hello everyone today I’m going to do a very highly requested video I’m going to share with you my Holy Grail skincare and as many of you know I’m constantly testing new skincare I have tried almost every single sk2 product on the market and I have worked my way through tons of skincare brands over my lifetime so I started with Shiseido as a teenager and have worked my way up so I’m going to share with you my Holy Grail skincare items the ones that I really cannot live without and I’m going to start with the cleansers and even though this is my holy grail series that do you have pretty much two in every category that I really cannot live without so just warning you this is going to be a long video first are my cleansing oils and I’m huge on removing makeup so I like to remove my makeup and then actually wash my face so I like to use two of these these are the Tasha pure one-step camellia cleansing oil I absolutely love this one it’s really expensive though I have a bunch of notes here for pricing this is 5 ounces for $48 whereas the Shu Maura Antioch CA is 15 point 2 ounces for $77 so this is a bargain buy in comparison to the Tasha but I absolutely love the Tasha because it has a really thick gel texture that’s really easy to use and I think it’s less intimidating than the thinner traditional cleansing oils this one does feel slightly like a gel but the Tasha is best for those who are just starting out with a cleansing oil who are kind of irked by the idea of using an oil so I really highly recommend this one it emulsifies a little bit better and the creamy and rich gel texture really makes it easy to use so I really love both of these but I do think that the show and laura is more economical and if you are a pro cleansing oil user then you probably feel like this is enough now for my top two cleansers pretty much everything that I’m going to show in my Holy Grail is from SK – clay – polymer etcetera so it is pretty pricey stuff and again that’s why I’m doing the affordable options at the very end of this again this video is going to be incredibly long but just stay tuned or fast-forward so my favorite gentle cleansing foam is by clay 2po and this is the newest to join my holy grail ranks I’ve only used this for about two and a half weeks or so but the first time I used it I had the angel singing moment it has a really truly gentle formula it’s super plush silky smooth and doesn’t strip my face whatsoever I have normal to dry skin probably should have mentioned that earlier I have normal to dry skin with dryness around the cheeks here I can have dryness around my nose and flaky bits here and there I have some hormonal acne some pimples occasionally but I only have some acne scarring left over from my really bad bout of cystic acne last year from waxing so never wax your face learn your lesson from me the hard way so before that I never had acne even as a teenager it was really minimal so I never had acne prone skin I still don’t have acne prone skin – the aforementioned hormonal pimples but you know what at the end of the day it helped me figure out what acne products work and what don’t so now I can recommend them to you okay so anyway going back to the cleansers I really love the clay dopo cleansing foam because it is truly the most remarkable cleansing foam I’ve ever used it is kind of expensive it’s $63 but a little goes a long way and it’s like the shisei dough and equity on closing foams on steroids it just feels so so luxurious and I really don’t have those angels singing moments very often anymore just because I’ve tried pretty much everything under the Sun but I will say that the clay dough is pretty amazing so now for a cleansing gel this is a little mer cleansing gel and some people with normal to dress can find this too drying but actually I find it really refreshing so when I’ve had a long day and I’ve worn a lot of makeup like when I film or if it was just super sweaty outside or if I took Bo on a hike then I like to use a cleansing gel because I really feel like it really has a cooling texture and it’s just really plush for a cleansing gel so I highly recommend this especially if you have normal to oily skin and now finally moving on to toners so most of you know by now that the sk-ii facial treatment clear lotion is probably one of my favorite skincare products ever and this is the product that helped me normalize my t-zone and I went from combination oily skin to normal dry skin some people don’t think it’s that effective other people say it makes them break out but I have sensitive skin and this has never made me break out it’s really gentle but effective so I highly recommend this one because it’s alcohol free next up is my chasse no odor mean and this is $56 whereas this is $70 so it’s a little bit cheaper and the Shiseido is awesome

because it makes my skin feel really really soft so I feel like the sk 2 is more of a clarifying toner it really makes my skin feel clean whereas the shadow should say fo you to mean is more of a plush toner it makes my skin feel really really supple and soft so I love both of these toners for different reasons I tend to use the sk 2 in the morning and the Shiseido at night now for essence I am continuing this pattern of twos here sorry I like both equally it just really depends on your skin type and your preferences skin care super personal so something that I love may not work for you but hey it’s always worth a shot right so here we have essences and these are literally liquid serum so they’re in between a toner and a serum so I use two I use the SK 2 facial treatment essence and I use the lxp by SK 2 as well so the regular essence I use when I have breakouts when I when my skin feels more sensitive and I use the lxp when my skin is feeling more dry this is a lot more rich and it actually even feels heavier in your hand in your palms i doused this on my palms and then tap it into my face so I can definitely feel the weightiness of this formula the regular formula is a little bit lighter it has more of a Saki scent whereas the lxp is scent free so I love both this was a lot more expensive so if you’re just starting out I highly recommend using the SK 2 regular FTE and for those who have asked me this question in the past yes