hey so today’s video is going to be all about my yearly favorites everything that I had loved in the year of 2013 now i started youtube videos in 2013 in june of 2013 so I literally went from like being an average girl of having like one foundation to I chose for mac and me like the happiest girl in the world to having like 15 foundations in my kit and all this crazy stuff so I have literally i’m still a regular girl at heart but obviously i just find more so i could be more well-rounded for you guys so this video i’m going to tell you guys everything that I have found and loved these past six months that I’ve been doing YouTube so let’s get started because I know this is gonna be a hugely insane long video so make sure you get some snacks or something so I’m just going to go through everything as if um how I apply it on my face also I’m moving from San Francisco to that to San Diego so I’m in the middle of moving that’s why I have like the weirdest setting filming set up station ever um I’m still getting through all that so that’s why I haven’t been fun me as much but yeah let’s just get started so the first thing I want to mention is the Sephora instant moisturizer and this is what she looks like it is the instant moisturizer moisture a moisturizer if you only try one it literally says that I was like all right well this is the first moisturize I’m gonna buy moisturizer I’m totally saying that weird I feel like I’m I love this thing as soon as I put it on it is so hydrating I feel like my skin is just absorbing it like thirsting for it and I really do like this um it is a really immediate effect I feel like it’s really cooling I obviously have to apply this every day or every time I feel like my skin is dry so it’s not like it fixes the problem oh really does right my dog is behind me I have a foster dog right there don’t even think about barking so yeah the support is in moisture if you only try one I love this thing um it’s i feel i did get this at the beginning of my youtube career the next thing i want i watch primers I honestly have not found I was gonna say find I have not found a primer that I’m ups like obsessed with at least with the ones that are hyped about so much like the benefit professional so the benefit professional I just I don’t know it does really do anything for me I have really dry skin I don’t have oil skin I don’t have large pores so it’s not like I need primer to minimize my pores or keep my skin from getting oily throughout the day I really just need kind of a base Perfector to make my skin smooth and that’s why I have loved the magic perfecting base by L’Oreal it is me it is point five fluid ounces that is so incredibly tiny and this little bad girl is about 13 bucks i want to say from walgreens but i love it i love you’re gonna hear my dogs barking and i’m totally i can stop well i just did but um i love the texture of it it’s so different it’s like it’s so velvety and sat in and it’s like thick and creamy but it’s it’s kind of like a cloud I don’t know how to say it um i have had a sample the benefit professional i feel like it’s kind of like that consistency i don’t know i love how this feels the texture of it I do love this thing and I recommend it on two foundations i do want to mention really quick and of course i drop it no video of mine would be complete without me dropping like everything so the first thing I’ll invention is max BB cream and at first I did not understand the BB cream thing I don’t even know what BB cream stands for it says beauty balm if that’s what BB stands for then I don’t know why people call it beauty balm cream but because of the whole hype I how to get a BB cream and I got the Mac prep and prime I really liked it at first in the store because when i swatched out on my my the back of my hand it seemed like it had amazing coverage and i was like dude I need to get this and then once I got home and actually put on my face I was really disappointed with it the thing about me is I need like full coverage I have a lot of redness and I just don’t understand why you’re gonna put on makeup if you’re just going to half-ass it I mean you know then there’s no reason to put on makeup in my opinion but I’ve come to really really love this thing I understand now like if I wake up and I just don’t want to do my makeup it’s much better to kind of hide the redness on my face and to just go looking all ratchet oh that’s why I’ve been loving this and it does it does concealed my redness pretty well but again it’s nothing full coverage don’t buy this in lieu of a foundation i’m not saying that but as a BB cream I do love

