Hiya! So this is going to be my very first reading vlog i’m not really sure i know what i’m doing but i’m going to have fun and just go with it i don’t think i’m going to be making the kind of reading vlog where I film myself reading because I sit in awkward positions and I’m a bit self-conscious about that and I personally don’t like watching those videos. I’m gonna go with the style of Hailey in Bookland’s most recent vlogs where she just kind of checks in every day and says what she’s reading and what’s going on. Prepare for lighting changes because i’m going to be filming at random points throughout the day i’m going to start this one by going over where i’m at with my reading at the moment The audiobook i’m listening to at the moment is Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas. This is a reread because there was a big gap between Kingdom of Ash which is the final throne of glass book and the book that came before that and i’ve forgotten everything so i’m rereading using the audiobooks hopefully to get me back into it Although i’m finding i’m not really enjoying them on reread. I’m nearly finished – sorry i’m gonna change my hand because this camera is really heavy- i’m nearly finished with my reread of Heir of Fire. I think I’ve got about an hour and a half left and i’m underwhelmed i don’t see the romance, i don’t get it but i did the first time somehow. But yeah i’m powering through i want to read the last book because i want to finish it. I’m currently reading wranglestone by Darren Charlton How far am i…? I’m on chapter 7 which is page 78 so not very far. About 20% I think and I’m enjoying it. I think it’s good, I’m intrigued to see where it’s gonna go I can see the love interest already and I think it’s really cute When i first started reading it, it did make me a little bit panicky because, you know, pandemic and zombies during a pandemic it’s gonna make me anxious. But I’m getting over that a little bit now. I think it’s really good, i’m really enjoying it. I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple of days I’ll check in at various points throughout the week. Oh i should say this is monday by the way. But yeah, I’ll check in various points throughout the week maybe even later today to keep you updated and to let you know what my thoughts are okay bye! Good morning! It’s Tuesday, spoiler: i did not get much reading done yesterday. I spent most of my evening editing my new video which will probably come out by the time this vlog goes up so I didn’t read very much where’s the book? So I’m still reading wranglestone. I think I’m on chapter 12, about 120 pages in, just under a third of the book so yeah, not much progress but I don’t think i’m gonna get much reading done today either because my boyfriend’s coming for a visit. We’re having a takeaway and we’re gonna sit in the garden two meters apart within me and my family and my boyfriend um so yeah i’m not expecting to get much reading done today. Maybe in the evening who knows? but yeah it would be nice if i could finish wranglestone today because i am so behind on my tbr at the moment. I’ve listened to a little bit more of heir of fire and it’s getting a bit more interesting but i won’t give any spoilers. I’m really looking forward to finishing it to be honest with you. I just kind of want to get to kingdom of ash and finish this series i’ve always enjoyed throne of glass, i do like it, but a court of thorns and roses, that series, that’s my favorite. Like i much prefer that to throne of glass, i always have That was the series that got me into Sarah J Maas I’ll check in later, let you know how I’m going. Happy reading! I don’t know what to say! Hiya, it’s still Tuesday, it’s currently about 10 to 11. I have read a little bit so far of wranglestone just check my progress I’m on page 158 I think it’s around chapter 14/ 15-ish i think. So I’ve read a little bit But yeah, my boyfriend came for a socially distanced visit today to have dinner in the garden with my parents and he stayed for a bit and we managed to get my laptop out there and between us so we could watch brooklyn nine-nine while we were distanced and that was really fun So yeah, that was a bit of a distraction currently I am editing a video which will have gone up by the time this vlog goes up. It is my booktube newbie tag which was really fun and in exciting news my tripod has arrived today. So I got the national geographic tripod it is i don’t know, it said it was medium and the height was taller than me so i thought that was good so that should be good for filming so i don’t have to balance it on a stack of books If i still have the picture of my previous filming setup i will insert it here. RIP the stack of books i used to use as a tripod and yeah i can use this tripod for taking photos as well

