[Low roar of tiger] [Sound of traffic passing by] [Guitar being played and sound of more traffic passing] [Narrator’s voice] [Music continues…] [Sound of small frogs, crickets, and other insects chirping while music ends…] Voice of Terry Craig: This project was gearing up over 15 months We’re all dealing with our own conditions, and all of us at times have to cancel stuff It’s the nature of our lives. We can’t – we can’t predict that. That’s part of the story [Sound of crickets continues in the background] [Sound of bird chirping and then traffic passing by…] My name is Terry Craig I also go by the name of “The Disabled Hiker.” “The Disabled Hiker” is an informational resource for people with chronic illness basically wishing to access nature again I live with CRPS or uh… Complex Regional Pain Syndrome At one time I was a cabinetmaker. I used to build big, extravagant cabinets anything you could think of [distant voices] Terry Craig: I’m the slowpoke, so I might as well take the lead Shanna: But, I don’t know where we’re going [laughter] Terry: That too I live at about the number five pain level Some days it’s a little less. Some days, it’s a lot more I deal with a lot of flare-ups All kinds of things affect my CRPS, especially since it’s in the rib cage I am very sensitive to pressure I haven’t been swimming in years and I mean years and years because I can’t stand the pressure of the water on my ribs I haven’t laid flat on my back for more than 10-15 minutes at a time ever since the surgery. I just cannot do it. I feel like I’m… I’m being suffocated Nobody’s been able to explain why. It’s just the way it is The CRPS pain also comes down the inside of my arm It can go down my leg, in my hip. It can come up into my

my neck and into my jaw That’s the weirdest one – where it comes into my jaw, and it just it’s very painful Interviewer: You came here this weekend all the way from West Virginia? Shanna: That’s right I live in a little town called Montrose, West Virginia, it’s near Elkins, West Virginia I’m a Assistant principal at a middle school, and so it’s a very stressful situation Complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS -craps without the “a” It affects… it usually occurs after you have an injury, and your body still thinks that you’re having this injury Mine was a horseback riding incident 10 years ago in April, and I had a fusion in my back and a surgery and so now my whole left leg… it feels like I have pins and needles, and it’s burning and icy and hot at the same time And it’s a constant pain that never goes away There’s different stages of that. There’s… I’m in a stage that’s pretty stable, but some, the further you go along some stages your muscles start to atrophy and actually die, so the better health you can keep in and the better you can keep yourself active and moving and blood flowing to all of that helps prevent it from progressing There’s a pain level that I’m usually at with CRPS Stress and changes in weather can cause flare-ups, and what those are are when the pain it kind of skyrockets and those are my two triggers other people have different triggers and so being outside and hiking helps keep that stress level down and they help the the Flare-ups from occurring, I would never be a cold-weather hiker though So it is something I have to enjoy during the warmer months My name is Tracy my trail name is TNT. I live in Martha’s creepy. Eye On my junk professor and a veterinary technician program at Northampton Community College I Have genitive Nerve deafness, which isn’t good. It started when I was young and 15 in started noticing, it’s noticeable, but what it is is some sound starts to Upper ranges and lower ranges start to dwindle so the Rangers come like this and Now I have a very low range of what I can hear no Robert no flower this mid range I’ve been backpacking things for kids my mom took this out backpacking a scroll maybe backpacking lived near the Appalachian Trail So I go Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, so I just grew up with it with my mom taking us girls out So it’s always been part of the family what we did Backpacking tania’s is my fix. I’m anxious or things going on it kind of we centers me Okay It just seems like when I’m out backpacking in with nature on the trail that when I leave to try and go back home everything kind of disappear I Kind of just reground you I think it’s very young to me therapeutic I Didn’t consider myself Broken And I hate the word impaired hearing impaired compared means broken I’m not broken I Just Observed the world in a different way And it’s not a disability in a lot of ways, it’s It’s a way in ability. It’s a gift of seeing the world differently than others I Just have to be looking through hyper uses things and came upon Terra’s disabled hiker and I said let me see this and Like oh I can relate to some of those like deafness and then that he was doing this project

and then we were able to connect for me to be in this project so I think I was led to the How on earth did you get involved in this project on it and guess what eight hours Seven hours away. I saw it on a CRP, Essman So I belong to various support groups online because of the rare disease and so there aren’t many support groups I’ve not met anyone Terry’s the first person I met with CRPS and So I saw it posted that they needed people and so I thought hey I like the hike I still do that even though I’m Have challenges that I have to face and so I would like other people to know that because a lot of what I see on My CRPS sites, it are people that are very depressed So they don’t want to get out of bed They don’t want to do anything and there’s so much more to life than your disease or your illness So that’s kind of what caught my attention The disabled hiker is also an accounting of my journey as the disabled hiker All the equipment that I’ve readjusted for myself over the years all the equipment that I’ve come to reinvent or even invent from the ground up that didn’t exist before I Also tweaked equipment and already exist so it’s even more easy to use I Think a lot about what people are dealing with when they go out on the trail and I try to Incorporate that into my videos and into the equipment that undemonstrated or reviewing at the time It’s very interesting to actually put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and Understand that now you have this difficulty what would this? cause you to do differently or Operate differently or what well problems would have cause if you had to You know if you had to use this piece of equipment without adjustment And what? Adjustment, what do you make? To make it more usable So I try to I try to use this in my my video making So in a lot of ways the disabled hiker is about my journey as a Disabled hiker The distance is not the issue the distance is not the point. It’s not why you’re out there neither is How fast you go? I’ve hiked with hikers that I can no longer hike with anymore because they love to cover the distance But I can’t so it’s nice that I go my face And I’d like to create something that would allow others to go their own piece as well Do you find it Even or is it more People having an injury or more people have it for the surgery that has a little bit of a balance like it’s a it seems to be a balance Somebody had carpal tunnel surgery Somebody rolled their ankle So very short the cause of it yet Before My CRPS. I could just grab any equipment from a store This time when we were ready to come my husband usually carries a lot of the weight for me Which helps with the stress of that since he wasn’t gonna be with me we had to check The weight of my pack so without water it was 25 pounds so that was What we figured was as light as we could possibly do