the Mac prep and prime minus in light plus but I feel like it’s um it’s too light so the next one I might go change it if I ever get off my lazy ass on two foundations if you would have asked me before my youtube career what my favorite foundation was it would have to be a Mac foundation there’s no in how I would ever ever mentioned drugstore and man has YouTube changed my world the next two foundations are only drug store and the first one that you all have to know I’m going to mention the l’oreal true match mine is in w 4 and I love this thing for direct store it has amazing coverage it’s buildable to full coverage I think it starts off more like medium coverage because when I just do one layer you can kind of see the redness around my cheeks so it’s about medium coverage but you can definitely build it to a full coverage um and it’s super blendable as well I think it says that yeah super blendable makeup um it’s super blendable and I just I love this thing it’s very I’m thin so I like that as well it doesn’t kind of set into your fine lines and your wrinkles I i just i love this thing and for the majority of my youtube career which is just a hobby um i’ve i’ve been using this i love it thanks to nicole Guerrero who that’s where I got it from and then the next one is going to be covergirl outlast stay fabulous three in one foundation and I think three and one is foundation primer and concealer and it also says it’s a sunscreen so maybe it’s not the concealer parts just a sunscreen I love this the coverage that this bad boy has is so superb it’s comparable to a high-end product I hear that it’s comparable to the kat von d lock it foundation which is huge the things like what thirty forty dollars so to find a drugstore foundation that’s thirteen dollars and walgreens a lot of times has these four buy one get one half off so that’s when I stock up and I just I love it it’s thick it’s creamy it’s not as blendable as the l’oreal but its its coverage is just perfection it literally conceals all my redness going on my face so for powder my favorite powder of the year would have to be studio fixed by mac and you guys are gonna laugh at me because look at that there’s like nothing there but i’m so cheap you guys that i am literally like going to wait to buy another one until every single thing is gone like that’s how cheap i am with my makeup which nothing’s wrong with that right this thing’s like freaking thirty dollars or something so I I mean I’ve always been a fan of the mac studio fix you can use this without foundation i think but i wouldn’t it i would never let me really quick do a shout-out for the mac studio fix no just fix plus I don’t know what I’m saying so the mac fix mac fix+ is amazing it’s not a setting spray don’t use it as a setting spray but this thing is so amazing to do before your makeup just as a quick hydrating spritz if you don’t want to put on lotion or moisturizer or maybe do and you just want to add this on there really quick because um you know it is moisture so it’s going to absorb like the eyeshadow pigments a lot better and stuff so you can use it before makeup which I highly recommend then you can use after makeup or throughout the day to give your skin some light flush um it just gives a kind of more life and kind of a dewy complexion I love this thing i feel like every person should own mac fix+ I mean I feel like you’re your life is just your makeup life is incomplete with the fixed plus I think everybody would um would agree with me that the fixed plus is amazing Exxon two eyes two primers that I’ve been loving the first one it does not get talked about 80 I feel like both of these don’t get talked a lot about and the first one is a mac paint pot and mine isn’t soft ochre and as you can see it’s really pretty just perfect nude and um I feel like when people talk about mac paint pot for the eye primer they talk about another life road it’s called I think it’s like parently or something i’m not sure but no one ever talks about this one I think only one person I think I’m Casey talks about this but that’s it and this is the perfect like look it’s just a nude what more could you want for an eyeshadow base and silo this thing and I’ve been using this um oh my god I’ve had this thing forever the next more official I primer that I’ve been loving is the lorac behind the scenes I primer I have the little sample size from the lorac Pro palette and the things amazing it’s umm it’s thick and creamy and it blends super well and it just creates your pigments to be a lot more pigmented and it keeps the eyeshadows on longer and it’s not like cakey thick that’s

good i love this one this is one that i will be purchasing a full size product of if i say that i’m gonna repurchase on thing y’all know that that things like God sent it it’s amazing because I’m so cheap with my makeup on it 2 concealers you all know this video would not be complete without my 10 color palette camouflage concealer palette and it has 10 shades in it and I’m just in love with all these shades I love the pigmentation of it and I use this one and it just brightens up my eyes like no other concealer can do I think it’s better than the mac pro or concealer I’m talking about in the way that it just highlights your face there’s nothing to me that beats the pigmentation and even the tones of these and it really does highlight your face selling 10 bucks of course with shipping and handling from bhcosmetics it’s like two