great to have you here thanks so much for jumping on this is the replay on periscope my name is Christine Dwyer and I help people simplify the steps that they need to take to be able to grow their businesses a home business so I predominately work in network marketing and I’ve been helping people for 15 years doing their own home businesses and I’m going to help you be able to create facebook ads that work so I’m not going to be going through the tutorial setting up a Facebook ad I’m going to actually go just threw a picture creating a picture for the ad that works because the picture is super important if you’re new to periscope the way the rules of periscope work are of course these only lasts for 24 hours on periscope and then these recordings are gone so for me I put them over on my youtube com Christine Dwyer and you also want to make sure that you tap the screen multiple times so you can see these hearts fluttering look at matches my shirt so whoever is the turquoise Felicia is that you did you have the turquoise here you’re matching me awesome get some chocolate hearts and all green cool that actually let’s a the broadcaster note that the content is good and that’s what you guys want to have now throughout the broadcast if there’s something that you want to ask of course you can comment or just converse down in the comments section I always like to get my scopes done and get to the meat of things in one minute so let me welcome some of the people are jumping on hey there Ana great to see you so we’ve people jumping on here live and they are able to ask some live questions I appreciate you call me your virtual BFF and that is so cool that’s we start to feel like we get to know people well I’m going to be flipping my camera around and when I do I think what happens and I don’t know why so maybe some of you guys might know why this happens but yesterday the sound sounds great right so then last night when I did it I clipped the screen or I flip the screen and then the sound changed nothing changed so for instance my mic is plugged into the phone I don’t know why the mic just might pick up differently I have no idea so when I flip the screen to face my computer to do this the sound is going to change a little bit you’re still going to be able to hear me it’s just not going to sound as close I guess I don’t really know why that does that I wonder some of you guys know that but we have a bunch of people jumping on I’m glad so I’m going to go through a step-by-step process on how to create your ads for facebook and I’m going to show you some examples of ones that work but also I just really want to show you the free website that I use to be able to create them and again we’re just going to get started right now so my name is Christine Dwyer I help people who are working for themselves and home business mostly in network marketing be able to learn the skills that they need to be able to create duplication within your team because it’s great for you to have success but your success only is more successful if you can help other people achieve success so I break things down I want to teach you the quickest way to learn things I will show you how to do it as quick as possible and get some success out of that so I’ve been able to do this on the multi-millionaire doing a network marketing business for seven years and I love doing this I love being a teacher so I’m glad to have you thanks so much Asia let’s get going we’re going to get rolling going to flip the screen and I’m going to turn it to the website that i use so i use this website for the most part canva CA n D a so CA n VA so let me flip the mic and as a reminder the microphone is going to sound a slightly different as I flip it it’s just how it works i think all right so here we go all right writing this out right up here so we just got a little bit of glare from the windows not what you can do about that but you guys are going to get the gist of this as we go a little bit closer into the screen here okay so i’m just going to go and show you first before we go into canva and creating one i’m just going to show you some examples of some that i think are just fantastic so of course you may have seen this guy’s in your Facebook feed and that is mr. Louis house so Louis house he does a lot of facebook ads and I’m just trying to bring it up as large as i can so y’all can see it real quick all right so that’s pretty much as much as I got here so some things to pay attention to on why this works so first of all you have to look at the image and bright colors were clean distinct so for instance these rectangles and simple bright colors work now you have to be careful that when you are creating your Facebook ad that you don’t have more than twenty percent of text within the image so depending on how you run your ad and some people know some tricks around it but for you general network marketer or entrepreneur 101 just make sure that your text that you’re putting on your image is less than twenty percent of the full graphic so some things of course for the image so we’re not talking about any of the text I’m only talking about the image of why these work well so Louis has got a great