I do notice a difference now that I have added the FTE to my facial treatment clear lotion as well as additional serums it just makes my skin more soft more radiant and people always tell me you know because I complain about my scarring – makeup artists and my friends and everyone tells me but your skin looks so plump and it has vitality you know I still have my collagen and everything even after my really really terrible acne so I feel like you know skq has made the most difference in my skin so now we’re going to move on to my moisturizers first I’m going to start with my daytime moisturizers and then I’m going to move on to my nighttime moisturizers so the difference is that my daytime moisturizers have SPF and when I had combination to oily skin I avoided these kind of moisturizers like they were the plague now I absolutely love them I can’t live without them I wear these and then add sunscreen on top so I’m really big on Sun care so these are my two favorites so when I have less dry skin it’s more normal skin I use the gentle protective emulsion from clay 2po and this has a sunscreen of an SPF of 22 so I love this because it’s like it’s silky it does have a slight white cast to it but I love how quickly it absorbs and it makes my skin feel so baby soft so I really love this for the way it makes my skin feel and sometimes I use the Shiseido future solution LX and this is also fairly recent to my collection as well but my skin has been feeling a lot more dry recently I just got back from Beijing so the travel made my skin kind of yo-yo a little bit so it’s feeling a little bit more dry than it should and this has helped a lot so this one’s $240 whereas the cleanup PO is let me check my list it is $130 so there is a pretty hefty difference and I feel like if you have really dry skin this is definitely a luxurious treat this is better if you have combination to normal skin now for my favourite to nighttime moisturizers I have been using the SK 2 stem power for quite a long time in it’s called essential power but it’s the same thing it’s just called stem power in Asia and I have the Asian version with Japanese writing on the back so I love this cream because it is the best anti-aging moisturizer that I’ve ever used it absorbs quickly it doesn’t have a funky scent it just works it makes my skin look and feel more plump more firm the shanteek I rose to my cream is pretty freakin fabulous I discovered this during the glam 100 Awards when I was a judge and I was so excited it was a really fun event and I fell absolutely in love with this it has a really quickly absorbing texture it just makes my skin looks so luminous and healthy and for those who perform or prefer more natural skin care the Shanta Chi is the way to go this is a pretty hefty investment this is about 210 dollars I think the stem power may even be a little bit more I forgot to write down the price of this one but the Shanta kiyah is really awesome if you’re a little bit younger and you’re afraid to use a really hefty you know power player like the stem power cream so I highly recommend the Shanta Chi for all age types it has a slightly herbal rose scent which I was not a fan of at first but the texture just won me over so I absolutely love everything about this cream now and I use this most often during my hormonal stages so if you have acne I feel like this really calms down

the skin and it actually makes your redness less visible so definitely give this a shot now we’re going to move into the treatments or serums so let’s begin with the three laps to per H serum and in combination these are what really helped contribute to my now normal skin and when I got from combination skin to normal skin a lot of people ask me what is it so it’s pretty much a combination of hormones aging and products so for me I know that these two products really work because I use them together and they were pretty much all that I was using at one point because the super H serum is so so amazing so again this clarified my skin after cleansing but the three labs super H serum is probably the best anti-aging serum I’ve ever used it’s superlight so if you have combination or oily skin it’s perfect for you because it’s great for minimal coverage I know a lot of those with oily and combination skin don’t like to layer too much skincare but this one’s super light super fast absorbing and if you have dry skin it’s great because you can layer lots more products on top of it without your skin feeling like it’s being weighed down by product so either way it works universally well for all skin types and all skin concerns it helps with dry patches wrinkles aging it just helps with everything and when I use this at the very tail end of my acne experience when my skin was purple from healing scars it was really really awful I could barely look in the mirror it was almost worse than having active red acne because the scars are just so deep and so purple but ultimately I do feel like this 3 Labs serum is what kept my skin looking at healthy as possible it helped my purple scars fade as quickly as possible and I do feel like even though this serum is the most expensive that I’ve used thus far it’s definitely worth another purchase and since I have used this up I will be getting another bottle because it is that phenomenal and now for my two favorite serums that aren’t anti-aging so these are both whitening products and I’ll start with the aura or aura bright this essence or serum is meant to be used all over the face and this is the only product that I’ve ever used thus far that actually whitens my face so after four weeks I use this both morning and night and it made my face so much fairer that I had to buy foundations one shade lighter so this product really really works it makes your skin brighter it makes it more luminous and it just really really works so I highly recommend this because it really does exfoliate the skin the cell turnover is quicker this is not a hydrating serum however so I highly recommend layering if you have normal to dry skin you have to put something more hydrating on top so this is actually really really good for oily and combination skin and I just feel like it’s one of the most powerful whitening treatments out there if you