every one so I am filming this little portion what like a week or two later then the rest of this video so the actual first impression is coming in just a moment I just wanted to come back on camera and at this is the beginning my video basically something happened after I like um I guess did that review but I hadn’t uploaded it yet let me explain better I’m explaining this terribly I’m terrible at stories basically I went a little something like this the day I did my unique first impression obviously no one knew what I thought about the foundation because I had put up the review yet I did a little snapchat so let’s pretend this is the unique foundation it’s a little snapchat put on snapchat they’re trying out the student first impression blah blah I did that I didn’t went on to do like the rest of my makeup in a tutorial as I do that photos up there you know basically what happened was some rips from unique and I’ve been told by some other ribs from unique or presenters I think is the proper term that this is not actually like allowed within their rules I don’t know but basically what happened was some presenters screen showed all of my snapchats put them into a little collage made a little picture and basically did I look shitty so loves our foundation you know like check out my link here blah blah to go buy your own I can find some the pictures still I’ll put them up most of his since being deleted which I am happy about and gripe with this is you know someone might see that some of my viewers might see that and go oh I like that foundation kind of like impulse buy it or something we’ll see what my true thoughts of it are but my problem was I never even said if I liked it or not yet I could have absolutely hated the foundation and effect that representatives were taking my photos and basically posting them on their own pages saying that I loved the foundation their own game because they’re trying to make a commission and sell through themselves to make their own Commission you know I just thought that was a little bit wrong I know means it’s not really like an illegal thing to do or anything I just think it’s a very bad I guess it’s like you know morals you know like it’s just the wrong thing to do people could have at least waited until this video we’re not and then see it you know Shannon blah blah blah this of my foundation if it’s a good review or what about I wouldn’t have minded that you know the fact that people were putting words into my mouth and saying that oceanic soil loves our foundation it just lifts a very bad taste in my mouth and then of course all of these other representatives just started reposting the exact same photo saying more or less the same thing in the caption I literally saw like 20 people using that same photo within like the day that it was brought to my attention I just yeah I’m really not happy about that you wouldn’t see Mac or Maybelline or Too Faced or anyone doing that you know it’s the thing about unique it will have to work very hard for the Commission and work very hard for the money and I think I’m not saying this about every single presenter because I do know that some of you watching me our presenters and I know a lot of people are genuinely like you know people do genuinely like the part in the I advise people when they aren’t pushy I’m just saying that I myself have experienced literally probably hundreds like hundreds of women that sell unique that are extremely pushy that email myself email my friends that are just too much that I keep referring to like pushy sales people in this video those are the people I’m talking about and I know it’s not everybody’s fault and I know some of you are genuine people but it’s just a shame that those people that are really intense kind of bring the brand down and I’m just saying my honest opinion oh so many people get angry at me for like saying this kind of thing and it happened to my last unique video as well it will got really upset at me saying this oh you’re damaging like our reputation you’re going to damage your commission this is how we make our money but I mean it’s the same thing happened with Too Faced or Mac or Maybelline I would say that just because people are earning a commission from this brand doesn’t mean I’m going to censor my opinion okay I don’t mean sound harsh it’s just like this is the reality whether the products are amazing or terrible like everyone gets the same treatment so I just wanted to say it and getting this video just because I I don’t know I just hope that if you guys do buy a unique product do a little bit research into who you’re purchasing from pictures from somewhere genuine the best you can say that with the most genuine heart I can also I do compared this foundation to the way self Fusion ink foundation I’m going to write a little bit of information about the trip right down below the down bar comparing the pricing and a whole lot of other stuff just so you have options I’m say that I’m not trying to like be a I’m just giving you options if you like the look of this product and I don’t know if you don’t want to purchase up for some reason then there’s other options that are very similar products I know I’m going to get so much hate from some people for this video but it is what it is it’s just such a weird position for me to be in right now like I shouldn’t have to be in this position and if certain people just didn’t jump the gun and like there’s all about a little bit more and thought about you know my reputation as well imagine if they were like ocean ik so loves its product and I absolutely like hated it and all these people would go on bought it because of me you know it’s just it’s I don’t know I just don’t think that’s