picture of himself in there where he is smiling if I can move that a little bit let me get that back up over here just a nice little smile and that’s Lewis and of course he’s an attractive guy so just if you are going to use yourself take your best picture and put it on up because of course that’s just the way society as they boys will judge someone by the type of picture that they put up so if you are going to be doing a picture of yourself take a billion because you’re going to find one that works ok so this is a great ad for those reasons again that colors as well as the cleanness of it all so let me give one of someone that you might recognize she’s actually my friend in mentor sterling Johnson so show me Johnson and does a lot of studying to figure out of course you know how it works best for people to be able to build their businesses as well and now some of the reasons why this one of course is amazing is because of course it’s shaleen she looks energetic she looks happy and some people might say that you may not want to show teeth when you are putting a picture of yourself in your ad I’m I’m not going to say yes or no on that the reason why it’s because first of all especially if you’re female females typically will show teeth and if you’re not you just look sad so a lot of the times I suggest that you do smile and most of the time especially if you’re trying to build a bit the picture of course should relate to what you’re trying to promote so of course their saline is using very bright colors to use these circular graphics to pop her picture through and just these little blocking it just helps it out now again she has more than twenty percent text on her image so she has gotten away by doing some trick and I think it’s have to do with power editor so if you know better than me put it in the comment there but um she has more than twenty percent text on her image so just again be aware of that but look at some of the text that she’s putting on the image free video training overcome self-doubt and gain constant instant confidence now of course just in speaking with her she has found that people are really trying to find out how to build more confidence within themselves and this has been a way that has really been attractive a lot of people are looking for more ways on how to gain more confidence so people are responding to this ad for that reason but the other big reason of course of why they would be responding is this whole free video training people want of course free and if you’re advertising that that’s definitely where they’re going to come this is another person that you might fellow I’m here and periscope she does she is like the queen of periscope I guess if you will nets Kim Garst so again this works really well again being female this is great that she’s smiling she looks happy as well as this text in there again it pops super simple and clean and it tells exactly what people are going to get so for instance in here she has the three ebook written down here and that’s fine because it’s easy to see but the reason why this one pops in as easy is because of this magical number people love numbers so for instance if you have my top there top ten tips to getting more leads or whatever it is people like numbers so again you can put your picture right here someone just asked how do you get rid of the background on the picture of yourself great you ask because I just ran a tutorial and periscope on that last night so if you go in my broadcast you will see the step-by-step process on that so that I teach you how to do it in two different platforms so I had just go in my broadcast and you can see that so this works great again can be attractive it’s capturing people to want to read more and one more this is actually a friend of mine and of course she leans that’s how I initially met her next dr. Michaela sarno and the reason why of course this works really well she is a emdr therapist for those of you who follow her so the reason why these are so beneficial again with her image again is because again hurt she’s female she’s got herself in a nice setting and of course what she’s giving away something is for free so free live training just like the reason why you’re on here because you like live training you get to ask your questions on the fly so that’s the difference i’m trying to you know dissect and figure out periscope and why it’s so successful comparative to say just the video because I’ve got a billion YouTube videos that teach people every pretty much step in their business that they need to do but these are really working really awesome the periscope videos because you guys can interact you are showing hearts you’re getting love by tapping the screen that brings up hurts on the side as well as you can ask your questions and hopefully the broadcaster will see your questions but at the end I always sit and answer the remaining questions look I don’t see it right now I’ll always be able to answer your questions at the end but again this is easy she added in all these little different effects on the pictures so it’s not just a plain picture and this is something of course you can easily do in canva which we’re going to go through so again free live