so that’s going to be really fun. My plan to finish wranglestone has not come through today but i’m hoping to read a few more chapters before bed Then hopefully I will finish it tomorrow so i can move on to my next book Trying to think… I think i think my next book is priory of the orange tree but i’m not sure. We’ll figure it out, it’s fine, it doesn’t matter. Make your myth taker have changed their rules anyway so you can read them in any order but i’m gonna try and stick to my order so i get through all the books because priory is a beast but yeah i’m really enjoying wranglestone So far i’ve got some of the heart-wrenching stuff and also some of the cute stuff. I’m really intrigued, I really want to know where it’s going i’m really motivated to read it which is nice, it’s a lot different from what i was reading before, so yeah Probably will update you tomorrow perhaps in the morning about how far i’ve got and what my plans are for the day Hiya, it is wednesday and it is currently about 2:30. I didn’t update this morning because i was busy finishing wranglestone by darren charlton because it just got to that point where i just was like nope i’m going to stay in bed all morning and finish this because it was amazing. It’s so good if you haven’t checked it out i would highly recommend it the author said that the sequel, which is also going to be the conclusion, will be coming out in may 2021 but don’t wait to read the first book until then it is actually amazing. Like I immediately messaged my boyfriend saying “you have to read this book next” it is really good, it’s gay and it’s got zombies but lots of plot twists. It’s definitely a thriller so be careful reading it at night i guess because it did freak me out at night time i’m so happy I read that. I bought it secondhand because i wasn’t sure I was gonna like it because it’s a zombie thriller but i did! I loved it, it’s so good. Now i’m late to work because i was busy finishing that and then i did spacebuns! the next book I am picking up is actually girls of paper and fire for make your myth taker readathon. the prompt was to read a book with a dark cover so i’m reading girls of paper and fire and i’m really excited to get to that because i’ve heard really mixed things. I have owned it since i got the fairyloot edition when i was a subscriber and i’m really excited to read it because it’s been on my tbr for ages i might check in later if i remember, but i’m getting quite bad at remembering i’m gonna get to work now and i will update you later. Hiyas it is now 9 00 p.m i think and i haven’t done any more reading yet but i have uploaded a new video, this is the that’s the end screen because i was just scrolling through to check that it had worked But yeah, every time i upload a video i get this little surge of panic that i’ve forgotten to edit something out that shouldn’t be in there or something even though i do at least two run-throughs and i make my boyfriend watch it before it goes onto youtube. So i know it’s fine but it always makes me worried. But yeah i’m really excited. My second video has gone up. It’s my booktube newbie tag hopefully by the time you’re watching this you’ve already watched that and you know what i’ve said but yeah, tomorrow i’m going to be filming my announcement video for pixarathon, the readathon i’m hosting i mean you probably have already seen that by the time this goes up too So i think for the next hour or so i’m going to be planning that because the plan is that in the announcement video i’m going to be recommending books from diverse authors. Yeah i’m already planning my own tbr even though i haven’t announced the prompts to anyone else but yeah i’m really excited. tonight is gonna be a battle of going on goodreads to try and find books that will fit my prompts and desperately messaging my friends hopefully i’ll read some more tonight. i should be starting girls with paper and fire, but uh who knows? i’ll update you later. Bye! Okay so it has now just gone 10 p.m i think and i’ve finished my list of recommendations for the pixarthon announcement video which i’m really excited about i’ve managed to come up with at least one diverse book for every single prompt. There’s one that’s kind of like the cast is diverse but the author isn’t but i’m hoping that’s okay because i genuinely could not think of any that i had already read which is really sad, but i’m gonna have a great opportunity to discover a new book so yeah, it was really fun. I got to stare aimlessly at my bookshelf trying to find books that would fit the prompts, but it was really fun to figure them out! so now i just need to make my bed because i washed my bedding today and now it’s empty and naked but once i’ve done that i’m gonna get into bed and i’m probably gonna read Good morning it is Thursday and… is it still morning? It is, it’s still morning by five minutes it’s five to twelve. I have had a really busy morning I had a skype call and stuff like

