so it is that time of the year again it is time for a roundup of my yearly favorites usually I do a roundup of everything in every category and stick it into the one video this year I decided enough to do that because I have so many favorite things from the past year I mean a gazillion favorite things everything in this video is either new or rediscovered I’m sure from watching my videos you guys all know what ticks back to this video I will link down everything I can below so I’m just gonna go bam bam bam straight through them explain why I like them put them in categories as well so I’m gonna start off with a face and what you put on your face first before you do anything else you primers and I think the primers are so important to prolong the life of your foundation making a makeup look flawless all day and fill in those nasty little pores to primers that I want to talk about from the same brand are both L’Oreal I’m of sass at L’Oreal these are completely different primers one is the nude magic blur cream this is a dupe for the Porefessional in my opinion from benefit I think it exact exactly the same a video of how I use it down below and how were like it is to the professionals the next one is the L’Oreal nude my cheek base this is similar to stroke cream from Mac absolutely adore this this gives me a more a luminous kind of appearance so what I want my foundation to look juhi or glowy I will use this as a primer and I adore it the Catrice prime and fine amazing primer it’s a silicone type base it is cheap as chips I think this is less than a fiver I go through tons of the stuff and I think it is an amazing primer from the drugstore next I want to talk about foundations there’s two foundations on their shoulders above the rest and this is probably no surprise to you but it is my L’Oreal True Match in the number I think I’m W 3 and then the L’Oreal infallible I’m in the color 114 alter my foundations cannot put them down and we’re in the L’Oreal travel today absolutely love it performs my skin I love the texture it leaves my skin I love the tone it leaves my skin definitely my favorite drugstore foundations of 2015 and one of my all-time favorite discoveries of 2015 so next moving off and that I want to talk a little bit about concealer is one concealer brand that again is one that I use quite frequently it’s one brand that when I think of affordable good quality concealer I always think of this concealer now I have it in a really dark shape because I use a two cream contour and it’s for that as well I learned how to cream contour this year badly I will link to my video below I wanted to say that the colors that I use in the light for concealing I use I have four different colors will lift them down below absolutely love these highly recommend them there’s cheap as chips you can buy them off beauty joint just amazing the next concealer I want to talk about is the L’Oreal True Match concealer and I love this this isn’t kind of vanilla it’s amazing a brightening underneath my eyes it doesn’t sink into fine lines or crease or anything like that doesn’t go blotchy it is just amazing and one of the best concealers power from the allegorically knows that I have found this year for setting powder I actually have a new favorite setting powder which is amazing it’s not my Rimmel stay matte powder mmm I know what is the l’oreal the powder True Match keep smiles at bay throughout the day it’s one that I use constantly I’m all about the affordable pressed powders versus the high-end I feel like they perform exactly the same and if you can save your money then why on earth would you invest in a high-end one when the affordable ones are just as good if not better this year I’m actually giving my ass under eye setting powder with a little bit of a rest it’s not cuz I hate out of fun and love it or anything like that it’s just I’m trying new things you know brilliant you know there’s not necessarily marketers under-eye powder because I use it from my under eye area I call it an under-eye powder this is the nude magique BB powder and this is in light skin and it’s a really really really pale powder and I use this underneath my eyes to set them obviously it’s slow compact it’s great for bringing on the goal if you have really liked skin this is great it’s set in your face makeup I absolutely love the consistency of this it doesn’t cake underneath my eyes it’s loose enough and finely milled enough that it will just snap my under eyes without adding adding more coverage or adding cakiness to the area so I love it for that reason so keep it in the zone with face products I’m gonna move on to blushers I am absolutely loving the Milani baked blush is the two colors actually have here a luminous oh and dolce pink I have it think about four of them they can perform exactly like the Mac aked blushes they’re fan tastic they’re so pigmented they’re just super pretty amazing and for the quality and price you cannot cannot lease them they’re just amazing these bushes are definitely in last year’s favorites because they are just ultimate favorites of Mines they’re not technically new discoveries but they are old loaves I have every color I think in these and they’re the sleek blushes so in front of me here I have this one called rose gold which is a dupe for NARS orgasm and then on this side I have suede there’s so many different finishes there’s so many different colors they’re so far insanely intensely pigmented they’re just amazing like look how intensely pigmented that is I hope you can see it this is a beautiful color rose gold on one that I highly highly highly recommend to put

