you’re watching shop at bid and what a one-day special we have for you it is of course the incredible brand name of bella pierre and a makeup kit that’s all you’re going to need i’m joined by the incredible Paul Harrington a man has been a makeup artist for the Stars professional and not for 24 years now and ahead of artistry at Bobby Brown 5 years Paul in your own words how good is the bellapierre cosmetics brand and how good is this bundle well I mean min this takes minerals to a whole new level so mineral makeup which is literally kind to the skin it’s going to be calming on the skin if we does great things it’s got some protection in there it’s got protection from damage from the environment it is the most wonderful texture and I look as a makeup artist for color and texture and I look for makeup and this really is just off the scale when we come to quality makeup its prestige makeup it’s sold in some of the best department stores in London it’s a global brand but it’s a whole lot more than that isn’t if you’re gonna get a quite a big bundle here but they mix them now you can mix this absolutely incredible so you get all of these pieces you can see here so we start off with this beautiful cosmetic bag which is a clear bag which is really great for a lot of women out there they will know exactly what I mean when I say a clear makeup bag is the way forward because you can see everything you’ve got in there you know when you put your hand in exactly what product you know it’s really nice classy little back there and then with that we have got and I’m going to start with the real hero product first of all which are the pure pigments so the pigments here you’ve got six fabulous colors these can be mixed into all different textures you’ve got the eye makeup base which we’re going to show you how you use that to make the makeup more matte yeah you’ve got a clear nail polish now this is magic and I will show you exactly how this how this works but you can mix it with all of these you’ve got this fabulous clear lip gloss where you can create any lip gloss color you want out of all these colors and to professional brushes guys in a nutshell quite literally ladies all the you could ever need have a look at a before show of a lovely lady there’s the before show I’d have a look at what you can do with this makeup literally in moments after look at the difference that’s the brilliance of the bellapierre it’s all natural minerals and I’m telling you not just for the face it does the nails as well the befores of the nails the arthurs of the nails they really are quite sensational do you buy this it’s all the makeup you could ever need and it’s available to you now at that price and what a price it is because when you consider under 40 pounds if you want to buy these items individually as a separate which we do sell at our website I want to show you that prices that you’ll pay as individual items and then what an incredible one-day special this is for you you get the six stack of shimmers on our website for $39.99 on their own $39.99 that’s what the PMP is where you’ve got to add that clear nail varnish $9.99 plus the PMP the clear lip gloss will cost you $9.99 as an individual item the brow liner brush $14.99 the eyeshadow brush $14.99 the clear cosmetics bags is under 20 pounds and the mineral makeup base is under 13 pounds if you bought every single one of those items as an individual product on our website you’re pear hundred and twenty-two pounds in 93 pence with this year on a one day special for the whole Lots it’s under 40 pounds what are you waiting for now listen guys how good is this product it’s all natural it’s all natural minerals it’s all that and then some let’s show you exactly how versatile this is because we’ve literally dusted the surface now we’re joined by Nina our model for this evening and Paul you’re going to demonstrate how versatile this prodigious to probably what we’ve just said isn’t it there’s a whole lot more than what we’ve talked about but a whole lot more than you will ever see with any other maker brand it’s just incredible it really is one of those clever brands that I’ve ever seen now we’re going to start off with the maker base now the makeup base is a great product for preparing the skin before you put any makeup on it will hold the makeup on great if you want to use it in areas just to sort of disguise any discoloration or a concealer absolutely wonderful but what it does as well is it changes the texture of the makeup so if there’s anybody out there thinking well these are shimmer parts I don’t like using shimmer that’s absolutely fine because this will make it into a matte eyeshadow let’s start off first of all with I’m

going to show you how to shimmer works first of all and we’re going to do a really beautiful natural daytime look super quick is there any skin type that can’t use this pore sorry no so you can write from very oily it will actually help to blot oil because the minerals will help to soothe the skin and block the oil writes a very very dry skin it won’t damage the skin at all because it’s pure minerals for ingredients only if you believe that Wow and I would say to anybody with their makeup if you’ve got a box at home that your makeup came in have a look at the back of it you’ll get bored of reading the ingredients after 20 well I guess there’s literally like so many ingredients and different you know there’s this chemical and that chemical in it this is for ingredients or pure minerals so that’s so exactly what you’re gonna do here so you’ve a choice a texture of the posilutely so I’m going to show you first of all if I show you this this is the pigment first of all and this is the shimmer pigment so this is how amazing these are that’s just one sweep of color and can you see that how that picks up that pigment and that beautiful over the looks fantastic actually like little crushed diamonds on the lids and you know you support then we’re gonna take the makeup base now this is where this gets really clever so we take makeup base here and you will rub this any way like so on the eyelids if you wanted a matte eye shadow yeah so rub that into the skin like that and then I’m gonna take the same pigment but I’ve used and we’re going to work that into the makeup base and it’s the same exactly the same product I’m using but what’s happened is because I’ve used the makeup base you’ve now got a beautiful matte eyeshadow so now this creates you so very much we’ve got six colors in this range but this is a one color only this is created two different eyeshadow colors so what you might have to go out and buy two items all you can do with this one product absolutely and then if you wanted a real evening beautiful like almost like a foil effect on the eyes all you do is you dip it into a little tiny bit of water