everyone is Jackie today’s video is going to be a makeup kit for beginners what I think every beginner should have in their kit when they’re pretty much beginner I’m going to show you some high end things and then some things that are low end as well so i’m going to go ahead and get started the first thing that I think every beginner needs in their makeup kit is tinted lip balm or lip gloss so some of the low end like a drug store stuff I have here some Nix Nix lip golf glosses here and look like that neutrals are good for beginners so I go with this or you can just go with a lip balm or are tinted lip stain this is a from love Revlon just bitten and on one side it has seen the color for your hair lip it was just dangerous it won’t go anywhere and that has the moisturizing film on the other hand just keep your lips mushrooms and this is the color Victorian so that’s good and then for high-end lips lip balm or teaching lip balm or lip gloss I have these are from lush these are tinted lip balm like for example this one is in Snow Fairy and the other thing about these are kind of hard to open but they smell really good but it looks like this this is it started with a kiss a really natural red color and then on lip gloss is tart parts lips of lip gloss distance and blissful anyway and then after that I said the next thing you would need in your kids you’re a beginner is a concealer I have tons of computers here that I can show you here so really really cheap concealers and they have a wide variety shades this is by elf and I think there it can’t be more than three dollars but the common shades like this like they have it in every single color it’s really great so yeah I’m pretty sure I mean if they don’t have your color and be sure you can mix them get to shade or if you want to go a little bit spend a little bit more or I guess use its golden I don’t know it’s great i guess i don’t know there’s the NYX HD concealers like some is tons of shades there’s this Revlon Colorstay one that you can get anywhere as well there’s a sony Patrick one that I use you can get to set target I think that’s like twelve dollars but it’s a really great concealer or if you want to go high-end you can just go back and pick up a sealer the studio finish concealer in this contest we have sodas live in it lesson sealer for mascara you want to use mascara and my whole goal of eyelash curler goes along with it so I’ll start off with some I’ll start off with the eyelash colors some of the low end eyelash curlers this is this one are here this is by elf this is only a dollar I think this is a Revlon one which is a little bit more pricier than l 104 but it’s really great and if you want a high-end one there’s a tweezer main one they’re pretty much all the same I don’t file and then there’s the this Urban Decay one as for mascara you don’t feel comfortable wearing any color type mascara else does one it’s clear this is great this is only I think adults this is also a dollar and on one end they have more for your eyelashes and the other answer they have one for

your eyebrows to such eyebrows and it works really great i love i love this it’s really i can’t believe it’s only a dollar now for low-end mascaras these are the ones that i like this is the cover girl professional super states to lash mascara these are this all in black looks like that the laundress / typical and then I off like this one this is 81 by Rimmel this is the extra well lash in extreme black another great and then for high-end I like the one that I like half three I have one from lorac this is the reading multiplex mascara you can get these these three at any ultra curved one this is what I carry around with me my make it back I also liked arts lights camera lashes lights camera lashes mascara something to let it like this and i also like a lower act visual effect this is the curling separating and lengthening mascara plain black too that has the wand ok moving on eyeliner now there are all types of eyeliners that you could use I suggest if you’re a beginner to start off with pencil eyeliner until you have more control to move on to like gel and liquid eyeliner but these are some of the pencil liners that I like these are eyeliners by NYX these are just come to a whiner is here then they come in a variety of colors as well there I also like the Milani liquify pencil eyeliners really soft or you can use the Revlon Colorstay pencil really good now for high-end I would go with the Smashbox in still of stone this is just my problem and then there’s my estee lauder double wear this was one that I got a while back and it’s really great I like it really softens inside of the eye shadow quad trio or duo now there are all types of eyeshadows that you can go for that they sell in the drug stores for instance these ones by elf these are quads and these are all the neutral ones I you know just sent your beginner to just going it’s the neutral one I like this is the day tonight this is the butternut this one is in luck and this one is an escrow and these are a single dollar as well if you want to step it up a notch spend a little bit more wet and wild does they do some really great eye shadows and i’m pretty sure you see me you’re just sore these are the color icon trios these are continued for one that i have this one is silent treatments and this one is in knock on wood looks like that they also do eight pants as well and I have the times here but the one for a

beginner I would recommend this is the comfort zone palette this has some neutral shades in it or if you want to spend a little more money at the drugstore physicians formula they have this one this is the new house is really similar this is a dupe for the The Naked palette which I will show you fit but that their new trophy for me this is a little bit far supplying I couldn’t really it took me a lot of fun so the one I did it was the really great palate half and then for high and cargo this is there the smoky eye palette looks like that and inside they have their neutral also Laura this is a trios is the Lorax this is Laura star these are a bitch shimmery but also on Great Tree of the house if you’re a beginner let’s see now for more it’s for exorcism think you necessarily need but it’s also good to have is foundations and BB Creams now BB Creams if you don’t know what a BB cream is it’s a mixture it’s right in between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation for low-end i recommend the Garnier skin renew this is their beauty cream by the Fed any drugstore I got my want mine at walmart this is a medium heat and for high and I got the t face beauty balm same speech for foundation let’s see I like elf foundation was like that and I think these are six dollars i think can get these are targets I got the color caramel and buff I’m like in between so I mix them together also another good service or foundation is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation I come this one in warm beige the other one is but I have another color to that I make would say to get the my perfect color for high-end Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation mine is in week yes and you always want to make sure that they have a SPF in it because now if you don’t want to use any liquids or creams types foundation and you just want to use a powder I like Milani space cutter this is the drugstore really nice since that this is look like an for high-end I likes to do Carolyn mac and i have the shade black dark black dark blush everybody and I believe have to have a few blushing in their collection so for low-end went wild their color icon line they do a great they do great blushes so these are three of the ones that I have from Wet’n’Wild also Milani death some great blushes as well these are just two that I grabbed but I have a lot of the ones that are out Barry you more and this is luminous oh and for high-end blushes I like floor at lower blushes it looks like that this is so neat and this is plum prune great colors or you can go with Tareq this is there Amazonian clay