that in the top of my list color that I’ve been grabbed gravitate towards a lot is suede it looks kind of ninh but on the cheeks it just translates amazingly and looks superb these blushes are not powdery they come in a ton of different finishes and I just highly recommend them next up is bronzers there’s only one bronzer that I panned gravitate towards from the drugstore because I have found my favorite high-end bronzer and I’ve just been going near nothing when I don’t want to use up my high-end product to go with this one and this is the NYC sunny bronzer it’s matte it’s not orange it translates amazingly on the skin it’s great for contouring it’s great for adding a little bit more for bronze I used to turn the summer I used to turn the winter I just think it is insane and it’s so affordable I think you can get it for about three or four year old another portable bronzing jewel is one that I have been going towards a lot a lot lately and this is the sleek contour and highlight jewel it comes on a light medium and dark as far as I know and this one is the light shade and that’s perfect for my skin tone I don’t need to go any darker because I don’t want it to look too muddy or anything like that it uses a lot for contouring again it’s matte it’s the right tone of brown it’s not too orange or anything like that it doesn’t make me look muddy which is just I absolutely hate muddy looking contours I would take off my whole entire face if I notice that my makeup was looking muddy and this does not do that the highlighting side of it is fantastic it’s not the best Highlander I’ve ever used before the price you cannot go wrong I think it’s about six year old for this duo so happy days and finally from the same brand this is a highlighter too but this one is like leaps and bounds I of that other highlighter and this is from sleek again and this is their salt just palace and it looks like this this comes with three powders and one cream highlighting product it’s fantastic now the packaging of it is just it gets so messy because obviously it is gold it could see fingerprints and everything on it but you know hey hope it’s not the worst thing that ever happened this purple color enticed me the most affect this palette and it actually translate really really pretty light onto thee based I’m using this highlighter today on my cheeks look to be honest this one here is my favorite out of the bunch I just think that the packaging is so expensive looking sleek really op the amp with this packaging and I really hope they bring out more amazing products in 2016 because they’ve really blown my mind this year with their products next moving on to my eyes I’m gonna talk about some of my products that I’ve been gravitating towards a lot I’m gonna start my brows and their products I was using up until last month I absolutely love around gels to brands that stood out for me this year because I grab products were NYX and makeup revolution they brought out amazing eyebrow gels I absolutely love them they’re great at setting down your eyebrows without going hard or cakey or flaking or dry down or anything like that the only thing is I’m rubbish at my brows so I need a product that works really really well with me they’re the ones that make my brows look the best and I highly recommend these just someone who wants to try eyebrow gels the only thing I will say about it is the packaging is a bit irritating meaning like I’m trying to squeeze it out and you have to put it onto a cotton round if you want to use that because you put too much in the brush and then it’d be just caked and then your Braves will just look a bit too full-on so you just have to be careful how much you use with these only other eyebrow product I’ve been loving this year is my brave plumper from L’Oreal and I don’t know if I talked about this last trick they did discover it at the end of last year but it’s just fantastic I love the little spooley it’s so small enough it’s very similar to the brow gimme brow from benefit but I prefer I just think that the spoolie on it is way better I just think that the product inside is way better you get way more buying for your book and just because that little benefit want to look so teeny and cute it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the way to go I do love this product and I just I highly recommend us for eye primer I actually would usually never mention an eye primer but this one from Catrice needs to be mentioned it is absolutely amazing this just exactly the same job as my Urban Decay primer potion I just think it’s fantastic it’s great if you’re on a budget it makes my eyeshadow last so long it’s it keeps them looking pigmented stops them from fading I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it already and it is less than three year old so you honestly copy gone wrong for eyeshadows there are three brands that select me so much this year and the first one is makeup revolution the product that stood out the most from makeup revolution for me was the chocolate bar palette now I have three chocolate bar palettes but this is my favorite one it’s the original one and it’s meant to look like the Too Faced chocolate bar it is fantastic now it’s not as pigmented I have the Too Faced chocolate bar palette what it is soul soul clothes I use this palette today on my eyes and I absolutely adore I use it a lot like horns or makeup tutorials using it and I will link any tutorials down below using this so do check that out the product is amazing I think the products inside it are amazing I think the whole brand make a revolution is amazing they’re fantastic from the tones of products from them and I highly recommend the next one is makeup geek I have failed two of these palettes but makeup geek shadows this year because they have just screamed at