you pick up the same color so the same one I’m showing you here and look at the difference here so you create much more drama and much more pigment and that is exactly the same product but just applied in different ways so this is just on its own with the makeup base that comes with the kit or with a little bit of water and you’ve got out of one product you’ve got three different sorts of eyeshadow well that’s out of one color one color and you’ve got six colors there so you literally um it’s endless you’ve got so many different looks that you can create 18 18 different looks just from just on the eyes alone and that’s just eyes along it’s just incredible like I’ve been a makeup artist for so many years and normally you’d see a color you like and you’d think okay so I want it in a matte color but I love that color I’d love it in shimmer so you have to buy another product yeah and then you think well I want to foil finish so you have to buy another product you’d have to buy three things just to do that and you’ve got all in one and this voice fic as well and maybe nearly old you’ll back me up on this one because I’ve been it you know it’s so funny I remember meeting the goddess we was down in Brighton blooms Evernote a weekend away literally has gone to nanny in grandad so if it was enjoying each other’s time and stuff went into a makeup store and the one products my goddess pits they were out of and it was the one that she’d only ever managed to find that matched something else that she is using so it’s fair to say it’s really difficult to try to match up your product so different and there you’ve got that sort of color there so if you love to color but you just wanted it in all different textures because you know often when you find a color that works on your eyes you really want to stick with it but it doesn’t mean that you want the same look every time you might want the same colorway but you DIF want different textures yeah so that way you can do is also going to show a little bit later on in this demonstration that you can match that color perfectly yeah with your mouse with your mail or your lip gloss lipstick with lipstick lush it’s just incredible rediculous product is amazing in it yeah insane yeah and it’s all for under 40 pairs Paul continued this market class has just begun so let’s do I tell you what what we’ll do first is we’ll show you a really nice natural look for the eyes okay so I’m gonna take a little bit of the eye back we got our before of Nina we’ve got it before have we we’re gonna get if you can look straight at camera wonderful please Nina thank you very much so we’re going to take a grab of that lovely Paul work your magic so makeup base like I showed you before we’re just gonna run this over the eyelid there is no trickery involved here it’s literally with your finger you smooth it all natural so anyway so this will this product in particular will give you the most unbelievable longevity with your eyeshadow you know I would say this product is a nap so this has been in my kit for about two and a half years along with a lot of the pigments I use a

lot of this in my kit here and this I would use even if I was using somebody else’s eyeshadow I’d use this is your eyelid base first and why because once you’ve got this on your eyeshadow won’t move and also what it does is if you’ve got discoloration on your lid which when we get older we do tend to get a little bit of a sort of reddening or darkening of the eyelid okay which means that it distorts your eye colors so when you then put that on it makes it look like fresh skin again so if you do have that problem I would say use this even if you’re not wearing makeup one day because it makes your eye look fresher okay okay so I’ll just match that I other eye up very quickly here really Cuisines to go on with the graters of easy so silky smooth really really easy to apply so we’ve got that there and then what I want to do is I want to create a little bit of a sort of soft daytime look so I’m gonna dip my finger into the pigment that we’ve used here okay so the one I’ve used already and show you and I’m just gonna gently run this over the lid and what I’m doing here is working it into the eye base so we’re actually getting rid of the shimmer so if you are watching this and thinking well I love the colors I love the whole concept but I really wanted more of a matte shadow because I’m my eyes are more mature I don’t want it to look too glittery I don’t want it to make my eyes look crepey then you just put the eye base on you’ve got a matte eye shadow and sometimes as I’ve noticed before I think when a lady is put on that eye shadow they’ve almost got that colored in the eye as opposed to applied it yes absolutely it is just like a sort of like a blurry effect it makes the eye look really beautiful yeah so again you just onto the eyelid like that and as you blend through it goes from the shimmer to the matte and there’s nothing I’m doing to do this it’s the eye base of Styria or so it’s literally just by smoothing it over like that you’re creating this beautiful sort of absolutely yeah absolutely Yuri don’t need to have any makeup skills whatsoever to create this so what I want to do is I want to create a little shimmer on the ice so we’ve done the matte there so I’m going to dip now into this color here which is the champagne so what’s lovely about this sorry to interrupt gold is we’ve gone with the the base yeah then we put the the pigment on and if you like that you’d stop like maybe a little bit of shimmer you can then you can almost go you can versatile it yourself you can layer it up you can create lots of differences you can go for matte and shimmer if you want some ladies like a little shimmer just underneath the brow bone so you don’t want shimmer on the lid because it might make the eyes look crepey or more lined so if you normally as we get older then the lines and the wrinkles will appear on the lit here very rarely do they happen on the brow bone because obviously you’ve got that bone there so it’s actually a smooth apart so what you can do is then just run a little shimmer just watch this this is so pretty watch there we get a white close on this to this outlook instant just a little bit of shimmer through the brow bone there to give it that real lifted and a little shimmer somewhere this is what I always say to people a little shimmer somewhere but not everywhere is really pretty like a little fairy kiss isn’t it absolutely absolutely it’s very very pretty look and then you know we’ve got pigments in there as well where we’re gonna add a little eyeliner yeah we’re gonna show you how you can build this look up into an evening look I’m going to show you blusher and lip no it just it’s endless and the thing is if you’re sitting at home going yeah but Mike there is no