Well, I had to make sure to have medication in case I have a flare-up with me And then I take supplements daily for nerve health and things there’s supplements you can take for that that I do also On my food. I picked freeze-dried kind of food, so that way it was lightweight and Then things touching my leg are very It’s very very very sensitive so all the clothes I tried on I was telling Terry I had to try on about 10 different Pants and it took about three or four different sessions to try on these pants to see to find a pair that was comfortable That didn’t hurt me But when you are having these things that hurt you touch your skin Repeatedly is about all you can do to try on a pair at a time So that was one thing but clothing that I have to wear has had to be soft my sleeping bag had to be very soft and then I use essential oils to help prevent things in her pain and so that was those are some things that we had to do I Use Aromatherapy too so I have a little necklace with me to help it helps with stress and then also I used topically There’s some that help calm your nerves on your skin. I used those and then also any chemicals I put on my body It kind of sends my nerves into like a shopping mode so my bug spray is made out of essential oils and organic things all the Medications you know that I use there’s very little chemicals which I do Any kind of first aid things that I thought I would need are all essential oils because the chemicals kind of send my body into a shock and Then pain starts from there And then a place to be comfortable this amazing chair right here it weighs a pound And then the way it sits it takes pressure off my back and my hip I have to watch cuz some chairs I don’t know if you’ve noticed They kind of fold up around your legs, and that’s very painful for me, and so this is an amazing I hiked the Appalachian Trail My sister and I finished that in 1986 now back when frame packs were And heavy boots. I hike to Thunder swamp and Pinchot trails in the Adirondacks I Shaved my 21st birthday on the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts my messages. I was blueberry cobbler I have a mountain house package and tasted awful when I read their package it contains no blueberries And it poured, but it was great I hiked it with my sister Fisher who is five years older than me We hadn’t hiked a lot afterwards because I was 20 when she was 25, so you kind of go on do your lives you know and she’s a marathon runner, and I became more of a tracker hiker and Recently we just went hiking again. It was interesting because it was 31 years later and Things just clicked again it just clicked again. She slowed down for me, and I sped up a little bit for her and We kind of just like a sister thing kind understand each other that she Liked to do a time of getting there And she understood that I have to like this as a porcupine Nutrient and all this so we kind of help each other get what they want to have a job But it was interesting that we that we just clicked again after all these years of hiking It took us Five bucks to do trail, but we skip, Pennsylvania because we lived in Pennsylvania And we did Pennsylvania first as a trial run is we could do Pennsylvania you can do any part of the Appalachian for For that time Barry was a normal Thru-hike there wasn’t the people that there is now many people like we were the only people and Springer Mountain when we started, but now They wouldn’t get it. It’s it’s different. I mean there was no internet. There was no cell phones There was a he was just trail register Sandman do buddy-buddy systems and keeping I who was hadn’t that? So it was a different time It didn’t bother me that people were slower

Or that I could go further than everybody Other people I was with At all I kind of embraced that the section that we hike they Hiked it many many times I Didn’t see get to see how much I’ve missed because I was able to take my time and go slower and really really my study does what’s for twenty years and Really see things that I didn’t and smell things that I didn’t wasn’t able to before it made me realize that I need to slow down a little bit I Kind of shy away from groups doing group things because the more because of the deafness Not get into conversations And in way it was kind of scary to be in a group Because I kind of you can be kind of isolated in the group but because this was Everybody had some type of disability I knew it was a group that would understand and that we were a group that would try to work with each other because we understand disability I Think it was a great experience that I didn’t expect The CDC estimates that more than 53 million Americans live with some form disability But what does it mean to be disabled? The word itself Phyllis, it’s a wide range of response Well with the word disability often think of not being able to do things that you want to do and so certainly with my CRPS there’s times I feel disabled Whereas other times I feel like it’s a challenge and I have to overcome it So I feel like I have both and the CRPS lends to both for example for me hiking is a challenge now I don’t feel like I’m disabled because I’m still able to do it but some things I can’t do anymore I Can’t run a marathon anymore, so I feel like the CRPS has disabled me in that way and so I think it’s your attitude of how you look at it and some people I think might have Difficulty with the term disabled because they feel like they’ve overcome it and it’s been a challenge but they’re able to overcome that and I think that might be one reason that people have a problem with it I Could use them interchangeably because I’m still me Regardless of whether I have CRPS Regardless of whether I was blind or deaf, or if I had lupus or anything else? I’m still Shanna and so if Any words you want to describe me. I’m still me I hate the disability work Because I don’t have a disability I’m not broken. I’m not impaired and That the disability isn’t on me the disability is from the other side. I don’t have a disability They relate more and deaf culture because the way the hearing culture is towards made deaf culture isn’t just The physical state of being in depth it’s a culture of people. I grew up in hearing culture I’m a deaf culture, so everybody around me was hearing nobody signed When I went to college that’s all I learned a sign and I was in Deaf culture. I was in the Deaf program and

Then one sign from the death So I relate to Deaf culture because of Well how they have to deal with hearing culture sometimes the ignorance From happy bar towards deaf people If those around me they’ll have the handicap not me I’m legally stuff But I kind of reside in between the two worlds. I think I was put here to be the a To be a link between the two Maybe not nose and the Cecilia willing one, but they fell that was my purpose Was to be the link between the two cultures to join the two cultures So there’s a lot of different ideas about This word disabled, and it’s why is it disabled Piper I liked the irreverence of it And the fact that is it’s somewhat of an oxymoron Cancels each other out In person you drops a pen on the floor bends over picks it up and walks away I’ma drop a panel on the floor Next the first thing I want to know is How am I going to get down there to pick it up, and then once I do How am I going to get back on my feet again? All of a sudden There’s two steps That most people don’t have to think about they bent down that picked it up. They’re gone Well you you’re stuck making a plan and you start noticing that a Lot of things in your life have become a plan you have to plan You know to pick up the pen How are you going to pick up that heavy wash basket over there? Now we’re going to carry the groceries in from the car How you going to get to the store now that you don’t drive? Everything becomes one of these little plans And it wears you out it really wears you out is Doesn’t even occur to you until you actually have to start doing it then all of a sudden there is Dan There’s just so much that I used to do that I’m not able to do anymore I Mean the word challenged just doesn’t do it, it’s more than challenged And That they’re working construction all my life. It’s really hard for me not to identify with the word disabled I Like the military saying improvise adapt and overcome It’s one of the things that I feel that Improvisation is part of how you get through every day Is very essential that we are able to spend time out in the natural world I Think drives down stress Anxiety I think it helps us to accomplish things that we didn’t think we were able to I Think it helps us to think outside of the box. I think it helps us to think beyond our Normal means and the things that we usually have at hand Around us all the time I think it also allows us to expand our mind beyond The daily pain and the doctor visits and The therapy visits and all these things they constantly remind us that we are not well These things bombard us all the time throughout our daily lives

