hi guys it’s me it’s lacey elizabeth and i’m so excited because i got it it is here i was in queue and i am so proud of her yes miss nicki yes nikkietutorials launched her brand new makeup palette in collaboration with beauty bay so this is going to be an unboxing like i love it i’m so excited to see this i have not opened it yet so guys remember you’ve got a one week that’s it that’s all you have left it’s one week so if you guys want to take part in that all you need to do is be subscribed right there click right there and you need to follow me on instagram right there and comment down below on one of my videos remember guys smash that like button hit that notification bell and subscribe okay this is it it’s here i’m excited we got it right here miss nikki tutorials box i just got this i’ve been waiting to open it i haven’t even opened it yet so literally i think how does this open we’re gonna do this together you guys ready okay okay we don’t need that let’s do it okay oh that’s so cute i love the pink check that out guys okay so this is like okay i love the pink oh wow okay so this is what it looks like right here so it opens up and you’ve got this whole pink you know love that packaging that is really really really cute love that okay so this was the pop socket she had said we would get if we were the first i forget how many so obviously i was so i got this right here so that’s cute i probably won’t use this and i will re-gift it in a giveaway maybe even this one probably yeah i’ll throw this in the massive giveaway okay this is the palette and that’s the box okay i love the color of this box like i mean that’s extra she went to town with that the box is just so cute okay this is the palette this is cute i just want to i just want to rip into it and open this up i’m so excited okay more packaging okay what is this okay so this is the card okay so this one says redemption ivy like this tells you what brushes to use with it that’s cool that’s something that no one does so that is very very cool i like that that’s a little special touch i like that okay this is it guys this is it i’m excited okay ta-da oh this is beautiful okay take this off oh that’s stunning okay i’m so excited this is the palette right here can you guys see that oh i want to use that that’s so pretty of course i just put my nail into it she’s already wrecking it this is so pretty i want to try that red honestly and the green ooh and the blue yellow the yellow i’m so excited i can’t even okay you know what i went in and i have already primed my eyes i’ve got the anastasia beverly hills eye primer on there i’ve done my eyebrows i’ve got my base on i’ve got primer on and some lip liner and i’ve bronzed a little bit but okay we’re gonna go in we’re gonna do this i’m so excited okay i’m thinking what brush do i want what color do i want i want to try everything it’s going to be an extra look and it just is i want to try mama tutorials i want to try the colors are so pretty i want to do two different eyes that’s just it i think that’s the plan i want to go in with that yellow it’s calling to me so i haven’t done anything except for scott but oh my gosh that’s pigmented except for it’s

got barns with yellow lately that is beautiful so we’re going in with this yellow tapping it off oh that’s pretty that is so pretty that’s very pigmented i like that i expected that from her palette honestly that it would be super super pigmented because i mean it’s nikki right that is pretty that is so pretty i’m just going in with a little bit more of that yellow because i want this to be bright that’s fun i love that i’m actually just going to wing that out that is fun and very minimal fallout i’m just going to grab my powder brush and we want to keep this clean i probably should have went in with shadow shields but yes i’m so excited that looks good right that’s hot i love that let’s fire i’m going to actually go in with a morphe brush i’m picking up the green so this is a really great little liner brush that’s that’s nice that’s beautiful i’m going to go in my waterline oh that’s nice um that’s that’s nice that is pigmented it’s beautiful it’s stunning like i can’t even explain to you how amazing that goes on that is so pretty i’m going to go in with a mac 222 i’m just going to blend out that yellow okay guys so i’m taking this mac to 83 brush right here i’m dipping in to that orange i love it so far i’m going to take this orange and i’m just going to rub it into my crease that’s pretty that is very pretty i’m taking the same blending brush by mac and i’m just going to blend that out i’m just taking a little bit more of that orange i didn’t pick up any more pigment it’s still just what i had on my brush just blending that out i like that a lot i am going to take that same brush that i tapped into an orange i’m going to tap into zoomer which is this corally color all right here and i think i think i want to break that up in the center that’s pretty that is so pretty i love that love that love that love that this is very vibrant taking that same mac blending brush and i’m just blending that out on the edges okay now i’m taking a clean this is a mac 248 and i’m going into aurora oh that’s soft that is a soft can you guys see that that just oh that’s that’s pretty that’s awesome that is a very soft aurora is so soft i’m just like looking at my brush and i’m like wait should i be using my finger for this so i went to the little directional card here which i love this this

concept this is awesome and it says to use your finger for this one or like a brush right there i’m going to go in and try and apply this with my finger because i’m excited for this this is oh yes that’s everything that is stunning like it’s just so velvet and soft it’s almost wet but it’s not like that is beautiful so i’m just going to apply that to the center of my eye oh that’s pretty that is stunning i love that love that love that love that so i’m actually thinking i’m gonna blend that out so this is the original brush i tapped in with there’s a little bit of pigment on there so this is the mac 248 i’m just going to take whatever’s on the brush and just blend it into my inner corner i like that it’s giving me that halo yellow right there that’s everything i’m gonna go back in with my yellow brush i’m not picking up more it’s just whatever’s on the brush i’m going in now with the shader brush i’m just going to blend that blending brush and go in with my blending brush right check this out that’s stunning right that’s that’s everything that’s beautiful i’m gonna go in i’m assuming this one’s also for your fingers yes so the color all in oh that’s beautiful can you guys can you guys see that like that’s that’s everything like that is so beautiful like the color payoff like that is stunning so i’m excited for that for the other eye an ivy what does iv ivy soft too like ivy’s stunning oh that’s silver that’s that’s beautiful that is so beautiful okay for the other eye i kind of want to go in with this amsterdam color this is yeah i’m i’m so excited i don’t know um the red what can i do with the red i’m doing it i’m i’m going with the red okay i’m going to take this natasha denona brush i’m going in with the red because we’re just doing it she’s extra today okay the red does have some fallout but i don’t think i tapped off my brush either so that’s probably my bad tapping off the brush yeah the red has fallout but i’m not mad at it that color is stunning like that’s oh that’s sexy i love that okay that’s all i’m doing for that one i’m going to go in now and i’m going to blend i’m taking that same blending brush that we were using on the other eye and i’m just going to blend blend that crease i’m just blending down to get rid of that line of demarcation love that okay i’m gonna go in