blusher there there’s no eyeliner there that I don’t see any different kind of nail varnishes there or lipsticks or lip pastes or it does the whole lot do you wait and see honestly honest I am dove this mean it’s gonna be smiling Paul’s gonna be laughing and you’re gonna be buying and if you want to get it now get on the phone lines as quick as you can firstly are you 18 or over up with a major form of credit or debit card thank you so much for staying up late with me Paul and Nina I trust they find you well it’s quarter past midnight and this is an offer for you it’s better Pierre you know the name you know our group the products are do you know there are four natural minerals in these products for just four and for all skin types you get a UVA and UVB protection you also get with this a water resistancy and you get versatility like never I’ve seen it’s under 40 pounds it’s an incredible price and value for money six days a week and twice on Sundays if you want to get yours have your credit or debit card in your hand dial the phone number that you see and when our sales assistant answer the call they’re waiting to take your call right now tell them the item number one six one zero seven one that’s it you’ve bought it it’s as simple as that it’s under forty pounds at the PMP as well we’ll even get it delivered to door ladies you’ve probably got your own

makeup set your makeup kit it’s about as personal as a relationship can be you pick your colors but with this you can mix you can match you can blend you can do so much more we are literally dusting the surface Paul may the master class continue with this incredible products okay so now I’m gonna go to take this look I’ve started on this one already so to take this look up to the next level might be to add a little eyeliner now there are so many different sorts of eyeliner on the market there are gels there are creams that are liquid liners pencil liners one of the questions I get asked the most is how do I put eyeliner on smoothly it’s all about the product and the texture now pencil liners often scratch and drag the skin and they’re really difficult you’ve got a pencil sharpener around all the time the ends break off liquid liners don’t even get me started because that is just and it’s it’s literally the hardest thing to apply because if you make a mistake it’s got to come off and you’ve got to start again with these soft powders if you don’t want to create a heavy color so I’m actually going to use let me just show you that this pigment here is the darkest one in the whole set so this is the the blacks the black pigment here yeah and I’m gonna use it first of all dry and then I’m gonna show you a different technique so just dry you just take a little bit onto the brush look up for me and I’m gonna use it along the lash line just to create a little definition all along the lashes like this and that’s just loose pigment you’re using the loose pigment no water involve no creams that’s just literally swept across there so it’s not a harsh line you’re putting on there really soft it’s very soft sort of almost like a muted line which actually most women feel comfortable with because it’s not that heavy sort of AM pencil line looking close for me and then we just run a little over the lash line like that and that is as easy I mean any woman watching this will probably think well eyeliners never been that easy for me yeah its glides on because the minerals in it roll across the skin they don’t drag they too they’re not gathered by the skin they literally roll across and they give the most incredible texture and the brush that you’ll get with this set as well in Italy so I think it’s so much more appealing as opposed to maybe like I say with an eye liner yes I mean what would you prefer to use new news is it something I’ll be honest with you I’ve had every single one about the gel I’ve had the cream one stick this I’ve got a really sensitive eyes as well they water a lot and this it’s so beautifully and it’s so easy to use yeah excellent excellent hope so you do get the two professional brushes in here which I’ve used one for the pigment that we started with and then I’ve used the little brush here you can use just to create the eye line now I’m gonna show you a different technique with the eyeliner and I’m gonna wet this slightly okay so this is this is when it starts to get super clever so you dip into the water tiny bits you pick up a little of the pigments that we’ve used so the black pigment and all you do is you turn it into a little bit of liquid paste so it actually creates like a paint effect take a little of that see that Wow and you’re using such small amounts of the achievements perhaps at the time literally the tiny you can hardly see it on the end of the brush now what this will do is it will create that almost like you know that Audrey Hepburn I like beautiful that really pretty pops the eyes open and what’s the beauty of this is the professional brush you get with it is angled and I’m going to show you the easiest way to apply our liner for all those people that literally struggle with liner you take this brush close for me and you place it along the lash line once twice three and four and your eyeliners done look at that then you press it into rather than trying to have a steady hand and draw it across you literally do the press technique so you take it again so you do one two three four and your eyeliners done as opposed to I mean I’ve seen the ladies that have done it badly and if they a slight jagged line you try to overcompensate match it up and a big black caterpillars across I love watching people do bake up and when I watch girls do eyeliner half the time they’ve got their eye their finger here they pulling it and the eye line is like here by doing this you can actually do that play you can see where it’s going keep the eye relaxed don’t pull the I literally just do one two three four you can feel it on the lashes you know it’s in the right place and it looks beautiful and how does that feel Nina on your eyes because it didn’t look so light if I may say I can’t feel anything well you know brilliant I love it great and you see girls and you’ve done this before you do it on a daily basis you all have to look great you all have to look good and you all do but the fact is

