What’s going on YouTube? so the RX as you probably know is one of the oldest crossover nameplates and Also by far still the best-selling one in the u.s That’s why as soon as the first one arrived. We rushed out to Lexus of Lexington to film it for you guys Of course we do want to specially thank them for making this available to us so quickly and If you’re in the market for any new Lexus, make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them virtually via their website which we provided a link to in the video description, so With that all said let’s check out the big changes Lexus made to their breadwinner You So kicking things off here with the outside this front design is where a lot of the 2020 changes have occurred at First it doesn’t look like a huge revision. But all of the sheet metal up here is completely new with slightly less creases than before The grill itself also takes on an alter design with a modified spindle shaped less chrome trim around it and a more sophisticated mesh interior finish Turning on over to the headlights they also play a large role in the Modernization of this design since they have both a sleeker look and no longer have the individual bulbs for the daytime running lights Now this is the standard version But you can still option on the advanced triple beam headlights if you want all the elements to be LED and Of course the f-sport gets all the same upgrades, but just applied with its own unique fascia Now since lexus focus most of their attention on the front design as we go around to the side and back you won’t notice many updates There is actually a new tail light design but models without the triple beam headlights are stuck with this carryover design One nice revision though is the silver accent across the back and dual exhaust finishers that are thinner this year So all in all while this update didn’t deliver a dramatic change it certainly did improve the overall package in a meaningful way Now moving on to the wheels most of the designs were also updated this year You might be noticing that these particular ones do look familiar. And that’s because these 20’s are the one design that did carry over the base 18 inch wheel has a new contrast design and the luxury packages unique 20 inch wheel has been Redesigned as well As far as the mirrors almost every single model will come with power folding and auto dimming ones and blind spot monitoring remains the only optional safety system But not only is every other safety system standard but for 2020 the safety suite has been upgraded to version 2.0 That adds a low light pedestrian and bicyclist detection roadsign Assist and Lane tracing assist to the already standard pre-collision braking Adaptive cruise control lane departure alert and auto high beam headlights This altogether remains one of the best safety suites in the entire business But anyways guys that’s going to do it for the exterior changes So now let’s go ahead and see the big updates Lexus has made to the cabin Walking on up to the 2020 lexus RX, of course as you would expect you do have a standard smart entry system Now the key itself has not changed this year however There is one addition which is that you now have free remote start standard for three years instead of the previous one year And you can do that via sequence Controls here on this button on this fob. Or you can do it via the Lexus app Now of course walking up to the vehicle itself All you have to do is just grab the handle since there is a sensor and your mirrors will also electrically fold out work All right, so taking our first look inside the Refresh 2020 rx

you’ll notice that a lot of the same design characteristics have Carried over this year, but there’s a lot of changes to the details. Once you start to kind of look around the cabin Some of those changes do revolve around different material and color options So what you’ll be looking at this year is a standard nuluxe faux leather with your choice of black parchment or birch color schemes Then when you go for the f-sport that also gets a nuluxe faux leather with black or a brand new circuit red Which is just more vivid than the previous Rioja red And then finally when you go for the luxury package, that’s gonna go up to semi-aniline leather And that’s in black parchment birch or noble Brown. Now one thing you might be noticing though. Is that the regular leather option? That’s no longer available. So you just have the either new locks or you have to go up to the semi-annual or leather? It is also worth mentioning the trims because in this car Every single model comes with some kind of real wood trim or a real aluminum trim And if you go for the luxury model you get the SPECIAL sepele wood Now turning over here to your door trend is pretty much the same as last year though We do have a little bit of a different stitching design right here You will notice on this model We have the open pore walnut, which is absolutely beautiful and all the top areas are of course soft touch plastic Now so long as you choose at least a premium package You will have 3 person memory seating and all for your windows our one touch automatic Now coming down to your seat here this is the standard 10-way power adjusting seat that the vast majority of models will have But if you go for the luxury package that’s