whats up guys its cousins here and i’m doing a spec ops ah good yeah we get the right okay there we go right and I’m doing it with badger 19 sl2 who’s in the clan on black friend I don’t do it with I’m hysterical is also in the clan but he’s like around badges house so I just say hello yeah okay we’re going to start now okay okay good right this is quite easy this one it’s on the high to turn but it’s actually quite easy guys we’re going to show you tactic we’re going to be showing your tactic today that I views kind of manage to get quite high imma just get like in the top 15 in the world but 14th in the world on this by doing this tactic so they’ve got this guy’s will help you you can do on solo and or multiplayer all right we’re going to show you what to do for the start you can use 57 or m16 you only one just okay obviously oh yeah you’re the same as you okay yeah punch out the kills or you can read for this one is you’re going to need a light machine gun but preferably the mg basics would be the best one that’s the best that machine gunning for that I think is then also you’re going to need a submachine gun and that one’s pretty the PP 9 hour and one only stop speaking then you need to have a century ok all you come down here we’re going to show them it buddy one going to show them tactic what’s going to happen is you can put a century in here it’s like really hard to do but once you put it here you’ve gotta stand rap against this corner until you feel your feet elevated a bit then you jump and you can jump off over there then the next one is you jump off here and you put century down off your marking and that’s it if you put it here you have to go rife against the corner and jump up to do is go over it so we’re showing you what would happen so read camp against this counter kind of they will yeah once but it’s really bad but I can I know the tap I know tactic on it but this all right it’s a lot like hey what you need to do is on this post back up all you gotta do is you gotta just stay in the don’t by centuries until the the first drive round that’s where you got what’s the don’t buy century till the first jog around yeah I’m finger matrices and I wonder what a leap up that you have to make myself with like a book hey the dogs will jump straight over but the people won’t all you got to speak to the people of the future okay yeah its relief it’s recording ugly it’s recording artist recording your voice in the wrong certain solid so sleep here or its own greeting everything that’s not recording your screen but we can you can see you know make a retard oh yeah by the way guys these are these are cups and ketchup and snot and these dishes are invincible you can’t shoot for him Johnny now stay there and kill people we’re doing this for lulz or just a fun

or what are we working let’s back up system us you can actually corruption and it’s just like a head it’s a flipping you can clip them who you guys don’t know what clipping is this where you’re like right because you’re gone it would actually be in your hands instead and when you clip and you’re doing flipping it when you crouch and your hair only your head is against on the top of the wall but in call of duty you shoot on your head but it sounds away your guns like yeah well he looks like it sir yeah why only we can buy guns now give me give me nine thousand give me nine thousand Ali gonna be 9001 July drop from a cute there’s an achy there and then there’s one man they were both next to John town sorry oh you didn’t give me all the money we forgave you were like you didn’t give me off in mind miss green one who put 280 pal okay you’re probably dingo enough points then okay did you give me night how much did you start with I thought the biggest out right that’s the big year he needs to be nine pounds and just be all done where I just leave it if I need it later on in the match then oh and if you guys a level 50 than by slapping they will really help there’s nothing else there are two ways to take out Fred’s if this is this isn’t like I’m not trying to become the best that i spec ops or anything I’m just saying little tactics that might help you guys like two ways you can take out a jugs I’d be just pride in but I with the Prado you’re now striking but that’s not confusing and hard it’s not fucking fusing it’s like just hard I like or you can just stand him to death until like your standard to dev we’re just done them so much and someone doesn’t get Alyssa so you can do is you can go by pred but Ollie this is the tactic run here come here ollie when drugs gone only come on quickly Ollie come on this way buddy jug yeah it’s just follow me we got to use your run down here and you got to get to the airstrike place let’s get here kill these guys don’t kill me ollie do not kill me already right run run run run run okay then you gotta run down this way down here okay that was not a good examples I’ve died Ollie just don’t die don’t die early please don’t die I’m trustingly pick me up even though you’ve been dying all right yeah William right when the next drug round comes will actually show you what you’re supposed to do excels to fail hey now you just got to shoot this drug to death I know you don’t starve any grenades or sell for my skin that’s the only bad thing about this tool or we come back bad situation all right let’s take this take this take this ring out all right start going to century century century century century centuries it doesn’t matter get a sentry gun get a century cannoli gasps century gun grenades Maurice warned you’re so damn mind ah are you just funny one of the two I’m trying to think which one is ok Olly Olly come on oh my s’okay don’t you to this round yeah sometimes you might get person like Olly that doesn’t have enough money for a century now you can jump down like a job okay yeah if you don’t have enough money didn’t just stay here just do that come on video you can I have it you can I’m recruiting you into the further bucktown shop I’m recruiting you to stay here you’re going to be a bodyguard and there’s lots of people coming so thank you I like that girl I like that okay that’s how you did it well you can go slugging nothing wrong one with sentry gun Joe stop getting surgery come on buddy Cornyn whoa that was a