training how to break through old habits again so many people are having a hard time with figuring out how to effectively be able to get a schedule going and get their habits going so here we are this is canva canvas is a free website but there is another way to be able to pay and you get a lot more features included as well so what you want to do is of course choose what you’re going to build so for instance I’m just going to click on the plus and you can see here to turn my screen down a little bit so the glare is coming off a little bit so now distorting things a little bit here maybe not a good idea all right so I’m gonna have to go back up cuz now it’s like waked distorted I’m just going to try and turn maybe yeah fish I’m so plugged in over here I don’t want alright so here we are we are in canva again canva is a free resource but they do have a paid option as well what you want to do is of course choose what you’re going to create and they’ve got the different platform templates here so you just can scroll through and you can see the different ones of course events ads and that’s where we’re going so we’re going to go to this one over here and that says facebook add the reason why it’s so critical that you do use a template is because you want to make sure that it matches according to facebook you don’t want to go ahead and create a whole beautiful ad and then upload it to facebook to find out all the text is too much and then also the image is not going to fit in the box that you want it to be so now you can go over here to the templates and choose any of these templates to be able to get rid of all these notes on here that’s attractive reading my notes so you can start clicking on any of these but again the ads that get the greatest response are bright so for instance this one is a paid ad because i had a little a dollar sign over there this one would not stop me in my tracks unless there were some bold colors on top so for instance if you’re going to use some pastels you definitely want to have some level of pop because you have to think about the habits that people are scrolling through the facebook bead and what stops them so that’s why that one may not be as effective this one would be more effective because again it stops and it pops and it gives me a quick idea of exactly you know what am I going to be getting and what is being offered here so those are some things to consider when you are going through and choosing a template if you are going to choose a template is try to keep things as bright as you can and not too much if someone has to read a lot then they’re not going to stop they’re moving forward so you really have to think about just simple clean and it’s going to get your point across it quick as possible so what I’m going to do is actually not use any these templates and I’m going to just create one from square one and again I’ll just delete this guy oh I just deleted the sorry I can’t see through my phone here why are we not going away why are you not going away this whole thing is not going away let me just do it this old way then let’s get rid of this the junkie way because it’s not getting rid of everything alright we’re back to a screen that worked one way or another so all you want to do is you can upload your pictures here by clicking on upload and again you can bring in any picture you want so whatever actually bring in is a picture that i uploaded here and they going to figure out where i put that hold a moment i got to bring it over somewhere easy because i put it in a folder and i can’t find it right now let me just put another desktop so if you find it best ok so just moved it over here to my desktop so i can get it so this is a picture that i actually did this morning on picmonkey and that was what i taught last night on how to remove the background I’ll show you what the original image is original image is of me with brick in the background I’m just clicking through you guys are seen a lot aren’t yucky all right so here’s just an example of you know what I was here’s my original image just so you can see what it was and how PicMonkey can cut that out it’s not the exact same picture but you get the gist so all you want to do is here is figure out first of all what are you going to be promoting so if you’re going to be spending money for a Facebook ad make sure that your ad is really clean and again your words that you’re putting on the add our attention grabbing so someone will stop and one NC read further because doesn’t matter which text you’re putting on at the bottom people don’t want to read so your image has to stop them and a lot of times people like numbers and giveaways live

trainings something that is really going to be that what they’re looking for in their business this is taking me two years I love that this takes forever great all right but here’s my image see it’s got the brick background on it so this was one of the images that is like what I just did but I’m not picmonkey I actually then took myself out and I made this a transparent image so that’s what you want to do with your images so that you can start to create some ads now of course this pops on the page because of course it’s white and now I’m too high i’m pointing towards nothing so i may not have be able to either have my shoes in and they might need to cut it out or going to keep myself small so depending on what i’m doing here you can have different graphics come on in so i’m going to move us over here so you can see shapes i’ll show you kind of like the type of shapes that mckaela put in so for instance if i wanted to put in this yellow box and i want to change this yellow box to be a brighter yellow because that yellow is just so gross it’s just gold and I don’t want gold so you can of course change things out on however you want them to be whatever color you want so say I want this bright yellow it’s not get this bright yellow wouldn’t need to actually keep that exactly in the