like a good thing to do please just for me but I’m trying to do the right thing it’s kind of like an iffy situation and I was going through like you know thoughts do I upload this do I not upload this and I decided to upload it because I wanted to let you guys know one what happened because a lot of you guys like we’re really confused and to what s what happened and also so many of you did want to see the review so I’m still uploading it I just wanted to give you guys the fullest story so you can make your own decision it’s not up to me like where you guys spend money it is up to you you can support whoever you want and you can buy whatever products you want so this is my two cents I guess I’m sorry is anyone that I offend or upset with this video is not my intention I’m not targeting slope certain people I’m not going to name and shame the people that did share my images I’m sure they didn’t mean to do anything really bad I guess it was just like a bad lapse of judgment or something like they just didn’t think about it from my point of view regardless here is the solution hey everyone so today I am doing a first impression on this super controversial brand I guess the products may very well be amazing but a lot of people are very put off by the sales technique I suppose I did do a unique 3d lash mascara mascara they’re totally super hyped up I did do a first impression on the and I’ll link it down below if you want to see my thoughts but I’ve been seeing these viral videos on Facebook where they’ve got like permanent eyeliner all over their face and then they use this buff it on and it looks so flawless and amazing every time I see one of those videos it is from a representative of the brand so I wanted to do my own little test on it I bought this myself this was not sent to me not being paid or anything I bought this with my own money I’ll just let you know how much it cost and how long it took to arrive it was on backorder the color I selected so it took a little while longer than I guess it should have so I wanted it on the 25th of November and today is the 10th of December this foundation runs for fifty five US dollars I believe it’s US dollars and then that the shipping was fifteen dollars but a total other seventy dollars for this foundation I also bought their mineral powder foundation which also looks like phenomenal on the little videos they do but I’ll do a separate video on that one so if you’re new to my channel hello please subscribe my skin type is normal it’s a little bit dehydrated today going to prime one side of my face to see how well it lasts and then the other side I’m just going to leave like a beer so we can see how well it lasts on itself in there basically I’m just going to come back every few hours and you know how well it goes so let’s get started this is the packaging it did come in a little box like this I got the shape to fit on I just guessed I didn’t really know what shade to go for and I just looked on the online swatches so hopefully I just wet my nose hopefully it matches okay it does not too bad I do have a fresh coat of fake tan on so the bronze are still on me so usually I’d probably be a shade lighter than this so basically this is a liquid foundation it says shake before using it’s made in Italy manufactured for unique you get 20 mil so 10 mil less than an average foundation so I think the packaging is quite deceiving if you look really closely the glass is quite thick so you get a little bit less than you would expect the packaging is really nice it’s nice and heavy not so good for travel but it does feel like good quality looks quite nice let’s be real and it’s got a little like dropper I do have high expectations for this and I also like I don’t know it’s just the whole pyramid scheme like thing I just don’t like the sales approach how they’re very pushy like I get tons of emails every single day myself and it’s just really frustrating so I wanted to do my own you know review on it for you guys just so we can see from an outsider’s perspective like if it’s actually really good I see a lot of their representatives comparing it’s like it well the double wearing things so I’ll try to remember to do a little do the comparison everything but anyway I’m just going to get it straight in I’m going to use a primer on the side of my face this is the Maybelline master prime blur and smooth unique does have its own brush and primer that you’re supposed to use with this that I decided to do a review not using those products because I hate it when you have to buy a certain like product appeal with a certain product you know it’s just like you know you already think so much man the foundation you kind of want to use just whatever products you have at home as well you don’t want to buy like the whole range so I’m going to be using what I have I’m not going to be using this and brush who knows maybe that it will fit the outcome I don’t know but I just refused to buy like a whole range of stuff for one product you know I’m saying I don’t know if that made sense sorry I’m a little bit sick I kind of am so I’m just taking a doll and I’m just going to put it on this side of my face okay so I’m going to shake it as it’s yes so the rush I’m going to use is just one that many of you guys own at home it’s just like an angled kabuki brush this one is XO Beauty so basically when you open up this packaging it’s got a little dropper oh it’s so much thicker than I thought it would be I don’t know if you can stop maybe no I found how can you see their texture oh I’m spilling it