fail ok Ollie come back over the rainbow land come back to the rainbow land all right are you for yours no to put it yeah just put that we’re miners put it where miners oh and then I’ll show them how to put this one now all right away you put this one down ladies and gentlemen there you can put on it all right ladies and gentlemen the way you put down this century is you put it so that it goes in like that like that then go rap against the spring so floating jumping in on your own till fermenting go that’s happening you needed a movie I think it’s gonna kill me courses it’s kind of kill you and I was coaching the ball oh my god it’s magic I spell should be ok we’re going ok it’s not really ok for the PP PP 19 1 you have the same guns always use the same guns yeah guys if you’re going on spec ops try and use the guns that were using it’s the PP 9 mm one and then it’s the energy basics or just why we feel comfortable with these are the these are the guns that I’ve tried and find the best but just what is comfortable very much just yeah I we finally win we are champion okay yeah Rick now I’m gonna have to do this quickly only like it because pray crouch perhaps crap I jumped over the edge meters quick because my camera he has two minutes oh yeah and I’m using a flip camera to record it’s so good i got a tripod with as well it’s epic kill the people oh yeah only if your mom asked for food if we want us when you want food so we never want it or just say have it how about the game oh yeah with it with this but you can just sit here and you can just hide behind these cups of the cuts are invincible cups are magic magic cups magical so I should be a Pokemon much cups like a cutback smash it all the advice I think I might jump I’ll be like flying today awesome right claps burner it’s kind of past Merry Christmas down now buddy son of kind of missed opportunity kicking hey good me oh great it’s rich ok oh great Oh thank you oh how it hurts to put a headset back on my head it really hurts to do something yeah if you’re going in trouble what why didn’t you oh why don’t you have a munchie know you love it I didn’t have enough i buy our thing oh my name’s before you gave me the money that I put on the fall summer did you yeah put all the food on their data how long must I wanted to do that I try finder is it here it should be no it’s not here on your right take my one they take my one come here take my work there now give me the money I need my red dots like go on give me the money all right give me all that money honey all right Jones run to the face run to the place down here this will hopefully be a better example of what you need to do so way it’s all right it’s very fright I got behind you I got a dog

