(Skyhook) Hi I’m Skyhook. (Skella) Hi I’m Skella (Skyhook) and we’re going to be doing each other’s makeup so I saw this glam and gore video and she did her friend’s makeup blindfolded but she did special effects, and I have zero confidence in my newly found FX skills. So I am NOT doing that, but I figured we could just do a cool regular makeup blindfolded challenge Basically we’re gonna be doing each other’s normal routines so she’s gonna yeah, so I’m going to do her everyday look, then she’s going to do mine on me. We don’t have mirrors, so like I, I’m gonna try to not look in mirrors like while you’re yeah others and then we’re gonna reveal it at the end like what the fuck you look like all right cuz so you guys will know how ridiculous we like I feel like even if I did like I ever tried to do like your everyday look not blindfolded I feel like it was gonna be really good I tried my bum today on one is very like sad looking so I’m gonna try to not mess them up more we did I don’t foundation we’re not gonna do my scary those are like the two disclaimers of safety I think you’re so much more complex than me like you have so much more and you’re like I already did our foundation and I’m like I put powder on my butt I’m gonna go first what is your face shape you got a lot of piercings so I feel like I got like Braille to work yeah royalties oh god I cover my ears like all my sensory is going I’m gonna tell me wonder what do you start with I usually start with like my face my contour I like girls cuz I get both so I got an advantage because she has like unicorn brushes so I can like totally feel that this is a unicorn brush co2 so you use contour and highlight right fingies okay so you do contoured first I think this is a contour brush and then you have a Becca contour I know this is it because I have a little mini version and okay I usually use back a highlight as well but I said we didn’t bring out oh god how much product okay this is the product side oh no I didn’t even think of that like how much I’m gonna be picking out I use that like real sparingly like a little bit a little like I like tap it and then blend it so you’re either gonna get nothing okay do you do it like straight or like on an angle you really straight right is there like a side to this is this like sided anyway I mean it’s the brush side and then the I mean like I cannot like an angled like contour brush okay have you taking my head or like nah tink okay okay I’m so scared this is like a moment of truth like oh that’s like not that’s a hard brush I feel like that yeah that’s not soft no it’s a hard no I don’t know how hard I tapped it okay I’m gonna do this just in case nothing you’re gonna get too much you got figuring selling I’m scoping okay so your cheeks are that your cheeks yeah thermals there see bro the other I know I’m gonna do this eggs the camera doesn’t see that so I’m gonna test you know faster than what I think it’s just conjured my finger oh my god I feel like I’m all your cheekbones it that was a highlight and not a contour oh my god I’m so sorry you’re can’t even judge me because you don’t even know what it looks like no you’re just like encouraging it feels like I didn’t feel like it was that anywhere near right get off your chin okay really sounds like expensive like fancy earrings and my face jewelry oh my god bless I was like rip it out your face is so small are you sure but like it’s so tiny we’re just gonna hope for the best right now okay we did it I think so we’re gonna do a highlight now I try to put the other brush to that okay what do you use I’ll use that palette mm-hmm she has like a palette I think this is a that’s a mirror side of it is this palette I don’t know if you can see it it smells good I’m usually a muddy highlighter goodbye your face again I’m gonna start at the top and like work so I never like poke you in the eye where is your eye from your cheek that’s right girl that’s your corner of your eye right am I supposed to say yes I feel like my neck was your I like Safety’s so like you can say yes so have you are in my eyeball I feel like this is the same size up with the contour oh no I feel like I’m scared for that that’s the general stuff is all right outside oh no they aren’t oh no did I hurt you no okay feel it where is it oh what’s up there okay oh you said you usually put it over it I guess mean antenna that’s just my eyeball you just got a good like base coat for the eye shadow okay I’m gonna just put that down I don’t know if that was a fail or not I’m assuming this angled brush is the eyebrow huh Oh yours is like moist so I feel like mine is like dried out yeah where they dry out real bad but mine’s yours too movies why have

