Yes It’s 2:17 pm Yes I’m just putting on my makeup No, I’m not going anywhere And yes, I did wake up at 11:00 and rolled around in my bed till noon, so Here we are Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Reon And today I thought I was just sit down and film a get ready with me I’m gonna do my everyday kind of makeup situation because Fuck, I just need something to look forward to And putting on makeup is something I look forward to nowadays I’m gonna stay here, chat, talk a little bit about my life and what I’m putting on my face And I hope you guys all enjoy Okay. So first and foremost, I’m gonna go in with concealer Now, I’m not a primer or foundation type of bitch Just because I’m lazy This is the Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, and I have to shade 01 and 02 I did get this on YesStyle These are like 3 to 4 dollars each from what I remember, like when I purchase them These concealers are really really nice They do have a really great coverage for what they are, and they blend out really nicely They’re not super emollient But they’re not drying in any way shape or form Like for me, my biggest concern with a lot of concealers is that they will tend to cling onto my dry patches, cause I do have like just really dry skin These don’t do that, which I really appreciate them But they’re not very creamy and emollient where I can feel them slipping and sliding the whole day round My problem with this concealer is that the shade range is fucking abysmal It’s shit. It’s literal shit However, you have to realize if this is a Korean brand and I’m not sure if they’re actually expanding to the Western market I haven’t done my research in that sense I’m gonna take a little bit and put it on my eyes to “prime” my eyes So, I don’t know if they’re extending their markets to cater to Western audiences But in Asia, not a lot of people are really really really dark, so they just don’t have that shade range But like shade range is still fucking shit But I understand… why I guess So you guys can see that covered up really nicely I took the shade 01 and then – like in the inner corners And then 02 on like the outer parts And that really helps make that a really nice shade for me Then for the other parts of my face, I’m just gonna go in with 02 I’m really just gonna use this to cover up any problem areas I have that I do kind of want covered up So for me, it’s usually around the right side of my cheek I don’t really have much on the left side It’s usually around my nose On my nose bridge A little bit my forehead, just for balance things out a little bit And then, also on my chin area Right now, my chin Oh God, I don’t even know what it is I’ve been breaking out like crazy I’ve also been eating a lot of junk food So that may be why And as you guys can see, it covered up quite nicely No, obviously not the best, but it’s not bad This, by the way, is the Real Techniques contour brush Really like this just to blend out concealer How is your quarantine going? If you’re still in quarantine, because I know some states are already reopening Which is Fucking oh my god So I’m putting a little bit more on my chin, just to really help cover those areas Even though I’m going anywhere, I’m not seeing anybody But I thought I’d take that extra effort Alright, now I’m gonna go in with two different powders Which, if I’m actually going to work like if I have somewhere to go, I normally don’t do this But, I have the time now, so I’m going to do this First, I’m gonna set my under eyes and a bit of my chin area with the Colourpop No Filter conceal- concealer? This is the No Filter Powder This is actually one of the only face products I really like – like base face products that I like from Colourpop I don’t really like any of their foundations And their concealers are just alright They’re not something I’m diehard crazy over This powder though, I mean you can can tell I really like this powder I’ve hit pan on it For me, it just really just does mattifies things, without it looking cakey Which is really really nice for my dry skin If you guys have oily skin, I can’t really see you liking this, because it’s such a sheer powder And it’s still kinda gives a – like a – it’s not like… (my brain stopped working) completely matte It does kinda give like a slight glow The second powder I’m gonna go in with is the Hourglass powder Now normally, I just go in with either the Colourpop one or the Hourglass one Sometimes I feel like I’m looking a little dry, so I want more of a luminosity