behind us and then the jug comes you just kind of shoot it in from a Break huh unless you when they try to show you that attack cutter cuts for a bit yeah just wait here and just try and wait for all the people some stuff for them to shoot America by Thalia and there’s some like going survive only up this way only as right hi guys guys now you can’t this wait for all these people that spawn it says some pictures right now it’s just the jokes now so we can just start I’ll be down slums you could have bought bread you have stands okay don’t use them yet okay try killing moon don’t hide on in play play play i buy 40 you delete right kill this guy so right should run alright running back because he’s gonna get 357 but you died out okay yes right now shooting shoot them yeah right now you guys need to take out I mean you take up this any money good that was easy look after ID oh so I had a pop to crash to crush them on top of makeup oh no it’s a little weird guy the weird smoky days well this chemical base you got me ready early I don’t and then if we do bad then it doesn’t matter but you did you guys on their tactic hey I want to get to around 30 that’d be good if he gets around 30 then because there’s probably people with our burden us that this tactic it’s good so those well all right now we’re on some semi drugs okay let’s um go to the top we’re going to be in 17 minutes are doing 12 oh shit ready I don’t know what I call it all there’s a grenade be ours before chipping I should call it no I’m not going to fall it by 15 no I’m going fully cool it and how to put the how to be Michaels out how to do how to play spec marketin gameplay with healthy the Bible lower it’s like Burger King the whole sit on Arkaden how to survive in survival that’s what I’m gonna make a serious could have some answer the why not yeah my trap Unicorno you gal I’m gonna try on your call at how to survive in Survivor and then it’s going to be different ones so we’re going to record lots of the money you I’m gonna have other people they’re doing as long as my other guests I know you do those are your cops now we spot place abuse often places all time I think it’s your fault please your phone o + 10 damage taken you took twelve dollars yup I’m not ready enough I know I am hello from now on we need to my friends okay okay okay okay my prince actually no don’t records full run drugs he then despite Fred’s for judge knows we can take on the jokes jokes ourselves so why was the best thing god survival I’m a peace-loving different obviously how much fun yes I have 16 can always pick the eight bag I’m gonna go running by force tons when its open aids

and ants make if anything’s okay here this one last I’m just trying to you when you can only buy sell for life so do I want to be picking up on the floor on the sign toby jugs fish market me next one it’s gonna be jokes listing I think while 20 minutes are only on 15 it’s good then if I’m get out flu this is like one big thing you talking to Rick yeah what giving us a plane is one big thing then it would take a long time yet to upload it will take about three hours call I so I could just leave the island distribution if you know what I mean come on you choke or you don’t stand on top of up provide Self Self Self Self Self Self Self Self Self Self Self Self soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap so you went the long way round is ok right I’m a don’t go Oh Mike you’re so big like pushy ya buy it quickly then run Metro stands as well avoids up being cute of you yes the way to get to level 50 the way to get to level 50 on spec ops okay run the way to get a level 50 on no one joke I’m saying as in on him a bit vote no you don’t give it a bone you give it a bullets oh yeah I pray to my dad where I shoot those guys shoot the guys on the run why do you use it you try to a joke though but your Jeep Asik right go go go i pair up this way up oh you only olly olly olly up this way up this own yes he got these right triangles joke I’m standing as much right come up the early and then we were shooting from up there I’m use my present thousand ways actually I filled some chocolate should I dislike to be trappin are really contracted another stun and I won’t get in alright oppa tengo i think i am adding him reloading without the only phone I’m making them follow me I’m treating there you go gotten all right whew all right shoes on the truck shoot down all right by some stunts by sons no don’t rush it not only just cuz I’m fine it’s just easy Richard no Richard is a nap stunts then huh richard has he got home I was rich but I’m oh yeah I got Richard ok so that’s why nice the boys funds which around each oh oh you can you do this game than rich soon next game yeah for the mom hot ha ha ha and a half what for hounds traffic alerts please ha been up in life a long time in a long time clusters what are you doing rich no rich we doing tourists it’s not the right time fiction had done that I said usually don’t go out there why don’t I did you listen we

