hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be doing a my first humming tutorial for you guys and it’s going to be a sexy librarian so um first off I wanted to mention that this is going to be my first tutorial because like the first thing that I could think of what my first halloween tutorial because it’s the first thing that could think of that it’s something that requires no additional makeup like no special effects makeup no just anything specific for Halloween or just use your regular stuff that you would have at home you know which is colors that involve you know Black’s Browns pale shimmery colors you know think that every girl usually has in their makeup collection and this is also going to be a hair tutorial which is why my hair is crazier than usual so yeah so it’s just like the first thing that I could think of that like anyone and everyone could do it you know you’d have brown eyes blue eyes black hair blonde hair brown hair just an overall general concept and then from here you can leave comments down below requesting any specific looks if you’d like if you’d like me to be like if you’d like me to do like any video for specific costume obviously is librarian is kind of specific but like you can use this for pretty much a lot of Halloween let’s I think a lot of 60 Halloween books so yeah so I’m going to go ahead go ahead and get started and then we’ll continue this chitchat later towards the end of the video so I’m just going to clip my hair because it’s kind of like really humid and hot outside and this is not the librarian here so but I just need get away from my face because also oh also the lighting I wanted to address I’m Africa um ok so the lighting real quick I wanted to address um it started raining outside and still early like I planned this video yesterday to do today and i do feel i was gonna brain and it’s cloudy as hell outside it’s raining there’s like no like coming to my hat into my room like it normally does which i like the lighting room but today it’s crappy so i had to be like Sun lamp on this table on this desk real quick because i mean you can still kind of see it but when i went i feel like you could see it better from far away because then when I like go closer to the camera it looks kind of yellow it still looks good but it changes the colors for her um but anyway so again I’m starting off with my half done I the rest of my makeup is already done including my eyebrows so I’m just going to go ahead and pry my lid and we’re going to get started with the look so I’m using a mary-kate I primer I’m going to do that all over the lid all right then I’m going to take sorry I have like this whole thing I’m set up for the word all right then I’m going to chase by the way this makeup look is only the one that I’m doing is only using Urban Decay shadows from device to ballot and a few matte shadows but you know if there’s like any dupes I like list them down below and for this video i’m also going to list like everything that I used from the beginning like anything on my face anything on my eyebrows lips like everything will be listed down below because I guy know I really stack on that but for this video i wanted to mention it and if you guys like them and i’m going to promise to start doing that in that one so i took this one of the neutral colors one of the matte colors from the palette it’s called habit and it’s just like sort of a vanilla card i’m just going to use that all across the brabham all right then I took a Smashbox crease

brush fluffy crease brush II you put this palette down for now I’m going to paint max soft brown which is a good yeah this color right here I hate the lighting you see like it it’s a warm color it’s like a warm light brown which is um gonna be really good for this site sexy librarian look and this is from a pallet then I’m just starting like for neutral colors so that’s why there’s like all these like eat colors in there take smash to find a brush and I’m gonna take max Swiss chocolate and I’m going to put that in the crease but like with this brush since this is a little smaller it’s going to be less than that saw Franco that we put so it’s just going to be like sort of it feel like the color faded out a more natural look all right then we’re going to go back in with a soft brown and we’re going to blend everything out again just to make it look even more natural you know blend out any harsh lines that we can do with the other brush alright then what I did was I took a flat shader brush this is a nisha lat stiff shader brush I wouldn’t take the color Omega that’s wrong we didn’t do that we’re going to take from the Vice 2 palette and we’re going to take dope which is God I swear you can see these colors here I think from far away to them a little better and it’s just like a sort of pink vanilla vanilla e shimmery color printing back color I’m going to put that all across the lower lid take a little more just there alright then what I did was I took and put this out for a second very carefully and the second thing I did was I took palacios creamy eyeliner in black onyx and I’m gonna run it alone my top lash line but um sort of halfway like from my outer corner sort of just halfway because the rest as you can see it’s not really show because i had like that black with liquid liner on top stand on your show so i always any additional products yeah okay and you don’t have to be neat with this because we’re going to blend it out and put some [ __ ] on top of it pretty much just that and then using this um shorter flat shader brush from this is a kirkland one that I got at costco and it’s a really good quality I’m going to take the color smoke out from the price to pay okay then we’re going to do is we go back in with that Michel flats if shader brush the longer one and we’re going to take that dope color again and we’re going to pack on a little more just to defuse that smoke out color a little bit more just a little bit ok then I’m going to go big back in with the big fluffy dome brush from Duffy chris bosh from Smashbox and we’re going