hundred dollars right three more consumers that I’ve been loving this bad boy I don’t give enough credit and I actually don’t use it anymore because it broke off but it is the tarte amazonian smooth operator Amazonian clay waterproof concealer and I have it in the lightest I think and this one is called fair I love this thing it’s a high-end concealer it’s probably thirty dollars for this thing does my first ever high and concealer for youtube and I love it’s really creamy highly pigmented it glides on so perfectly but it doesn’t crease at least for me it doesn’t I have it on today and so far i hope i mean i’m looking at a mare it’s not creasing hopefully the camera isn’t like magnifying like 50 times a crease but yeah this thing’s amazing and because it broke off i haven’t used it but this is a concealer that i am going to go back to because i’m just not dating on the mac pro longwear concealer which i’m going to talk about next this line is so underrated i can I haven’t heard a single person talk about this concealer and I love it go to Sephora and try it out I would say that that’s probably my favorite concealer ever of course I have to talk about the mac pro longwear concealer wet you are not a beauty guru unless you talk about this right this bad boy gets hectic out and it doesn’t crease which i think is the number one thing in concealers that we want as women um it doesn’t crease and it has amazing coverage is super blendable but it just doesn’t highlight as much as I would like it to its not very it just doesn’t stand out it creates a very flawless face but for consolidate i’d just i don’t like it for that for concealing it’s amazing and i highly recommend it just like anybody would highly recommend this bad boy but for highlighting it’s just not my favorite but it’s a really great product and then for tricks toe i’m going to talk about the l’oreal true match such a corrector super blendable concealer i was reading like the French side no no but this thing is a really good drugstore concealer and I use it more to under my foundation to kind of do the straight edge as you guys can see it’s more of a straight edge and that is achieved by just taking this going shut my main dad so I do love this um I don’t use it as just like by itself on top of my foundation I used to under baidu thing that this is a really good drugstore can see that on two eyeshadows um first I’m going to talk about palettes a yearly favorites would not be complete without the Naked palette I have the naked one palette and honestly when I first saw this um I heard it was raved about so i went to support i was like buy it I want to sell the price you guys seriously I was like that is a stupidest thing in the world $52 for a bunch of Browns Browns are so like you can get brands everywhere you don’t need a frickin fifty-dollar palette but of course after months I caved and I got it and I’m so happy I did every single person whether you’re brand new to make up or you’re a veteran you need this palette in your life it this is the only thing you need in your life because you can do supernatural um I looks whether you’re going to work to school just hanging out going on freaking library whatever you’re doing and you can also use it for super sexy bombshell a hot looks for date nights it has everything in this bad boy my eyes they are just from this and I will be doing a tutorial on this look later but this thing if it’s 50 talleres which is so expensive and so ridiculous and I would never ever want to recommend something this much money that’s worth it it really is I love it my thing is do not get the naked one and the naked 2 palette I think you are just not you but I think just sorry but to me getting the naked one a nikka 2 palette is just stupid because they’re basically this Shea’s i do want to get the naked 3 palette because it’s completely a

different it has rose tone shades so you know they’re not the same but just pick one if you don’t know I went for the original because I felt like how can you not get the original how are you just gonna go the second one without getting original unites bad boy is my lorac Pro palette I feel like this does not get enough um um I am hype I guess or it’s not talked about as much on youtube I don’t know maybe I’m blind but this is an amazing palette it’s a lot cheaper than naked palette it’s 42 bucks I think and it has amazing shades it has your neck your neutrals and this is like the perfect crease shade it has some statement colors like the deep purple and the maroon color it’s got your gold your black I mean it has everything that you need to create a lot of really pretty good luck so I love this thing and the pigmentation is amazing i love it so for my eyebrows and i have to mention this bad boy this is what I keep my eyebrows or how I do my eyebrows I used to get my eyebrows threaded like every two weeks is a lot of freakin money 15 bucks plus a tip every time where I am so I went to this guy this thing’s like three dollars for a pack of like three of them and this is