i just want to pick up a little bit more of that red because i’m going to make this intense okay so i’m taking that same natasha denona brush and i’m going to go in with slasher because i’m excited for this i’m just going to go in on my outer v here because i want to deepen that i want to darken it now some of these are pressed pigments i believe because i am getting a lot of fallout and with these deeper shades if you do get fallout just make sure that you brush it off immediately especially with the pressed pigments okay there’s my blending brush i’m going in with that same blending brush oh that’s beautiful like this palette even though it is so bright and there’s so much options of so many colors like this will be really good for the fall winter like definitely especially if you want that pop of color i just feel like i have red fallout all over my face so excuse me definitely i’m gonna recommend if you guys pick up this palette wear shadow shields because definitely or do your base makeup after because these are pressed pigments and it is pigmented like pigmented like it’s stunning it’s beautiful i love it i’m thinking how do i want to finish this i want to go in with i’m going to go in with all in i’m going to take my finger like that is stunning can you guys see that like that’s that’s beautiful i’ve got some on my finger i’ve got these massive claws on so like for me to go into my inner corner with my finger i’m gonna see how this goes okay that is stunning it’s i pigmented should have went in with a little brush but this is can you guys see how immaculate like that pigment is for that pressed glitter like that is like that is everything so i’m just actually going to take a little bit more and i’m going to just bring that over into the red i’m going to go in i’ve got two brushes here i’m gonna go in with this morphe jaclyn hill jh 39 brush which is this little guy right here which is a tiny tiny smudger brush and i’m just gonna go in i’m gonna pick up a little bit more of that product on the end of my brush i’m just going to go in and fix my inner corner i want product right there where my my claw couldn’t couldn’t get in there you know what i want nikki nikki if you’re watching do you know what i want i want you to make that formula like that exact formula in a dark deep like ebony brown you know what i’m saying like that would just be everything or black like a gunmetal right right yes okay i’m living for that clearly i like it so i’m literally just bringing that down on my waterline just like that love that i am going in with this little brush right here by mac which i literally don’t see any numbers on i think this was part of a christmas collection set at some point i’m gonna go back in with slasher i’m gonna just tap off my brush i’m gonna go in and do my waterline oh my gosh that is so pretty

i just want to play with this palette every day like i love this like that is just that’s everything i love that i’m gonna go in now with this smudger brush by too faced and i’m literally just going to smudge out that bottom lash line because see that makes the world of difference okay that is so pretty okay love love love that i’m gonna go in with mr tutorials here which is like a different consistency that’s more of a really intense it’s firmer almost i like that though i’m just actually gonna place mr tutorials up here under my brow i love that oh i love that so much okay i’m just gonna go back in on my other side this one’s called roxy cat and i want to literally apply that to my eye on the other side because i really just want to see what it does and i’m going to apply this to my inner corner and just bring that down to my inner corner water line blending it in with that green yes yes i love that okay that is really really pretty i’m going to go back in with that yellow just because i want this to be bright right here and i muted it a little bit by going in with that other color and then i’m going to get a clean blending brush i’m going to take this jh33 okay that is the look all right guys i’m gonna go in apply my mascara and i will be right back okay guys obviously i effed it up right there with the mascara so i’m just waiting for that to dry down and i will remove it because that’s what you do do not try and remove wet mascara tip of the day do not do it definitely just wait till it dries down and then try and like flake off what you can and then go in and remove the rest i’m gonna go in i’m going to apply my pat mcgrath liner to my under water line i might even tight line and i’ll be right back okay guys this look needs lashes 100 so i’m actually gonna go in with the clara 3d faux mink lashes in sassy right here so i’m gonna go in i’m gonna apply those and i will be right back okay guys this is it this is the final look well final two looks because we did two looks this is extra i am loving this playful color vibe with the yellows and the greens and the oranges like this is sexy cute for fall like just sexy cute and then this one is sultry and seductive and like i want to go out for dinner wearing this like this is so so cute well let’s get real post covered i want to go out for dinner wearing this look like this is so cute i love that love love love that nikki nikki girl yes you did it you rocked you did it like i’m so so so proud of you this is stunning it’s amazing and i love it guys like this is ridiculously inexpensive like the price point on this literally like so so so amazing i love this palette the beauty bay

formulas i’ve never tried them before i live for it like i love it expire i love it love it love it guys like this is so so great right here this is it she did such an amazing job with this girl props like 100 like this is so so so amazing so guys i 100 give miss nikki tutorials beauty bae collab palette gold stars like so many gold stars like it’s amazing i love love love it like this right can’t get enough of her right so if you’ve made it to the end of this video i really really appreciate the support and the love i appreciate it so so much so if you guys want to know more about me and who i am a bit of my background definitely add those into the comments i want to know what you guys want to know about me and i will make that video for you guys so definitely if you’ve made it this far definitely comment down below i appreciate it i love all the support all right guys live love and lip gloss remember to smash that notification bell hit that like button comment down below and subscribe

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