welcome to the mail right agent real estate show episode 31 so today’s special guest is Jordan Shelton and he’s the managing partner of cave social basically I understand you make real estate slides exciting and interesting is that it hey that’s a that’s what we tried it we try to help brokerages and agents and everybody yeah not not be boring when it comes to the internet not be boring right right okay I’m pretty boring on my internet site to write help me out right chilton um it’s really appreciative that you came on the show I read your article your latest article on Eamon I agents is Tom not stop marketing like 205 so it was a really interesting article so would you like to quickly explain the points you were trying to making in your great article yeah for sure I think the the whole theme behind the article was just that the industry needs to change and we need to be self-aware and that software as agents of whereas brokerages software for selling technology in real estate whatever may be but just be aware of where our customers are and where their attention is going and just making sure that we’re we’re with them as they change from platform to platform and is really where where they start engaging we’re there to engage with them right so as people you know in the article touches on how email open rates have been cut in half for instance right so it’s just harder and harder to stand out in that in that noise so if you’re ahead of the game and you’re taking advantage of social media it makes it a little bit easier to create those connections and really have your voice heard yes I totally agree with you actually think it’s worth noting a lot of agents are in there still in the 90s and a lot of bright creechies them we had Kelly on Mitchell a few episodes ago and she said a lot of brokerages are like dinosaurs so she was quite skiving so I get the gist of it but can you give can you give a couple examples that how social media can be used or new me during general that you found consulting agents and brokers is pretty effective yeah for sure obviously it’s easy for me to you know get up here and say hey social media is where you need to be right but having some actionable tips is definitely you know why you guys are all listening and why you guys invited me on so I think something that is something that you can kind of take away as an actual tip whenever you’re on it whether it’s Facebook Twitter Linkedin whatever it may be is really before you post anything think to yourself one what I share this and two am I giving value to people or am I asking for value right because we want to make sure that we’re giving value and what I mean by that is we want to be answering questions that are our customers our buyers our home sellers might have so it’s things like where are the best schools what is the job market looking like in you know Charlotte North Carolina for instance how can we write about those things that you know potential buyers may be interested in and may be searching for and may be looking for you know before that they’re ready to actually pick an agent so I think it’s it’s one of those things where really as you go through take advantage of Facebook and know that people are going there to take a break from their day and take a break from being sold to they want to be entertained they want to communicate with people and they want to do so in a way that’s not so intrusive yeah um I think you know obviously i’m the CEO of a company called mail right and we we sell services automated services and we try and get more referrals from your existing client base so we provide you know kind of scheduled social media content but what we say to clients is we just help you doing the cracks and the volume that you might not understand that you need to pump out but we also say that you should put supplier half to a third yourself and it should be exactly the kind of content that you’ve just outlined but juvenal of agents don’t really also understand that the amount of content they’ve got a pump out and they have actually got to be available and actually engage with people around that content yeah I think honestly I think

the biggest mistake that you know or thing that I hear people say oh I don’t have time oh I I don’t have time or I don’t understand it we all have one of these guys right and this is your best weapon you can produce content all the time on your phone you can take a photo upload it to Facebook and it takes 15 seconds hey I’m you know checking in with my favorite clients having lunch with people i work with two years ago if you meet somebody add them on linkedin you know action will add them on linkedin within 10 minutes of meeting them right you just met them add them on linkedin now they’re going to see your updates down the line it’s just a really I think it’s changing the priority right and making it hey I’m going to dedicate 15-20 minutes of my day every day to being active on social media whether that’s going out and you know in the early days it’s hard you people that they just post and not getting engagement one thing I would do is go and start conversations with people go on Twitter and in the Twitter you can on Twitter you can actually go to the top and search and I would search your local area your county see what people are talking about and start start conversations with them you know go and say if they’re saying hey moving to Charlotte thinking you know where’s a good place to settle you can go and tweet it to pay you know I love this area or if they’re asking for a recommendation on a restaurant it doesn’t even have to be hey buy real estate with me