hello guys welcome back to my youtube channel my name is elizabeth it is your first time here don’t forget to hit that subscribe button alongside from there tap the post notifications so you can be notified each and every tuesday friday and sunday which are now my posting dates and yes let’s go ahead and get started with today’s video as you guys have read in the title today’s video is gonna be based on affordable makeup so these items i literally bought them off of ulta and i haven’t even opened the packages i got them in two different packages so ah in here is literally every step of my makeup process but less than five dollars so it’s either five dollars or less so that’s going to be exciting i have everything new foundation new concealers new bronzers new blush even eyeshadow palettes the only thing i didn’t buy was um brushes so but besides that everything else is going to be new i’m going to be opening it right now right here i’m kind of nervous because it’s new makeup and i’m the type of person now once i get used to an item i don’t like to switch it for a different one so it’s going to be interesting you know especially with foundation and just the fact that i got everything online so like my foundation shade or like the concealer shade i really have no idea if it’s even gonna match my skin tone which let’s hope it does because i am really not trying to look better right now thankfully i cleared my whole desk just for this video because i had a feeling something was going to be messy in here and i wasn’t wrong some more stuff all right so i literally just finished unpacking everything and before we get started with all the items that i got i just wanted to show you guys that i officially have a recording schedule for the month of december so this schedule literally includes everything it includes my recording dates my editing days my posting days any breaks i may need um okay as i was saying it includes everything down to like recording editing posting any breaks that i may have um everything the actual makeup that i’m good like the makeup ideas i’m gonna be recording that day so everything’s so nicely organized and i love it because so i’m reviewing everything that i have here and i don’t see my foundation and i could have sworn i added it oh jokes on me it was still in the box oh okay enough playing okay so i literally have everything here i have highlighters foundations i even have lashes with a new lash glue to try out i have literally everything you can possibly think of um powder primer these eyeshadow palettes everything so we’re gonna go ahead and get started with this is the camera crooked no okay i am debating if i want to start off with my face or with my eyes and i have this question literally every time i record you know what let’s go ahead and start off with my eyes just in case there’s like a mess or something i’ll be able to fix it on the spot god i’m so confused all of these things are things i never even had before so i don’t even know what i’m looking for at this point pretty sure i’m looking for the pencil so for the brow pencil that i’m going to be using today it’s going to be the j cat beauty this is the dual um brow pencil this is in shade brown it’s in shade brown so let’s see how this looks the heck is this okay hold on oh okay okay so i really hope this is my shade you see the problem with ordering things online is you literally never know what you’re gonna get because

you know before we had this whole pandemic situation i would just physically go to ulta and then just buy everything but ever since like they reopen like the stores in order for you to like be able to go in and like shop and stuff i haven’t wanted to go because there’s like there’s no testers out there is literally nothing and i don’t know it just i don’t know it doesn’t feel the same because it’s like i might as well just stay home and do it online if at the end of the day i can’t even use the testers you know what i mean so i don’t know although it might still be better in person because then i can actually see the item i don’t know that’s just how weird i am i’m not really worried about my brows i feel like you could always fix your brows i mean the shade’s a little bit off maybe if it would have been a dark brown okay i think that’s enough for the brow pencil i’m iffy about it i think it’s the color that’s throwing me off because it’s a little bit lighter than my eyebrows so i don’t really know how i feel about that so alongside from the pencil i also got a new what’s the word pomade homemade i don’t know i like i said in the previous video i always struggle when it comes to saying this word but i got a new pomade or pomade whatever the word is this one is in medium brown and this is from elf cosmetics this is the lock on liner and brow cream in medium brown this is the second time i bought a pomade so i’m kind of like excited to see what this one’s like i don’t really know what to expect when it comes to these things because literally these are situations where i only have like one of like a certain brand and i don’t have any other to like compare it to so this can be the first time for that i can’t open it it’s okay it survived okay so like i mentioned i didn’t get any brushes so i’m just gonna go in with the morphe m150 why am i dropping everything today okay this is the morphe m158 this is the eyeshadow the eyebrow brush i normally use my anastasia one but i have no idea where i threw it so we’re gonna go with this one whoa okay that has color i feel like my eyebrows are gonna look so weird i’m trying to remain positive with these new items i do like the brow cream i i do like this i feel like my anastasia one it gets it started to crack and got so dried out like that’s how my anastasia one looks right now it’s gonna taste so dried out every time i use it i have to put a little bit of oil a little bit of water to get it to look creamy again and then this one is just so nice and smooth like right when i use it it comes off on the brush very nicely