hi beauties and welcome back to my channel today’s video is all about my november beauty favorites i filmed my october beauty favorites a little bit late believe it or not i still have november favorites that are different than my october favorites that’s how many beauty products i have been using over the last couple of months if you’re a returning subscriber thank you for joining me for today’s video and if you’re new to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button as well as turn on the notification bell that way you won’t miss any of my uploads did you guys have a good thanksgiving i had a good thanksgiving despite the fact that it was very non-traditional we did to go plates so i was able to go to my aunt’s house she does all the cooking for the family and pick up my little to go order and then i went to my mom’s house and technically i really still shouldn’t be dining with her either because i don’t live with her but we did just keep it to the three of us myself my mom and my daughter and everybody kind of ate in their little family cluster what did you guys do for thanksgiving was it different for you let’s talk about it in the comments let’s go ahead and dive into november favorites i have a few skincare items that i want to talk about so let’s start with skincare the first product i want to mention is this mario badescu skincare facial spray with aloe herbs and rose water and i think this one is like the rose fragrance i purchased this during an ulta 21 days of beauty sale and i have used about this much of it and i typically use this every day after i get home from work i wash my face and i will spritz it with this and this gets me through dinner until i’m ready for bed i will do another skincare like my full skincare regimen and i just like applying this versus applying a moisturizer there’s no reason to apply moisturizer when i’m only going to have it on for a little while so i like to use this spray instead but i don’t like to use this underneath makeup i just like to use it for the purpose that i just mentioned i can tell that my skin is more toned and it feels very hydrated and i really do like this spray i should have done this first this is the good molecules rose water daily cleansing gel and i haven’t used a ton of this but i have been using this i think that this is a really good cleanser and it’s in a glass bottle and it is affordable you can purchase it at beautylish i am on the pr list for good molecules so i receive a lot of their products and i am always excited to receive something new from them because i have liked every single thing that they have sent to me it doesn’t do anything super special my skin feels nice and clean it doesn’t tighten it and make it feel uncomfortable it removes my makeup it says a gentle cleanser to balance and brighten skin i don’t get a heavy lather with this i get a really light lather and it’s a gentle cleanser and it does feel very gentle but it is effective so this is very good it has a pump what more could you ask for out of an affordable cleanser so good i’ll do this one body care really quickly this is dove exfoliating body polish and i’ve talked about this a long time ago and i have been wearing this out this smells so yummy it’s got a coconut smell and it smells so good and it’s just this really great body polish with a very fine little fine granules and it’s a cream color and you can see little brown specks and you just exfoliate your skin when you’re in the shower and your skin is going to feel so soft from this i wanted to mention this one because i have some other body polishes and exfoliators that are more high-end some of the high-end ones that i have feel like i feel the moisture on my skin when i’m done exfoliating whereas that one it just feels smooth i don’t feel all this moisture and hydration i take this one to my apartment and i keep my more high-end products here and i use this about once a week there and really enjoy it primers that i have been using this is so tiny but this is really one of the primers i’ve been using i have one here and i have one in my apartment home and this is like a point perks of the milk hydro grip primer it only takes one pump of this like one little dot and i’m able to use it all over my face that’s how it’s lasting me so long i use so little of it when i use it this is really good for gripping my foundation on my face and it works well with my face mask and i’ve kind of been wanting to finish out these point perks and then decide like i have this in my cart right now i put the travel size i think in my cart

and i’m trying to decide if i want to actually purchase a larger one so i’ve been really trying to finish the small one so that i have a reason to purchase the larger size it’s just a really solid primer and it really helps keep your oils at bay the other primer that i’ve been reaching for the most is this bobbi brown face base and i think one of the reasons i have been using this so much is it’s almost empty and this is probably another month’s worth i mean seriously guys this thing takes so long to empty it is quite expensive but this has lasted me forever and i use it a lot i just can’t believe it because you just use the smallest amount and i used this in conjunction with another primer on my face today but it is so good and it’s really good for oily skin and i really like using this primer it is such a great one and every time i go back to it i enjoy it so much so i highly recommend