literally I I haven’t gotten my eyes eyebrows event in like a year and I’ve extremely bushy like Harry freakin eyebrows and this is what i use now to just shape or not shape them but clean them up and shape them however i want and i love it and it’s painless I mean getting my eyebrows started was the most painful thing to me and then to fill in my eyebrows i use this Milania brow tint pen felt-tip brow color and i love it i can’t i don’t like that honest ah geez brow wiz or any kind of brow pencil because i have so much hair that it just cakes on to my eyebrows where I just really wanted to find them and so this bad boy this felt tip pen goes through my brow stretches onto my skin to help it define it doesn’t kick on to my brows and so if you know you don’t really like that look um then I highly recommend her she was only about seven bucks at walgreens and i love it i have the natural taupe color and i think there’s one more darker color well ladies I forgot about two other shadows so those are my like favorite eyeshadow palettes but for singles I have to Mac ones the first one is called saddle and this is just the perfect crease color every time I put something in my crease and I don’t want to reach for one of my naked palette or the only naked palette i have now i just use saddle and i love it it’s the perfect shade it’s not too dark and it’s not too late it’s just a really good transition color and so i really like it and it’s kind of it kind of reminds me of buck from the Naked palette all this is a little more Rick undertone to it than the color buck and then the next color is called carbon by Mac this is the perfect brown I mean black matte color in the world if you need the perfect black matte get carbon by Mac I’m not kidding you will not find a better black matte out there bronzer hello obviously the hula benefit browser i am not able to find a better browser um I’ve hit pan and just like my mac studio fix I’m going to run that mother out um I just it’s the perfect freaking bronzer I’ve tried other browsers they’re either too dark to read to Orange this is just the perfect shade it is thirty dollars I think again this was another one of my okay I’m starting to youtube I need to get it thing when I saw three dollars I was like but I gotta be good with Nicole Guerrero and I’m in love with it if you need one bronzer get this bad boy it goes great with any skin tone except I think if you’re a lot darker than this then it’ll just look washed out on your skin so that’s not too i would recommend it for blush if you don’t know what blush i’m about to say then you’re you’re officially fired because you’re obviously not a loyal subscriber but that would be stubborn bye Matt this is just I I don’t even know it goes perfect with everything it goes perfect with natural no makeup look to like a complete sexy bombshell look it’s just its power every single skin tone is going to look amazing in this weather you’re the lightest of the light or the darkest of the dark it’ll look beautiful i love this i recommend this for everybody and then another favorite of mine and you guys are going to be scared is this one it’s called well dressed and I know it looks so scary like it is the like the whitest Pincus latest

you all right now that my camera is back in business and that the the chart I try I had to charge my friggin camera so the highlight that I have absolutely love for the year of 2013 is maximized skin finish in soft and gentle this is the perfect highlight in the entire world it’s just the perfect shade and it’s not too white it’s not too pink it’s just the perfect champagne shade and I absolutely love it I use it every oh my god and put it on today well good thing I got my highlighter brush so honestly well that is it so that is what I do when I highlight my face and I just I love this thing it’s just a perfect champagne color and I think it’ll go good with every skin tone at Mac does have a darker wine I wanted it really bad because it’s like a pretty pretty gold color but the lady was like it’s only for dark skin it’s not going to look good on you and I don’t care um but I absolutely love this and I recommend it for everybody I think this one might have been thirty dollars but it is worth it because it will last a very long time all right what right come here well put your playful so this is my favorite thing in the whole wide world that just to tell you drew teen alright so now I guess moving on to lips my favorite lip liner that I have just been going back to over and over again is dervish by Mac and I feel like it’s just a really perfect neutral everyday lip liner that will go good with a neutral or news or pinkish nudes and just like an everyday thing so I kept gravitating towards it and I think it I think this is a color that everybody should get again it is dervish by Mac it just goes perfect with pretty much every neutral nude pinky tone and then if you also don’t know about this lipstick then you’re fired because this is my ultimate favorite lipstick ever it is Mac Mac looks