but i don’t know how my eyebrows ended up looking like this like i don’t know it looks weird maybe her fix it with some concealer will be fine which comes to my next point i’ll be using i have two of these actually i have the wetter wild concealers these are in shades this one is fair beige and then the other one is medium tawny they actually didn’t have many to choose from because by the time i made the purchase a lot of them were already sold out especially because i got these like during the black friday so so a lot of these things were even cheaper but i’ll be placing the regular price just in case but when it comes to my concealer for my eyes i was going with my wet and wild brush whoop my wedding wallet brush this one has been with me since like the beginning i never know the name of it and i haven’t gotten a new one because i can’t find them anywhere and i know i have more concealer brushes like from morphe and stuff like that i literally specifically went out of my way to go to ulta to buy a new concealer brush because i’m like i have to stop using that white one but i can’t i’m just it’s just my favorites my go-to i’m so comfortable with it and it’s so old at this point i don’t even this is the right color it’s fine so we’re gonna go in with that medium tawny place it under the brow and then just work our way through with that hopefully this fixes it oh it is the right color oh my it sounds like a weird smell that goes off i don’t know my other one doesn’t make a smell okay so i actually don’t think my eyebrows look as bad as i thought they did

to be honest i think they were just looking bad because i hadn’t fixed them with the concealer yet and since i’m not used to like the product going on to like my actual face so easily i was a bit shocked because the cream um pomade it just kind of like whooped flew on with literally zero issues so that was good but it was kind of scary at the moment i like it i like how it’s looking so far so now um i’m gonna use the elf wow brow neutral brown volumizing fiber gel this is supposed to make this is pretty much a it’s like my next one my eyebrow just to make sure it all stays in place oh my god it all stays in place throughout the day this is also another item that i’ve never gotten like on different brand it is pretty small one i kind of like it it’s very small like it’s very easy to just throw in your bag and call it a day wow it’s like very small okay and then whoa okay okay whoa whoa whoa whoa oh it actually has a color okay oh for eyeshadow base i didn’t get a eyeshadow primer i think no i did not so we’re just gonna go in with that um photo focus concealer from what a wild the one that’s in fair beige and i’m just going to put it onto my eyelids like i normally do in the other videos and i’m going to use that as my eyeshadow primer oh what oh whoa okay that’s a very light and i’m supposed to use this as my under eyes this concealer the only thing that it has is that it has a weird scent like a weird smell to it when you’re applying it i don’t know how i feel about that none of my like go-to products have a weird smell or at least i don’t remember anymore because you know i use them all the time but i don’t know it’s not a big problem to me but it would be nice to know that there is a scent that goes along with it so for eyeshadow i got these little bite size um truffle shadows from elf they’re so cute each of them come with like four some come with like matte and like one shimmer other ones come with like all shimmers i don’t know i thought they were just so cute and i love the colors like i obviously have palettes with these colors i don’t know i got two of them because i figured it would give me more variety of a choice of colors they’re just so cute like justify they’re so tiny you can just throw this literally in your bag and you’re set so this one is actually called hot jalapeno and this one is called um truffle so they have two different names i didn’t know until i took off the name tags but we’re gonna i’m gonna dip into truffle i’m just going to use my little elf blending brush i’m going to dip into truffle into the second shade right here and i’m pretty much going to use this to like set in that concealer all right so i think i kind of know what i’m going for today i’m gonna use my morphe m 441 and dip into the hot jalapeno palette into this um green color this looks like uh what color would you call this this looks like an olive color to me so i’m going to use that and i’m going to place it on the top part of my cut crease i’m going to just kind of work with it place this nicely like i said you have to work with it there’s not really a lot of fallout which i’m pretty surprised for something that cost i think this cost me like three dollars each so that’s pretty good it’s a nice little palette to go the pigment is there like you just have to work with it like you really have to build it it might have worked better if i didn’t set my eyelids with the concealer at first but honestly i am not mad at it at all because i was going for something soft anyways now i’m going to go in with my morphe m 456 i’m going that brush and i’m going to dip into this last um green right next to that one that i just placed and i’m just gonna use this one to darken it up a little bit onto the crease side ow i scratched my pimple when it hurt oh okay wow okay i’m very shocked at how good this is coming out another thing is to make sure that