to take that stop wrong again and we’re going to go over everything so sort of smooth out anything we might have ruined with the smokeout color and the dope color ok then we’re going to take just a small brush and we’re going to take max shroom which is just like a i want to say white but it’s kind of early creamy color highlight color that is perfect for any skin tone I’m going to put that just on the highest point of our arch and in our tear duct area and then we’re going to blend it out that’s where we want like most of the color to be again in the deer duct I’m going to bring it down I’m going to leave that aside because like most likely around the children’s area I always touch up and what I did is I took I took Anastasia Anastasia’s a brow Wiz and I can just go over the lower part of my eyebrow to kind of go like in case any of my highlight shadows came onto my eyebrow um I kind of just defined that area all right so that’s what I did and then what did I do I took again the palladio black onyx and I’m going to run it in my waterline my top and bottom waterline the Kirkland short flat shader brush and I’m going to take I think I’m going to take some device 2 palette i’m going to take this brown shimmery ambush colder and i’m going to put it along my lower lash line just to define my my lashes then what I did I’m going to do my wings liners so this part i’m just going to speed up for you guys you max 217 seven will take we’re not doing nothing for their we’re gonna take from device to pilot this lovesick color is that one I’m going to shake off the excess and just on this outer V area right here we’re just sort of gonna Pat it on and bring it in a little bit along along our eyeliner and we’re going to bring it in like sort of creating a V but not really looking invisible be you guys could see that a little bit going up into the crease okay and then we’re going to go back in with our big dome dome brush with soft brown and sort of blends everything up

alright so now I’m gonna do my lashes I’m gonna curl and add three coats of covergirl LashBlast and one coat of voluminous black carbon okay salt I’m back and I finished doing my eyeliner my eyeliner I mean my mascara my mascara on both eyes um I retouched my lips and before I start at the hair video which is why I my hair down again I wanted to mention that what i have on my lips is the lower rack pencil in 18 it’s a lip pencil it’s like a nude woof color then i have max runaway hit from the retro matte collection it took another mop color I have that on my lips and last but not least a glass to add to the 16 I have Mary Kay fancy nancy it’s like a kind of like a dusty rose color pink with a little bit of gold shimmers in it it’s so pretty and I’m pretty much running out and I don’t know this is kind of expensive and it’s so little that I don’t know to repurchase it or like try and find like a dupe for it because I’m obsessed with this obviously so yeah so that’s what i have in my life um and then towards that towards the end of this video I’ll record like any dupes for anything that I used that I did have but I decided to use the ones that i like better but i will include the Duke towards them and obviously i already mentioned that in my description this time i will have the product what’s the full product list see so let’s go ahead and get started so I’m going to go ahead and use batiste dry shampoo and original on my roots because my hair is a day old witch um for you for most of us I think it’s ideal especially when we’re going to do I guess it should be considered an updo but a hairstyle that requires us to put our hair back in a way from our base okay so the distortion food and that’s just going to take away the shine so now we’re gonna sort of shake it like when our fingers through it and shake it by the way this is also going to be like a super easy tutorial that it’s the only thing you’ll need is that if your hair looks greasy the second day if not you didn’t even need it but for me which I’m a person that is overly sebaceous I do need it and just tons of bobby pins and here’s but if you want but I’m going to put in Hairspray online because I kind of look at like it when it’s messy and natural-looking so I don’t really need any perspiration but yeah it’s in it keep shaking it ok so then what you’re going to do is you grab all your hair with one hand and this front middle area i would say rush it back and get it as natural looking as you can if you have bangs or like small layers like I do I would pull them out and we’re just like pull everything back and hold it with my hands and then just pull those areas ow but like just sort of like that how I did like flick it out and just in a really subtle way so that

