welcome everybody to the in d-pod podcast I’m your host Oh we even have the thing like right up in the corner here I’m your host super Joe Pardo and I am so pumped to have my guest this week come and speak it’s you know known him for a while now I’ve gotten to see him grow and work out some things so it which goes really well with what we’re gonna be talking today which is taming your inner critic 20 comes to podcasting yeah I’m I’m looking forward to it before I jump in there though with and introduce my guest I need to give a shout-out to our sponsor pod bean pod bean is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting they give you all the tools you need for a successful podcast such as unlimited podcast hosting podcast distribution monetization options for podcasts of any size shape or form and live stream podcasting pod casing podcasting capabilities signed today at wwe.com that’s P o DB e a n dot-com now I need everybody in the chat to tell me first off were you listening from it would be great to to hear where you’re listening from and I also need for you to give some super claps in the chat for Tim brine we welcome to him all right Joe how are you tonight I am I am tired I’ve been doing a lot of work in my garage just like so there used to be like a lot of insulation hanging out the walls now there’s insulation tucked behind plastic and I’m starting to plastic the ceiling as well to stop inhaling I guess so much falling insulation in this garage office thing that I have going on oh yeah that had asbestos we’ll get you in a heartbeat man I’ll get you in a harpy you got to be careful your Iook those vocal cords yeah I hope it’s not asbestos I mean I don’t think it’s that whole it was built in the 80s so I think it I think I’m safe but I don’t no I’m not really sure it was built in the 70s oh I don’t know if you’re that safe well so how are you doing tonight Tim well a little tired like you are because I’m a father of twins I’m part of the twin dad podcast group and I think it’s a mad pasión myself and if there’s others out there they need to get in contact with us but yeah I’ve been up since 4:00 this morning and doing that wonderful telework thing but you know what I’m pumped to do this because I’ve been watching you do this show now for a while watched it live and I’m excited to be on here and I you know what it slipped by me pod beam is your sponsor for your in pod beam is my is my media host for one of my shows it’s awesome that is awesome there they there they are great people over there it’s yeah they were so generous to sponsor a good chunk of episodes of the in d-pod podcast so very fortunate in that regard so yeah let’s Oh before we gel actually before we jump into into it this Saturday we have a thing going on we have a free live social media social media promotion for podcasting going on in the indie pod group it’s it’s totally free you don’t even have to join the group like I’d love for people to go and share and join the group I’d love for people to hit that that start a watch party button right there if you’re watching right now to get more people more eyeballs to see this free live social media promotion for podcasters conference this Saturday just go to Indy pod con-com slash virtual and you can watch it right there on the page we have some amazing sponsors we have some amazing speakers it’s gonna be it’s gonna be awesome it’s from till 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time so this Saturday can’t wait April 25th it’s gonna be a lot of I think I’m gonna host it from out here in the garage I’m hoping that it’ll be warming up a garage I I think I should I’ve resisted in the past because it was so cold you know out here but but now with the plastic it’s it’s getting warmer and warmer I’m even thinking about getting tile carpet like for the floor out here you know and then not too distant future so we’ll see say we’ll see let’s say it would make it a

lot warmer in here that’s for sure I’m trying to do trying to upgrade the the party room mama this is like where we host parties and stuff so it needs to get at least a little nicer even if I don’t have drywall I might get drywall at some point but for right now plastic it does the job that’ll work it will work so Tim once you everybody some background about yourself and how you figured out like the inner inner critic is inside of you and that you know how to team it oh yeah oh that inner critic I tell ya it can be a beast and I my inner critic is relentless relentless it knows all my weak points but um I’ve I’ve managed over the years to learn a few tricks here and there through a lot of different sources so my story starts way back in 2006 and I was running a blog talk radio podcast mainly because I had listened to the blog talk radio podcast it was a poetry podcast and I was like I’ve been writing poetry since you know 1989 and so I you know I called into their show really like those folks but I didn’t have anybody locally in the area that was really running a poetry reading so I started up my own show didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I didn’t care what was going on and it did that for a number of years up until about 2013 2014 changed the show instead of a poacher show to kind of a sketch comedy show a really bad sketch comedy show there’s 65 episodes they will never see the light of day I have my my and my co-hosts over at pod rect Kyle bondo he’s unfortunately heard five minutes of one of those episodes and he was about ready to shave his head after that and say he doesn’t know me anymore he’s gonna disown me and all that good stuff but uh met up with Kyle back in I want to say about 2016 2017 did a didn’t meet up with him on that and he was teaching a basic podcasting class and that’s when I learned the correct way well the correct way because in podcasting we know it all depends and this is not a commercial for depends undergarments although we probably all need it because we don’t have toilet paper but it depends on what you’re trying to do with yourself and what you’re trying to do with your podcast and so um I did a kdy chemos den of iniquity which is my old podcast did that right up until gosh just this last year switched over to create art podcast which is my new podcast on pod bean of all places good place love you pod bean yeah I do too every month but I and I’ve been doing that podcast now for since about November December of this past year or 2019 so how did I learn about that inner critic kind of stuff well I’ve got a background in theatre that goes back to about 