this primer okay foundations i’ve really been using a lot of my same foundations nothing’s been that different but i have been picking up my magic foundation quite a bit this is 9.5 i pick up a different foundation every day i honestly feel like i do i have been using the magic foundation a lot in the month of november and this is just one of my favorite foundations it has a yellow undertone and i think that’s one of the reasons that i like it so much but it also has a lot of great skincare ingredients in it it’s really good for my skin but it makes my skin look amazing every single time i wear this and it’s long wearing as well so it’s just a really good solid medium to full coverage foundation that i really enjoy and have purchased more than one time i think this is my second bottle or third of this and i will repurchase it again it’s starting to become see-through so i have been using it a lot and i will repurchase it again when i empty this one another foundation that i have been picking up is my la mer foundation i have the lighter shade honey here at my home and then i have amber with me at my apartment and i have been using them both i’ve used honey here as well but i really love this foundation and i love the smell of it it’s such a spa-like experience to use this i always love it and after i use it the smell sometimes lingers on my brush because you know i need to wash my brushes but it’ll linger on my brush so the next day even if i switch to a different foundation i will still smell this one but i’ve really been enjoying it and my skin again looks great these are similar i think they kind of have similar effects on my face as far as how they wear like this is a soft fluid the soft fluid foundation they kind of remind me of each other they’re not super matte they’re kind of skin like foundation and they just give you really beautiful finishes so maybe that’s why i have been grabbing both of them like you know i’ve been in the mood to look like that i guess but this is just tried and true it’s expensive as all get out it’s expensive but it is amazing it’s got skincare properties in this as well it’s got the miracle broth in here and it’s good for your skin i love it i don’t have a new concealer to discuss with you guys i’ve been using my same concealer my dior my tarte shape tape um my nars radiant creamy my giorgio armani like i’ve been grabbing those the armani one is getting a little bit on empty i’ve been grabbing those i’ve been grabbing my elf concealers i just grabbed a lot of the just rotate them all around show them all a little bit of love so nothing too special as far as concealers so we’re gonna move on to powder okay a couple of powders that i want to mention i went back to my fenty powder this one is in banana and realized how great it is i’m wearing it today i do have on a few like luminous products because i’m noticing although this is the fourth video like i’m noticing more luminous you know luminosity right here but it’s because i tested out an hourglass palette and so it’s a little more luminous and the luminosity just kind of keeps coming back it has a sifter here and it’s just this really pretty yellow powder it’s quite mattifying and i just find that when i use this powder my makeup lasts longer and it’s been wearing really nicely with the face mask and i have so much of this i have a lot of this one and i also broke out my hood of powder again and i still have a lot of that one even though i have used them a lot they are not emptying it’s about halfway this is probably about halfway done i want to continue to use products that i have in my collection and use them up again before buying new products so i try to keep them in the rotation but this has been working really nicely with my face mask and it helps my makeup last longer it is a beautiful finish so another powder

that i have been using is this becca pink haze powder and it is the soft light blurring powder and they have this in another shade called golden hour and i have that shade as well i actually have it on right now i just applied it and i’ll insert a clip of me applying it on my face but this one is pink and the only reason that i’m using this is because it was given to me in gratis and it actually is quite hot pink even if you can’t see it on the camera it is a hot pink shade and i like using this brush that they sell with it i purchased this i think when i bought the very first shade and so i use this and i’ll just buff it all over my face and it it kind of blurs but i also like to use it to touch up so like i’ll come home midday and i will touch up with this powder and i don’t know if i’m doing it because i don’t want it to look cakey but i just have been grabbing this and it’s probably because i have it i’m going to use it i think that using this pink shade adds a little brightening effect on my complexion because it is meant i think more for a lighter complexion but i have it so i use it so i just wanted to remind you guys of this powder it’s like a finishing powder sort of like the lancome powder to me but it doesn’t add as much of a glow as much as of a shine but it’s a nice blurring powder another powder that i have been using a lot and i think it may be getting discontinued wherever i have seen this sold i have seen it marked half off it’s the perfect setting powder and this one is translucent deep and they have a lighter shade i have that one as well i’ve been using this translucent deep a lot in