Eternal Love of Dream Episode 29 Jiuge, it’s almost done Come to have a look How deep it is! It’s done Everything is ready Just wait to see the unlucky immortal uncle to fall into it Meng, I’m leaving first Remember to tell me the course of the uncle’s falling into the hole in detail OK Bye You set up the trap Why don’t stay to see the fun? Lower your voice Do you want everybody to know that I am absent from school? Where are you going? In the first class this afternoon, it’s said that the Master will announce the names of those finally selected to attend the student tournament I have to go back to copy the book, otherwise all that I have copied will be in vain Then hurry to go back I will tell you in detail later Deal It’s so strange Why isn’t the Master in the academy? My respects to you, Third Prince You have something to turn to His Majesty? Third Prince, it is something you don’t know The day before yesterday, the Buddha from Sukhavati came to talk about Buddhist texts with His Majesty Actually he came to discuss the Miaoyi Chasm I thought the two supreme immortals would discuss for a long time Unexpectedly, His Majesty had another appointment It’s such an important thing which is related to the survival and downfall of the heaven and earth He even failed to keep the appointment Probably he really had something to do Taking the chance of getting back His Majesty’s Book of Fate in the human world,

today I want to pay a visit to him again I’m wondering if He is not in It’s both coincidental and not I don’t understand. Please explain it to me, Third Prince Coincidentally, it has something to do with you and me Unfortunately, His Majesty won’t be back in a short time He is coming The immortal uncle is coming Master is coming The immortal uncle is coming He is coming Hurry up This This I pay respects to Your Majesty Rise This way, please. Your Majesty You! This Ice face, stop here How dare you come again? If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have been trapped in Fanyin Valley for half a year I will take revenge on you Shut up How bold you are! How dare you be so rude to His Majesty? Rush back Rush back Please calm your anger, Your Majesty I should have controlled him rigidly I’m sure to punish him after class Please sit here Your Majesty. Master It’s a fine day today What about having lessons outside the academy? Tea water is natural and fresh Taught in the White Dew Forest, it’s better for us students to acquire the excellence of heaven and earth Yeah It’s mischievous! It’s piercingly cold these days How could we bother His Majesty to teach outside? After class, you’re all punished to copy texts Master, no need to be angry It’s OK to teach outside Although it’s windy today, it’s still sunny It’s not bad to teach outside OK Your Majesty. Master Please go outside I’ve told you many times Since I am your master, just call me master. That’s OK OK Your Majesty, please go outside Won’t you say thanks to me? Say thanks? Why? Well, don’t you stay here because of Ji Heng? It’s none of your business Listen They’re not the same thing. Don’t confuse them with each other Shut up You crazy! How dare you be so rude to His Majesty? Master, Master, Master Master I will send people to take the master out at once Hurry up Hurry up Go go go Hurry up Quickly What do you want to say? Meng Where are you going? What’s wrong? Jiuge The master said he would skin you Take care of yourself Since the master is so angry with me, is it better for me to send the handwritten copies to him as quickly as possible? Yan. What are you doing? Xiaojiu Is it good for me to scratch like this or first scratch like this and then scratch like this? I think scratching several times like this will make you look heroic You also think it’s not heroic of me to behave always like this, right? What’s wrong with you? What about growing a beard? Have you taken the wrong medicine? I’m talking seriously Ice face promised to me by himself that he wouldn’t intervene my contact with Ji Heng any more What are you talking? Who are Ice face and Ji Heng? Tell me why the master said he would skin me Didn’t Meng tell you? No Did I offend the Master? Seeing that you’re here with no worry to escape, I think you are a hero in my heart It turns out to be that you know nothing Don’t talk nonsense. Tell me quickly Why did the master say that he would skin me? Actually there is nothing serious It’s mingled hope and fear to you

