You are watching the new reality show: London Overdose From the previous episode: The guys decide to test which of the two has become the most British They have a muffin-baking competition where, to the great disappointment of Marjan, Jožef wins It’s a bit lame, right? The preparations for the first London photo shoot are fully under way, for the “Mr. Joseph – Bow Tie” collection Fashion editorials are an important part of fashion, and are important for my brand So it made sense that the first photo shoot will take place in London And … no matter where we’d take the photos, people would know it was in London This is why it was very important which locations I’ve selected and of course, I selected the best ones I first had in mind that we would use old outfits, the ones we used at our pre-premiere of London Overdose But when those outfits arrived to London, and we tried them on with the girls, I decided that it would be better to use new ones, our outfits from the new collection, so I can show something new When Marjan showed the promo outfits to me for the first time, the ones that we were supposed to wear for the photo shoot, I was honestly a bit Uhhh First, I’m not sure this will look good on me, And second … I mean, it was like a cheerleading outfit with a wide skirt and in very bright red and blue colour Uhm And I told him, “So you want me to be a majorette?” And he was like, “No!” So I was like “I don’t know …” So that, uhm I didn’t particularly like it But then I come home from work one day, and he says “I completely changed the styling” “So I can adapt to you girls,” which I thought was really nice Uhm And then he showed me the new outfits, Uhm And for me … I first tried on the black skirt, which was ok, but I much more preferred the pants I myself always wear pants, I rarely wear skirts, So, in the end, I decided that I’d rather have pants and he was totally ok with that The clothes from the new collection are being made just now, and to complete them, I needed a few tidbits, and thank god, there are many stores in London that hold Swarowski crystals And I went to my favourite, and bought what I still needed The clothes from the new collection are being made as it is, and I chose two, or rather, two such stylings that would fit the girls the most I tested them and according to the girls’ responses, they liked it I think this is it, I think the girls will do a good job Yeah, the clothes that he made were really, really good Especially the coat, I really liked it, it’s more my style So, yeah, I was quite satisfied We had no idea what the stylings would look like, and then we were very surprised and we actually liked it a lot I was more of a classic, elegant lady, and Aeon was more on the wild side, dangerous, but we liked them a lot and we could put ourselves in character

To first set the schedule and manage all these people, from the hairdresser, to the makeup artist, the roommates, Jožef, that’s a huge problem because, I don’t know, if I decided to go with professional models, I’d just set a date and the problem would be solved But now, that’s not the way it went I work all day long, day by day, I’m really tired, but still, we can do this, we can power through We had already chosen Friday, but it didn’t work out Uhm It didn’t work out because I unexpectedly had to go to work, and then the next day I had off was Tuesday, so Araelia also took a day off, but Jožef unfortunately had to go to work immediately after the shoot He started his work at 5 PM And then it’s the day of the shoot and of course, everyone is late for the hairdresser’s Great I overslept They say … A bad start a good finish, or something I hope that’s true because already in the morning, they put me in a bad mood But you cannot show it If you do, the whole team will be put in a bad mood and become depressed, and we can’t have that Let’s go. – Almost time for the shoot! Let’s go let’s go I of course chose the hair and makeup We went to a nearby salon, where we’re regulars Wherever we go, we of course need to explain what we’re doing because to every person, if they’ll be in the video, even for a couple of seconds, you need to tell them so they know And if we were just recording it, it would be weird, like, “Why is that person recording?” It’s not ok, you know But most of the people we talked to were excited about it, and they easily agreed to it, so there were no issues I’m nervous Nah, everything will be fine I’ve never had professional makeup on before, so to me, it was very interesting, how much work it took There are many layers and all angles are highlighted From shading to fake eyelashes, to contouring, as it’s called It was really interesting Like, a really interesting experience Really nice Me and Aru, we’re totally hawt We had actual professional makeup done today, and that’s a lot of layers It’s really like, they actually draw your face on And they do the best angles, so you look as good as possible Of course it’s not hard if the base is pretty, hahahah I’m kidding, but, uhm We really liked it, I really liked the styling, I was like, if only I could do such makeup myself And the long eyelashes, where you basically flap them, amazeballs, it was so much fun I’m basically perfect, right, so not a lot of work was necessary for me A bit of hair, a bit of powder, That’s it I’m good to go Once you have the hair and make up done, you’re already in the element We’re in the movie – we’re models now, we’re ladies All was of course fine, but it took time, and more time, as usual And it’s a good thing that the ride showed up because the photographer had already arrived to the first location And that costs a lot The adrenaline is pumping, wooohoo Well, adrenaline is not a bad thing, uhm there needs to be a little bit Yeah. – For the energy, right! So it keeps you on your toes Yeah It will We’ll be fine, we’ll be fine Yeah, everything will be fine. – We need to get there ASAP ASAP. – Well, you know We’re late. – Ten more minutes How late are we? – We’re twenty minutes late Twenty minutes? It’s going to be half an hour, you did say half an hour, right? Yeah I called the photographer and asked him to wait for us for a bit The team will wait. – Yeah But we’ll still have to pay for it probably, right? -Yep It’s like this Time is money It’s a way of thinking that hasn’t yet reached Slovenia, but it should have I did my nails in the car, on the way,

