what up guys it’s Brooke so today tonight like hour and a half kind of i’m going to a band okay yeah so anyways um I’ve been outside all day pretty much besides work in the morning pulling weeds outside that’s not my work I was just time gonna do that my garden to grow herbs and tomatoes and all kinds of vegetables and it was time like right now I was reckon I guess I’d bribed so anyways for today I had no makeup on because I’m like okay at work and then flatten wait that’s not fun this doesn’t really require make I didn’t put any on today so going to a bonfire okay that changed my plans completely so at that why not do a cool new makeup tutorial we’re going to the bonfire and so we had a lot of people there but you don’t want to look like you just like walk the runway okay so anyways um yeah I’m going to be using actually few new things so my got today oh my god past week um I was going to use this but I said use the other thing that I got today which was a little bit um finally got the estee lauder double wear um stay in place makeup foundation if you guys want to see a review on this let me know in the comments down below ah yeah I’ll definitely do this separately if you guys want me to yeah let’s get started first I am NOT gonna hate doing my makeup when it’s like my hair is either berated or just put to the side somehow and straighten it completely today’s I don’t mind me quickly I’m gonna put my hair up who did you to do the radios plane you can’t hear it Oh turn it up in a minute I love the song summer but Helen Harris oh so you got this two days away yeah guys at the mall a little scrunchie that’s freaking bunny ears I’m like how awesome is that so you use me with bunny ears crunchy see what this looks like actually so we’re like hair accessories ticket an and I was like I’m not gonna pass that actually looks pretty cute like been up a little I’m straight it looks like it has that like bein Deanna thing going on here BAM I’m gonna put this thin anyways cuz headband needs to be okay well muscled bit later I’ll be funny here right now oh yeah listen 97.3 Dave radio station besides what else protein that’s also my first all right first things first on but where you list um is my hand sanitizer Body Works fresh market peach first land barge got off Santa’s or eclipse then I always love making videos on my room smells really good so he’s my Yankee Candle sink sink okay did not only have to cut that really hurt um he can’t i’ll pick sans kind of like room spray yes it’s that way you don’t have to have a candle take your room someone good then

obviously use the bath and body works well flowers sometimes ah that’s really good next up is a eye makeup remover away just in case I have any makeup on which I shouldn’t cuz I’m right on yonder okay cool stuff and then last step before we get into makeup is my heels lip balm put lip balm on so when I go into lipstick and lipgloss Hot Lips all wedding eat let’s do this okay for step I’m gonna use my mid lane baby skin in step or a certain house make another one of these today why didn’t I wasn’t it more my mind apparently because I am running first I’m just putting this under my eyes on them where I have bacne how it pretty much it for at my face no there’s not a cute wrap around my face I just need to put it as you just put a part of them on ice and then I’m gonna take my Maybelline it’s to age refined as news in this man doing that little triangle underneath can use my Beauty Blender from kohls the Robin we’ve never give away between capital and as you probably just heard the news going on right now quickly station if I can alright i know i won the mix so after you get that nice and blended in close the cover don’t forget doodle and then next is like my one of my new products I’m so so so so so so so excited sure I got this today I’m like sorry I’m sorry when I’m buying you make up I free this is the Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation with Bob Brock broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen 12-hour make up this oil oh yeah looks like they’re nuts like the squeeze squeeze holy shit push push him haha I can’t talk oh wait no I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna take my own foundation brush put it on that first oh good it where I want to blend it in oh wow maryland in my head my head has my forehead burst it I’m just gonna let you know I got my big light on i am so sorry lating it’s bad but i want to make sure actually putting all this on blending it all in I can usually do it but wow this is like one of the biggest i’ve heard this is what like one of the most legit full coverage phones cuz you know like some foundation say they’re full coverage but they’re not oh my god that irritates me so much and I just makes me really mad like really just bought you an awful cook I’m just going to quickly make sure my big know when you’re done your makeup take your time I can’t edit