middle of my page like that you can just expand things and fill in the spaces of however you want it to be so for instance say this was going to be where I’m going to put myself and then I’m going to maybe put me right over there and then you can of course add some other effects so for instance let me grab this globe I mean I’m not going to use this globe but what if i just wanted to use some of the spherical lines on it I could totally just expand this and and make it be whatever I wanted and I don’t need to have it over me because all i do is click on that image and you see down here at the bottom that says move it to the back so now so you’re just put a picture that are a little distraction of content that’s going to make your image pop so you can go through all of these and decide of course which ones you’re going to do I’m going to get rid of that I don’t want that I don’t want I want me there’s an undo button by the way undo get rid of your little thingy over here changing colors on those so I’m gonna actually put that right back so you can see here so say for instance I do want that guy just because I like those lines it puts a little bit of interest on the page so I’ll move it to the back so tilt my my thing down here so you can see where I’m at in the bottom here I’m going to move that to the back and I’m going to change the color to be blue or green sure let’s do that we’ll just ate green and now if this is just so bright I can make it transparent it’s falling off the screen I but I we’re doing that no I don’t need help I know why because I’ve got it all the way expanded so you can actually make that so that it’s not bold so for instance if i want this yellow to not be as bold i can make it transparent and slide down and make that just pop a little bit so you’ve got those different choices of course now let’s go back here to canva you see you got so many different options here say you wanted to add some lines you can add lines again anything you want just to again make this be whatever you want it to be but the general of thumb well i’m not going to create one exactly for you guys general of thumb is make sure it’s simple clean and it stops people in their tracks so that is going to be exactly what you want for instance if you need some icons you can just type and search what you’re looking for so say for instance i’m looking at for a computer I can grab any of these computers and check this out so I can put this computer let’s just put that right there and now look at do you see you could put your own pictures in there as well so let me go back to my uploads and let me just grab some pictures that i have been here them so if i want to just put some pictures in there then i can make those pictures be like atomic computer so those are some ways that you can make them pop and then again what you might want to do is put simple text so now i’m going to just move over here to text choose add heading or you can use any of these master template fonts and then switch em out i’m going to let go of my

phone for a second so i can type this is not the right ad because i’m wearing the wrong outfit but something like that free tutorial sure let’s do that i’m going to do a free tutorial to teach you how to work out online whatever picking up something so again you could just put this wherever you want you could change the font to be whatever you want as well change your colors to be whatever you want as well yeah everything is changeable how you put it up to you so i could put this when you get rid of that guy so I’m offering a free tutorials teach people I work on a line in dress clothes I should have a fitness picture on this one alright so now let’s say for instance we are going to be doing something business e what can I be doing business haha here we go I’ll put that one there so now I’ve got something that’s on my screen just putting another different picture and I can do sorry my phone is going crazy like that it’s just trying to fold it in the tripod and type at the same time this is canva it’s not a software because it is online that’s better okay so then i could say work from wait let me let me do it with something I know what I’m gonna do tips alright so i just got tips to work from home but i’m going to put a number so let me put 10 i’m going to grab the number 10 I like this one it’s free free but but it says ten dollars I’m not charging money am I so yeah alright so you just get rid of what you don’t want that’s all so I’m now offering 10 tips what you may be smaller and if this size is just too small because you see how it’s got the little brackets around it I can get rid of that all together and just put my own you text in and that’s usually what I do but I just like that bubble so they’re 10 make that white make it whatever I want for my font make this baby bigger alright so that’s a good size now I’m just going to move it up I mean at the shrink of both because these are independent of each other now so I got to shrink them both actually all right so here’s just an example just so you can see how this works out and again you can change anything that you don’t like say you want this to be blue in the background whatever it is but whatever you’re making for your pictures it’s best when you’re using your own picture that you of course cut yourself out so that you can put it on and of course if I want me to actually be pointing at the 10 I can flip me around so I’m going to just choose