hello everyone and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to try out some new products for you on camera so you get seeing my first reaction my first impression and what I initially think of them some of these products are from my recent Sephora haul if you have like an hour of your time that you want to spend watching YouTube then you can click on that i will link it down below for you i bought a ton of stuff durang’s for a vib hall i also had some stuff from my palette hall that i also put up and just some new product that i purchased but i haven’t really like dove into yet you know what I mean so if you would like to see me try out some of these new products then just keep on watching so the first product i’m going to try is the laura mercier foundation primer in radiance and this is a sample size this isn’t the full size i’m glad i got this because primers and me I don’t really know I’m usually like oily so like a radiance primer I don’t really usually pick up but um I do want that glow you know that I’ve been trying to achieve the next thing I’m going to try is the urban decay naked skin color correcting fluid and this is the green one because I have a lot of redness especially where I break out and then I got these new Beauty blenders these are the micro mini ones they’re super cute so I’m just going to use this little guy to patent the green and we’re the red spots now i’m going to try this burberry fresh glow luminous fluid base I am in my Sephora haul I was already wearing the Becca one in the hall i swatched both these on my hand and it was really easy to see that this one was very like pearly and this one was a little more tan um but I had this one on my face at the time and it didn’t like make me white or anything but I do like the idea of having a glow tan you know what I mean so this says to achieve an illuminated effect apply to nude skin or under foundation to create a sheer glowing wash of color blend into eyeshadow to highlights move on to cheekbones the bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow so I want to have an illuminated effect so I’m going to put this on before my foundation um I guess I’m just going to apply it with my fingers um because really no and I just want it on like kind of like the cheat areas you know what I mean that’s why I kind of want my glow to bay for my foundation i’m going to try the velvet matte skin tint and this is the shade medium one i did use this once before and I wasn’t sure if it broke me out or not so I haven’t used it since and we shall see I really like the way this applied with my fingers it really like melted the foundation in with my skin blended it and really well because it’s just supposed to be a pin it’s not supposed to be like full coverage although I have to say that the coverage in this is actually pretty good

so that’s what the norrisville that Matt skint it looks like I think it has like medium coverage definitely not full and I can still see some redness where my pimples were so I’m not so sure that naked skin concealer really did a good job either unless I just like when I smooth it over with my fingers I just pushed it out of the way you know what I mean for concealer I’m going to use this Becca under eye brightening corrector and I’m just going to use that to brighten and then I’m also going to go in with the regular concealer I’m just going to use my new favorite concealer the naked skin and this is in the shade light and I’m going to put this on my eyelids to to prime I’m going to try this tiny beauty blender again since it can get right under the eyes and my I legs perfectly you you I really feel like this this beca under eye brightening corrector really did bright in my under eyes and it blended out really well too with my concealer I really like that before I set my face I’m going to go in with this Bobby Brown face touch-up stick and I’m just going to try and touch up those areas where there’s still a little redness right here right here right here I’m just going to try and blend this out with my finger this actually covered things up really well I’m really liking this so now I’m going to set my under eye and my face with this mac mineralize skinfinish and natural i’m going to set my eyes too especially where i get oily ok so I’m going to try out this new sweet peach palette this palette smells amazing and I can’t wait to try it out I haven’t touched it yet this was back when i did my palate hall I got this and I’ve just been waiting for an occasion to use it so this is a great occasion what look am I going to do so first I’m going to take this shade Georgia here and I’m just going to run that in my crease so that was a great transition shade I’m going to next take the color summer yum this one right here and I’m going to use that to deepen up the crease a little bit more

next for the lid I’m going to put on bellini that’s this shade right here going to actually use some max fix+ to kind of get that lid shade a little more oh yeah much better then I’m just going to go in in blends to make sure everything’s blows together nicely I mean I think this I look is great i’m really loving it i’m just going to use my Kat Von D eyeliner and wing it out ok so there is my wing um I have a new mascara that I want to use first though I mean I bought this Urban Decay 27 24 7 waterline I pencil and I’m gonna try it out again I had it on in my haul video but i think i still like my other water line this is the tart inner ram liner um and this is an inner rim brightener and i actually like this a little bit better than this one this one is still like a nice um nude water line but i mean the other one I like the fact that the other one is a brightener you know like I it really does brighten up the water line and this one is just more of a nude shade yeah this is my second time putting it on and i’m still not like a huge fan I kind of like the brightening effect it better so the new mascara that i’m going to try is the tarts lights camera lashes and this has lights camera lashes on one end and then bottoms up on the other so this is what it looks like this is the lights camera lashes side and this is the bottoms up side so I am horrible with my lower lashes like the worst I always get them on on my under eye and it makes me so mad so I was hoping that this would be a big help let us see I’m already not a fan of this lights camera lashes I don’t know what they did but did they change the formula because