that so I didn’t check in this morning sorry! It’s a really busy day for me today, i have got to go do t.he family grocery shop at tesco uh what else have i got to do today? oh i’ve got to film my announcement video for pixarathon also got some actual like work to do for my workplace so i don’t think today is going to be a huge reading day i did start girls of paper and fire last night. By which i mean i read the prologue. i ended up staying really late working on pixarathon so not much reading got done but oh well i did spend all of yesterday morning reading! so yeah i’ve also let my hair dry naturally today and i’m debating whether i should have natural curls or not in my pixarathon announcement video I think i’m going to see. They’re not quite dry at the back yet so i’m going to see how much they dry and how they dry and if i can do anything nice with them because this side is not as nice as this side so we’ll see. Otherwise I will have to brush it out and curl it manually which is always fun. But yeah, natural curls maybe for the win? who knows? uh yeah that’s it. I think I will update you later. i’m going to be using my tripod for the first time to film pixarathon After my booktube newbie tag i found that i couldn’t stand still when i was filming so i think i’m going to stick with sitting down. also will help because then i can have things on the desk while i pick up and put down yeah so that’s my day okay so i didn’t make my bed last night because i’m lazy. That’s it. i’m lazy. I slept under the naked duvet instead so that’s gonna be my first job of the day. I would ordinarily be watching something on netflix while I do this but my amazon fires tv stick is broken at the moment. I’m waiting for it to be replaced so i’m probably going to listen to an audio book. At the moment I’m on crown of midnight? book book four of the throne of glass series, I’m not sure whichone that is. I think it’s crown of midnight So i’m gonna be listening to that. okay so it’s now about 12-ish. I think the natural curls are here to stay. I’ve managed to pin back these bits and it’s made it look a lot more tame and less frizzy so that’s good They’re gonna be in for the video I’ve made my bed. Also I have noticed my little plant baby is growing something i don’t know what it is. I’m trying to show it a bit more clearly is it a new growth? is it a flower? Guess who just filmed their announcement video for pixarathon? so it is… what time is it? it is 20 past six on thursday. I’ve just finished filming the pixarathon announcement. I think i’ve covered all my bases, i really hope i have i am going to go and watch some other announcement videos just to check that i’ve covered it – oh no i forgot to mention the document that i made guess i’m going to go back and do that okay back to vlogging after i’ve done that okay now i think i have actually finished i remembered the document this time. i haven’t printed it out which i was going to so i could hold it up. But i think actually having the digital version is better because you can actually see that properly. Also i’m getting weird reflections off everything at the moment. But yeah, i am so excited um i haven’t done any reading today. no surprise really i mean i did listen to you, oh it’s actually, i think it’s queen of shadows let me check yeah it’s queen of shadows that i’ve been listening to not Crown of midnight I just, i don’t know what order the throne of last books are in don’t hate me. So yeah i have listened to a little bit of queen of shadows today while i was grocery shopping for my family but not loads. Basically not much reading has happened today so tonight i’m going to probably spend quite a bit of time editing this announcement video because it is so long but first um i’m gonna make myself some tacos because it’s half past six and my tacos have literally been cooking for four hours and i’m so hungry and it smells so good. so yeah i’m gonna go. I’m gonna go get my tacos and then once i’ve had some comfort food and some joy i’m then gonna come back and edit and hopefully the announcement video will be done today so i can go up tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Pray for me. Well you’re not seeing this till afterwards, but, you know, still pray for me I need help okay it is about ten past eight and my tacos are finally ready. i’m really