89 90 yeah about 89 90 I’ve got a bachelor’s in theatre master’s in theatre and with theatre you get a lot of criticism bless you now thank you I’m sorry not to get on the mic that’s all right I got you you get a lot of criticism in that if the show is not good you don’t get applause with podcasting we don’t necessarily get that immediate feedback unless we’re live streaming like this but with theater you get it right away you know stand-up comedy same thing they don’t laugh your joke oops you immediately know hey I bombed on that I sucked on that but you know I I learned a couple of tricks along the way to kind of not let that stop me from being a a creative kind of person and then and that’s that’s the big thing that I’d like to tell people is criticism is good the right kind of criticism is better and it’s going to make you better and when it comes from internally a lot of times we don’t play fair with ourselves we were really known we know all of our weeks my weak points in weak spots so yeah basically things that I learned on that is I feed my inner critic with a lot of positivity and I’m not talking about the you know the kind of stuff where it’s fake positivity you know I I’m beautiful I’m smart people like me and gosh darn it and all that kind of sass and all kind of stuff I’m talking about you know you look at the positive things that you’ve

done in your life and one of the main things that I do is that look at my past successes I’ve had a podcast since 2006 not a lot of people can say that may it not have been the best podcast in the world you’ll never hear 65 of those episodes but I’ve had one since 2006 and I can go you know around my neighborhood I can go in the city where I live even in Fredericksburg and I can count on two hands the amount of people have podcasts not a lot of people are doing it although we do we just had a million podcast on a podcast well not a lot of people are doing it and only half the populations heard of a podcast so you’re automatically if you’re doing a podcast you’re doing something that half the people in America haven’t heard of or aren’t listening to right now so yeah yeah so it’s it’s filling yourself up with that positivity and then having a good attitude toward criticism and I’ve gotten it’s Taco Tuesday shirt yeah it’s the wrong side yeah let’s talk about Tuesday there you go Eric Patrick Thomas is the one that created this shirt and he’s the probably the one that just that uh who wrote that you Eric you need to go to was it stream yard dot-com slash Facebook so we can see your awesome face in the chat and Brent says good to remind yourself if path of past successes def helps reminds helps with impostor syndrome absolutely we are very much you know we are very much you know always trying to strive for the next big thing that we can create because like it’s easy for us to be like well you know I know I did all those other things but like if I just toot that horn all the time I was gonna be like yeah we’re like cool that was like how many years ago was that now and and still like years and years and years ago you would you would you believe I knew they were like I knew there was a reason that we got along so well would you believe that I was a poet as well and I have like a book like of poetry yes yes I do I do I’ve thought about doing a book like getting it like in like a bounded like you know the Amazon kbp kind of thing I just haven’t had the time to sit down and like do it I’ve even thought about sending it to somebody else to type it all out and format it and then I put the book together from the writings but I just have it it’s not high on my priority list right now but there is what we do you’ve got you’ve got so many things going on for ya it’s a WoW and I and I like what you were talking about with impostor syndrome because you know we’ve all heard about him pause oh no Tim are you there ah Tim Tim looks like he he locked up he locked up before we oh he’s coming through Tim Tim yeah you froze okay you’re there yeah there we go good your life well no pressure MA and all that kind of jazz oh he’s you freezing it I think he froze again anyway like I was saying he froze right before we started and I was like it’s not a good sign where we’re not on the right track for success oh oh he’s gotten up he’s catching up I’m trying to move a little bit your yep just keep moving psychedelic you frozen or not look at the Wednesday night dance party there my sound effects aren’t working or I would have some I would definitely be filling in with music sadly sadly sadly so I’m sorry so so you were saying too many things going on and impostor syndrome yeah the an impostor syndrome really feeds that inner critic because you know with the imposter syndrome we’re thinking we don’t deserve you know the the good things that we have we you know if people are gonna find out that we’re a fraud people gonna find out that you know we don’t know what we’re talking about factor matter is yeah we do know what we’re talking about we need to give ourselves credit for it we need you ever serves a lot of credit for it where credit is due and you know you don’t feed that in posture syndrome don’t don’t feed it with you’re hearing a critic your inner critic is best used in other places like with the right mindset I’ll let me talk about Dave Jackson’s uh podcast really be de Jack Z the Dave

Jackson’s podcast rodeo by the way Dave that’s another hundred dollars I’ll split it with Joe now a thank you hey I’m good like that I want to see you get those tiles in the floor there so yes I do to warm up this this garage a little bit it’s a it’s 59 degrees it’s only nine degrees warmer that is outside right now that the heaters not on so that’s a pretty good sign well see I’m french-canadian so I’m Harry so you the cold doesn’t bother me at all plus I’m from Chicago originally so yeah what can you do but uh I popped in five bucks to do the podcast rodeo show a while back and I was feeling pretty good about it and Dave he ripped me a new one which I deserved and he did it with my que toi podcast chemos den of iniquity sounds like a radio station what is identity neck watay nobody knows and it I initially I was hurt by it I was like Oh Dave because I’ve known Dave now for since 2017 deep on fest which is where I first met you of course at that time I was head and neck brace and I was on when much pain pills and my my next surgery at that time so I’ve known you guys you know same amount of time mm-hmm and but the thing of it is is that he comes at it as a teacher he comes at it to try