sell real estate with me right to get that following initially I think it’s all about starting the conversation because you wouldn’t go up to somebody on the street and say hey buy something from me right someone you didn’t know you’d want to get a build a relationship with them you wouldn’t do that a networking event either at a networking event you talk to them you go back and forth you learn about them and then once they learned about you and it was time and they were ready to purchase you know they would reach out to you so I think that’s something that it’s just to kind of have in the back your mind it’s almost like social media is the real world cocktail party you know now where we’re going and we’re able to shake hands and were able to do it with people all over the world right I’m able to sit here and we’re all in different cities right now talking and there’s people from all over the US who you know came on to this show and we’re able to learn we’re able to connect ask question so I think it’s one of these things where it’s really just about being proactive yeah I type you grieve you know a couple weeks ago we had a Twitter expert Simone for Kelly the Twitter good s as a tag name and she’s got agency in Ireland but she’s very active on blab and that’s where I met her actually so getting yourself out and about is important isn’t it children it’s it’s it’s imperative it’s one of these things where it’s a it’s a must do especially as you move into 2016 and like people live on on social and one of the things I said in the post and I’ll reiterate it here is that having a face like the amount that is spent on things like commercials right it is absurd to me because every time a commercial comes on I’m hitting mute and I’m pulling out my phone and I’m going on Facebook Twitter Instagram right so you have an opportunity to get to hit me with messaging there right well I’m waiting for my show to come back on i’m waiting for you know the NFL playoffs to come back on whatever it may be you can actually get me there in two commercials because if it’s kind of like if you get the same messaging over and over again it gets drowned out right we’ve all seen that car going through the desert a million times and I don’t know what card is on that commercial right and it’s the same thing and we kind of touched on it a bit with real estate right if you’re always saying that same messaging on facebook and not going out and building the connection people are going to drown you out too so we want to avoid that yeah I think another factor because obviously the National Association Realtors I’ve got some great reports and they said the average age of our agent in the u.s. is over 50 I think also a lot of them do not understand the kind of attitude of millenniums and Generation X is they are very sadly they don’t like direct saline they expect you to be on social media to engage in them and they want they want a service to be to kind of be sold to them but in a very different way to maybe like 20 years ago would you agree with that one hundred percent they want service it doesn’t matter Millennials and they want a service sold to them but they also want to make up their decision before they’re ever in contact with the business so Google released a stat and fifty-seven percent of the sales process is done before the consumer ever contacts a business so they’re going and they’re researching you they’re checking out what you’re about where are your do you have reviews on on Google do you have reviews on Yelp are you active on Facebook right because as I’m going and I’m researching for an agent I want to see that they’re active on social media because that tells me they’re in touch with modern marketing and that tells me they’re going to give the best chance

and there you know to sell my house or to help me purchase a home that they’re really going to put their best foot forward and I kind of just that reaffirming trust right because we’re only going to buy from who we trust it’s we’re very high very high BS indicators right we can lead through anything that come in and it’s just so easy to spot right in home outside a great view I was remarking to Bill I was looking at some agents on xillia Ain the reef reviews and there were some agents and it was pretty obvious that I broke most of those reviews they weren’t real email addresses and most of those reviews had been written in it they’re not doing themselves any favors how they really children are they know we live in like it’s the day and age of transparency and if you go out and all there is is you have 300 five star reviews right if people will read through that in a second because no matter how good you are you’re going to have an off day or maybe you had a great day but somebody only wanted to rate four out of five still a good rating right uh it’s just so easy to to to see through and comments and people commenting on their own posts and it really also is a its kind of its this to its this change that needs to happen and it’s really getting away from vanity metrics is what I’ll call them so let me explain that quickly a vanity metric would be something like the amount of likes on your facebook page or giving yourself a five-star review right i have ten five star reviews in the end of the day those don’t really mean very much right we’re taking and digging a little deeper instead of hey you know i have let’s say it’s 1000 facebook likes right that doesn’t mean anything if nobody is engaging with my content so i’ll take 10 people on Twitter who are engaging with my content day in and day out over 1,000 you know BOTS I went and bought but go buy