hey guys it says here well I’m gonna do a makeup tutorial and i’m going to show you guys how I do my makeup how I clear my face first steps put the hair up I just did like a sloppy bun moms it’s out of the face area I use when I wash my face will be good to get off the oils and stuff I use clean and clear morning burst fruit and fusions for purifying cleanser and its oil free it is it has real man tiara tianjin it so yeah just put a little squirt of that hand rub it mama refer over the Pope 1 cub win over your face you don’t have to put it over your eyes but I do so that when i put the eyeshadow on it’s like the natural oils and thumb your eyes are really good to its its own i have shadow sticks you don’t massage evaluation went off ok when your dad went to New make sure you try a really good you another good thing to use is the idea not to keep the little hairs from coming so I’m gonna go get my bandana really quick ok got my bandana what I like to do is fold it down into a rectangle one now fold it down into a rectangle if you use of Indiana to make sure its back and that too far front so that the makeup doesn’t get all over the veendam because I made that mistake before okay I don’t use foundation because I have a clear face pretty much but use LA colors

it’s my skin tone and you can get this at the dollar store cheap I’m not rich so I use whatever I can and take it and on there good when you have blemishes like I do you want to go over them really good then you want to blend and you want to blend that in make sure you get up in the forehead and close to the hairline you don’t have to get on the hairline because then you can get the powder in your hair you don’t want that so get close to the hairline so that it doesn’t look like you’re like really pale on one side and like dark on the rest I deal with that you want to make sure that it’s even get on the ears a little bit so that your ears don’t look different make sure you get arlington area and on the neck area I even like to go along the chest area a little bit because my chest shows are mostly shirts that are where but not a lot okay when you finish the basic bottom coat you want to in case you got it in your hair you want to rush out the hair a little bit likessee I got some right there I’m gonna make sure that that’s even the next step that I do is my lips I use three different um coats for on my lips first coat is blistex it’s good the second coat is LA Colors not the lip gloss with the lipstick on that side it’s scented but I like the color it’s a nice pink pale pink and then the Rimmel London stay glossy up to six hours last and shine lip gloss it was clear but I go over the lip stick with the lip gloss oval applause turned pink but it’s so clear when you put it over your lips so blistex comes first and if you have the humps on your lips like I do to make sure that you get up on there okay once you apply the coat of chats if you want to apply the lipstick the purpose of putting the chapstick first is so that your lips see moisturize when you put the lipstick and the lip gloss on top of it your lips are still moisturizing good okay it’s clear you want to make sure that you have a good base don’t forget the humps like the first time make sure that it’s nice and well blended and then the lip gloss goes over the top

you want to even that out I get the humps I’m just dropping everything today so the foundation is done with a base coat is done and the lips are done nice and pink not too pink to overdo the face but just pink enough and if you put enough on the lips it would overdue like if you have acne like over here is some common places you have acne on your nose like when people see you they see your lips because your lips are shiny learning ok so next what we want to do ok so next what we want to do that’s what we’re going to do is the eyeliner this is also LA Colors so I have of many different types of eyeliner these have the erasers to erase like if you mess up but I like to use the cheap retractable eyeliner for the bottom dude accentuate that I make sure I stand out more so you can already see the difference between this I look so sleepy and big and it’s a small right now so so now both eyes have the bottom eyeliner you went into the eye shadow before that you do the top eyeliner this is my eye shadow it’s four by four so obviously 16 scared me it was my phone huh okay so what you want to use is what I what I

use can use a nice easy color for the brown of course a easy situating brown for the inside bottom ok so that was that color now i’m going to use the one above it which is more like a old for the upper part i would say copper copper so there’s the copper up there the regular brown that’s down here and then you want to take the dark brown which is right there and you want to get that for the edge kind of clothes off the brain is okay I’m go ahead and use the metal medium brown go along the brow line okay type that up a little bit and blend it in a little bit so I like lift looks like it lifts your eye a little bit I guess I want to take the brush the brush part kinda blend it in yuna do that for the other side ok now that’s done

I’m going to fill in the brow line and I’m situate the brow okay one thats dark so take some kana use out the darkness and then you wanna okay now that this undulating is done we’re going to put the top eyeliner on well I have I have silver sparkly black Brown regular black and green of sparkly clean but I’m going to use the brown because that’s the colors I based my eyeshadow work love a lot but we fix it afterwards

you okay it looks like like a lot right now so we’re going to take the eraser and go over it not a lot but enough to like kind of ease it out ok so then the eyes are dark in and you want to do the mascara which I have covergirl LashBlast valium and this is not the waterproof kind that they have the waterproof kind when I do it I kind of rub it all from the side so that it’s not clumpy a lot of people are like well why do most girls go like this well that’s because when you go like that it stretches out the phase muscles like so but I don’t do that and get the bottom lashes too so it’s all my crap my eyes are it’s done so now we can remove the bandana the light in here really makes a difference you wanna rush out the hair and because I have honey highlights the brown colors stand out more so yeah and I also have my eyes and their rounds up the eyeshadow works good with my eyes so yeah how I do my makeup thanks for watching my tutorial for free to comment if you don’t like some things I did do you think I should change some of the things that I do or if you have any ideas like I’m going to get burgundy highlights in my hair so if you have any ideas like how I should do it like should I get it like Mahoney eyelids are across my honey highlights or a mohawk so basically what they did was took a middle piece of my hair and dyed all that and when I drop it it goes to the

sides and stuff like that but I could get home underneath burgundy underneath I can get burgundy tips burgundy like Mohawk like I just said or doesn’t matter so if you have any ideas you should tell me them in the comments below okay well thanks for watching love you

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