a giant hole in it do you like dig into it I only use the center what is I get crater in it this hurts my soul are you looking crazy ice-cream eater like if you don’t like you just chomp into it yeah oh yeah oh yeah like – look flat like I try to like well maybe not might like eye brow things I don’t use it that much I feel like when I eat ice cream I eat it like I keep it flat but you’re just like digging into yours okay yeah it’s me I can’t even say it and it hurts me can I give you angry girl brows I love what girls angry eyebrows like they’re gonna fuck me out like Spock Broyles those are like my favorite things ever I don’t know if I want to do that to you how acutely um no go for it yeah your face are we doing you good no you’re doing it good but you’re definitely doing it this is definitely you got some janky eyebrows bump them just hoping for the best I’m hoping is that these end up just looking awesome and then I get like a new everyday look why is everyone so it feels so long it’s probably like nah it’s probably they can act like it no it’s not every day I feel people’s eyebrows you know that’s like so I mean I feel like I’m so shaky ooh fleek I knew I felt that that’s awfully key I did that’s a good luck oh I’m sure you look great and enjoyed the decide on my fingers uh-huh oh no I was trying to feel where the growth started so that was like all right it’s a look it’s like on like freckles I feel like this is your artist so I’m just gonna we’re just going with that we’re just going for the bed okay what do we do next my shadow eyes you do paint all right so she uses pink a lot we both have this palette I like she let me borrow this one time when we were hanging out and I was it was pretty and then I went and bought her off many a time since then yeah but inside of this palette I kind of know this palette because I have it to you I feel like this is the pink this one’s pink I feel it I feel it in my bones this one’s pink you’re being really silent thank you I don’t know I’m really nervous all right what am i doing okay wait you’re gonna look fabulous it’s that good like start for my eyes knowing where your eyelid is tiny yeah yeah there’s not a lot to work with I was like envy those really dramatic eye shadow looks but there’s a whole room oh I got enough real estate push all right but I think that these are the last two products that I have a size like small eyeliner and stuff wait no this is a lipstick I think so we have this so this is the all over the one I had I think this is the one they use all over which one I’m gonna make sure I was doing again okay so mm that’s the whole eyeball I just contoured oh that’s so good actually yeah I agree with that that felt good it did yeah okay I should have smearing yeah just give us some like tippy taps to like tap it in yeah hmm glitter isn’t everyday look for a concern I’m gonna do two gangs that didn’t feel very sticky sticky I would have said don’t recommend that product but she does recommend it was I what does feel like stable what is wrong with my face that you thought that was an eyeball I don’t know how far the end of the brush is going that’s was really good what is it diamond crushers it’s lip gloss I had just used but from where I’m from oh my god it smells like lip smackers it doesn’t ever rise me up you’ve never smelled it before you don’t smell it what you open it I cannot taste it

I mean it’s lip gloss you come and I’ve never you superior oh I’m off my finger no there’s a lot of here have some of that oh you didn’t even tell me that’s good I was trying to be supportive my god this smells so good delicious is your face I’m gonna do this one first or I can just like get this over with so you can like laugh at me and good okay I felt the crevice alright there you go we did that feeling exactly how I did okay this is not my liner this is eyeliner okay so yeah do I’m gonna do this I like that side first I feel like the thighs gotta look away worries I’m so sorry I mean it’s gonna be like you’re dropping really oh my god so that’s like I’m not explaining that yeah I mean yeah with your own cosplay is your gloves I have my drive myself hopefully do you make it if you put it out pretty far yeah yeah how far in do you usually go what do you like do you might go all the way to the corner oh no oh no how about I’m sorry I’m just nervous well where’s your face it’s over here I’m showing the camera very lovely cat eye I did beautifully okay I’m good I can do it with like one line on this one I just like don’t over the walls started so I feel like that meets it like Wow I’m just gonna keep it that’s one and done I ain’t even touching out I want you I’m gonna have to be its entire legacy just like on its own boom you can’t do that to me how far out is this that I missed your live inside yeah we clean it No thank you I really do do I hurt you let’s say on my upper lip wait no I’m still pushing a sample I was saying hello do you over line no not usually I don’t know where that went that felt like a curve I’m just gonna end it there you feel good yeah all right she is like a stamp each down so you’re doing on this side the other side I was there in Durham I usually okay so I’m just gonna go in I don’t know how that looks but I’m sure you look fabulous thank you feel like I’m done right yeah he’s everything fuck yeah okay the moment of truth somehow violet oh it’s not time difficult I’d like it fine time oh that was good this one I did so good it was beautiful I wait your lipstick looks great yeah you know your inner corner highlight is on that one fell I guess yeah that was like the most negative litter down here cuz it ya know like are you fucking sure I feel good about it I feel ready to go out of town alright like really get in there like salty on my mouth yeah yeah ice all to you I don’t know I think ever how well I did realistic you like so yeah I start with eyeshadow you start your eyeshadow nope this can work wow this is really hard I’m just like hold your lashes down so I know I don’t poke you in the eye that’s fine I’m gonna be so mad if I look great and then you look like a fucking monster getting it over don’t usually get this color on – I tried like watching the other day you use a t eyeshadow that like are they all even I used the layers totally blend it out and stuff that’s what I’m doing it is very soft thank you I drew the red didn’t just do you read David I do more red over two palettes okay 300 friends two palettes alright so I know that the red is the low this is not even smelling talent okay I don’t use my fingers all these because I know the blue ones that we used for Sally below it this one feels like it’s sort of used so I’m assuming this is the color I need