a thousand followers that don’t engage it’s really putting your effort and measuring your marketing success in just the completely wrong way yeah what about the phone you’re I’m the kind of services that we provide part videos we provide content that’s we can provide very local regional or just national but its all checked over by myself personally and we put that in there fee but especially around Twitter you get lot of agents say oh that’s a lot of Twitter’s but I don’t think you can over to it you can over facebook but is it I feel it’s practically impossible to over twit long as you don’t keep doing the same twit twit pose it’s practically impossible what you would and I try to explain that these different cultures and don’t use your Twitter’s on your facebook that’s suicide do you muscle just cut your wrists open so what was your thoughts about this can you over Twitter what what’s the difference between Twitter and Facebook and may be linked in the new experience for one hundred percent um so here’s here’s the way I look at it if you were at a bar right twitter is the dance floor things are happening they’re happening fast the DJ’s playing a new song every minute and a half you’re dancing around so you’ve got to be up you go to be paying attention to the conversation yeah I think we have to continue it gonna have to go for a break Julian and let my co-host hands and we come back about the non dance floor social media so let’s go over to my co-host build Conrad he just won’t thank our sponsor today share the oils to share the oils Northern Nevada we really appreciate your support and your backing of this episode John with that I’ll give it back to you oh thanks Bill so uh we were just talking about the dance floor and Twitter being you know the kind of person on the dance floor so continue Georgia with your insights for sure so yeah if Twitter is the dance floor where things are you know they’re happening like I said it every every two seconds it seems like it’s changing you got a new dance move that you got to learn it’s a lot to take in right so it takes a lot more attention but there’s also a lot more variety and you can be a lot more involved in a lot more active think about facebook like a sit-down restaurant facebook is where you’re sitting down and you’re able to have a conversation maybe with five or six people there’s the table next to you you might meet them but it’s a lot slower conversation and LinkedIn it is the bank down the road hey where you’re you gotta go in there and you have to you know you got to be a little bit more professional messaging you’re not going there as frequently but you’re gonna go there and you’re there you know with the purpose so it I think that’s the way I like to look at you know messaging frequency with regards to I think you should be on

Facebook every day I also it with context with that I think you should try to provide something interesting on Facebook every day right yeah so there’s two ways you can do that one is make your own content to is if you can’t make any content go and find two or three awesome resources in your area that are sharing stuff some you can curate so you can you can curate and just share that stuff so hey I don’t have any content today but there’s an article that I like to ask you back you know you get some social media goos they’re a bit sniffy about curated content and I just think it’s a balance myself obviously you want to produce some of it yourself but i also think long as you’re you’re you’re somebody’s doing it for you and they’re spending time on it and it meets your requirements there’s nothing wrong with a mixture what do you feel about that one hundred percent I mean what it really comes down to is time constraints right like and to develop great content is hard and takes a lot of time so a lot of times it’s easier or not it’s easier and it’s just more effective in terms of looking at you know yeah can I ask you a question about because i think the elephant that people got be aware of it’s a bit like what you said about email marketing that i still believe we are still strongly believe in email marketing but not the type that you are describing in your post your article but i also think of the same applies to social media know people expect images video the standard of the type of social media content that will get retweeted recommand itude favored whatever has to be of a higher standard than even maybe 18 months ago would you agree with that one hundred percent and it comes back to you know people that’s the there’s so many people contributing every single day to these platforms so to stand out it really comes into you need to make content that is two or three times better to have something truly go right this was my 12th or 13th post on in then and it’s done the best right just oh it’s one of these things where you know you got to put out something it’s two to three times better than other stuff that people are seeing at that time doesn’t need to be two or three times better than everything yeah man I I know it was a great article but I think we gotta be real here and also you need really good titles don’t you yeah that was a good title isn’t it yeah there’s a Brian Clark of copywriter says you know and this might be a little bit long but he says you need to spend as long developing the headline as you do in the article for everyone here if you’re looking to do any headline creation there’s a site called buzz sumo which is bu zhi zhi su mo calm and you can go and research titles that have done really well for similar topics so that’s that’s one that i use regularly but i also that when