hi guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be filming an Arabic inspired makeup tutorial the reason I’m filming this is because I got requested this on my page so i thought i would be doing it today I really like this look and I had to say I had so much fun filming this look because I’ve never used the black eyeshadow and mainly because I don’t really like the color black and when I use it sometimes it kind of goes into a hot mess but this time thank God for that it didn’t work out that way and it works out really well i’m going to be showing you as well right now the look and it’s like a really nice black smokey I find this very wearable wearable wearable I fans were wearable and with a pink clip so if you guys want to see how I achieved this look then stay tuned okay hey guys um so what I have done first is I have put some sellotape okay um two diagonal to a flick so that’s what I’ve done so far the first thing I’m going to be doing is grabbing onto a Paint Pot so I’m going to be using mac paint pot and soft ochre I’m popping that all over the lid and what that will do is just clear the canvas for us can you see that excuse the brows I still haven’t been to get my brows done but yeah still popping this back on and forth okay and once you’ve done that we are going to next take um you’re done with this product we’re going to put it down here the next thing we’re going to be taking is my chocolate bar palette and I’m going to be grabbing on to an eyeshadow that I really really love we’re going to be grabbing onto this eyeshadow here which is salted to care amount from the Too Faced chocolate bar palette and we’re going to sweep that into the crease we’re just sweeping the color onto the crease keep adding it on this palette smells so divine I cannot explain this at all just doing it on the other eye again the same color this color is amazing as a transition color just building up the color until I’m happy with it to be and starting off with them the eyeshadow first because it is black eyeshadow so once you’ve done that okay I’m going to grab on to my little mix collection love all about these I palette and we’re going to take this color here and this is Coco a dream and we’re going to grab a little fluffy brush just grab a bit and we’re gonna I’m going to like blend it in to the crease and sorry there’s a mirror here and I keep going over it again keep adding more and what it does this gives a light touch to the eye check if that’s perfect and that is all ok once you’ve use that palette we’re going to go on to my main palette my main palette is this palette here and this is the one I got for my birthday and we’re going to grab which color was it this color here which is like a champagne II kind of color we’re going to pop it all over the lid this palette has amazing pigmentation I love it okay once you’ve done that okay next comes the scarier next comes another color that we’re going to use and this i’m just going to take with my finger and dab it into the center of the eyelid which is this elder champagne you kind of color pop the in the middle of the lid kind of thing okay take it oh god wrong color pop it into the middle of the lid and there you go next we’re going to grab another shadow and this is the collection work the color smokey eye palette and I have to thank my friend for this thank you so much she gave it as a late birthday present but thank you a lot I’m going to take a bit of this shade here and we’re just going to this is a scary part cuz

okay the reason I’m loosing my scarf is because come so much difficult to film it if you don’t okay so once you’ve got that lovely kind of what I’m doing is I’m not blending it out at all i’m doing is placing it on the outer V and pulling it up anything I’m just cut creasing it but i’m not actually blending it out and I think I like it that way sorry now once you’ve done that I’m going to be taking um so we’re done with this palette and we’re not done sorry we’re going to be taking again some more of the salted caramel from Too Faced chocolate bar palette and we’re going to use that to blend the blackout very lightly because you have to be very careful when blending a black because it could easily look like a hot mess and I’m going to hit it on to that so we can get like a v-shaped can you see where the tape is now that’s likely nothing too special nothing too crazy um sorry it’s more okay now once you’ve done that I’m going to be taking a highlight color and I’m going to be grabbing white chocolate it awkward competition white chocolate which is that fly there and popping that into under the brow bone popping that onto the brow bone and a bit to the inner corner there we go I’m gonna blend that ok next we’re going to be taking a bit of champagne truffle which is more of like a shimmery white color and we’re going to pop that into the inner corner the step up there okay think of it more and do it on the other side okay that is it okay that next we are going to be taking um the eyes are now complete nearly we’re going to next take some liquid eyeliner and I’m using the super cat lineup from soap and glory and we’re just gonna learning the eyes ok I’m going to grab onto palette that I can look in the mirror with can you see that you use a little flick I’ve done as well okay do the same thing on that I sorry guys I just filmed the other side and I remove the sellotape and this is the end product I’m sorry I had to take that off filming because that took me forever to get the next thing I’m going to be doing is aligning my inner line with my Kajal eyeliner I know you’re going to be doing is that I’m going to bring it down okay I’m the next thing you’re going to be doing is applying some white eyeliner I’m going to be applying this into the inner corner I’m blending it out my finger and a bit can you see that down bit there I know what you thinking we’re just to make it look cleaner and lighter

