Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my channel The theme of today will be my favorite products in 2017 I’ve got all the of products with me right here These are all the favorites from January to December But personally, I think it focuses more on my favorites at the second half year There’re more to the recent products I’ve written all the name of the products down there So if you can’t catch it clearly later You can check it out at the description below for its….information Well, long video, long speech, so shut up and get some teas Let’s get started! This is the most frequently used primer of the year Too Faced from Hangover I used it the most during Spring/Summer It’s a primer that focuses more on mositurizing I feel like it’s really suitable for summer It’s kind ichy and with the coconut water inside, it’s really good for your skin and It wouldn’t clog your pores, like what other primers did It’s silicone-free and the texture is very watery I’ve listed this primer as one of my monthly favourites so I think I’ve explained this before I kinda like this product this year It’s a Refining Make-up Primer from Shiseido I think that it’s a cheaper alternative for CPB (Clé de Peau Beauté) These two kinda share the same effect, which is to revitalize dull skin, fix uneven skin textures to hide pores and you know, the basic features that every primer have It’s an all-in-one primer Also, it comes with SPF as well From what I’ve read on the internet, it is suitable for acne skin You can feel that it is really comfy and stick on your face in a good way The opening is kinda sharp so you can just dab it on your face and spread it out with your hand You can use it alone, without using foundation after There’s definitely a certain level of contouring feature that comes along with it Well, I think it’s just a cheaper alternative for CPV This is a primer from By Terry I tend to use it a lot in recent two months around Winter I discovered this primer quite late Let’s started with its rubbing-off feature (said it wrongly XD) rubbing-off effect! Lots of friends have brought out this issue I’ve got a better solution which is, Try to pat it and let it absorb in instead of rubbing it, that’s why you’ll get the balls up Compared to Hangover, it’s more to moose kind of texture but I feel like it’s kinda icy during winter, which is really calming Normally I feel like my skin is kinda dry in winter For I’ll use it for its strong moisturizing effect Even if you applied it after those dry-typed foundation, It wouldn’t get too powdery or dry I think it is definitely suitable for fall/winter Other than moisturizing, it makes your skin looks softer and smoother and It’s a pretty long-lasting primer I’ve found two more primers which are pretty good and cheap Firstly, let’s start with this Pore Filler from NYX It’s specially designed for those people with serious pore issues It helps to even the pores It helps to settle your makeup, especially in summer I feel like it helps with oil control for your pores as well It comes with the silicones So I would say the texture is kinda…..weird it’s pretty solid so when you rub it you’ll get this rubbing-off effect If you don’t like the rubbing-off effect then this is not for you but I think with a little bit more patience just apply it gently with a little bit of massage it wouldn’t get rubbed off easily what I mean is that you wouldn’t get the ‘ball-up’ You’ll fell like as in it minimized your pores and it’s pretty good on oil control and it’s long lasting for your summer makeup Now, we’ve Maybelline’s Master Prime Blur+Smooth Primer It’s a little thinner compare to the NYX’s the texture comes in white color kinda similar with Hourglass’s Veil Mineral Primer If you compare this with NYX, which is specialize in pore you will feel that it creates a matte effect on your face and it’s more watery and easier to be spread out and it tackles mainly on sensitive skin I tried a lot of primers from drugstores this year and I really like these two primers you should try it out! – Foundation Corner- Foundation is the tough part! Coz I’ve tried tons of foundation this year from drugstores, high-end brands, you name it! So I can only come out with something that I like the most, that’s most frequently used I think it suits me the most among others from L’Oréal ‘s Infallible series If you don’t know much about my skin it’s normal skin, a little bit dry but not that serious well, let’s just say I’ve normal skin I like the ‘ceramic skin’ that comes along like a Porcelain dolls It’s pretty long-lasting and comes with the dewy effect

