guys I’m going to show you how I got this I with here see this side I want to start on this side so take my quote pointed crease brush I’m going to go to my nudes palette and we’re going to start with this right here i am just going to want to put that in my crease my goods and I’m gonna drag it down in the corner oh my cheek I’m just blown that out on the air lid when you go to 24 here’s a 224 just a nice fluffy blending brush and just blend out the edges oh it’s got glitter on it from my other I can’t go into the nudes palette and graham not gonna grab this color this color and with my pencil brush a bit and I’m also going to take some of it to my inner corner to right here I’m going to connect it into my crease and then blend that out with our blending brush I’m going to go into my L’Oreal cup of Joel palette and I’m just going to take the lightest shade this one right here this is a really good deep for max which it’s almost exactly the same I think and then I’m just going to blend the upper part of my crease see that I’m just going to take a clean blending brush and just taking away any lines i made this is what it looks like so far okay and now that blank spot right here on your eye I’m going to take this Stila magnificent foiled shadow and metallic dusty rose is the name i’m scotty that was the mixing medium and put it on this little ten it comes with just mix it all up going to take my Real Techniques detailer brush thing I’ve got that I’ve got that mix and I have it on my brush here I’m just going to pop it on the center of my lid okay flip that one there now I’m going to do my liner I’m going to

take my physicians formula liner I really like the tip on this guy let me feel it a good trick if you want to try to make you find your wing matchup is to go over to your finished I or your other eye and just kind of feel with the brush where you started that wing and go to the other side and see if you can feel on the other side hopefully that makes sense so I can feel that it starts right here so I’ll go over to that for my on this side and start it made it a little bit more but we can fix that so the public you there you go I’m gonna curl our lashes gonna take my revlon lash curler and curl my lashes I’m actually going to drag a little bit of this boil a shadow just through the inner corner of your eye just drag it down a little bit I’ll give your a little bit more sparkle to it and just blend it out and just keep tapping it with your finger till it blends out how you want it that’s pretty good and then take my L’Oreal telescopic mascara is carbon black look I’m just going to use my just a black kohl liner this is L’Oreal superliner any black cool I pencil is flying actually this isn’t even my favorite I’m just using it because that’s all i have right now takes up quite a few layers to get it

really black so I’m going to set that black liner with a black shadow on my waterline because it likes to fade away so I’m just taking anything a flat brush there we go and I’m going to take the black out of this nudes palette and just pack it on one side and just pop it in there now I’m just gonna grab Oh to go back the nudes palette I’m going to take this color right here just with a nice fluffy brush and I that is my brow elite brow highlight and i’m just going to sweep it right here okay and then there’s the finished eyes there’s the finished eyes are there okay okay I’m gonna contour my nose and I’m going to use my Real Techniques base shadow brush and I’m just going to use a really light bronzer this is the Physicians Formula bronze BB beauty brom BB beauty balm bronze booster and this is the color medium to dark and just I have a I’m white right here and wide right here so that’s where I concentrate most of my color so I start wait here and down i hearing right here that’s where i put most of my color and then I just blend it out from there and I’m setting my powder brush and just run along just to blend it a little bit boy I take my blush brush this is just a little quote Cooper brush I am going to take my elf blush in the color mellow the mellow move and there’s the color it there and just smile and put it on your trip bone this is I really like blush so we have to kind of pack it on just to have color show up and I like to put on my forehead and this my nose and sometimes even by MIT through your eyes just to blend your whole all your makeup together and then down the neck and there you go ok I’m going to show you how I’m going to do a red lip today I’m going to use my

Annabelle lip liner and nude just to start lining my lips I like to line my lips along the outer edge but still following the line just on the outside edge of it and that really helps make your lips look a lot fuller without over drawing too much ok now I’m going to go over that with my revlon colorstay lip liner in the color what is this color it’s a red one anyway in wine there you go there’s gonna Oh ok you go I’ve got a lot of lipstick choices I have this collection exclusive L’Oreal Leticia’s red and here’s the color here it’s really pretty or I have J Lo’s bed and that’s it pure Brooklyn hey let’s watch it for you guys there’s that there’s J Lo’s with this is Leticia’s red ankle and I have one of the revlon the I love these things they’re so it’s like a lipstick and lipgloss in what they’re really awesome there’s that one and then this is an NYC lip color and this is mahogany and since these are surprisingly good lipsticks like they’re not patchy at all it’s really nice Dirk one and then here’s don’t even know this was an old collection from Revlon I think it was a just bitten line that was called and here’s the color of that one and that’s the one I’m going to use today but it’s a really close match to the Leticia spread its really close for that one ok and disclaimer okay so we want to clean up the edges you can take I’m just going to take a

brush that’s flat on one side and I’m gonna put a little bit of concealer on the flat side and just run it along the edge of my lips okay once you have that place you can blend it out with your finger obviously as a tip of my Beauty Blender that pointy edge here and just run it on there you go and here is the finished look who’s the eyes

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