to make you show better and I took it took me a while I’ll tell you this true it took me about a month to kind of recover from that and I was like you know what I may not have liked it at the time but when I thought about it I was like he’s right and that was part of the decision to change the name of the show from que toi to create art podcast because that’s what the podcast is all about I don’t know where I was wondering where that came out of like what but but it makes a lot of sense because like I honestly didn’t know what that meant yeah I thought was like koifish or something I well if you don’t type it in right you get something completely different oh don’t I bet you get a bad NSF W or whatever that’s called yeah that’s it yeah that’s okay well I’ll make sure not to do that don’t do that another thing that we used to do way back in my theater days was we used to do things things called post-mortems and it sounds like you don’t go into the coroner’s office after a bad surgery which is what it is and basically you uh yeah I went to Virginia Commonwealth University it’s where I got my master that you would do a show as soon as you got done with a show you had the entire faculty he had all the grad students and he had the upperclassmen sitting down and critiquing her shell every second of the show every decision that you made and you had to sit there for two hours and the thing that I learned how to survive that is I didn’t defend anything I just I just you know took the criticism that resonated with me and I came in with a open mind and an open heart I said you know what give it to me some of the stuff you’re gonna take and some of the stuff you’re gonna say yeah you didn’t even watch the same shell that I produced and that’s yeah that’s being able to take that criticism it takes a little bit of a thick skin but if it’s going to be something that is uh if your show is gonna be something that’s going to last throughout the ages you’re gonna have to have that thick skin and you’re gonna want to have that good critique because I’m lucky I get surrounded by you know folks like you Dave Jackson I’ve got a Kyle bond oh that you have known him for a number of years now he’s my partner in crime and I know that I’m going to get good feedback from you guys I know you guys are gonna you know are not gonna pull punches and go hey Tim that was really good and then you know stab me in the back no no really come on no no you’re from New Jersey you might do that I was supposed to be born somewhere else man that wasn’t supposed to be born in Jersey I you’re a Chicago guy I can feel it man I can feel it not the deep-dish mess that you guys have Ivan I can tell you that I’ve been to Chicago twice yeah now I’m not eating the pizza but I you know pizza I was a uno Uno’s is good but not the Pete I don’t need the pizza the other food is good it’s been a long time stuff in there at this point you were that close to getting your Chicago card you were like is it like is it really legit I mean no look the Chicago I’ve been to was primarily a hotel in Chicago not parking

low air so yeah next time you go to Chicago let me know I’ll go with you I’ll you know I won’t you’ll be there well protected because there’s you know three to four types of people in Chicago there’s a terrorist which everyone gets to pick on and beat up there is a guest which is what I would bring you under eyes which is you don’t mess with them if he’s if your guest is being you know escorted by a transplant or native myself on my transplant I live there for you know a good chunk of my life then you have the unit of Chicagoans nobody messes with the native Chicagoan they’re made men or women so yeah you don’t mess with them blue finally you wear with the hashtag thank you so much we missed you on Monday with Sam and Jen Louie was it was sad not having you there with all the hashtags so so what else can we do cuz like I know for me it it’s real like it’s real easy to to like fall into that trap of I need to do something else or I need to pivot or like what I’m doing is not working even if it is working or it’s not working well enough for a everybody else is working so much better why am I not doing I got any more like any more I needed to go right like and our Eric Patrick Thomas says come visit Flynn I I do need to come visit Flynn I need to come visit you Eric and hashtag Lou hashtag hashtag look Brett thanks Brett yeah so like what what like I don’t know man it’s it’s sometimes it’s it’s a lot it’s a lot easier to talk about it then they actually do do it and not like put yourself in the second guest mode if you will well it’s it’s okay to second-guess yourself because you’re going to and that’s something you’re yeah yeah I think I’ve learned to just accept it I am gonna second-guess myself I am gonna you know think about it but that’s not stop me from doing it because how to stop a really bad inner critic is to try and if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out maybe the audience isn’t right for it maybe the the show that you’re producing or the event that you’re producing it’s I still align from Seth Godin a lot it’s not for them it’s maybe it’s for somebody else you just haven’t put that that show in front of the right audience in front of the right ears you haven’t invited the right people to the event that you’re doing and and it’s okay if it’s not for the the audience that is sitting there for it it’s gonna be for somebody else because as much as you know we’re all unique individuals there you there’s we have a lot of similarities with other people around the world I think and what works for me I’m a big fan of avant-garde theater and French cinema how did I get interested in that I have no idea I grew up in you know Chicago in Rockford Illinois there wasn’t a good art house theater anywhere near us but somehow I’ve always had that in the back of my mind and when I got out to Paris France I was like I’m at home this feels you know really comfortable so if your audience isn’t where you’re at in your physical location or in your sphere of where you’re operating at then maybe you need to pick up roots and move someplace else and give that a try for yourself you know I change the scenery is always a good thing I’ve moved every year from the time I was 12 until I was 40 until I bought this wonderful house that you see right here beautiful man cave it’s warmer in there which is warm in there oh dude I’ve you know I’ve got three blankets here I’ve got a couch here so it’s the perfect podcast editing studio because if I get tired of something I just plop on the couch watch watch them well some old hockey at this point but watch some hockey and I’m good to go and I get my mind off of it sometime you gotta walk away from that project for a minute and go you know I can’t figure my way out of it I can’t figure out why nobody’s listening in my podcast well walk away for a minute and then think about it take a walk around the block maybe take a months off the podcast and solicit that feedback and one thing that you can do to solicit feedback you can do the podcast rodeo show it’s five bucks it’s not that bad Dave that’s another hundred dollars thank you so much for give 50 to Joe and then 50 to me you know how there goes Dave or like what I’m doing actually