It will last for pretty much the whole day, about 7-8 hours if you don’t use it with a matte settling powder I think this color suits me well It’s a 201 Classic Ivory Just feel like wanna use it all day I’m satisfied with the outcome never disappointed me! Tom Ford’s foundation stick is what I liked to use in spring/summer The texture is kinda sticky and strong coverage as well Its coverage is one of the highest among the others By the way the coverage from Pro-Glow is pretty good as well This comes with a certain level of stickiness suitable for places with high humidity or for people with dry skin during summer pretty handy in spring/summer By sliding it a little bit on your face the foundation sticks right to your skin In short, long lasting and high coverage I prefer to use this foundation stick together with the brush, which is Morphe’s M349 Well, actually Sigma has lots of brushes that come with this fur texture as well So you just have to brush like this It performs perfectly It creates these elegant, butter soft skin One thing I don’t like about is the color the color code of 1.5 cream It’s kinda yellowish compared to my other foundations As for me, my neck is always darker compared to my face and it’s even darker during my pregnancy so when I applied it on, it makes my face darker as well but I’m not a fans for bright color foundation during spring/summer too I used this a lot, and I like it! As for people with dry skin, I think it’s more for spring/summer or places that are humid Just like when I was in Shanghai, as you know it’s quite humid so when I used it, it’s super last-lasting the product itself is sticky, the weather is sticky so it just stick perfectly on the face Go for settling powder if you don’t like the stickiness This product is more for oily skin The outcomes for these two foundation are pretty much the same Well, only with one difference I’ll talk about it later They’re both from Estée Lauder I love the ‘Double Wear’ I think it was my last year favourite Actually for all my last year favorite, well, other than ColourPop, they’re still my favorites for this year As for this Estée Lauder, It’s Double Wear Nude’s Water Fresh while this is Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum Make up one with SPF 30 while later one is SPF25 I feel like ‘Water Fresh’ definitely has stronger coverage the moment I applied it on it’s more moisturizing and watery compared to this one but I think this ‘Perfectionist’ is better when it comes to its longevity and oxidation These two products are good in general but if I have to choose one, it will be this Perfectionist Infusing I love this product from Mac, it’s Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15 I used it during my pregnancy photo-shoot I think it looks good both under camera or for your everyday daily look It makes your makeup look grand You know what I mean? It doesn’t look like your natural skin People will be like ‘This girl got the foundation on, wonder which one did she use!’ I like it There’s no oxidation effect, at least on my face I’ll like to highlight its coverage it consider long-lasting among others but I don’t ask for a lot when it comes to foundation I don’t have lots of blemishes I prefer my foundation to be really light and will go for concealer for proper coverage purpose so nah, not really asking a lot from it This product has the strongest coverage among the other products today It’s cost effective judging by its price I recommended it to lots of friends Asian version’s Blanc Expert Cushion can’t get it in North America I used it a lot in the first half of 2017 There’re two types and this is the high coverage version This cushion foundation is consider not that sticky if I’ve to compare with those I tried It doesn’t look too watery and oily anyway it feels like as if you had the foundation on definitely for oily-skin You know those dead skin traces when you normally applied foundation on so if you prefer the lighter makeup during spring/summer, you should try this Last but not least, Age Control Foundation from Zelens which is something I found in December 2017 Only used it for a month but I’d say I used it quite frequently recently it definitely falls under this category of 2017 favorite It comes with nutrients within so the skin condition is still good without makeup The coverage is not as good as Bobbi Brown but it creates a very butter and dewy skin The coverage is consider mild, which I’m alright with I’ll definitely use other products from this brand It helps to hide the pores and you can see that it really have taken care of the overall skin presentation It just show a ‘this-product-is-good’ effect