Is the idiom right? It’s the trap that you set up You failed to trap the one you wanted to trap but the master who you are looking for When he lost his temper, he Yan I feel so relieved Eventually you know that girls don’t like to play with you because you have such a beautiful face In a word, it was the master who fell into the trap What? However, he is OK, getting out of trap half an hour later Then he said he would skin you Since he will skin me, I’m wondering if I should give the handwritten copy to him In my opinion, even if you presented them to him while kneeling and bowling, he won’t forgive you What can I do? Don’t worry As I said, ice face Jiuge, stand there I haven’t finished my words yet It’s more important to escape Isn’t she looking forward to His Majesty’s arrival? His Majesty How could His Majesty turn up here now? Since he didn’t come here in time half a year ago, it’s not possible for him to come here half a year later Naturally he should be somewhere in the Sky Kingdom now, fishing while reading Buddhist texts I must be haunted by ghosts today I’m afraid it’s I who is haunted by ghosts Master I almost fell into your trap Escape Escape Where can you escape? According to what you did today, you will be punished to stay in the water dungeon Do you think you are undeserved? Master, please calm your anger first I I… You… Look Look. Master You asked me to copy the texts for 10 times I have copied them for 20 times Since I am so sincere, please forgive me Besides, it’s so cold Staying in the water dungeon, I will be so frozen that my immortal body will be hurt For the sake of the good relationship between night owl clan and you inseparable king bird clan, Master, please don’t be too hard on me this time Have a little punishment, OK? How dare you bargain with me? I’m going to use the immortal restraint strap to lock your immortal bounties and make you learn a lesson Just punish me It’s no use talking something righteous If I frown, I’m not a hero OK If I can’t teach you a lesson today, I will resign my job in this Imperial College Go with me You ask her to stay in the water dungeon, then who can serve me? Your Majesty Your Majesty, this Do you know why he escaped so quickly Why are you not saying anything? Are you not going to say anything about what happened just now? Are you expecting that I say thank you? Could take that So you’re here to save me? Where were you half a year ago? You remember me now Listen! I don’t care Get out of the way Since I’m here to save you, are there any differences between half a year ago or later? Of course they’re different Get out of the way So you are in a huff? No You still have feeling to play tricks on the Master In the valley, I don’t think you feel unhappy Then you can change yourself into a silk handkerchief to experience it Change yourself into a silk handkerchief Then someone takes you to experience a duel, with worry and fear all the way, and finally fall into a cliff, where you are trapped for half a year You can experience it See? If you keep asking me such silly questions, you will have the same fate as this pine branch When I was little and one time when I lost my temper, I have even quarreled with the Buddha from the Sukhavati Although I didn’t have a good end, beaten by my father with a big stick bitterly, yet only in this way can it show the heroic spirit of the red fox of Qingqiu that females are as excellent as their male peers Could you please tell me who dares to challenge the Buddha face to face in the world? I dare Besides, who in the world dares to say face to face that you will be beaten

like a broken pine branch? I made it So you admire yourself very much, feeling cool and interesting? Probably you are also angry As a big shot, you can’t stand being bullied It’s likely that you can’t let me go safely Then let’s have a fight to end the gratitude and resentment between us to make both of us feel refreshed Although it’s most likely that it’s you who can beat me like a broken pine branch, it all depends on our own abilities to perform in the fight So you mean you are very angry because you changed into a silk handkerchief and were trapped here? If I would like to try to change into a silk handkerchief, ordered by you at random, maybe you won’t be so angry, right? It’s not difficult Is it illusion? I didn’t ask you to change into a silk handkerchief Compared with the flower on my square silk handkerchief, this one is much better White sandalwood Hold it firmly Don’t drop it on the ground. I’m afraid of coldness What else are you afraid of? ♪ Falling flowers have a soft voice. ♪ ♪ The wind talks to the Bodhi tree. ♪ Why don’t you speak? So it is One word from a man is as heavy as nine tripods Since you have changed yourself into a handkerchief on your own, I won’t let you down ♪ The rain only adds the sorrow. ♪ ♪ Acacia sees time flying and the yearning between lovers. ♪ You are afraid of coldness, right? Then I will bathe you in the water ♪ She gets lovesick ♪ ♪ when failing to see him. ♪ ♪ Acacia sees time flying and the yearning between lovers. ♪ You said if it could work off my anger, I could do anything. Right? Then don’t blame me for my being heartless and cruel ♪ How much yearning she has for him? ♪ ♪ Life is like a wordless book. ♪ ♪ She reads with her heart. ♪ ♪ The words uttered in her sleep are penetrating. ♪ ♪ What scares me most is to realize it by myself. ♪ ♪ They remember each other ♪ ♪ no matter how the word is changing. ♪ ♪ She’ll never give up ♪ ♪ unless the earth and heaven get vanished. ♪ You really have a strong will Unexpectedly, you didn’t say anything ♪ She hopes destiny will bring them together. ♪ ♪ It’s melancholy and sorrowful. ♪ ♪ It’s miserable to part with who you love. ♪ It seems that His Majesty didn’t magically change himself into this handkerchief randomly Maybe Ji Heng had ever given him a handkerchief When he shifted his shape, unconsciously he became that handkerchief Jiuge, you were scared yesterday Today I specially prepare a feast to apologize to you Let’s drink It was really dangerous yesterday Luckily the Master fell into the trap instead of the master It was clearly reported that an immortal uncle would come to teach us How could it be the master come by himself at last? Is it true that His Majesty specially came to save me? The ice face No Does Dong Hua come here every ten years? Yes The master comes to the valley to give us lectures every ten years Speaking of this, I’m very angry Since the musician came to the Fanyin Valley, she has been serving His Majesty every time he comes to give lectures I heard that she is also an old acquaintance of His Majesty The musician has secluded herself She doesn’t need to serve him, right? As soon as His Majesty comes to the valley, she stops secluding Yeah It’s possible that she has moved to the Yulin Garden where His Majesty often lives What? No You really end your seclusion?

