Farewell Godzilla Farewell Godzilla what? Is Godzilla over? 16 years ago, the Godzilla movie ended once The movie released at that time was Godzilla Final Wars It is called a “festival movie” with more than 15 monsters in all This time, “that illustration” has become a figure Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection Godzilla(2004) Poster Version “さらば、ゴジラ。”Shonen Rick Limited Edition Godzilla of poster ver. Drawn by Noriyoshi Ohrai Not this one, this one Modeling is Yuji Sakai Noriyoshi Ohrai and Yuji Sakai A master of the illustration world and a master of the modeling world The strongest collaboration Let’s open it immediately The box is really cool, but it’s big! And it’s heavy because the material is not only PVC The explanation is written Great pedestal with metal plate I’m excited Click here for material Mainly PUR It also contains polystone, which is different from the usual figure Let’s open it right away! I’m looking forward to it! I will also shoot the moment of opening I see The figure is heavy and easily damaged, so it is packed tightly in Styrofoam I didn’t shoot all the time, but this moment is the most exciting It’s dangerous, so It smells the same as Polystone Gamera 1999 heavyheavyheavy If you drop it, it will be damaged immediately! !! Get excited It’s a great figure DangerousDangerous!!! Let’s stop strange things Insert the protrusion on the sole of the foot into the hole in the pedestal It floats a little, but if you make it stronger, it will be damaged, so stop it No tail Located on the back of Styrofoam I thought it was a defective product I will put it here It becomes a magnet and is stable And wave parts Put this in the gap between your legs Finally, attach the building parts Put the thinner one in front Put the thicker one in the back finally… Farewell Godzilla Godzilla Final Wars poster released in 2004 (Noriyoshi Ohrai) Three-dimensional it by Yuji Sakai Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection Vol.1 I’m curious about the second and subsequent editions, but … on another occasion Height (dorsal fin): 28.5 cm Width: 24 cm Depth: 24 cm (pedestal) Depth: 27 cm (main body) Material: Polystone, PVC, ABS. It’s quite heavy Muscle training with Godzilla Compare with ponzu and lip balm There is volume, but it’s not very big Compare with Godzilla of S.H.MonsterArts It may be difficult to convey because there is a pedestal, but Compared to S.H.MonsterArts, it’s quite big Compare with Godzilla 2004 of Toho Daikaiju series The height is about the same including the pedestal The figure itself is a little small

Smaller than the Toho 30cm series Dorsal fin and head height are about the same Let’s take a closer look at “さらば、ゴジラ。(Farewell, Godzilla)” First of all, how about the whole thing? High reproducibility !! This illustration is three-dimensional amazing !! It’s a great Era Let’s look at the face first I didn’t know from the poster, but … I see big and cute eyes It was such a face This Godzilla seems unwilling to say goodbye Don’t you remember this face? If you are familiar with it, you may have noticed it Godzilla Millennium template Very similar to this Is the same Noriyoshi Ohrai drew a poster while looking at the Godzilla Millennium template made by Yuji Sakai So it’s natural to be similar The Godzilla 50th Anniversary logo at the time of Godzilla Final Wars release is also a silhouette of Godzilla Millennium template so interesting Noriyoshi Ohrai drew a model made by Yuji Sakai. And it was made by Yuji Sakai pay off the foreshadowing Not just the face, the whole is the same I’ve said it many times I really like the Godzilla Millennium template! !! I like the Godzilla Millennium costume because it’s cute However, I really like the beast-like modeling of the Template Looks like a monster different from Godzilla in a good way The teeth are made very finely. It is a work of art The protrusion under the tongue is very fine and real It looks like it’s more detailed than a PVC figure The upper teeth are also fine The material is hard If you drop it, it will definitely be damaged, so be careful when handling it But cute Like a cat Remove from the pedestal The luster of the mouth is also raw and wonderful The upper side is also … amazing !! Like a real creature Even when viewed from above, it is slender I really like this sharp shape Here are the big and long ears The right ear is easy to understand Sounds good This angle looks like a very bad cat Want to keep The angle from the side is wonderful! This tongue is characteristic There is a sense of dynamism I want to hear this Godzilla roar This twist of the body is wonderful I love this arm The thorns are more modest than the Godzilla Millennium in the movie Youkai-like, supple hands This is the charm of the template Very long fingers on thin wrists I have a hand that I can not think of as Godzilla I like it This Godzilla is likely to make a scratch attack Has sharp nails The color of the palm is a little light Nails and face This Godzilla is … like a ghost cat,cat Monster Godzilla of the cat family So maybe you like it (I like cats) Fine surface It seems to be finer than the usual PVC figure to the touch It hurts a little when I have it I can tell the difference by touching it. Interesting The neck line is also cool A twist This is really cool This neck groove is similar to Godzilla 2002 (✖︎ Mechagodzilla)