going to give you two extra ways of lumbar as well as a thigh extension This model like the vast majority of our RX is going to come with the new luxe faux leather Now before you get worried about that, I’m not having the option of real leather now Lexus has always done a fantastic job with new luxe It’s very convincing and honestly I don’t think that anybody’s going to notice unless somebody actually tells you that this is not real leather Now since this generation of the RX came out a few years ago It has been praised for having a lovely cabin and as such the materials pretty much carry over this year So we’ll cross your upper dash here We do have a soft touch plastic with a nice stitching detail that runs through it through the middle here We have some silver trim a well the leatherette material with more stitching. It is softly padded all through these areas And then down here along the bottom where your knee would touch you do. Have a nice leather breath Again with the color contrast stitching and then of course in your typical Lexus fashion everything fits together, absolutely seamlessly Alright, of course you do have standard push-button start you will notice we have the new button this year And then when we press it, we will see either this standard 8 inch display or an optional 12 point 3 inch display fire up Now this is honestly where a lot of the changes are focused for the 2020 refresh I’m not going to talk about all of that right here right now. We’ll get back around to that in a little bit As far as your gauges here it does not appear that they have changed anything So you continue to have the analog set up with a 4.2 inch multifunction display Now this does contain all the typical information that you expect and you can adjust things like your standard safety systems right here Now additionally this model does not come with one but there is an optional head-up display offered All right now coming back to the steering wheel Of course, we do have electric power assisted steering and every model is going to come with a leather wrap steering wheel now what you’ll notice though on this particular models that we have opted for the Wood trim, which I’m usually not a fan of because it tends to be like high gloss trim But this is we’re very nice open pour wood. So it actually feels really good to touch

And then what and then the heating does come with the wood as well Now as far as your buttons here, we do have our typical phone audio and voice controls And then on this side, we have some buttons for some of our safety systems as well as our multifunction display Down below. We do have our standard adaptive cruise control You also find standard rain sensing wipers as well as standard power adjustment Which are both pretty nice features to have in this class of vehicle All right, so let’s go ahead and talk about storage this year since it has been updated a little bit So as far as the center console here this is actually very deep As you can see it goes down quite a ways you have a nice felt lining and one of the things I like about this is you can actually take this entire fan out and Like dump this if it gets filled up with say dirt grime, so that’s definitely a good feature to have And then over here, we have our 12-volt outlet and two of our USB ports Up in front of that. We have two cupholders one of which does adjust to be different heights we actually also have this nice little slot here so you can a stick your phone in and just kind of slide it down and It will stand upright And then we still continue to have this area as well So you can stick your phone there for me if it’s a little bit bigger than this slot With two new charging USB ports here as well And this is where you’ll plug in for the brand new Android auto and apple carplay systems Which I’ll get into a little bit later in the video We do also have a 12-volt outlet as well Now as far as the shifter we do carry over our traditional shifter here So you just pull back for drive bump over here to the left to shift manually and you do have paddle shifters on the wheel For these standard models. I don’t believe they come on the L model though And Then when we go into reverse, you will find a standard backup camera across all models As you can see we do have active trajectory But there is the availability of a 360-degree panoramic camera system But that’s part of a pricey option group that cost 1865 with a few other options So really the majority of them are going to come equipped with this one And then your mirrors do tilt down to help you see the parking lines better when in Reverse And one of the nice things I do enjoy about Lexus models is that that they tune the electronic parking brake to engage automatically So when you put in the park this just automatically engages so you don’t roll back or anything like that And you do also have a brake hold feature And clear back here we do have the same drive mode controller as last year So you’ve got a normal eco the sport mode and if you went for the S Sport you would also have a Sport Plus mode as well And you’ll see we have our remote touch controller here this previously last year was a joystick So it’s been upgraded to the newest interface, which is more like a laptop touch pad Now, how do you kind of behind the shifter here you will find