basic gentle as her eyeballs I know I’m just saying it feels nice okay like sweeping up football this looks intense but we’ll see and you use the sparkling one that was good like a Capri the long one is gold one of these is green and one is silver and then this one’s either green or silver as well I’m gonna go with the middle knowing yeah this one seems like it’s the most used no they all have the same amount I’m gonna guess this one we’re gonna guess this we’re gonna hope for the best I feel like you were so much more put together than me sure chocolate smells good I have my walking under face that’s fine at least it was wrong I’ll be consistent started that so confidently this is definitely the same one I think okay this is good so I shadow is done boom you’re hiding your shame I don’t even know what like I could be like like hey it’s the camera it’s not I don’t know where it is it sounds really good not breathing thank you and then you use this for your highlight as well do two layers of pilot I can’t see if anything’s on there oh that’s an amount we’ll see I mean cats are supposed to write below your cheekbone what is this I don’t ever time I don’t you tap it on the back of the thing and there where does it go like the extra just flies off cause instead of flying competitor you’re not Easter Bunny I would rather inhale my makeup child like walking from your mouth now Who I am your brows yeah and there’s no return from the brows because those are jet black get that dip brow okay okay all right we’re gonna do this so you can feel your body laughing I have no idea what looks like that’s what I’m saying eyeliner is harder on the side that isn’t like the motion you do it in guys you can’t like yeah see I told you none I’m sleek fucking could work for whatever company makes this okay so what’s left we have your eyeliner I’m gonna start on the side just to hold your eye closed I don’t even it can’t like this brush is long so I can’t actually tell if it’s touching your it’s touching I just gonna touch it with your finger yeah that might happen I feel like my wounds can cut it man I’m I’m hitting your lashes or like going into your eyeball I don’t know what I’m doing this is a thick boy wait I can feel of think it’s like thi cccc that was so bad that just ruined my otherwise perfect makeup look it’s gonna be iconic I just ruined it I’m gonna how this has to happen and I need you to be

okay with it I need to just grab these nothing in my hands and just go for ya you can set up yes this is the hardest part okay okay okay we’re doing this we’re doing this we got it that helps you know where they are okay and we’re done we look great I think we should go how I do this why this is so bright I’m gonna like reveal it like HGTV oh my god that actually it’s like it’s not good but it’s kind of gutted this is a way is like it’s at least like consistent it’s not good I impressed with myself actually okay so now we’re gonna look at ourselves three two one right now not in length not in quality but in location so everyone the difference in earth and our palates myself I dropped it and then I dropped it again I feel like you did pretty good on mine look I’m confused about the eyebrows because I feel like the eyebrows are the most clear like you can see you can feel where they I guess I was nervous because I started with them and like at dinner night no I didn’t bottom and like the art is perfect went a little off track up there I have no explanation for myself they like this lipstick look though yeah would you get over here you did perfectly yeah that’s not great I mean yeah you see I’m good yeah they’re they’re good they like blending of eyeshadow is actually really good though for how dramatic you mean what sound like I was using so much Oh what what I said was like it sounds good because you look white all the way in my ear and it was just like brush brush brush like in my ear I was a big well it sounds good oh there is a law in your ear yeah icons with them more like inner corner highlight that you did you’re like so right if I use this silver one right here and she was like she was like I feel like it works but I use all these as my base usually so like this one so it kind of has an indent so I think you went on but you had to hang her on this silver one for a while and I was like she’s gonna get it right and then you like less second switch to us my green was over here I thought this one is the green I don’t see Melissa silver so she was like going Everard with that Dookie Brown please that’s that’s why the works of it see I feel like all of the things that like I usually do like a real chunky glitter and you made it like subtle you technically did it wrong it still looks good well you got something I like it yeah this is like Amy Winehouse I think that’s a good look for you I think that you should see that one that’s a good location bad technique this one’s good too no we like morph together your bad location this eyebrow is wild side is so like subtle looks like it’s on purpose hey buddy I kinda like my Trixie Mattel contour we did good high five we did fucking great I’ve never felt more beautiful is this your friendship all right well thank you guys for hanging out while we made ourselves look beautiful if you want to follow skele on everything and check her out go to her website which is scalloped borealis calm which leads to her picture on which is skull brios on there as well and then also her Instagram handle is Caleb or EOS and your Twitter handle is the same as well yeah it’s all her linky links I mean you wanna check her out on patreon which I thought comm slash skyhook she just launched it it’s amazing I pledge to it check out on twitch twitch TV slash skyhook and her website is skyhook art and the rest of the links for everything will be below like subscribe and maybe hit the little notification ball and yeah we’ll see you when we see you you

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