these colors stay blended so i’m just going to go back into with the um the other brush and dip into that lighter green and just place some more right in between where that dark green and that lighter green begin to connect to make sure that they’re blending out smoothly and i don’t lose either of the colors and then just drag it out a little bit i don’t think anyone realized but in my last video i actually forgot to um put setting spray and put highlight i don’t think anyone noticed but i noticed literally right after i took off all my makeup i was like i didn’t put setting spray or highlight and the reason why i brought that up right now is because i keep thinking i’m like you can’t forget this time like you really cannot forget so now with the m224 i’m gonna go into this gold shimmer that we have right here and i’m just gonna place this into the inner part of that crease i’m not gonna do a cut crease i’m just gonna place it lightly see how it looks i haven’t sprayed this either so i just want to see what i have to work with at first wow i feel like i’ve literally said wow after each shade placement but like wow i really like this okay that’s a very nicely pigmented for not spraying on the thing on the brush this is actually so nice like i can’t get over the fact how good this is looking right now like and it’s so affordable three dollars for a little palette like this and it gives you all of this pigment what what and there’s like five other options besides these that i got what wow i am literally obsessed obsessed with how good this looks right now i’m gonna go back into with that dark green and i’m gonna pretty much hit the edge of where that gold started to smooth it out a little bit and to darken it up just right here just a little bit not too much either this i fully approve of it and i am sure that this one is also very good for neutrals i’m probably gonna actually use that like little little silver one as like my inner corner highlight or something i don’t know i am obsessed with these two these are amazing so far i’m going to sit up to the side and i bought a eyeliner this one is the elf precise liquid eyeliner in black i don’t know what eyeliner look i’m going for do i want a wing because i feel like i don’t want to grasp attention from all this gold that’s going on so this is how it looks like like i said this isn’t straight up black it’s the liquid eyeliner i think i’m going to go ahead with a small winged liner all these products have a weird smell to them oh okay i mean it’s fine but i don’t know i think i’m just so used to the other ones that i can’t tell if they have a smell anymore i literally did my best attempt i’m making this a very small wing because i don’t want it to be too crazy i think i did a good job at that okay so i mean the eyeliner placed it very nicely it wasn’t hard at all to work with i liked it it’s just that smell that it gives off and i can actually still smell it even after i place this so i don’t really like that but so i don’t really use mascara obviously because i don’t really have long lashes and i’m always sticking with like false lashes and things like that so i don’t really go to mascara just to like give it a nice face before i place the lashes but i saw this foot and it caught my attention because it has a very um small like brush well at least it looked in the picture this one looks pretty big actually but it seems like you can get in between each of my lashes this one is from elf cosmetics and it’s also called and it’s called the lash extending mascara so i’m going to go ahead and try that out see how that looks like i said i don’t really have lashes so i never really know what to get mascara what’s a bad one i mean it doesn’t clump so that’s a good thing because mine like the other persons that i have they typically tend to clump up very fast because i have to keep going back and forth to reach my roots this one is not clumping and i’m constantly going in and out i like that mascara it’s very natural like so i have got the as in essence long lasting eye pencil in black i use these eye pencils to um line the top part of my lid not my lid what’s it called you know how okay you know how the bottom is called like the water line i don’t know what the top one is called but i always do that one when i’m gonna apply lashes because it gives

it more of that extra volumized look so i’m gonna go ahead and apply that real quick ah i’m always so scared that i’m gonna hit like my lash my um contact i really like this it’s kind of it looks a lot smaller than the one that i have like the tip of it which is pretty good because of my small eyes and justify that i don’t want to hit my contacts so this is pretty good so far so now we’re going to go on to lashes so i like i said before i had never bought lashes out of ulta unless it was for like a gift or for the giveaway that i did but i bought some this time this is from ardell these are in the style wispy this is number 701 there was so many to choose from under like five dollars i didn’t know which one to go for so i just got those and then i also got a new lash glue this is a kiss strip lash adhesive i saw many reviews on this supposedly it’s really really good i really really really have no idea because i don’t think i’ve ever gotten this one before i really do hate opening packages like oh that was extra mess okay so the first one is on it’s nice it applies easily with my fingers like i couldn’t get this thing on with my tweezers so i mean that’s not a problem obviously but it’s actually kind of interesting because it’s probably the first pair that i can easily just pop on without having to use my lash um tweezers so i kind of like that and like i said they’re very lightweight like i can’t even feel them on my eyes right now wow so i am actually really obsessed with these lashes they’re placing so nicely onto my eyes it literally took me like less than five minutes to place both of them and they look so nice and like naturally wispy and i can place it with my fingers like that’s what shocks me the most i can actually place it on with my fingers so this is the elf illuminating mist and set so this works as a primer and as a setting spray so i’m going to go ahead and put that right now as my primer cover my elbows well i don’t know how i feel about the spray oh my god it sprays so much okay you see when it comes to primer i’m not used to using a spray primer i’m more of a like a cream primer or something like that something that i can place on my fingers and then place on my face i just feel like with a spray you’re not getting exactly all the