s a it’s a really nice material that is definitely going to last throughout the years so we’ll just go ahead and get into all of these pockets here there is a horizontal zip pocket on the top here and then another zip pocket on the sort of exterior mommy pouch area and then there’s a very nice my favorite pocket in the entire bag this is an exterior sort of slip pocket that closes with a magnetic snap closure so the bag is very nicely trimmed with tan leather throughout the zipper pulls as well as over the zipper and this particular color is a it’s a I think it’s officially called pewter and so it’s a nice metallic gray color and I think this bag also comes in a black as well as some type of animal print I think it might be a leopard print as well so there are some color choices for this bag but i do like how this gray is nicely contrasted with the light tan leather trim so we’ll just go ahead and get into this front pocket here this is just a straight horizontal zip pocket and the leather trim i will note does create kind of a little bit of a flap that covers the zipper I mean I personally don’t really like a lot of flaps and snaps and buckles and things to to have to fumble with to get into the contents of my bag so this particular flap I mean it’s not a huge deal for me it’s not a dealbreaker by any means but it is something that you do have to kind of maneuver around in order to get inside the contents of your pocket so that’s just something to point out about this particular trim here i think i would have rather had them taken the trim and just surrounded the zipper or maybe just taken it out altogether and just left the zipper exposed so that it’s easier to get to but anyway that’s just me so inside here it’s a nice size pocket i just keep one item in there and that’s just my iphone 6s and I just have a little loopy case on there at the moment so that’s the only thing I keep in this pocket but it’s a really nice-sized pocket plenty of room to spare with the phone in there just closes with the zip and it has a nice TWELVElittle logo on the front there then in the little mommy pocket front area here it’s a really nice smooth zipper that’s got the tan leather trim and in here I just keep a lot of easy grab items and so I just have some honest company sunscreen this is my current wallet at the moment it’s a very very old something I kind of dug out of the closet it’s a Fossil coin purse and I just like the color it’s a really nice neutral metallic color works with this bag pretty well and it just has compartments to fit everything I need for credit cards coins a little bit of cash and it has a little ID window for me so it’s really nice and compact and slim so I like using this as my current wallet right now and then I have another little

coin purse there this is made by Vera Bradley and this is in a retired print called Jazzy Blooms which I just happen to love because it’s really bright and it but it still has the gray that I love so much so in this i just keep some little small toiletry items so I’ve just got some eyedrops in there some hand cream like little sample size babyganics mineral sunscreen as well as an honest company lip balm so I just keep those items in the little coin purse and I actually change or rotate this little coin purse into all of the different diaper bags that i carry and just have a little pocket pack of tissues and then some honest company hand sanitizing spray so that’s all that I keep in the front pocket here you can see it is quite large and it has very adorable animal print lining inside and its light colored like an ivory beige color and so the animals are super cute it’s a I think the Chinese zodiac the 12 little animals that this particular company is based on so all of those characters are on the lining and this is the same lining that you’ll see inside the bag as well that’s the sort of Mommy pocket and then my favorite pocket is just this one in the front which is a very very quick grab just a slip pocket and it’s very very wide but not super deep it only goes up to this it just goes up here you can see the line here but in here I just keep my very handy wipes case and this is called a Wi Pouch and this is made by an Australian-based company i’ll place a link in the description box below on where you can go to order one think right now at the moment unfortunately you can only obtain these online and you can only can order them at least for me I was only to obtain them online and had to pay international shipping and so it was quite a hefty price tag but for me was worth every penny because wipes are the number one thing that I grab for a hundred percent of the time when i’m out and about with my kids so I wanted something that was quality made and was easy to dispense the wipes and this thing is super easy for that and also keeps the wipes nice and moist for a long period of time and it’s easy top-loading with a little zipper that you just unzip like a ziploc bag you throw the wipes in and you’re good to go and this little dispenser is better than any of the other ones that I’ve used I’ve used butipods I’ve used huggies clutch and cleans this dispenser is by far the best for dispensing just one wipe at a time and without them getting tangled so I really really love this particular wipes case this is the Wi Pouch and it fits perfectly in this front slip pocket and so just give you a closer look at the slip pocket it’s a nice size I don’t think I would want to put any valuables in here because it’s so easy to grab from but you can definitely put things like wipes tissues lotions little toiletry items can also fit in here pretty nicely and it’s secured together with the very very strong magnetic closure that is my favorite pocket in the entire bag and then on the side you’ll see two bottle pockets which are really nice sized bottle pockets this one I just have my kid my kiddo’s Nalgene grip n gulp water bottle and this is a pretty nice this is a nice size bottle i think it’s a 10 ounce water bottle and it’s pretty wide base so it fits in there just fine this is a really nice sized bottle pocket and you can see it’s hopefully you can see it’s it’s definitely insulated in there so it’s going to keep your stuff hot or cold as you need it at least for a little while really nice sized bottle pockets really easy to get stuff in and out on the other side i normally keep my other kiddo’s same Nalgene grip n gulp water bottle but for the purpose of this video i just have a 9-ounce S’well bottle in there so you can see it fits just fine in there and you can definitely accommodate the taller S’well bottles the 17 ounce ones as well not a problem for this bag then in the back you can see that it’s really nicely padded it has some very thick and cushioned backpack straps that are easily adjustable with a sliding buckle and then what I like about this particular color is it has some really nice tan leather trim at the bottom of the strap there so it’s it’s just a nice little touch that they put there super nicely padded the entire back is padded however it’s not a mesh material so you

