hi guys thanks for watching so today we’re going to be doing this easy breezy makeup look that I have on right now I did do a little pop of color on my lips since it is such a natural look you don’t have to do that but you totally can it’s your prerogative but this is just a very easy makeup look you can do everyday if you’re going to work if you’re going to have go lunch or go have lunch with someone have some coffee go run some errands whatever you’re doing and this is super easy you can do it in about 10 minutes or less so if you want to see how I got this look please keep watching so let’s get started um first you would probably want to prime your face with some type of primer I didn’t have any more primer left so I just used my moisturizer that I mentioned in my favorites video and I just stabbed a little bit of that on my face in this area because I’ve been getting very dry there lately so I made sure that I puts them on so that it doesn’t flake up my skin so first things first and as I go through this i will tell you what i’m using and i have a lot of brushes and i have a lot that i’ve had for a very very long time so if i can’t remember where I got them from I’m really sorry some of them I do some of them are recently used so for foundation and again if you’re not a foundation person you can kind of skip this step and use maybe like a BB cream like a tinted moisturizer or you can just go with the pressed powder that’s totally fine for me I like to use liquid foundation to even my skin tone because if you can see it’s not that even and I have very dark circles so that’s where my concealer will come in so I’m going to be using the naked liquid foundation and I’m going to be using this foundation brush from Tarte it is the bamboo brush and it is the softest brush it ever ever had loved it so much so I’m using these two to apply my foundation and when I using a brush and foundation you can either squirt it into the brush or you can squirt it on your hand like so and then dab it on and apply um there’s really no better way like either way will work just fine the only difference is that if you’d a bit into the brush it’ll seep into the brush a lot easier so then it’s a little harder to clean the brush later so as of right now I’m going to be pumping this on my hand so let’s go ahead and apply this all over the bottom of my face I like to work my way I like to start at the bottom and work my way up and please do not forget your neck we do not want to have our face be one color and our neck be another that’s never fun and then we’ll pie the rest to the top of our face and just make sure that that’s all blended in really well you don’t want to need streaks or any lines on your face all right so that’s all applied now you can always leave your foundation as so I’m just kind of like this and have more of that dewy finish if you can see that I like my face to be a more matte finish so i probably won’t leave it like this i’ll probably use just a little bit of my pressed powder and i also mentioned in my video alright so next things I’m next I personally like to do my foundation and then work with my eyes and then everything else just because sometimes if you’re using a lot of Shadows it tends to fall sometimes so that can be kind of and then if you’ve already applied your concealer and blush and all of that and then you have to go and fix it its just oh it’s a mess so we’re gonna go ahead and do our brows and for this I’m going to be using this little brush here we used to have which I don’t even know the name of it now the different brush to brush my eyebrows in my sweet little son broke it so I’m using this now I’m going to be using this end and then to actually do my brows I’m going to be using this angled brush here by essential beauty and then I’m going to be using this Maybelline palette which you actually color in my brows and I’m going to be using the darkest brown color right here so let’s do that and we’re going to brush our hairs up because after the foundation has been applied it kind of you know will press them down a little bit so brush hairs up and then you can kind of shape them how you want to after that

and again since this is just an easy breezy makeup I’m not going to pack it on too much i’m not going to draw them in too much only a little bit just because i’m going to have a nice easy natural looking I and I don’t want to have my eyebrows be too hard core and but if you like it that way you do that so we’re going to dab it on here brush off the excess and just kind of work in the spots that aren’t as thick and blend that all in you can see what I’m doing here work all of that into your eyebrow to the difference looks a lot better doesn’t it now remember when doing eyebrows eyebrows are cousins they are not sisters so they’re not going to look exactly alike they’re gonna look very similar unless you draw your eyebrows on to make them the exact same they won’t look the exact same but they look very much alike so don’t panic if you’re like oh my god it’s not the same it’s not supposed to be that we’re working all that in here I’m just gonna take that off so much better eyebrows like real like real nice real nice alrighty so next we’re gonna move on to our eyes excuse me um I have this I creaseless I showed a makeup base from essential beauty as well this is the one that I use I don’t use this every day all the time I typically like to use it when I know I’m going to be out and about four hours in time or out all night long and I know that my that I want my shadow to stay perfect I am going to use it today because I do have a lot of errands to run and I look nice so I just dab this a little bit on this finger and then I just work it into the top of my lid and I swear this works so good i love this shadow base so much and there’s other ones that you can find as well you can find some in the drugstore you can get them from sephora by mac anything so they’re pretty great and this one is by essential beauty this was actually a gift so I’m the door where it came from so we’re going to work all that into our lid just blend it really good you don’t want any creases or lines okay should not be visible alright so next we’re going to apply some shadow and I actually found this little palette here at my local Ross I did no Ross old makeup and I was like what so I was just shopping around the Pocket Books section and I was like side makeup over there so I went and checked it out and found this pretty cool palette here I don’t know who it’s by so I’m so sorry but if you live where I live or near me then you know that it’s at ross and you can find one just like it i like this palette a lot because if you can see it’s got a lot of summary and spring colors in here as well as a lot of natural tones and i love natural tones i usually go for that on an everyday basis but since it’s summer and spring i also like to put in some fun colors too and then down here we’ve got lip glosses blush bronzers highlighters and it even comes with these tiny little brushes too so this is this was awesome this cost me like seven dollars so I have been obsessed with this color here in the palette it’s very neutral and it like practically goes perfect with my skin tone so I’ve been using that like crazy as my base foundation and I’m going to be using this to ended beauty brush over here if you can see that and i’ve been using this for foundation as well this is also by essential beauty and i’m going to be using the bigger end to apply that color to my entire lid just blend that all over again this is going to be everyday easy natural look if you want to do something with a little more color you are more than welcome to i’m just going to keep it a little neutral today we’re going to play that all of our lid now you definitely want to include a highlighter under your brow and I need to find my detail brush to do that wherever it is there it is so um there’s a few different high lighter colors that i use i have so many i don’t necessarily use one more than the other although i used to but today i’m going to be using from this palette again and i’m actually going to use this color because it has a little bit