don’t want whiter skin if you fake tan and you want you to lose that effect then try the whitening the power spot specialist instead but overall if you’re looking for a more radiant skin tone then definitely look for this product just because it does work now going back to the power spot specialist this is actually one of us can use most hydrating products in my opinion and I really love this one for acne scarring it works a lot more slowly than the Salou mination aura because obviously scars take a lot more time to heal and you’ll probably have to use one full bottle if not a second to really see results but healing scars with a cosmetic product doesn’t really come easily so you just have to stick it out and I feel like it does work it’s made my scars lighter for sure so I really really love this and I feel like of all the scarring products that I’ve tried because it is so hydrating it does work a little bit better and now for my favorite eye cream which is the stem power eye cream so this just launched in Asia but I’ve actually been using it for the last three or four months and I really really love it because it is the perfect eye cream for me I don’t have any eye wrinkles I do have some fine lines from laughing and you know nature it’s natural to have some fine lines but overall I don’t really have any issues with wrinkles but the stem power is perfect because it has just the right amount of moisture so the FTE eye is a little bit too light for me and I feel like the signature even though in the winter I really love it I feel like all year round the stem power eye cream is perfect because it hydrates it’s smooth but it doesn’t make my skin feel weighed down and it doesn’t cause any millio whatsoever so I highly recommend this I’m not sure when it’s launching in the United States but it has launched in Asia so if you have friends that live out there or travel to Asia then definitely ask them to pick this up because it has a really really wonderful smooth creamy texture and to wrap up the everyday skincare that I use I have my Eve LOM sunscreen this is the daily protection SPF 50 and this is one of the best sunscreens that I’ve ever tried so

if you have normal to dry skin you’re going to absolutely love this if you have combination to oily skin it might be a little bit too dewy for you so I’ll have I’ll recommend other things at the affordable section of this video but the evil aam is just so wonderful because it makes my skin look and feel amazing and it works so incredibly well with one of my top five foundations which is the new sizzling foundation I have a top five foundations video and I want to get here in case you’re interested in it but the Eve LOM works amazingly well with assistly every time I wear the evil and the sicily together people ask me in videos what are you wearing your skin looks so luminous and doing so yeah I absolutely love this and now we are moving on to masks so I love masks and these are my absolute favorites so this first we have the SK to Durham revival mask which I’ve talked about before this mask was introduced to me by my mother it’s her favorite mask and I am a convert now it just hydrates plums it actually reduces redness when I had a big cystic acne pimple here it was super red and throbbing but after I use this mask it was much smaller you could barely see it anymore so I really really love this I think it works so well it has a thicker gel consistency not quite as tacky as the traditional SK 2 facial treatment mask that’s great for moisture but this does more it makes my skin plumped more even toned and it just soaks into the skin really really well so I highly recommend this I use that all the time when I’m flying and yes I’m one of those crazy people that uses a paper mask on a plane I have no shame ok now for another facial mask this is a relatively new skincare brand this is one one skin but this is a bio cellulose facial treatment mask and I will admit I like the SK two mask just a tad bit better but this one also brightens and moisturizes as well so I feel like they recommend you use this up to three times a week so this is better for everyday use whereas this is best for a special event or when you’re flying or traveling so definitely give both of these a try now for my favourite I mask this is by Tasha just like the cleansing oil I talked about in the very beginning these are the deep hydration revitalizing eye masks I absolutely love Tasha’s packaging but I really love these because they’re super hydrating and they really do make my arieh plumped up so if i have fine lines from lack sleep dehydration this cures it all so i love these i highly recommend you give them a try and finally let’s talk about the affordable skin care that i recommend so the Kate Somerville D scar is a pretty amazing product I think out of all the affordable skin care that I’m going to show you today this is my favorite I love the applicator it has a metal rollerball and you just squeeze the product out and apply it so it has a cooling effect and the serum itself seems to be working I’ve only used different for days now but I feel like it’s working already so I highly recommend this one and especially since the sk2 whitening spot specialist is pretty expensive I think the Kate Somerville is a better alternative if you are looking for something more budget-friendly now for masks I’m really big on masks these days so I’m just going to talk about these this is the creme our lab white bloom triple bright floral mask and this is also a brightening mask it’s super refreshing it’s hydrating not quite as hydrating as the SK to you or the one-one-one skin masks by any means but it is a pretty good mask for the price and I like this because it smell nice the cotton is exceptionally thin I like really thick plush cotton but this is a really interesting mask and I think that I’ll try more of these in the future just because they are a really good alternative to using masks every day some women use masks every day that would probably make me go broke but I feel like these creme or labs are inexpensive enough where you can use them really often so this one’s a good one and it’s from peach and Lily calm they have the best selection of cream skin care if that’s what