Ji Heng I met ice face in the valley He told me by himself that you were here Now you can’t deny Whether I am Ji Heng or not is not very important Why? Ice face told me that he wouldn’t intervene my contact with you anymore Things in the past have been canceled totally Ji Heng. You are free Demon Lord Yan. I Finally you admit me I’m really grateful to you that you ever saved me, but It has been for a long time Unworthy of mentioning Demon Lord Yan As for your kindness to me, if there is a chance someday, I’m sure to repay your kindness It’s just It’s just His Majesty I owe much more to him I have sworn that I will stay in the valley to serve His Majesty whenever he comes So Demon Lord Yan Please don’t waste your feelings on me I know you suffered much sorrow in the past However, it has gone I can accompany you and tell you jokes every day. OK? It’s different Why? No matter what ice face can do or not, I can do it Don’t serve him Let me serve you, OK? To serve or not, it’s about His Majesty and me It’s none of your business That’s all I’m going to prepare the tea sets for His Majesty to use in the tea lesson Demon Lord Yan, you can do anything as you please Do you know your coming without being invited is not respectful Please go out and close the door for me I don’t think the ice face is good Why does Ji Heng constantly bear him in mind? Having stayed in the Fanyin Valley for several days, do you discover anything wrong with Miaoyi Chasm? This is the legendary time-folding magic? As expected, the dark energy is accumulated day by day Luckily, everything is still under control Several days later, I will go to purify and suppress it by myself It has been bathed in water, backed in fire and taken by Yan to wipe the table I think I’m not as angry as before After you’re dried, let’s make up with each other Yan. What’s wrong with you? Why are you quiet, sighing all the time? I just washed the handkerchief What did you say? It’s nothing. Let me serve you some water No, thanks I always think my cultivation is as powerful as that of ice face But when I passed by water-moon pool just now, Unexpectedly, I saw him conjuring time-folding magic Time-folding magic? Is it to fold two different space-time together? Yes He showed the Fanyin Valley and the Sky Kingdom at the same time I heard this magic is really very difficult If there is still an alternative,