it’s so noticeable when you don’t get it right isn’t it it’s really no sport and I always say I was talking to you earlier and I said about I am a great believer in I mean I love the makeup industry and I love what makeup can do for women but for me it’s all about the woman and it’s next about the makeup and when it becomes about the makeup and that’s all you can see you’ve done it wrong yeah you should never walk in you should your makeup should never enter a room before you do and it should be about enhancing what you’ve naturally got and I can’t think of a brand that does it better than bellapierre because the colors are incredible the textures the way it lights up the skin and looks like it should be there as opposed to you’ve just painted on loads it’s a color you know we’ve done the eye shadow yes we’ve done all eyeliner aha but we’ve literally just started with this every way because you know that’s that’s done yeah but we haven’t have we carry on please you so so kind I’m gonna take now another one of the pigments okay so you’ve got so many colors to choose I mean I can’t even show you this is how how amazing this pairing I can’t even show you all of the techniques and all of the colors in the space of time that we’ve got because there are so many combinations with this and you’re just taking these colors because this is what you want to show up and obviously usually if the colors you want and the techniques of the Saudis get them had practice different ones because it’s so much fun because the colors have been put together especially by myself and bellapierre so actually they all work together so you can’t make a mistake with them so all skin tones also phenotypes so I’m going to take a little bit of this one here this is just fabulous look at this color it’s just beautiful it’s almost like a sort of maroon it’s got a little bit of cherry in it it’s really really beautiful color I’m going to take a blusher brush and take that there and now I’m gonna take off the excess because you need so little of this product so I’m just gonna take off the excess there onto my hand now I don’t want you to waste any of this product to home so what I would suggest is you tap it back into the product because I’ve been look at your touches and I’m thinking he’s got nothing on that brush there take it off if they go such a long way so you only need a tiny bit on there now just watch this though this is the look that most women want to create with their blusher but never know how to know this is the look that you get from being outside and having windblown on the face or exercising or going for a run and looking absolutely my god has to be I’ve always said the outside weather look yes the sexiest look in the world is a very very beautiful look yes stunning so you really start with the apple of the cheek and you run a little of the blusher onto the apple of the cheek and then whatever you’ve got left you take high into the hairline like this and then just make sure that you blend the color up and down so you spread the color because if you blush naturally you don’t blush in a line yeah you blush here like almost like all out onto the cheek so you want most of the color on the Apple you take it back into the hairline and dust down but see one cheek done and one not and see the difference it makes yeah but gee Massey lifted and popped and healthy incredible so we match that up the other side again tiny little bit dust off the excess so we’ve not got too much on the brush amazing but I will tell you now when I say about too much on the brush the important thing to know about these is if you struggle with application so you think oh yeah I always put too much blush on and I have to start all over again with this if you put too much on your cheek and you think wow like how do I turn that down all you do is you take a brush make sure you’ve got nothing on it and you do that and it spreads to the product there’s minerals roll across the skin where I don’t stick they last all day but they actually have much more of a soft texture so it’s easy to blend because I wanted to ask you Paul Boyer for anybody at home this using makeup may be quite a heavy makeup and stuff like that why minerals what what makes that’s so good what makes that a great choice so first of all it’s there it’s what it does for the skin now this the minerals that are in this product a lot of companies now will say we are a mineral makeup brand and the sort of rules and regulations within the cosmetic industry they only have to have something around 50% minerals mixed with other things to say that they are a mineral brand it’s a little bit misleading because you think if you’re buying a mineral brand you want to buy stuff that is mineral yes you’ve only got a mixture of it in the beauty bellapierre is 100% 100% minerals there’s only four ingredients in there which is crazy so you’ve got titanium dioxide which is well known as been well known for years and years Nia’s as a Sun Protection it’s really all of this has SPF 15 in it so you’re getting an SPF 15 protection on the cheek you’re getting it on the eyes

we have bellapierre do your foundations which we’re going to talk about tomorrow then other shows you could buy the whole set and you’re getting SPF 15 all over you’ve got the zinc oxide in there zinc oxide is one of the most it’s what creates the finish on the skin okay but it’s it’s one of the most calming soothing minerals you can possibly get so actually if you’re sensitive please try this because sensitivity if you try lots of other makeup brands can often flare up the skin I would imagine that this would actually have the opposite effect in calmness skin and we spoke about colors a moment are the pigments and security helped her pick bellapierre we get a little chart just here very very quickly Paul if you will just go through these colors website we can continue with them ourselves champagne which is this one here champagne and down here now this is the best-selling best-selling pigment that bellapierre do and the reason it’s the best-selling one is because he actually does so many things it can highlight it can give luminosity to the skin you can mix this with a body lotion and create a shimmer body lotion it’s a highlighter it’s just fabulous next one across is the reluctance which is this one here yeah now this is the most beautiful sage green shot with gold flecks now golden green together just looks incredible so this has actually been mixed together for you so when you sweep it over the oh you get a very very beautiful hint of sage green with little tiny gold flecks in it wow so beautiful this one here cocoa which is this one mm-hmm now cocoa has more of a sort of if you imagine like a toad peach stone sort of color to it absolutely fantastic for all color eyes it doesn’t matter what color are you have with this it will always look incredible that’s why that color was chosen to go in this kit then we’ve got Antigua which is that one yeah now this one very clever again all eye colors this is like a pewter tone so when this goes on it goes a slight metallic e sort of pewter a little bit of shot with silver silver little flecks in it so if you use it shimmery you get that almost like crushed diamond defect values it match you get like a stone effect or darling that’s fantastic cinnabar there