your seat controls Now one of the changes for 2020 is that heated seats are no longer standard equipment You will have two opposite option them on and we also have options on the seat ventilation as well together as a package for 640 bucks They are automatic as well So it does sync with the climate controls As you can see both are three stages and we do have it for both the driver and the passenger And as far as the climate controls themselves This is the standard dual zone automatic setup This is what every rx350 is going to come with you would have an extra zone if you had the L version But the standard version is just going to have two zones and as you can see the buttons Remain all located physically here very ergonomically sound and simple to use Additionally, all of your audio controls are also represented here Physically now there are several different audio systems available on the rx We do have the base sound system on this particular one. So we’ll be looking at eight speakers But you can’t get a 15 speaker mark levinson sound system if you add it with the navigation package We’ll go ahead and take a sample of this standard system Now quality of this system is definitely excellent for the base sound system

Alright, and now that leads us to the important updates So let’s go ahead and dig into the new technology here on the rx 2020 Now, like I said it pretty much the main 2020 upgrades to the cabin are actually focused all around this display now I’ve already kind of talked about it a little bit but like I said These displays are now Touchscreen so that’s kind of the first in a Lexus for a long time Some of the older ones did have touchscreens, but now in recent years they had all been non touch with just the trackpad So we now have touch here So it Lexus on the RX here has moved this screen five inches closer so it is within your reach here So like here on your home screen You can click quickly just click into something like that and you can control it straight here with your touch Now they have not eliminated the trackpad So if you prefer that like I already said they have upgraded that to the latest touch pad versus the joystick version before Now checking out the software itself. You can see this is the newest version It has the latest graphics and the performance is quite a bit better than it was last year but as far as actual layout and functionality, it does operate pretty much the same way the other really big and important thing is This button right here This is your projection And what this does it transform into either apple carplay or Android auto when you plug in a compatible device Now I actually have plugged in a compatible device But I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Android auto so it’s not functioning today I’d really love to show it to you since this is the very first lexus ever to come equipped with Android auto And it did not have apple carplay last year and it is now here on the 2020 RX Though. Otherwise you’re pretty much looking at the same kind of Lexus enform system that we’ve seen on other Lexus models so what I’ll go ahead and do is just refer you to check out our Dedicated technical video if you want to learn a lot more details about this system a link to that video is provided in the description Moving on up here, of course. We do have a frameless auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes as well as a compass And on the vast majority of RX’s you will find this standard size moonroof This comes on the premium package and up Now there is also a panoramic one available. If you want that that’s going to cost you eighteen fifty over this one But overall, I think Lexus really did exactly what they needed to do to the cabin of the 2020 rx This has always been a beautiful place with a lot of space and a lot of high quality materials And then the upgrades that they made or like I said exactly the ones that they needed to to keep this completely up to date And when you turn the vehicle off the seat and steering wheel Will move out of the way to help you get in and out easier All righty so that does it for the front areas now go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who will check out all the back areas Heading around to the rear seats of the 2020 lexus RX you are going to find a very comfortable amount of space as you would expect for a vehicle So focused on family, so you will find 38 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom Which does place it on par with most of its rivals and it is larger than the RX L Now turning over to the door trim and typical Lexus fashion. It is finished very nicely So we do have a leather portion going all the way through here with color contrast stitching Above that is also leather. You have some more open for wood and the even the upper portion is soft touch plastic Of course, your rear window is fully automatic and down below that we have some door storage Now turning over to the seats themselves they are a beautiful design leather wrapped and they do also recline Now here in the center Lexus has given us a few more features However, they still have not added your own climate controls back here So the rear passengers do not have their own climate adjustments, but we do still have these air vents they are outlined in a

