Hey guys it’s Lauren and I’m so excited about today’s video because I’m doing a highly requested makeup collection tour not only have so many have you been asking to see this video but I’ve been putting a lot of work into it to get it as perfect as I can for you guys I know that in reality it will never be exactly the way I wanted I think I’m kind of ready to put it up there so yeah I’m just gonna be going through and showing you how I store my makeup where I store my makeup and everything inside of my makeup collection these are my favorite videos to watch because it kind of reminds me of like you know how you’d love to look and see what’s inside people’s purses or at least I do I love looking and seeing what’s inside some of the makeup collections so that’s kind of the gist of today’s video I am gonna do a quick disclaimer there just because I feel like this are kind of warranty open you do a video like this I don’t want it to come across as bragging or anything like that so if you’re not interested in the quick disclaimer I’ll leave a timestamp right here so you can go ahead and give it to the video but as far as like the disclaimer goes I just want you guys to know that I’m not trying to brag in any way shape or form I’m not trying to show off how much makeup I have or anything like that all of the makeup in this video either produced my own money or I was gifted to a by friend or a family member or was sent to me by a company for a testing out or something like that so I just want you to know that going into this I the reason I’m doing this videos a champ for a while just because sometimes it does come across as rocky and I did not want to seem that way but when people started asking for it I was like why not like I loved watching it so I have a feeling it’ll kind of radiate how much I enjoy creating the video so I hope it does I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t want to watch this video you don’t have to you can go ahead and click off you can check out some my other videos I have some link down below you can check out my channel for them and if you are gonna watch this I hope you enjoy it and let’s get into it alright guys so this is my makeup collection storage and I’m just gonna go through really quickly talk about the storage and then get into the makeup so first off I have a little IKEA acrylic chair this is actually the same women I have in my filming room here’s an IKEA table I’ll have it linked down below I really like it because it’s pretty big but it’s not too big then I just have a little make-up mirror and then I have a bigger mirror hi and I actually cannot remember this is like the only thing where I could not remember its from then I have my keya Alex nine drawers so here’s what they look like and these are my favorite they were really easy surprisingly to assemble and they literally hold all my makeup and keep it very organized so then I just have a few things on top I have first off my face brushes in this little mug that says more issues than vogue I think it is so cute I’ve brushed from Jane or gel I have a Real Techniques crown you know just the gist then back here I just have some eye brushes and actually a little flower cup it’s so cute I don’t know why I love it so much here’s another crown brush here’s one from luck see just a bunch of like smaller like I type brushes and now into eyeliners this is another little plant holder and I just I don’t know it’s really cute to you I have an eyeliner from Smashbox this is a brown liner then we have their twentyforseven from Urban Decay just a bunch of miscellaneous eyeliners in here if you would like a collection on that or a little video on all my eyeliners let me know so the way I have my collection organized is I start with the first steps in my makeup collection and I go all the way down which would be two lip products so in here I have primers I’ve once for the face one for the eyes setting sprays friends rays anything primer then I have my foundations and I’m not gonna go through and talk about each of the products because otherwise this video would be you know years long but I am just let me get through and talk about as much as I can so first off I have my setting spray from Mac it’s there at fixed place I love this not only for setting in priming the face but I really do love it for when it comes to wedding I shadow I use it all the time then I have my favorite primer it’s the first day Beauty coconut skin priming moisturizer then I have one that’s great for the winter from dr. Brandt it’s the luminizing primer I have an eyeshadow primer from two-phase I have that setting spray from rainforest of the sea from Tarte I’ve one back here from Gerard cosmetics it’s the slay all day a plenty dip declutter that because I don’t really love it I’ve one from Becca which is just to die for it’s the back light priming filter it’s great so now I’m moving on into foundations we have my favorite NARS radiant natural foundation we have one from Wet n Wild which is a really good drug store option we have makeup forever we have one that’s really good for when you want a little SPF we have the L’Oreal youth code I have this little this is kind of miscellaneous it’s the bareMinerals bronzer serum and I don’t know why I keep it in here I think it’s just because I just use it to like mix with my foundations I don’t really use it as a bronzer I have my Giorgio Armani I’m in a silk I just have a bunch of foundations alright so in this drawer I store my concealers and color correctors all of my beauty blenders which are very dirty right now and I need to clean so I apologize for that and then all of my face powders I have one in the back it’s the Becca something from Becca and it