ok so that’s the look the next thing we’re going to be using it to do our face is I’m going to be filling my eyebrows I’m going to be taking my brow kit I don’t know why we still don’t finish with the eyes and I know that but I just feel like doing my rails now ok ok the next thing I’m going to be doing is grabbing onto my brow gel right look like this ok next thing I’m going to be doing is grabbing onto the black eyeshadow from the collection work in color palette and we’re going to grab onto the same color that I used before and we’re just going to like we’re just going to run it across the lower lash line so it goes in I don’t think I don’t know if you guys understand what I mean well I think that’s what I want okay just a bit of black so we don’t want that palette and then again with the then again with the eyeliner we’re just going to go back with it draws tiny strokes that’s a new back to the wing ok now once you’ve done that your look is really complete ok you’re going to be grabbing onto your eyelash curler and I’m going to curl my lashes okay and we’re going to grab onto two mascaras I’m going to be using remote falsies effect scorer now I don’t like false lashes but you can modify this look however you like yep and the next thing we’re going to be using is the L’Oreal telescopic mascara okay now the next thing I’m going to be using is now we’re going to start on to the face so for the face I’m going to start off with first my Navy a moisturizer because y’all know how much I love it is important to prime your face yes the bit hung out all over the head I’ve left my scarf loose so it helps to put my foundation and makeup on the next thing I’m going to be using is my bourgeois CC cream which I have been loving this thing is amazing you’re just going to use about two drops you only need like this much to get full coverage you won’t even believe what I’m saying but literally that’s all you need so we’re going to just do dots all over my face now I’m Arabic inspired I always expire expire always always think that they have very flawless skin which is important clearly so yeah and they are pretty fair so well according in my head yeah you can modify these looks to however you want I’m just taking my own take on it okay you keep blending it in this is very this is like a buildable cream so basically you’re just adding it on and the more it builds up in color okay and that is it the next thing I’m going to be using is my revolution no not revolution revlon when using too much makeup revolution products so i’m using my revlon colorstay concealer which is a drugstore concealer which i am loving at the moment okay and on the word okay

we’re gonna again grab my fingers because i feel like they’re the best when it comes to this type of application learning more more I mean the key to getting a very successful makeup look is the blending I’m being honest there I’m not lying about that blending is so important when you make are you putting makeup on okay now the next thing I’m going to be using is my mua pro bass i concealed kind of fit and it comes in three colors like that i’m going to be grabbing onto this so many color fast oh no pop that under my eyelids okay this is such a good click for 350 because it really does a lot of work and again it’s buildable which is nice because then you can decide what type of coverage you want sorry I’ve just grabbed the second color now I’m just going to brighten my under eyes y’all can see the quite dock because I have very little sleep and it’s really bad then I’m going to be taking my making sure that’s properly blended out okay next I’m going to be taking my collection chez Lewis powder I love this powder it gives me such a good finish just grab some with a liquid foundation brush I’ve been using my brushes very weirdly I use them for the wrong thing but I don’t mind as long as I get i won does it really matter again make sure you set that concealer underneath your eye oh we good and it gives it literally because it’s so gives such a nice finish it the makeup doesn’t even look cakey which is really nice even if you’re having full coverage everything sorry have to check in case there’s no powder or anything right once you’ve got your powder ring done we’re going to grab again to that mua palette and we’re going to be using this pinkish color and that’s actually the illuminator I didn’t believe it at first but it kind of gives a really nice glow to the skin and this was only 350 so technically a pound something for each shade which is not that bad at all and it just gives a light to glow you won’t be able to see it that well on camera but when you see me in real life you’ll be like yes I would write next we’re going to grab on to my contour and I’m going to grab on to my little stippling brush and my rep makeup revolution eyeshadow in the color delicious and you only need a bit guys don’t overdo this because yeah again the other side and I’m not going to contour my nose because I don’t like doing not gonna do a bit on the forehead just a faint line on the forehead and with the same brush which is going to blend the forehead one out and then we’re going to grab a bit and put it on my own number chin so we get contoured face okay that’s all you need you really don’t need much of this shadow then to blend it out further I’m going to be grabbing my bronzer and this is my avon one that I use nearly on an everyday basis we’re going to be taking it on to the contour color of just place i’m just going to be blending it out just in a circular kind of motion like you’re going to throw it down just go vigorous however you want okay okay and that’s it what I like is it’s a light contour I don’t really like heavy contouring alright but on the funder neath with whatever you’ve got left and a bit on the forehead close I love having a bronze feast and then we’re going to grab onto some illuminating illuminating powder and this is again my avon illuminating powder popping that on I think to set on whatever I’ve done from the makeup makeup academy highlighted is to set it because it is a cream based product and I don’t know how it’s going to look how long it’s going to last next my favorite blush from ultimate this Coralie kind of color I’m not really much a blush person I like a color I’ll just stick to it that’s how I am that’s why you’ll notice I don’t have many blushes and then and then I’ve got the last color I’ve got is this lovely color

here and yeah that’s it okay now we’re going to do the lips next I have is the Rimmel East End snob lip pencil okay and then we’re going to grab on to my revlon colorburst in it loser next color going on is my color collection deluxe 2000 lipstick and my last thing is my essence lip gloss in bowl that rose next to set it all off I’m going to be taking my makeup my cheeky freeze free makeup setting spray and that just move too much so that’s at the end of the makeup look I hope you guys enjoy this Arab inspired makeup tutorial and if you like to see me do many more looks please leave a comment in the description box below or follow me on my social networks which is in the description box as well and I really enjoyed this look because I’ve never don’t use the color black as much but if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up please like please subscribe and I will see you next weekend with another video see you guys soon bye and thanks for watching

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