excited i wanna show you this because I’m really proud. I make the tacos which is the like the pork mix that goes in it myself and the guacamole and some refried beans so yeah let’s show you so we’ve got the yummy yummy pork that takes four hours refried beans, guacamole, salsa i didn’t make, cheese i didn’t make wraps i didn’t make. But yeah this is my absolute favorite meal so i think it’s the perfect reward Good morning! It is now Friday. As predicted last night, I didn’t really get any reading done. I actually started feeling quite sick in the evening so i didn’t get to edit my video for the announcement either so that’s going to be tonight’s job so today i’ve got quite a busy day, i’ve got a lot of work to do i’ve also got a skype call some friends later and i need to edit my video so yet again i think reading is going to fall on the wayside i honestly, i thought i was going to get so much more reading done once i finished uni but i have so many other things to do and you know monday my new kitten is coming home and when am i gonna read? so yeah i’m hoping i get some reading time tonight but there’s also the victoria schwab and neil gaiman talk tonight which is at 10 p.m my time so i’m gonna be watching that later at night so i don’t think i’m really gonna get much reading done today, but if i do i will check in and let you know. Hiya, so it is saturday sorry if it’s a bit dark because there’s literally storm clouds coming over my house right now it’s actually 7 p.m sorry i haven’t updated earlier i’ve just been so busy! My kitten comes home on monday so i’ve been feverishly cleaning everything that’s gonna be hers because a lot of it is second hand from our cat that died a few months ago or from my sister’s kittens who are very picky apparently and won’t drink from things and all this sort of stuff. so yeah i haven’t done much reading yet today but i’m definitely going to get to girls of paper and fire tonight and try and read a few chapters because i really want to get that started i posted my pixarathon announcement today which was really exciting and very scary but there’s already been a lot of enthusiasm for it which is really really nice i’m hoping if you’re watching this you have watched that one too and you are just as excited as i am while i’ve been cleaning i’ve been watching a lot of booktube today trying to leave lots of likes and comments and yeah it’s been a good day. very busy! so i’ll update you later if i get any reading done yeah it’s about half past midnight and i’ve finally done some reading for the first time in days! I’ve read, i think, three chapters of girls of paper and fire which is about 30 pages it’s a lot darker than i was expecting. i know people had said that there were scenes of sexual assault but i wasn’t expecting other dark things quite as quickly as it happened but i am very intrigued the writing is very compelling i didn’t actually want to stop reading i just knew i should because we’re getting up early to walk the dog in the morning so yeah, but i’m really glad i finally got to read it properly and i can’t wait to read some more! good morning! it’s sunday we are about to go and take our dog for a walk up the woods so i’m gonna take my camera with me so i could do a little bit of filming Today i’ve got a lot of cleaning to do before Maggie gets here tomorrow so hopefully i’ll get some reading done by listening to some audio books you’re gonna have to excuse the wet hair look going on right now, i just got out of the bath but I thought it was best to get myself all ready because tomorrow morning i’m going to pick up my kitten and i don’t want to have to be stressing about showering or anything like that. so i’ve done my nails and uh yeah i’ve had a bath i’ve made sure everything is ready. The only thing that isn’t ready is i haven’t put the litter in the litter trays yet because i’m gonna do that in the morning because i can guarantee i will forget they’re there overnight and step in them or something and get litter everywhere so yeah i’m gonna do that in the morning in terms of reading i haven’t done much today i’ve listened to a little bit of queen of shadows while i was cleaning up and organizing but not tons because i’ve honestly just been too busy. it’s been a really terrible week to start reading vlogs because i’ve not read like anything so i am hoping to read some more of girls of paper and fire. those first few

chapters i read last night really really got me into this book and i can’t wait to read more i’m a bit nervous about how dark it was at the start and i’m guessing it’s gonna stay dark because i know there’s warnings of sexual assault and things like that and i haven’t got to that part yet so i’m expecting it to get darker but i’m hoping it still stays at a level that i can tolerate. so i guess i don’t have tons to wrap up today i oh or so i guess i don’t have tons to wrap up for this week because i really haven’t read much which is kind of sad i have finished two books this week which is pretty good although heir of fire i have been listening to that for a long time because i’ve been sort of listening to that as my main one but dipping in and out of other ones because honestly i’m not loving my throne of glass reread. I remember absolutely adoring it the first time i read it and like i borrowed it from my high school library because the school librarian, who was a friend of mine, recommended it to me and i absolutely loved it and i tore through all the books in the library, immediately pre-ordered the next one. But this reread i’m just not… i’m not into it i’m not enjoying it but i am finding i really enjoy manon’s updates… manon? i’m not sure i can’t remember i am