Even when we don’t have in a doctor’s appointment these things bombard us all the time so it’s nice to To kind of take this vacation from yourself to Think in a different way to live in a different way My two-year-old says is this your bad leg mommy or is this your new leg mommy My kids hat I can’t climb on me. I always kind of protect myself or my husband goes first When they can’t hug me from this side because the pain comes up to here my Parents have dogs, and I was talking to Terry about his dog He seemed to know which with my side that hurt because my parents dogs They just kind of come and no wagon they’re happy to see you But any touch on this it’s like a thousand knives And so I always kind of protect myself or my husband goes first Sometimes if I’m in pain I have to cancel plans last minute, so it makes it very hard for us to plan to do things In the past three years I’ve had three very bad flare-up, which is very good I hear other people’s stories and Some people have bad players once every week or so and so I feel very fortunate When I’m working I have probably a flare-up once a week or so and so during that time sometimes I have to go my office. I have to shut the door or when I get home. I have to Take some medication that will help me being hiking I say is a non stressful Situation and those flare-ups when I’m able to catch them and catch the pain coming a little bit I would say they rarely occur Lift it up push it up do the dirt just like it see The flower the motor just like a weed You want to know where you are going, but the way that shows I was dirty, and you never get to see Forget there, what makes you think you deserve Are you sound Take a look around and watch the world die for Watch the world Watch the world I I Think for anybody Has a chronic disease or? a deafness blindness the benefits are amazing I Know a lot of people say to me outrace. I watch videos on YouTube. I read books I’m too scared to go out. I ask them is it your sphere or someone else’s fear on you even if they get out To walk in the park city or a tenth of a mile on a trail nature Just get out there look at the window if that’s all you could do is look at nature out the window just do it But don’t let other people’s fears Prevent you from doing it if this is what you want. Give it a truck go out there. You’ll be amazed How nature is? The best cure for so many things And If you know your instincts telling you that’s that’s where you’re supposed to go Do it even it’s just a smudge

You feel the sunshine feel the cold and smell what’s around you? It’s a total connection and some reason it just seems to cleanse the body Make it your experience like your own height right. It’s you nobody else But get after the benefits are amazing But rather fly the flowers you feel more just like I wasn’t expecting as many rocks as we had today My pace is much slower My I don’t have as much balance in my left foot as I did before and my left foot also Swells so that means as the hike goes on I have to loosen my boot, which therefore doesn’t give me as much ankle support We had one river crossing today And it was really difficult for me because I had to put all of my weight on my left foot for a long period of time and balance until I could find a good footing for my other one and So I use a trekking pole then to try to help tripod Hiking being a slower pace and the ability to take more rest It’s something easier that I can do to be outside and help stay in a better shape Did I have any problems hiking in yeah, I did especially the Dixon roller pack Was off Kanter and I Realized that almost as soon as I started out that something had shifted something at have moved and Whereas everything was was centered before? Now things were shifted. I think it was Shanna who who mentioned that the thing was leaning heavily and That’s when I knew that you know that this was this was a concern and When we got to the the haver pond With all the little burrow sticking up from where the beaver chews off the retreat things started getting a little hairy and And shanty even have to lift a card up over one of them so that I could get off of the There’s like giant punji sticks very interesting mr. Beer Two chocolates actually sporting a new pack And we’ve had this problem For every pack that we’ve bought so far that it rides off to the one side or the other No matter how much I even had out There the only way that it doesn’t ride to one side or the other is if I put virtually nothing in it and then it’ll ride pretty even but I Bought the pack so he could help carry his own Equipment because that’s another issue for me carrying extra gear for the dog So it is important that he be able to carry equipment, but if the pack doesn’t fit him well um I’m not quite sure what to do about that. I may have to design my own pack for I’m able to tell when things are starting to flare up For example just a little bit ago my pain. Level was starting to rise so I took a break red laid down Did think did some meditation kind of breathing to? de-stress And help that even though I didn’t feel stressed being outside The stress of carrying the pack on my body and setting up the tent and all of that still causes that sometimes After taking some time to relax

Each of our hikers sat down with multimedia personality Jason had reason to reflect on the day’s experiences So You are experienced with these trails like you’ve been here quite a bit Do you have any? Interesting experiences in the past on these trails oh Yeah lots of things yeah, mr. Porcupine down there The Beavers down here I came into winter was cold and the otters Lots of birds I thought this spot that we camping at now May I had an ice storm Was it hard? getting back out with everything iced over I Left real early as soon as the Sun came up, right It was so cold, so I just wanted to leave like wherever a hikers went bad because of I’ve never had a hike that went bad because of it I was on a run once and somebody had their dog off the leash and the dog jumped up on my bad leg and scratched it severely and So that caused a severe flare-up at that time And I had to have help kind of coming to get me But I wasn’t very far from my home at that time because I was running a shorter distance but hikes Normally, no. I’m able to tell when things are starting to flare up Just a little bit ago my pain. Level was starting to rise so I took a break Oh As far as the pain goes um They describe what your specific challenges are like one of the things Most of the time I hike alone, so I I bring this guy here He’s my hiking partner my best friend and When it comes right down to it. I rely on him so I need to bring stuff, so I know he’s comfortable as well Yeah, extra sleeping pad. I usually have to Bring like some kind of a floor for my tent because he has nice squalus a little bow for my tent. I’m not careful Extra food Nobody seems to make dehydrated dog food But then there’s things like how am I going to hang a bear bag? How am I going to peg my tent down? Everything even like bending over into the stream to get water Everything is is forethought. You know whereas before you would just do it now You almost start running through these things before you ever even go out there there they can even turn into oh I can’t do that and I fight that a lot because I Like to think that you know when I started thinking oh, I can’t that’s why I got to do it Did you Change your way of thinking at all for your hike knowing you would actually be with more people as opposed to being solo Yeah, it’s um It’s actually a little anxiety right Being with the other people because I’m used to doing my own game Right, and I don’t have to are any of someone here’s man Just mean the dog right yeah so with a group of people People I never met before so That was a little anxiety and how that was gonna go Feel very experienced with this trail where you just throw on your backpack and go yeah I’m here a lot hike a lot here Adirondacks Appalachian Trail, so I usually have my bag is always ready to go right. I’m the only thing I’ve Changed lately is I tried to lighten the load, right? So you know a smaller one person tent from two person right usually have my dog a stove From the hard fuel now then canisters, right? So, but I usually have Some my equipments 30 years old So for the others I had to change to lighten up