this week is I talked with Matt Pasi and I took him up my he was talking about it what last year at map con or in d-pod con or the year before about you know his podcast consulting thing and I said you know what now is the time for me to go ahead and do that because I’ve got the new podcast started up has a lot of the same elements as the old podcast but I just want a set of all eyes on this I want to make that investment now it’s more than five bucks it’s it’s a financial investment but I’m willing to invest in my podcast to make it better to find the people that the podcast is for because my podcast isn’t for everybody everybody that’s watching this here with us tonight and that’s gonna see you this on the replay my podcast may not be for you I’m not trying to be a jerk it may not be for you may not be your thing and that’s okay I’m fine with that you can listen to it and you can tell me what you think about it more likely I’ll you know take it in and understand the understand you understand what you’re trying to say about the podcast but I’m gonna keep on moving on with what I feel is the overall vision of the podcast for myself know so okay so like haters gonna hate and all that stuff right and then I and I didn’t I try to fully and I’ll fool myself into that too but there’s it comes a point and and and my question to you is is how do you know when it’s time to say maybe they have a point you know maybe they maybe they’re not so crazy maybe maybe the Dave Jackson ripping my show a new hole is not the worst thing like you know maybe he’s not just some crackpot on the Internet other than Jackson exactly he is the DJ we are gonna get so much money off of him – yeah you must have you know he’s got a stimulus check and no one so there we go we’re gonna do that’s ours now well yeah needs a floor right and I’ve decided I’m not going with the are e320 I’m actually gonna go with the Samsung q9 to q9 you now so I know I was talking to you the other day phone I knew I wouldn’t know one I’ve never heard anybody mention a q9 you just came out literally just came out they were talking about it at NAMM earlier this year Wow yeah it’s a nice nice microphone and that will feed your inner that little you know fix your inner critic in a heartbeat sounding good yeah but you know like what you’re saying is you know how do you know when these you know there it is folks that’s gonna be my new microphone cool you it’s a very exactly yeah and it’s got its internal shock mounts and you don’t need to have a audio interface with it if you don’t want to it’s got it built on in there I know I’m one of these – how much do these robhan it’s uh it’s – two bones 200 bucks so we just met some Dave’s name – more times and we got it yeah right so the Dave Jackson I don’t know if he’s recommending it or not but D Dave Jackson see there we go there’s a 200 bucks there you go Joe hyuna’s on yet no it’s now I’ve seen on a B and H is where I saw it okay yeah I will have to look at that cuz like down here I don’t want to have a bunch of wires I mean I got enough wires and stuff on my desk I don’t need a whole lot more actually when is the rip full warranted Thank You Lou outside so so when when is when is it time to see that at the rivet hole yeah if tolls warranted I think it’s time to see that when like we a lot of us go on on Amazon and you know we see the 5 star rating 4 star 3 star 2 star 1 star and all that kind of jazz and when you see enough ratings be low enough and I I get it people know how to game Apple podcasts and all the other podcast players out there to get things – oh no you’re starting to break up again no no no no Tim come back come back come back to earth – Tim Tims internet it’s 2020 it should be a little more consistent do me a favor where’s high hashtag consistent internet oh he’s just totally frozen man come on Tim come on back

well you know what in the right now it’s a good time for me to take a minute and you know what Tim oh you’re back Oh before we go into that answer that just you know the internet just ripped you right off let’s let me just remind everybody that this Saturday we are going to have a 8 hour live virtual conference for free all about social media promotion for podcasting you can join us at in d-pod con-com slash virtual also don’t forget that we still have an event in September I don’t know if we’ll actually get to have the event in person or if it’ll be virtual I’m really hoping that it’s in person but like it’s it’s not gonna break my back if it’s if it’s not it’ll break my heart but it won’t break my back or my wallets back so join us September 24 to 26 then fill it out of Philadelphia PA get 10% off with discount code IPP they go to Indy pod con dot-com / register to get your ticket we’re going to be announcing I know Tim you asked me the other the other week if we will be announcing the speaker spot soon if you haven’t applied to speak you still have time to apply to speak we pushed it back because of the virus April 30th is that is the end days of you having if you want to speak at ICON six in September you absolutely can go to and applaud calm calm so I should apply and you can submit your talk and then sometime hopefully in the middle of May will have the we’ll have a live stream announcing all the speakers and then hopefully by like June we will know if there will actually be an in-person event or not and I’ll be able to make a final call so hopefully that’s the case one other thing I want to give a shout out to is if you haven’t joined if you haven’t joined our group are in d-pod con group which actually just gained like four new members with in like the last ten minutes of us being on on here live you can go to Indy pod con comm / group join the conversation a lot there’s a lot of conversations breaking out there’s even some spammers I know if you saw it