doesn’t oxidize much something I like in December – MakeUp Tools – As for makeup tools, Gosh, I’ve to recommend this! ‘Cake and Bake’, the sponge from Sephora itself A T-shaped sponge It blends well and make the makeup looks light especially for those watery foundation The more watery it is, the more it can handle, so just press the foundation like this I think I’ve never used any beauty blender this year because I found a lot of new tools which I think comes in handy It’s not always about the beauty blender, isn’t? For this sponge, it has to be slightly wet to get the best outcome it’s just perfect for any foundation sometimes I’ll do a comparison with my left and right face I’ll use brush for my right face and this for left face, for example It’s obvious that the sponge blends it better and thinner (well, if you prefer a thinner texture) But if you need something with high coverage much stickier, denser like the foundation stick we mentioned just now I think Hourglass should be better if you compare it with beauty blender including the concealer from Nars that I’ll talk about it later that concealer is consider a dry one not watery, kinda like cream texture So if you use Hourglass’s brush to blend it just simple brush or dab it it’ll spread in no time without any traces But I’d say this brush can be a little expensive still it’s pretty handy I like how it looks the length and stuff kinda small and fat at the same time easy to carry around Well, I just like feeling when I have it on my hand You know what I mean I stumbled upon this brush quite late but still like it nonetheless Let me take a short breath Just realized I’ve a lot to talk about but I’ve just finished covering page 1 This video’s gonna be very long What should I do? Ok, let’s continue~ – Eyebrow Pencil – The eyebrow session’s gonna be fast since it’s exactly the same as last year Hourglass’s Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil It appeared on tons of my videos Like I said: great performance and long-lasting The component is good as well but comes in pricey though but because of its flat tip design you can use it for quite a long time If you’ve have to draw your eyebrow everyday I’d say you would most probably finish one around November based on my experience It’s really lost -lasting doesn’t matter how aggressive the activity can be, yoga, exercise, heavy sweaty and etc This pencil from Hourglass is extremely smooth, I think So it should be handy for makeup beginner Draw it gently and you’d get the color you want The color comes out pretty easy The one and only favorite within these 2-3 years! I’ve a lot of colors Soft Brunette, Blonde, Ash and Dark Brunette I used Blonde when I’ve a more yellowish hair color but I’m not using it for now The remaining three colors are perfect for my hair color now I’m not sure if you can tell but it’s a black and yellowish hair color at the end these colors are perfect for my hair color I think I got two of these during promotion so I can use it next year As for the other eyebrow pencil, I chosed Dior, Brow Style from Diorshow This is different from the previous eyebrow The tip is thinner so if you like to draw your eyebrow accordingly You’d love this The color pigmentation is just like Benefit’s So if you like the one from Benefit, this would not disappointed you Personally, I think the Benefits’ doesn’t go well with my eyebrow when my face is oily or is with my foundation on it normally that kind of oil based foundation Coz normally I’ll apply foundation before drawing my eyebrow right? You will realized it doesn’t last for a long time In short, it’s just not really staying So I’ll prefer DiorShow more – Mascara – As for mascara, lots of people would say ‘You don’t even use mascara that much this year!’ The ones you usually saw in the videos were either CPV’s mascara or the one from KissMe Yeap, these are indeed my all time favorites but I do found some really good mascaras this year Firstly, the must-buy Kate eyelash primer the best! It is actually a primer for eyelashes It looks like this It helps to provide some angles to the eyelashes so when you want to apply a mascara, your eyelashes will be in a upright/ curly position So if you take a look at my eyelashes today other than the fake eyelashes at the end

my front eyelashes are just so….curly I always like to use it as a base before I apply my favorite CPV and Kiss Me mascaras This is just too awesome It also keeps the mascara from been messily smeared which helps to improve mascara’s overall performance so that’s why I said it’s a must-buy I discovered three mascaras this year First we have Sisley from department stores It creates more volume compared the outcomes we get from Kiss Me or CPV It gives the illusion that I’ve huge amount of eyelashes I’ve this mascara on today You can choose to use it after Kate or just using it alone It makes you look like a barbie doll with a lot of fake long eyelashes and it wouldn’t stick together and I’m pretty sure there’re some nutrients that helps to improve weak and brittle eyelashes I really like it this year Because of the shape and angle of the tip It doesn’t go well with lower eyelashes it can get