he everyone how you doing and welcome back to my channel so i just went this out first of all basically a massive massive thank you for all the love and all the comments and all the lakes and northern seduction and with my last complexion video I was not expecting for my first ever YouTube video to be a successful it’s what it has been so thank you and I really really appreciate the love and I love king of getting to know y’all so this video today and is really just about all the train so I’m going to be coming up with them makeup for spring summer 2016 and there is quite a few trains i have put them all into the one look but please and if you don’t feel like how to do the entire look do not i mean if you wanna just do the I you’re just software version of the eye or or kind of them or a softer version of the lips then go for it but it’s just about me giving you the information so that you know what the trains I and you know what you can do with it and yeah I do also just want to quickly apologized and I know there’s been quite a tan gap between my last video in this video I don’t just have some things to iron out but you know what I’m back and I’m really excited to see that and i will be uploading the video every monday so will be makeup mondays with mark and and what would love would be if you could hashtag mmm mark oh here’s the dog and yeah if you could hashtag mm mark then it just means that i can get to see if you’re taking an inspiration or if you’ve done any looks based on and the videos then i would really love to see you then I’d love to get to to see what sort of thing she does it you guys are doing yes or enemy let’s just click on street with a video and and go under the look okay so let’s just get right into it I’ll get my headband on I’ll get my hair scraped back and all other council in ridiculous right now but trust me it’ll be all getting in and I’ve done a complexion and which is all pretty much the exact same as my previous complexion video so if you haven’t seen it and you wouldn’t see how my skin looks the way s I’m gonna check that out there are just two things that I have changed from the previous video one of those things are i’m using a dashing high later today then the one that I used before just because I like to change things I probably bet and the high later I’m gonna use today as the anastasiya day over the hills so hollywood’s illuminator and and you know i just love the glue is a very very popular highlighter you can see it shoveling away there so i’m just going to use my Mac 168 brush and apply quite a lot of highlighter to go honest with you we’ll just work that onto the top of the cheek bones here and I’ve been very lightweight even though I’m using quite a lot of high later it’s just the tips of the of the brush that article in the high later onto the skin so that I’m not been left with that perry did a look to it I’m gonna pop a wee bit just above the players there because i want that radiance from all angles and when you pop will be better so on to the tip of the nose okay so the next thing I’ve done definite that I didn’t do my previous complexion video as I’m going to have a blusher and and the blusher that I’m going to use to be honest with you it’s just so really cheaply blush I and it’s from revolution and it’s just a big blush or bronzer but what you should see there’s all the gold through it now the name of this is raw corn wad old and I got it from superdrug for like four pounds or something along those lines so really cheap but I’m loving using this and just because it’s going to act in a transition between my contour and highlight but get me that warmth and give them that extra luminosity to the face somebody is a very large pointed and blush this one’s from blank canvas

mixed or f-16 blush just a very small bet because this is very very glittery just work a wee bit onto the Apple there and all this is going to do is give me that extra glow a travell bronze in s and warmth for spring/summer so the peg chains for Isis spring summer 2016 as you know a blue eye and I’m talking electric blue Old Royal Blues to be honest with you that’s not something that I personally would ever wear and but gin of all I know that it’s said that there’s a market for blue eye shadow and if that’s something you want me to do tutorial on for me kind of show you how to do and a blue eye shadow but make it readable then just late minoan that something i’ll happily bitcoins for you so with the chain that I’m going to be following and the trains that I’m absolutely loving and as trains that was seen on the legs of Chloe a tommy hilfiger michael kors valid in all of those designers opted to go for a really nice kind of brawn sultry I younger models there’s something I’m going to do and today so I’m going to start off where as just an eye base and I’m going to use the Lancome là-bas poppier pro this is just a really nice hydrating creamy eye base and I’m taking a small bet placed on with my finger all over the lid and then when you use a Beauty