And then me, rocking around the roxstar tree Look how holiday festive. Yes, honey. We’re we’re here and we’re holiday ready? So obviously today we’re doing a holiday video. I’m actually gonna be doing a holiday gift guide for any budget So I’ve got stuff that’s under five dollars I’ve got stuff that’s under 25 under 50 over 100. If you want to be real generous with your gifts this year Um, and yeah, we’re just gonna dig in I’m gonna be gonna be jumping around so you never know what you’re gonna get next okay, so I might jump from 50 to Over 100 to under 5. You never know. Okay, so just Sit tight don’t forget to subscribe and let’s get started So my first situation here the Clarisonic me a smart Now you guys know I worked with them to show you guys the Mia smart in action in my recent skincare video And I honestly like I just had to work with them again because it’s just such a great product. It’s very reliable I genuinely feel like it makes a difference in my skin and that’s why I love it use it and Want to share it and that’s why I think it’s gonna be a great gift because First off. Okay, if you didn’t see that video, this is the Clarisonic Mia smart They have the firming massage head right here, which is great for anti-aging It really helps to like firm the face and I have seen such a noticeable difference with this guy, honestly This is the one that I feel like is the most worth it And this is more of a luxurious gift. I will say but if you want to be real generous, you know This is a great one to go with so yeah this is great for anti-aging because it helps to lift the face and You just have to use it with like a serum or oil and just like massage your face Basically, it feels really nice to and then you obviously have the cleansing head so this is I would say what’s the Clarisonic is most known for their cleansing brushes and they really do do a great job at removing every ounce of makeup Especially if you do wear a lot of makeup like I do it’s really great for that because it actually or make up six times better and I mentioned this in that video but six times better than your hands and I did a little Toner test and it was true. So love that another one of my favorite attachments this I massage your head So this one has a really unique head on it because it has these two metal balls that actually kind of massage your under eye area when you put your eye cream on and they help to smooth the area out and when you apply your concealer on top It’s actually going to look a lot smoother and more flawless and better and just more radiant under there And again, I definitely have seen noticeable differences. I wouldn’t keep talking about it if I didn’t So just putting that out there once again like it, like I said, it is an investment But you really do see differences in your skin. So I feel like it’s worth it and finally the Fourth head is this sonic foundation brush? So this is really interesting because I always thought that these kind of like mechanical brushes were almost look a little bit gimmicky, but I tested this out like Months ago when they first released it and I actually was impressed with how it blended out my foundation when you turn it on it like kind of just massages the foundation into your skin a lot of boom bada bing get a flawless finish it works for any Liquids or cream so you can use it technically for a foundation concealer contour Liquid blush liquid highlighter anything that’s a liquid or a cream so I honestly think that this would be an Amazing gift for any beauty lover of any age because you’re hitting all of the brackets. You have your cleansing. You have your luxurious? serum moisturizer situation going on with these two I cream situation and also a Foundation or makeup applicator so you’re kind of getting like a lot of different, you know Things in one and even though it’s an investment It’s gonna make someone really happy if you get this for them for Christmas or for the holiday So let’s move on to something a little bit on the other side of the spectrum. So like I said, that’s definitely an investment I think that it’s worth it and I would definitely Give that to somebody and I mean mom I hope that you’re not watching this right now because this was my idea for your Christmas present but I feel like that’s such a good idea for someone that means a lot to you and you want to show them that you care about them and Show them that like you want to invest in their skin and their well-being so moving to something if you’re looking for something that is a little bit more budget-friendly I Think this is so cute. Okay. So this is a little mini stalking. You can find these at like Target Any kind of department store will probably have them or online on Amazon. I’m sure they have them And my idea was to fill this with like little drugstore products

You could do like lip products eye products anything that you want I personally Threw some wet and wild lip glosses. I thought were like cute for the holidays and also a elf lip gloss that’s clear because honestly, who like who wouldn’t you get you some of these you know and Not only that You don’t only get the lip products you also get I just think this is such a cute gift idea and it’s not too expensive It shows that you’re putting thought into your gifts because you’re kind of like hand picking you can even hand pick like different shades for different people if you know that this person likes reds this person likes berries This person likes nudes like you’re kind of like hand picking it, but it’s so very affordable and also who doesn’t love chocolate, you know, all I did stuff those chocolate Santa’s in I think that’s such a cute idea I really do I think anybody is going to Appreciate that and get a lot of use out of something like this plus if you can personalize the stocking that’s even better If you even wanted to rhinestone it, oh my god next level. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about sex, baby Anyways, okay. So this is a really cute little find that I found at Sephora So this is from the Sephora collection? It’s called the enchanted sky palette this little eyeshadow palette I think is the cutest thing and it would make such a cute little gift It’s only ten dollars. So I don’t think it’s like a bad price at all I actually thought it was like pretty reasonable and it’s just so cute. Look at this. Oh My god, that’s so cute and I really think that anybody would like Be so happy to receive this I wanted to pick out gifts like for every budget obviously but also gifts that people are actually going to enjoy you know And I think that like if I receive this I would be like wow, that’s so cute. You know, I love glitter Thank You Santa so let me swatch some of these to show you guys that it’s actually worth the 10 bucks. Ooh Yes, honey You get a couple different Metallic shades and then also some matte shades So I thought that like that was one of the reasons why I thought that that was actually like a good Deal because you’re getting like a nice variety of shades. If you could feel these right now, they’re honestly very like lightweight and buttery Here’s one of the mattes right here. Oh my god that honestly swatched so well Wow Yes, honey, and then me ELISA if you’re watching this, I hope you’re not because wow, I think I just found your Christmas gift Buttery creamy lightweight look at the pigment love $10 super cute holiday gift and this is something like relatively easy if maybe You’re a last-minute shopper. You could just run into Sephora pick this bad boy up and it’s so cute The next gift is a very very useful gift this is just my personal one, but I really think that this would be a great gift for anybody who has Jewelry, so this is a really really handy Jewelry organizer. I bought this off of Amazon this is like my personal one that I travel with but I just think it’s so nice because There’s a place like a little compartment for everything. This is about 20 dollars. So this is in my under 25 category I will link down below. Obviously. I’ll try to link everything that I can down below And hopefully Amazon didn’t change the prices because you know Amazon be doing that sometimes we’re like you buy something and Then you check a month later. And it’s actually a different price sometimes up sometimes low. So sometimes it’s a good surprise Sometimes a terrible surprise when like it’s now cheaper then you even bought it. But anyways, that’s besides the point I hope it is still around the twenty dollar mark because that’s what it was when I bought it But I think that this is a really amazing gift idea because it has separates apart It has separate compartments for every different type of jewelry. So it has, you know necklace compartments It has these little guys down there that you could keep bigger like chunkier necklaces or even bracelets in it has a compartment here that has a zipper so you can keep very dainty jewelry in there anything that even mean is like really special to you that you want to keep in a zipper pouch and then when you flip it Over there’s a spot for earrings and you can obviously put any kind of earrings you have hoops studs, whatever you have I obviously have a lot of hoops. I mean But anyways down here there’s also a spot for Rings so you just slide the rings on and then it snaps in place so that they don’t fall off and then back here There’s also another little separate compartment for more

Jewelry back there if you would like, so I think that this is amazing amazing gift idea because it’s not too expensive It’s actually pretty nice quality for what you’re paying and it’s so handy. You can keep your jewelry in this at home I think it’s cute. I think it’s like the outside. Thank you. So you can keep your jewelry in this at home You can travel with it. It’s super easy to travel it because it’s so flat and compact and it has everything you need So this is what I bring with me everyday to the studio This is what I travel with so that I could always have my favorite jewelry on hand and I keep this I keep even keep My jewelry in this at home So I think this is such a useful gift and I think anybody who loves jewelry or has a lot of jewelry has a big Jewelry collection is going to love this and love you for loving them Okay. So let’s move back on over to the five dollar mark. Some people say that gift cards are thoughtless I Mean who’s not gonna like a $5 gift card to Starbucks that’s like giving somebody joy for the day like a Cup of coffee is honestly joy for so many people and that’s how I think about it Okay So a Starbucks gift card all it takes five dollars you can I mean obviously you can go all the way up whatever Money or amount that you want to put on here, but I think this is like five dollars of happiness straight happiness I would be happy if I got a Starbucks gift card, no matter what the amount is on it Maybe you want a coffee bean gift card If you’re a coffee bean girl, or boy, you know, I’m a Starbucks kind of person, but I’m just kidding I just think it’s a cute idea. And if you want again something very quick and easy and easily accessible Do a little drive-by drive-by starbucks drive-by coffee bean Whatever is your choice and pick up a little Starbucks gift card, and it’s just cute like look it has happy holidays and everything and I just think that people like that like people have coffee people have tea Five dollars of happiness right there straight happiness another thing Everybody loves socks. Fuzzy socks two feet particular. I always love receiving fuzzy socks for Christmas And I don’t know what it is. Like it just makes me happy. Do you see how happy I am right now? Do you see like how my mood changed I mean, I was already happy through the whole video But I just got even happier because I love fuzzy socks fuzzy socks are amazing because you can find them anywhere You can find them at t.j.maxx. You can find them at Target You can find them at Walmart wherever you do your holiday shopping You can definitely find a cute pair of fuzzy holiday socks that just give people comfort and warmth for their feet I’m putting this in like the under ten category