natural and this is the perfect nude so many people are like oh my god this is the perfect nude no people show lipsticks that are slick pink they’re not nude they’re pink um this is a nude like you literally do not get any neuter you don’t get any more naked oh god I hate random strands you don’t get any more naked and nude than this color this is the perfect nude it’s a little too nude it just it bugs me so much when YouTube girls are like this is the perfect nude and it’s like a pink color not the business so absolutely less and recommend it to everybody it isn’t minute finish mineralize rich lipstick so it is a little more expensive i think it’s like 22 bucks but it’s super hydrating it’s got like a little gloss to it it’s not too overpowering though I just I love this thing and it goes good with every single um I makeup that you do of course if $22 is too much or you just don’t want the Goss or a machine whatever and Jay cats beauty has this lipstick and I’ve never seen Jake hets beauty in a store I don’t know where you can get these I got it in my epsy bag a few months ago and it is in the tone honeycrisp f11 107 and look at that it is the perfect nude it seems a little darker because it just doesn’t have like the gloss property that the mineralized lipstick has but it’s such a perfect to print I love this thing actually have it on today with another lipstick I’m sunny soul I think my mac and I just love it I think one of my viewers or subscribers so that these costs like two talleres so if these are two dollars I need know where to get these because I need to stock up on all the colors please sign me up let me know Talia girl word I can get these because this is a really good one I just I love the term again this is a perfect nude it ain’t pink honey and then the perfect lip gloss that I’ve been loving for 2013 is by Smashbox and it is in the tone illume he’s got a little bit of sparkle in it but it’s nothing like super overpowering or it’s like you’ve just got a bunch of glitter on your lips it just adds I don’t know a really nice touch to new dish or pinkish lips or anything that you kind of want to just tone down um it’s not sticky at all which I have like a huge tub of lip glosses but I don’t ever use lip gloss because it’s just sticky and what a few girl wants to kiss somebody while I’m at the club okay so sticky lip glosses are just not the deal but this one is not sticky it’s not heavy it’s just perfect and I guess that’s it makeup related um I do have other favorites I do you want to tell you guys about my favorite brushes so this one is by BH Cosmetics

and it is the perfect blending brush you guys every single one of you need this it’s big it’s fluffy it’s pretty stiff but it’s got an flexibility blend perfectly it just goes in your crease flawlessly it’s big enough to be that perfect transition color from your crease to your brow bone it just it sets and they’re so nicely and it’s perfect not only to get it a color into your crease and up to your brow bone but also to blend anytime I want to blend anything out I just use this bad boy and it’s just it’s seamless it’s perfection the good thing is it’s like three bucks off bhcosmetics its website mad thing is shipping and handling is like five thousand dollars so you know this is like made of gold in the end but I promise you it is so worth it i don’t want to give every single one of my subscribers this because it is amazing there’s one brush you need get that one and a few other ones that I use constantly hello favorites wouldn’t be complete without the Real Techniques contour brush every act like every beauty group uses this it’s just perfect right into your contour is just perfection perfection I love it and real texting text type checkbox’ Real Techniques is um they’re pretty affordable this one I’ve been using a lot to this was like my first brush when i started youtube is like bringing you buy brushes um cuz i was never a brush girl i had like one brush for everything that was enough right but now that i do youtube I need a lot more brushes this one is the it’s by Sephora and it’s called the natural domed powder brush and it’s it’s big enough so you can actually bronze your face like do the I’m size of your forehead you can blend out a stronger contour and to making it more blended out and just to France up your face and I love this thing I think it was on sale I’d no idea how much it was probably like 17 bucks i don’t know i got on the website and i just i love it i do want to mention this bad boy this came in i want to send this one came in a rocket or oh I’m so sorry so like I was saying before I hit my dog this I think came in the rocket or a blush but I think you get one with the hula benefit benefit I always I always flip it over benefits hoola bronzer and this is just I’ve been using this lately over the contour brush by Real Techniques this is just so perfect to get a really strong contour you can blend it out even more I love it and fortunately you can’t get this alone i don’t thing but if you get in the