Blender and just kind of blend that out now I love this because I do get quite dry wet so as really good if you get sensor values or dry eyes but as you get kind of more oily lights then you’d be better going for something like the urban decay you didn’t play my something’s really going to help to control the oil di so when we come to colors bronze and obviously it’s kind of the colored about a pound coin and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start off with my naked one palette I’m going to go right and there with naked so we start off with my blending brush which is the long column number 17 just a really really great shape I’m going to both naked and I’m going to just start working this around into the crease so I’m just went away print a wee bit of naked along the crease never go feel easy I’m now going to go in with buck which is just slightly slightly darker use an exact same brush and I’m just taking it slightly tighter into the crease or not blend that out as much so I’m going to start to get that depth here and what you should see hopefully as the angle that I’m going to lose my blush I’m not kind of like my elbow drop and going up from underneath I’m keeping the brush coming in and named music the angle so that I’m getting up here fix blend there we go what I’m then going to do is go ahead with the exact same and two colors with my blank canvas ether t4 brush which is just a really small and dual fiber planes and blushes it’s in those loser brush set the laker so i’m going in with naked and we’re pulling that underneath the I came up to bed seek waters of the BN and we’re joined them out into the top and then I’m going in with my buck with the same brush and keeping a wee bit tighter to the lash line well then finish go back to the Lancome blending brush and just circle around from the cliffs on top vent underneath so that I’m getting the right shape there okay so we’re done with naked I’m angrily am laying the eye so the liner that I’m going to use and I think it’s two points with you the perfect bronze color as the Urban Decay 24-hour and liner and the shade of this as smog is the name some village going to elaborate and to the lash line underneath and then

pull it out and onto the lash line on top you can go ahead and start using kind of black cleaners blaring liners totally up to yourself but I just like second to the blonde ok so the eye is lightened what mengoni do is start building up that really nice bronze color so what I’m going to use for this as one of the mac paint spots and i’m going in with the shade and dhanbad so what you should see is it’s just a really nice metallic bronze it’s quite cool toned and I’m going to work that onto my lead with just a really small flat brush the brush I’m using as a rewire sale blush I think I got it free and one of their palates and it’s just a nice size for this you can use your fingers as well but I just want to be that more controllable with impertinent so I’m just working the product right along the lash line and then I’m kind of taking it up just below the crease you seem just placing it on I don’t know you can hear in the background the dogs clean with his M it is toy so now that I’ve placed that on all over I’m going to go in with my Englert shadow and and it’s number 76 here and it’s just a really really gorgeous bronze toy you can also use a Mac shadow and the shade bronze you can go in with your neck its power and use the shade smog and there are loads of options out there of what you can use I just personally really like the Pegman and mangalore shadows so I’m taking i’m also an Anglo brush and this is number two name p or and it’s just again quite a soft flat brush and I’m really just going to take some of that bronze Pegman and place it over the top of the end inward up into the crease so it’s just really kind of holding that p important place and enhancing the bronze color muffler so to be honest with you actually thank if you add to the BET mascara I’ll be better blows that already is a really really nice way to be look maybe I’ll be a bit more and dude towards going for lunch or more than a daytime look but I’m going to enhance it and make a wee bit smoky little bit more sultry so I’m going to do that as I’m taking my all-time ultimate favorite shadow and this is mac and floof and just what this is the only shadow I’ve actually ever in my life had to go out and we practice because I finished it and you can see them all day they’re nearly at the bottom of a second one so I’m taking a small mac pencil brush and matches number 219 and I’m just going to work some of that flip right onto the inner corner of my eye to highlight and then I’m going to take an angled blush which is 18 double s in to go under sweaty it’s basically just like a fat pencil brush okay it’s a wee bit and fluffy oh and when you’re going with that bronze shadow from angle that I used on top and just work it onto the center underneath so really just in the center through the lower lashes because i am going to contend with some lashes later on and i’m going to pop on some gel liner so the jail thing that I’m going to use as my anklet number 77 which is probably one of the biggest your liners for in the market if you haven’t tried it you need to go and get it I’ve Anglo as accessible for you then the Maybelline gel liner is absolutely amazing as well from myself they’re probably the two best Joel a nose over there I cannot fold them so the blushing when he goes from a gel liner and is actually i’ll be blush that i go i just picked up in an art store and it’s for acrylic and paints you’ll see that it