november as well as in october to set like the perimeter of my face and it is such a beautiful powder i love any of these deeper powders that’s like a darker color it almost takes the place of bronzer but i still use bronzer but you really don’t have to but it is so gorgeous my skin looks so airbrushed with this one i love it and another powder that i am almost on empty like this has only got two or three more uses in it that’s like how much is i’ve used this and this is a chanel powder this is the shade 40 translucent three this powder was discontinued but they came out with another powder i just think they changed the formula probably slightly i’m pretty sure that the new powder is probably very similar to this one so you might want to check out the new version of this i do have one more backup of this but when that’s done i’m going to have to move on to the new one as well but i have been using this too part of the reason i’ve been trying to use it is to empty it i really want to finish this one and crack open the next one i’m still loving the rare beauty brow product it’s what i used to sculpt my brows today i still love this product it’s got the gel on one end and the brow crayon or pencil that’s sort of chunky on the other end and i don’t know if i like it because it’s dark brown and it’s such a dark color and it kind of goes with my hair but i also think it kind of gives me more of a pomade look so i just like it i’ve really been enjoying that i used to love this so much and i started using pencils again and put it aside i grabbed it in november and look i mean this is how much i loved it it’s hit pan it seemed better days it’s really time for a new one but not until i finish this not until i get closer to finished but this is the quickest way for me to do my brows i really like using this when i’m going to work because it’s just faster for some reason than pencils i don’t know if it’s because it sort of grabs onto your hair and it just fills them in very fast but i like using this little color pop angled brush that i actually got free when i ordered something from colourpop and this is my favorite brush to use to apply the powder nothing else compares to this little brush and i honestly need to go on their website and see if i can find it because i don’t like using anything else with this brow powder except this brush but this is really pretty this is the chocolate shade and it’s so good for brows i love it and it’s by anastasia beverly hills in case i didn’t say that i’ve been using that little gimme brow thing as well and i don’t have that over here but i’ve been using that a lot too and i’ve been setting my brows a lot with this one from benefit it’s the 24 hour brow setter and i actually really like this i like the little comb and when i first started using this

with the comb years ago i wasn’t sure about it but i actually like using the comb because i think it kind of makes the hairs stand out a little bit more and you’re able to really coat every hair so i really have been using and enjoying the 24 hour brow setter i keep it in the box because i have an old one in there that i need to put in the empties and i just don’t want to mix them up so i keep it in the box but it is so good now let’s talk about eyeshadow so i have three palettes that i want to mention that i’ve been using i have really been using my norvina palette i took it back with me to my apartment because i wanted to get some use out of it it is such a stunning eyeshadow palette and i really enjoy it for fall i love this is just a beautiful crease color i love this color and this color like these are just really pretty colors oh i don’t know if you can really see that one it’s a warm brown i really like using that color and this rose gold is just one of my favorites and i also like this deep purple like i just love creating eyeshadow looks with this palette i have really been enjoying myself i’ve been digging into this in the month of november i’ve been grabbing it a lot so i just wanted to remind you guys it’s one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes one of my most loved and i did talk about it in a recent video this is something that’s near and dear to my heart and i went back to it this month and i’ve been loving it one of the other palettes i’ve been using is the naughty palette i just filmed a video on it recently i really do like this palette at first i wasn’t sure i liked it but i didn’t know whether i needed it it’s similar to my divine rose 2 palette some of the shades so i didn’t know if i needed it and i still haven’t really worked a lot with this glossy shade but i really like the creams in this palette i love those and this shadow this is a cream shadow right here and i tried using it um when i first filmed my first video i tried using that little shadow with other shadows but that’s that’s not how you use this one it’s sort of a purple it’s kind of this uh duochrome type of shade it shifts i use this shadow like all over my lid and it was so different and so beautiful like i used one of these other crease colors like one of the browns but i put this all over my lid and it looks beautiful that way so i like this by itself not necessarily along with other shadows so i just had to play with this a little bit more and i was able to create some looks that didn’t lean pink like i was able to use like this gold shadow um all over my lid like when i am creating looks for work i don’t necessarily use as many