But my pack is always ready to go even the water bottles are filled Right so when I have a when it’s good out. I could just grab my pack and go dude. I think you’re older Yeah, I can’t carry anymore My feet would hurt Shoulders back. I just couldn’t Have a stamina to carry that so I lightened up the Pack so I can you know enjoy better, yeah? What did you think you were walking into him so I’m gonna join Terry Craig’s disabled hyper group and do this thing I Was really excited to see how different people adapt and to see if I could use anything that they Use and Eve tips to make my life easier You know and that we could share my other expectation was to be able to Help people like I said because so many people get down and trodden and I’ve been there before I’ve been through the stages of all the successes of permanent illness and There’s low places There’s really low places and to help people get up from that and then I was excited to meet people who had similar CRPS because I’ve never actually met another person who has because it’s so rare and so That was very nice to be able to talk about it and have somebody to understand What I’m feeling and going through and to be able to empathize with me Interesting Terry’s the first person you’ve had a face-to-face with it’s another one yes, yes Yes, and most of my doctors have never met anybody that has had it before and the only thing they know is what I tell Them or give them access to through medical journal And there you’ve been also very innovative in creating and designing and building a lot of your own apparatuses Whether it’s through the technical aspect of the filming or whether it’s creating Things to help disabled hikers tell us about that special little trailer that you have And then maybe also talk us through some some of your innovations You’ve had to come up with over the years to overcome some of the challenges You have some friends down in Florida they actually take Paraplegics out on trips like this but on something called a trail runner Which is a one wheeled cart? that has one man in the back one in the front and then a third man with a tether in front to give pull and I started looking into their website more and they they also do hiking with Jogging strollers where they take the jogging stroller part they put it in in the middle? You know and and it’s nice flat land down there, so they go out hiking with jogging strollers that way That’s where I started that idea with all these Fox Then I went to a one wheeled cart which which my friend. Larry. Help me help me try to figure out and That’s when my wife got tired of my experiments then for Christmas. She bought me the the Dixon part As far as like a year that I’ve had to invent myself There’s been quite a bit. You know especially when it comes to putting a bear bag line up for a while I had one of those those ball devices for your dog. You know those suckers for the ball and That worked okay, but then I actually I Invented this this year to try out we just tried to actually work. I I called it the Adil battle Through lack of a better term I don’t like single use item so I actually designed this for the fact that I also need to be able to pick things up and By carrying this around it’s like an extra arm I don’t have to bend though to reach grabs things, so you know this is almost like two inventions and want But that’s the kind of things I do I anything I can think of To make the experience easier for me, so how does that thing work as the bear game? That’s not the end? It actually works with that ball there in the rope, but you put the ball in the groove at the top and Then you hold it like the unopened repeal and replace fishing reel And then you can use it as a fulcrum it launches really really high That like Maradona Roscoe

Took a few tries, but it worth I Was undiagnosed with CRPS for five years and so I Kept telling the different doctors there. I have two kinds of pain I had a back fusion, and I had that kind of pain And it came and went and it was an aching pain, and I told them I had this burning pain And so they did all kinds of tests, and they couldn’t tell what it was We lived in Ohio at that time and when we moved back home I had a doctor and who happened to be an ex-navy seal He touched my leg and I jumped in horrible pain, and he said you have CRPS It was really strange that the first time I heard of CRPS was that a summit for the US Pain Foundation only two years ago I Think it was 2015 when They sent me an invitation to come to the ambassador’s summit the wife, and I I went and I decided to get involved I Was never really comfortable talking about my pain condition I Don’t Really like to put a lot of it out there about myself But us pain Foundation has actually changed my mind about that Chronic pain patients tend to be ignored There are the first ones they get called crazy. I know that they’re making it up or they’re There you know it’s all in their head We’ve heard it all We’ve heard it all and and funny thing is is it’s hard to find a chronic pain Patient out there that has not heard these derogatory terms used in reference to them It’s it’s one thing to be a patient It’s another thing to be a patient that is That tends to be ignored We need to start advocating that This we’re not making it up This could be you this could be your mother or father anybody Already That’s also where I met joy in Phillips, actually I guess you could say he named this film Julian those that testifies At congressional hearings and so forth both state and federal level About his condition and living with CRPS and a chronic pain condition and on several occasions he’s Handed his shoes to different legislators and asking them to walk a mile in his shoes and I guess that’s all any of us want when it comes to health care is For us to be knowledge that there were people too. Just like anyone else and We do not deserve to be marginalized or or pushed aside We’re really going through this and it’s important that They know this Long as your clothes are starting to get hundreds don’t getting a little weak

My hair I Think it was interesting for me because my disability had nothing to do with ping I might not hear things around it, but it didn’t it doesn’t slow me down and Being with people who have pain made me more appreciate it that I don’t have that I Made me understand more where they’re coming from I think we all learned something about our disabilities and had to work where they job My pain level can play a huge part in whether I have an appetite or not So when dinner came around that first night, I didn’t have much of an appetite at all Instead I decided to have a quick meeting with the production crew before they headed out and back to the cabin to recharge batteries for the following day I Did eventually eat something But when my pain level is that high eating can be very difficult At that point um eating strictly out of necessity and respect for where I am and what I’m doing at the time When I come out here especially when I’m alone, I’m also making a promise to my family that I’ll take care of myself and Making sure I eat something at least a little something is part of that promise And it concerns about tomorrow you’re excited about Italy what is day two good news here. Well. I’m concerned. I’ll sleep and It’s that will affect singing tomorrow But if it doesn’t then I’m excited for the day I Actually got up Use the restroom got my food down so that way I could take my medication this morning And as soon as I got in my tent it poured Gets his man the seventh I start smelling the rain, and she okay back to bed I probably would have slept great without the weather So what gets me is I feel that the most when weather changes, so As soon as like the weather changes from hot to cold or from rain or dry I feel that change It was a pretty rough night it was cold and the ground isn’t the best from the most conducive environment for pain It also rains this morning and so that drop in pressure Really affected the pain level, so it was it was pretty rough, and I was down for a while this morning But I got up then I started to go about the business of the day brush my teeth and things like that and that really helped to distract me from the pain, so now the sun shining and the pain is better a Look at the weather