i was just that what that post was made out of a rant i was i got a lot of emails monday so it’s funny how you mentioned Brian was actually no Brian and we’ve actually interviewed in children he’s a great guy and very and he’s he’s spoken about property beans because it been super local being agent really wants to be like a 40 figure in their local area about what’s going on in their area would you agree with that yeah that’s you have to be the authority in your area because you are you are the local expert that’s why you know people are moving in and out of your County your city and they need help and they need assistance on hey you know you want to move here because this school is best your proximity to jobs here maybe there’s a you they know that construction is going to happen they can have that insight into the neighborhood and you really get that feeling when you need an agent face to face right you get that feeling of hey they really know what’s going on they have a pulse that a lot of time agents have grown up where they are they’ve lived there for 20 years they they have that kind of it factor when it comes to knowledge and I think that taking that and kind of putting that into their content and not being afraid to say hey this is the best shrinking the city right yeah that’s my son Oh kind of one more question in might be going through some of the resources that I think will be useful and get your reactions as some of the things but I finish off with one question with this part and then we’re probably going to another break and in which will be masking how people could contact you but my last real question before the break is if you are agent if you were agent and let’s say this was your second

20 16 was your second year as agent how would do you market yourself children what would you be doing what things would you be looking at and how would you be planning your marketing in 20 16 for sure um so yeah I’m going into my second year I’m an agent right away I would look at the amount that I made in my first year and let’s take the median income for a real estate agent last year and I would look at that it’s okay it’s 43,000 i would say i’m going to take ten percent so forty three hundred dollars and that’s what i’m going to spend through this year one thing that we want to be really cognizant of with real estate marketing is obviously marketing in the first six months is more important than in the last six months because everybody moves in the summer right when their kids are we changing it’s much easier on families to move through the summer we see spikes that means people are looking for the first six months I would go and I would spend primarily if I was on a tight budget it would be primarily on facebook and spending on a combination of boosting posts to my existing fans or two people that I went and targeted and then also running adverts Facebook actually has a platform now in there where you can go in and see people who are likely to move so they have all these indicators hey these people are likely to move and I would mark it to them this is something where if you look at the average cost for three or four thousand impressions so that’s eyeballs on your content that cost about $32 in your in a local newspaper where it costs four dollars on facebook so you’re looking at eight of the price and it’s where people’s eyeballs are now right we’re looking at millennial buyers gonna be the biggest home buying generation ever bigger than the baby boomers Millennials do not open newspapers right there on their Facebook feeds there there there so I would take it and I would go and say okay how do I make the most of facebook advertising and boosting posts and I run all the other networks but if you build one up you’re able to then co-promote and promote your twitter promote linkedin so that’s via that’s how i would spend just because right now it’s still the best bang for your buck agent having their own website do you think that’s really important I do I think if you don’t have your own website the first thing that’s going to happen if i go and google your name because that’s what i’m going to do when i’m thinking about purchasing from you and if you don’t have a website i’m going to think that you might not have a business or you i’m going to not know what’s going on it’s okay if you have like some agents have like a subdomain of their you know broker or team that’s okay as long as it personalized to you but I mean a domain name these days is twelve dollars for your name right minutes it’s a no-brainer I didn’t thanks for that children we’re going to go on to annex break so off back to my co-host bill Conrad well Jordan that means it’s time for your commercial and what we want to know is listener wants to know how can they get a hold of you and then tell the listener exactly what your offer is awesome yeah so guys if anyone wants to get a hold of me I think the best way to do it is jordan j 0 rdan at cave social calm and that see AV s 0 CI al calm and if you take five minutes to write me an email any question anything about marketing i’ll take the five ten minutes and i’ll write you back with regards to what we offer a cape social it’s really simple we help agents brokerages mid big sized companies develop their brand and not be boring when it comes to safe hooks twitter linkedin vlogging will go in and really kind of take hold and make sure that you know you’re putting your best foot forward and if it’s something where you can do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best and they work out great and and hopefully your brand it’s more exposure that’s good