pink tint to it and I really like the highlighter with a little bit of pink so we’re going to use that I’m going to dab it on this brush here if you can see that we’re just going to apply that right underneath our brow our brow eyebrow not too heavy but just the right amount so you can see that there is a highlighter alrighty so now that that’s been applied I am going to take a little bit of a darker tan color just to put into the corner and the crease of my eyes here and I’m going to be using this eyeshadow blending brush here this is actually from Avon I got this years ago and I love it to this day so from this palette i think i’m going to go with this color here in the outer corner and this was kind of a grayish brownish color it’s not too hard and it doesn’t come on too pigmented so it’s not going to be too hardcore on your eyes for this easy look so i’m going to get a little closer and just show you how you want to blend it in and you don’t want to blend out you want to blend up so that way you don’t have that extra eye shadow coming on your face so so just blend that all into the corner just the corner of your eye and in the crease okay alrighty so we’ve got that applied to the corners of our eyes and it just adds a little more depth just just a little more so that’s all we’re gonna do for shadow I’m not putting on anything else for shadow so we’re done with that so afterwards you just want to go through and blend everything blending is a must you don’t ever want to have any creases or lines anything like that so we’re just going to do a quick blend alrighty now I am a huge eyeliner lover i typically I’ve gotten to the point where I can go out without eyeliner if I’m doing my makeup as long as I have tons and tons of mascara on I’m totally cool with that but I am going to apply just a little bit of liner i’m not going to do my entire i I’m just going to do the corners and kind of wing it out I’m really big on winging my eyeliner as well and the one that I use is by Maybelline it’s the line stiletto if you can see that here I absolutely love this I swear this is the best liquid liner I’ve ever used and I’ve never since i found it i haven’t used anything else but if you know of some that are the bomb and you want to let me know go right ahead and i’ll try it out so i’m just going to apply just a little bit of this to the corner of my eyes and kind of wing it out just like that so you’ve got the liner on the corner of the eye swinging out so that way when you go to apply your mascara it just adds a lot more depth to your eyes if you want to apply the entire line you can do that if you have eyes like me that hover just a little bit then i would highly recommend doing the line as thin as possible the thinner the eyeliner is the bigger your eyes will appear and you want your eyes to appear larger you don’t want them to appear how hard or anything like that because then that will defeat the purpose of your eyeshadow and it just makes your eyes look a lot smaller and you always want your eyes to appear bigger so if you’re going to do the entire line do a thin line especially with a neutral makeup like this if you were doing a smoky eye you could definitely get away with doing that thicker line but for this look definitely thin so next we’re going to go on to mascara I use tons of mascara my eye lit eyelids my eyelashes are not the longest there they’re pretty full but they’re not very long and luscious naturally which totally sucks for me um so I apply a lot a lot a lot of mascara and the ones that I’m using now at the moment is L’Oreal telescopic in carbon black and then i’m also using Rimmel