Silver trim and down below that you will find one of the new features for the 2020 model and that’s that We now have two smart charging USB ports back here. This used to be a feature that was reserved only for the rxl But now they have brought it down to the regular rx 350 Now here in this scenario armrest it does fold down you do have pop-out cupholders End up top we do have some LED lighting as was a very premium headliner and an assist grip and co hook Now like I was mentioning in terms of legroom This is on par for most in the class If not ahead of most so we do have about I would say at least 8 to 9 inches of rear legroom Behind my knees and Drew’s seating position and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat So this is a very very comfortable rear seat Now as you might have heard me mention There is an RX l model and that is the one with the third row So it is worth noting that if you need the third row, that is an option on the rx However, this is just the regular rx 350. So there is not a third row in this model Now coming around to the tailgate it is standard power across the board However, you do have the option of going for $150 hands-free tailgate. This model has not opted for that So in order to open it just push the button under the lip Now once inside the trunk area of the rx350 you are going to be a little bit behind some of the main rivals But it’s not going to be too much behind those models and I doubt that many owners will notice the difference you’re gonna find 18 cubic feet of space behind this like a row seats and for photo they’re going to expand to 56 cubic feet of capacity Now as far as how lets’s finished it back here. It is finished very nicely. So we do have a cargo cover up top we have some LED lighting off to the side as well as a 12-volt power outlet and Over here on this side, we have the levers to fold the rear seatbacks. So as you can see You just fold on and they do fold down and Make a nice flat loading for now under the floor itself But it is carpeted very nicely. We do have a spare tire as well as another storage compartment as you can see This one’s actually quite deep so you can fit Quite a few things back here that you might not want people to see Now coming over to the passenger seat of course, it is power adjusting standard across the board In a friend the passenger you do have a really cool design and below that we have a really good sized glove box as you can see it opens quite wide and it also goes very deep back inside and It is also felt-lined and also illuminated Now in the Sun Visor we do have a mirror and light does also detach however, it does not extend But anyway guys that sums up all the rear areas of this bread-and-butter rx350 So not to go ahead and take it on the road and see the real reason why this car is so popular All right, so let’s go ahead and cover the powertrain of the Refresh to RX here They haven’t actually changed anything in this department So you’re still be looking at the same buttery smooth three and a half liter v6 producing 295 horsepower 263 lb ft of torque and we do have standard front wheel drive Optional all-wheel drive and your transmission continues to be an 8-speed automatic Now it is worth mentioning there is this still the availability of the hybrid rx That is we’re not covering that in this video specifically But just be aware it is there if you want to get that extra fuel economy and speaking of fuel economy We have pretty much the same rating as last year So we’ve got 20-city 27 highway 23 combined with front-wheel drive And then with the all-wheel-drive system, we improved by 1 mpg combined so it is now

1926 22 combined But anyways that pretty much covers the powertrain so we’ll go ahead and take it on the road and see how it performs All right, so first accelerating here in the 2020 Lexus RX You can immediately tell Just right off the bat how refined this powertrain setup is you’ll probably say it many times during this test drive, but Comfort and just kind of having a refined experience is the focus of the RX and it continues to be here in 2020 So the engine is just really really quiet really smooth power delivery as well as the transmission Yeah, the power itself is obviously not going to knock your socks off It’s it’s definitely class competitive, but that type of power is not going to be like super impressive But the impressive part is just the level refinement of that The other thing I’m really liking here is Just how willing this transmission is to shift and get you up to speed. You know, sometimes when you have a comfort and luxury efficient kind of type of car you Know the transmission it will be real reluctant to shift and get you moving But here in the rx it definitely is not sluggish It goes ahead and shifts as needed And of course, I might add excuse me smoothly. Of course You expect nothing less but it is supremely smooth. You basically cannot even feel it at all It’s just kind of an auditory thing that you can hear the engine a little bit We’re setting it this red light is worth mentioning You do not have an auto start/stop system on the rx I mean you might almost think that it does because I’d also smooth at this red light you might think that it’s off But you can look at the RPM engine is running That’s the only thing you can tell about it is that you can