That’s when I will go in with this Otherwise, I usually just go in with that Colourpop one But today I do feel like I’m looking a little bit dry, so I am gonna go in with the Hourglass powder everywhere to kind of give myself that little bit of a sheen Why are there so much traffic noise? I never really realized how much traffic noise there is It’s like until I need to record something, and I need absolute fucking silence, I really don’t realize how much noise there is outside I’ve been so used to it It’s like white noise now Anyway, I’m putting on some bronzer But this is actually a face powder just in a darker shade This is the L’Oreal True Match Powder in the shade N7 But it works for me as a bronzer, so I’m gonna use as a bronzer I have not been doing much in quarantine I’m not gonna lie I’ve been putting up some content here and there Which I really – like any content I put up, I do really enjoy But aside from that, I feel like I really haven’t been doing much One ironic thing, I’ve been doing a lot during quarantine is exercise Like I’ve actually been consistently working out every single day, which has been nice It’s just, I don’t know I think because we’re indoors all day, like my one source of getting my happy hormones for my brain is exercise to get those serotonin and endorphins So that’s kind of why I do it But it’s kind of getting to that point where it’s actually a habit and now if I don’t exercise I feel like shit, so been exercising quite a lot I’ve been using – I actually have a whole glow up- Quarantine Glow Up playlist that I made It should be public, you guys can go check that out on my channel It’s not just like a physical glow up It also has to deal with a lot like emotionally and mentally which I think is very important, obviously during quarantine So if you guys want to go check that out, the Quarantine Glow Up playlist is on my channel For blush, I have been using the Tarte Captivating Blush I haven’t used this blush in so long, and I completely forgot how much I love it This blush just kind of gives a really nice flush of color to my cheeks It’s soo pretty I love it I can’t even say I’ve been watching a whole lot of TV or like shows I definitely did in the beginning, but now I’ve kind of gotten to a point where I really just want to do something productive I think it in the beginning of quarantine. I really have been – I really took it easy and I like I watched a lot of TV shows I finish each Itaewon Class in like a day and a half. I caught up with some of my favorite animes I caught up with some of my favorite animes I’m almost done with Something In The Rain I watched a whole lot of Seinfeld Yeah, I watch a lot of TV shows during like the first half of quarantine Now, moving into second half quarantine, I’ve actually been quite productive And on days, I don’t feel productive, I feel like shit. It’s a work in progress I’m a work in progress Anyway for highlighter, I’m using the Anastasia Amrezy highlighter For highlighters, I have this weird thing where I won’t change up my day-to-day highlighter until I hit pan on them where I won’t change up my day-to-day highlighter until I hit pan on them I don’t do this with any other product really except for highlighters. like for highlighters. I will use the same fucking highlighter until I hit pad. It’s the weirdest thing I do Like for highlighters, I will use the same fucking highlighter until I hit pan It’s the weirdest thing I do Well, it’s not the weirdest thing I do, but it’s a thing I do I do a lot of fucking weird shit Lately, I’ve been really liking using this product with the Elf Small Tapered Brush I don’t know why It’s not normally a brush I would like to use highlighter with But right now, I really love it I feel like I’m gonna hit pan soon, which is very exciting You know before quarantine, I always thought I was that kind of person who just didn’t go out much; and now that I’m stuck at home all day, I realize this is true Yes, obviously I still went out more – obviously a lot more than I currently do But to be quite honest, my adjustment to being at home, I feel like was not as difficult as others Like I see how my dad has been adjusting to staying at home all day, I see how my friends are adjusting to staying at home all day, and I’m just sitting here chilling because and I’m just sitting here chilling because That’s pretty much what I did before quarantine anyway, so here we are And it’s probably what I will do after quarantine No, that’s not true This is my normal time to shine, alright? If this happened earlier on in the year, like in January, February, you know where the temperatures that were a little colder. I you know where the temperatures were a little colder, I definitely would not have minded as much But now, that it’s actually nice, it’s starting to become nice in New York, I’m kinda like, this is normally my time to shine Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons This half of the year, is my fucking time to shine,

