What’s up you guys welcome back to my channel so for today’s video i am just gonna chill and do my makeup and i figured why not turn on the camera and film it for you guys we’re just gonna do a get ready with me i’m super excited every time i go on instagram i follow so many amazing people and i get so inspired by all of the looks that i see and i’m telling you it always instantly just makes me want to get glam so that’s what we’re doing today i’m just gonna do my makeup eat my face and we’re gonna hang out okay first things first i need to pin my hair back these little clips are everything for doing your makeup if you guys don’t have them you definitely need to get them i have mine linked on my amazon favorites really quickly before we get into the video we do have a sponsor for today’s video so huge thanks to built bar you guys i have been trying this out for the past few weeks and i’m absolutely obsessed you guys know i’m on a weight loss journey and one thing that’s really big for me is making sure i have healthy options that are available especially for on the go especially for me when i get hungry at night i love that these taste absolutely amazing they’re high protein low calorie my favorite which i actually am eating right now again because i’m kind of on the go today even though i work from home it’s like when i’m filming i want to get right to filming so i can just get right to work for the day so i love being able to snack on these so i’m literally eating this one right now it is incredible this is the peanut butter brownie it tastes literally so good one thing that i hated about protein bars is they always have that like weird powdery taste these do not have that weird taste at all they taste absolutely incredible they actually came out with these limited edition flavors candy cane brownie and white chocolate cookies and cream so if you guys want to check them out you can actually get 20 off with my link i will leave that in the description box down below so on to the makeup i cannot wait you guys know i love getting glam and i always take you guys with me and turn on the camera because i feel like why not so the first thing i’m going to do i really want to try this i’ve been wanting to try this for a while this is the maybelline glass spray i don’t know i’m just like really feeling this lately i’ve really been liking see i’ve never tried it whoa okay not like the smoothest mist ever maybe i’ve really been liking using a setting spray first before i do my makeup and like sometimes i’m just skipping a primer lately i really do want to try the anastasia story the new hood of beauty primer i really want to try that one but i don’t have it okay this is making me hella dewy wondering if i’m going to regret this no i’m not it looks good though but it’s like super dewy you know what this reminds me oh my god yeah oh my god yeah this is like super dewy i literally feel like i just put oil on my face i’m scared now okay i think i have to wipe some off um this kind of reminds me i’m gonna have to really mattify my face this kind of reminds me of the tatcha dewy skin mist like literally you have to use the tiniest amount if you have oily skin like me and my trick is to cover my t-zone like this and only spray on the outers so i know that for next time but this is like fire like this makes your skin look good so i’m excited this is the anastasia luminous foundation i don’t know this has just been my go-to the match is incredible the formula is really great i just love this this is 270c and lately i’ve kind of been liking to put the foundation on the back of my hand so for those of you who follow me on instagram stories and you already know this but i actually got under eye filler and smile line filler a few days ago like three days ago now and i am literally so happy that i did i wanted to update you guys because i know that i’ve been talking about it forever right like i’ve been telling you guys for forever that that’s something i want to do but i was just really nervous because i wanted to find a place that did it really like natural and i just didn’t want it to look botched like i am a super like conscientious person i’m very cautious i’m very like self-aware like i just you know when i do something i want to do it right that’s just how i am so it took me a really long time to like do my research and find the best place and oh my god i’m so happy with my results like look at that under eye i actually feel like i could have done a little bit more on my under eye like i could have probably done a little bit more but it looks so natural that i’m honestly so happy with it and my smile lines like look at that i have like barely any line there obviously enough to keep it looking natural because that’s like normal but oh my god my face just looks so much more smoother and i am so happy you guys like by the way i’m not promoting like fillers or anything like that at all i feel like you should just be able to do what makes you happy um one thing for me is what i will say is like it gave me like this instant confidence boost which i want to be careful saying that because i want to make it very clear that getting fillers or botox or anything i’ll go into detail about exactly what i did but getting fillers or anything like that or plastic surgery just anything like that it’s not going to make you a confident person believe that like one thing that i realized as i got older which is crazy but it took me years to realize i wish i could tell my teenage self this like oh my god i wish i could go back to amy in high school