doesn’t fit in here so it just houses back there so I have a bunch of of concealers I have some from colour-pop as you can see I’m a really dirty one from Torah I need to get out my backup then I have some from Le girl I have the pro concealer this is a green one then we have like light ivory I think we have one from Koki this is a color corrector from Koki alright now in a beauty blenders I have one from Real Techniques I have a bunch of the original Beauty Blender that need to be cleaned I haven’t use them in a while because they are so dirty and I’m too lazy to wash but I have my L’Oreal sponge just a bunch of miscellaneous sponges and now in she powders I have my Laura Mercier this is the travel size I have one from Make Up For Ever it’s like a white powder it doesn’t have that much of flashback but it definitely has flashback I won from Kat Von D my favourite Maybelline fit me we have the Too Faced perfect peach which I love it smells like peaches and it’s amazing I just have a bunch of powders in this drawer alright so in the short I just have a bunch of my bronzers and a bunch of my blushes and in the back I have some Faced palettes as far as Rogers goes I have like the hoola benefit bronzer I have one from Becca I have my invisible bronzer from bareMinerals I love this it’s so good for everyday wear um here’s one from Make Up For Ever the vivid baked Physicians Formula butter bronzer in the back I have one from Tarte and this is the Park Avenue princess and I used to love it but I think it’s a little – orange for me now then we have the Cokie strobe lights and the trish mcevoy I feel like cream bronzers add a theme more back there but honestly I don’t wear a lot of cream bronzer so I don’t know I don’t have a time but as far as blush goes I do have a good bit to be honest I’m probably way too much it’s probably not healthy but I just I’m so attached to all them but I do need to go through them I love my benefit rocket or blush it smells amazing it works amazing we have the elf twinkle pink these are only three dollars and you guys look at this shade it’s so pretty then we have one from Laura Geller this is great for the summer it’s in fruit punch and I’ll show you I don’t know it just was a great pop of color we have a wet and wild color icon blush we have some cream blushes from Maybelline we have to master glaze I have one from the Caitlyn Jenner collection from Mac the discontinued but I have to show it because I can never talk about it and now’s an appropriate time it’s so pretty like they need to bring this back I love that shade another one from Mac this is like the prettiest shade for fall it’s the Mac blush all day and here’s what the inside of it looks like it’s just this really really pretty matte blush and then I have this Hikari blush back here but I never use it honestly I need to get rid of it I have one from Jane Eyre gel actually the couple from Jane Eyre Adele this is the one in cotton candy this was sent to me but you guys it’s so pretty I’ve been wearing this a lot recently it’s just super glittery alright guys so in this drawer we have highlighters illuminators and then on this side we have the single shadows so over here we have as far as powder highlights go we have the Beca champagne pop from Jack Nichols collection we have this one that’s from wet and wild we have of this one’s so pretty and so underrated it’s the dual finish from Lancome and the shade sparkling peach so pigmented we have Cielo heavens hue it’s like a putty highlighter and it’s in the shade incandescent it looks really pink in the pan that I promised it did not come out that way uh what is this the Becca shimmering skin Perfector in moonstone it’s the cream we have this one from Sephora which is honestly it just has a lot of chunky glitter it’s in light beam and I don’t know I need to be clutter it here’s one from hourglass it is the hourglass incandescent highlighter just a variety we also have what is this one this one from Kylie cosmetics lip highlighter and cotton candy cream I talked about in my last video honestly not a fan oh this is such an OG product this is the NARS albatross highlighter here’s what it looks like such a pretty shade um oh we also have this sample of the glow this is the glow starter from glam glow it was really pretty like illuminator like cream illuminator I mined in the shade nude glow and I loved it I really wanna get full-size so now I may be going to single shadows and that type of a deal we have a bunch of different types we have glitters like these from Lena lashes I’ve a blue and a silver there’s some Bobbi Brown singles these are actually different shades believe it or not you can tell I’m drawn to the banks we have this one from Stila the glitter in below it’s kind of hard to see but it’s kitten karma Oh what is this an hourglass I think this is like they’re scattered light yeah they’re scattered light in the shade reflect this is so this like shade is to die for church shuts alright then we have the