might tend to get a little sweaty back there if it’s on your back for a long period of time but not a huge deal i usually just am rotating it around my back and my stroller or wherever so it’s never really on my back long enough to have that problem and it has a nice little grab handle here and it’s made of a thin sort of nylon material nylon webbing material I guess this for me personally i think i would have wanted this grab handle to be made of a similar material to what the backpack straps are made of just for a more solid grab but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker it’s perfectly fine grab handle then at the bottom of the bag it has the nice hidden pocket that most TWELVElittle bags will have most if not all i’m not really sure if all of them do but it seems like most of them will feature some type of hidden compartment at the back or bottom of their bags so this is the one on the Companion backpack it’s trimmed in some nice leather trim on the zipper pull here and it’s a nice size pocket that’s very wide and this particular pocket opens up towards the back of the bag rather than down across the bottom so that’s one thing to take note of so in case you forget to zip it up your stuff could actually end up falling out so you might want to take that into consideration before you put anything super valuable in this particular pocket but i think this is a pocket that’s just designed to hold a lot of dirty clothes or dirty items that you want to separate from the rest of your bag in here i just keep the little change pad that i don’t typically use I don’t really need this nice or cushy of a change pad for my kids anymore but I just kept it in there to kind of show you that it’s a nice place to stash the change pad and that comes with this bag and so you can see it’s really nice and compact folds up really nicely and but it is a nice size as well it’s pretty large and it’s got a little bit of padding so it’s definitely a light change pad so hopefully you can see the nice animal print there super super cute and a nice long size to hopefully accommodate most babies so very very nice change pad and it folds up really nicely and you can keep it in that back hidden compartment or you could even keep it in the front pocket as well there’s many places that you could put this within the bag this was a nice little change pad that they included with the bag so again back to the hidden pocket in the back it goes up to close up to just right about here on the bag so it doesn’t go all the way up the backpack just stops right here now just open up the bag real quick so we just open up the nice double zips in the main compartment here it opens up really really nice and wide you can see it’s quite spacious in there you can fit a lot of stuff in here and I don’t tend to pack my bags super full I like to keep the top sort of half of my bags pretty empty for things like blankets and jackets and things that I can kind of stuff in there at the top and grab for as I need so you can see that i left the top part fairly empty so in here you can see there are multiple pockets there are two nice elastic slip pockets on the back here and then there’s two additional slip pockets on the front of the the front flap of the bag and then additionally there’s a very nice long horizontal zip pocket at the top and I really like how they put this pocket or this zip pocket on the top of the flap so that it’s easy to access you can just open it up fold the flap down and there it is right there it’s not super hidden at the bottom of the bag so you’re just digging around for it so i really like the pocket placement of this particular zip pocket really nice touch there so in there I just have a couple of things I just have one of those let’s see this is the a reusable wet bag that i always have in all of my diaper bags by disney and then i have the long strap to my JuJuBe set pieces which you’ll see in just a second those are the only two things that I keep in there but it is a really nicely-sized pocket and then right behind that I just have this is the JuJuBe medium set-piece and this is in the black magic print which I am absolutely obsessed with you’re going to see it in a lot of my other at least diaper bag videos and so in here I just usually like to keep little snacks and restaurant things for my kids

