Okay, it’s really hot coffee I’ve got a crazy ponytail… so on the bright side my hair is back to being super healthy after all of my time in the Philippines at Miss Earth, but with the new year starting that is a new pageant season and although I thought I was gonna start transferring content a little bit further away from pageants Miss World Canada Miss Teenage Canada had their first provincial qualifier or national qualifier through provincials in Ontario this past weekend, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions from girls about how do I prepare her provincials, what do I need to know, what is the weekend look like and so I thought I’d finally just sit down and film this. When I chose to compete for Miss teenage Canada way back in 2013 I had no idea of what I was getting into and then when I went back for Miss World Canada the qualifier in Alberta in 2017, I knew a little bit more than what to expect so I thought sitting down and answering all your guys’s questions about what to expect and what the weekend and process sort of looks like I thought would be extremely helpful because when I got into it, I didn’t know how to reach out to a titleholder. I was too insecure to reach out to a titleholder. I didn’t know what the right way to do it was so I think just sitting down and giving you guys the opportunity to hear what the weekend actually looks like would be extremely valuable and a little less nerve-wracking My windows are cracking because it’s so cold here in Alberta but it’s starting to warm up. So to give you a bit of a background my name is Mattea Henderson I was a candidate for Miss Teenage Canada in 2013 and I qualified through the Alberta provincial qualifier I went on to compete at Miss Teenage Canada and I was in the top 20. I was asked then to compete internationally for Canada Miss Teen Universe where I was first runner-up and I fell in love with the organization and the process and when I got out of it from a personal and professional standpoint and really learned about who I was as a person, so going into 2017 when MTCW Inc introduced Miss World Canada to the provincial qualifiers so that Miss and Teen could compete at the same time I ended up being top three in Alberta as a Miss, I went on to Miss World Canada where I placed second runner-up and also on social media, and I became Miss Intercontinental Canada so that being said, I had done two Alberta qualifiers once as a teen and once as a Miss but when I was Miss Intercontinental Canada I really wanted to make an impact and I wanted to make a really big effort to be a present title holder. I find so many people will do what they need to do up until nationals or up until their internationals but after that no one really carries on that legacy of, “well I still have a crown and sash so why don’t I do things”. It’s really about the opportunity you make out of it. That being said when I really made a conscious effort to be Miss Intercontinental Canada I had some business in Vancouver and it was the same weekend of Miss BC so that year I actually ended up attending Miss British Columbia and Miss Teenage British Columbia and I got to see how the British Columbia pageant was run which is pretty identical to the Alberta pageant so in total I had attended okay so let me let me let me just do this math- so I have attended the year that I competed miss teenage Alberta in 2013, Miss Teenage Alberta in 2014 the day before I flew to Nicaragua for Miss Teen Universe, that’s two. I then did Miss World / Teenage Alberta when I was a Miss contestant, then I ended up going to British Columbia for that year and then I also ended up hosting my Miss Alberta pageant my year and then the year after I gave up my Miss Intercontinental Canada title I had some girlfriends competing in Alberta and I went to cheer them on so I have attended a total of seven provincial pageants in five or six years, seven years, so pretty much I’ve attended seven provincial pageants so I kind of know how things are layed out and how the weekend will go so that’s what I’m going to do that I’m going to explain the weekend to you. First things first, if you’ve actually qualified for provincials congratulations that’s a huge feat in itself to be considered one at the delegates lucky enough and I guess confident enough to apply to this

process it’s not an easy one but congratulations, and if you are thinking about computing um hopefully this helps a little bit that’s the goal. That being said if you guys are interested in seeing any more content like this about the road to competing at Miss World Canada or Miss Teenage Canada make sure you comment below any questions or queries you have I’m just here to answer in support but to give you a breakdown there’s going to be two days of your provincial competition on average so what I would suggest doing if you are out of town consider staying at the host hotel just because it’s a little bit easier, you don’t have to worry about getting an uber or driving or getting a taxi or losing yourself in the city if you’re not known to that city. What I personally did is I grew up in Calgary when I was competing so I made sure, probably, in all honesty, the week before I looked up what hotel it was that I knew how long it would get there how long it would take to get there based on traffic and I really made sure that I was going to be there on time. So the night before I packed up everything I need it and predominantly what you need for that first day is an outfit to show up in for your rehearsals, you will need your interview outfit and you will need a swimsuit. So you really need three things. Not too bad You also want snacks and water bottle I am addicted to drinking water and I couldn’t have coffee when I was there because you have such a quick schedule so I made sure I brought a water bottle and some snacks to keep my blood sugar up. So the first thing you’re gonna do when you arrive is you are gonna see anywhere from I say probably like 30 to 60 women and I say women including the MISS division and the TEEN division because in 2017 Michelle Weswaldi and