clip now I’m pointing that way and if I want this to be up here because I want to point to what I’m pointing to that I can do that now that makes more sense because now I have computer working from home and this is definitely was easy to do so again rule of thumb using this website canvas EA NBA and I believe 88 million people have said it in the comments oh thank you so much because it’s helping others who are just jumping on that this is really easy to use but just a simple with your graphics try not to put too many words on it so for instance this image within the computer is not a good one because it’s got words and this would red-flagged facebook so you want to keep them about twenty percent of the image and that will be able to help you out so I’m going to flip the camera back to me that’s right you see the light this is all like jury-rigged right up okay okay so we got any questions feel free to type them down below and I can help you out with any of your questions I’m going to be on tonight too oh this is so crazy gonna be on tonight to what we talking about I got a list to it had a lot of list of what people want to learn I like to teach so I just want to make it easier for you guys to be able to do that what image size is good for an ad it’s the template so I don’t know exactly

because it’s a template right there on can bud have to go back out and be able to see so let’s see what they say again that’s why you don’t need to think just use the templates it’s 1200 x 6 27 I put on my recordings on youtube.com slash Christine Dwyer so of course you can go over there and these will only live here for 24 hours on periscope so you definitely want to make sure that you at least just go to my YouTube because I’ve got a boatload over there do you have setting up a blog on your list no i don’t and i don’t know if i will go through that because that’s a big beefy 10 i’m not sure we’re using these ads these ads predominantly can be used in facebook that’s where majority of people are creating a lot of ads but for instance then pip interests they are running now new ads and you can of course create them the same you just use the right template for whatever place that you’re putting the ads and if you’re going to be running like a print ad if you’re doing print ads kratom in canva this is just a easy way for you to be able to do it and I’m not helping any specific MLM or network company at all of course I am working in network marketing company but I’m not training just specifically for one company just for those of you who know I am training anybody who wants to be able to help this thank you I appreciate that Anna that was so kind of you to say that about me how do I cut myself out in picmonkey that tutorial is still living on my periscope it’s in my broadcast so I did that tutorial last night so just go on my broadcast and you can see how to cut yourself out of the background my YouTube is real simple everything I do is my name so youtube.com slash Christine Dwyer so just look at my name and you can go find that any tips on photographing yourself that is a whole other topic so again I just say biggest tip is take eight billion so don’t depend on one picture be in the picture that’s going to work we have to take a tongue before you will find one that you like and you just constantly keep moving so you can’t just sit there an exact same picture and take the exact same one you got to constantly keep moving changing your face changing out where your eyes are looking constantly keep changing the little details because one of them will hopefully work so it’s even just fine finer changes and changes in all is definitely going to be different honestly I don’t think you need to hire professional i’m going to say no on that because a lot of worked with a lot of professional photographers who just don’t know how to pose certain people so for instance I’ve worked with someone who doesn’t know how to propose a fitness professional so I’ve been taking pictures forever with fitness professionals and I know exactly how to pose an all-night picture so that if I have a picture taken from me about from a picture taken of me from someone else where I don’t have control over that picture I need to control that picture because I’ve got one shot and they’re going to run away with that picture so the problem with photographers are a lot of the times they don’t know the different type of person the medium that the person is going to be using them in as well as the best pose so me being in the biggest fitness industry it’s not always the same so the photographer was using was more of a business person and so they were used to doing formal suits and headshots and stuff but business pictures are different worlds that is a different world for picture so just something to think about but if you want to go ahead and hire a photographer I do hire my own photographer to take pictures because I of course want to have a high quality sometimes so some things to think about did you cover photo masking yet cover photo masking i’m not sure what masking what then that’s why i heard someone is fitness experience and tons out there yes and no yeah so i just don’t think you need to spend so much money my goal is to help entrepreneurs to be able to get going and get business going because here’s the problem too many times we were like oh my gosh i got to get pictures taken for my business and now i got to spend three hundred dollars to hire