smudged easily but perfect for upper eyelashes nonetheless These two are pretty handy and it costs around $4 (CAD) This is Blackest False Lashes from Catrice AWESOME performance that look like you had your fake lashes on But if you compare it to Sisley the color is not that strong It’s as in you had fake eyelashes, in a natural way very define and long fake eyelashes This is how the tip looks like It’s thinner so perfect for lower eyelashes as well long eyelashes would come in no time~ like a flower blossom you know It’s really good! Next, we have Essense’s False Lashes Mascara Personally, I think this is better compared to the well-known ‘Princess’ which is under the same brand I like how it makes my eyelashes look real, you know what I mean which is very thin, long and defined as in you were born this way It is not voluminous but it makes the eyelashes look extremely long I somehow like my eyelashes to be long So I think it goes well with a light makeup coz it’s presented in a natural way I got it at Shoppers for $3.99 (CAD) If you’re looking for good mascara at a fairly cheap price, try this! – Concealer – As for concealer, Oops Oh my gosh~ The one that I used the most this year is definitely Kat Von D I prefer it in spring/ summer while it can be kinda dry for winter Strong coverage, I’d say Normally the foundation I used doesn’t come with a flawlessly strong coverage No! I like to cover it with concealer on my blemishes or spots respectively cozI think I’ll make a makeup look less heavy well anyway, it is good I bought a lot of concealers this year roughly about 20? Guilty as charged! It’s my crazy cosmetics year Well, I’m pregnant so no shopping for pretty clothes 🙁 Anyway, the color code is L3 Warm It has literally nothing left inside I was planning to show it on my face while I’m shooting the video today but just realized it’s all gone I used a lot in April and May, I guess People who get oily faces in summer would love this the heavy texture helps to even your pores and last for a long time I like to use it to cover my blemishes LEt’s say if you have a pimple, some sunspots or anything that’s hard to be covered It covers them up to 90% In short, strong coverage I like to use this to cover my dark circles Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics Make sure you don’t use a lot, like the normal portion you normally use I tried it and I was like why isit so thick and hard to blend I checked it online and everyone warned us about how little amount we should use I’ll roughly show you Just like this, Well, it’s still too much It will make you look younger The color I have is light I’m not sure if you compared to other products that I tried before, if the color would either too light Anyway, a young and vibrant feeling It basically take your dark circles away as if nothing ever existed as in it was your own skin I still think this color is too light for me though Please leave your comment or review below if you’ve tried this concealer before It’s waterproof, and basically doesnt leave any stain mark behind Next, we have concealer from Maybelline super watery, just love it! judging by its price of course the color code is 15 by the way The color is comparably lighter to Kat Von D’s It’s very watery, not dry

I don’t know what to say but this is actually my second one coz it’s cheap. Fit Me Maybelline The texture is kinda different This is Nars’ Soft Matte Complete Concealer which is more for oily skin Normally we get the dead skin in winter especially under our eyes But I remember itperformed well when I used in in spring/summer a really thin layer Just use the temperature from your finger to blend it It’s better by using your finger than a brush The moment you apply it on, The blemish will be gone in no time I’d say the coverage is about 90% I remember that I always applied a of colored-sunscreen before I used this concealer The overall makeup looks light but I think it’s dry when I used it in winter people with oily skin might prefer it in fall/winter The coverage is higher than IPSA’s palette not as sticky as IPSA while the thickness is about the same the light just dropped but I don’t feel like fixing it So, just bear with it It’s the one and only eye concealer I like this year It’s almost finished Nars’ Pro-prime Smudge Proof EyeShadow Base It’s in white, much more handy compared to my last year favorite which was a eye potion from Urban Decay It is easier to blend and this is the outcome white color, look like a primer So you apply it under your eyes and just dab it gently 3-4 times everything will blend right way It works well with the eye shadow and eyeliners The one from Urban Decay is just alright It’s hard to tell which one is better – Eyeshadow – As for eyeshadow, I was crazy about eyeshadow last year but not for this year~ Nope! I’m