MTCW decided to collaborate the provincials so it streamlined the process makes it easier on the judges it makes it easier on the organization and you also gotta meet girls within your community which is incredible So when you show up and I’d suggest bringing like a little carry-on, nothing huge, or a little purse and in that you will obviously have what you need for that first day. When I competed predominantly the girls show up in then cocktail dresses I think it’s glamorized to the enth degree but what I chose to do is I’ve tried to take a little bit more of a professional route and you also need to consider dressing for your age category so if you’re 13 to 15 don’t dress like you’re trying to be 25, if you are 25 don’t dress like you’re 13. You’re in two different age brackets and you’re interviewing for a job if you’re in that teen category you are representing a teen whether it’s 13 to 19 you are still a teen. You need to be fun you need to be age-appropriate so keep that in mind if you are a Miss you’re gonna be considered professional, so what I did my Miss year is I wore like a beautiful little pair of black trousers and a black blouse with some stilettos, as a teen, what did I even wear as a teen, I don’t even remember but like something like this it’s a little summer dress that’s easy to move and and comfortable it would be really appropriate to you want to be comfortable you want to be you so when you first see these girls it’s gonna be natural instinct to size yourself up and be competitive and being competitive it is not a bad thing but you also have to remember not to compare yourself to others because you’re really there to be you and show your best self that’s difficult when you see everyone with their moms and their dads and their boyfriends on their best friends some girls have one person, some girls have no people, some girls have seven people. I’ve been in all situations and it’s just about going in and making a good effort. So once you’ve kind of sized up all the girls which you’re gonna do it’s not intentional second nature don’t try to do it you will see the organizers from MTWC Inc that’s Miss teenage Canada and Miss World Canada sitting at a desk usually with some black drape to curtain on it or table cloth, I don’t know what I called it a curtain. Once you’ve actually gotten in line when you have your appropriate call time for the first day you’re gonna meet individuals from the organization this is when you will be handing in your fundraising efforts if you have chosen to fundraise for the provincial charity choosing. My year, I think for both actually it was cardiac kids incredible organization in all transparency I didn’t fundraise I just I didn’t have time I was a full time university student when I competed both times. I did not have the time to fundraise and I wish I did but I didn’t You’ll also hand in some paperwork and you’ll be told to go into a conference room which you will be rehearsing in for that day. You’ll go in and you’ll put your stuff on the chairs you’ll start to meet the girls and that’s when things

really start, so the organizers will come in and you will have probably you’ll probably have two individuals from the organization and then a third person who is there you teach you the routines you’re gonna learn and also how to walk in heels so the first thing you’re actually gonna do is they’ll give you a little rundown of what the weekend will look like pretty much what I’m doing right now but I’m doing it in much more detail and the first thing after that is you are literally going to put on your heels and learn how to walk. If you do not know how to walk in heels it is not a problem. I didn’t know really how to walk in heels when I did it, but they just want to look at your posture and your confidence, teach your little things tips and tricks of how to be more confident on stage and how to walk in your heels They’ll also teach you about posture, which mine is not the best right now it’s okay. Once that’s done you’re going to learn a couple different walking patterns. So the first thing you’re really gonna learn is your opening number, which in all honesty it’s not dance related- thank goodness. I can’t dance. If any of you have seen my pageant videos you know I can’t dance so for me it was really stressful doing that but it’s really just kind of walking. Because there will be the Teenage category and the World category, the teens will be together in their choreographed number which will literally mimic exactly what the World girls do. So you will be grouped that way and it’s probably like a two and a half minute walking pattern of walking in circles with like lovely hand movements, which I still can’t do to this day- and the organization knows that so that’s embarrassing. But it’s really fun it’s really easy usually it’s a really upbeat song it’s nothing too complicated but once that’s done you are going to learn a couple different walking patterns. Tthe first walking pattern you’re gonna you to use actually it’s the one that you’re going to use that evening in swimsuit so you’ll probably it’s like a 30-second walk and that’s what you’ll do for swimsuit. After that you’ll probably break for lunch You can hang out with your friends meet the girls. I do believe it’s a close to lunch for the teens just because you guys are underage predominantly, so bring your own lunch if you can the Miss in all honesty I just I stayed in the room and I had help with the girls I wanted to get to know everyone and this is when I believe some of the past titleholders show up I don’t know who will be attending your provincials or if they will be attending your provincials but that’s kind of when they show up because in the afternoon what you do is you will sit down and have it run through of what you’re going to go through that evening, which will be your swimwear and it will also be your personal interview with the judges. To clarify these are the judging categories that will contribute to your score to qualify for nationals. Once that’s all done you’re also going to learn a choreographed swimsuit