Tim but somebody was like spamming their podcast creation artwork or something like that I don’t know it was crazy I’m like what the heck and I’m getting text messages from people so you know remove the member and delete the comments but it’s a shame it’s it’s a real shame like nobody’s nobody’s nobody’s that’s not a good way of doing it like there’s so many other ways to do it to put yourself out there by the way if you want to sponsor an episode of the indie pop podcast go to indie pod con dot-com slash partners there’s a media kit there you scroll down you can check out how to sponsor a bunch of episodes it would be awesome we have so much engagement there’s comments galore like this comment here this is hash tag icon sex thanks Lou hash tag podcast ratings dearth great in hash tag indy popcon 20/20 and very not notwithstanding very notwithstanding anyway yeah so those are all the things going on definitely want to enjoy join us this this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time all right so let’s let’s jump back into when is well you know when it when is the whole rift hole in your heart warranted well III think and I’m glad you brought up icon because I yeah I’m not blowing smoke up your here the high has really enjoyed the three that I’m going to my long really enough it’s been fantastic and part of it has been I’ve actually spoken I’m sorry I yeah yeah the ones I’ve been to I’ve spoken at and getting that instant feedback again sitting in front of all these podcasters and the first time I spoke I talked about you know the interview process because a lot of times I do an interview show and you know I got a lot of good feedback from that the second thing that I talked about was the Fred Rogers approach to podcasting which most people don’t know that Fred Rogers had a podcast he does I’m kidding it’s a lie he didn’t have but the way he approached his audience is a great way to approach a podcast now I hadn’t practiced that speech as well as I would have liked to and I yeah there were people very generous and very nice but there’s a couple of people are they’re like you know dude it was almost there but do to do to do and I was looking and I was very appreciative of it I was very open to it and actually at the time I

had some stuff going on with my eyes I could not actually see my notes while the whole presentation was going on so I was like oh boom it was it was Fred Rogers is everyone who loves Fred Rogers but I knew that I wasn’t as prepared as I like to be for it and I got that feedback right away I think the other thing too is you know how do you know when it’s you know when it’s warranted I think you know deep in your heart did I give 110 percent to my audience you if you didn’t give 110% to your audience then you know that it’s that it’s warranted and you need to look at yourself in the mirror go why am i doing podcasting why might why am i involved in this and it’s one of the you know I I’ve been in theater for many many years we talk a lot about collaboration and being a part of a team been in the military it’s all you know we’re all part of a team but I gotta say the podcasting community is a team because back in 2017 a DC pod fest there there I was could barely speak and you had done a presentation and I came and talked to you about editing my podcast and you took the time little old me who you know was a nobody quote-unquote nobody you took the time to help me out with a few things that that I was struggling with and then Chris with the pod fest I think he came to me the very I met him in 2017 as well came to me at map con 2018 and he and his first question was hey how’s the neck how’s the kids how’s the wife he remembered everything like that the guys got you know a photographic memory and that’s when I knew I was like you guys are putting some pretty cool folks so I’m gonna hang out with you guys pretty well and you guys will call me the carpet when I need to be called to the carpet and yeah and you guys will it will you know you’ll you’ll be there to to pick me up when I’m feeling down and then I have a responsibility as a member of this community to do the same for you and as long as we all have that you know that relationship with each other that we can be open and honest with each other I’m gonna be open honest with you I’m gonna let you know when hey this wasn’t fantastic I think we could have done better with this is that the other thing super job our dough is always to the rescue rescue who is the man I gotta get Lou on my show oh my god yeah it is because you know I’ll be hashtag to death relationship with people del to I with podcasting and with this closest and circle of friends that we have here we’re fast friends we are fast friends usually it takes me about two to three years to get you know anywhere close to anybody and now I’m just like hey guys here’s a picture of my girls which I’m sure you guys are all sick of seeing but they are the most adorable twins on the face of the planet Matt Pasi yes you have gorgeous children yes you do but my twins look look a lot better and I just shaved one of my twins head tonight so there we go Oh what why hey what was the zoo kid what was the reasoning okay she asked for it she yeah because it’s a Genevieve my eye well she’s not watching this tonight she’s only five years old she’s the oldest by ten minutes and she just said Papa I want to have hair like you I’m like no no no no no worries to get that I’ve earned this stuff so you know I took the Clippers to her head and she was very happy with it so and then my other one Cordelia she wants half her head shaved cool done all right so we got coronavirus a haircut going on so so I so wall Clippers that’ll be a hundred bucks thank you so much see I’m getting you the microphone yeah yeah yeah who says well Kyle says Lou is the man and Lou says we are the fast friends I do love the relationships we’ve forged together in podcasting and it is you know the community I think I think part of that comes from the fact that we are all leaders in and we you know strive to lead other people that’s one of the reasons to have a podcast is to be able to lead people lead ourselves even towards what our goals are cuz like sometimes like you East our podcasts and we don’t really know what like we don’t know enough about the topic but we’re going to find out more about the topic and the key you know and and there’s people that are gonna come along with us for that journey and so I am super happy that like I have so many awesome