nobody will use it Is it because something is wrong with the Sky Kingdom? He is playing the game of go Playing the game of go? I was angry because he used the time-folding magic to make it convenient for him to play the game of go with his friend in the heaven Seeing him playing the game of go with the playboy in the heaven, I felt I failed Though he is superior to you in this skill, you also have some strengths that he can’t compare with you There is no need to compare your weaknesses with others’ strengths My strengths? Such as Like For example, you are more attractive and beautiful than him Wait You said Dong Hua was playing the game of go with Lian Song When were they playing the game of go? Just now Maybe they are still playing the game of go now As an immortal, how could you be so shameless? You! Who is shameless? If this can be endured, what else can’t be? When you decided to cheat me, didn’t you think that if I discovered the hoax, I would hate you for my lifetime? Or do you just think I’m not wise enough to discover your hoax? Just wait Since we knew each other, there have been many fairies showing flattery to you I haven’t seen you are interested in any fairy Recently, you regard the Princess of Qingqiu with special attention Good move You’ve just been in the Fanyin Valley for several days How did you offend the Princess of Qingqiu? She is coming angrily It seems that she will chop you into several pieces It’s nothing I underestimated her wisdom It’s too bad Unexpectedly, my nine tails were forced to turn up by the time-folding magic How could I look murderous like this? Maybe it can make him think that I’m strange and cute Do you think it interesting to play tricks on me like this? Why are you staring at me? Have we met before? What did you say? I asked if we had met before You have never seen the Princess of Qingqiu When you were young, did I ever save you? I remember there seemed to be such a thing Your Majesty, you are kind to all living creatures, it’s certain that you don’t put such things in your heart I have saved you once and you haven’t repaid my kindness I cheated you Don’t fuss about it. Just regard it as repaying my kindness Give me my handkerchief The color is fading I won’t fuss about it with you I have repaid your kindness What? This handkerchief You want to get it back so much Is it because the flower on it was embroidered by Ji Heng? Indeed she is much more lively than she was in the Sky Kingdom half a year ago Actually I seem to know that she was angry because you cheated her to change yourself into a handkerchief You have also figured out that changing yourself into a handkerchief to be bullied by her can lessen her anger But why did you change into a false one to cheat her? I’m not foolish Of course you’re not foolish Facing such a bad situation, if you can deal with it efficiently and smoothly, I will call you grandpa when I see you another day I heard the Supreme Venerable Lord refined an elixir recently After taking it, one can have selective amnesia Without antidote, one can’t get that lost memory

Go to take one bottle for me some day Do you think you are shameless by doing this? I don’t think so Next time you see me, call me grandpa Dong Hua Is this still His Majesty who is the most strong-minded, making us who are not completely free from human desires and passions feel inferior to and far behind to catch up with him? Si Ming As you can see, since we got along with His Majesty, we haven’t got hold of any evidence to overturn his image Both you and I are gossips How meaningless it is! Now he pays special regard to the little princess who is only about thirty thousand years old, not mature enough Don’t you think it’s just like A lightning strike? So so it is You also think so, right? No I mean, according to your facial expression, it seems that you were hit by a lightning strike Don’t you feel it strange? Don’t you have such a feeling? Third Prince, have you forgotten that, His Majesty has many likes, one of which is a mammal, the original body of Princess Fengjiu Few people can resist it When she was very young, she was naughty Once she put croton into God Bai Zhen’s food, which made him suffer from diarrhea for three days The little princess just showed her original shape, then she was forgiven by God Bai Zhen The little princess Is there anything that you hide from me? No Tell me Jiuge. Yan The names of those finally selected to attend the student tournament will be announced today Won’t you stay to see them? What to see? It can’t include me Why? I’m not interested in it It’s not because you have no interest in it, but the Master won’t keep you in the name list Speaking of the name list, I don’t have much interest in it After all, I am always the first to contend for the championship It’s not attractive at all How could you talk about me? What about you? According to my relationship with the Master, I’m afraid that I’m not included in the name list either Brother Brother Her Majesty has something to discuss with you, ordering me to look for you I know I won’t accompany you waiting for the name list But don’t worry Maybe there is a turn for the better Let’s go Farewell The name list is released! It’s released Let’s go Look at this part There isn’t I’m in the name list. I’m in the name list I saw it Both Xiang Limeng and Jielu are in the name list You That’s all. Don’t look at it anymore I’m not included I mean since the Master knew you are an old acquaintance of the ice face and you are an intimate friend of the ice face Don’t use intimate friend here Besides, I have nothing to do with him now I mean the Master should do a favor to the ice face Is it possible that the one who copied the name list missed your name? I don’t think he is a man who fears power Forget it! Anyhow the student tournament is nothing interesting Do you think if I admit my mistake and go to his home to apologize to him, will he give me a way out to include me in the name list? What if he refuses in defense of his honor? Why are you so interested in this student tournament? In my opinion I think I should have a try You can never let me finish my words Come in Princess Jiuge Master You Why are you here? Master I’m naughty Actually, I set up the trap at school to make fun of my classmates Unexpectedly, you fell into it I’m here to apologize to you! It’s a piece of cake Never mind. Princess Jiuge Master, this medicine is good for curing cold If it was because of me that you fell into the trap and had a cold, I really made a big mistake How could I bother you to come here? How is His Majesty these days? He? How could I know anything about him? Master As for the names of those finally selected to attend the student tournament, did you miss my name? In Imperial College, tournament is just the later stage Without a solid foundation, I’m afraid it’s not suitable for you to take part in the tournament If you are injured, how can I explain to His Majesty? Right?