i have any of this one lights camera lashes and i like this one that’s why i kept it this i don’t know if this is applying the same I don’t know I really don’t feel like it added a lot of volume to my lashes let’s try the bottom one hopefully this will help all right I am definitely liking this end yeah so I didn’t get any mascara on my under eye which is like a freaking miracle you know so I actually really do like this bottom part the bottoms up that’s really great I don’t know what this formula change up here for lights camera lashes but I’m not really I’m not really liking this side um I don’t feel like it gave my lashes any added volume length volume I don’t know it just kind of coated them with black that’s all I can say for that so now i’m going to try this sweethearts bronzer in sweet tea this was in my Sephora haul um like I said the packaging is kind of like cheapy a little bit and this is what it looks like I think I’m going to stick to the bronzy side of this I’ve really been liking this morphy m 527 brush for bronzer just like for an overall bronzy glow this was in my live glam sends me the morphe brushes every month and this was in there so I’m just going to dip this into the bronze side oh wow see that bronze koala cow go on the high points of my face bring it down let’s go to this side and underneath wow I’m actually liking this bronzer it does give a nice bronzy color I like it I like it for blush I have all of these Becca blushes oh how can I choose so I’m going to try the luminous blush which one do I want do I want foxglove I think I’m going to do camellia or come camellia I don’t know how to say this but it is this beautiful light pink there’s a lot of fallout in this holy cow do not swirl your brush in it like I did where you’ll get way too much I’m going to put this on the apples of my cheeks this is very luminous I can see it when I put it on it has a nice pretty glow Sheen to it very nice i like this light white pinky color this is a very nice

color so for highlight i’m going to be using the Urban Decay afterglow eight-hour powder highlighter in sin and when i swatched this I mean it just looks absolutely gorgeous so I can’t wait to apply this so well look at that glow and then what I like to do is I like to blend everything together my cheeks so that my cut my bronzer blush and highlight are all kind of like you know blended well in together they don’t look like separate human beings okay and now for lips so I bought all of these lip products the YSL one is a tent in oil so that’s not gonna be like something you’d be able to see right away on camera it kind of like tints your lip color um the Marc Jacobs ones are kind of more like glosses um the sugar sugar one is definitely like more of a sheer gloss so I think I’m gonna go with one of these bite beauties I have fig gingersnap and pickled ginger I think in my hall i was wearing big so i’m not going to put that one on again let’s go with gingersnap and that is ginger snap on my lips I think it goes really well actually with the peach palette on my eyes really went together all of these by beauty products I absolutely love this lipstick that’s why i got it in like a million different colors maybe i’ll put this sugar sugar on top of it and see how it looks on top of the lipstick so I just put the gloss like in the center of my lips and who it really does make the glossiness come alive I’m looking at you see that shine and then I’m just going to set everything like usual with my mac fix+ and that’s it so overall I kind of liked everything I used except for this Urban Decay waterline I pencil it’s just not I like to have the brightening effect in my under eye and this is just too plain and nude for me I thought I would like it but I I didn’t end up liking it I liked my tart one better I really do love the bronzer the blush and this highlight I mean I’m looking at myself in the viewfinder and this highlight I can totally see it can you see it because I am just loving this highlight here this peach palette is amazing the colors blended well I felt like I got a good simple look I look right off the bat I mean I just left the palette sitting open right here on on my desk and be just because that I the whole time I’m doing my makeup I just want to smell that peach palette can you blame me it smells amazing this mascara was like a 50-50 for me I wasn’t too fond of the lights camera lashes and it didn’t really do anything for my lashes but this bottom is up and I actually really like because I have such a hard time with my lower lashes and I’m a mess so this will help me out with that which I really appreciate I’m liking this skin tint to I feel like it really blended in well with my skin uh I’ll have to see how long wearing it is this is something I can use in the summer just add like

and all night troll look and hopefully this is not what’s breaking me out I’m still torn between this burberry fresh glow and the Becca backlight priming filter because I really didn’t see a difference in either of these as far as like an overall globocide my highlighter so these are kind of like not neither one stands out to me you know what I mean if you want to help me out take a look at my Sephora haul and compare the two i’ll probably do this myself compare how I look in the Sephora haul with how I look here and see if I notice a difference on camera because this for Hall I use this for this look I used this one I really would just like to pick one because I really don’t need both of them I’m really just looking for a great luminous primer to give my face that overall glow to it the color correcting fluid in green I felt like once I put on my foundation this kind of like went away and really didn’t do anything for the redness on my pimples but I do feel like that Bobby Brown concealer where’d it go I don’t know where it is but I do feel like this Bobby Brown face touch-up stick did go over and cover those up nicely and these little beauty blenders are just so darn cute how could you not want one of these I hope you liked watching me try out all of these new products for you on camera if there’s anything else you would like to see me to try out for you please leave a comment down below and let me know thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye

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