friends that I’ve made that that are that are leaders that you know push me to go further and do more and try to be better in every way I mean I was already trying to do that before it’s how I earn the name super Joe Pardo but but like for real like the people that I’ve been able to surround myself with because of this podcasting community crazy thing is it’s it’s pushed me that much harder for sure and I’m so appreciative of it so Tim what there you go lucidly lead ourselves to our goals yep absolutely um so what else what else what else is there that you know pushes you to challenge yourself right because like the inner critic is gonna come out and be like well maybe I shouldn’t try you know and that’s remember Homer Simpson said like that’s the first lesson I like never try never try yeah yeah the the way to and I don’t want anybody to think I want you to beat your inner critic and not have an inner inner critic is good to have because you need to know you know you need to get that first layer it’s it’s like when you’re editing your podcast you know for me I edit out that first layer of you know the stuff that I know needs to go out you know my not all my arms not all my breaths but you know there’s that first lawyer that needs to go out that is a really stupid idea but you have to get you have to do with poetry I call it verbal vomit you have to get it out and pick through it and get the good stuff out of it just like with a podcast you got to pick through the good stuff and knock that out I think you need to be realistic about what you are which girls are and what you’re trying to which and what you’re trying to achieve with it because if you’re like okay so I want to be on the new and noteworthy within six weeks is is that a realistic goal you know for who you are and is that really something you want to have is that where your audience is because if that’s not where your audience is I mean if they’re not on a podcast if they’re over in Europe which they don’t use Apple products that much good for them I like Europeans I want to go back to Paris yay I’m not an Apple fan I’m not in Apple clearly Samsung is a superior product I don’t wish I mean for your products upon my friends I wholeheartedly disagree with that it’s it’s better for a short period of time but that’s not Samsung’s fault as much as it’s Google’s androids fault if you ask me there you go exactly exactly what I mean you what you want to be really realistic about those goals because if you if you go well I mean I’m gonna be unknown and I knew noteworthy within six weeks and you don’t make that goal how important is that to you to be there is that where you were is that part of your long game where you want to be and you should really have a long game you should really think they don’t have a long game trial as we all love exploding electronics hashtag Samsung fire sale yes but that probably wasn’t all Samsung’s fault and either oh my god I mean here’s my iPhone I’m talking you on a Windows PC but here’s my map of pro like and I have an iPad upstairs so like and here oh here’s my Apple watch like yeah I’m cool but at the same time like I use Windows – it’s just I like to play games because I like giving up PC gaming anytime soon pcmr so Lou says bring bring them where you want them to be that you know you can try to bring people where you want them to be it’s but sometimes it’s difficult and I think as new creators I think it’s difficult to know what’s really important right because there’s so much noise and so many things that you you know you’re just getting started so you don’t know and that’s why you should go to indie pod con calm /skp for the ultimate guide on how to start a podcast coz you will you know there’s so many talks there’s great talks on there from so many pie I think Kyle’s the talk is on there actually one of these talks means own so yeah so go to in deep icon calm slash that’s a P if you want to start a podcast anyway I you know there’s just so there’s so much noise of like you gotta be on the new in there or the and and there’s something to new and noteworthy I mean I had I was on it back in 2014 that was forever ago but it’s not on my website or anything like that I’m not like you know what one person pointed out once I

forget where I was watching it but they’re like hey you want to be on new and noteworthy here just open up Photoshop and like Boop now you just feel like I was on there with nobody and no one’s gonna really know because it’s just changing its ever changing every so it like so quickly that it did you you wouldn’t even know unless you were like watching the stats but that’s not even the most important thing right the most important thing as Vijay Jackson says out of a litter box is is you gotta get good right you got it like you know six years ago I would never wanted to get on camera and talk to to you know live to people and doing all this interaction and and do all that stuff but to me you know I this is this is where I’m at now like this is what I really I enjoy this this engagement I enjoyed the conversations and I enjoy not having to read a bunch of questions awfulest honestly like I used to do and Lucis hashtag PC gaming still lives it absolutely does it was right in this garage along with other gaming and let’s see the long tail getting longer says brent hashtag sa P start a podcast the Kyle says it is on there so I was right I knew the content that I put together apparently resume everything says Lou hashtag resume everything and you hashtag you got to get good and you do you really you know that’s the most important thing is getting good because I like even finding what the content like like here’s a little secret I still don’t know what kind of content I want to talk about I enjoyed this show a lot I enjoy business so I do the business geeks podcast but like my show is changing right like I’m getting ready to launch a new basically not a new show but maybe a new format slash you know initiative kind of thing and for anyone who hasn’t seen it you absolutely should check this out because our our boy Larry exotic Larry Roberts or Larry a Larry exotic put together this awesome cover art for the new super Joe Carter show which is it was the dreamers podcast but now evolving to to be the superhero part of show to fit all the branding that I should have figured out like two years ago it comes in time right like everything comes in in pieces and as Lou says embrace hash tag embrace your changes yeah so I you know you’re not gonna get it right on the first on the first try and you might go as you as you said Tim you had a show back in 2006 