hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channels to today’s video it’s going to be a fun video I’m going to be doing a recreation video inspired look on Khloe Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian’s makeup artist mega by Mario who I will have his Instagram link below iPhone on Instagram in love the looks he does on her as well as the other girls and i will show you guys a photo of you look I’m going to be recreating for you today and it is just this really really pretty blue kind of smoky eyes luck and I absolutely love this look but he did on Chloe it’s so pretty it actually reminds me of something I did back when I was in a makeup school I had it was like an assignment and we had to come to school I think it was actually my birthday I think it was actually like a couple days before my birthday and we have like a little party for me and everything but we had to come to school in makeup and do a makeup look and I did this like blue smokey eye and yeah so it kind of reminds me of that so I’m really excited to recreate this look at best as I can if you guys do want me to do more celebrity makeup looks let me know in the comments below also tweet me pictures on Instagram I will flash up my twitter handle and just like tweet me photos of who you’d like me to whose makeup you’d like me to recreate necks and yeah so I’m just going to do a little talk through video talk to you guys and let’s just get started because this probably going to be a long video so i am just going to go off of what I see and yeah that is how we’re going to do it so first thing I’m going to do I can’t find my eyeshadow primer so I’m just going to be using a concealer and placing that all over my lid this is the NYX dark circle concealer and I’m just letting place out all over my load and blend it out with my finger this concealer is so creamy guys if you have not tried it it’s been out for a while and it’s just really creamy and as you can see it’s very portable to so how’s your guys’s week going when twin bed tonight I’m going out with a friend we’re going to a bar to go just hang out grab a drink I haven’t seen her in like forever so she invited me to go out with her and also her friend is playing at the bar so we’re going to go do not tonight so the next thing oh I gotta put it I’m looking at the photo and she has also underneath her washes or on her water line out water line on her lash line as well so I’m just going to take the remnants of Roman into sup the word I don’t even know the remain the remaining product and just put it on my lower lashline just blend it out so the log about then what I’m going to do I feel like there’s like maybe a little bit of silver on her inner corner so I’m going to be taking the prismatic shadow from nicks and this is in 10 and I’m just going to be taking a little bit of that mine is actually broken I don’t

know how it broke but it broke somehow i’m just going to take I want to take a tiny air brush them out I’ll take this one I’m sorry nope can’t it known this one’s mine I’m just gonna be taking a little bit of that shadow capping off a lot of the access and placing it in the inner corner using a patting motion and making sure to not go above the crease I just want to keep that on the lid this look is such a beautiful look I absolutely love it I love blue eye shadow and I love it when people are bold enough to put blue eye shadow on I just think it’s awesome so so I’m doing as the first celebrity makeup look okay and I hit things too it’s going to founder that out a little bit just so it’s going to blend nicely with the blue and I don’t want it to look too harsh as well so so just like that then also yeah then next I’m going to go in with a darker a dark blue color this is also from NYX this is in I can’t even pronounce that I can eat its number HS 29 and it is just this really really pretty blue color and yeah I’m going to be putting that all over the lid I’m going to be using a Real Techniques brush this is the base base eyeshadow brush just and then desktop in a little bit out of time and just slowly one nods I’m just going to slowly blend it in to this over london is the key and it takes a lot of time to perfect it so just blend away add and blend am I making weird faces guys I feel like at go back and gone some more this is such a pretty blue to poop it over and blend pack it on I might also use a little bit of this this is called dare by nicks and I make that ad that a little bit on the inner corner just to line it up monologues glad just to kind of break it up a little bit

I just want to say thank you guys so much for supporting me on doing this because I was really really nervous about starting back up and doing these tutorials again but I love the support I’m getting from you guys yeah you guys are amazing i love my subscribers and they just love that you guys are enjoying these tutorials it makes me happy now i’m just letting go back in with the Real Techniques brush that’s what it is I’m just blend without any extra product on it I’m just gonna so the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take a darker blue and this is galactic by next and I’m just going to place this on the outer corner I’m going to use a smudge brush and this from ELF this is the contour brush I’m just going to take a little bit of that and place on the outer corner I’m just going to use a patting motion just like that notice blend so looks like a bad next I’m going to go and do pretty much the same exact thing just under my eyes and as I’m looking at the photo it looks like she has a lodge it’s a lot lighter underneath her eyes as you can tell by the photo it’s a lot lighter underneath her eyes so I’m just gonna probably go in with the lighter blue I’m just gonna go in with the Dare color from nicks and just place that underneath my eyes as well as the silver so I’m going in with 10 and I’m just going to click that on the inner corner and it’s on the inner corner of my eye thank so you’re gonna cut that gun I’m gonna go in wet a did I just saw you okay you are I’m going with a flat brush and this is the flat brush from dress up and I’m going to go in with dare and just place that on the lash line actually really liking this look it’s really really pretty so I’m just running that along my lash line I will also list all the products I use in this video below see you guys if you guys do want to get the exact colors you can and use exactly what i’m using also got in the photo she also has a

