hey good people welcome back to my channel beauty and the frizz my name is Cara if you’re new here welcome thank you for stopping by and if you’re not new thank you so much for coming back today i am reviewing a collection that is not new but it is beautiful and one of the benefits of looking at beauty reviews is that you can see other people potentially waste their own money and you don’t have to waste yours but with this collection i saw now one negative review that collection is the kaleidos make your escape collection so if you’re interested in another review of this collection and see what i think about it definitely keep on watching this video don’t forget to comment in the comment section with your thoughts and we’re going to get started so with this colliders collection first of all i had never even heard of Kaleidos definitely a new brand to me i do see now that they have had other collections out but this was definitely brand new to me so i was excited to see the reviews and review after review i i did not see one negative review i saw not one negative review of this collection so i did not order the entire thing i did order what i felt like were the main products in the collection so let’s take a look first of all this is how it came packaged it’s beautiful and i mean there’s nothing else i can say about it this is so cute so you could buy the collection in a couple of ways one came with like this really cute case and then you could just buy the whole collection without the case so the collection is the make your escape collection and these are the components of the entire collection if you bought the entire collection with the case that was 166 dollars if you bought the whole collection without the case it was and thirty nine dollars for everything so the collection comprised of the escape pod which was forty two dollars that’s the eye shadow palette there were two lo-fi blushers and that was a blush and highlight duo in peach and rose those were 18 a piece and then there were some space age highlighters and those were 14 each then there was a lip gloss in the shade hypnotized that was 16 there was an eye primer that was ten dollars and there were the soft server makeup blenders which were ten dollars so let’s take a look at what i got of course i got the escape pod came like this i love the packaging again i’m not like this packaging person like i’m not going to buy something solely for packaging but when i received the box and it looked like this you know it just makes you feel like there’s some quality to what you purchase like even these little details like inside the box it says makeup on the bright side just little things like that little details like that i think really make you feel like you are getting your money’s worth this is what the front looks like the escape pod and this is one of those colorful eyeshadow palettes you can tell with the looks that i have on and the eyeshadow palette is really really nice i’m trying to see if y’all can see this right here but it’s the make your escape palette i did use this a little bit so you can’t see it but here it says esc like it’s a escape button you know on a computer so you know i like how that looks some people complained that the palette was bulky but i mean it’s supposed to i think look like a computer so i definitely feel like they accomplished that and i mean who cares i did buy one of the low fi blushers i got the peach one and this is the front so you can see it’s like a looks like a woman on here with like a little cute outfit on and when you open it we have the two colors igari and punch so this one’s the highlighter and this one’s the blush but i mean you kind of they work together so very very nice i bought a space age highlighter i didn’t get one of the ones that was a part of the collection uh i just got one that i felt like might have been a little bit different than something i have in my collection but that’s probably a lie because i don’t need any highlighters i got solar surfer and unfortunately when i was i’m this i’m recording this video for a second time because there were just too many issues with the last video but when i had opened this i’ll show it at the very end like the whole highlighter fell out so it looks kind of janky because i pressed it back together and last but not least i got the hypnotized lip gloss look at this this is so adorable so when you untie this and then this whole thing kind of falls open like that and there’s the lip gloss i mean i wish i had something else i could

you know you know what then i wish that i could put a gift in here and give it to someone my sister’s birthday is wednesday i don’t know when i’m uploading this video but i got her that pat mcgrath um dark star mascara and this will fit perfectly and i got her three lip balms you know it’s just when you just i mean come on girl i gotta i gotta to my own horn sometimes honey because let me tell you something if you don’t toot your own horn who else will okay you got sometimes you gotta just you gotta prop yourself up because i mean why not all right so that’s the collection so let’s let’s talk about these two looks because i am gonna um get into the swatches and i’m gonna get into the two looks i want to do that in my little time lapse style because you know i can’t get more than 10 minutes by myself up in this house um so let me talk about these two looks so i did do a video about a week and a half ago about choosing eyeshadow colors and one of the things that i said was when you are working with color if you are new to it and it’s something that you are just experimenting with that one of the easiest things to do is to pick colors that are going to easily blend together so that’s this eye right here so let me let me scoot on up because this is a new lens hold on here we go focus here we go this is the first eye look that you’re going to see you will see that it’s mostly pink uh pink and purpley type of look um and then i did the orange and the green i added that at the end but when it came to actually blending the colors i picked colors that i felt like were going to go very nicely together easily so that if i made any type of mistake you could probably just blend it in together and you wouldn’t even you wouldn’t even know so the colors i used for look number one this was my transition then i used the pink next and then i used the darker purple mostly on the outer corner it kind of all came together very nicely and then for the main part of the lid i picked my shimmer color which was the shade cosmic cabaret so that was my first look then for my second look i was like you know i’m going to pick colors that may be a little more difficult to blend and this allowed me to get a little creative so with this look i took the shade carnival for my transition right underneath my brow then i use tango and i focus that in the outer corner and throughout the crease then i was like you know i want to get kind of creative with it so i took the shade saturnalia i put that on my lid and then what happened was i went and put my you’ll see i went and put my foundation and stuff on the reason why i did that was because then i needed to come back and do the under eye so once the top of the eye was fine but then once you’re at the top of the eye done you can be like you know what i’m just going to pick i don’t know a random color and put it underneath just to give this some you know some more pizzazz you know what i’m just saying like oh whoa what do you want to call this look little galactic look whoa galactic glam i mean i don’t know what to call this i want to call it galactic glam that’s what i call like when i’m doing my little pat mcgrath looks with my um star wars and stuff that’s like my galactic glam like that’s what this reminds me of it reminds me of like outer space like i don’t know you can just get so creative with this it just reminds me of like galactic glam that’s what it reminds me of so i was like you know i’m be creative so then i took for the first look here i took tango i put that underneath the lash line and i kind of winged it out and then i took i want to say galactic gala underneath the lash line at the beginning and then for this eye i could not do a look and not use the shade exoplanet i mean that shade is like i don’t even know what to say i don’t even know what i don’t think i have a shade like this of all the eyeshadow i have i do not think i have this color at all and i think that the way they did it it has the potential to be a hot mess some of these matte shades have the potential to be like super chalky patchy this one though nope so i put that underneath the lash line and then i took the shade space oasis and i did that one in the inner corner and then underneath the first part of the lash line and i just i got that was really randomly done but once you have the top i mean you can kind of get real cute with it so