my videos yeah I gotta pull it online make sure it doesn’t look like I’m like that looks really good actually wow I’m really covered so in so thumbs up to there okay next I’m get into my two powders first up is my bare minerals original powder presentation I’m taking my bare minerals full false face brush swimming around tapping off I’m just gonna do this is like kind of like a base basically to the foundation was just gonna make sure everything is completely and then it take I’ll powder brush I’m pleased by the way and my ELF tone correcting powder and cool and just to make sure extra like you know acne spots are completely covered but good it on mine just to double check everything is good luck choose not to have it except finish this is an oldie sorry guys but this is like my favorite blush of all time you guys want me to do a tutorial with different brought blush let me know cuz I definitely will this is my Tarte Amazonian clay I thought it’d be good to do it with that foundation just to see how the two combined together and it has a mirror on it so I’m just use that I’m using my Real Techniques blush brush you want a good place to get these either ulta haslam or you can get them at kohls kohls is really good too pretty nobody’s been the apples of my cheeks I’m going up just a little and this is n doll face just thank you guys next music haven’t used this in so long and I’ve been doing we doing my makeup collection by the way if you guys want a updated makeup collection video or an enough daid your room toward leave me a comment down below because because it looks so much better now so anyways this is the Stila sweet treat bronzing powder it was a limited edition during Valentine’s Day it is a bronzing kind of thing no taking this my ELF professional bronzing brush I’m just get some online gonna kind of the worst open type out I go right under the blush on my nose on the forehead and to get this look the face part finished almost i’m going to take on this limitation mac um I think it is still out there if you guys want to get this it’s thirty dollars it’s from kelly osbourne kind of like the rihanna one but she has like a lip gloss lipstick with this everything inside i’m in addition so this is there- I skin finish and jolly good this is hers so i take my expert kabuki brush from I soon put it round tip it off and used as a little hot highlight hold it on the forehead flow down the nose just to make sure everything looks good and finished off completely don’t worry that’s not

really i’ve seen I seen my worst probably and then I’m gonna take my covergirl virtusa gorgeous concealer which I’m in love with this is not there this is a trick actually for my mom so pros to my mom I do yes i have three pimples right there yeah it’s not fun but you know what I’m a girl I’m dealing with it all you haters out there right now you’ve all got acne to probably sometimes guess what we all have to deal with it boys or girls I all I learned is head around it you just had it I fit it in your mouth make sure it’s completely padded down it disappears pretty much big but seriously it’s like genius yeah okay next to it boom new item this okay i know i have one NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk which is like just a really pretty white so I got this today this is a another mixed remind handsome but this one I want to combine it this is strawberry milk like my outfit this top really cute and I just got something short shorts but i thought this color would be really really really really pretty that’s it so I’m gonna do that my lid real quick oh yeah I am I gotta be so rude okay I gotta put the light on now that i’m doing my eyes so I can really see what it looks like wow that’s really pretty oh my god you guys I need to go buy the rest of dudes and dudettes and beauty peeps this is freakin amazing I’m like literally an all right now like I’m not even kidding this is going on so smoothly what oh my God look at that you can see it cuz it’s such a light color but oh my god that’s really pretty don’t mean to time dang thumbs up next of course of taking my naked 3 palette and I’m gonna take see ya wanna do limit right there Deb heard of color just gonna put it on over there could I just put on it haha bleed using the brush small part that were in it really helps to get the mundane next and Urban Decay combine the BAM that’s awesome aah bomb duck look at that compared to the other eye it’s like next color I’m taking trick it was really pretty shimmery gold I’m going to do that on a crease longside another crease hold on I know okay Wow looks really good I’m really happy I did this you guys okay um next up I’ve taking my bag and ash from benefit for the top and

bottom lashes and then I’m gonna put another one over it yes this is what my eyelashes pretty black now I want to take my NYC skyrise in collision maska see all right I’ll do one eye and then i’ll show you guys what I mean and about my I hate that okay look at look at this I this is just with the bad guy lash doesn’t look good look I’m combined yeah you know what that’s called magic I me know let’s just called me doing it like that my buddy Tim lovely ends up next he’s got me on any party max here is new music by ZZ ward sliced love song on the mix am I am sorry um Drella gorgeous G and now hello Mario De Palma and I’m gonna put some rimmel 235 this is a moisturizer renew 1 & 2 star you remember that slippery it’s a new one this is a new product you have to say and then when that’s fun you go the extra off and then I got this now to stila I have three of them I thought this one was such a cute name pink marshmallow goes with the strawberry milk I thought I’ve never had a steal a lipstick on me at least so we go that’s pretty okay that’s a little much Julie sparkly wow really sparkly okay it’s like a little and while I have a cute little sorry my pillow wasn’t closing and you have a cute look cute little hair thing and you

got y’all early party microphone and yeah and y’all ready to go yes I know I see myself right there so yeah Oh guys like this store and thick sounds on do it like this some day I’ll talk to you guys later he’s out scouts

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