Tarte chrome paint in the shade come on focus yes top yacht super pretty um let’s see I’m trying to bake em we have these um we have the shade iced mocha and then we have milk I have a couple others but these are the NYX jumbo pencil they’re so good oh this is my Mac single shadow this is gonna shade retrospect it’s very pretty and great for everyday wear so that’s kind of the gist of my single shout it okay guys so in the shore it basically holds anything from eyelashes or anything from my brows so I’m gonna start at the middle compartment just because it is so miscellaneous first I have my eye drops these are the Visine maximum eyedrops and I try and not use them but you guys I’ve such red eyes then I have my favorite tweezers they’re from Revlon I’ve my anastacio tweezers which I love to use for when I had like smaller hairs and I also have my eyelash curlers which basically stay like that all the time because I lost the thing like connects them then over here I have basically the primers for lashes and then morale gels so I have this L’Oreal voluminous place it’s a white primer I have this primer I’ve been loving it’s from benefit they’re real it’s a tinted primer bring it today I have a Bobbi Brown um brow gel and then I have my favorite brow gel at the moment from Anastacio it’s their clear brow gel now over here is where I hold all my mascaras honestly I really need to go through this just because a lot of them are kind of old I need to be clutter but first off here’s the L’Oreal voluminous last paradise I really do this is really good it’s not the best drugstore mascara but I really do like it here is the Chi base better than sex mascara oldie but a goodie here is the oh my gosh this is amazing this is the touching soul stretch X mascara this mixed eyelashes so long and they look so natural when I wear it then we have the benefit they’re real mascara the l’oreal voluminous mascara the tardis lash pay people knock this but i think it’s pretty good you have to be careful with it though cuz the wand is definitely it’s pokey um here is the monster bay from long film love that trying to think there’s any like other william putting lines oh this one’s what a really good like waterproof mascara it’s the falsies from maybelline this is the blue – water brave that’s what I use when I know that I’m probably gonna be like in water or something and I still want to wear mascara alright guys so in the store it starts getting deeper as you can see it goes from like five thin drawers and this is the first of the four more deeper drawers so and this holds all of my palettes and I’m not gonna go on superdad I may show you one or two you that I just really love but if you would like a palette you know collection or any of these more in detail any of these you know categories just let me know in the comments down below but first off I have all my Too Faced like the B’s type of palettes I have you know the first chocolate bar which is such an palate here’s what it looks like and then I’m also have two semi-sweet chocolate bonbons and then I have the white chocolate which I think was just limited edition and I have my two tart palates the Tartelette original the matte palette and then the Tartelette in bloom I have a color pop double on top palette here’s what it looks like it’s so pretty it’s just such a natural palette I love it then if I’m at L’Oreal the blush needs not L’Oreal the Maybelline the blush shades I’ve been loving this lately I kind of want to do a comparison to the Naked 3 palette if you’d be interested let me know that’s what it looks like uh oh then I have this palette but a review on it I’ve been loving this is the Sephora Pro palette and new nudes is the last one I’m gonna show it’s oh pretty oh my gosh this is gorgeous naked palettes right here I have the second and the third I never did pick up the first I don’t know I just was never very inclined J this is the lorac pro 3 I have the Jacqueline Hill sitting under all of that and I just have a bunch of palettes in here alright guys so in this drawer it just holds all my lipsticks in this pretty big container my favorite natural lip glosses in my favorite like brighter lip glosses I just love lip gloss and so I had to kind of divide it up this way I have more my next door surprise fries but and this I’m just gonna show you a few of my lipsticks here’s the kitty cat Matt instincts from covergirl love this for the ball super matte super me like kind of natural here is the ignores regular lipstick this is in the shade don’t say Vita it’s great for year-round where we have we have the NARS audacious lipstick which is a little bit more Brown he toned visiting the shade bar Bruck we have an anastacio Beverly Hills