hula bit the benefit hoola bronzer like i’m telling you you should use that honey you don’t even need another the contour brush I obviously have to mention my fan brush from Sephora this thing was ridiculously fifty dollars and nobody nobody needs this brush I don’t even need this brush don’t buy this brush because it’s 50 freakin dollars if you buy this brush your crazy just like me we can be toesies but i love this fresh but honestly i’m going to be honest you don’t you can get any other fan brush and then i’m also waiting for brushes from sigma sigma has amazing brushes they’re hyped about all the freaking time um if you want to check out that website i have the link down below and every month they give a coupon code ten percent off i want to say so um in all of my videos i will just have the coupon code if you guys want to buy something i’ll leave the link down below and there will be a coupon code for january it’s jan2014 i think and you do get a free gift with any purchase over thirty dollars so that’s good um but i will be doing a more in-depth review with sigma but they also have makeup and a bunch of cool things so i recommend checking them out next favorite of mine why don’t have them oh cuz i put them in my hair um I wanted to show you guys but I ended up putting them in my hair too for more volume luxury for princess is my new favorite extension hair line they’re amazing as you guys know I’ve tried Bellamy and I didn’t have a good experience with that hair company um wish much shedding much other stuff i’ll link that down below if you haven’t seen that yet although it is my most popular video on my channel I’m luxury for princess I showed a little clip of them in my goal to black smoky eye which I’ll also link down below no shedding for me they’re thick they’re so silky and soft there’s no tangling I have had nothing but an amazing experience by them and um when I contacted them and they were super nice to give you my viewers a coupon code a discount code it is MI th som you that will give you guys this council you guys can try that out also leave the link down below but I love their hair and I will be doing a much more in depth review within the next week how dare me I totally forgot about the beauty blogger so the Beauty Blender okay every single person and their mama needs a Beauty Blender there’s nothing greater in this world Thunder Beauty Blender there’s no I mean I’m gonna try Sigma brushes because I think they do a pretty flawless um airbrush look but

this thing blends so perfectly this is the only thing that I apply my foundation on and my concealer I mean foundation you can get away with doing a really good job with brush the concealer I just have not been able to find anything that blends it as the Beauty Blender I think everybody needs this this was another product that was like I don’t want to get it it was in my amazon cart for like a month and then i finally bit the bullet moon it and I’m so happy I did this thing is amazing and i highly recommend it for everybody yeah that’s all I have back there and I want to mention this hat okay i just want to show you guys my favorite hat in the entire world it’s a dog her eye is like that’s a heart and i just i love this hat i got it off of etsy and i will leave the sellers link below how could I mean although I do dog rescue how perfect is this it’s completely handmade and i will put the buyers info down below that you guys can check it out she does a custom made and they’re inexpensive this thing was only twenty-five dollars and it’s so cute and super warm and super adorable they have this really funny like duck dynasty one like there’s literally a beer that covers your face oh that’s good for guys and girls if you’re looking for a good idea or just for yourself to have really cute there’s howls you can do a catch you can do anything so i’ll leave the link down below so you guys can check that out she does baby toddler ones i mean it’s the cutest stuff ever so check that stuff out because i absolutely love her and I contacted her and I was like oh my god can you make me a dog and she made me a dog yeah okay you guys so thank you guys so much for watching 2013 how crazy do I look right now too cute so cute right so 2013 has been an amazing year thanks to you guys I honestly do not know what I would have done without you guys 2013 was an incredibly hard year for me a lot of a lot of a lot of things bad things happen in my life but the most amazing thing is coming home checking my emails thing you guys comment interact with me I love you guys you guys literally saved my life and i pray that i can put happiness in your hearts love in your hearts as much as you guys do to me if you ever need anyone to talk to feel free to hit me up and i love every single one of you guys i pray you guys have a wonderful 2014 people kissing school I have it on today I’m like mmm so a favorites yearly free of it front flap people need to stop texting me ah I’m so popular yeah no stop

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