because obviously it’s gonna depend where you’re buying them and what you get But I just think it’s a cute idea to have fuzzy socks Again, something that everyone’s gonna love and especially like let’s let’s really think out of the box here What if you paired it with a chocolate bar Wow? Love that this is like a little Christmas holiday goodie bag right here. I would love to receive this chocolate warmth for your feet Cute warm feet love. Let’s Move up a little bit into the luxury items again if you are really Into the Christmas spirit into the holiday spirit and you really want to give this year. I think an amazing gift is actually a Perfume set. So this particular one is from YSL But any perfume set that you love or if you know that somebody else loves it That’s such a great gift because one if you do pay attention to like what people are wearing or what people scents are Is there something wrong? But if you do pay attention to like what people are wearing and you Surprise them with like their favorite perfume or even cologne if you’re shopping for the men in your life I think that’s such a thoughtful gift because it shows that you really are paying attention and it’s something that they can actually use and I just think it’s such a nice nice little gift It’s just so cute. So this is what the inside of this one looks like Wow Wow Christmas goodies right here. I really think that like something like this is such a nice gift because obviously it’s already packaged nice But again, if you’re paying attention to you know What your significant other wears or what your best friend wears or what your mom wears? You know their favorite scents like this is such a great gift idea because it shows that you’re being very thoughtful But you also want to splurge a little bit and make them feel really good about themselves. So love that idea even if you just want to gift if you don’t know like You’re the person that you’re buying for if you don’t know their favorite scent I definitely still think that perfumes or fragrances are actually a great gift to give

because they Like how do I wear this? You don’t really need to know a lot of details like you don’t need to know somebody’s size I didn’t include a lot of clothes because that’s something that I feel like is more personal like you definitely need to know people’s sizes For and all that stuff and like what they do have what they don’t have what their style is This is something that you don’t really need to know their size but it can still mean a lot if you take note of like their favorite cents or even just something that’s gonna Smile. Oh and a little tip you guys if you are looking for any kind of like cents They sell stuff like this at like Nordstrom Rack TJ Maxx Marshalls Ross Anyways, they sell them at like those kinds of more discounted stores for cheaper than the market value So just a heads up if you are looking for a cute little since moving back into the makeup room I have a few gift sets that I thought were super cute for this holiday season that aren’t too expensive But still very worth it in my opinion and still stuff that I like as a beauty lover would definitely love to receive So first off we have this honest hacia Beverly Hills lipgloss set. So this has four SuperDuper adorable mini lip glosses These are all high shine lip glosses so they have a lot of glitter a lot of reflex and Something that again even if you have all the lip glosses in the world, you can never have enough Hi shiny lip glosses like these that add that little extra bit of umph in your life for me like everybody like How do I phrase this? Nobody ever buys me makeup because everyone’s always like well you have so much like we don’t want to give you more makeup I’m like girl. Why do you think I got into this? I love makeup like I would love to receive something like this or Something like what I’m about to talk about I’m gonna do some swatches just so you guys can see what these swatch like in case you’re like wow I know somebody that I really want to give that to oh my god, they smell so good. They smell like cake and I mean cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake. Oh My god, it smells amazing. I love that you can see they all have a little bit of a different tint They’re all so pretty so perfect for the holidays such a great little holiday gift and this Shoot I forgot The price hold on I had written down the prices. Let me get my phone. Okay, $25 So this little case when t $5 but I really do think that like anybody would love this again Maybe you pair with chocolate. I think I have a problem. I just pair with food, but maybe you pair with chocolate Maybe you paired this with a pair of fuzzy socks that you get at like Target or Walmart I think that’s such a cute gift idea and Like I said anybody lover he’s gonna get a lot of use out of these. These are pretty deluxe Many sizes it if I just say so Like they’re not that small so you can definitely get like your fair share of use out of them So I think that’s really cute And then the other makeup set that I really want to talk to talk about is from artist Couture. It’s their disco Couture glow Inferno so this guy is $28 so around a similar price this one you get a full-size lipgloss and their lip glosses are Amazing and then you also get two little babies They’re so cute, they’re literally the cutest thing and even this if you guys have ever used the diamond glow powder You don’t need much to make it like blinding like a blinding highlight. So even this is going to last you forever like seriously It’s gonna last you forever because I’ve had my diamond glow powder for probably two years now And I’m not even a quarter of the way through and I use it all the time. I used it today but yeah, like you’re just you’re gonna get a lot of use out of this even though it’s Shade right here. Oh My god, that’s so pretty you get this guy right here, which is a rose gold I Only use a little bit and a little goes a really long way And then the lip gloss that you get inside of this set is called lift free. So pretty like Genuinely stunning and he did an amazing job macdaddy did an amazing job with this one I’ve been seeing him talk about it on his IG story, but it has this really cool applicator on it That does have a point so that it’s really easy to get precise application And get that pigment on there without making it a mess. So I really really love that little set I think it’s such a cute set for any beauty lover That loves the glow Ok moving back To our under $5 Rome. How cute are these little Gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. Oh My god, I died. These are like literally the cutest thing in my life. So these are actually from It’s called it sugar