cinnabar has the sort of maroon almost like raspberry tones in it and when I show you this when we do this this was what I used on the cheeks and when I show you mixed with the lip gloss on the lips it looks like you’ve just been eaten rascal it’s not even talked about how you missing the glosses and maker now polishes and then noir which is obviously self-explanatory to the black which you can creates matte black you can create a little bit of shimmer black on there you can actually use it on nails if you mix it with the cinnabar and create that rouge noir effect it’s just incredible right so we’ve got those guys listen I’m coming back to in a few months if you want to get yours please if you’re 18 or over with a major form of credit or debit card get on the phones now have those credit or debit cards at hand dial the phone number that you see and speak to one of our sales assistants they’re waiting to take your call right now this is natural minerals it’s as simple as that there’s four minerals in the ingredients of this makeup is from the incredible brand name of bella pierre you know the products you know the name and you know how big the prices can be with us this evening we’ve smashed the daylights out of the latter it’s under forty pounds even with your P&P added what an amazing vine it’s all the makeup you’ll need whether it’s eyes whether it’s lips whether it’s cheeks whether it’s nails as well we’ve not even got there yet garlic tell that item number one six one zero seven one two our sales assistance and it’s unde up forty pounds get yours now you even get as Paul put it one of the little holy grails of the world of makeup a clear makeup bag so ladies you can see the makeup that’s in your bag you haven’t got a roots around in there a stocking that will love your hands let’s get back over here because honestly the knowledge that we learn in this evening as well it’s absolutely priceless I mean Paul’s been doing this for 24 years so honestly so it’s like a master class Paul please fantastic so let’s now move down to lips okay so we’ve done a little bit on the eyes we’ve got the cheeks done so in the kitchen get this which is a clear lip gloss it’s got the most beautiful takes you know women will understand this when I say lip gloss it’s sticky it’s just so uncomfortable to wear because it literally you get little tiny sticky bits in the corners you get little strings in between so this is more like a bomb lip bomb at their lip gloss so you can use your on its own if you wanted to some beautiful just as a clear gloss but let me show you how clever this becomes so I’m gonna take some of this lip gloss onto my hand now the reason I’m doing this is because I actually want to keep the lipgloss clear yeah I don’t want to put any products back into it and mix it so I put it onto the back of my hand first then take a little lip brush into whatever color

pigment I want to use you see the quantities that you’re using here for because this is this is where this gets really silly so have a look at that I’ve not even dip the whole brush in it’s the tip of the brush really is the tip that you use see that I cut that and then you put it onto the lip gloss and you instantly make a lipstick stroke lip gloss that makes it so and then straight to the lips now this is so beautiful it’s just instant it’s like reading feet on that picnic in the summer you eating berries blueberries or raspberries and you get that beautiful like bitten lip look it’s so attractive and makes the lips look so fresh and so healthy and that’s all we needed to do a whole lip well that’s the whole lip done just with one little dip of product and little scooch of that’s a very technical term a little scooch of lip gloss and we’re done and how does that feel Nina does that feel heavy gloopy so it feels like a bomb and it smells gorgeous yes smell it oh wow instantly we set this earlier on and I’ll let you say it’s got a very lovely look so it isn’t it’s the as you put it the eaten berries berries look yes Oh strawberries or something oh yeah summery and lovely but it’s cute it’s got a lovely color a lovely shimmer I love these choices it’s got that little bit of shimmer to it and mixed with the lip gloss you get that lovely balm but you’ve been eating the berries and you’ve licked your lip so it’s just really nice fresh but if you wanted to take that up to the next level what you can do is then take maybe let’s say the champagne which is a really versatile color so we’re very daytime yeah Paulie so this will take it I mean adds a little bit of gold and obviously Gold is a very sort of decadent product so we’re gonna take this and take this color into more of a shimmery Wow and then instant change and this makes it just look a little bit more glam maybe for an evening but so wearable you know I mean doesn’t matter what age you are you could wear this it would never look too heavy you can turn down the eyes if you don’t if you do if you’re not really an eye shadow where it just wear a little wash of color where the lipstick and the the blusher on its own I mean so versatile you can create so many different looks with this and I think the choice of colors is perfect it’s absolutely fantastic you’ve got in there your neutral tone so your champagne and your pewter and your beautiful sort of stone color there great you’ve got a great color in there for blusher and lips but you can also dip into the other colors and mix your own colors noia so like the the combinations are endless they really are I mean you could create so many different looks with it and if you’ve never tried that car key or gold-tone on the I try it’s absolutely incredible it’s most I used I used to do a lot on women who are frightened of color and they’d be like no don’t honestly don’t for anything green on my eyes don’t and I’m like you’ve got to try this because car keys a very clever color when it goes on it’s got a little bit of brown undertone to it it’s not green it’s got that sort of almost like seiji sort of color and when it’s shot with gold it makes everything look lit up Wow I can imagine beautiful so we’ve we’ve done the eye shadows yes we’ve done the eyeliner yeah we’ve done the cheeks and the blush yeah we’ve done the lips and now we’ve gone very seductive evening kind of lips we can wear do you want to go now we’re gonna go to the eyes where he gets even cleverer the hits just keep on coming with this incredible product it really is amazing so let’s have a look at nails with nothing on okay so you can see now you would think well if you’re going to use these pigments which are sheer on the skin they’re gonna add a very sheer color to the nail a grab of that brilliant I’ve got a grab of that if you love nail polish a nail polish now a good quality nail polish can be extremely expensive if you want it to last and you don’t want it to chip and you want it to dry quite quickly and like look after the nails and not be and not sort of damage the nail they can cost a lot of money so if you think now you’ve got a clear nail polish in this kit and you have got six different pigments that you can use as proper nail lacquers okay so what you do is you take your clear polish like this and in fact pick a color darling Oh what would you like males I think we’ll have this gorgeous let’s leave it as be