and I’m not out there shining and it’s just Anyway, for my eyes I’ve been using the TatiBeauty palette This is a really nice palette Surprisingly, I’ve really been loving the sequins texture – the sequins finish. I thought I would love the metallic demos. But no, I really like a sequin finish I though I would love the metallic the most But no, I really like the sequin finish So the mat and the sequin is really what I’ve been using the most. the top two shoes. I almost never used the glitter The top two finishes – I almost never use the glitter I think the glitter would need – like I would need some sort of special occasion for me to really wear the glitter Also, I would need to buy a new glitter glue These glitter particles seem so big, I’m actually a little scared to wear them because I’m scared I’m actually a little scared to wear them because I’m scared they’re gonna fall into my eye and scratched my cornea, which happens with glitter. I’m gonna take this shade which happens with glitter I’m going to take this shade Smooth in the matte finish, which is that lighter brown in the palette I’m just gonna run this all over my crease Which is what I do on the day-to-day I’m not sure if I set my eyes, but I don’t think I did, that’s nice. All right on the other eye Alright, on the other eye I’m actually gonna set it with a little bit of Aura first before I go in, kind of just set that shade I didn’t do it on this eye it is whatever. I’m not going anywhere And then I’m now taking the shade smooth in the matte shade again, which is that light brown, putting that in my crease These are really nice shadows, I actually really appreciate these shadows I don’t buy palettes a whole lot anymore, like I don’t buy eyeshadow a lot I’ve been, Honestly the thing I’ve been buying most now are concealers Eyeshadows, not really Mascaras, not really, like I don’t know There are certain things that, if I like them I would like to stick to them Eyebrows are like that for me Mascara is like that for me Eyeshadow were kind of like that for me Also, I realized I just can’t go through an eyeshadow palette like that, to kind of warrant me having so many of them So, I’ve kind of just stopped buying a whole lot of eyeshadow I did just order a new palette on Sephora during the VIP sale, but that’s only because I haven’t had a new palette in so long, aside from this Tati palette, that I feel like I need to try out some other formulas just so I can kind of see what’s out there again because I have no clue how these formulas are anymore So I thought it’s it’s something, it’s like a little gift for myself to kind of keep up with the industry I guess. Okay I’m taking a little bit of smooth in the sequin finish on my Sigma e25 brush Which is honestly one of my favorite brushes of all time So I’m just gonna brush this All over my lid And it just gives me this like beautiful like wash of color on my eyes But still like kind of sparkly and oh my god, it’s so beautiful I have never really seen any other shadow formula that’s like this The sequins finish of this palette really just blew me away Like I am obsessed with that finish It’s so nice I’m taking a little bit more of a smooth in the matte and Putting a little bit more on my crease to kind of blend that out Now I’m gonna take a little bit of smooth in the sequin again, running that on my lower lash line By the way, this is an everyday makeup, so I’m not going ham And then I’m taking aura in the metallic finish, putting that in my inner corner Now normally I don’t do eyeliner, like before quarantine But like now that I have time during quarantine I’ve been putting on a lot of eyeliner So I’ve been using like a pencil liner, which this one is the Milani stay-put waterproof eyeliner Which I love this formula for doing what I’m about to do because I take like a small little angle brush like this This is from colour-pop It’s their E6 brush. And I just like, take it because this pencil formula is creamy enough where I can put it on a brush very easily But it’s not like very emollient like a gel, where it will just slip and slide everywhere It’s really nice formula So I can’t put on eyeliner using straight from the pencil I’ve tried, it looks fucking bad So I usually just use like a tapered brush And I’m just gonna Bada boom Bada bing Now I can do this with a felt-tip but with a pencil, I don’t know it just doesn’t look right That’s nice

I like that. Okay, real simple here It’s just a simple little wing And now for the other side Oh, these might not be the same I’m waiting to hear from Cuomo, to see if, I think upstate it’s going to get – it’s going to reopen soon I don’t think the city, which is where I’m in, is going to reopen anytime soon The rate of infection here It’s just way too high to reopen in my opinion and I really hope he doesn’t Like, I know it sucks that we’re all in, and the economy is shit and like Like all of that sucks financially, but for the sake of everyone else’s well-being, I just much rather stay home where it’s safe And hopefully Cuomo agrees and he will continue to leave the city shut Anyway enough about politics I’m gonna go in with the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer Brow -am I saying