well thank you um obviously we were gonna we’re still all I’m gonna rapidly go through some of the tools and services that I think it’ll be really useful to agent in 20 16 and I’m just going to quickly ask for Jordan’s reaction to some of the things we’re going to go through and then we’re going to finish the formal show folks and then we’re just going to go Bill’s got some questions for Jordan after the formal recalled in and if you want to jump in and ask the open seat we really would love anybody to come in Georgians gonna be around for at least 10 15 minutes or longer depending on how lack of boring we are Arab so to start off with I think Facebook professional services there you know it looks like in 20 16 that Facebook is going to go in to the kind of local search market and go up against Google a bit stronger what do you think Jordan

I’m Joe yeah yeah showing all the signs of that with allowing local businesses and now to verify themselves also they’re improving graph search all the times so I think it’s important to make sure that all your information is up to date when it comes to your facebook business page and if you don’t have a facebook business page make sure you get one another one he’s a company called bond I don’t if you heard of them and put the Euro are in what they do children is that they will send out handwritten letters from you and basically they got robots that write the letters with ink and a really lovely letter paper and the address is handwritten and bombing it sent off and it looks really personal and it looked like it really came from you what do you reckon about there I think it’s a nice little touch yeah I think if you’re going to send mail it should definitely be an ink here I forget the stat so I don’t want to misquote plate it’s it’s something like sixty percent more likely to be opened if it’s written in ink so yeah okay I find an Android app called and temple Rama basically on the go if you got image and you want it it makes text really funky and it you know those images that got those really kind of graphical looking texa fix that you think they cost them a fortune to get a graphic designer in this app and it were on the ipad and on iphone and android will do all those effects for you yeah this I’ve seen type of Rama and apps like it and I think they’re a great way you’re stuck if you’re ever stuck for content take a photo you can find a photo of your county or something on throw on instagram facebook and throw some text over yeah i really like it is it type of Rama yeah yeah I think it’s on Wow um basically a bit about email if you don’t want to cough up the fifty dollars a year for Google Apps to control your email a much cheaper alternative is iron mail they do a free surface and then their next one up is twenty four dollars a year and it gives you practically the whole range of those O’Toole’s very similar to Google Apps well you reckon Jordan yeah I mean if you’re i think is a business owner you should always be looking for cost-effective ways to to handle anything especially i know a lot of people are guilty of spending a ton on maybe too many pieces of technology if you can get something like this and i haven’t used a whole personally but um yeah if it does the trick i think that is our choice why the goat they do a free service so you can try the free service and see if you like it and if you need more capacity you can be is only twenty four dollars a year for the next Senate they give you a lot and when it comes to CMS is there are folks there isn’t the perfect one but two that i like is green rope and contractually which is very social what do you reckon about values Jordan yeah i think for i think a crm I think you need a CRM they’re going to be an agent a brokerage contactually is good i haven’t used green rope before one that I used is called capsule and it’s just capsule CRM it’s very lightweight the free version gets one user what I think you need it because eighty-five percent of agents say that they would go with the same agent it sold there first home yet fifteen percent do because the sales cycle is five to seven years and people don’t stay in touch crm is a great way for you to update hey Johnny Smith you know his son plays varsity football I need to send a reminder every August 10th saying hey tell you now tell your son good luck in his season this this upcoming season whatever it may be yeah I’ll back onto email email hunter use it myself I use the free service but they also this is a really interesting one basically if you need to find the email of somebody in organization you banning their name they find any emails for that organization it’s really that simple and it really works it’s really effective what do you reckon um I think it’s good if you have met the person i know some people might take an unsolicited do unsolicited emails that would be if you need to get ahold of somebody do it but yeah I yeah I would say that especially people as they get smarter and we can kind of sit through there they want that connection if you’re gonna email somebody a question you have an honest question or something go for it if it’s genuine and

