Hello, it’s Minsco I’m going to try a special makeup today It’s going to be full of my daily life tips You know that I usually use expensive makeup brushes like these For people who have just started doing makeup or for people who aren’t really interested in makeup but have to get it due to the circumstances, it’s going to be difficult to get all these brushes So I’ve prepared a method of which you can copy my makeup without those brushes I try not to use expensive brushes, but rather try to use my fingers and cotton swabs This is actually the outcome of that makeup and it isn’t that different from my usual makeups It’s clean and nice, right? I’ll show you how to do makeup without a brush Let’s go! This is a cream that I want to show to my student subscribers It’s the Etude Pure Panthensoside 10 Cica Balm It’s a balm type cream, but it isn’t heavy like other balm type creams It’s a really good cica balm to moisturize your skin So for students, especially those who have a lot of skin problems such as acne can use this as a cheap solution For the sunscreen I have one from Rom&nd and it’s very good considering its price I’ll apply the #02DEWY Pick It feels a little bit like a makeup base so it’s an okay product to apply It’s really dewy that it feels like a basic product Rom&nd products, whether it’s sunscreen, base, or powder, are very good to cover up poles across every level The sunscreen for example, if you look closely, you can see that my skin is filled smoothly For the cushion I’ll use the Javin de Seoul Bloom Foundation Pact #23 It’s popular among students, so I’ve brought it, and it covers up well It’s a #23 product but compared to other road shop brands the color’s a bit dark So if I apply it like this, it’s a bit darker than my original skin tone, but it fits the color of my neck very well If you apply it like this, it covers up quite well I had a wink foundation pact before, but this is a bit lighter than that Also it gives your skin a bit of glow so it’s better to apply it in the winter, It’s not really that shiny though It has just the right amount of glow while covering up really well When I tried my mask on top of this, it got on to my mask really much So I hope you keep that in mind I think you guys will ask me why I’m using a cushion puff when I said that I wouldn’t be using any equipment, but I’m not doing a challenge today. I’m telling you tips so I’m going to use these interior tools The powder is good for covering up poles and oil control, and it’s really good for its price. It’s a product from Eglips I’ll use the Eglips Blur Powder Pact There is a puff inside, but if you apply too much powder, it may feel a bit thick So after you apply it on the puff, fold it in half and rub it a bit so that it’s applied thoroughly I personally think that using a brush is the best way to apply powder thinly so if you have a brush, use that But if you don’t, apply the tiniest bit you can apply on the puff and apply it on your face Also, don’t push, but rather just tap it on your face kind of like you’re fixing up the cushion and foundation you’ve applied beforehand Or, if you want the glow to remain, leave the glowing part and you know the areas where the mask comes in contact, right? Focus on those parts and apply your powder there That’s a great tip for these days You need powder if you don’t want to lessen the amount of makeup getting on your mask, messing it up For the eyebrow, I’ll use the Nature Republic Botanical Styler Care Eyebrow #2 Mocha Gray I haven’t used it before, but the color inside matches black and brown hair very well,