And it’ll be all sunny days and everything and I think is it going to change totally on the second day It’s a bit of an old tent so the seams are a little stressed, and I took on a little bit of water So around I don’t know maybe 7 this morning I was out throwing a tarp over my tent to try to keep the water at bay Do you always make sure no matter what the forecast is that you’re prepared for a rain? Yeah? that’s why I had the tart with me a Lot of people ask me is it scary at night. I’m like no I Think most people especially after hearing They hear all these noises I kind of hiking my sister went along because she said she kept hearing all these Isles and different sounds. I don’t hear them So the woods are quiet, and I’m here wind and I’m here here Thunder I’ve woken up sometimes. I’m wondering what the flashing of light was and realized it was lightning because I don’t hear thunder I’ll smell things so like I know like the dog was growling not too long ago when we were hiking and I smell the wet coat of a bear go by the tent But they don’t scare me bear since Well life doesn’t scare me I know that You’re okay, but a lot of people get scared Zorich. I don’t think it’s much the dark It’s what live but they hear that they can’t see But that doesn’t bother I mean I could sleep through it all Hurricanes I Did some yoga this morning too, which helps everything so I I try to do it every day some but I wouldn’t say I’m a yoga master or anything like that But especially in times of pain right I do it it definitely Helps make me feel better it helps calm things that help stretch things out, and it helps get the blood circulating and everything So I do what Some people call earthing which is just matter and basically take my shoes off putting your feet on the earth a Friend of mine asked me and this was a really good question it’s like when was the last time you actually were in touch a physical contact with the earth and at that time the only thing I could answer then was the last time I did sweat lodge and That’s actually what started flicking in my head there’s Electromagnetic pulses that come from the earth, it’s constant But we kind of like have unplugged ourselves from that with shoes sleeping mats. You know what we never touched the earth some of us III do Native American sweat lodge and I’ve always noticed that after sweat lodge For about an hour sometimes a little less sometimes a little more I get the pain relief and And yes sweat lodge is very difficult to do on a daily basis it’s not something I can do all the time and I always wondered where that came from and The only thing I could think of was was the earthing The steam you know the the herbs that we use in the in the lodge itself We we burn a lot of osha root when we before we sweat a lot of sage a lot of cedar Ya know, and I have to wonder And an earthing I tried to do that when I’m out here I’ll take my shoes off and just you know put them in the dirt Try to soak up some electromagnetic energy The things that I heard last year I don’t hear the show things like Certain voices that I can pinpoint my husband my son my mother or not I have a hard time hearing them now So There are times when I I miss That especially with When my son would come home and tying a play the recorder I didn’t hear that Or my son would sing and I can hear him sing But I was able to join his face city, so there’s a lot and then that

Earlier life where I could hear that Sometimes I actually get angry I Want to hear him? Sing I mean he was younger. I couldn’t hear his stories. He’s tell me about things at school So it made me angry that I couldn’t they missed as important things The sadness and that ice know that I’m not going to be able to hear My son did say his I Do’s when he gets married. We’re here grandchildren talked to me And maybe not hear the music at all it was always a feeling there, but there’s some sorrow sadness and that but you can’t you know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, so I live for today I realized I had to make a difference somehow and I had to be from me and I had to adjust my world with them and and be happy for the things I was getting and that I could see the joy in his face and I understand that that I could still feel Things when I play music I might not hear the music But I guess he’ll feel that be grateful for those things every day is a gift Right every day you wake up right? There’s the gift All right, I don’t have the anger anymore What’s the general hiking plan the name for the group Rest nature Taking it all in That this is this is what I call a zero-day. I put a lot of effort into getting here I Should enjoy it and if I if I pack up and just put give myself another day like yesterday it ups my pain level By the time tomorrow comes around I don’t even want to hike anymore So I like to take a day like this to wherever I am and just enjoy whatever’s here Trails the the river everything I was thinking about going across the bridge over here And then going up the there’s a confluence of streams with a Salt Creek And I think the Red Rock is the other one, but the trail crosses a bridge and then goes up the Red Rock So like with nice waterfalls and stuff, so I figured that’d be a really nice little day hike just take it easy Well we did the project I didn’t bring my dollar kazoo with people The dog is my fifth sense It’s a special thing when you’re hiking with a dog It’s such a connection between the two we understand each other you have to read each other and trust each other when you’re hiking and They go through everything with you you know the distance the cold the rain the sunshine and the rainbows and all that and They become part of your part of your hike of who you are So when she wasn’t with me I missed her a lot. It was like there’s something missing there My connection of having her it’s part of my hike So I don’t think I’ll ever Be able to hike without a dog not because of the deafness Because I’ve become it’s become part of me when I hiked He seems to be packing up and he gets excited He loves being out there he loves the wildlife he loves the smells He gets very excited when we’re going to go He’s always been to type a hiking dog that likes to be with you he’s always like hanging out with you Two chakras name is in the Lakota language To schalke war table means his horse is wild

As a service dog the Shilka performs a couple of services for me one is that if I fall? with the one-word command the word help He will come over and stand in front of me and allow me to put My whole body weight on him and push myself Up to my feet again If I yell for help he comes immediately he’s an incredible dog that way he’s constantly Watching out for me The other thing he does for me is he picks up small objects when I dropped them he’s only just started doing this so There’s there’s objects a he he gets a little finicky about He doesn’t like anything. That’s metal so he won’t pick anything metal up It probably feels weird in his teeth so like I kind of get that He’s also very very intuitive about other hikers I’ve met hikers where It’s not like you growled up them or anything But like if they go to put their hand out there to pet him and he doesn’t want anything to do with them it’ll hide behind my legs and I found that interesting because usually the people he does that to I end up feeling the same way about Nobody’s ever done me harm out of the trail or anything But it’s nice to know that somebody like him is actually watching out for me He’s very well trained. He has quite a list of commands that he knows And he knows a lot of them in all Cota The other thing he does for me As I have anxiety attacks I? Found a lot of times. He would actually seek me out and Find me to comfort me and to get me out of my own head He’s a lot like that one when I’m depressed too a Lot of times he’ll just come and it’ll just lay down next to me put his head on my lap Anything – – just pull me away from the moment Some of the moments are so funny Earlier in the day Each of our hikers voiced concerns over the slippery rocks caused by the morning rains and the increased risk mechanical injury Unfortunately these concerns would soon turn to reality What was about to transpire Would happen on a narrow strip of the trail which he film crew thought it best not to film on for safety reasons Having slipped on the wet rocks Terri fell on his left shoulder Side and hit the same side affected by his CRPS It works, but I tried not to think about it anymore Now as soon as I’ve moved on down to UM yeah Yeah walking it off Now it’s your call I’m gonna go on a little bit, but if I need to turn back one you guys to go on I can make it Of course I’ve had a few Falls