little bit of the dark purple also in the photo she has a little bit of the dark blue in the outer corner so I’m just going to go in with the blue under which blue to use double go with this one no this one this one is galactic i’m going to use on the outer corner and then flat brush in and then just move on the outer corner just so it connects take down the other side you guys in soon and it stuck to me she’s picking up between eight and eight-thirty tonight i’m really liking this look what I like any guys I’m glad I picked this one for my first one um so I’m going to take a clean blending brush and just blend out the edges trying to find one that is good one where’s my favorite I have a favorite blending brush guys okay I did no that one’s not it where is it since I yep here it is this is my favorite blending brush ever this is the owl blending brush I got it from kohls I’m just gonna run that on the outer edge when it seamlessly we’re so blend seamlessly I don’t know if he’d brought the color up a little bit but let’s see kind up on the outer corner so maybe I’ll do a little bit light but on the outer corner how’d it out and then I’ll just go in with my favorite blending brush something out of coin are unjust bond so that’s what that looks like then I’m going to clean that up with them make a blank so I clean that up a little bit it’s not too too harsh I’m just going to go back in with a clean and clean blending brush and blend the edge just so it’s more then once you are done with the shadow I’m going to put a little bit of a highlight on the brow bone doesn’t look like she has a little bit on the brow bone so I’m going to dab in the lightest

amount of highlight for the brow bone like not even a time this is from the suede palette from next and I’m just gonna lightly sweep that and just slowly blend that out just like that in this way pal looks like this also I have another one so I’m thinking of possibly doing a giveaway if you guys do want to see that then give this video a thumbs up then the next thing I’m going to do is I am going to next step I’m going to do is I’m going to just line my waterline with the Knicks black eyeliner and I absolutely love this eyeliner it’s amazing run not on water line like so this eyeliner is awesome because you really don’t even have to tug on your eyeball and it’s just great then on the next thing it looks like she doesn’t have in the photo it looks like she doesn’t have a winged liner or anything it’s just mascara so that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to be taking the curvaceous mascara from NYX and I’m just going to go a little bit of my lashes I should probably problem actually decided to just go to a different masker because I really liked this mascara and it was in my eye makeup storage stuff and I thought you know break it out this is the Maybelline rocket mascara I’m just going to pull my lashes a little bit just let me curl them because if you keep forgetting to do that this is the elf lash curler so are you guys enjoying the luck so far what you guys think what’d you guys think of it what a nice what are your opinions let me know in the comments I’m gonna put a little bit of this on the lashes because I am going to add some false lashes my favorite ones from red cherry which are the number 43 then I’m just going to put a little bit on the bottom lashes as well bring some a try zoom in I really concentrate that would be a defector there’s an office and I think aliens knowledge me happy it’s as good as it can get so next I’m going to take my washes right here these are the likes of the 40 threes and my kiss lash glue and I’m just going to

place the glue indeed roster I absolutely love this glue so much I talked about it in my favorites which i’ll have a link below so you guys can check it out it is awesome it is such a cool blue I think it is the best it works automated thing and of course yeah so today’s going good taste going good for me I wondered if I want to film like a bunch of videos for you guys so this will be the first of many today emotional place out close to the water nope any tweezers to earth in here yes hey guys uh I was like no I need to use as I can’t do this without the tweezers ok ok ok got it on a little bit I feel like once I have them on my eyes there are a lot easier to move around like once done like fully placed on my eyeball na mahal but you know what I mean are my lashes they’re easier to move around it’s just the first part that isn’t so easy but I do absolutely love this wash blow and I think it’s amazing you guys definitely need to try it out if you have not it’s just really really good and it’s great because it dries super quick and it pretty much like let you know when it’s dry because it gets clear and yeah see it’s like it’s wet right now but it will get clear in a second and I love that and I feel like it’s like a little neon so I think that’s a little cool yeah it kind of like it glows a little bit and if you have this lash glue then you know what I’m talking about because it’s just really cool so yeah I hope you guys are enjoying this luck i really really do enjoy it so no I just like this look I like blues lamerice because i have brown eyes and a blue makes brown eyes pop so good also I think blue is like universal too because it works for like green eyes too which is nice so now place this on I alright so they are on so that that the lashes are on and they feel secure you’ll do

not go anywhere and alone that is our systems and so so that’s what it looks like that is do I look so now onto the lips and I’m going to do the infamous nude lip and take my spatula so I’m just going to take a little bit of the drug cosmetics nude break that off and then I’m going to take the NYX lip gloss no here now take in the NYX lip gloss and put that on my little palette then I’m going to just take a lip brush and place the new lipstick on gotta apologize for the air conditioner because my windows open and it’s hot and then don’t want to close my window good and this lipstick is a matte so definitely moisturize before when you may hear some bargain I do have puppies so there is the lipstick then I’m going to go in with the NYX lip gloss and the next left us doesn’t have a name it just came in the pack so that is the finished Khloe Kardashian and makeup inspired look there is the picture again so that is what I went off of let me know if I I’ll pop up a picture right next to me let me know what you guys think of this and yeah I hope you guys did enjoy it you guys do want to see more celebrity recreations then let me know in the comments below and I hope you guys did enjoy this Khloe Kardashian celebrity makeup look you guys do want to see more like I said and tweet me on Twitter some photos and that is it don’t forget to subscribe for more videos and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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