like I was listening to a pot one podcast in 2006 starting back in 2005 early and you know I I loved it I absolutely adored it if I think just came back after being hiatus for like four years they came back – one unfortunately Matt Hochberg y’all notice but you know it’s so awesome when that those kinds of things come together but you know we’re not all lucky enough to have that one show that can last 20 years and and I mean cuz like think about even TV TV shows right they end they got cancelled they they have finite amounts of things movies movie series like everything has a finite shelf on it so I I don’t think that you you should look at that as like a failure but more is like an opportunity just to shudder I mean our boy Nick G right he just shuttered his show after almost two hundred episodes over 200 vs. if you count all as many episodes and stuff so yeah you know you you make up the rules like this is this is your property and and you got to feel comfortable with it absolutely and you know it’s it’s hard to pivot a show I’m going through that right now with Katy UI vs. create our podcast I put out a just eight episodes on Katy oh I just this last week saying hey guys I’m come on over to create our podcast that got you know like 100 downloads the next day okay great you guys are listening come on over to create our podcast and you know it’s it’s it’s difficult anything worth changing you know anything that’s good that you have a real passion for you’re gonna have these these bumps in the road and that’s okay you’ll learn a lot from the bumps in the road with doing a pod wrecked with with Kyle we just had Ross brand on there now I remember you know talking about the YouTube stuff back in the iPod con back in when we did it in Atlantic City DC pawn Fest was you know all YouTube YouTube YouTube and I remember you know talking here listening Ross a couple of

times going hey this live streaming stuff and I’ll tell you like six months ago three months ago I was like live streaming yeah I’ve got a face for podcasting my wife loves my face my kids love my face did I telling you my kids are gorgeous there’s beautiful I’m not biased at all I’m just knowing the truth but you know I’ve got the face for podcasting and I don’t have the face for live streaming and you know what I went out of my comfort zone and I did my first live stream after we had Ross on our show because he was so comforting with it and was it the best show I’ve ever done no it wasn’t the best show I’ve ever done but you know what I got over it I got that show knocked out I’m ready to do another one I’m hungry for another one went on Amazon bought a thing for my phone to have a phone stand I’ve got the lovely little camera that’s right over there and it’s not using my laptop camera I actually went and invested in myself invest in your show folks and you don’t have to get the best equipment out there you don’t have to go crazy with it but invest in yourself and then your audience will invest in you well yeah I mean I think there’s there’s the law of diminishing returns right which we’ve kind of thought about this two nights ago when I jumped in at the end of our of your virginia podcasters association podcasting meetup which you should totally go check out I want to plug that Tim yeah well it’s over at a boat of EAP Oda dot org and what we do is we do well once a month and we talked to it’s not just for Virginia podcasters anymore because the library were we used to hold it at is closed so we’re doing it via zoom you know if i zoom zoom 100 bucks please please really and so we do that once a month we go from soup to nuts we start with you know podcasting 101 what is it all the way to just this last week we were talking about how to make podcasting your day job which is what I’ve done with my day job I actually work for the federal government and earlier today I’m finishing up a proposal to do the first podcast in our well we have one episode of a really bad podcast back in 2014 for our HR department but I got my job partially because and this is a Dave Jack’s and you know because my podcast moment because I knew how to podcast and now I’m the guy to go I’m the guy that they go to for you know zoom meetings we’ll have X meetings podcasts all that kind of jazz but yeah we do this once a month that’s actually how I got straightened out in my podcasting journey thank you – good old Kyle bond oh my my my mentor my good friend and the one that I keep you know I I bring him down to earth a whole lot of times I playing flavor flavor for me so I thank you Kyle for doing that caliber bond 200 bucks please well yeah we do we do what every we do it once once a month on Monday we do it at 9 p.m. because that I mentioned I have twin that are gorgeous I’m twin girls and her gorgeous I got to put him to bed Monday night didn’t have to put a bed tonight but I put him to bed every night and I make sure that they listened to at least one or two podcast before they go to sleep not mine because they’re used to my voice so calluses podcasting is only a hobby if you treat it like one if you treat it like a professional then you are a professional I would I would tend to agree with that cause great advice hashtag because of my podcast the day Jackson and I said where’s my hundred bucks sorry Lou I don’t know where your hundred bucks is you have to reach out to de Jackson I think it’s like Dave at school podcasting calm to collect your finding your finder’s fee so I forget where I was going with all that in the there but uh-oh jacala says very true I chase balloons Tim holds onto my shoelaces at stag or well win-win so yeah so I I don’t remember where we were going before oh oh it was diminished diminishing returns so like I you hung out a little bit afterwards I was trying to get this straight like a D of muralist DSLR camera that I have hooked up to my computer and it just was grainy as anything well wouldn’t even I don’t even think it worked initially but then I got off I got to work and it was like grainy as anything and I was like well this is really stinks and then I hooked up my other camera that I use a little more often and that one worked just fine except it puts a box around your face because like that’s important to see when here we are on the on the