ears you want to get especially if you have to cover your face because you already did your eyes which i didn’t think about before i did it but it’s fine oh for a color corrector which i do before i even place my foundation i’m gonna go in with my one of my favorites which is the la pro conceal one and this is in shade peach i couldn’t find another one but this is also this also falls under the category of five dollars so i was like why not i had a restock on it anyways and like i said i’m gonna place it on to my imperfections which happened to be a lot lately and my under eyes arrived so i really know this product is good because it’s literally my go-to when it comes to this it has helped a lot covering up my dark circles which happen to be genetic which makes my life impossible sometimes but it does a great job at that i am so scared for this next step which is my foundation because like what if it’s not the right shade like that’s literally my concern i don’t know how i feel about this primer i don’t feel like it did anything to my face really like supposedly it’s supposed to illuminate my face my face does not look illuminated besides like my under eyes it’s kind of iffy okay for foundation i got the wedding wild photo focus foundation this is in matt this is the color cream beige that’s a foundation shade for this i think this is going to be fine it might be a little bit too dark but i think i can make it work but yes this is 369c this is cream beige so hopefully oh my gosh oh my god it’s very creamy okay so the way this applicator works is you open it and it’s like a little spatula i mean i like it but i kind of just opened it very fast and i just water foundation all over my desk i actually think this is the right shade okay i don’t know how much to apply of this like whoa it has a scent it smells like pain okay that’s different okay

i mean it applies nicely i’m just so thrown off by the fact that i smell paint it actually applies very nicely and it’s a matte but it’s in a way giving my face an extra sense of glow without it looking like oily pretty good coverage as well like i like my foundation to have medium coverage i don’t like full coverage because full coverage i feel like i look too fake like i like still being able to see a couple of my imperfections obviously not everything but still a couple all right so i got the foundation on now i have to go in with the concealer so we’re just going to go back in with that wet and wild concealer the one in shade um fair beige and i’m just going to place this underneath my my under eyes right here i’m very curious to see how this blends out because this has more of a bigger formula with a bigger consistency compared to the foundation which is like very very creamy so i’m scared to see if they’re going to blend out well i like for my under eyes to be like white white white white i don’t know why i think it’s because i’m just so stuck on the idea of covering my dark circles that though i feel like there is no too white of a shade for this so far i like how my face feels sometimes i’ve tried foundations where my face feels heavy like i can feel the fact that i have something on it and i don’t like that i like for everything to feel in a way natural although i have obviously a lot going on in my face but i like for it to feel natural this feels pretty natural right now so now for a bronzer i’m going to go in with the wedding while this is a bronzer and take it to brazil this is in shade 739 it looks a very like light to me there was a darker shade but it looked too dark for me in the picture but now that i think about it it might have just been a better bet because this seems like it’s not going to do much but i can always just work with it and just build it or something so yes that’s how it looks like it looks very light for my face but we’re just gonna build it i’m just gonna go with my m4 405 brush which we already know dab it around so yeah exactly what i was afraid of this color is too light for me so you can’t even tell i’m putting anything on my face so let me just have to go with more rounds of it yeah i literally don’t see anything like i’ve put it on like three times already this is not gonna work it actually looks like it’s lighter than my foundation yeah so i’m just going to go in with the physicians formula this is the butter bronzer this is sun kissed bronzer that’s the shade name of it i’m just going to go back in with this one because that one’s too light i like the formula has a very nice consistency but it’s just too light for me it’s not even placing on my face there we go wow look at that baby here that one this is wow look at them let’s go back in there so obviously the bronzer is the only exception to this video because obviously that one’s not less than five dollars but i can’t do a full face without having my bronzer on but like i said i’m gonna try getting this one again but in the other shade that i had seen hopefully that one works a lot better but so far i am loving how everything’s coming out everything is clashing together like every you know when you’re trying so many different brands at one time or you’re using something that’s dewy and it’s something that’s matte you always run into the risk of it not blending out well this is blending out so nicely i love how it looks and how it feels this is probably like my favorite combination of skin right now so now i’m just going to go and set everything together i’m going to use that la girl pro powder high definition setting powder this is in shade translucent so this is meant to be for all skin tones i’m kind of scared about that every time it says translucent you run the risk of looking like a ghost when you um take pictures with flash so i’m kind of scared for that but i think we should be okay so far this video has been a success many good items only