pretty calm this year coz there’s nothing that impress me including the one I liked, It was Sunset from Natasha Denona but the more I used it, I more I think it’s too orange I’ve suppressed my feeling for eyeshadow this year to something less flashy or fancy So you might think the eyeshadow I’m going to talk about will be really daily makeup-ish right? not exactly! It’s from Huda Beauty kinda glamour huh The reason that I like this a lot is because it goes well with daily and non-daily makeup well, of course not so daily I would say, coz look at the colors! XD My recommendation for office makeup look will be these lighter colors over here are pretty okay I mentioned this palette before for many times including on my October’s monthly favorite and my Sephora’s shopping haul I hope you got this from Sephora the texture tends to be dry and the eyeshadow is easier to be blended, compared to the one from Natasha Denova I got Huda Beauty’s rose gold last year that was pretty terrible just not my thing so when I got this palette this year, I wasn’t expecting too much but the more I use it, the more I fall for it The eyeshadow I’m using today is this Oud color which is suitable to be put behind your eyes It can be darker color or just this color together with this Saffron color, it can be used as an eyeliner as well since the texture is dry so definitely can be used as an eyeliner so that’s the only palette for this year There’s this product that I would like to share you I looooove it soooo much! It is only launched recently but has to be on the list at well Natasha Denova’s Top Coat I’m not sure if you have your eyes on this product but you would definitely be amazed by it it’s so special I applied it at the front corner and on the eyelids The powder’s texture wet You don’t have to spray your brush wet because it is literally wet already Look at the color Isn’t it pretty? I feel that I’m so cheapskate every time when I use it coz I prefer to use my hand I feel like I’ll finish it real soon everytime when I use it There are two colors It’s Peach and Nude I applied this Nude color on my nose tip It sticks right to it I’m telling you, THIS IS SO PRETTY and not to mention long-lasting I’ll roughly show you the outcome It’s different from ColourPop’s ColourPop looks good on your hand as a swatch but not as good when its on your eyes As for this one, it looks exactly on what you get from swatch and you can feel the wetness even when it’s on your eyelids well, it’s a wet eyes look simply wow~ These two top coats from Denova are just perfect The price is not that expensive among other Natasha Denova’s products

This is about $38 (CAD) It’s not that expensive for its brand You can see it on my nose I’ll roughly show it to you now and you will understand the wet look feeling that I mention The color I’m using now is Nude I put it on my nose tip before and it lasted for one day Compared to those glitter eyeshadow, it is much more thinner because of its wetness It will feel like it’s adhere on your eyelids definitely recommend it on your light makeup day it’s not that kind of crazy look that will blind your eyes Since it looks quite natural you can apply it for multiple times to get the pretty and glamorous outcome This is Bobbi Brown’s Melting Pot The box looks pretty with a little bulge as a decoration it is more to a rose gold color I figured that the product was kinda long-lasting the time when I was doing the photo shoot It comes out smooth and thin I think as for things that comes with brightening effect, the smooth powder texture is definitely a must if not, it will not look good on your eyes well, maybe it looks alright from far behind but not really when you come closer The texture is really good while the price can be a little high but it’s ok if you want to try it It costs $46 (CAD) which is slightly more expensive but i’d say it came out good on my photo-shoot I remember I went for the photo-shoot in the morning yet the brightness is still there even at night The glitter doesn’t really fall off same goes to the one from Natasha Denova so you don’t have to worry about it I realized my eye-makeup style changed drastically this year I tend to go for the matte color and like to add on some blinking effect to it so that your eyes will look extra watery It can be light or dark color I like everything shiny this year Lastly, Mac’s rose color There’s two size, the one I got is smaller one you know, you couldn’t never finish the big one so I bought a small bottle instead to save money XD It comes with a little pinkish red color The color is awesome but if you compare it to the other two powders just now it will slightly fall off so I’ll suggest you to use it together with the gel or the fixed spray from Mac will do so you can pat some by using a wet brush apply it gently