a photographer to go do that and i don’t have any money because i made any money yet so i’m not gonna be able to get started building my business right that’s a problem you have an iphone that you can set up timers take your own pictures in your backyard get going don’t worry about hiring someone for a photographer just yet just get pictures and go that’s the key you don’t need to yeah you eventually may want to because you want to have a professional pictures but in the beginning just go to do something on your own so I know that there’s a lot of photographers of course that want to promote their business and I do find value in it but I find value and entrepreneurs being able to start their business and not to spend a lot of money either so I so I say just go you got a phone dick the church perfect take work from actual photographers but it’s important to start you just got to start so again yeah photographers have a business just like I’ve got a business go use photographers especially if you’re doing something that is going to be sold so if you’re launching a product and you need high-quality images or you just want to have a photo shoot every so often to get really good stills like I had my photographer friend do mine and she did it on the track but the thing is is that you don’t as a new person who’s working to really build their business so for instance or I flip my screen you can’t

say a lot of people just always use one obstacle as to why they can’t be successful why they can’t start and one of the big obstacles are they don’t have pictures and they don’t have money to hire a photographer you’ve got a phone go take pictures you can totally do this do you plan on tutorial on how to set up an opt-in page I already did that yep already did that opt-in page it’s on my youtube com / Christine Dwyer you guys can easily find a lot of stuff that I did over there too that’s going to totally help let’s see what I got some topics here um Oh scared of broadcasting let’s do that tonight I got lots of lots of them people who are scared to do broadcast or videos let’s do that tonight I’ll teach you some tips and tricks on how to effectively go and do that perfect thanks so much happy itch when did when you did cam the tutorial you mentioned deleting photo background yeah and I did that tutorial last night it’s in my broadcast right now so if you go in my periscope library you can look and see there’s one more left because it’s going to expire in about four hours so you definitely want to go ahead and watch that alright so make sure again if you want to remove the background in your image that you go watch my tutorial I did last night all right any other questions about making these images and what their should best look like I’m not talking specific about a certain company but you can do whatever images you want to promote any product any service any anything you when you’re going to pay money to run an ad you’re paying money to run an ad to improve your business so you got to decide where you can spend your money and so that’s that’s up to you and what type of activity in your business you’re going to create the ad for to be able to do that you can’t save your scopes directly to YouTube nope you have to manually go do that that’s it i’m looking forward to tonight perfect i’m hoping that will help you out because i know that’s a big question on how people want to get started and start getting some of their own scopes out and getting your feet wet this is kind of an important time to get it started especially since they are new and this is a great time for you to build your foundation here and get your feet wet like if my first first ones were stupid so that’s that’s the thing my first scopes were just always dumb and I didn’t really know what to do but now I am learning it I’m getting to know exactly how to best do this cause Android is having issues with flipping I’m not sure exactly what that means but on if you guys found this valuable of course if you’re watching the recording you can swipe to the right if you’re an Apple user and click Share Android users swipe up and you click Share and even now you guys can do this before we end so Apple user swipe to the right android swipe up and click share this is good to help other people be able to do this type of stone any other questions you design quotes in canva you can use canva for everything you can create PDF documents your freemium ebooks all of that stuff out there there was a mess oh sorry no problem didn’t see that cool any other questions you guys got about making the images so it is there a question about what type of text to use what type of picture to use what type of coloring to use you have any questions about that with creating the images to grab attention I’m going to give you a huge tip in about one second so let me finish up this how do I get to my library so in your canva on the canvas site you just upload the pictures there and it’s uploading from your hard drive that’s all so I’ve got one huge tip that you won’t want to miss in regards to making your ads better what are the website for the ads and the making edit image so we just use canva canv eh but there’s multiple ones out there you can use pick monkeys another one as well do I copyright my photos not legally but I put a watermark on my photos yes I do put a watermark on my photos and that’s different as well tonight could you give tips on scoping without flipping the camera