was just really small really hard and it just gives me am from you the perfect blush for din geo Lena but if you’ve got another blush that you put a fear that you give to for doing Jay Leno then go for it now with the liner it’s not an SEC that cleaner I’m keeping a quite close to the the lion but then I’m going to take out I’ll be bit more of a flick okay so this does take me awhile to do so right back with you in a second okay Jill they are done and so I’m taking a wee bit soldier I’m taking a wee bit small here you’re just gonna have a black shadow to go on swifty I’m like I’m going to name a name because everybody wins a black shadow of some sort I’m just going to take a really small and blending brush and I’m just going and with the zoo eva 237 detailed shader so again there’s a very small blending brush with my black and I’m really just going to very softly smoke out a wee bit of that gel liner to put underneath on the outer corner and ever so slightly small coat the top so really it’s just the top and at the crease and I did a way better black and then we’ll go back to that original blending brush to be used from Lancome and i’ll just play into that lack in I think a small tote laner is definitely a lot more on trend nowadays than what it is to go with that real sharp and lame and to be honest with you if you’re someone who doesn’t actually too confident with doing Lena liquid liner or jay leno then smoke now a bet can hide a multitude of sense trust me I’ve been there before okay so what we’re going to do and is move on to the next trained which is something that has got me really really excited and for some reason for the past few seasons makeup artists and designers have been trying to make nor mascara and that kind of nerd look on the eyes fashionable which fair enough here looks great on the runway but I don’t know but you evaluate the host of moscato and people think I’m el I look tired to look like i’ve not been asleep and I’m just like all done just doing this do it my name is ghetto and today at Camden and but yet the beg beg trends for spring summer 2016 as false lashes know when I’m talking false lashes I’m in Lutha torn it in Georgia Romani when for bald dramatic statement lashes so what would you do as I’ve taken a set of n Glock lashes and I’ve cut them in half you know yourself of those last shoes that you really like weird and okay but I’ve just cut these in half because really I just want to fellow the outer half of malaysia’s so that I’ve got loads of volume and outside and I can make it look a bit more natural on the N side I also love using the demi wispies I think that just again beautiful lashes f not a wee bit more in the natural side and yeah but ginawa I’ve difficult lashes that you really like using please let me know because I’m constantly on the lookout for new lashes to to try out and we’ll just place them and outsides of the eyelashes and those lashes gorgeous so those are the angle 37a slashes it goes to all that’s left to do now as lords and mascara to blend my natural lashes into the false lashes and then scatter that I’m going to use is the HEPA doors

classic by lancome and it is my all-time ultimate favorite mascara i want to say I’ve tried Lourdes deserting buscados out there and this is just one of the ones that always go back to because it’s it just works for ms is it’s not too much okay there we have it eyes are done and such as what blows and players are not a massive statement for spring summer 2016 to build a sweat here and it’s more just kind of about definition but keep you quit natural and quite kind of west be on top and so the legs of saline dng GW anderson and fame date all had that kind of May sculpted but I oh that’s still better if it is soft looking so I’m going to use for this as a plane mascara I’m going to use the benefit gimme brow and but there are loads of different premise gathers in the market just now and this one’s really really great for if you’re someone that’s got quite thick brows naturally then this will just gives you a bit more color and definition but if you’re someone who’s got really really fine Bros or really am not a lot of here due to over plucking then maybe more something like the urban decay and blow mascara and would be better for you because I think that one’s got the coconut oil or something like that through it who’s going to help condition and help small gloss and all that sort of thing and