routine for the night of the finale, it’s just a production number and so usually what happens is five or six of you will walk on the stage together in a line and then you’ll each present yourself individually and swimsuit with the exact same walking pattern. As I said you are swimsuit will be scored that evening so once you’ve learned all the walking patterns you’re feeling confident you’re feeling happy you’ve gotten to know some but the titleholders if they’re there and they’ll give you like little tips and tricks that that you do you will literally have time to get ready and you will go straight into your swimsuit competition. It’s in a closed room it’s one-on-one with a panel of anywhere from four to six judges, which are incredible judges by the way they’re very kind they’re not there to be mean or crude or anything they’re just there to get to know you. Once you have completed your swimwear scoring you’ll go back to a holding room that you’re in and you will put on your interview outfit and you’ll prep for your probably two to three-minute interview with the judges. Here’s the thing with interview, it is my favorite part and so the best advice I can really give you is, just go in being you. The questions they ask you will honestly be based on the questionnaire that you provided so they’re not going out of their way to trick you they just want to see you who you are. So questions could be anything from the obvious of “if you win a title what will you do with your year?” or “what is your platform?” or “what is something you’re passionate about?” or “it says here you’ve danced for seven years what’s your favourite type of dance and why?” They honestly just want to see you and that’s really what the questions are about. That being said once that’s done you guys will have a little briefing about what time you need to show up the next day and that’s when the fun really starts. To clarify the next day will most likely be the Sunday morning, I think I showed up around 10:00 a.m. that’s when we were told to show up. You are gonna do a full run-through of the show just to make sure everything set properly everyone has their spots, everyone’s comfortable and you will start off with

your Opening Number which is that walking pattern grouped routine with Teenage and Miss that I told you about. Then you’ll go into Contestant Introductions, and think of something along the lines of “My name is Mattea Henderson I am 20-something years old from Calgary Alberta.” You smile and you walk offstage It’s nothing more than that, and you’ll do that in your opening number outfit. Once that’s done you guys are gonna change into your Evening Gown. The reason why you are changing into your evening gown is because this is part of the competition that is yet to be scored You did your Interview and your Swimwear the day before so they need to get Evening Gown out of the way so that they can tabulate the scores. You will walk on individually, in your numerical order, that you will be assigned the day before and you will do the same walking pattern in your beautiful dress and that’s that Once that’s done you are going to change into your swimwear and this is the production number you learn before with your girls so you’ll do this you’ll look fabulous then you’re gonna change back in to your evening gown and present your platforms or your Beauty with a Purpose. Platforms are for Teenagers and Beauty with a Purpose is for the Miss World contestants as the official platform of Miss World is Beauty with a Purpose. This is exactly the same thing as the teens, this is your platform. They are not looking for a novel, they are not looking for your life story. They are looking for “this is my platform”. “this is why I’m passionate about it.” “This is what I plan to do with it.” It’s honestly nothing more than that but it also gives the judges a chance to see what you actually do with your title this part isn’t judged, this is part of the production for the audience to see why you are such an extraordinary individual and why you’ve been chosen to compete at the provincial level in hopes of becoming a national finalist. This also like I said gives the judges times to tabulate scores and decide who goes to Nationals Once your platforms are done some of the reigning girls will come back and give their farewell speeches and it’s more of a question. It could be anything from “oh my gosh, you had the most incredible time at Nationals and won Miss Talent. Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose the talent to do?” Just to clarify talent is not mandatory I’ve never had a talent so don’t stress about that but it could also be “You were an incredible fundraiser, what did you fundraise for and why?” or “What was your platform?” or “What was your favourite memory?” You will also have the final two girls give their speeches which is Miss Teenage [insert title here] and Miss World [insert title here] ie your provincial winners from the year before usually they will be the individuals who do host the entire production so it’s kind of nice that you have a friendly face on stage if you met the girls the day before. But once that’s all done it’s kind of a waiting game you guys got away backstage hear the girls speeches. This also gives judges and the organization time to tabulate all the scores and kind of relax. Just to clarify when I’m saying to allow the judges to tabulate scores it’s more the organization tabulating the judge’s scores. I haven’t had enough coffee today so one second. Oh I feel like this is a very fitting mug for Alberta, what do you guys think? Okay I’m going to keep drinking my coffee. So now that you have heard all the wonderful farewell speeches and Q&A what’s gonna happen is the Miss World girls are gonna walk on to one side of the stage and the Teenage are gonna walk on to the other and you guys are gonna stand there and wait. Usually what happens is Michelle Weswaldi, the owner of MTCW Inc will be announcing the girls who qualify for nationals Please understand that the order that they call your name in has nothing to do with the actual