everywhere okay I’m just going to take like they all put it straight on the brush so I’m going to try it out I’m just going to do oh that’s kind of like four and a half dots and I’m just going to dot that so it’s the color – fitter it feels very like kind of silicone II I think it’s supposed to dry into a powder the net didn’t finish all right so straight away I noticed the scent has that kind of like floral grannies now know if it’s doing it grannies out there I love y’all this color is a little bit orange on me I feel ah it’s not too bad once I’ve got it blended in so those four have dot lasted that much as you can see it definitely is in like it’s full coverage as they show it in the videos but it could be the brush they’re yours who know like from memory they use is kind of like a kabuki but it’s like on a long handle or something it’s good this when I go on the other side of my face this brush is I think like buxom or be in minerals or something I’m just going to do another like for I guess oh that was five yeah so this works better this brush that does actually like cover really well so if you have a kabuki brush at home that’ll do the job fine I have X OPD ones as well I just don’t have any clean ones on me so it’s a lot better also it feels like it kind of glides on easier without a primer which is weird the prime side kind of like goes a little bit like patchy whereas the side without primer work pretty well so I feel like I am using quite a lot of product I guess because I’m applying it straight to my brush you’d probably be better off applying it to your face but I’m just copying the girl in the video that I watched so I’m going to do it a little bit on my forehead I’m also going to do some more on the side of my face and build it up and see how buildable it is so on the side my face it’s still not like perfectly even I feel it’s a little bit patchy whereas on the unprimed side does look reasonably good you can still see some redness and frickles and stuff like I do feel like you need a couple of layers if you are going for that flawless like perfect skin look it seems to build up absolutely fine it’s not going cakey the style of brush definitely works a lot bit I think it might be because of the formula how it’s a little bit of a powder you kind of finish like once it sits it’s not real liquidy like you would normally use this brush for like a liquid it doesn’t actually look really nice I don’t know if you can see I’ll show you a close-up soon I’m going to put one more layer on the side of my face it’s not looking that great but definitely like the unprimed side a lot more packing on the kick it’s very blendable the thing that is definitely bothering me the most is the seat not my cup of tea and I would say if you are a sensitive skin tone I mean skin tighter skin type it’s putting his um just be careful because some people are very sensitive to fragrances so this does have a fragrance okay so now that I have led that up well and truly it does look really flawless a little bit muddy maybe on the side primer my hopes are not like destroyed it’s definitely not perfect I do feel like you have to use a lot more product then it’s still loaded up we get the same kind of a fit and just the overall feel bits very different this does feel a lot lighter than double wear double wear for sure it’s a lot thicker this is very thin and like slimy feeling and it’s all through my hair as well I’m going to show you a quick close-up then we’re going to do concealer powder and start phrase so hopefully you can see the texture of my skin so this is the prime side and then the unprimed side which I think looks smoother which is strange I can see like a few random streaks from it brush so you have to make sure it blends it really well otherwise you can get those little like brush lines so I’m just going to feel my face which sounds really weird just to see what the finish is like it does transfer a lot or you can’t really see it’s gone like all of my finger lines so you would want to sit it still even though it’s like quite soft to the touch it feels quite powdery it does like come off so I would still use a powder it’s personal preference on the soap I use a lot more products a lot worse it feels really like tacky is going to use some good sealer quickly and powder so I’m going to use the I go like Irish survival I’m going to use the spandrels bare skin concealer under my eyes and then I’m going to suit my face using Studio Fix powder and I’ll be right back all right so I have set everything down so I’m going to doing a place chest and show you another close-up quickly so you can sing it for texture and I might under eye area looks a little bit crazy right now but one save the rest if I make a bottle of coke addict trust me it’s just because I have like no cauldron or anything I ended up using the yellow from the shade and light