me the whole concept of makeup geek just blows my mind any time I’m thinking of a look that I want to do I literally dive into my makeup geek palettes because it has a very single color onto the zone and it’s from the one brand she has created so many different unique formulas unique colors everything about it the brand is just amazing and like I said this year I discovered it and think they’re insanely beautiful there is a link down to the makeup geek website below so do check them out you do want me to do a video on my top favorite makeup geek shuttles please let me know because I would love to do it another brand you hear we talked a lot about is morphe and I have I think I have about seven or eight of their palettes so one of my all-time favorite one is obviously this one this is a 35 all palette it is incredibly beautiful just look at those colors they are just so warm and vibrant and gorgeous I have filmed a tutorial using this I just have to edit it so please bear with me while I try and get around to do enough and I will link it down below as soon as it is up the other paladin loves so much from them was the Jacqueline Hale one I just thought that this was insane Jacqueline hills designed this one I picked the shadows herself think it’s amazing it’s again quite warm I mean in love with this plum color I use it in a tutorial recently which I will put down below I just think it was a great palette and unfortunately it’s not available anymore but all the shadows still are so do check out morphe if you haven’t already I rant and rave about these quite a lot and I just think they’re an insane brand great quality and I will link down where you can get them below you can either get them on the morphe site I can get them on beauty joint which is great because it’s quite cheap shipping wise the last eyeshadows I want to talk about are these ones from sleek I love sleek and have done for years and years and years quality of the shadows are so buttery and creamy and the texture of them you get twelve shadows so you get tons of different colors there’s so many different varieties of them they’re really easy to get your hands on and you can create like tons of different looks with that the good thing about the sleek shadows are they also blend quite nicely so they don’t blend into a blur I find that some buttery creamy eyeshadows that blend they actually just all blend and mix in together and it looks like one block of color these do not do that they’re great the ones I had here actually a vintage romance and the storm palace the next eye products I want to talk about are the makeup geek pigments I absolutely adore these I’m just obsessed with them they’re such good quality I use them quite a lot and I think they come in so many different colors again amazing before these came out all of the types of pigments that you could get your hands on or Mac and they were so expensive I love my Mac pigments don’t get me wrong when I can save some moolah happy days I want to mention these boiled shadows from makeup revolution pure platinum and rose gold these just translate so fabulous on to your eyes oh my god they’re amazing I have my eye on the copper one for the longest time and they never get it back and stop please make a revolution bring back in the copper one it’s fantastic so I’m gonna pick up the other two shades that it comes in I hope in 2016 they make more of these they’re like the Magnificent metal with some steel and these are called the awesome metals quite similar a name not similar whatsoever in price the steel ones are about 35 euro and these ones I think are 5 or 6 so a huge difference and they perform exactly the same I have the Stila ones another thing for eyes I want to mention is the NYX eyeliner liquid liners these are cool these are Souls also cool they come tons of different colors I just have the blue I think I did green I absolutely love the blue like come on look at that even the applicator is good look at that color it’s so vibrant and bright I have to do a makeup tutorial with this it’s like rock solid on your eyes as well there ain’t no way to get this off unless you use a makeup remover you are like stuck with this on your eyes like a tattoo then a thing for eyes I want to talk about is my volume million lashes so couture this is a new one that’s why it’s still in the wrapper I absolutely love this mascara I feel like it was in my favorites last year adore this it just makes my lashes just look so volumize and long and just in your face and I’m not blessed with the longest lashes as it is but to have a product that makes them look whoo-hoo I’m all about that life so next I’m gonna talk about lip products I have a ton of different lip liners there’s brands and I absolutely adore one such brand that I really really really like is actually Jordana and you’ve seen torrent tawny lip liner come up on the time that’s still a favorite of mine but one that I really really like is one called cabinet I think it is the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen in a lip liner it’s actually what’s on my lips today and I tend to find those dark lip liner is really hard to work with really drying sometimes as well for some reason I don’t know why and I was really really happy to get the one from Jordana no it’s not a brand that sold in Ireland but it’s a brand that’s really easy to get your hands on another brand that deals great affordable lip liners is new Milani named Milani it seems quite similar in consistency in texture and quality but the price range is a little bit more so where you might pay for your foyer for Jordana you will pay 6 7 euro 4 Milani but they seemed quite similar to me even the packaging of the missile similar that’s another one I just have from Jordana in sedona red they are just