That is very rare when I’ve had a fall And I can just get right back up and dust myself off and off I go again with the CRPS it Usually leads to much more painful Days, or hours ahead, so I I? Dread those Falls. I do what I can to prevent them Where things happen you want to take apart that this kind of change your view or that you learn I Have realized today by working and watching Terry that I think I have it if I can have it better having CRPS than him I think having it in the leg is easier than having it in the arm in the upper body for hiking He seems to struggle more with that because of the pressure on His back and whereas, I’m able to carry my pack up higher And so I actually have realized how blessed and how lucky I am that even though I have this disease it’s not as bad as Some people have it so that’s one thing that I’ve learned Another things that I’ve learned is I’ve seen all the inventions and all the stick-to-itiveness and persistence that people have If there wasn’t something out there the people on the high today have made it so they can continue doing it and That’s something that I hope that we’re able to help people and teach people how to do is that? There’s a way if there’s a will, there’s a way I think I’ve been able to slide things a little bit more because they’re not distracted by any sound or anything around me There’s no distraction And since the smell is really Good, I can tell you from walking There’s a great fuck somewhere in the tree right away, or there’s a rattlesnake post that I didn’t hear him I could smell it leaps like an onion smell there somewhere close So I think it’s a combination of all that That I’ve been able to track But I think most of all it’s the passion I Was fighting the bear prints all over the place and then seen them so I pointed them at After I pointed them out Then they were able to see them, and we were standing near the bridge It was a train of McKellar the happy Porcupine here because there’s always chew and everybody was like we didn’t even notice that all the cheese in it When I said yeah, this is well, you know there’s a porcupine here, and this is how you know if there’s a beaver here? So then after that they were like oh now. We know what the porcupine looks like and now we know what’s it? Now they know what to look for There’s times when the paint wins the pain just gets too much and you can’t handle it and and you just if you have to call it and Accept That you know you’re making a good judgment call Yes, you know I’ll let you need Be careful, I will I will When you look at the holiday The originally thought it would go and now how it’s turning out You basically just take the hike out of the middle and everything else stays the same where things you’ll have to do different now moving forward tonight The whole day has become Because yeah, I’ve had Falls like this before we’re

pretty much just laid in my tent the rest of the day and just Tried to feel better whatever I could do to make myself feel better I’m just going to take it and slow as a turtle If you find the fall like this could possibly when you’re into it tomorrow like gonna be any extra challenges getting out of here tomorrow It could be could be We got I’m really praying there’s not Why’d myself and coming out here, so I can take care of myself Risa seems, but we didn’t get too terribly far like How you feeling about the length of? Getting back up your feel like you’ll be completely okay. Even you have some concerns about getting back to camp at this point No, I’ll get back to camp okay Right now. What worries me is tomorrow to be honestly tomorrow already is starting to sink in How bad is it going to be getting out of here? But once a I get back to camp try to relax alright try to put that out of my mind Focus on the moment You know how it feels to be independent all yoy You’re not independently Real breaks you down One upset like that can ruin a whole trip like this, but it shouldn’t ruin the experience for the next time As many times as I’ve fallen as many times as I been in pain out here It never stops me from doing it intended That real blessing and seeing the real value of the group experience because like I’ve just been sitting here watching as One by one like everybody’s checking out that her body and showing their concerns and when they can do the help and like like seeing the power of the group After a few hours of resting in my tent I was able to get the pain somewhat under control But it was pretty obvious that from this point on I was going to be dealing with a lot more pain So I needed some kind of a distraction so when I decided to go and get the bear bag, Tracey insisted on going with me It’s been a long time that I’ve been living with this chronic condition So there’s been a lot of times where I’ve had to Stop and reevaluate and rethink Even pack up and go home so Yeah, there have been hikes that have gone wrong but each one has only taught me more and Taught me how to keep going, so I don’t I don’t like to look at them as hikes that went wrong as much as learning experiences Somebody once said that your mistakes are our only mistakes if you stop trying But if you continue to try those mistakes are transformed into

experiments in success that if You are Experimenting you’re expected to have failures that those failures lead somewhere To success When it comes to the bad hikes is not good to count them by numbers anyway Count the good ones instead That way you remember them more. No even if they outnumber or outnumbered by the bad ones You’ll find that they actually do still sticking out your mind better. If you only count the good ones But I realized too that there’s coming a day when I probably won’t be able to go alone That’s gonna be a sad day indeed I’m not moving to it still not moving too good I Am underwater So everything makes that a particularly good bear bag For one you don’t have to worry about it getting wet It’s very very watertight So like you know when we had rain last night. You didn’t have to worry about we can help us on the meal I Was thinking today about the trip that I Depend on my husband so much he’s the only person I feel like I can be around and be my complete self when I’m in complete pain when I’m you know feel my best and he can read that and Even with you all I don’t want you to have to take care of me or I don’t I feel like I don’t want to be a burden to anybody yeah, and so, that’s How I live it, and I know you guys would be accepting of whatever. I needed it and helpful but I’ve missed him a lot for lots of reasons, but that’s one thing because he’s my support and that support is so important to have I Feel the same way about my wife. She’s really the only one that I can really be myself People that know me really well have never seen me like you guys have seen me today They’ve never seen it It’s hard to let that curtain down mm-hmm let them see what’s behind it I had pneumonia I had to teach my classes It was winter And so I have the lecture for three hours three hours So I have to Try and breathe you know and It’s like one’s on fire because the inflammation No So you’re talking who’s employed right cause there’s more inflammation, but my students Have to have their class so I have to put her on the face Though they’re like we can hear you when you see them on the door But I had to put on a good face and not let them know that I was uncomfortable because I needed them to Enjoy the clock right I Don’t know if you ever feel like it you have to put on a face When you’re in public because You get tired of telling your story you get tired of people saying are you okay? Are you okay, and you want to say really? I’m not okay, but you don’t want to hear all the reasons I’m not okay, and you don’t want to bring anybody down when you’re having a bad day Because that’s not my goal in life is to bring people down Also with the trip. I don’t know I mean just from getting a little bit from

