we have to go and take these two a vapour pieces with the real song and then we need to take these two that have couple holes on the bottom do not take this one with this ridge and don’t take this one need to line up these we need to line up these two pieces with this metal thing to go to the inside okay like that then we will take one of these pieces and with this thing you will point it to it the wheels then you will put take the other one just as well put it with the holes with these two hosts over the wheels and then we will put the fourth piece together with these three remaining pieces and you put it all together then you take these a longest screws or basically bolts bolts with the barrel nuts and you will try to place them in in such way that this barrel has to fit in here with the hole pointing up and then you screw it in they give you this little thing then you repeat the same for all all of those three remaining with this a little rich you point it up here with the hole and then slowly wiggle it in this isn’t needs to be straight up to fit okay I’m in now turn it out this way here is the hole also notice notice that this knot has line in there and it points up and down so it really helps you to make it straight and it will navigate you it to go into the hole because you really cannot see in here where it really is you see now it turned a little bit you have to turn it straight up and down and then you will

feel when it grabs okay next thing is to put together this center part piece with the to the bottom and top support and then with these main supports and we will need we will need these bolts and nuts okay so so first we will take this center part that has no cut out Center support and put it on the bottom here okay then we need to take the top support and with this cut out and we will put it on the top and as you notice these are these metal things are pointing toward the top so make sure that you do it right that you don’t do it the opposite direction and then we need to place these these main supports onto the middle supports which we will all you know use the bolts there now I will pressure this together stand it up okay and now we can put again these nuts and bolts in here right there and you do this for all four for all four sides okay remember that you have to place this straight up and down so you can fit this inside that hole and screw it screw it on this one is not going in I need my screwdriver to turn it around a little bit and maybe even push it in because it’s not going in okay this one is a little problematic I will try to probably take it out let’s try again

okay let’s go and do the other let’s try these is one one in we still have to do this problematic woman trying to see what’s happening in there let’s try to make because that ball didn’t want to go in match maybe the hole is not deep enough okay it’s going in and tighten up everything nice now I wanted to point out something and that is these holes I did not talk about them okay these holes are they need to be on the bottom and this is the bottom panel and this is the panel this is the top panel with the cutout so those holes these holes need to be away from this panel they need to be on the bottom here okay because they will go right here it will be placed right here which is our next step okay so now we need to go and place the frame of the easel on to the bottom okay and as you see I supported my I supported my easel with this part because I will be working working over here so it’s easier for me to have it up instead of tilt it all the way down so you can do you can do that too you can put some you know with the one of the pieces and over here we need to attach it right there okay and there and they gave us a couple of these which I’m not really sure by the descriptions which one we’re supposed to use they’re both same size and I’m supposed to use wing nuts but the wing nuts didn’t come in the package so I guess I will use the these crews I will use probably these crews take their chubbier they’re fatter and they fit in that hole so this is what I will use and we need to we need to line up the hole I think it doesn’t want those tray oops

so that’s one and let’s do the second one let’s line it up right and this little one goes there and the boat we will tighten it up later now it can go and stand up okay next now we need to attach this bottom piece to the mass this is the bottom of the mass and we will line it up pause with these holes okay and we will put screws in there which are those smaller screws that I had in there yeah that’s one now make sure that this is the skinny part is going toward the top Oh and this is the best the way they fit here if I place them from the back to the front and now the second one okay now that’s done now these screws need to be also tightened up okay and we need to put couple more screws right there these are the two screws that we need to place here on the bottom so now my piece is all tightened up now we take this mast and I have this piece and we need to slide it on okay and you can tighten it up actually this is going to hold this will hold the canvas okay and over here back here we have another hole we will put this one in there and this is going to stop you know wherever you want this if you tighten it up you know you cannot move this moving part anymore okay now that we have mastered a we need to attach these two right here with the with these wooden screws okay so and as you see one side over here has a little Ridge on the inside okay and this one is like this one has also hole but it doesn’t have anything any ridge in there so this Ridge is going to be placed facing on the inside and the screw is going to the head of the screw is gonna go in there so you just place it here and right here right here we have another little tiny hole that we need to line it up with this screw okay I just made sure that I have a little point in here and I will place it in

there use my screwdriver and screw it in and you do the same thing for this one we will find that we need to find a bridge which is in here okay so and we will place it we will place it towards the middle and our little tip goes in that little hole right there and I’ll stir it up and screw it screw it in okay now that we have this these two pieces attached to the bottom we will need these pieces okay and take them apart and place this black piece here into the side okay once you have that black piece in put the bolt through these balls both pieces and and it will slide up and down okay now we will do the same thing for the other side and when you have it in a position you just tighten it up and it doesn’t move anymore now we need to put the mast in so I will turn it out this piece I’m typing this tree so I can lay it down flat and I will actually slide the mass in okay since last time when I was videotaping putting this together I dropped my chimera and broke it and also I just have to explain to you something whoever designed this easel did didn’t do a good job for one reason because these these are not flushed and they are hitting the wood right right in there so what I need to do is actually you can go and see it from the side if I go and put it sideways that it’s not flush to see you can you can see that they’re protruding in here so what I need to do is I need to drill a bigger hole so this get more inside and becomes flushed so that’s my way of trying to fix it instead of returning the entire easel to the store okay I took my biggest drill that I have and hopefully it’s graph it this is a little bit bigger than this but as you see this area is bigger then than this area so it should be a approximately same size so wish me luck when I’m drilling okay I’m finished with one I was just trying it and I went a little bit deeper than I

should have and let’s go and do the other one and not so much okay we went again there’s a deeper but I don’t think it really can be done any other way okay at least it’s crushed right and it’s flashed and now we can see you cannot see it protruding in here anymore and I just will have to get better these little things that screw on to make it at it because this is the this one doesn’t go all the way well I solved one problem but created another one right so let’s go and slide it on now I also wanted to point out that we have also these plates that actually one of the place needs to go here because this one will be being screwed on from the other side so and we don’t want this and to hit the wood so it will hit that plate okay just to point out one more thing and the other plate actually went into this end okay when you start sliding on you need to watch and then these grooves need to go into these grooves you slightly saw and there we go perfect perfect okay now we can go and stand it up and tighten it up right here so it stays in the position here and here great and then yeah I forgot to add this piece which I slid from the top from here from this area and it’s actually the piece that holds the top of the painting together and then also right here I screwed on this this piece so if you tighten it up it this is not going to move okay you tighten it up there and also you tighten it up right here and the only thing that I have to do is replace this part here these two parts actually to make it make this more tight okay because it’s a little bit Wiggly that’s about it well I hope this will help you to solve the problem it just in case you have the same or like I did and thanks for watching my video and enjoy your art

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