screen like what you know without any way to turn it off which is super annoying there’s a way to turn it off but it cost like sixty bucks and it requires more software to like strip it out and all that but anyway point being is you know you can spend like hundreds and hundreds of more dollars and and all that but you’re only gonna get so much more out of what you have like I mean I’m using one hundred dollar webcam which you can regularly get for like 50 bucks right now it’s like $500 cuz they’re hard to come by the c920 s and $100 microphone right now when I’m as I have you know a 350 dollar might I don’t know what the sm7b goes for at this point to 270 I think I bother 350 I don’t know so I like that plus a mixer plus a cloud lifter more wires more headache more more everything and it’s not that I don’t love it it just it’s this is supposed to be like a mobile setup where I can like take this table lift like unplug two wires and like lift it into the other garage to open up more free space here so it’s we’re trying to figure it all out but point being is is like the law of diminishing returns is $100 microphone or $50 $60 microphone is better than like literally the microphone that’s in this webcam because that would just be a horrible mess and I got you know headphones here so it works it does the thing you know this arm was like 30 bucks or something when I have like $100 rode arm upstairs but this this one does the trick it’s not as long it’s not as convenient but again I have that that is that the road want the same one yeah is it oh yeah yeah yeah I think you’re right yeah this is makes this one pile this is a pile one Oh yep yep yep yeah so yeah it just works and I’m good with that so sometimes have sex sometimes less is more it is more it is less is more sometimes not all the time but you know it has to be convenient – it has to has to work for your workflow or else you’re just like you’re gonna be spinning your wheels trying to like get the best the quality of everything and and it also teaches you something you know that you might not realize but it teaches you to imp Ramat improvise and you like figure out how to use like a table lamp to like light yourself properly like properly or well enough versus like oh I gotta buy the lighting kit now I got tripods up in my office and I got this and I got that and I got this big mixer instead of like just like a two-channel mixer or four channel mixer that like to do my one microphone show like things like that just you know putting putting it out there you need to think about things that are gonna enable you to get more reps in faster rather than like tweaking things and not getting any reps in at all and have a hashtag what works for your workflow thanks Lou so Tim we’re bound up against the clock here I know we started like a couple minutes late Tim how can everybody connect with you online well it’s real simple there Jill create art podcast.com all those words jumble them together if you want to shoot me an e-mail I’m going to make it even simpler for you Timothy at create art podcast.com if you want to get my the the Twitter as I like to call it create art pod because Twitter wouldn’t let me put podcasting I don’t know why Twitter will talk to you guys later and then my Instagram and Facebook group is and create art podcasting and you can find me all over those places you can also find me if you go to our network page at gaggle pod GA g GL e p OD comm I love you know routing that out I got to go to the video my girl was doing that one day and without the yes without the s Lou Matt create art podcasts just create our podcast and because I only have one one of those yeah that’s where you can find me at I’m usually in the Facebook groups as well I try to help out everybody that I can if you had to be a question I’m there for you if I don’t know the answer I got super deal right over that away over here yes over the place Joe’s everywhere yeah group odd comma I got a Kyle over there I got the name Jackson if you got a question just ask we all need to kind of get over ourselves and go out there and ask these questions because not everybody knows everything and that’s part of that inner critic – you know I should know this I should know that I’m kind of masters in theater education I know how to say would you like fries with that

on a stage with a thousand people that’s uh if I can do it you guys can do it well thank you thank you so much Tim for coming on than being a guest and haven’t having a good time as it was a new man thank you thank you thank you so uh thank you you know what I don’t actually have somebody scheduled for next week apparently yeah so I thought well I’ll have to figure something I’ll figure something out before we get there but uh but I want to say a big shout-out to our sponsor for this episode which is pod bean pod being live pod means live stream is a unique platform for turning your podcast production into a live show and is open to any podcaster on any hosting site easily invite multiple co hosts and guests to join the live stream earn money from live show ticket sales and get listener rewards and engage your audience and new and exciting ways ready to get started are you ready to get started to him I’m always ready to get started yeah doesn’t do it somehow I got I got things to staple I got plastic to staple up in my in my garage here this to the ceiling sign up today at wwe.com slashing lines SPO DB EA and.com slash live and I hope everyone’s staying safe I hope everybody hash tag blue is a sponsor – oh he is a sponsor he’s a sponsor of both this show and business geeks podcast super appreciate you Lou hope you’re staying safe down in Florida Kyle appreciate you for for checking in here and Brent who’s now I think on his own live stream with Bret Allen who’s also a icon as well yes Thank You Kyle for saying it’s a great show super tenant fabulous Tim real men make twins I love the shirt I didn’t get I was wondering what that shirt said alright everybody I oh good I was gonna say I’ll get you your own shirt when I see you next well I don’t have twin I I’m I’m twin literary twin your aren’t you’re an honorary to you Matt and I’m voted on it you’re in the club oh thank you thank you very much they basically are like little little twins just the loot yeah one can’t talk yet it’s no peeps in a diaper so alright anyway I hope you all are staying safe I hope you and your families are taking care of and getting your foods and staying out of bowling alleys and other things that are apparently opening him good thing they’re like oh what a week’s time which sounds kind of insane but whatever to each their own if you want to go bowling and sanitize a lot I guess I don’t know where a bubble suit all right everybody I’ll have somebody on here for next week take care

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