volume flash scandalized mascara and then I picked up this little NYC one the skyrise for lengthening and I just picked that up the other day just because I needed some extra mascara and I was like I was only a dollar and it actually works really good believe it or not so I always apply lore’l first rummells second in NYC last so there are a few other ones that I do like those are just the three that I’m using at the moment so I’m going to apply those really quickly and I do curl my lashes if you are like me who don’t have beautiful long lashes like some people you kind of got to work to get it okay so we’re gonna do that okay so after you’ve applied your mascara which I’ve applied all of my coats of mascara for now I’m just going to go through and blend again with this brush because sometimes after using a eyelash curler and doing your mascara it kind of messes with your shadow a little bit sometimes not all the time so all right so next we’re going to move on to our concealer / highlighter the 1 i’m using now is by maybelline i’m not exactly to show the entire name because i’ve used it so much that’s worn off but it looks like this and you can get this from a neat drug store or walmart or target and it comes with this little brush at the top and you just click at the bottom and it kind of comes through so you want to apply this all underneath your eyes and then a little bit on your nose a little bit here and right on your chin don’t I look cute and then we’re going to take our Beauty Blender and again um you can actually wet this under the sink and kind of squeeze out all the water in there so that you can use it damp that’s the best way to use it actually at least that I find a lot of other people i know i did not wet it but we’re going to use anyway because it works just as well and we’re just going to take this and we’re going to blend everything and the point of putting it on your nose if you don’t know it’s just to add a little bit of natural contour kind of and it makes your nose appear smaller which I love so blend that all in there all underneath your eyes and when you’re doing it on your eyes please blend it all the way to your temple just to add that little bit of highlight now that it’s added that bit of highlight right there on my face which we live now at this point you can apply a little bit of powder which I am going to apply some again the patter uses by covergirl clean number 2 45 and warm beige I’m going to be using this big blender brush I’m not going to do a lot I’m just going to dab it on like this you can see that just a little bit and I’m going to work it on my face now be sure not to work it where you’ve just highlighted and concealed your face because you want to use it as your highlighter um and that would kind of also defeat the purpose so you still want to have that part a little light so blend like so don’t forget your neck little on my nose just that they end in my nose and up here so we’ve done that so now we have more of a matted finish and not Dewey if you like Dewey and you like to look a little moist if your skin doesn’t get as oily as mine after wearing makeup sometimes and you can totally skip the powder part that’s fine alright now we’re going to add a little bit of bronzer and blush again you know what I like right now the true matches whoo bronzer blush and again this is one of these brushes I’ve had for years I don’t know where I got it from I’m sorry but it looks like this and i like to use this for my bronzer because it’s little enough to do it like this and the lines of contour and right by my know so I’m just gonna do that you can make a little fishy face and you also want to apply some of this to your temples and a little bit to your forehead please don’t apply too much just dab it on just a little bit in your neck ladies we don’t forget our necks I’m going to cut a little bit on the outside of my nose and next we’re going to do blush I this is another brush I’ve had for years but it is a blush brush so you can get a blush brush from anywhere dab it on and you want to smile so you

know where to apply the blush where your cheekbones are and if you see how I’m applying it I’m not you know hardcore you’re just stabbing it on very very lightly and now for our lips so when you have a natural look like this it’s easier to be able to use like a pop of color on your lips if you want to do like a red or pink oranges anything that’s really in right now even purples um or you can go for that natural lip as well so if you’re going to work if you’re going to lunch I don’t know whatever it is that you want to do that’s what you can do um I think today I’m gonna do a little orange e pinky color and I’m going to mix my lipsticks that’s what we go and do so the lipsticks i’m using our by revlon and one of them is siren and the other is paparazzi pink so i’ll show you what we look like well this one doesn’t want to come out so one is very pinky and what is very orange and i like to blend those and just get a like a perfect pinky orange sherbet II kind of color I applied the orange first because the pink has like somewhat of sparkles already made into it so it doesn’t come on as smooth so I’m going to apply this first and you can use a lip primer and you can line your lips as well these kind of come on pretty smooth so I don’t necessarily need a primer right now I’ll use a lot of primer when it’s like a hardcore lipstick and i’m just going to gloss it over with this lip gloss I don’t even know the name it rubbed off but you can still find these in any one mart target anything like that and it is number 4 05 it’s like an orange e color and I’m so sorry that I don’t know the name it’s like non-existent on this thing so and it is a lip plumper so it will tingle in plump your lips when all of that and you can just add a little pop of color on your lips like I did and that is it this is your everyday easy breezy makeup look doesn’t take much time at all and you can finish it with a face setting spray which I don’t have at the moment which I am getting I heard the one by urban decay the chill setting spray is really good so I plan to get that so if you already have a setting spray I would HIGHLY highly recommend putting it on at this time especially with the hotter weather so it just keeps your makeup in place it doesn’t ooze and melt off your face anything like that so this is our finishing look I hoped you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you guys soon thanks for watching

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