Well, go back If you have something to say, just ask me to see you Do you need me to send you back? Master, have a good rest I’m leaving Xiaojiu Xiaojiu Meng said there were some dancing girls coming to Zuilixian Restaurant recently with excellent dances He asked us to have a look with him What’s wrong with you? Didn’t the Master agree? I have told you you are an intimate friend of the ice face If you ask the ice face to help you, it can be solved early It’s none of his business Didn’t I tell you so? Besides, isn’t he your enemy? Why do you always mention him? You made up with each other, right? Actually, the first day the ice face came to the Fanyin Valley, I came into unavoidable confrontation with him, making an appointment with him that as long as he doesn’t intervene my contact with Ji Heng, I won’t avenge myself and I will cancel out my hatred What’s the relationship between him and Ji Heng? I forgot to tell you that Ji Heng is also in the valley Ji Heng is also in the valley? She is the aulic musician that Meng and Jielu refer to Actually I recognized her very early She refused to admit it How did she come to the Fanyin Valley? She didn’t tell me Anyhow, with a strange combination of circumstances, she came to the valley and stayed here as a musician She admitted that she is Ji Heng? Every time the ice face comes to give lectures, she will stop secluding to serve him Seeing it’s impossible for her to deny, so she admitted it Do you think we are destined to see each other? I’m talking with you It turns out that they have seen each other early These years, His Majesty keeps in touch with Ji Heng So what? He is really kind to her Even though she escaped marriage, he wouldn’t fuss about it Though His Majesty doesn’t have memory, yet in the human world, Ji Heng attempted to help others to stole the Lingbi Stone However His kindness to her is useless. Ji Heng is mine She lost all her memory It was I who helped her to get back her memory little by little It was a pity that she was taken advantage of when she was stranding in the human world Don’t think about it. Meng is still waiting for us Let’s go I won’t go there. Just go by yourselves OK. I’m leaving I thought His Majesty came to the Fanyin Valley to save me Clearly, he just does it simultaneously Forget it. I won’t think about him What is urgent is to get the pimpon fruit Since it’s helpless to turn to the Master, I can only think about another way You want to steal the pimpon fruit? Be quiet Meng, tell me if I am not included in the name list, I have no alternative but to steal it, right? It’s not easy to steal the pimpon fruit Apparently, nobody guards the tree But there are four stone statues standing around the tree They’re just four stone statues If anyone believes it’s just stone statues, he is really too naive Is it possible that there are some mechanism in the stone statues? The mechanism is that there is a boa constrictors in each stone statue, specially guarding the pimpon tree As for anybody who wants to get the pimpon fruit, before his hand gets close to the fruit, crackly, his head will have been bitten off by the boa constrictors So I advise you to give up stealing the pimpon fruit I was just asking Since it’s so dangerous, there is no need to become food in the stomach of the boa constrictors Life is more important Jiuge I’m not kidding Never take the risk I still have something else to do. I’m leaving first How are you? Are you afraid? I’m afraid of nothing No no

I’m afraid of snakes the most Xiaojiu Xiaojiu Xiaojiu Where have you been? You’re so scared I was nearly frightened to death I was not on purpose I saw you coming here in a hurry It seems that you are frightened You don’t answer me when I call you So I come to have a look I’m OK Hmm Will you go to have tea lessons tomorrow? I won’t go to listen the ice face’s lesson I just like Ji Heng’s rhythm lesson – Ji Heng is good at lyre-playing, the game of go, calligraphy and painting. – Stop I know you have a deep love for Ji Heng You don’t need to talk about it every time I have lessons tomorrow Go back. I’m going to sleep Hurry up. Xiaojiu As brothers, we should share fortunes and take risks together If you have something weighing in your mind, I’d like to listen patiently I know. Go to bed early Master Master. Worrying that you may have a cold at night, I specially come to send you a silk quit OK Please have some tea, master Did your Qiushui Cold Toxin recur? Thank you for your care According to your suggestion, in my spare time, I seclude to recuperate in the valley It’s nothing serious now It’s good Then as for the tea lesson tomorrow, just prepare as usual Yes Master, as for your giving lectures in the valley this time, will you stay in the valley for half a month as usual? I haven’t decided yet Maybe I will stay for longer Yes Then have a rest

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