cinnamon cinnabar so what I do is I take the brush out of here there’s no rocket science involved I’m gonna dip it into would you say dip more like wave over the top dip the tip in like so and I’ve instantly got a nail polish okay but it’s a proper nail polish it’s not honestly when I tell you now this is the richest that’s one coat that’s the richest lacquer that you will possibly get cos nail polish two or three coats to get any sort of effect and this gives you that but I thought it’d be more of a hint of yeah but it’s not is it and then let’s go let’s go reel them all those look I’m feeling all creams I mean let’s go out tonight so I’ve actually dipped it into the black because I want to make this pigment just a little bit darker it’s not going to give a black male it’s actually just gonna make the Reds look a little deeper oh it does as well so it makes it look a little bit more evening a little bit more glamorous like so but I suppose really poor as you start you almost find the color that you really like on the nails you can then if you like take that back up to the face to go absolutely for smokey or a little bit more seductive if you want to anything you’ve got your daytime look already on and you just take a little bit of the black you smoke a little bit along the lash line and then you maybe add a little black in with your color treatment and make it deeper on the nails add a little shimmer which we’ve come to as well a little shimmer on the cheeks which looks incredible but there are so many different combinations just dip that in again because you know women love nail colors so let’s dip it into the more sort of bronzy sort of color here and you would normally have to go out and buy all of these different colors absolute fool tune and just look at these colors here there that is that is gorgeous isn’t it I can’t believe it’s absolutely amazing look at that one I love that that’s like that sort of topi that’s a really nice nudes now polished a lot of women like to wear in nude may actually nude polishes make the hands look very elegant yeah so it extends the sort of now if you if you’ve got very short nails try a nude it looks absolutely beautiful it’s just incredible what you’re doing and the fact is it’s all coming from the makeup set that we’re offering you from fella Pierre this is not kind of like okay so you want the paste or you want the powder or you want the map or the shimmer and the shine Porsche shows you exactly how you can achieve the whole law yeah from the same products just those pigments are they they are apps I can’t begin so they are absolutely when it comes to makeup they’re genius products they’re not just great maker price they are genius products because please don’t think well okay well I’ve got a clear lip gloss at home and I’ve got an eye shadow so I’m gonna mix my eyeshadow with honestly you will get mad dry cracked lips it will look really ugly on the Magnar don’t think you can dip your nail polish into any of your loose blushes or anything that you’ve got to create different colors it won’t that it will actually come off it won’t stick to the nail it won’t dry it’s just designed to work with these products it’s just incredible so that’s kind of the genius of what bellapierre is achieved here and the versatility is like it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen Poland may I just say you’ve demonstrated incredibly thank you we still got more to show you yeah honestly honestly in the words of the carpenters we’ve only just begun we really have honestly that under call we have occupants of interplanetary oh but anyway that won’t fit if you want to get these quite simply guys are you 18 or over with a major form of credit or debit card do you take your makeup regime seriously are you serious about the way you enhance your beauty your looks if you’re making up mores a makeover you’re getting it wrong Paul’s already told you that these are those incredible natural ingredients those minerals that are there these are four ingredients in this product that is not only going to be fantastic looking on your skin the car has been handpicked by Paul and bellapierre to suit all skin types and all skin tones that’s the brilliance of this and value for money is off the charts and I mean that for under 40 pounds for the whole lot and look what you get you get the six shimmers you get the clear gloss you get the clear nail varnish you’re gonna get the two brushes you get the face powder and a clear pack as well to put it all in if you want to buy these items as individuals on our own website shop at bit calm you can do that big TV if you want to go there a shop a big calm and I get that from big dot TV sorry if you want to buy these individual items here’s the price checks that I’m going to offer here so for the six stack of shimmers alone on our website they’ll

cost your $39.99 plus the P and P the whole set without one day special is that price the whole set the clear nail varnish is a single and individual item will cost you $9.99 plus P and P as well the clear lip gloss the brow liner brush will cost you $14.99 the PNP to be added if you want the eye shadow brush that’s again $14.99 the clear cosmetics bag will cost you under 20 pounds and the mineral makeup base is 13 pounds alone at the PMP – all of those items if you bought all of those items as individuals its 122 pounds of 93 pence then add the PMP with us this evening will save you over 80 pounds over 80 pounds saved when were the last time you’ve saved that sort of money it’s under 40 quid it’s a fantastic Buy and I think it’ll change the way you apply your makeup because you don’t have to go out and buy yourself a matte eyeshadow or a shimmer eyeshadow or maybe something with a little bit of a sparkle or a paste of a shadow this does the lot you don’t have to go out and buy yourself a nail polish of cinnabar and a nail polish of noir or a nail polish of the antica this does the lot Allen three other colors as well in actual fact the versatility of this makeup set is probably all of your makeup and then some lip glosses lip pastes lipsticks just a lot it’s brilliant it’s absolutely brilliant and that’s a fact that three bellapierre as a cosmetics company it’s one of those companies that is making such waves in the beauty and cosmetics industry not quite literally if