a couple ones that i don’t like because of the scent but the product itself works out very good i’m trying to do this like without making a mess but you always run that risk with powders okay hold on i this is not gonna work i’m just trying not to put too much on the sponge all right there we go why is that clumping right there okay you know what we have had such a good video we are not going to focus on the bad right now why does it smell like that that literally clumped on my face i am genuinely concerned because this thing clumped it’s literally a clump on my face right now i don’t know why it looks like that i don’t know how i feel about the setting powder like and this one has too much on that side but you know we’re gonna go on to the blush and hope that when it comes to ticket do you see that it’s like falling off my face right now oh the clump is coming off lord knows why all right this is already a big look at this my shirt is full of it all right let’s go on with the blush because i’m over here panicking about this powder because now i’m scared it’s gonna look too white on my face and my face is looking amazing all right so for my blush i’m gonna go in with the elf blush this is literally called blush and it’s so pink but it’s so so so cute and i love it so we’re gonna go ahead and give that a shot uh for blush i’m gonna use my me48 i believe this is a blush brush so i like that it’s very soft surprisingly because it looks very pink in the pan i love this blush it’s so nice and soft so now let’s take this powder off and i’m kind of scared so i’m going to use my morphe m439 this is actually a foundation brush but i like using it to like really push in the powder but at the same time move it from where it’s at i don’t like this powder it’s supposed to be translucent this is not translucent i still see it i don’t like this it messed up my face my face was looking so good so i’m gonna go in with the sponge that i used for my um foundation and i’m just going to go back in i’m going to tap lightly into everything and hope that it really begins to like settle in there because if it doesn’t i messed up everything so i’m just going to place that as a essence eyeliner into my bottom lash line there we go surprisingly i didn’t touch my eyeball with it now i’m going to go with the m 166 morphe brush i’m going to dip into that dark green and i’m going to use this brush to place it right underneath my lash line all right so i’m going to take this off my lips so i can do the lipstick i’m kind of scared i’m very scared to do my lips because i’m not the type to just go and use any lipstick so i thought i had gotten a lip liner but i actually didn’t i got a eyeliner on accident so i’m just going to go in with my normal one my one of my um go to my nyx cosmetics this one is in shade brown i’m going to use this one and then i’m gonna use the revlon makeup revolution sheer brilliant lipstick this is like that this one is in shade head turner i think it’s gonna um come out good with this look so i’m gonna go ahead and do that right quick i’m actually pretty amazed by this it applied very nicely to my lips it does have like a gloss touch to it i would have preferred if it wasn’t matte just because i don’t know i like matte a little bit more when it comes to my lipstick but it still looks really good so i’m okay with that oh my god i forgot i had placed some on my hand and i just put all over my hair so now we just do my setting spray so i don’t forget and the highlight so i don’t forget that so i’m just going to go back in with that elf illuminating mist and set it this is supposed to like i said play as a primer and as a setting spray so

that was loud i’m scared to spray this it takes a couple of sprays for it to like get everywhere like with my morphe continuous mist one i just spray it once and it hits everywhere like i don’t need to be spraying and this one sprays everywhere okay this is the elf highlight this is in shade moonlight pearls so it’s a very like pearly i like obviously pearly okay so these were all the products that were all underneath five dollars except obviously the bronzer because we had an issue with that one but i enjoyed using every piece of item i thought this was gonna go a lot worse because when we started off and i didn’t know if i liked my eyebrows or not i was panicking but i actually ended up loving everything the only things i didn’t like was those couple items i had to send to it but they were bearable i can deal with this especially the foundation i was concerned about that one but it actually looks really nice on my face everything looks perfect it looks glowy there’s like nothing cracking surprisingly like under my eyes it’s hard to find items that don’t crack under there because i put so much stuff under my eyes and nothing has cracked so everything looks good it looks matte but it also has like a glow to it and i love it um i hated the setting powder i refused to try another translucent powder because it happens with literally all the ones that i touched and like i try out but everything else like the eyes the lashes everything even the lip products i enjoyed i just love how this came out so that’s it for today’s video guys as i always mentioned you guys don’t hesitate to dm me on instagram any other suggestions or anything like that this video was actually one suggestion that i got in the poll i already had an idea that i wanted to do this video but once i saw that people actually wanted to see things like this it just gave me a bigger reason to do it and i actually have another ulta order coming in with something very similar so i’m excited to wait for that and record that one but like i said don’t hesitate to um send me any suggestions through my instagram i read everything that i get obviously it might take me a little bit to reply but i’m working on that but yes don’t forget to like comment and subscribe turn on your post notifications to be notified each and every time that i post a new video which from now on will be from tuesdays fridays and sundays so i hope you guys continue having a very wonderful day and yes i’ll see you guys next time you

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