howdy folks tax revenue your tax krepner outdoors what’s in this big-ass box here well I’ll tell you one thing it ain’t a big quarter Moe’s and snow it’s not a core to Moe’s and the guns this here is one of my new tree stands and because I’m in the mood and I figured it might be helpful I’m gonna do a putting together video so we’re gonna put this tree stand together and do this you’re gonna need a tree stand obviously this is a 16-foot guy gear ladder stand you’re gonna need a toolkit you’re gonna need some chew in the back and you’re gonna need a spittoon okay this and this is optional this is optional but if you’ve got this this is not optional so let’s get started all right we got the dip in we got this cutoff so that now this is how the comes not to assemble now on Amazon you can get a guide Peter 16-foot tall ladder stand for around 69 bucks and some shipping only trouble is when it comes like this I’d almost rather pay 200 bucks to get the one that’s in Menards just take the ladder steps off the damn thing and throw it in the back of a dad’s pickup truck but this here is how it comes right like that I’ll pick that up later you got your seat there we go and there we go there’s your instructions pretty well first of all I normally get the top piece of the ladder and you can tell that it’s the top piece because it has that wide yoke all we’re gonna do is open up this long end here with the hole in it goes there and now you sit through a pile of screws until you find one that looks like it remotely goes with it this could take a while guys next you take your floor plate and the stand is going to have holes right here so I’m taking this bolt here and I’m gonna run it through ah there we go right pull I’ve got that whole line now I’m going this hole and I shot my bolt heads facing the outside there on the inside point now the reason for that is if you don’t place them that way then they’re gonna tear you up when you’re climbing in your state so now that you’ve caught that maybe not and you put it on there now there may be a washer involved but I don’t know and I’m not putting that on tight yet another thing in a listen to me but I wish to Christ that you can get some decent goddamned

instructions so now I’m gonna find the next piece that goes with this bed wasn’t so now we take this bolt in this piece here and there’s a hole back down here they run that bolt through stick this piece over there’s been 20 minutes finding the nut that goes with it that on there inside but work with this actually great that son of a bitches with blood my Leatherman that grouse and there we go spit and slide and now I spend 20 minutes searching for the other boat that’s the same size so now we take this other boat and we’re gonna put it through down here trying to swallow my dip with that on there so at least I’ve got these two on here well I up this is why you don’t tighten any bolts until you’re absolutely sure they just put together correctly so let’s set this in here and see if this bull don’t do that you now I’m gonna set this in here and see if this bolt is going to be long enough which it probably won’t and it’s not and now I’m pissed again okay so apparently it may or may not be this skinny little so I’m sticking that through there let me check these shitty instructions for a second and see if there’s a washer putting a piece of okay that’s through there nope guys it’s this boat by the way this video will be posted as comedy sportsmen guides are instructions suck it just seems to me that there ought to be a washer in there okay I found two washers I don’t

care if this is where they go this is where they’re going and there we go hmm no I will guess that it is one washer on each side of that again these instructions are okay this side like I said guys putting together its reasoning and we’re gonna put it out here and here’s hoping that I don’t have to take this part again okay so now we take the Cotter key and we put it through there we get another counter key let me put it through this side okay so that’s together so that’s not moving so it’s been two and a half hours and I’ve been staring at those instructions like a window licker and I figured out that this bolt it goes through here if I back through there and these go on the inside I’m also three dips into a fresh can now it’s time to put these bolts on and move on with the arduous process of putting him together this tree stand so I figure I got this half figured out now this is gonna piss me off these are metric so now we’re going to tighten up these

good enough for girls I’d go down on these if I was an intelligent I’d be easier ratchet you got one in the tool set but I don’t feel like getting the okay so now we’ve got this tree stand propped up on two chairs and we’re going to take this boat here and it goes through these two holes up here come on you were in there you get back through there a note that I’m putting the nut end down so that doesn’t dig into your leg or my leg or burgers like whoever the that wrenches hang on I’ll be back I just want you got the ratchet wrench okay so now you take these two pieces and you v investors together you just take this little tiny bolt through there line up you piece of better we just got to talk sweet to it changing out the red god damn it I need a adaptor I’ll be right back maybe is wrong bucket we’re going back to the fridge and by the way in case you’re wondering yes I do feel down this already

really just brilliant every other Bolton this whole assembly his customary measurement and this one metric that makes sense do it I think they put that in there just piss you off then I’m going to take the chair lockers and put a tube find this chair three there put it on backwards this one has to be that I hope you all are entertained in at least halfway important okay so now I’ll take it back when you’ve got a longer bolt through that that’s rude now we take the safety rail slide it over here make sure they slide up there hard to safety right over here with that nother one and if there’s one thing I’ve learned to work on the farm it’s winning that is a crescent wrench Emma good enough heroes I’d go down with the same over here nope I can’t that patients me the off good at the proper tool absolutely times it’s different respiration a pair of pliers yeah I’ll call that tighten up there any plane so now you take these last two little token bulbs stick that presenter find the azimuth I don’t you take that to you there we just tighten these bastards left and

quarter so now what I’m going to do to make sure this doesn’t fall down when I’m finishing it let’s take this here for gun one they give you with it ensuring that it is good and secure this here floor joist that around there fairly solid wort going so now comes the only easy part put the seat on its maybe it’s easy Michener untie them take that through there there there and there get that piece of out of the way Your Honor here and I think I’m going to weave it to be honest with you I’m gonna go under the first bar the second bar pull it down good and tight and I’m just gonna knock these thank with the Pope wait out of there leave it under there bring it tight not it but knowing your order cushions roll that under right there as I try not to collapse this so now the safety rail Jesus around victory is mine that is finally goddamn done she’s finally watching together I’m pleading the maintainer finito were some Taco Bell word anyways it’s finally done obviously this isn’t a full height this is a 16-foot ladder stand from guide gear or I’ll say supports for this guide this is probably gonna run you on Amazon by $69 plus shipping you can find them at Menards for 589 to 100 bucks but I tell you what last one that I bought I bought up an arch before this one I bought on Amazon then we just tell you they will sell you the display that you can take home to pick

up go for it gives these things or a bitch to put together and the instructions they give you you might as well not even be written in English because there’s nothing the part numbers and like that it’s just an assembly diagram anyways finally got the son of a bitch together gonna go put it up at some point before the season as always god bless on the Ted Nugent blood brothers doing the NRA to protect our rights thank you very much law enforcement knows you certainly the military thanks for watching Texas crab turn outdoors

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