hey guys so today I’m gonna film like a chitchat get rid of me but on my channel I call it a gay playing with me because I feel like everything me so overuse on youtube so I wanted to create a new name for it this for my channel grow slowly so I’m kind of just winging it i’m going to use the morphe 35o palette and 50 palette again you would have seen it in my last tour which should be uploaded by now but i’m in my dorm room as you can see um so I’m filling this on a Sunday we just tell you why I look really tired just dead but I’m going to make myself look beat to the gods so I always saw off my eyebrows and I’m going to be like talking kind of like within it within the video but yeah so I start my eyebrows because i don’t know i don’t like the way my eyebrows look when i get like foundation in them and stuff I feel like it makes my eyebrow product slide around and just don’t it doesn’t look as good tinny so I just kind of work around them after i do and i’m using the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow this one is in ebony and i added some oil to this because you know it gets dried dried up and that’s why this one looks kind of like mingled but yeah this is my brow routine and i’m going to try to i’m going to try the first time I’m doing my browser my recent browse on camera my old rocket orders are still around I might be to them I don’t know oh yeah this is how I do the brows so I start with this one cuz this one clearly needs more help and I first had a match up the thickness of my brow because clearly they’re not as thick well this was not a stochastic other and I am long gated us a little bit but I’m very I’m a hairy individual so my hairline kind of connects with my eyebrow I said I’m just matching up the thickness of this route to the other brow this one um the hairs under this route our little more sparse than the other one so I kind of just fill that in first and then I go ahead and elongate the tail I like my brows look very natural so I leave gaps in the brow and I leave the front pretty free of product so the hairs can really show through even after i finish filling them in and to make the brush a little thinner all i do is to squeeze the bristles together while there’s product in the brush and it makes the brush very thin and it makes really clean and thin lines on the Browse also when I line the top of my brow I always make sure that I start a little farther back because if I start at the very beginning of the brown my eyes my eyebrows tend to look blocky and unnatural so I can leave that little gap the hair show through more and they will look really wispy and Harry looking and I really like that Harry look and if I ever take product in the front of my eyebrows it’s because one of my brows goes in further towards my nose then the other one does so that’s me just trying to fix it then angle brush just like this and some concealers now this one is sephora as a bright future jealous tearoom concealer and then this is LA girls pro conceal and this one is in beautiful bronze and this one is in doo doo is it those they are Dolce who say don’t a this one is in dulce de leche which is like a really yellow color which is why I add it to this concealer but it’s not as yellow and just put a very small amount I really don’t need a lot at all because I like my office look really natural I just put a little bit of this in there and then i blend it around with this brush when it comes to cleaning of my eyebrows with concealer i really only clean the bottom of my brow and if i do clean anywhere else anywhere else it’s usually the tail because i do notice that sometimes i get a little sloppy with the dipbrow on my tail so i usually just use the concealer to clean up but i usually never clean up the top of my

eyebrows I find that look to be very unnatural and doesn’t fit my style so I think these browse our okay pretty good I give them an 8 out of 10 fer my pert like my personal perfect crowd and I just go in with Maybelline brow drama sculpting brow mascara and transparent for this I pushed the front hairs up and the tail here’s to the side arch is a little bit higher but that’s fine I browse our sisters nothing i’m using um most mineral eyeshadow primer and I always set this with powder I’m just going to take this off while this concealer brush from ELF and some translucent powder whatever is on the lids and just set it this just helps it from not creasing under the eyeshadow because most I saw the bases are sticky I like to set it and I’ll help it it will help you blend your colors instead of making it a set of the base making it patchy there you go use your words Bobby I’m going to grab the 35 them again and I’m going to take this shade right here and with my BH Cosmetics um big blending brush I don’t know if it’s called a large running rush not sure but I’m going to put this in my upper crease add a brothel in Holly brow bone highlight just gonna use this one right here yep I feel like that i mean really takes away how contantly blended your transition shade what’s jonathan’s I took a lighter color and I added it I think today I’m going to use gold and I’m going to take this one has like a peachy on this on this looks like Bellini from the shadow couture palette kind of and I’m just going to put this all over my lid and I don’t like it I already don’t like it it’s gonna put a little bit for evenness but I don’t like that shadow I’m going to take this pure gold color right here took my nail in it one would be this one take this color into my crease it’s called the right here it’s like a warm brown and I can’t use this way I’m going to use this elf blending brush this is the studio line was calling cute right I’m gonna take this rock brown right here this is the darkest and the palette they think much I’m going to take that same brush type tap lightly into it I just take that right on that outer corner there when I was saying here is that I didn’t want to take the color past the arch of my eyebrow I was going to take the edge of the brush and just sleep it into the