and tell her this but one thing i have realized about confidence is that it’s literally all mental which makes no sense makes no sense like when you’re insecure about your appearance you would think oh you have to change your appearance to be confident literally no like you could be the baddest in the world and still be the most insecure in the world it’s crazy like confidence is not about how you actually look it’s literally all mental so that’s one thing i realize so don’t think that getting fillers or anything like that or plastic surgery is going to make you confident that’s not what i mean you have to be like a pretty confident person going into it like i wouldn’t suggest getting fillers or plastic surgery or anything like that to you know make yourself a confident person you have to be like pretty confident going into it you just want to use those things if you want to um to enhance your natural beauty you know just like makeup and hair obviously you could get into a debate about how they are a little bit different but in my opinion it’s similar um you just want to use it to enhance but i am so happy that i did it and what i meant but like it gave me a confidence boost is like it’s kind of like when you put on makeup you know when you put on makeup and you’re like you look in the mirror and you’re like oh my god like i just came back to life who is this like that’s how i felt when i came home from getting filler so she looked in the mirror and i was like god damn she fine like i felt good you know so um i don’t know it just gives you a little it gives you a little bit of boost but again you just want to go into it already kind of using it to enhance and anyways so so pretty much what i did was i did my under eye and my smile lines and a lot of people are asking me how much did i get so in total i got 200 ml so they put one ml in my smile lines half and half and then one ml in my under eye half and half and again i do feel like i kind of want a little bit more on the under eye but it looks so natural that like i’m still i’m like so happy with my results so i am going to use the shade light beige for my concealer so i just want to switch up my routine a little bit today nothing crazy here just a little bit and i’m gonna actually put my contour i’m gonna let my concealer settle like sit a little bit and put my contour on i’m using my favorite hood of beauty but today i’m actually using medium it’s a little darker i don’t know i just kind of want a little bit of a darker contour today let’s see how that goes um but yeah a lot of people are asking um did it hurt it didn’t hurt it just felt like a prickle these smile lines literally felt like nothing like you just felt like a prickle and that was it and it lasted like 10 seconds the under eyes takes a lot more text technique precision and again it didn’t hurt you just felt like a poke but it did feel uncomfortable at times because you could feel like it moving and settling and like the injector like i don’t know you just could there were moments where it was a little bit uncomfortable and like kind of like and my hands were sweating a little bit but it wasn’t i don’t know it just wasn’t a lot i’m good with needles as well like i honestly wasn’t scared i had like slight butterflies because anytime i’m doing something new i get like slightly nervous like a little bit of butterflies but other than that like i felt fine you know right now i’m going to blend everything out um also a lot of people were like oh my god like you have like no swelling and like no bruising which it’s true i didn’t swell at all which is a possibility to get some swelling and just be swollen i did not get swollen at all but i did get a little bit of bruising very hard to tell oh also i’m just gonna post my um before and afters over here i wanted to take my after photos in the car as well so it could be like same position same lighting same shirt same hairstyle like super accurate but by the time i got out of the place it was dark outside already so i couldn’t but anyways i just took the after photos and videos the next day when i had natural light but um yeah i did get a tiny bit of bruising like right here i still actually have it i should have showed you guys when i didn’t have makeup but i had like i have like a tiny bruise over here and a tiny bruise over there and then that’s pretty much it it’s a tiny bit sore still but not really any it’s like a one out of ten sore which is really good um other than that the day of and then for the last few days i did still feel pretty sore like a six out of ten sore and i know a bunch of you are probably wondering oh you didn’t do your lips because that’s something i’ve always like mentioned that i really wanted but i always mentioned that i wasn’t 100 sure and i’m still not 100 sure which is why i didn’t do it like when i um booked the appointment and everything i wasn’t 100 sure if i wanted to do my lips or not and i believe you shouldn’t do something unless you’re 100 sure i was like 75

sure and then like 25 not so but i will say now that i’m like happy with my results i feel like the place does a really natural job i am like a good like 95 wanting to do my lips now i’m five percent still unsure so i don’t know it’s definitely something like i think i am gonna do it i’m doing some nose contour with the benefit hula okay now i’m going to use the huda beauty baking powder in the shade pound cake i actually want to try more shades in this i love this shade but i just want to try other shades too because i love this powder so much yeah i love doing that just getting that clean edge around the nose and i’m gonna test this out because i see people do this a lot and i’ve just never really done it i mean i think i’ve done it once or twice but whatever you know what i’m saying it’s a little reverse contour moment on the cheeks as well cheekbones and i’m going to take whatever’s left over on my hand and just by the way these nas and bh cosmetics brushes are everything i have been using them non-stop since i got them i’m not sure if it’s still selling anymore but i will link it down below if it is but yeah i’ve just been loving them so i’m gonna let that sit for a little while i love how that looks i feel like doing the reverse contour just gives you a little bit of extra like you know snatchedness i’m going to use fenty’s