you haven’t heard of them yet it’s only a matter of time before you do let’s go back over here now we’ve gone from eyeshadow yes eyeliner yeah cheeks yep lipsticks we’ve done nails and now we’ve gone soft and very casual very daytime very just naturally department of beauty now we can go smoky and soldiering with the whole smoldering soul drink that’s all done please don’t sorry solutely know DIY involved is take now some of the darker pigment so some of the noir to actually create a very sexy smoky look well if we we’ve got a grab of Nina now as she is that we have a facial grab there we’ve got that so we’ve got the before let’s have a look at the before was it’s on page one so you’ll find it on page one way so this Nina at the start if you look at camera one first Nina we will get you as you are made up now daytime very natural that is just a beautiful enhancement doesn’t look made-up does it really pretty just I mean anybody would want to look like that wouldn’t they it’s just like really fresh and so we’ve got a grabber yeah and now we’re gonna go smoky and small very sexy and smoky now sexy and Smokies great to create with these as well because you’ve got the shimmer in there if you want to clear a little bit of the crush diamond defect you’ve got the black to create all of those sort of the Royals products as well they used on I mean this is testament to the product is now they are used on like in the states because it gets it started in LA they’re used on the voice in the states that makeup artists use it for that they use it on X Factor I mean it’s literally to create those real show-stopping looks as well just hold that for me darling well the West they’re musical that’s actually uh this is right you have there yeah of their makeup range that they use on a lot of the stars in the show so I’m just gonna now by pressing it into the skin rather than wiping it across you actually get full pigment so Wow look at that I’m just gonna give you the tiniest little tip for anybody out there that has ever wondered about doing a smoky eye this is a question I get asked all the time to create a smoky eye what you want to do is create almost like a feline effect of the eye so you create if you can see where I put that color before I even blend a was that easy and then all you do is you take your brush same brush don’t use anything different and I’m just gonna soften off that color so you’re not left with obviously just blocks of color so you soften the color off like this and you can use your finger to blend it and instantly you get that remember that smoky eye is it’s the effect you get with it it’s actually like little plumes of smoke yeah so you create that really sexy sort of smoking just take that little bit off there Oh sexy and then we just dip in again and take a little bit more on this eye smokey so pressing it

in first of all building it up onto the eye and taking your finger and just doing a little bit of blending through that it’s that easy and the hardness it honestly these products are so easy to work with you really don’t need to be a makeup artist you don’t need to be good at makeup to create these looks it’s really really simple to do oh goodness Christ look at that so instantly you’ve got more of a daytime into evening look there that all you do is you dip in with your blusher brush now you take a little bit of the champagne which has got the little crushed diamonds effect with it and I’m gonna use this now this is so beautiful on the cheeks we’ve got the beautiful color there what I want to do is change the texture slightly so I’m actually gonna use a little of the shimmer just to the cheekbone that’s Jack so then Wow and you get that little flick of shimmer and highlights it’s a bit of a celebrity trick that to actually create beautiful airbrushed looking cheeks is a little shimmer yeah and then we’ll take a tiny bit of the champagne as well onto the finger and we’ll use that just to highlight underneath the brow to give even more sparkle that is amazing and it’s so easy what you’re doing it’s easy its quick you really you can’t make a mistake with these actually because if you put too much on you know if you wanted to then tone it down you just take a clean brush and you literally you can you can blend it in you can blend it through soften it off if you want to it’s so easy to do and look at that so if you can look at camera one for us now please Nina if you’d be so kind which is just there that’s lovely so let’s see the makeup the soft daytime makeup look which is there now that’s before then we had the daytime there and now we’ve gone for a smoky and smoldering bang and how have you seen yourself with the nails as well earlier because like for daytime a lot of women like a nude polish or something a bit pinky or something like that we had a little play with a different colored nail polish so if he wants to go a little bit more bronzy this is the green that’s that sage green with the gold I was only about through there so you can create so many different colors and looks with this it’s just incredible these two here really interesting colors these are two of the pigments that we haven’t used somes on that so I just tried those out to see what they look like and they’re beautiful and does it feel like a heavy makeup no it feels so light and it feels like I’m not wearing anything really honestly and I have quite sensitive skin okay especially around my eye area and it just feels so light and honestly it’s gorgeous I love it so in comparison to maybe makeups and obviously we don’t need the brands or anything like that but in comparison to makeup you’ve used Nina how would you rate this in regards to how it feels the effects put it this way oh I bought a very expensive foundation very very expensive one and after being introduced to bellapierre I took it back because really yeah it was too heavy compared to this and this gives that gorgeous flawless look yes very jewy sort of Hollywood look and very natural as well I mean it doesn’t look like you’re trying to be no made up if you will it looks stunning and you pick you know you dip in to whatever you feel comfortable with so if you have a day where you don’t want to wear makeup particularly but you don’t feel confident with nothing on just use a bit of the cheek color put a tiny bit of the gloss on the lips maybe a little bit of eyeliner mascara and you’re done and then if you’re then meeting some friends for lunch you could maybe put a bit of a washer for color on the eyes then you’re going out for dinner at night and you can and maybe added you haven’t got to add every single piece of this makeup every time yeah now one of the pigments if just one of them if you were to use it every single day on your eyes you’ve got about a year’s supply in there in one of the pigments that’s amazing really when you consider I mean what you did with the the eyeshadows and the shimmer and the matte I’m sort of like that how many five she fitted the best way to demo the way how much you’ve actually got right is if I just take I’ve got makeup all over every brush having so much fun and if I give you on the back of your hand mine if I put just that amount and on if I put that amount of pigment on if you just that tiny amount there right if you then take your other finger and you just rub it and just see how far this pigment spreads this shows how amazing this product is oh my goodness gracious just goes on and