because I didn’t have time before I hope he’s not totally nervous And angry. – You know he is Of course he is. – He’s shaking probably. Just kidding “Where have you been?!!” “Where are you?!!” It’s a good thing he doesn’t have his phone, so he can’t call Well, our first location is one of the most beautiful stations in London, and only a few people know that this is the place where they shot that scene from Harry Potter, where Harry boards the train Our first location is King’s Cross, in the cage, the cage for … birds. – The birdcage! The birdcage! It’s very big, white, now there will probably be a lot of people so I’m a bit, like – Awkward! No no no, just The attention. – Yeah, it’s the attention Each photo shoot involves many things So Who was the one carrying hairsprays, needles, and all the spare stuff for the photo shoot? Me, of course Like always When we’ll be Versace-rich, we’ll have personal porters It was great, the first photos were done, some of them were really good, and Let’s go, like on a production line, moving on to the next The things actually started going great, and I was surprised at myself, that I didn’t feel like uhm, uncomfortable or that I didn’t think to much with how I look like, with how I want to look like So I really, really liked it It’s interesting, it’s really interesting I was really pleasantly surprised by the girls, they were very professional, and they did a great job I hope they’ll keep it up And, we’re moving on, fast We’re going to Tower Bridge now, and we’ll take photos in that well-known area By the river There’s business districts, art districts, and bridges, and it’s very nice So we’re hoping to get something with the sights in the background, maybe with Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, maybe even Tate Modern, and all of those famous skyscrapers, The Shard, The Cheesegrater, The Walkie-Talkie We’re hoping to capture them in the background and, well, London The feet are really hurting, yeah The heels are super tall, but it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s great It’s happening The point of the photo shoot are bow ties and Jožef and the idea was that he was accompanied by two beautiful women And thank god that the girls were game, but towards the end of it, it looks like I was too optimistic Because they already created two little accidents During the move from one location to the other, we were of curse using the Tube, because it’s the fastest way, or rather, the fastest transportation method around London But Aru of course sat down and the skirt burst at the seam, and I had to sew again Thank god that I can Fourty-five more Please prepare the scissors The scissors are here Look, I had to move, I couldn’t have known that the skirt would burst Right, it’s not my fault It wasn’t well-made. Ssshhh People are used to everything in London, so it wasn’t at all weird that Marjan was sewing it on me on the Tube I’ve seen people clip their nails, eat chicken, seriously This was nothing Like MacGyver Nothing should surprise us We fixed the skirt and … moving on And while we were walking towards the second location, Aeon, again, wasn’t careful Boom Wait wait wait Wait, wait Lift your foot Aru, come. – Hold it And I suddenly felt like like I tottered a bit And then … suddenly I felt the weight on my foot And I was like, “What?!” And then I almost fell I looked down, And I was dragging … The heel got stuck in the grate, the grate of the drain, I don’t know what it’s called, and I was like, “Whooow, hold me, hold me!” Torture I barely retained my balance,

and then we together … I tried it myself first, then Marjan tried, Araelia, and then we finally, finally got that shoe unstuck We have lip balm, I have lip balm, if you want it I mean What? You’re going to break it! B***h you’ll break it! Aaaah! Oh f**** ****** Ok! Ok! It’s fine, it’s fine! Damn, this was something else Oh s**t, really We have it We have it, yeah Let’s put it back. – Cinderella This was pure Cinderella, am I right? Cinderella In London, watch where you’re walking One might have a breakdown I thought we’d have to have the photo shoot right then and there Will she take that drain grate with her, or what are we going to do? Terrible Aru, careful Careful, careful We won’t lose any heels No skirt will fall apart And we’re at location no. 2 We fixed them up a bit Makeup, hair, and then we began The photo shoot went great, I had to give them some directions, and the two of them got it Jožef is a model anyway, so he’s been to a photo shoot or two, right The preparations for the shoot began already in the morning, the photo shoot lasted all day, it was strenuous We shot all the promo material for Mr. Joseph Bow Tie, but, if I draw the line, even though I haven’t seen the photos yet, if I draw the line, I think we did it properly I think it’ll be great For me, the photo shoot was a lot of fun, it was strenuous, but because we did it in the middle of the week, I took a day off, which broke my routine a bit, and the week went by faster, and the weekend was here suddenly Uhm … It was difficult, you’re wearing heels, it’s cold, you’re stretching, then this and that But I have to say we clicked with the photographer, and I felt that the photos were also good, so I don’t know, maybe I’d do it again Uhm Definitely, I’d prefer to do a portrait Like Somewhere warm, in a nice dress Instead of somewhere outside, in the cold, in the heels But, I might do it again The photo shoot was very interesting, it was a great experience for me But it was also actually very strenuous I think it took a total of seven hours Uhm And standing in high heels, moving around, finding the right positions, constantly finding the right positions, it’s quite strenuous for one’s body But it was still really, really ok But if someone asks again, if I’d do another photo shoot, I think I’ll have to think twice Well well well, it wasn’t that bad I thought of everyone and of me this time as well, so I boiled and prepared home-made mulled wine, from Slovenia, and gave them a bit of a treat I think it was quite ok We even brought a little wine The girls did their job in a truly professional manner And they didn’t even eat since morning And they didn’t complain Jožef was professional, as always And he paid attention to the girls I think that the photos will really be top-notch and I cannot wait to see them So Jožef, Aru, and Aeon power to you, you were amazing Love you, Marjan does In the next episode: Living and trying to prove oneself abroad is starting to show its strain Marjan and Jožef, wanting to prove themselves, face growing exhaustion What keeps them going are their desire to succeed and optimism Follow London Overdose live also on Snapchat: Subtitles: Silmaril Language Services www.silmaril.si

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