private island bronzer just because i need to bring some bronze ness back in my life one thing i love doing with bronzer is just being a little bit messy with it i just find it gives such a nice like bronze look when you’re just like more messy with it less precise i really want to try this blush from nars this is tempted and i don’t know it’s kind of like a really pretty nude with a slight pinky peachy undertone and it has like some shimmer yeah like look at how pretty that looks little trick for the brows that i’ve been loving i can’t remember who there is a makeup artist who came up with this and or just like did it first or something and i genuinely cannot remember so if you can remember please write it in the comment section it is to take the got to be they actually use the gel i really need to get the gel because that would just be so much better but i have they got to be freeze spray and i’m going to take a little spoolie and use it as brow gel or like brow glue so now i’m gonna let that kind of like sit and dry a little bit so update i mentioned i don’t know where when but i did mention to you guys that i switched over to the anastasia brow pen instead of the urban decay brow pen but i do like the urban decay one better when i’m wearing no makeup i wanted to update you guys on that so i keep the urban decay one in my bathroom and literally if i’m wearing no makeup and i’m running errands i will just take the urban decay one flick flick flick add a little bit literally in about 10 seconds maybe per brow and i’m good to go wearing no makeup but i have like a little bit better brows that are super natural this color because it’s darker i doesn’t look good on me with no makeup on and the tip of it is a little shorter so it’s a little harder to make it look super natural when you’re wearing no makeup at all so the urban decay one is amazing for no makeup this one is great when you’re you know doing an actual like glam look this is just perfect for creating those hair like strokes it really makes your brows look micro bladed this got to be trick really works like legit my brows are like there they ain’t moving i’m going to use my absolute favorite like this has been my go-to i’m telling you everyone needs this so this is the mario master matte palette i’m going to take this shade first then i’m going to take that shade and just go a little bit above my natural crease

then i’m going to take a fluffy brush still but it’s much smaller i’ll show you guys in comparison you can see this one is much smaller you’re able to get a little bit more precise so now i’m going to take this shade right here it’s a beautiful kind of caramel mocha shade it’s so pretty i’m going to take that and i’m gonna go just i’m gonna go in my crease but just a little bit above because i do have like a little bit of hooded eyes and i am going to really concentrate it we’re not fluffing like we’re not like doing these motions and you know blending right now i am just really concentrating typically i do a much more blended out crease but i love a good prominent crease moment momento bring it out next i’m going to switch over to the sigma e36 this is a much skinnier brush see how now it’s much skinnier but it is still fluffy so i am going to take that same shade mix it with just a little bit of that dark brown and now i’m just going to sorry i was blocking the camera there but now i’m just going to meet it and it’s just gonna make this triangle i’m gonna take that first shade i’m only gonna take the caramel kind of shade right there next i’m going to take the makeup by mario brightening pencil i have been loving this for the waterline so i’m actually going to try this out this physicians formula rose all day petal glow so pretty and just apply that in and i’m also just going to bring it in not all the way but just a little bit taking that dark brown i’m matching up that line that i made before and just matching it up to the lower so for mascara i want to try the new l’oreal air volume mega mascara really pretty packaging wow i really like the way that it applies like the brush is like sort of flexible if that makes sense so it really lets you like grab all your lashes which is really important oh damn i like that so these are the lashes i’m going to use but i think i’m going to cut them in half and just use the ends okay i just decided to add the tiniest little baby brown wing so i picked up this new liner recently and this is the pat mcgrath labs liner in the shade contour yeah this is such a pretty shade wow and the formula is really nice and for lipstick i’m going to use the morphe first base i have been obsessed with the new maybelline glosses i am going to take the shade stone look at how pretty that is so pretty i’m actually going to put a little bit of the clear as well all right so that is pretty much it i just finished my makeup and i absolutely love how it turned out honestly the prominent crease with the little baby brown wing is just i feel like this is a really nice like staple go-to soft glam look and i’m obsessed obsessed with the lip combo the morphe lipstick is hella dry by the way this is the most matte lipstick i have ever ever tried it almost felt like i was trying to put on a liquid lipstick that was already dried so this is like liquid lipstick in lipstick form and i’m sure that the reason why is because it would last longer of course so i’m not saying anything i’m not saying it’s necessarily bad just something to keep in mind but oh my god i love that combo and honestly it’s a maybelline lip glosses are to die for everything if there’s one thing you guys go and grab from this video go to the drugstore grab this i’m also going to link everything that i use today down below of course and yeah that’s pretty much it hopefully you guys enjoyed just chilling with me watching me do my makeup and i will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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