eyeshadows so i think i probably use like this in my crease or this in my crease and then put that gold on and it didn’t look like a cherry or pink type of eyeshadow look so i’ve just been playing with it a lot in the month of november and i really do like it especially the creams i really have been feeling those so i just wanted to give this palette a shout out it is really pretty for fall i think it will head into the month of december and january very nicely the final palette that i want to mention is the mothership 8 palette this is the divine rose 2 palette by pat mcgrath labs i bought this palette before the naughty palette long before the naughty palette and i will say you won’t see that i’ve dug into this one that much because i keep this one here i don’t take it with me for work but every monday i use this palette and then on the weekends i use this palette if i’m going somewhere i’ll grab this one and i really do love this palette and i like grabbing this shade a lot these are my like everyday my monday morning type of shades i’ll use the little peachy color matte and i might kind of define my outer v with this and then i will put one of these shades all over my lid that’s what i’ve been doing with this palette i’m not using these over here that much i’m over here in this family but i really do love this palette and i’m actually able to create you know some really stunning eyeshadow looks even for every day i love it i love it love it love it so much and have enjoyed it quite a bit in the month of november i only have a couple of blushes to mention i still have been using my nars blushes the nars orgasm x as well as dominate dominate i think was in last month’s favorites but i’ve been pulling the orgasm x as well both of them are beautiful blushes but i also dug out my diffused heat blush this

is an hourglass blush it is a nice deep blush when i say deep like it will show up on my skin i’m not wearing it today because remember i was testing out a lot of products and so i didn’t put this on but i have been using this one a lot in the month of november i love the hourglass blushes i love the luminous feel but it is so fine the powder is so fine and the blush is so faint like i am wearing an hourglass blush right now from the new palette that i purchased the new face palette and it looks so natural it’s luminous on the skin but it looks like a natural flush on your cheeks it’s something about the powder in these blushes that looks so natural on the skin very smooth and it just blends right into the cheek this is the mini and it is really great that they have the mini size because it takes a long time to empty a blush so you don’t necessarily need the larger one and this one again is the shade diffused heat and i have been loving it in november the next product i want to mention is again this is my makeup forever contour blush and highlighter and i will link them down below but i have been grabbing them a lot in november and every time i go back to this i’m like oh this is so beautiful this highlighter it actually reminds me a little bit of natasha denona like the texture of it it’s very similar blinding okay i did just wipe my hand with that makeup wipe but still is that not absolutely stunning this blush is beautiful it’s like a coral color and so it is really pretty on the skin and it’s just a nice pretty everyday blush that i’ve been loving and then this contour powder is very deep in color so i love kind of pushing this around the edges and i find that when i use the contour my makeup is just so smashed especially like on my zoom calls i don’t use zoom we use google me but on my calls with my camera i’ll be chiseled out and snatched and then just because of that contour now remember you can purchase this little trio and you can put anything in the trio you have to buy this little package separate and you can put any of the makeup forever products in this but i bought this i think last year maybe and it was such a great investment i love it if you don’t want to buy three products you can buy two or you can buy one but don’t sleep on the makeup forever bran don’t sleep on them so good there are two highlighters i want to mention one is this little miniature jouer skinny dip highlighter i got this with one of the sephora favorites let’s try swatching it on the other hand where i haven’t wet my hand look at that it’s this stunning gold highlighter and it is so gorgeous so stunning and it’s a mini and why do you even need more than that especially like for you know a youtuber we just don’t need more and then i also have been using morphe’s spark and this reminds me a lot of the amrezy highlighter it’s a little bit more champagne and i don’t know it just reminds me of amrezy and it’s affordable i think they both are a little bit affordable but this is morphe spark and i have been using both of these grabbing both of these as my highlighter when i get ready in the morning and they are both gorgeous i hope they still have spark i know they still have skinny dip i hope spark is still around i don’t have a bronzer that’s any different than the ones i have been using guys i have been wearing the same bronzers that i have been talking about recently so i don’t i don’t really have one of those all right let me talk a little bit about lip products i got this in a sephora so it’s a four favorites and they don’t have it anymore it was gone like that i hope they bring this one back but i have been using every single product that is in this box i still decided to talk to you all about it because even if you don’t buy it as a favorites you can purchase all of these products individually and i have them all here except i didn’t bring my fussy and this nars orgasm i actually carry in my purse and it’s more like a balm but i use it all the time i use it all the time and i use this patrick ta you’ve seen me use that here on my channel i use this one a lot and i actually have even been using this lip injection that sets my lips on fire