on your eyelids The outcome is impressive the eyes won’t look bloated pretty I tried it on my lips as well kinda like the evening dinner makeup – Eyeliner – The eyeliners are from Pony Effect It’s very last lasting and stays well even after crying I’ll trace a simple line whenever I’m feeling lazy pulling it out like this I’ve all kind of different colors from this series but I’ve finished the the black color one these are gray and brown color both are nice LoverLiner that comes with a soft tip it’s suitable for daily simple makeup As for eyeliner gel, it would have to be this Bobbi Brown’s Ultra Fine Eyeliner If you’ve a time and want to have a fake eyelashes like what I’m wearing today you can try to have a thicker eyeliner then because fake lashes tend to cover the eyeliner so that’s why I’ll go for a gel eyeliner like this starting from front corner to the eye-tail It takes a long time I didn’t use that much for today actually If you prefer to make a little makeup or even something more exaggerate I think this is not that bad at least it comes in pretty handy the color was pretty strong when I first got it and since it is becoming drier now it’s not that easily for the color to be seen – Highlighter – As for highlighter, I’ve tried a lot this year If you ask me for my recommendation, it has to be these three The first will always be my Dior 001 I’ve Dior 002 as well, but I still prefer 001 more because 002 is not suitable for every skin tones this is 001, I know I said it a million times It’s very smooth doesn’t matter what kind of brushes you use the texture and color pigmentation are superb and also it creates good skin complexion pretty natural people will notice it right way a very pretty glow Ofra’s Rodeo Drive that comes with cheaper price It is prefect for those who’re looking for something exaggerate and bright

It looks pretty obvious by just by slightly sliding it with my hand or you choose to use a brush instead It’s not as smooth as 001, but it’s still good nonetheless The highlight that I’m wearing is actually Ofra’s Rodeo Drive I think Rodeo Drive is suitable for all kind of skin tones with a little bit of yellowish gold color but this is not for you if you’re not a fans of gold color For me, Dior and Rodeo Drive are so different as in the way this is more delicate and princess-like while this is more healthy and wild I like this one It’s a highlighter I discovered recently as well Lauren Geller, with the color of Charming Pink The pinkish color doesn’t look weird on the face It’s not as plain as Dior nor as obvious as Rodeo Drive kinda in between it has the pearly powder and it will make your face look white, in a healthy way similar to Dior 002 but way stronger – Palette – nothing much to talk about though this one from Hourglass it has everything inside this is a Bronzer and setting powder, under eye setting powder for eyeunder eye setting powder, I prefer to use with Real Technique’sExpert Face Brush This is one of the most frequently used palettes this year and also last year Nars’ Unfiltered #1 I mentioned it last year I guess I’ll just mention it again I like this one among all these The highlight is nothing much to talk about as well as its texture I don’t really like it but the blushers are another story you can even use this as a blusher If you have a tanner skin, this would look absolutely gorgeous on you especially this plum color and this one has a little purple color within It will make your face look white, in a good way if you prefer this kind of feeling I think these three colors are pretty nice The red color looked kinda strong by itself but if you only apply a small amount of it it will look good on your face kinda like my lips color here a little bit like dark red There’re nothing much other than this color – Contouring – Look at it, isn’t ugly? It is actually a Butter Bronzer but I’ve de-potted and put it together with my other palettes I smashed it into pieces and kinda learn how to solidify it from the internet Anyway, I like this Butter Bronzer that comes with a fairly cheap price and perfect contouring effect You don’t have to worry you might apply it too much on you because the color itself is very natural so it goes well with any skin tones Sometimes we might be worried that the blusher will look to heavy or awkward Well, it doesn’t apply on this product It smells good, like cocount I think I mentioned this is one of my monthly favorite should be January or February I guess and have been in love with it throughout the year As for another contour which I used it a lot as well is……right here! Tom Ford’s Terra kinda similar with the Butter Bronzer just now the texture is very smooth as applied to the Butter Bronzer You might look down on it because of the price but its really long lasting and the color code is Terra