You I have a pretty close relationship with God and it’s been a very Peaceful time for me to talk and to depend on him yeah a lot and so that’s been really nice kind of a sabbatical to get to just Have a lot of conversation with God so that’s been really nice With my students at school some of them are so intuitive Still come up to me, and they’ll say you look like you need a hug today mrs. Parlo Instead of basis commenting may help us be awesome it is It is and they don’t even know One day I did have to use my cane at work, and they were so concerned about me. They were like are you okay? Because I try not to use it because that means I’m getting a pretty bad flare After the nerf walk I had to be put in in a room for several hours Afterwards till I they would allow me to leave right Stan My blood pressure dropped all kinds of things and I was in more pain than and They’re hoping this doctor does a set of three every four weeks you do one for Weeks one for weeks, and then three total and then for a lot of patients. It’ll put it in remission and To where your pain level is down a lot lower and that’s kind of where I am right now my pain level is Probably about a three or four Unless I’m having a flame Whereas this winter it was about a seven or an eight on a daily basis? Cold right, so I don’t know if I’m going in remission or if it’s the weather that helps as well But even last night when I was cold. It wasn’t as severe pain. It was just enough to keep me awake, and I couldn’t sleep But it wasn’t Agonizing From what I’ve been told it’s the hungry bear you have to watch out for the one that’s starving to death Not the blueberry bear not the blueberry I Get in trouble with the blueberries because I’ll be eating the blueberries and mr. Barrow B and the blueberries Chomping and snort This lady keeps walking up this way We found two prints One was by the river and one was by the path They were big they were bigger than her hand Our food bags should be a lot lighter Yeah We probably should hang it before too long before it gets dark. Yeah. I’m thinking like now yes Before it gets dark Do you have any advice or tips or new hikers Do you research with equipment and talk to people who experience? And see where that is go to a store and try and all the stuff on before you buy it Um some of the stores they can rent That’s right But the main thing is is don’t think You can’t do it It’s your hike it doesn’t matter how far you get it’s what you’re only Anticipating what you want, but anybody else wants, don’t worry about what anybody else says and a lot of people are gonna say you can’t You can’t do that. You know okay? Yes you can You know and if they say you know why you say why not? What is the dietary advice that they visit what’s the dietary general nicely oh?

one thing that they found with CRPS is that When you have inflammation in your cells it makes it worse so diets that cause that Make it worse for example Refined foods sugars white flours things like that The night shades, I don’t know if you’re familiar with those nightshade vegetables some of those are eggplants tomatoes potatoes Peppers I didn’t realize how bad those affected me until I cut those out of my diet And then my children will say let’s have spaghetti and then the next day my pain levels high I don’t have a flare, but the pain level is higher so they were actually a little excited for me to be gone because they were gonna have spaghetti and Lasagna and things like that that they don’t get to have as much anymore But my family’s been very open to anything that can help me because they realized that I’m a better Person I’m able to be myself more by their mother a better wife a better Shanna When I’m not in pain I’ve been backpacking since I was 23 years old I Guess you could say I never really did stop backpacking. It’s just that my equipment needs were always changing and that probably one of the good things that I never did stop backpacking even as CRPS grew more and more painful I’ve always been innovating when it comes to backpacking even when I was still physically fit And doing like sometimes like 10 miles a day Thinking back it almost seems impossible that I used to be able to cover that kind of territory And today I mean I’m lucky if I cover a mile or two it’s just not possible Innovating my way as I went my equipment the needs Were always changing as if I would have had to just do that all of a sudden it probably would have taken me years But as it was by the time. I was really struggling and I made the first disabled hiker video I Had already made a lot of innovations to my equipment by then and it was this kind of like First disabled hiker was was kind of like that but a lot of it was already Already there and operating and had been I’d like to think that it doesn’t exist yet It’s up to you to make it exist to Either take something that already exists and modify it so it fits the bill or to create it right from scratch It’s up to you to make it exist You have any specific general Hiking advice for someone who might come to you and say advice’ get started Condition the first advice I would say is start small start with a hundred yards start with whatever you can do and see where you hurt what your limitations are and that’ll kind of give you a jumping point if it’s You find you lose your balance then you’ll know that you need to use a tracking soul But I would say don’t just go buy a bunch of equipment And so you kind of know what you need and what you’re working with and I would also say practice with people That you trust and can help you if you get stuck My husband and I did that because he isn’t here to carry the weight so he said let’s go on a two-mile hike I’m gonna have you carry all the weight, and we’ll see and we’ll go slow, and if I wasn’t able to carry it He was there to help me and to do that and so Support is is key and whether that’s somebody. That’s Disabled in some way or somebody that isn’t Finding somebody that you can share things with and ideas and bounce things off of I think is very important It’s very difficult if I’m in pain or at night for me to go to the bathroom

How women do they make a woman? Pee funnel it allows you to go to the bathroom standing up like a man and it is It’s a wonderful invention. I did have to try it out in the shower a few times to get Proficient in the use of it, but it’s been very very helpful Sleeping with to show huh I know that he Feels a lot better being in a tent with me Than just laying on the ground as it is kind of comical But when wildlife comes outside the tent I? Find the he plays possum Where he’ll close his eyes, and it’s kind of funny because if you call his name. He’ll close his eyes even tighter the second night of the hike As soon as I turn the light out Something came scurrying right over to the tent and was sniffing around the tent I get a urine you know sniffing all around and toshogu would not move would not budge and I Ended up barking at it bring it off And to show the wolf pup just look like oh, give me like seriously you’re barking It is generally accepted by doctors The chronic illness can greatly increase the risk of suicide and the chronic pain Among those patients can double that risk Eco therapy or nature therapy is one of the ways doctors are combating the increased risk of depression anxiety and suicide by prescribing activities that include gardening hiking and even backpacking It’s hard to wake up every day knowing That you’re going to be in pain today And you’re going to be in pain tomorrow and the day after and the day after If you look at it that way it can lead to some dark dark places There’s not a cure. There’s not a medication directly GRPs. There are so many different Experimental drugs and things going on right now. I would say in the past two years. I’ve been more successful There’s a lot of physical therapy kind of things you can do changes in diet things like that so I’ve done a ton of research on ways to help prevent those flare-ups from happening I did find a pain doctor And so he deals just mostly with CRPS close to the DC area So he has been wonderful because he understands what I’m going through he understands Ways to help and he understands that no you can’t touch Her in her affected area, so he doesn’t say here. Let me check you out to you. You know So that’s a big benefit It’s the first time in years, I don’t have my dog. Yeah, but she doesn’t like people Because I’m you should go on my own game I Think there’s a misconception with a hearing person Who thinks that hearing aids makes allows us to hear everything? It doesn’t it only enhances what we can hear can’t make us hear what we can’t Other things it’s distorted kind of like a feedback So it takes the focus off of what I’m reading. It’s a distraction and then on some of the sounds I don’t know what they are cuz I never heard them for before so they’re picking up some areas that maybe I went a hair before and becomes a distraction and

