okay here i am speaking to you and I’m in the bathroom I’m in my bathroom you know aunt me in the mirror you’re seeing me for the first time with my makeup off which is a scary thing I’ve removed it and they’ve shaved and I have my makeup all laid out i have my brushes brought in because trying to walk in and out of the bathroom I’ve got the camera tripod right behind me I mean literally right behind me so I don’t want to trip over it first off my foundation that’s really what sets your palate that’s what gives you what they call the flawless foundation and the one I use the most of will do this is unique this is my touch cream foundation hi there and almost all the makeup I uses unique i like it i first bought sets two years ago from rachel within hodgepodge crochet if you want to get anything from her if you’re in hodgepodge those of you there watching I’d go through her there are several of the people if you know them there are two or three other unique sales reps in there it’s a good company it’s designed for women originally that was the intention was sales force or almost all women ninety-nine percent probably not a very few guys i’ve actually been asked to sell it I’m not a Salesman so I’m not going to even try it’s non hypoallergenic they don’t test on animals if you buy more than a hundred dollars at a time you automatically get free two-day shipping it ships out of Utah and that brings up another thing that we need to discuss good makeup cost money it’s easy to spend 100 bucks on makeup if you buy a couple of foundations on a blush and a concealer you’re talking you know ten dollars easy but at last it lasts long time the makeup I put on I do it once in the morning and then I remove it at night and like 10 or 11 at night and you should see it all comes off is we’re not talking cheap stuff that you know flakes off during the day I never have to retouch my makeup on am at work so I have my foundation I have all my brushes in here and that’s the other costs that comes into play is that unique good brushes you can go to a sefirah sephora i should say a couple of other places get good brushes a good set of brushes is also going to set you back about 100 bucks easily but the nice thing about them is like the Sephora brushes I have the unique brushes i have they’re good for a year year and a half and that’s with cleaning out you know you use them and then clean them out like every other every third day or so i get all the junk out of them and you do need to do that with brushes you need to clean them out so i have brushes for everything and foundation eyeshadow the whole bit so let’s get into this and this is this is my routine this is what I do and the first thing I do is I put on my lip plumper this is actually from buxom its bare essentials I don’t remember the name of this i think it’s called Amy the reason I use is it’s actually a lip gloss but it’s also a lip plumper and I usually put this on first because what this does is it helps plump my lips a little bit it’s usually good for only like an hour to a couple of hours but it especially the lower lip it gives you a feeling of fullness I don’t have plump lips because you know testosterone it didn’t give me that so I have to try to do things to enhance my lips otherwise they’re kind of flat then this is where you start I get started and I do this it’s kind of a routine with me have it actually is i go for my cream foundation I don’t use a lot and by cream foundation I mean it is kind of creamy it’s actually like a a paste I have a cream foundation brush and I start putting on a very light layer of this all over my face and the nice thing I like about unique once again is this really doesn’t seem like you have makeup on

now I’m only doing half my face here so far but you can see maybe a little bit you know the makeup is over here you can see a little bit of my beard still over here so that’s the kind of coverage it gives and like I said you don’t use a lot I don’t use a lot that’s mainly because what the cream foundation is doing is it’s sort of laying down a base and it’s getting all of the imperfections sort of covered and smoothed out now some people will just put the cream foundation on there’s also a powder foundation but that’s done that’s my first step the second step I do is to get in and if I feel it’s necessary I’ll throw on a little concealer and really the only place i put my concealer is along my upper lip beard line I don’t use a lot you don’t really need to every once a while like here I had a cut from the other day some people will use concealer under their eyes as well but this generally covers everything up then I go over it with I have the touch powder foundation and this I keep in my purse all the time and I keep it in my purse because if I do need a touch-up it’s the same as the concealer that I just put on and what this will do is it will fill in the spots that the cream did not get and I put a very light layer on here and here’s a tip if you’re looking to find a good concealer don’t match the color to your face match it to the inside of your wrist that’s how they did it with me I actually met with a couple of sales reps people I know down in Maryland who sell unique and they actually met match the concealer on the inside of my wrist and because they said that’s really how it’s going to present itself if it Matt blends in well with what’s on the inside of your wrist it’s going to match in well with your face and as you can see I don’t even look as if I have makeup on so again light layer all over and I do mean light and what this will do is it just fills in everything and again some people are going to say oh man you have two layers of foundation off it doesn’t feel like you never feel as if you have makeup look you really don’t and as you can see here we go see I’m starting to get filled in the last thing I do is I go over my face with a finishing powder and I also keep the finishing powder in my purse as well finishing powder really just locks everything down it solidifies it more or less I use this tart a this is the smooth operator amazon clay pressed finishing powder and here’s another tip if you’re going to keep finishing powders and foundations in your purse keep loose powder hearing your little makeup kit at home keep the press powder in your purse otherwise bad mistakes and all this is really going to do is it’s going to pretty much seal up everything lock it in place while at the same time kind of give your face a nice little I don’t have makeup glow to it you know