listening to the audiobooks but i can’t remember how to pronounce it but yeah i’m enjoying the witches more which i do think i enjoyed more the first time i read it because i remember actually finding the witch’s far more interesting than the fae storylines. so i guess spoiler alert for queen of shadows and the throne of glass books that came before this i have got to the part where you start to hear from dorian’s perspective with the collar on. so he is trapped inside and that’s quite interesting i like that perspective. honestly i just i don’t enjoy aelin’s perspective, i’m not i don’t enjoy her story as much i find Chaol kind of becomes a bit of a… i don’t know… bit of a twat from this book onwards. i enjoyed him in heir of fire when he was just friends with adian and they were planning the rebellion. i thought he was great then but i find his attitude just suddenly… like he becomes kind of snarky and really negative in this book and i do remember actually falling out of love with chaol completely the first time i read it and when i heard that tower of dawn was a spin-off book about chaol, i was like nah. I mean obviously I read it but I didn’t enjoy that book at all that was a terrible decision sorry sarah j maas but i just… it was. i didn’t enjoy it at all anyway that’s a complete side track. but yeah, I finished heir of fire That was okay, if i was going to be rating it again i probably would have changed it to three star on goodreads but i feel like i should keep my original rating because i feel like you should rate… well for me personally i feel like keeping it at the original rating is more true to the book because you know people are going to be reading it for the first time and that’s why they’re they’re reading your review. so to change it for your reread i feel like doesn’t quite reflect what their experience would be but yeah i’ve also read wranglestone and ahhh new favorite, absolutely loved that. It really freaked me out and really got to me but i really really loved it. i’ve already recommended it to my boyfriend i’m sort of regretting buying it second hand at this point because i bought it second hand because i wasn’t sure i was going to like it because it was zombies and i loved it and it is really really incredible I would say if you’re not much of a thriller person this would still be good for you because it has a really strong YA feel to it. The romance is cute and it is a strong part of it. i don’t know, it’s just it’s really good it’s really clever and it has a lot of things that i didn’t think of you know, there’s a lot of plot twists that i wasn’t expecting i think that is the benefit of having Peter as the narrator because he is an unreliable narrator He is young. He was born like i think he was born either like just before the pandemic started or just after, so he grew up in this world of the pandemic. He does not remember the world before and so he’s very naive to a lot of what’s going on and he just kind of has to trust what the people around him have told him So that makes it more interesting because at the start you just kind of trust everything Peter tells you, at least i did and then as things start to unravel, you start to see that peter doesn’t know what’s going on and he doesn’t know that he is being fooled in many ways. So that’s really interesting I would really really recommend it if you’re looking for a new YA, if you’re looking for a queer book, if you’re looking for a thriller, something zombies it’s honestly so good and it’s not gory, which is something i would say because i’m not a big fan of gore Like obviously there is some violence

because it’s zombies but it’s not in a graphic kind of gross you out kind of way. It’s in a thrillery way which i really enjoy i’m hoping to read some more of girls of paper and fire tonight that’s what i’m going to try and read for the rest of the week. But i can’t guarantee i’m gonna get much reading done because, you know there’s gonna be a kitten in my room from tomorrow that’s it for my first ever vlog! i guess it’s yeah like i said, it was a terrible week to start vlogging because i read like nothing. i’ve been so busy and when i’ve not been busy i’ve just wanted to sit and watch documentaries and knit so what can i say? But i am nearly done with my first ever blanket so i’m so behind on my goodreads goal why did i change it?? well if you liked this vlog then please like and comment and consider subscribing to my channel. i’m gonna try and do more vlogs i’m gonna try and make them a bit more dynamic and film more of my like goings on during the week. You know once i have a kitten there’s gonna be way more to film so if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in my vlogs or you’d like me to talk about please leave them in the comments below i really enjoyed filming this more than i expected to. so yeah that’s it! thank you for watching, bye!

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