it looks still sexy you know obviously if you have bangs click most of your minds out and then like keep the rest either like as back as you can or like took back behind your ear I don’t really have side bangs or any type of thing but I do have small ears and pretty much that’s exactly what I did I took out the shortest part of my lick my knee front layers and I brought them around my face just to have something to work around and then the rest is pretty much right here or it’ll be behind my ear once I can just up do it falls and doesn’t want to stay back here to make sense to any of you guys so yeah so we’re going to do is keep brushing that back and you can tease if you’d like to but don’t be like this he’s I just like to because the direction foods is a lot of the right for you so I kind of just like to like talk in place and just pretty much something messy like that you know just talking and then holding while you’re still holding that so then what I’m going to do is I’m going to flip around paving could still see that yeah so I’m going to sort of flip like this hair and I could just roll it and roll it and roll it and i’m going to start molding it into a bun and then I’m just going to tug in the end pieces like that and I’m just going to take bobby pins and I’m literally just going to stop them in there to connect with man so I’m gonna take one that one and place it right next to my body it will overlap with that same one so that way you can stick so take another one hit it in there and then take another one and penny over the same one for facing the opposite direction so that way they stay pull out like any extra pieces that you actually want to show patience for me and if any of your pins came out just push them back in so pretty much for in fact that and that you look forward and since I put these pieces down that’s pretty much what I have all right now the last and most important piece for this sexy librarian is the frames the glasses and these are actually like my own frames but pretty much if you want to get like any fake ones if you really don’t need glasses just get any regular simple black frame ones and settle them on and that’s like the most important look that’s what will at like finish the look for the sexy librarian you need your frames we need your smoky eye your natural lip and your color shirt your white color trip this is a regular and Taylor shirt so it’s really not sexy but it’s the only thing I had so not like we’re with me but any like white collared shirt that you have long sleeve this is one that just goes up halfway which I can like us like if I had a long safe when I would roll it up halfway anyway and then the bottom half just like where any skirt but um this is the look and I’m actually gonna take them off for right now because I have my contact sounds like i like i see blurry um yeah so unto the dupes the other thing I

would mention is I would start the dupes for the lips which is which I’m going to mention again what I use for my lips which is ok so for my lips what I had used I mentioned that I used lower rack number 18 lip pencil in number 18 which is just the nude mob color and i used macs run max run away hit and I used Murphy Nancy Nancy which again I mentioned I was running out it doesn’t even like make that like noise when it comes out it’s um a dusty rose shimmery color with some gold in it that’s that one and that’s what I used but you can also use NYX long pencil lip in LA you see it’s like just the same as that low right group pencil that I used you can also use Urban Decay’s revolution lipstick in native which is another node mob color this color I’m obsessed with actually it obviously this isn’t like a budget look like dropping everything today this isn’t a tool for a budget look but um this color is amazing if you have the money to shell out I would totally recommend this color it’s a a color that you could use for pre reg anything and it goes with I think almost every skin tone most skin tones and it’s really creamy it’s not drying like most lap MAC lipsticks it’s just a really awesome overall color le Duc’s super sorry but um you can use oh I had some actually set over here you can use the Milan ease nude cream number 26 really pretty nude color that is a drops drugstore lipstick and you can use an even cheaper alternative but totally awesome is that what in wild fergie in Fergie daily color it’s another nude lipstick um you want to use a nude lipstick that it’s a little darker than your skin tone but not like nude words like pale out color that you don’t want to use that you might like to use something that does have a little bit of roles in it a little bit of mom you know something that like it looks like you’re wearing something on your lips but it’s still like very no Troy what I mean and I feel like those like the sexiest kinds of another do I think would be me these are the murky true dimensions in butte natural how that’s also a really good one to go another neutral color this is I know that was siena by lame Abed that will see an overlay it’s sort of similar to show but it’s a lot a lot a lot creamier the other one is more like lipstick form that those are like a lot la creme this one is pianet around well you see I’m go semen out of that one said marriage is really good just relaxing and like these are like really cute packaging so they were that’s why the great eighteen dollars if you plus um plus the fact that there’s a lot creamier than the other so that’s that actually I’m just gonna close this video right now and I’m going to make a separate video on regarding any other product like yeah we’re good regarding your product like Brian’s for my eyebrows man with a separate I bread eyebrow video right now and things my face so altered you guys next time and I hope you guys enjoyed this sexy librarian tutorial hi guys

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