and if you look inside, there are two tiny brushes A screw brush and a diagonal brush If you use this diagonal brush, you can draw your brow, and also use it when doing your shading for the skin under your eye for the shading for your eyeliner It’s a multipurpose brush, so I’ve picked this one I’ll combine this color with this color and apply it Pencil types are good, but powder types like these fill in the inner eyebrows better and you can draw cleanly, which is why I prefer these Just naturally filling it like this, which is satisfying But this is a built-in brush so the handle is quite short making it uncomfortable to use Also this dark color on the right, use this not for the whole thing, but just the tail of your eyebrow to make it look cleaner Of course, depending on the deepness of the makeup, you can use it on your whole brow but if you gradate it like this, it’s gonna look cleaner I’ve drawn it like this For the shading I’ll use the Peripera Ink Boy Shading #2 Kakao Brown I thought a lot about how I could use this without an extra equipment I’ve just decided to use my finger I suggest you use your ring finger and don’t apply too much Follow your eyebrow bone with only a little power If you use too much power, it will mess up the base You’ll see it shading, Of course, using a brush will do the job better, and will shade it better, but your finger’s fine as well Maybe I was too caught up in the thought that I’d really need a brush for this It appears to be quite natural, doesn’t it? Start from the inside of your eyebrow and this part here, the shading has to be lighter so use the remaining amount to slightly tap it Good? Just follow my steps like using a brush but you have to be careful on your nose Just tap it like this because the base easily gets messed up on this part which is why I recommend using a brush here but if you’re using your finger, be careful I’m done with my nose I’ll get a bit greedy and use this darker color to shade the inner part right here A brush would be nice to shade your chin as well but for people who don’t have brushes, these power puffs, built-in, or just ones rolling around in your house, or ones that you can get for 1,000 to 2,000 won will do the job Apply it like this This is the first part you have to apply this on Apply this here first and tap with the remainder to shade it These puffs are good to use The cheapest shading brushes are already quite expensive Shading like this makes it look natural, right? Air puffs can be clogged into little bumps so I’ll suggest using powder puffs For today’s eye makeup, I’m gonna make my eyes shine a bit and give a bit of translucency while having a shade I’ll use my finger, my ring finger, which is the weakest Also, when you use your ring finger, don’t only use one part of your finger, but use the sides of your finger as well depending on the area you’re applying it So look carefully into that I have a few shades that I really like from road shops, and this is Aritaum Mono Eyes Warm Brown I’ll apply this warm brown color on my eyelids, Get some on your ring finger and just smoothly go over your eyelids Don’t start from the top but go from the middle to the bottom and use the remainder to shade the top part That way you makeup doesn’t get all clogged Also, that way you can make your makeup gradually become lighter as it goes to the outer parts When using your finger, you have to follow the same steps as using a brush It’s shaded like it’s dyed, right? Also, this skill’s important I said that I was going to use the side of my finger, right? Use the side to apply some color on it Then fill in the triangular area If you use the normal tip for your finger, it becomes too broad So use the side like this

If you apply it like this, the triangular part is filled Another color that I really like is #BR408 I’ll apply this the same way, with the side of my finger I’ll use it to shade the end of my eye slightly So like this spread it out, controlling the areas This skill is quite useful But many people don’t know it Just think of your finger as a brush Ta-da! You can see how it’s shaded If you think your ring finger is too fat you can use your pinky I personally am used to my ring finger I don’t use my finger when making videos but sometimes when I had to abruptly do my makeup for whatever reason, I always used my finger like this I’ve been using these eyeshadows for a long time now They have been with me since the start of my channel I believe that powder cosmetics never die Powder never dies! Next, apply the glitter It’s the A’Pieu Full Shot Fullstone Glitter It’s a glitter for people who are almost obsessed with it This is a road shop product but it doesn’t feel like one The case is transparent so you can see the glitter glittering There are five colors in total and they’re all really pretty When I first applied these, I was screaming that they’re so pretty and I’ll show you guys why I have each colors on my fingertips and you can already see that it’s amazing I don’t even have to apply it on my face to know that It’s the #01 Buy the Moon color and it’s a moon-like, silver-gold glitter Brilliant, isn’t it? The #02 Diamond Rum is the fanciest This white glitter looks like a real diamond So pretty, right? #03 Ten Rings color This color is a metallic, rose pink glitter that looks pretty on cool makeup One of my favorites, #04 Gold Carpet It’s a glitter with a 24K gold color Also one of my favorites, last but not least, the #05 Rent the Sun color This is a coral gold glitter that looks like coral and pink are mixed in great balance Aren’t they very translucent and shiny? They’re so light and well-sticking as well I’ll apply the #04 Gold Carpet since I love gold Using your finger is the go-to option here because it sticks well and shines better So instead of using a brush, use your finger like this and spread it lightly It’s very translucent Kind of like this? It’s not too much for students and people who go to work can look too unnecessarily young when they choose the wrong glitter too use But this isn’t something like this If you put it on shading makeup, you can see the color before that through this and that makes the glitter look shinier and more translucent This #01 Buy the Moon color is a bit fancy, so I’ll tap once in the middle That gives a shiny, glittery look On the skin under my eyes, I’ll apply the #01 Buy the Moon I’ll use the side of my finger that I’ve talked about earlier, but you can use this pointy cotton swab to apply it on your face I’ll show you how to Make sure you use the side of your fingertip I recommend this method for people who have a lot of skin under their eyes I don’t, so it’s hard to delicately apply it If you apply it like this, it only gets on this part, right? It’s not too glimmery and it’s also not like glitter glue, but rather silvery and bright which makes it so pretty If you have a pointy cotton swab, use that That way you can apply it to the very inside So using a pointy cotton swab like this is extremely good but something else I want to tell you is that this A’pieu glitter doesn’t spread out all over the place by itself so even just simply applying it will prevent the tiny glitter pieces from falling or flying around There are some shadows that have glitters that go all over the place