palette under my eyes just to sit my concealer in place so my skin looks flawless so here’s a close-up I still think the unprimed side looks way nicer feel like if I didn’t have any fake tan on this color would be way too dark and orange for me so luckily I have a lot of fig Channel today hasn’t emphasized in you pause or anything so that’s always a good side now we’re just going to do a quick flesh test so in the flash photography it looks quite fine you’re like it might look a little bit muddy looking but it could just be the color selection okay anyways I am going to go do my makeup now talk to you guys soon oh wait it’s 11:15 a.m. soldiers say Oliver just so it’s easy for me to count the hours everyone so I now have all of my makeup on as you can see it’s 1:30 now so it’s been on for a couple of hours to start a couple of hours and as you can see now that I have like older it’s my mega bottles very flawless so so far so good it hasn’t changed at all like none of the texture has changed there’s not much to say it hasn’t faded anywhere it hasn’t gone cakey anywhere my makeup applied beautifully on top of it so I will come back in a few more alleys once I don’t if you want things and we’ll see how it’s lasting if you want to see the makeup tutorial they don’t wearing here then check the down bar we’ll put a link down below you can watch that after this video hey guys so so cool but I’m actually at like an Indian restaurant right now getting some curry the dinner that if you didn’t know it’s like one of my favorite foods but I thought I would do a quick update because obviously I’ve been Tom in a while and I just realized I’m not gonna be home till a bit later so I’m doing one in public because there’s so much I love you my lip gloss is worn off but it still looks really good it’s just like a little bit oily looking on my nose like when you touch it my oils are coming through I don’t normally get really oily skin but I don’t know it’s going a little bit cakey looking all my nose other than that it seems to have lasted well over us it hasn’t faded anywhere hopefully you can see in this camera so far so good at is 5:30 so it has been on like six hours so so far it’s really good going a little bit patchy down here just notice on the prime side so I’ll see you again tonight all right so it is quarter past 8:00 so there’s being what’s at nine hours as you can see it still looks pretty good I have to say I do not think this is comparable with – it’s still a doublet at all complete different like finish completely different feeling this is more of one of those lightweight kind of like powdery silky smooth thin tissues not like thick like the estilo de double where you different need to use way more of this to get the same kind of coverage however I would say this is very comparable to the fusion ink foundation I think it’s called by YSL this is the way I sell one I would probably still prefer the wire sell one just because this is so expensive anyway and the wire sole color is so much nicer like this one definitely oxidized on me quite a bit we’re quite actually done this part of my chin I don’t know if you can see look on the prime side it looks a little bit chunky over on this side of my face it looks like absolutely perfect where there’s no primer they are very very similar maybe this one is like a touch thicker than the way I sell one I have to say it’s not bad like at all it just depends like you know I know just a lot of people very bothered by the sales technique which obviously puts people off certain brands but if you have been curious and like you want to try it out definitely like give it a go it’s not bad at all it’s not like my favourite foundation but it does the job it looks really good I guess the cons are it oxidized on me you had to use like quite a lot of product to get like a full coverage effect like I would happily just use like half the amount I use today and just have natural kind of look but I just wanted to see how much coverage you could get it faded off on the prime side could just being the primary use like who knows you’d have to experiment some more this is just a first impression and it took out a little tiny bit oilier then i think this one does on me with the fusion ink you get twenty five mil and this one you get 20 mil and differently don’t think it’s as amazing as those viral videos on facebook say it is like the words and like I don’t know how that works honestly I feel like they’re just blending the eyeliner into their skin because it just wasn’t that amazing coverage on me and please if you are a unique presenter like don’t hit on my video like every time I did or every time the other time I did a unique related video or like people hating on me like the presenters were hating on me like I’m not saying all of you’re pushy but let’s be real a large amount of people that so unique are very very very pushy and it’s just not my cup of tea just honesty honesty here but if it works for you that’s totally cool so yeah that’s just my first impression review thing if you want to see a video on the unique pressed powder let me know supposed to be really amazing coverage like just by itself without any foundation so I could give it a go on a first impression if you want to see it let me know in the comments down below that primer by the way I usually use with other foundations and it’s completely fine I think it’s just the formula of this how it’s kind of like a liquid to powder you kind of like silky finish it just didn’t mesh well with

their primer so without any problem that looks really even it doesn’t look muddy on this side anyway I’m gonna stop blabbing now I hope this helped you guys out please give a thumbs up it did let me know what other first impressions you would like to see I would love to do some more for you guys I like filming these have an amazing day I hope your day is going well if it’s not sending you virtual hugs and virtual pizza and virtual puppies and everything amazing tomorrow will be better talk to you guys really soon hey everyone so today I am doing a swatch video on a bunch of these viva la diva chi chi lipsticks i asked you guys in my recent massive massive unboxing chi chi haul if you wanted to see this video and loads of you see yes please so that’s what I’m doing today these military

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