Yes, Santa Monica, California. It’s sugar on Third Street Promenade but I just wanted to show these well one because they’re cute too because I think little things like this make such cute holiday gifts if you are looking for something like for a co-worker or For like a little appointments that you just want to get something little for stuff like this is always appreciated food is always appreciated Okay, I don’t care who it’s from. I will love food. No matter what it is It could be a little mint it could be a full Thanksgiving dinner Um, but yeah I think that this is a really cute idea to get little Gingerbread men or gingerbread houses if you want to make them that’s like next-level But they sell them at little stores, too You can I know that you can buy similar things to this at Whole Foods during this time of year And at a lot of different grocery stores and sometimes even target if you hit the right ones And now that we’re on food like let’s just go for the food realm sugarfina. Sugarfina is always a good idea I love sugarfina for those are you don’t know I literally love sugarfina like it’s kind of bougie candy, but it’s so good So so worth it So they have these little three-piece sets and they have ones either that you can make your own you can put together or Pick out I should say you could pick out like different candies to put inside But they’re like the cutest thing and I think that they’re a very thoughtful gift. But again actually very easy to get look This is like a special and then they made with tipsy elves. But like what? Love that so in here are the candies like isn’t that such a cute gift? I feel like I would be thrilled to get this again Just something that like anybody’s going to love no matter who you’re shopping for. I know that everybody loves candy I mean most people love candy I have met some people that don’t love candy and then some people that don’t love chocolate and I’m like what how It tastes good. So like I was saying this one is like a preset one But they have ones in there that just say like Happy Holidays And maybe cheers like they have diff designs of the box and then you could pick out different candies to put inside to make it more personalized so like for example Because all my family and friends know that I love sugar lips like maybe somebody will get me three sugar lips in one because I would love that but Not only that Look what they have right now. Okay, the grinch sugarfina candies. Okay, you guys know that one scene It’s my favorite scene in the whole movie when he’s trying to say what’s where and he’s like ooh, ooh That’s it. I’m not going literally love that scene used to quote it all the time. It was like my jam this would be really cute pair with like maybe a lip gloss or something like small makeup B or even Back to the fuzzy socks. I mean who can go wrong with fuzzy socks and candy you take one thing out of this video, honestly take the fuzzy socks because They go with everything and anybody’s gonna love that candles we all love candles I got this one at t.j.maxx I Love it. You can find them at t.j.maxx for like way more of an affordable price than anywhere else they’re just gonna fill somebody’s home with cheer and joy and love and if you want to build up the present and make it like a combo surprise surprise fuzzy socks I mean We’re not going to talk about the socks anymore because you guys already know that I love fuzzy socks and I love that They can pair with pretty much anything. I make like the cutest little holiday gift but yeah, I think candles are definitely a necessity when thinking about what Holiday gifts I’m gonna get for my loved ones I’m gonna have to like tell all my family and friends not to watch this video because a lot of my ideas I’m sharing with you guys, but I don’t want them to see it before Before the holidays and then me Dad if you’re if you are watching dad, please Exit out right now or maybe just mute it. Don’t exit out though Just mute it because this is your Christmas gift your literal Christmas gift will one of them So this I think is so great for any men in your life. So for me, I’m gonna give this to my dad I personally feel like It’s so hard to shop for men. I never know what to get my brother my dad Anybody that’s a man who if it’s very hard for me to shop for men But I think something like this that’s gonna make somebody feel good is always a nice gift because when you feel good, you’re happy So again, I’m trying to spread some happiness here and this again I got at t.j.maxx It was the meat dad, please Mute right now it was $12.99, which I thought was such a good deal literally such a great deal for this And I don’t know I’m really excited to give this to him because I always have trouble swapping for my dad and my brother Because they’re very like minimalistic. They don’t want like a ton of things so Yeah what I feel like I talked so fast through that um, I hope you guys enjoyed this video definitely Give me a thumbs up if you did and comment down below what you’re super excited for this holiday season

Or maybe like what’s on your wish list? Who should we make it fun in the comment section? But yeah, thank you guys so much for watching I hope you all have a super happy holiday season Love you guys so much. You are beautiful inside and out and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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