liquid lipstick and milkshake we have the covergirl melting pout here’s one from Too Faced since they’re melted liquefied lipstick took a melon shade oh that may the Maybelline Color jolt super super good super underrated this Lancome lipstick that has this really pretty pink mmm favorite liquid lipstick formulas the liquid catsuit from wet and wild we have a nyx butter lipstick a MAC lipstick this is in the shade blanketing just a bunch of really good lip products now maybe watch my favorite glosses I have a full on lip polish in the shade princess from the buxom I’m my favorite lip lip gloss formula this is the urban decay hi – lip gloss in the shade fireball I have oh this is what my face this is the by beauty French press a lip gloss in the shade dirty chai I have another bite lip gloss is the pearlescent one here is a Kylie cosmetics lip gloss the Coco collection it’s super glittery super parade we have the original Vinci beauty gloss is the finchy glow oh this is one from Jane Eyre gel that is just the best it’s in pink lady I’m wearing it today and now we’re going to the more colorful if you will glosses so I have this one from NARS which I love this is in the shade Ophelia we’re moving very shade from the buxom blonde lip polish this is in the shade Gabby Gabby here’s what it looks like super pretty berry this is one from Hikari that I love it’s like one of their red lip colors we have this one and sell a month off from NARS very good another full omelet polish from buxom this is in the shade Trixie mm we have this really reshape it’s like the super bright pink from via bombshell and this is in the shade famous trying to see if it’s from pure cosmetics all right so this next drawer I’m not gonna lie it’s kind of miscellaneous this is just some remaining lip glosses some of they just don’t really wear that often then I have some lip balms and then a bunch of just like packet samples so first off I’m just gonna say I used to love this lip gloss it was a great lip plumper it’s the 7 glory pillow plumper and a few of them saying shade everything just because I loved it that much but they started just they have a really weird feeling and I got hold of it here is a gloss from Sephora which I just thought was really pretty here’s one from bareMinerals I really really really like this in the fall but really no other season it’s so gen nude here’s one from butter LONDON we have a Chanel we have one from Smashbox and I love the formula but the shade is just not very cute so now I’m moving on to you lip balms I have two these are my favorite you guys these are the glossy a bomb calm we have birthday and then we also have cherry we have a fresh sugar lip balm here’s what it looks like in the shade poppy we have a bunch of the Burt’s Bees is the coconut pear we have a bunch of these just liners we have this one from L’Oreal we have something from covergirl this is their newer collection this is what is it called exhibit submission it these are really really really good trying to think if there’s anything else that oh it’s what I’ve really been liking I’ve recommended it to a few people it’s the Sephora lip on this thing goji berry and it smells amazing so now moving on to just a few samples I’ll just show you a few because honestly like I have like the Anastacio brow gels in here like I’m telling you there’s so much like I have the findi Beauty look I just never used these and I strum here it’s like maybe maybe one day like a packet from Olay Hendrickson the Porefessional like I don’t know just a bunch of like miscellaneous things we’ll just keep going with that so this is where I keep anything that I haven’t quite opened yet either because I’m still using like the same product like I use these non-stop I always have one of these then I have oh I’m actually almost finished look at my dog but I’m almost finished with them one I’m using right now and then this is the it cosmetics confidence in a cream and then I’m about to open this one up then I have my tart my backup of the shape tape I have my micellar water from Garnier I have a backup of the Maybelline lash sensational mascara let’s see I have another backup of the tree base better than sex mascara have some lashes from pure which I really do like have this

which I don’t know why it’s just a lot of like things that either I’ve been sin or given that I just haven’t opened up yet or I’m waiting it to do in a giveaway so so that is kind of my entire makeup collection I hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you did please be sure to give it a big thumbs up so that I can notice you more videos like these and also be sure to subscribe if you’re not already thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next one bye you

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