just keep watching i’m going to do it in a time lapse format so you know and then if you don’t feel like watching me do the look i just told you to call this and just told you what i did so i’m that’s it and i didn’t even put lashes on today because i don’t know like since i have hooded eyes the lashes sometimes i feel like take away from the look and with these colors being so vivid and so beautiful i just wanted everybody to see because i was definitely wowed i was definitely like i don’t know every look i saw any person that i that i watch on youtube anybody that i saw do something with this look it was fire like i was just like okay like i do want this i don’t care if it’s not like the latest thing because that’s not even what i’m trying to do all right so and then you can see i mean look at the glow from the blush and the highlight like it’s crazy so let’s go ahead and get into the look and then i’ll be back with my final thoughts even though i think i just shared them bye do

okay guys so overall i think you can tell i really like this collection a lot i think that if you don’t like colorful eyeshadows this might not be the collection for you because most most eyeshadow palettes have color in them and it’s like you can still pull off a natural look now i think you can still pull off a more natural look only because you’ve got uh the the brown this like peachy color you’ve got this off-white and you’ve got this other like a taupe here and then if you want to pick a shimmer you can do maybe i’ll do a natural look using this palette because it can be done if you want this to be your all-around eyeshadow palette this is a bit limited so it might not be worth it for you to get it but if you love color and experimenting and being creative and like space age and just bright i mean this just reminds me of like i could just go to a carnival i could go to a festival with this you know you can even do an evening look with this to be honest with you um it’s just it’s all about how you combine the colors but this i can see this being really intimidating and even if i use my own little eyeshadow palette strategy that i usually use the colors that you’re going to end up with if you’re trying to do a trio or a duo these are very bold and they’re very rich so it’s not going to be one of those colors that you put on and it’s just like a little wash no it’s very rich very rich so overall i love the whole collection i honestly kind of wish that i had gotten just the the whole thing i know i didn’t need the primer and the sponges but probably if i had just gotten it in the bundle i’m wondering if i probably i probably would have spent

more than i did but it might not have been that much more so um that sucks because i definitely like that rose low five blusher like now that i see what this looks like like i mean no i really don’t need it because what does all this go for i mean you know what the glow was for me i was about to say what does all this glow form at home you know why because it’s for me get dressed up for yourself get dressed up forget okay all right y’all so as always i appreciate you watching i’m really hoping that you enjoy coming on here and having a good time i hope you i hope when y’all come onto my channel that you’re ready to have a good time because well i’m having a good time when i’m doing it so i mean we can be informative and fun at the same time so in any case thank you so much for watching definitely leave your comments in the comment section and i will see you in my next video bye a lot of solar sail is on the floor i’m letting y’all know right now but you know what i’ma do first of all okay wait a minute let me just show you all the color because i didn’t want to lie about it because for real for real i know that this stuff was in major transit can y’all i even gonna fault collido’s because it wasn’t their fault however what i have left from solar sailor is probably like what do we call this solar solar sailor it’s like a solar sail it’s like it can’t even be a sailor it’s like a sale a solar sail because look what’s left y’all oh my god it all just fell like wait i need y’all to see what’s left oh my god hold on maybe if i turn my ring light off okay yes okay y’all ah i got i need my alcohol where’s my alcohol not drinks my alcohol that i can spray a lot of um sauce oh my god a lot of solar sail is on my leg y’all can’t even see you want my charger here okay when i do when that happens i think a lot of stuff just fell out i don’t know about nothing’s perfect so at least you know it’ll be real hold on i’ll be back because i’m i’m about to get on the ground and pick up pick up the big pieces that’s left

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