but it does plump them and recently i really started using the lancome juicy tube the juicy tubes and i had that on today and i do not need more i put this on on top of a lipstick today but i tried this by itself and it has like a golden shimmer in it so my lips looked so juicy and beautiful with this one on by itself because of those little golden specks every one of these little give me some more shines everything that was in here is absolutely stunning i love them just wanted to follow up and tell you guys how great they are this is my final makeup product and then i have a fragrance and i forgot that i do have two other body care products the make it last setting spray i recently picked this up during a cvs sale this is very good drugstore setting spray absolutely probably the best drugstore setting spray that i have ever purchased and it has 16 hour wear this is a good setting spray and it really locks your makeup into place and i just wanted to let you guys know that i think i have one here and then i took this one with me and i have been using it in november and i have used this much of it and i also like to use it to prep my skin as well so it’s very good i have been using this more you don’t see very much of it used up because i keep this one here and i use it on the weekends and on mondays when i’m going to work and i’ve been using this again and this is such a beautiful fragrance this is the ysl libre fragrance and i will pop the notes up on the screen so that you guys know what’s in this fragrance but the actual packaging of this is one of my favorite fragrance packaging i like the valentino one too though but this is such a beautiful package i just love it and the fragrance is so soft and seductive and feminine yet beautiful it’s just a great smell and i love it i’m so happy that i purchased this one and i try not to use it all the time because i want this to last i wanted to mention it again right now because i know that it’s time to start shopping and purchasing gifts for other people and this would be a beautiful gift if you’re looking for a fragrance to buy i wanted to mention my coco cabana cream again because i have been emptying the original one that i have like this was the first one that i started emptying and then i re-upped on it so i keep one of them here somebody mentioned to me that this smells like popcorn someone here on my channel did and i can see that i can see where she gets that but it also kind of smells like the popcorn jelly candies there’s like a jelly belly candy and popcorn that tastes so good it smells a little bit like that but i love the smell of this and i recently noticed because i broke back out my soap and glory smoothie this is actually better in my opinion than this coco cabana this is better this smells a little bit like that but it’s not quite like it but it’s in the same family a little softer it’s just not the same but this is a lightly whipped body butter and it is absolutely one of my favorite body butters ever and i bought it a year ago maybe for my best friend for christmas this was part of her christmas gift and she told me recently that she was running out of it and i had just moved it back to my vanity like i will put things away and rotate them around so that it lasts me longer and i just moved it back to my vanity and she said that she really liked it it was almost empty and i said you know they sell them at the store but she was throwing me a hint that this is what she wants for christmas again she loves the smell of this and said it was one of the best things that i’ve ever purchased her so i just want y’all to know that this is a great body cream to buy for someone and it is not that expensive and a lot of times they go on sale at old to like buy one get one or buy one get one half off so be on the lookout for those sales so i think i’m done if i missed anything i’ll move it to next month so that’s my november favorites i could keep talking there are so many products that i purchased in the last year that i’m still kind of using in a rotation that i still love so let’s get ready for december i’ve got to start thinking about my end of year videos and what i have been loving throughout 2020 this one is going to be super hard for me because i have discovered so many wonderful products in 2020 even though 2020 was a train wreck i have discovered a

lot of great makeup and beauty products so this one’s gonna be a hard video for me to film but i gotta start working on that list so i hope that you all have enjoyed my monthly favorites for november if you did give it a big thumbs up if you have any questions or comments leave them down below and i will respond and if you’ve not already subscribed to my channel please go ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave so i’ll be seeing you guys again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this is savvy signing out

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