that right? The L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer, yes And I’m just, this just in the shade dark brunette, and I’m just gonna fill in my eyebrows This is not an interesting process To be fair, I’m not sure if any part of this video is really all that interesting though I’m sorry. I can’t talk to you right now. I’m too busy concentrating I say the same thing when food is around That’s not true. I take like five hours to eat Speaking of which, what kind of recipes have you guys been trying? I am so curious I have not been trying as many recipes as I hope to Like the kitchen isn’t free all the time for me to be trying out as many recipes as I would like to That is that And now, I’m gonna curl my eyelashes and put on mascara I have been debating whether or not to cut my hair and I’m not talking about like a drastic quarantine cut I’m just talking about like the front pieces so I can get some kind of layering So I have pieces to frame my face cause right now It just feels like a big blob And I was supposed to get my hair done before lockdown happened So when New York City like actually shut down, I scheduled my appointment two weeks in advance, right? So it was two weeks ago. It was two weeks in advance before the quarantine like shut down, staying place orders but I scheduled my appointment for a Friday and that was the first Friday of lockdown Like that was one of the like the first few days of lockdown from what I remember, so Like a few days before that happened I messaged my hairstylist and I was like, um, I’m not sure what’s going on But I don’t feel safe going to the salon And she’s like, oh, don’t worry I already like flew back home because she lived she- her home is in Texas with her family So she was like, don’t worry I already fled New York. I’m canceling all appointments I was like, great That’s good. But like also my hair. Oh my god I’m so sick of this long hair I cannot wait Till I get to cut my hair again At first I was just gonna get like a nice little trim and now I’m like no fuck. I want all of it gone I want it gone. I want it gone But I’m not gonna do it myself because I don’t trust myself like that, especially the back of my hair I have so much hair. There’s no way I’m gonna be able to cut it myself But I’m feeling like if I do with the front layers Maybe And I’m gonna leave enough room So that if it turns out bad, I can have my hair stylist just fix it for me when things return to normal Or it’s somewhat normal Not like old normal Old normal with what got us here So not old normal just like When I can go get my hair done again I’ll be patient about it though. I’m not a Karen. I’m just I’m just anyway And that is that Oh by the way the mascara I’m using is the L’Oreal voluminous lash paradise Really love this mascara One of my absolute favorite mascara on the planet of the earth I have not tried anything new mascara-wise for the past year and a half I’ve been using not the same tube, but like the same kind of mascara for the past year and a half It’s- I refuse to try something new. Okay, it is what it is Even though I just ordered something I just ordered the NYX On the Rise Mascara which I feel like I might like but I wanted to try something new

Like I’m ready kind of dip my toe into the realm of make up again, so I’m very interested to try different things so anyway, I I was going to say that was the end of this makeup look That’s a lie. I still need a lip gloss I need something on my lips alright? I just have lip balm on And I’m just not that sort of gal where I can just wear lip balm and call it a day Really can’t Even though my lips are pigmented enough where I can kind of get away with this However, I don’t want to so I’m gonna go in with the Marc Jacobs lip gloss This is their Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Pretty Thing. This is my favorite lip gloss It just – look at that This brings me joy It really does. Look at that. Look at my face Have you seen such joy? Alright now I’m done You guys might not be able to see a difference I do so, that’s all that matters Alright, we’re done. That’s it This video has been a mess. I have realized, such is my life so Yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video of me just casually getting ready, and showing you guys my everyday makeup routine This is literally just it Normally, it does not take this long. I just like to chat a lot So now we’re here I hope you guys enjoyed If you guys did, make sure to give this video a thumbs up So I know like, like this video – if you actually liked it you know how it works Subscribe if you want to see more videos from me and Let me know what other videos you guys might want to see from me. I do have a few ideas But um, let me know I might be down to film them. So I Guess that’s it really? I’ll see you all next time whenever that may be. Bye

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