Like take him as like The car ride was like what’s the scariest part of me coming up for the hike? I didn’t know how I would do especially because I was by myself and So I was very thankful that I had a good day. What was the concern about driving out one way through um sitting that long Traffic sometimes causes stress those kinds of things not knowing where I was going All those things cause stress and even though for some people and even for me. They’re mild stressors Any kind of stress? Definitely causes the pain to increase and when the pain increases that my stress increases Then it’s a this vicious cycle I’m not anticipating the drive home very much but at the same time excited to see my family and I’m proud of myself that I did it without My major support groups that I was able to do it On I know we’re together, but I was able to do it on my own Without depending on anybody so that makes me feel proud yeah, because I don’t usually go by myself Right right well. It was just it different for me because I’m used to going by myself And it was kind of different relying on other people I’d fallen like that before on my own out there, and it’s a very lonely feeling to realize you’re out there on your own You’re hurt. You don’t know how you’re gonna get out, but it was a very different feeling having having you both with me I didn’t feel alone and You had mentioned that it was nice to have someone know how to help you like I said Do you need help how can I help you? Would know How have you felt being with this group I Tried to embrace everything. That’s happening and You know it’s different for the nice different What I thought was interesting is Where one person strengths everything to fear the other person’s strengths I was by myself I survived itself do you have to go with that? yeah, I Learned a lot of these things I’ve been in the woods for a long time I have Realized I had a lot to learn That’s what I realized too that I learned so much We’re willing to listen and take as much information as we can the more open-minded Not everyone tries to shove everything down your throat it’s here’s what I do if You do it, too. You know great if you don’t that’s okay, too because it one thing doesn’t work for everybody I think the reason I was open It’s because I Find even in deaf community They understand We would all understand even a different Disability some problem But we don’t understand that I Think that’s why I was really open to this group would have been a different type of group. I may not have right Do you sometimes feel like I’m in pain whether I fit whether I spin Whether I lay whether I hike do I might as well do what I love yeah, but that’s exactly how it is Yeah, cuz the pain never goes away. No. Yeah, if I if I keep moving It’s a good distraction right you talked about that a lot. I use that a lot too distractions. Yeah, yeah for me through this whole thing My husband and I are a lot closer and I have a closer relationship with God I depend on him all the time and My wants Somehow this experience that I go. There’s the pain that I guess is

to help somebody And then if they want somebody else that is working Because sometimes I’ve been in really low places And I don’t ever want anybody’s at least In those loved places. I’m Sophie you help somebody get out of that Place in some way when they feel like they don’t have any buddies That’s what one note for all of this After the fall Saturday I was in a lot of pain and when I got up on Sunday morning I Even though I was in a lot of extra pain I just had this wave Determination where I was going to do it? I wasn’t going to allow myself to be stopped So I just I drove forward I pushed it and really like I was surprised that I was actually one of the first ones have tacked up and ready to go I Figured I’d beat them dead last go to hell bad. I felt, but I was actually first as I was amazed by that And Then it came time to put that pack on that hurt that really hurt And as soon as I put it on the thought came to mind How am I going to actually get out of the woods now with this pack? It really started sinking and the first time that I had to go over an obstacle When the first obstacle came to and went over it just sent a whole wave of pain Throughout my back my arm down my leg But I Kept pushing on because it was kind of like almost a bore where I I just kept pushing myself and pushing and pushing and eventually I just Said I had enough I can’t do it anymore and After I had taken off the pack and the camera crew had decided to pull the pack out for me I realized wow, I made it halfway I I didn’t think I was even a quarter of the way out of the woods yet I thought I was still like really far from from reaching the trailhead and here I Had actually made it halfway out of the woods so I Really, I still amaze myself even though it I was disappointed because I couldn’t make it all the way out of the woods with my own pack It’s been beautiful and you have a chance to just get out and enjoy nature And what’s been created and? It’s been really relaxing and so I didn’t expect it to be that I thought with people it might be and a lot of people I didn’t know all the personalities meshing and stuff I thought it would be very it could have Potential to be you know you’ve seen reality TV shows something kind of crazy but I’ve noticed that people that have different challenges or disabilities seem to be so much more empathetic and accepting of others and others personalities and things and that was something I I Thought I kind of knew, but I wasn’t expecting that and that’s been really nice The people that I hiked with ornate family and I would love the opportunity to be able to tell our story basically there’s more to tell The people who are watching the phone you need to have an open mind Take down all the walls just type in an open mind and Realize that the people in this foam we all had different disabilities But we all had the same therapy the same healing which is nature all of us had that

There different disabilities we had the same Therapy that helped all of us. I want people to get that Just the main thing out of this phone to realize how much nature does for people all people I Do feel that it’s forced me to keep innovating Since my condition will continue to worsen over time That I’ll have to Constantly be coming up with new equipment and new ideas I’d like to use a term disabled able which to me translates that Yes, you may. Have a challenge that you have to work around or whatever, but at the same time What if that challenge? It’ll just made you grow What if that challenge just brought you beyond? your expectations of yourself Wouldn’t that be great wouldn’t that be a Plus There’s so much more to life than your disease or your illness and so that’s kind of what caught my attention We love the opportunity to be able to tell our story because I believe there’s more to tell Not only to be with the other hikers or the family but to tell more of our story Let’s stand up pushing up The dirt just like hippie butter ever cry the flower Zoom or just like a weed divert through driving through you want to know where you are going But the way to show towel is dirty, and you never get to see Forget their shipping yes, sir Are you selling fortune take a look around And watch the world Darfur Watch the world Watch the world Maybe a device in advice you have no clue what you’re doing Moral compass it is spinning and identity and here’s where to turn where to say there are so many opinions And they’re all a little different And they out whoops getting down What makes you think the driver? Get there. What makes you think? Why are you so important? They watch the world are you? Watch the world Watch the world are for Watch See the dirt just like to see but you’re never quite a flower you feel more

Just like a weed Skeeter’s don’t seem to mind that with tips to politeness, so I’ve been using that I’ll put that in my buzzer color said that I have cuz I can use that under my yeah That was actually perfect while we’re sitting there talking about bug fighting this You

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