standing. So if you are the first girl called in your division / category, that does not mean you are the first girl to qualify with the lowest scoring out of the girls who qualify. I know that’s a bit of a mouthful but I really have to make sure that I say that correctly, so it’s really a randomized order. So predominantly what they’ll do is they’ll do a Teenage girl first, then a World girl, then they’ll call a Teenage girl, and then a World. And it’ll keep going and going and going but usually what happens is the reigning girls from that year will walk on stage when your name is called they’ll put a crown on your head and hand you a little bouquet of flowers From personal experience of crowning girls and being crowned, what I highly suggest doing if you are one of the lucky girls who qualifies for nationals when they put that crown on your head just do like a little hold back here of the actual crown because they aren’t fitted to you our heads yet and you don’t want your crown falling off. I’ve seen girls have their crowns falling off

I’ve seen girls have the crown fall over their head and just hold it it makes it easier and what you will do is once you are crowned you will join your sister Queens as they are called in a lineup. To clarify the last two girls who are predominately called are going to be your Miss Teenage [insert provincial here] and you’re Miss World [insert potential here] and what they’ll do is they will have sashes. I believe they will have sashes. The other girls will not be sashed but they will be crowned. What the organization actually does is based on where you are in your province or in your region, they will assign a title that reflects that so you can actually be an active member in your community. So when I was teenage I was in southern Alberta I was in the south of Calgary so I became Miss Teenage Southern Alberta. When I was in this candidate I was one of the top three, I don’t know if the organization still announces top three, but because I placed at that point in the pageant and I was living in Calgary I was Miss Calgary World for that year. So if you don’t get a sash don’t freak out, you will get one that best reflects where you are in your region and your province so you can actually be an active member of your community. Once you have been crowned if you are lucky enough to be crowned there will be girls behind who have not been crowned. It’s not a reflection on you. What you need to remember is you need to be happy and genuinely happy for your friends. It is a stressful process and you need to be confident in who you are and what you represent and go you know what there’s a bigger reason of why I wasn’t chosen. I don’t know what it is but I know it’s a good reason and I’m genuinely happy for the girls because they showed their best self and it showed. It is not a reflection on how poorly you performed. I know girls who competed and competed and competed and ended up winning at nationals it took them a couple years and they ended up winning. It has nothing to do with you personally, it is a time thing and maybe it’s not your time. What will happen is your family and your friends your boyfriends your grandparents if you have people there they will swarm the stage to take photos of you because everyone wants those photos, trust me. I got mine everyone else got them is what it is. Then Michelle, if Michelle is there will announce, “Okay ladies, I need you to pack up your things and get out of this room. The girls who have qualified for nationals and who have been lucky enough to be crowned, I need you for 30 to 45 minutes to run through what will be required for you at nationals.” So what I would suggest during this whole process of you at the show backstage ladies is have a little space that for yourself make sure you know where all your things are make sure your things are labeled and be organized because you really want to listen to what Michelle has to say to prepare you for Nationals, it gives you a bit of a clear mind going in and then you can enjoy. As a TEEN delegate I do believe you are allowed to have a parent there. I don’t suggest having your mom your dad your grandparent your brother your sister your boyfriend your girlfriend your dog, don’t have everyone there because it’s too much work and they don’t need to be there. Have one parent there and take notes, let your parent take notes you need to be there in the moment they’ll let your parents take notes. If you are a MISS delegate honestly I think it’s up to you um I chose not to have my parent there when I was a Miss delegate. My mom my dad and my brother were there and I made them go to the hotel restaurant and grab dinner and I took my notes and I listened and I cleaned up my stuff and I met them at the restaurant. It was my decision um I know some Miss delegates did have their parents there I just made the conscious decision that I didn’t want to because I kind of knew the run down from when I was a teen so once that’s all done you got a go enjoy but um that’s literally the run down for your provincial qualifier. I know it’s super weird to think that you’ve actually come this far or you’re considering this in your journey but I want to wish you the best of luck I’m gonna make sure that I link all of the previous pageants I’ve actually watched for Miss World Canada and Miss Teenage Canada below so you guys can see what the actual process is behind the scenes and what it was like for me hosting and competing and attending and speaking and let’s just use the word participating at this point but if you guys have any questions just make sure to leave them literally below Also if you guys want to see more content like this I have no problem sitting down and talking to you all, just make sure you actually SUBSCRIBE, hit the notification bell and LIKE this video, but I really can’t wait to cheer you guys on and if you guys ever have any questions I’m always here for you and

I’m gonna go relax because it is a beautiful day and I still have work to do because I work. See you soon!

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