great lip liners from both brands and I highly recommend for a for dry lip liners and excellent want to talk about this is like one of the best discoveries of 2015 regards to lip liners this is the PS love lip liners from Penny’s and they’re exactly the same as Mac’s world and I have a video on that down below these are just insanely beautiful they have unbelievable pigmentation for the price one your own 50 cent you really can’t go wrong another lip liner absolutely love this year and it’s only the one lip liner it’s not the bronze or the range like that but it’s the extravagant lipliner from Rimmel that’s in the color addiction and it is insanely beautiful it’s a mauve a pinky Brown type of color absolutely incredible great long-lasting power great consistency fantastic lover the last lip line around for me has to be nixed and the color that stood out the most to me was the color natural I absolutely adore this I just think Nick’s make the most amazing leap loaners definitely one of my favorite brands of the year but their lip liners are just insane they’re just amazing quality I’m gonna move on to lipsticks some of the lipsticks that I loved in 2015 were for the color others were for the brand so the first one is the PS love again from Penny’s this is the nude lipstick so that’s if they’re I don’t know if I can see you it’s a great lipstick the color of its fantastic it actually smells kind of nice it’s not repulsive Hrunting like that and I went through I think two of these in the summer time I loved this color that much and everybody always asked me when I was wearing this on my lips what’s on your lips another lipstick I absolutely adore this year this is the color that made me fall in love with red lip this is Julian’s red and it’s the most amazing read ever for me it is my ultimate red color on my lips it’s amazing have a tutorial with it envelope I just think red lipsticks are fantastic for the brand wedding Wilde’s lipsticks they’re leaps and bounds above even some higher-end lipsticks that I’ve tried this year my favorite color has to be bear at all has to be and marv it over is another lovely want the packaging sucks I hate the packaging but that’s probably why the price range is spot on another lipstick random and lovin this year is from Milani colors that I absolutely adore our mash innocent nude creme and matte blissful these are beautifully packaged they’re gold packaging they look expensive they’re great quality they are just so pretty and the matte colors are spot-on they’re great they’re not drying or anything like that NYX lip stick across the board or my favors but the actual line that I’ve been drawn towards the most is the butter lipsticks I adore these these are sensational lipsticks the one that I love the most is full-size and I’ve talked about this before being a do for my YSL lipstick in beige tribute I think all of them are great they’re great colors I just think that Ireland were a bit slow and getting in the colors I’m only seeing them coming now so I’ve been buying them online another lip product I want to talk to you about is actually from la girl and these are their mass let’s stick things the really great because they’re easy to apply the comic nice little wand there it’s super pigmented look at that that’s in the color innocent and this other color isn’t dreamy and I really like this and a lot of people ask me about this one I wear it too that’s it they’re they’re super pretty really pigmented like I said they’re not drying but these are great so the final thing I want to talk to you about is brushes one brush brown that I’ve been drawn to the most this year is the Eva and I just think they’re great my favorite collection that I’ve tried from zoeva is their rolls the old collection of these are monkey dirty brushes apologies for that these versions are great for blending they’re great for contouring they’re great for everything they feel expensive they look expensive and I think they started about six or seven euro per brush so definitely check out to leave I will linked and their website below another brush Brown diamond lovin this year is my name of versus and again some of these look a bit monkey they’re well-loved NEMA is an Irish brand and I absolutely adore these there’s such high quality you’re so expensive to look at as well and they’re quite affordable look at the brush handle dunk they so pretty like gold and Tiffany’s blue and then you’ve got like bronze and white they’re just insanely pretty they’re great quality and they’re comments and everything so do check them out so my top top top first round of 2015 is morphe look at many of these verses these are all new ones some so obsessed of the Browns I just have to have all the brushes I use these constantly in videos you guys have probably 60 in them I use them for everything blending applying powders I use them for contouring I use them for my eyes for my brows everything there’s so many different shapes and sizes there’s so many great brushes from more feet than one of the most at sounding Brown that I’ve ever used for brushes and I just I highly highly highly recommend the go and buy yourself some if you’re looking for new brushes so guys it was a lot of products to get through there I know I’ve ranted and raved about some of them I dread editing this because it’s gonna go on for hours but I hope you enjoyed this video nonetheless so let me know if you enjoyed this video by giving it a thumbs up so then I’ll know to make more next year to continue with my favourites videos this was so amazing to actually fill them and pick out products that I fell in love with over 2015 I’m excited to see what the drugstore and the other Fordham of Browns have for the upcoming year and I’m sure next year there’ll be a whole barrel of brand new products coming your way so guys I was to you next time I love you so so so so so much thank you so much for supporting me throughout 2015 you guys are amazing I love you guys so much

Wow bye

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