see it right there Yeah, I mean just kind of just cruising down I mean this is what this car is mainly going to be doing is directly driving around in a city suburban area and This car I mean it is definitely in the top Luxury cars that we’ve ever driven as far as comfort goes. I mean there are very few cars I’m thinking the GLE is probably one of those cars that rides this smooth It’s just it’s really quite remarkable that a car can ride this smooth. I mean you forget that you’re even in the car It means just like taking a nap and then they see What the heck; They’re so Comfortable it’s as comfortable as sitting on your house sofa like I mean, it really is and it’s so quiet. Yes falling asleep just Wow Might be the biggest danger. Don’t get too comfortable fall asleep while you’re driving Apologies for this road will eventually get up to highway speed though at some point in this video All right, so we made it up to highway speed now to around 55 And once again, I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but It cannot be emphasized enough. Just how quiet and smooth and I mean do you hear anything No wind noise Non-existent tire noise non-existent. This is a very isolated vehicle. It’s one of what has made this vehicle? so popular over year after year after year of year is The RX it doesn’t it doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not It is a comfort oriented vehicle and that is where the emphasis is put And it does absolutely a fantastic job at that mission Now for your average rx owner this isn’t really a priority but

As far as your steering and handling Lexus did make some upgrades in 2020. They’ve Redone the suspension members. There’s some a little bit stiffer crossbars And the shocks a bit a little bit changed. They all said it goes into making it feel a little bit more a little bit more buttoned down I’m not sure. I can really tell a whole lot of difference You know, this is not going to be a sporty vehicle. Anyway, you look at it now of course, there’s the F sport that’s got adaptive dampers and stuff like that so that That could have more of a difference for sure, but here just commenting on this regular rx 350 You know, it is definitely On the luxury side of things. So the steering is very lightweight super easy to maneuver, of course in parking lot speeds in around town, which is what this is mostly used for and You know be comfortable suspension Does make it softer so that it will people with experience on body lean and stuff like that when you are Going around a tight corner. Those are just the Visions that Have to be made when you tune a vehicle like this for ultimate comfort But overall of the 2020 Lexus RX certainly has a great driving experience You know it it is exactly What owners have been expecting and what they’ve enjoyed for? Gosh, what like 20 or 30 years? You know, so if you’ve ever experienced in rx before you know exactly what this 2020 is going to deliver and that’s why Year after year after year after year. This continues to be the best-selling luxury Crossover in the entire market and it’s honestly because so many customers repeat buy so I think that kind of speaks for itself just the type of experience that this delivers and 2020 simply improves on that a little bit more you Now as far as the pricing is concerned 2020 RX you aren’t going to see very drastically different pricing for this refresh model as you would have seen last year So for the base model, you’re gonna see a price rise of around 500 bucks And that’s going to be forty four thousand one hundred fifty dollars with front-wheel drive Now if you want to option for the F Sport model that’s going to start at forty seven thousand and fifty bucks Which is actually about two thousand dollars less than last year. So that’s worth noting Now if you want all-wheel drive that’s going to be a fourteen hundred dollar premium on either one of those trims Now our particular model has opted for several options on top of that so we do have the blind spot monitor with parking assist for one thousand and sixty-five dollars the cold weather package for 315 the 20-inch dark alloy wheels for one thousand one hundred and thirty heated and ventilated front seats for six hundred and forty the Premium Package for eight hundred the power tilt and slide moon roof with aluminum roof rails for 1350 the Towing prep package for two seventy the wood and leather heated steering wheel for four hundred and fifty all with their Floor Liners for 280 door edge guards for ninety and a cargo mat and net for three hundred and fifteen and Then finally when we added the destination charge of one thousand and twenty five dollars this particular model as equipped comes in at fifty three Thousand two hundred and eighty which is definitely a good price point Especially when you compare it to a lot of its rivals, you know You’re going to be looking at definitely a very value oriented model and that’s why they sell so many of these cars Is that this is actually cheaper than a lot of the competition without sacrificing the lot Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the 2020 lexus rx350. Please. Let those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time It’s a sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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