The protrusions are intense The mouth seen from below is also wonderful And from the neck … body Slender … similar to Godzilla 2002 The pectoralis major is well developed and this is Godzilla It’s quite spiky Very fine! Coloring is a mixture of black and gray It is three-dimensional because it can be shaded depending on the angle In addition, the legs are quite sharp as well as the arms Even if you compare the lower body, it is still the same as the Godzilla Millennium template Is the same It is a supple model, just like the face and arms I think this Godzilla is fast Thigh muscle fibers can be seen behind the protrusions on the surface The shape of the calf is also nice And around here The glow of the flame gives an orange gradation Has a nice color The scale-like surface is also fine nail Fine lines are dug in each nail Is an art I really like the wide open nails It ’s sharp, but it ’s also powerful When Godzilla is placed on the pedestal, the legs are still cool It’s cooler to put it on the pedestal The legs float a little Do not overdo it as it may be damaged And Dorsal fin When I think about it now Obviously Godzilla Millennium Dorsal fin like a lightning bolt rising high in the sky This is a big feature of Godzilla Millennium I think this dorsal fin is the coolest of all Godzilla’s dorsal fins So it was natural that it was cool The sharp body and the spiny dorsal fin go well together The back of the dorsal fin is black The gradation from black to light blue and from light blue to white is very beautiful It is a clear molding I will make it shine later Black, light blue, white it’s beautiful The material of the dorsal fin is probably PVC But if you drop it, it will break After all this dorsal fin is cool ThornsThornsThorns Great There are intense thorns up to the tail And the glow of the flame from below The shape of the tail is good Shaped like wrapping around the body I saw it first, but this is a magnet There is a dividing line, but it is fairly stable It won’t come off with a little force The tail is thin and long The tail is out in front of the legs Seen from above, this shape It’s like the letter “U” Back side The letters “G.D106 Yuji” on the left foot Right foot is orange The back side of the tail is also made finely Great color contrast It’s sharp even when viewed from below The appearance of twisting this body Similar to the pose when Kaiser Gidra was blown into space at the end of the movie

I don’t know if Mr. Ohrai was conscious But at that time, when I saw the poster, I thought so Let’s see the pedestal Metal plate “Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection Godzilla(2004) Poster Version「さらば、ゴジラ。」” It’s shiny It shines more when polished I’m worried about Vol.2 It’s hard to collect And the cityscape Very elaborately made The gradation is amazing Don’t you think it’s insanely detailed? It’s so small There is a collapsed building The back side that cannot be seen in the poster It’s tough. It may break if you put effort Feeling like the cast’s “特撮大百科” Something like this skeleton is a soft material It is also interesting to use different materials The sea spreads out in front of the city It’s a sea wave The color of the waves is amazing Dark or light areas The launch of this wave! Cool Very fine This is the previous part It is a clear molding so beautiful It’s like Godzilla’s dorsal fin It’s beautiful! Seen from directly above There are solid footprints of Godzilla Combined with the figure It’s natural, but it’s cool to put it on And the difference from the usual PVC figure is The dividing line is not so noticeable I can hardly see the dividing line There is no dividing line at the base of the foot There is a little dividing line around the arm However, it is hardly noticeable So it looks high class Luxury figure Only the tail stands out Godzilla over the city is cool! !! !! !! Nice dorsal fin Shonen Rick Limited Edition, so you can make it shine Remove the figure from the pedestal again There is a place to put batteries on the back side of the pedestal Turn with a screwdriver while supporting AA battery ✖︎2 Put it firmly Turn on the switch in the back 3…2…1…!! Wow! !! It’s really shining Easy to understand when dark Don’t you think it’s amazing? This shine !! Naokiman Show It glows whitish Slightly light blue it’s beautiful… White Christmas🎄❄️🎅 I will spend this Christmas with this Godzilla I decided on you! Since the coloring remains, you can clearly see the gradation Insanely beautiful !!! It’s shining so far This silhouette is insanely cool Insanely cool!! (I’m only saying this) Illuminates the light I can still see the brilliance of the dorsal fin The brighter the room, the lighter the white of the dorsal fin and the more noticeable the coloring Brightening the room may be closer to the poster And surprisingly I think you all have noticed The pedestal is also shining Rather, the pedestal is brighter The brilliance of the pedestal is great