blushes here this is am blushing bride or you can go with Mars this is my left in a more and it looks like um palette eyeshadow ton of eyeshadow palette that I would recommend for you that I believe everybody should have because I love them but i’m just going to show you like it here if you want to experiment with color and stuff i’ma show you some cheap palettes that I would go and get out go out and get if you wanted to now this one this one is by oh but and inside I broke the cover but there’s all kinds of sheets there’s mats and shimmers and whatnot this is a great palette I think this was i want to say ten dollars I believe I got that target around Christmas time so this is a great khali pigmentation is great on that also I would recommend the Coastal Scents palette they come in these are nice they have 88 shadows in them this is the color I am go ahead piggley show you all ova this is the color I palette this has tons of colors in there and colston they always have sales going on so you can get them for like 14 dollars i’ll put a link down below their website this is the metal maniacs college this is a metallic this is the ultra ultra shimmer palette and this is their warm palette which I would recommend you start off with it viewers by a palette it has all the shades but as you can see a problem that people have with these palettes possesses shadows are constantly falling out because they don’t hear them well but it looks like that these neutral shades in it and for high-end palettes I would do with I like The Naked palette this is by urban decay this is the first one it also has neutral shade or you can go with the naked 2 by urban decay which has more matte shades than the other palette let’s see Smashbox this is the big expose palette here to face their their pellets there they’re great there’s a smoky eye palette like that you make it fast cuz there’s a lot this is a matte I chase your own mat this is the natural I which I speed one of his away to one of my subscribers for they wanna give away those colors there and then this is their natural face palette and it has a blush Franz bail has concealers highlighters so this is pretty much like a complete palettes for

your face that’s that and then four brushes now I recommend that you invest in some good Russia’s because you don’t want to buy a brush because you think that you know it’s cheap that I don’t work as good but I mean some brushes some brushes that are our chief are good but most of the time is not you experience a lot of shedding your brushes and ears depression stone last so I i would recommend that if you were going to spend a lot of money on something I was I would go to say spend the money on your brushes and the first first I think everybody should have is a powder brush this is mine from advanced beauty tool progress is really tough really great for setting your makeup foundation fresh now I have two foundation brushes that I like in my alternate between first this is my Real Techniques brush here this is the buffing breakfast area but this is the buffing brush and i also have a mac 130 which is a dual fiber flat stippling brush like sources well we also will need a concealer brush this is one from crown tools that I from crown brushes that I like it’s like a really dense brush let’s see a blending brush my favorite one is my Sonia Kashuk mrs. I got this at Target and they see a slight twelve to fourteen dollars for this brush really great really great fresh also a shadow brush I like this one this is by Crown tools so why do I keep things from those crowns brushes I like this one and then for eyeliner you need a tangle of eyeliner brush I like this one this is also from Ecotools but i actually used angled brushes for my brows I don’t really use this for eyeliner but for brows an angled brush I would recommend this from advanced beauty tool now for eyeliner i use the an angled eyeliner brush it’s not that pine it’s ones like these that have the little bend in ok this is this is from elk this is the elf from their studio line I use this one if this one’s dirty this is the Sonia Kashuk one this is my favorite brush or doing my eyeliner my gel liner love it and if my to like these are dirty then I use just my elf one and then the next and last thing that I recommend that you invest money on our eye shadow primer now eyeshadow primer as if you don’t know what they do they make your eyeshadows stick and stay and prevent creasing Darrell today so I have a couple this is also something that you want to invest in if you pretty much the main focal point of your makeup is your eyeshadow these two these are from Nick this is there eyeshadow base this one’s in white the white eyeshadow base will make all bright color eyeshadow pops come brighter and then there’s the skin tone and these are I think on their website like eight seven eight dollars I’m selling them on my blog right now for six dollars i believe but yeah these are great they work just as well hi n this is a sleek this is a sleek design palette this is the ISIS the primer one and it has all all different shades of eyeshadow primer this is a UK brand so

you can’t find this in drugstores you have to order it online in the West out on their website also there’s I have this one this is the laura geller waterproof I spackle this looks like that fresh brush applicator and last but not least i’m pretty sure everybody was waiting for this the i shall be over decay eyeshadow primer potion a lot of people use this there’s also the toothpaste I forget what there is there a shuttle primers call but I have this one so that is everything that I would recommend that you get for your makeup kit if you’re a beginner I mean I don’t mean go out and buy every single item that I showed you but I gave you I just want to show you some alternative um you know high-end and low-end products for you to go out and venture out if you know just to give you an idea and oh one more thing finishing spray finishing spray say they feel in all the makeup that you put on it makes it all your makeup lasts a little longer than it usually would so we forgot about this this is the elf makeup mist it mists and set this is by else this is a really great one looking at this a target I think this is three dollars and then high-end I have the mac fix+ which and it does make your makeup stay for a while so I love this product so okay yeah so that is it and i’ll put a link down below to the blog sell that I have going on still a couple things have sold couple things there’s some quite a few still left on there so i’ll put the link down to everything down below yeah so governor questions just let me know and I’ll talk to you next time

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