didn’t and you guys go by self self and stun self and stun run run run don’t even go for ammo yet don’t go family yet yeah we yeah I read this if I Muppet how much money g up how much my job just gave me my money dessert 14,000 oh well Berlusconi’s going up oh yeah but that isn’t accomplishing on an how they have you still got the same guns on him get quick change it one night see so you’ve got one to absolutely destroy them and one just to pick them off that’s the people what’s all that screaming and that’s people dying people in pain I’ll do it up again Richard after 25 minutes this is going to be a quick one actually we’re about halfway through what we should go I should play six I don’t think its face basics we’ll get some level 30 hopefully what we should do unless we make some stupid mistakes level four okay okay good just go to place bets place your place big place let rich to a leverage do it let rich do it let rich they don’t mean that you do you don’t because you know what to do come this way honey and if it’s just that you know like you know what you’re doing alright shake the guy’s flying so you cover cover cover I didn’t know that we need to run mini to run go up go up go up go up got our body art I know there’s people as well why not a run NER nee below his knife just running knife same i need to rewrite as well thats a own face done sterling shoots them and shoot now shoot now she now what we might need to move because Easter squalor Jeff guy behind us there’s gotta go slow partners guys behind us run up wanna run out run out run out run out run out oh I thought you don’t worry come up come up now let’s go run this way this way this way hey run down the early know you’re going wrong with your feet yeah jump down jump down jump down here drop down quickly jump down here really dead under the loafs help you get started standard Santa so they stand here nice down here so they come on this way right now we go back I know my shoot them right I’m going to try and shoot down with the head of options they’re being annoying so are you trying to keep it handy well got it run run run run run run to the page 12 place up the place up the pace on stun stun if you can use the stun if you can fish done when they come up another one another one hey he’s going he’s going these guys who know stay stay stay stay stay we got stung try we can careless one easy games gone he’s gone he’s gone he’s going on that was okay all right now just shake that ice helicopter yeah okay used to know you start going to get so fast I can you get you start when it to yourself all right go get self and self and self in / yourself a flash cuz like a five a pride so I’m going to use that give me this round because I don’t want it I don’t want it oh my recipe no no no when display the key

from fool around cluster hundred lovely that was good Oh No to 300 from the grenades oh I’ve got the grandstands this is so fun just like fun I know he’s gone bad that’s why what need to play you’ve been playing and has leveraged by other game involved when we’re not recording I’m going to go by don’t rich go back to the spa i’m just going to buy any care package for the next round i’m not going to use an Army’s electron hello hello I need is knees oh that was a close one oh it’s a channel all right let’s call these guys kill these guys just do this thing this is the best way to you sir it’s wave but you Turkey +1 on 1800 in something evenly not guys you may not like the PP 90 see that guy tried to jump over but this doesn’t mean a spammer no it’s not better it’s too heavy and it tastes to them whether they’re all blond on TV night is best gun in the world was online am i picking out some I hit a wall you see the brave rich come on it’s very much Richard 10 oz busy doing looking war you’re not allowed to the chicken walk right on rich quickly Grich know where you going which one gotta stay honey you are a new not me now wait here in just come on down by one oh my god is this big pile of one by another one those jugs come on pop favorite shop he rich I know with the girl happen I gotta fall with I got I got our backs which her are you owe me yeah quite stunning bubble for again now it’s getting there again now and now a lot from behind they’re coming from hundred no sup no surveys this one I get the guys in front by one but it’s quite a fight get the front at the front front front some sonali where you going on only way you going on okay where you going on where you going on it I’m dead but it’s all right audio got self I can get me a rundown on you run down here on time to run time to shoot and run on time to shoot to turn to shoot cut time to go back home to go back time to go back till to run tomm to run through fast son Morgan and tell them I’ll kill the jug and then I’ll pick them up on sugar let you get picked up I’m gonna take it all in I got one but she got think Donna while you can goods go home all right my selfie stuff