it’s pretty empty right now I do need to fill it back up so i just have like a granola bar in there and a couple of fruit strips but i also have a couple of little little animal guys in there my kids are right right now they’re really into sea animals and so these are just little figurines that I toss into their hands when we’re at restaurants to keep them busy so that’s all that’s in the medium set-piece at the moment but I usually like to fill it up with a lot more snacks than that like crackers little packages of cookies things like that and then right next to so the medium set-piece actually fit really nicely in the slip pocket and there’s two slip pockets on the front part here one of them is quite a bit wider than the other so this one’s quite wide and then this one’s a little bit just a little narrower and in there i just have the small JuJuBe set piece and in here just have some basic medical supplies some target pain-relieving spray like neosporin some band-aids gauze Boogie wipe samples things like that so that’s the small set piece and then on the two back pockets the elastic ones i just have some more restaurant needs and this is a bumkins reusable snack bag I don’t carry snacks in this particular bag i actually just use it to carry the girls’ bibs and so these are bibs made by bumkins as well and these are my absolute favorite for when babies and toddlers are eating solid foods and so this is I’ve just had this forever just ever since my kiddos who are two now ever since they started eating solid foods I’ve always used these and they have held up really really great they’re super super easy to just wipe clean anything that’s on there it has the crumb catcher pocket so again it’s made by bumkins and these are just really flexible you can just kind of scrunch them up toss them around and they’re easy to just toss in the washing machine too when they get dirty so when these bibs get dirty I just kind of fold them up scrunch them up toss them back into the little bag here and when i get home i can actually toss all three pieces i have two bibs in here so two bibs and the little bag that holds them i can toss the entire thing in the washing machine and we’re good to go super easy so then next to that I always keep a little cutlery set or utensil set for the girls while we’re out at restaurants and this particular set it’s actually two utensil sets combined into one case and these are made by a company called sugarbooger and i’ll put a link to where you can get them believe it’s on amazon.com they sell them it’s a really nice cutlery set stainless steel forks and spoons super cute little designs and they have a lot to choose from so actually my favorite part about this utensil set is the case that it comes in a nice little easy lightweight plastic case that actually closes with a with a magnet so there’s no flaps or any weird little things to maneuver around to close and open it so i really enjoyed that about this case and what’s great is that when the utensils get dirty I can just toss them back into the case close it up and then go home and just wash it as needed so I really do enjoy this particular utensil set from sugarbooger so then the rest of the bag you can see down there is quite spacious there’s plenty of room all of the rest of my things are just swimming at the bottom here so what I just have sitting on the top here is one of those little reusable shopping tote bags this is made by Kipling and so it just actually folds up into itself which is really cool so it’s a nice size little reusable shopping bag that i always keep I always try to at least keep one or two reusable shopping bags in my diaper bags just in case I need something like this when i’m out running around so this just folds up nicely into its own little pouch and zips up so it’s nice and compact then i also have a sort of keep the girls busy pouch and this particular pouch i found at the Daiso store which is like the Japanese version of the dollar store but everything in there’s a dollar fifty or at least a dollar fifty so this was a dollar fifty and I thought it was a great steal so in here you can see i have a bunch of crayons that I have amassed over the last couple of years where we have visited a bunch of different restaurants they always give kids crayons so i usually just stash those in there along with our own and a little zipper to get in and out of the mesh pocket here and then in the middle pocket i just keep a couple of notepad scratch paper and those little longer

crayola twistable crayons in there and then in the top compartment I just keep those little dollar store or target play packs got a couple of those got some stickers another play pack the stickers that came with the play pack and then some little colorful flashcards that girls like to play with when we’re at restaurants to keep them busy so this is definitely the keep them occupied pouch and then lastly i just have the JuJuBe large set piece with the wristlet strap attached this is just all the basic diapering stuff so just got diapers in there I’ve got a disposable change pad in there got some diaper cream in there and then this is the other Wi Pouch this is the larger of the two sizes this is the 60 wipes case and so earlier I showed you the 20 wipes case this is the 60 i think i only maybe have about 30 in here so you can see it’s definitely not completely full but it’s got the easy top-loading zipper closure and the very handy dispenser for pulling wipes out one at a time so again this is made by an Australian-based company and the two of these together i believe cost me about twenty dollars and then on top of that i did have to pay the international shipping which was about another twenty dollars on top of that so it cost a total of forty dollars US to get these two and i agree that’s pretty pricey especially since the shipping was basically the same price as the product itself so that was kind of a bummer but for me it was worth it to invest in really decent wipes cases that are super user friendly and just insanely cute to boot so I really am enjoying these they are definitely the best wipes cases that I’ve ever come across so far and I’ve gone through quite a few so here we go this is the bag empty hopefully you can see have a better idea of how it is configured again it’s got the zip pocket at the top flap there two slip pockets and two more elastic slip pockets on the back and all over you can see the adorable animal print lining everywhere close it up this is a really great bag that is just easy to throw around you’re not worried about it getting damaged it’s heavy-duty it’s really really nice for just throwing around you don’t have to worry about it getting super dirty either because it’s easy to wipe off clean and even i would say it’s even water resistant too I think water will just kind of roll off of this particular kind of coated nylon quilted material so super super easy when you have kids you want a bag that’s going to be able to go everywhere with you and withstand everything that you put it through and so I think this definitely meets the bill so again this is the Companion backpack made by TWELVElittle i hope this backpack review was helpful for you and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post below and I thank you very much for watching

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