The impression when viewed from above is completely different All the waves were clear molded The light of the flame is amazing I never thought it would shine The brilliance of the pedestal accentuates the orange gradation on the tail Synergy Gradation is not noticeable when darkened The brilliance of the pedestal makes the tail live Great idea! Made the room even darker It’s a disaster It’s a flame … 🔥 It ’s a terrible scene Maybe it’s not a good idea to say that while looking at a collapsed building But beautiful Collapse illumination it’s amazing Not Blue Eyes (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Blue waves Blue wave white monster? No fever I can watch it all the time I’m sorry for Godzilla May be more excited than Godzilla’s dorsal fin The shade of coloring stands out by the light Seen from above, it looks like this it’s beautiful! !! I’m looking forward to vol.2 please look Godzilla’s stand Very fantastic It might be better to illuminate from the right Another Godzilla came out I’m really glad I bought it When the room light is on, it looks like this It looks completely different The difference is easy to understand from above It’s actually pretty bright I want to see what kind of coloring the regular version is I just can’t buy two I introduced Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection Godzilla(2004) Poster Version “さらば、ゴジラ。” It was a wonderful work It seems to be a lie that the poster is three-dimensional It’s a shock since the phantom Mechagodzilla Godzilla Final Wars went to see at that time I’ve talked about it several times At that time, it was the last time I didn’t want to accept it When I was young, I felt it was a “light movie” I had strong feelings about vs. the series Finalwars is fun, but I thought something was different However, when I look at it now I came to think it was interesting I think there are many people like that Because Thanks to Godzilla’s continuation At that time, this movie was announced as the last Godzilla movie And if it was actually the last Godzilla movie … Godzilla Final Wars may still not be accepted But then the Godzilla movie continued. And now it’s really exciting So this Godzilla movie is not the last So it’s not a moving movie, it’s a festival movie Unconsciously convinced himself Godzilla never ends. This movie is a passing point I think that kind of message was included I assumed so The reason why this poster was used as aMillegoji Template There may be a back message that “Godzilla Millennium series is over” And the Godzilla that simply appears in this movie is insanely strong !! And stylish and cool! Anigoji is strong, but Final Wars is not defeated

I didn’t really like the human battle scene at the time But it’s interesting to see now Masahiro Matsuoka and Kane Kosugi’s physique is spectacular My favorite Don Frye is appearing It ’s really worth seeing I also like Kazuki Kitamura’s(X seijin) acting “Monsters like tuna-eating are weak,” the quote was also born I bought the DVD “Godzilla FINAL WARS Special Edition” I like Godzilla Final Wars more when I watch movie making and promotional videos Watching the making of the movie and promotional videos makes you like Godzilla FinalWars more! Director Kitamura’s thoughts, how the film was made, etc It’s all packed, so I recommend it! And this booklet that came with the DVD “Godzilla Final Wars The setting in which the first Godzilla did not die out, but survived intact I wanted to confirm this explanation Godzilla 1954 = Godzilla 2004? Please take a look at Godzilla Final Wars, both for the first time and for the first time in a while Thank you for watching until the end 「さらば」 Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah for the second installment, please!

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