that word 5,000 pound puppies lemon squares like how to be an epic kill ya hey you fouls when I got 2,600 centuries of fire then wait okay wait this Titan this will take about hour and 20 minutes to do and we’ve already done play five minutes so you’re about weed in an hour’s time I’ll infamous by all probably Diana from some sweet I know I thought entire yes for so many Gary oh fuck where billy goats or geography finally mcteer 600 an activity or six month there’s no wonder how long it’ll be those get on my gamma and if you need it holy holy who’s disappeared he’s run away hey hey hey hey hey well they’re lost people has a lucky thing John of item actually just don’t go buy me out with mine later have you got like um like um here you got it on a cookie send him a message telling him that we’ll invite under there or something or not true sleeve it just leave it just leave it funky ass don’t send them anything justly or someone takes them also okay all you’ve got um polygon oh yeah it’s just a lot in this match if I had jokes then this isn’t a ruler Matt for you then ok only start shooting them only by you going to shoot did you get a friend let me get a jug three jobs coming doctor coming fix coming jokes funny now up we go up we go up we go hopefully I’m going to try to get joke here so Carson doesn’t actually you sleep check out for me on something they do I’ve got like done what’s that I’m from so now all right go shoot him I felt like up say I stand as well to drugs to go stand and run sun and once done run if I go down towards our place go down towards our place I can’t leave behind you go downtown camping spot quickly before the centuries collapse between the helicopter cyclists run down here run down here quick too early then we come down here from the

hey wait here wait here wait here so they don’t run so they don’t come back around wait till we see them all right now go I go down here go down that here yeah centuries occur on your night i’ll get another parade okay then yeah I’ll go get 1 i’ll just a little bit she’s gonna treat them my family reason help me oh holy come well you got money kondapalli come have you got me got stands okay I’m Bernie as well try and shoot them and then run down shoes I screw them and then run sure yeah shoot as much can then run back down are you here all right here we go free jugs let’s go shoot the first I’m trying get the first one I’ll get right all right go go go and then go up to the finger thing can’t feel they have no proper I know they’re coming he’s coming from lunch hey go to our place we should be able to feel this first job quickly like oh you read all the better one yeah I’m second one use on second on that all right shoot this guy do run around run around this paper on this little arrow here come on sorry okay guys that all right goodbye whew that was close but he still got some I should die right on it up if there’s a finger how’s my finger finest by 40 minutes you’ve been on this foot is all right Odin well what happens when you have tea what we’re going to do about that all right well Phyllis Austin I don’t we will get that father either will make it dramatic make it romantic for centuries and Anya expected yeah that’s it really is quite easy Oh bleeding out you don’t need to get me don’t get me don’t get me don’t you cannot get me do not get me oh why so I can just pick myself up don’t need help oh now you need to get me naive me get me get me get me get me get me because I really need to get so no get me seriously do not kill the things that you ever guys get that the central game he now I need to go get some stuff so look to kill that guy doing the reading here well like the centuries for trying to buy stuff oh yeah that’s a bad mistake you won’t do guys if you if you’re poking it up and you’re and if you are getting shot you’re not gonna bit like if you crap you’re still not completely covered pretty much let’s go 45 minutes getting low right it’s off sick it’s half five now try this gay you need to be quick there are lots people

this is the best time in the PPE and I can use spray picture said that the g36 is better than the f PP 9 you ask me I think you’ve been so I nearly died Sutton but I’m going to do citgo watch this oh oh oh that’s is actually going right let’s go let’s go let’s go you’ve knifed all those things or they’ve their signal ok run down here so many jug rounds that was like two rounds and then it’s already jugs two rounds and justice to say find your shit all right you cover because of me y’all coming Joe coming Joe coming run up up up up run up run up to enough get around out there people behind us so run down this road run down this valley because when you have to because there’s like though they’re really good the people Oh yourself hey awful you’ve gone down I didn’t see it nobody boredom yes dunham turn off now i’m up now make that beam yourself one run run run run run run run run run run run run down thing run run down friend anywhere like it’s run it on oh you ran around them when okay that’s one often come get you oh fuck alee more oh my god that’s alright that’s fine all right uh what you got don’t don’t offer you guys are on YouTube you could probably do this yeah because that was just some bullshit there so you guys will probably be out to do better than us but I have got one to wait 30 free time slowly so that’s all right she’s quite good so yeah I hope you guys like it um so yeah all you say bye okay peace out nice

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