because yeah I’ll go write that down let me write that down ok scoping without flipping ok you know that right now is something with periscope I think obviously with trying to get it to be a little bit less genki like this I mean to flip it and create things over there it’s it’s really it’s there’s no screen share obviously option right now so who knows where they’re going with it i don’t know i just keep studying them and find a know exactly what they have so you want to know the one huge tip let me know with some hearts I need to know some hearts I guess 68 people in here if you really want the huge tip give me a thumbs up let me know that this is going to be helpful for you give me a thumbs up if you want the big big big tip on knowing how to create amazing facebook pictures for ads who we got some yellow thumbs ups good and a really ones that she’s giving multiple thumbs up nice nice nice good hearts going on and I appreciate you guys sharing this and all your thumbs up all right here’s the huge tip when you’re trying to figure out exactly what to do to figure out what

are the best images just do exactly what I did start screen shot all the ads that stop you in your tracks so if you’re on facebook or wherever you’re seeing ads if you see something that you’re like oh let me read this stop and take a picture of it and say that because then if that stopped you then most likely that’s going to stop your target market and the person that you’re looking to work with ok so just start taking pictures of ones that stop you and your tracks so that you can always kind of go through and refer to them and possibly kind of replicate some of the layout and all to be able to make it a lot easier awesome glad to see you’re taking notes there Kevin good awesome tomorrow all right any other questions before we wrap this guy up guys were good students today super simple right perfect well again thank you appreciate it you can totally share this and tonight again I am going to be talking about how to build up the confidence and know how to get going in your broadcast so I’m going to talk about two different things one is how can you set it up and I do have a scope on the equipment I use to take videos periscopes and pictures so if you need to know what lighting to use what microphone to use what tripod to use all of that stuff this is actually a new tool that I pulled out and i’ll show you right now because i saw the other scopus that I follow using it like last night Pat Flynn was using this and that is a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens I’ve had this forever for years but I’m like why do i need this my camera has an app that can do that but now since I flip the screen I’ll show you what it does so I’ll put it on this way so you can see what it does if I can yeah let me try I don’t know if I can or can’t this way missing no over here nope I can’t go over here it’s only when it can flip it so let me flip it okay so you see this is what my screen would show and then if I put this wide angle lens on that’s what it shows now so here’s here’s how much it’s showing of my screen and if i take it off try not to move so much so you could see a big difference hold on so attractive right you should see hopefully that made sense let me tell you something there you go there you go pulled that out I’ve had it this is actually made for the iphone 5 because I’ve had it forever and I use a 6 plus so I’m going to go buy one for the six plus so that I’m not that you know awkward trying to get it down and off but that’s so that you can see things a lot easier but i’ll show you what i do for my tools on how to get set up and if you’re new to broadcasting I don’t just that you do the flipping the screen and the tutorials that way I just suggest get people to know you and like you and just teach one simple small technique so that’s what i’ll talk about tonight and normally my times for nighttime scoping is when my kids go to bed so it’s usually around eight-thirty central standard time as a mover in texas 0 9 30 eastern standard time is what i’m going to probably be on and that’s what i’ll talk about how to actually get prepared and scope and i’ll give you the all those tips on how to prepare your material how you should set yourself up as well as how to get through it and be successful and be able to manage some of the activity that’s happening while you are doing your scopes because that’s critical one of the biggest tips is of course not to constantly be distracted by the comments you just have to ignore them and what I do is actually go back through and I read the comments after the broadcast is over sometimes i’ll rewatch the broadcast so you can see when I said something and what someone commented on so I can match it up and then I’ll reply to people on Twitter as well because you can click on the person’s name and you can reply to them on twitter if they had a question that I didn’t get to answer so if you had a question that I didn’t get to answer i’ll probably be tweeting you as well the answer well see you guys tonight thanks again make sure you share this and I will be putting these videos on over at youtube.com slash Christine Dwyer and if you want to know more about what I do have a video it’s at live fit out loud com live fit out loud calm all right go have a great rest of the day and I’m going to go workout before the days over see you guys

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