In that case, apply some mist on your cotton swab then apply the glitter and finally apply it on your face That will make it kind of like a liquid glitter so it will stick well on your skin So I’ll use a bit of mist here That way I can see where exactly I’m applying it and I can be more delicate You can find these pointy cotton swabs at Olive Young for a fairly cheap price I’ve applied it like this I’ll also apply some on the inner end of my eye It’s a glitter which the powder and oil is balanced out well so it’s really clear and pretty There’s almost no powder flying around and it’s so pretty Also when I shade the skin under my eyes, I like using other equipment, but this pointy cotton swab is just enough Apply some shading color on the tip of it and start from the part where you have to shade the most and apply the remainder on the front for the final touches on the skin under your eyes You can fill in the triangular area, draw your eyeliner, and do pretty much everything For the eyeliner, I’ll use the Clio Sharp, So Simple, Waterproof Pencil Liner #05 Dark Brown I want a thin line today, so I’ll use a Clio product I’m going to lower it a little bit more than usual so that students can watch and follow The advantage of pencil eyeliner is that you can blend it slightly with a cotton swab If you use a cotton swab to soften the border a little bit like this, you’ll get a better quality makeup Then I’ll fill in the triangular zone with this a bit more Applying some on the cotton swab and fill in the outer corner So the eye makeup is neatly done now To be honest, the eyelash curler is not so replaceable So I’d like to recommend buying the eyelash curler And I’m gonna use GIVERNY FIXING MASCARA #02 BLACK BROWN I figured many of the viewers would be most likely to be students In comments, some of them said black looked too apparent, and brown made them look like their eyelashes got burned So I thought this black brown color would be properly pretty without seeming too much I’m wearing it now Thought something was missing And I think I should give a bit of shade here to make it prettier So I’ll be applying this warm brown color again using the sharp cotton swab that I’ve used earlier Here, in the inner corner, you can shade that part a little Now eye makeup is finished I was thinking about which cheek blushers to use and I’ve have picked one that wouldn’t cause clumping without using a brush or a puff A’Pieu JUICY PANG JELLY BLUSHER I’m gonna use #CR01 today I normally put it on my middle finger and index finger like this And then just apply it like this Nothing difficult. Just apply it But you wanna go easy on it Don’t try to apply a huge amount of it at once Just put it on like patting your cheek What’s great about this one is you can wear it without using any tool and ruining the base makeup Let me show you at a close range I’ve put on cushion and powder earlier and the base makeup doesn’t get affected at all, right? There’s one thing you should be careful about though, you don’t wanna pat your face too many times after wearing very moist base makeup since it might leave some marks So you need to use cushion or foundation to avoid that and luckily JAVIN DE SEOUL, the one I used adheres very well It didn’t leave any finger marks after applying the blusher Next, I’ll be shading on my lips and it can also be done by using a cotton swab Put a shred of it under the lower lip and above the upper lip, apply it on the middle of your philtrum and then spread it out like I’m doing now And on the ends of the mouth as well Just like that, the lip shading is done! I’ve been trying out this lip product, BBIA NEVER DIE TINT I’m gonna wear #02 GO LOYALTY Rub it towards the top of your lips and with your ring finger, blend it gently like this When you exaggerate it over the lip line, just push it upwardly like this Then you can exaggerate it over the lip line Push it like ding ding ding to extend the lip color

You can also give a bit of pressure generally on the lip line to extend subtly It’d be okay to blend with a cotton swab but I like it better when blending and pressing with my finger Next, I’ll be using Rom&nd SEE-THROUGH VEILLIGHTER #01 I think each of little glitters overly looks evident when it’s applied by using a brush so I prefer using my fingers to tone it down and make it look naturally pretty You can just put it on your nose like this This is a very soft highlighter Isn’t it beautiful? I usually like applying highlighter with my fingers so it would look like I’m pretty used to it I think I’m done with it because I don’t like putting highlighter on these parts So it’s finished! Ta-da! Although I didn’t use any brush today, the makeup quality seems as good as the one I normally wear If you get a closer view of it, you can see that I’ve neatly finished this makeup without looking half-assed Actually I did some research so I could show you how to put on makeup in a neat way without using brushes I’ve learned the cotton swab is the best tool So I hope I could help you guys a lot Thank you so much for watching today’s video Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and have a wonderful day tomorrow See you next time. Bye!

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