but this one just get fiber sort kind of and just built up a wee bit more volume I’m plush never than up the way so that I’m getting that nice kind of soft westby finish on top I’m still getting the definition so players really quick really easier to do book you saw what no those are done and we’ll go on to the final trained and I god that guy’s as this a massive trains for the next six months or so and in that chain would be a red lip so if you’re someone who is totally scared of their lips you just like yourself a nerd singer you’re just not used to cover then i would recommend you to start off with more like a colored gloss oh and lick attempted let bomb or something along those lines but if you’re something that loves the color then what bit excuse than them to use your bed lap because the likes of acne navette jdk and why Jason were all of them had this amazing bright kind of cherry candy red and on their models on the opposite side which is something that are personally and really it would be bit more too happy to fair and as more of kind of like a vampire babes or something to be bet deeper the kind of color that you would normally see and winter to go in a sweat here and its legs of a nursery barbarian PT or manage your vonshay moo moo all of them that’s kind of deep deep red they have the motors like letters and all that sort of thing so that’s right up my street and I love it so what I’m going to do is just you as I read that’s totally between the two it’s not charity candidate but it’s not deep vampire as much as an I’m going and make out a wee bit more vampy and but you don’t have to do the second part ok so the lipstick that I’m going to use as the long calm rusian love lipstick and that’s a shade 185 in and it is literally just as gorgeous deep blue toned really expensive looking red it just is absolutely gorgeous so I’ve got to match in the planar to that which is 111 and so I’m just going to start off by laying in the laps I think if you are going to be the red lip you need to lay in the lab suit you can’t get round not laying in it because rats get so much pigment and it will just bleed hopefully definitely look ridiculous so I’m just going to start off laying in the web scary okay so let’s Elaine what I’m name when they do is taking the lip liner and just color then the two thirds with milena and then I’m going to do the same to the top

so they’re doing this all I’m going to do is make sure that the lips Arcanum were contoured on the looking bego and it just gives them an illusion that you’ll get bear laps than you do to be honest so going on with a bed let always use a blush but general wash your tour the confident then just pop it straight on yourself and I think with the rage you do get we but more precision if you use a blush and plus the lip liners come with a brush another day in swords we bear bear no isn’t that six of the can read obviously I mean you don’t have to go for the bald bronze dark smoky eye in a ball grid let into one of the other or like I said just go in with a big loss now this as a great way this is a clear episode a bit if y’all want to be a wee bit more like burberry in our manager volunteering you want to vamp up a wee bit which like I said more to my taste then all I’m going to do is just go in with a black clay on a great a black pencil and just color then or we bet on the same go to the bottom lip laying that out and it will just take it that we bet vampyre that will be a bit more multi tonal there we go and I’m sure you agree Jan why I shall be about vampyre but it still talk available because we’ve not made it too dark and in the middle and that’s sort of blue and red to make sure t really really wait so it’s really good so that’s not bad Queen 26 i’m just going to go and do my hero and then we’ll get to the final look ok ok guys so there we have it and let my hair down and and general a Pierce actually love this work I think even though I’ve taken all the transfer Springs I’m a sex scene and put them into the one look I still think its total available for and if you’re going to NATO or something but like i said earlier ever you are just wearing it for detail you can just wear the bronze and eyes go for a bit of a red lip gloss and or you can go for the dark smoky eye in a later lips or just take the trains what commentor whoever you want to wear the trains but at least you know what’s going to be in fashion when you don’t make up shop in or when you’re doing your makeup in the mornin and you know what’s what’s going to be on trains for the next Cano six months or so and yeah so lesson thank you so much for watching if you like pc then please subscribe comment below and like the video share my videos whatever gave me on instagram and yeah and don’t forget to hashtag mmm mark to let me see if you have taken an inspiration from this video because i want to see your looks and one enter that 20 and get to know your ok so thanks so much guys i’ll see you next Monday I

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