transition shape a little bit I’m holding it like black side against my I read and just moving it set me up there I couldn’t find a pencil brush so I’m going to use this angle brush and I’m going to take that same dark brown and kind of like Adly added to the actual user Park shadow one moment so I’m either going to take this black from the maple in the nudes palette or this no name palette black which is like super fun I think I’m going to go for the real name palette you take that same bluish and just when will it out I like this okay liquid eyeliner time I’m using nyc’s and one sees liquid eyeliner black when you’re done now i’m going to just wear some mascara no false lashes for this look Tess girl and I haven’t really been talking about anything in this video different experience but I shouldn’t bring up a little discussion while I do it because I’m like really how they need to you about that and i’m going to start it now how do you guys feel about mac and sephora like I’m not really a mad girl I’ve definitely have some mac products can’t lie i’m not really a mac kind of girl I’m more for Sephora type of girl but I noticed with so for others some things I just don’t like and one of the things i don’t like is the fact that some of the support workers don’t even know anything like they don’t know what they’re talking about which really bothers me because i would love to work at two flora and i know that i would have such a great knowledge of a lot of the products because of because i stay on top of it with social media and things like that and youtube I feel like I would stay on top of it if I work there like I’ve been no looting products coming out and not just because sephora says okay we’re going to add any product to this line I would know what’s going on so I just feel like I feel like some of them just don’t know what they’re talking about and it bothers me because like like I remember I had my friend go to Sephora on and check wool my friend went to Sephora because she wanted to buy something for me and I told her what I wanted but she didn’t know that they only sell it online and in some Macy’s in posters and so she went there asking for it and they’re like I don’t know that is like and it was a product that was like um like popular on YouTube and I’m like how are you as a worker but you don’t know what that product is and it was the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contact which I’m going to you today I mean she’s like oh I don’t know where this I don’t think they have a cream contact with Billy has powder Oh like what like who doesn’t know that like it’s little things like that like how do you not know the products coming out with the brands that you sell for like and I’m just going to take the fall under my eyes first I’m going to continue with the conversation but i’m using a pond clarity this is the dark spot right thinking and to continue the supporting yeah that’s how I feel like I feel like

when I go into mag everybody knows every single product probably try to be single product like as at least use it on someone else and they can say something I read so far if you like some of the work that I can’t say all cuz i know some amazing wednesday that really helped me out when i go there i just feel like sometimes don’t know when they’re talking around that’s so annoying you work in a store that mainly cells make up yes they saw other stuff so it’s okay to not be knowledgeable in all the makeup but today mainly film about like i know some stores how workers said don’t even wear means us how do you work on I’m how do you work at a makeup oriented sword and you only wear lipstick and that I cannot tell you I cannot tell you i’m using um l’oreal infallible Pro matte in 112 cacao cocoa so I’m just using my ELF ultimate blending brush bomb brush try it out you stop recording but i just put concealer into my eyes and blending it out and blended it out with the deep under now i’m just going to move on to my contour for that i’m using a to be the Beverly Hills contour kit which I was just talking about for this I’m going to mix mostly care up but a little bit of an expresso which the second are faced and I sprayed a little bit of primer water on it I kind of just place it there is it bare place a little bit here place a little bit here I’m just using my view body to blend it out now i’m going to go ahead and set everything first I’m going to use my banana powder puts a little bit of topaz and a blush brush from ELF dark um translucent powder from covergirl this is the professional lenses and powder and I just go ahead and use a very light amount pull all over my face my covergirl clean bronzer and a little blush blush brush i’m just going to bronze up my cheeks fresh tan not really you know what I mean nice cool in my skin last thing I do is hat at had add my highlight to my cheekbones this is max gold deposit and I’m just going to select this arm and tops of my cheeks going up towards my eyebrow my mice carrot and put some on my bottom lash line so I don’t have anything down there

step is just to spray my primer water and add my lip this is yes much much harder and for this look it’s not really dramatic and it’s not really every day so I’m just going to add some blocks my lips this is a lil Lonnie’s brilliant shine brilliant shine lip gloss and bear secret the a ba adds lip gloss and I and everybody try it looks great I’m a bunch of skin tones so yeah this is the finished look I hope you guys like it our little mini chat in the middle even though I don’t you think I finish it okay yeah so I hope you guys like this look Anna you guys please like comment and subscribe it must be your information more videos to top love you bye

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