that’s that’s really all it is and there you go all done that’s my foundation except for one last thing blush oops blushes just used to bring out the color in your cheeks again I use your nique unique has some of the most powerful blush there is you do not need to use a tremendous amount of blush a lot of times I’ll just turn the canister over and take the stuff that’s in the lid and put it on and then that’s it you know just brush it on and give my cheeks a nice healthy red glow and there you have it you know don’t put too much on because the lighting in here is a lot different than lightning you’re in see outside or one time put way too much on and when I got in the elevator look I’d look like a circus clown I really did and the thing going over void is don’t overdo the blush the only time you want to overdo the blush is if you’re going out at night and you want a dramatic look but your foundation stays the same you don’t want to change your foundation that much your foundation is going to stay the same that’s why they call it a foundation okay now that’s done now we get into the park where we can play and what we’re playing with here are your brows your eyelids and your lipstick and this is really where you bring out your face the foundation just sets everything and this is what gives you what they call the flaw was found it the flawless look and now you see what I look like up close and personal flawless look doesn’t get much more up close than this so now I’m going to do the brows and for my brows I use Anastasia brow powder this is the soft brown I like brow powder better than I like pencil pencil you can get carried away with brow powder it’s just brushing on as you can see i’m filling in just right along my eyelid well right on my brow line where the hair is and i darken the gray because there is gray there especially over here it actually looks as if my brow has been cut and i’m working on those what we call serious browse there’s a writer I follow on facebook Christine Foss who writes she lose belly and does a lot of shirts a lot of moi and she loves that sort of stuff and she’s always talking about women with serious browse I like the darker browse supposedly most men hate blonde hair with dark brows I don’t care I love it I actually love it now we’re going to get into eyes sorry just knocked up impressions in this thing and I’m going to do something similar that I did this morning I’m just going to go with my unique pigments i’m going to use confident and curious and these are shimmer shimmer pigments so they’re going to do things to my eyes I’m going to use my deluxe brush on these and the idea is this morning I just want kind of dark and shimmery on the lower lid as you can see that’s exactly what I’m doing here I’m going nice and dark and shimmery on the lower

lid you can see it not real dark but dark enough if I want to I could actually get into the crease here with a different color like if I wanted to put purple in there to kind of give it a line or even if I wanted to I love purple or close that up and this is flawless and what I’m going to do is I’m just going to line this right in here in the crease to give myself use a liner brush now I’m just going to line that right in there to give a little bit of contrast not much but I got a little bit of purple in there now right in the crease line there and it’s not a lot that’s nice to give you a little bit of demarcation and then lastly I bring out curious I love the unique names by the way they’re all you know kind of whimsical curious competent playful flawless that sort of thing and this is going to go up here just to brighten the top I the upper lid I have a bit of a disadvantage being transgendered my brows are not as close to my eyelids because of the way of male skull gets formed and then if I just want a little bit of extra glow I just do a quick run a light run right over the lower lid and what this does is it’ll give the lower lid just a bit of a shimmer not a lot but just a bit so there you can see my eyes there you go last but not least lipstick I’ve already got my lips are plumped up here i’m using lacombe pink this is what i use this morning work on getting your cupid’s bow in place this area up here and last but not least I throw on a little pink lip gloss this is again unique and this is ladylike ladylike yes there is ladylike and that just brings up the pink just the touch more not a lot just a touch but it makes it Pinker then I comb my hair out there you go and I throw my glasses on mr. deville I’m ready for my close-up and that’s how I look you saw me go from zero to hero or less and that’s how it looks that’s what I do pretty simple huh and as I can

see on here I just passed the 20-minute mark so like I’ve said before it takes me rough 15 to 20 minutes to throw on everything that you saw me do and I’ve been talking through this process so if it took me 20 minutes to do this on tape once you know what you’re doing once you have everything laid out ready to go you can actually get your face on in about 15 minutes okay I’ll go outside and we’ll take a different look at it as a different type of light and i’ll have some closing statements

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