you’re looking for and now for my favorite affordable masks this is by etude house and this is probably the only a to house product that I like I’ve tried a bunch of it thus far and I really don’t think any of it’s that good especially considering it has rave reviews online but the collagen eye gel patch is really really good for the price I think it is probably one of the best budget skin care products I’ve ever found and I have to thank my friend nayoung for this because she’s the one that recommended it to me so these gel patches feel really cooling on the eyes they actually do work the effect is a lot more temporary than with something like the Tasha I pad i patch –is but I feel like for the price you can’t really go wrong with this now for an affordable cleanser this is the equatorial foaming cleanser and prior to finding the Lumiere cleansing gel and the clay dopo cleansing foam this was my favorite I was using this day and night because it’s really that wonderful this is only $30 compared to the a lot more expensive products that I use everyday now but I feel like this is a great product for the price it’s not too drying it doesn’t strip the skin and whether you have oily

skin or combination skin or normal skin or dry skin you can use this product so definitely give this a shot and the echo x brightening toner is also really good as well and now for another toner so this is the B the skin botanical nutrition power toner this is also a Korean product and I really love this for all skin types as well the equity on brightening toner is great since it does brighten but this one is more of a nutritional toner it really makes your skin feel moisturized and healthy and plump and if you have dry skin you definitely want to give this a try it’s only $29 so it won’t set you back too much and it’s a pretty good amount of product so I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a more moisturizing toner now for essence not only does this my Zhaan melih defense white capsule essence have a really cute bottle I mean it’s pink packaging come on with flowers on it it’s really irresistible this is a really affordable essence so you use this after toner before any other of any of your other serums so if you use an anti-aging serum you would use this first so this is a really good alternative to the sk two so lumination aura just don’t expect to see results nearly as quickly like I’ve mentioned before I saw results with the SK true for weeks after it first started using it but I don’t feel like the my Zhaan will give you the same results this is only $34 and the sk two product is $160 so that’s a pretty big Princeton price and I think it shows it on my face this is a power player it gives phenomenal results whereas the mais LAN is a much gentler formula so you’re going to have to use at least a full bottle or two to really see something significant it does work it does make my skin look and feel brighter but it’s not necessarily a whitening product the way the sk2 aura is overall though for the price the packaging the product itself you really can’t go wrong with it it’s $34 you know so definitely give this one a shot and this one is used after toner before your other serums and now we have the creme our lab smooth pudding and this is actually a fairly fairly good dupe I would say for the Shanta Cairo’s de Mai cream I don’t think I would find anything that replaces it but at least it mimics at least this creme or lab mimics the texture of it it has a really lightweight finish just like the Shanta kind it doesn’t feel quite like a gel it actually looks like a cream in the pot but when you put it on your face it really warms up and it just glides on so that’s why I do like this smooth pudding face cream and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a more affordable version of the Shanta kind and now that we’ve discussed the creme more lab which is similar to the Shanta Chi now I’m going to talk to you about the olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream which is similar to this stem power so this is an anti-aging cream and it lifts it firms and it does a lot of what the SK 2 cream does except it comes with a $40 price tag which is a lot more affordable than the stem power and of course again it’s not going to give you stem power results but it does have a really silky easy to apply texture it has a slightly floral scent and the stem power is fragrance free so if you’re sensitive to fragrance definitely stick to the stem power but for 40 bucks you can’t really go wrong with this anti-aging cream I feel like it’s the best thing that you can find at your drugstore and now last but not least for this incredibly long video thank you so much for watching if you stayed with me best butter is the Shiseido’s sunscreen so this is the urban environment oil for a sunscreen I’ve used the face cream in the blue tube for years recently I’ve been trying this one I’ve used the full bottle of this before in college but I feel like this is better for normal to combination and oily skin which is why I’m showing this one because I know a lot of my subscribers do have oily skin I feel like because it has a water light formula it absorbs faster and it drives down to a slightly slightly powdery finish so I feel like that works better on oily t-zone zand for people who are just oily all over now if you do have dry skin use the blue tube this is a toe sunscreen cream because it’s more moisturizing but overall I feel like the urban environment is a good place to start so I highly recommend you wear sunscreen all day every day even if you stay indoors and even if it’s cloudy outside you must wear sunscreen so please remember to wear your sunscreen because that is the best way to prevent aging to prevent wrinkles and sunspots prevent the damage before it starts and with that being said that’s a wrap so thanks so much for tuning in everyone and if you have questions I will try to get back to you as soon as possible sometimes it’s hard for me to get to all the comments because I get a ton of questions especially regarding skincare but I’ll do my best to get back to you so thanks so much for watching everyone and I’ll see you soon bye

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