on and on oh I’ve got a little genie like oh look it’s all Star Wars look don’t get me start my little boy loves he’s mad for it that’s amazing Paul and that is just a sprinkling of that and that just shows you the quality of the product the minerals you know what it spreads but look how evenly it’s spread that’s why it’s quality you know it’s quality product because it’s actually doesn’t grab anywhere it rolls across the skin it’s the texture is just incredible well I wasn’t expecting that thank you so much I really want guys if you want to know exactly what it is it you’re getting come come over here with me and let me show you right now you’re gonna get an awful lot for your money and where you can see that it’s not a lot of money considering how much you’re gonna get you’re gonna get the six pack of the shimmers just there so there you’ve got those lovely colors picked by Paul and by bellapierre to give you those really beautiful natural colors for all skin types and all skin tones you all certainly get the clear lip gloss and you’re going to get the clear nail varnish never remember the reason why it’s clear it’s because you blend it with the pigments that’s the wonderful thing and these are all 100% natural so you create your own colors you create your own looks and the chances are you’ve probably got these colors already in your makeup collection you’re gonna get two brushes the applicator brush is absolutely perfect you’re going to get your face powder just here which is just bring you saw how incredible that was and as if that’s not enough you’re also going to get your clear bellapierre cosmetics bag as well literally art we’re coming to the end of this let’s go back over to our Paul Paul in a nutshell in your own words and in your own expertise because you are an expert in your field we know that that’s why we love you so much here at shop we’ve been that’s why we ask you back time and time again you know your stuff why is this so good so I mean if we talk about the mineral first like I’ve tried many mineral brands over the years and like I say they’re often with a blend of minerals this is one of the first mineral brands I’d ever come across it was a hundred percent mineral only has four ingredients none of the nasty ingredients in it so it’s really gentle on the skin so please like when you think about this don’t think about it just as the most incredible makeup you’ll ever try think about it as the most incredible makeup with the most amazing skincare benefits it’s actually good for your skin you’re actually doing something great for your skin when you use these products it’s the amount that you get in there as well like the pure pigments that last for up to a year each if you use two every single day you’ve got so much product in there but it’s the versatility of it which just amazes me I mean I live surely I come across make up as you can imagine every single day of my life I get given so much makeup from brands to try and they want me to use their products in in my kits and stuff this is one of the first ones for a long long time I can honestly say that I got extremely excited about because I’m like I can’t believe it does all that when you try it it just goes on and on and on all the stuff that it can do is just it’s just incredible it really is there you go and you can see how wonderful Nene looks and as a lady let’s just quickly ask one more time neither I mean you’ve got this on in your own words I mean how does it feel it feels flawless it feels lightweight and I just I can’t believe how natural and sexy I look thank you so much guys listen if you want bellapierre if you want it in your makeup collection and why wouldn’t you I mean look at how natural Nina’s face look just there that was a sensational one masterclass – a sensational offer and a sensational price get yours now oh nine double one six nine zero one thousand if you’re 18 or over with a major form of credit or debit card get that card out now dial that number as sales assistants are waiting for your call as we speak when you speak to them say I would like to buy item number one six one zero seven one please they will unbelievable it’s under forty pounds that’s all they’ll charge you plus the PAP of course we can get it delivered directly to your door and try it out guys it is a must-have and I think when you consider the versatility how far the product goes what you can do from eyes to eyeliner to cheeks to lips a lip gloss to lip paste the lipsticks if you want to write the write down to your nails and if all of a sudden you find a color with a little bit of mixing and blending that you really really like you can transfer that back up to the face for that sexy smoldering evening look light daytime wear that natural Sunkist look if you want to go for that lovely little weathered look it’s there for you the point being is natural natural mineral natural look natural you and you are

looking best when you’re looking natural there’s no two ways about it if you want to buy these items individually from our own website you can do so and here’s the individual prices we’re charging for the six stack of shimmers it’s $39.99 well your pay for the shimmers alone on our website we’ll charge you for everything we see on that list clearly now varnish 999 clear lip gloss the same price brow liner brush that’s under 15 quid eyes shadow brush under 15 quid clear cosmetics bag that’s under 20 and the minimal makeup base that’s under 13 pounds they’re all great prices Envy put it all together what have you got bibbidi-bobbidi-boo if you sorry I had to do that it’s on in the house at the moment my little boy can’t get enough of that Star Wars personally our first our first parties individually it’s under a hundred and twenty-three pounds and you like the P and P to that as well with us this evening on a one-day special it’s under 40 how is that possible well it’s possible but only for 24 hours because this time tomorrow that offer won’t be what it is you’ll have to buy them individually on our website yeah so get them now get yours before someone get yours that’s why I say it guys and I mean it every single time I say

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