No.02 I chose this color I think it looks natural The color is in between Benefits’ Hoola nad Hoola Lite I used it so much that the ‘TF’ word can barely be seen – Blusher – DeepThroat from Nars I used to think the color was too simply but it surprised me when I had it on It portrays a sense of delicate and shyness and It wouldn’t take away the spotlight, even if you’re wearing a heavy makeup It adds on more complexion to your face So far those are the blushes that I use this year Other than that, I’ve this Milani, It’s long lasting and pretty good judging by its price weird smell though with the shape of the flowers, strong longevity and color pigmentation with an elegant and puffy look The color code is Romantic Rose 01 Settling Powder/ Spray I’ve to declare before hand, this one is not just for 2017 but also my all time favorite which is the setting powder from Laura Mercier I loooove it so much! It gives the overall makeup a matte look well it’s not entirely matte though It is really ‘settling’ despite the seasons

It’s not during winter so your face wouldn’t look cracky It performs extra well during spring/summer I’ve been using it for years Well, even though it said the expiration date is within 12 months but so far there’s nothing happened Next we have this setting Spray from L’Oreal Infallible series’ Pro-spray and Set The bottle design looks pretty masculine and the smell is definitely not feminine but it does a good job nonetheless I’ve never tried it in spring/summer so I’m not sure about the outcome Please feel free to share your thought below if you’ve tried it before When I wasn’t feel like using the powder during fall/winter coz it will add another layer to my makeup I’ll go for this spray instead and it keeps the makeup all day long Speaking of setting spray, how can we not mention Mac’s Prep and Prime Fix Plus I’ve mentioned this millions times in my show my show? I meant ‘Oh Emma’ Channel XD It works as a primer and finishing spray You can also spray it on a brush and dip on some eyeshadows with pretty glitters kinda replace the eyeshadow gel instead You should try it if you haven’t coz it’s one of my all time favorites – Lipstick – I refused to have this session at first because you know, lipstick is a fast fashion I’d always have a new favorite every month So that’s no way I can pick something up for my yearly favorite I gonna share my 3 favorite lipsticks for December instead Firstly, It’s Lip Glow from Dior It’s very mosturizing and perfect for this season The color I got is 006 Berries The texture is kinda like lipstick but a little bit of color within It’s perfect for work and school, and for those who prefer light makeup It has the color of plum So if you have a prettier pale skin it will create a very shy kind of look The color like this goes well with light makeup and perfectly solve the dry lips problem in winter It’s like a colored lip balm My mum was the one who lure me into this She got a pinkish one I wasn’t a fans for that color but I looked it up online and found this color which is more preferable in autumn So I got this the outcome is pretty nice I stumbled upon Walk of Shame in December Don’t call me out-fashioned for only using it now It’s a deep red with a strong aura from a series from Charlotte Tilbury it is neither dry or smooth just alright, I guess I’m quite ok with its texture b’coz normally my lips aren’t really dry after anyway I wore this lipstick when I was in my pregnancy photo-shoot It made me look more mature and with a strong aura It’s prefect for mild to strong makeup b’coz the color is kinda dark after all Lastly, it’s a lipstick I newly found in December and I absolutely looove it! It’s from Fenty Beauty Let’s start with something that I don’t like about it It’s pretty hard to blend, which need a lot of time and patience but the color is really something If you were on the red carpet trust me when I say it will grab everyone’s attention simple a super huge red It makes you feel like as in you applied paint on your lips In short, super heavy and red Not suitable for school or work though but if you want a different kind of red or big red like the one that Max always wear from the ‘2 Broke Girls’ This is the red for you Phew~~ That’s a wrap for my 2017 favorite makeup I don’t think I’ll have for another favorite skin care video I guess this will be the last video before I give birth the skin care video might be after I give birth to the baby I’ve some videos that are yet to be published so I’ll upload it one at a time So if you find the timeline to be a little strange remember it was recorded a long time ago So I would like to wish you a happy new year Have a blast for the upcoming January and February for your work and studies I’ll see you soon! Bye~

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