people usually respond pretty well for those yeah use it with the care folks don’t use it as a spamming engine but it can be useful um I think um telephones not you know I have a balanced view of this I think some of the trainers in the real estate industry they don’t amount of calls they reckon somebody’s got a day nobody could do but i also think cold calling still has some place not as great as it used to so but you do need a good tool and mojo mojo is the best for multiple calls out but it’s a bit like the previous tool folks don’t abuse seems oh oh yeah I’ll bet you’re gonna because you of the minions in the Generation X you’re not going to be too warm about this one either are you Jordan it here’s what it comes down to whenever you get a phone call you have it and you see somebody on the caller ID whether it’s your mother or comcast you have a feeling you look feeling associated with that number right like I’m never excited to pick up the phone to talk to comcast but if it’s my mother I’m gonna be a little bit more eager and willing to you know pick up the phone so I think that just remember there’s another human being on the other side of that line and you may be interrupting their day so you just use sparingly another one if you’re looking for you cannot just go on to google and rip off people’s images you can but in the end it’s going to cost you a ton of money especially if you takes image from Getty the Getty library you’re going to get a rapid nasty letter it’s much better to get some stock photography and one I use big stock photos and another one it’s pick sales I find their photos you know they library and the cost and the region arity pretty good so what you got to say about that Jordan yea high quality photos are huge and if you can and one thing is getting Getty image or something off shutterstock is very very expensive if you don’t if you have the budget if you’re a big team I would say the shutterstock it pays for itself if you’re creating content you know a lot but a lot of people don’t create content that often so i would go with something like a pixels or another one which is called pixabay which i used for a long time was great for for getting free images that were really high quality another one is home snap it provides it’s a kind of search I mean it’s kind of thing above I’d eat the normal y DX and it’s a bit like search on steroids for agents and you can white label it and offer it it’s not very expensive so I’ve mixfiend enough in gerlach my agent still want me to do custom work about idx but I think it’s got to be original y DX and you’ve got to show more data because everybody’s got idx and they knew up against these big portals what do you reckon Jordan yeah I think I think consumers are getting more and more use to using these big portals so if you can have a branded site that it follows that same kind of customer experience I think that’s probably the the right thing to do and especially something like homesnap here where it’s the simple call to action right in the middle hey search for a property pretty pretty straightforward yeah so what do you reckon children for old codger lightly would you reckon I thought them to potable and how is good we go to I think there’s a tiny useful tools here and if you take two or three of them and implement them I think you’re ahead of the game when it comes to so got any friends that come to mind that you’ve seen agents use that you like to recommend people um I come back to this and I say it on webinars I say it all the time your your phone your phone use it you have a you have a camera that is better than physical cameras and video cameras from five years ago take your phone just don’t be afraid to use it get comfortable using the video I think you have some real tools when it comes to social media pages manager for facebook is a great one so you can actually track your business page I would definitely use that anything image if you don’t know how or don’t have the money to set up a blog I mean you can go to WordPress and set up a a free blog and just start producing so but fine thank you so much children it’s been a great interview room with and my co-host are we gonna go off the live session now be like no we can still record but I was going to finish up just a formal finish and then open up for questions now I got a couple questions too and I’ll do that after we finish up so take a break and final let me do a little sound here formalize it okay that was a nice show I showed

yordan Johnson crazy dance yes I love that music bill I’m not too sure about that but I love this it’s got potty review sound machine oh I didn’t you report that so I you know the problem is it’s so frustrating dis again well maybe we go with the sound machine will both I I’ve been off the sound machine for a few days because I’ve been doing post-production it takes longer it takes me an hour longer post production but a couple things here at just this is a little remote control for a phone you put up on here run your tripod for the agents to put film themselves I wrapped in the got a little tiny lapel mic it goes right on here and you know my wife has the 6s plus I try to talk her into getting the bigger one I don’t wash it and once you have it a couple days it’s good to go but yeah the phone is the most probably most important tool these days for real estate agents definitely yeah you know the thing we didn’t touch children and I your fear will need something video in 20 16 will only get more and more potent and especially for agents and brokers what do you think yeah I think that I think it’s in such you’ll see that yes Facebook actually became the biggest producer and host video or the most video was watched last year because people put youtube videos right in people eat it up it performs better in social media on based on the algorithms for for facebook also it’s better content right you can just get more information across one of the things I think that’s kind of hurt real estate with regard to the video is virtual tours those slideshows and saying that there video when they’re not right I want to get to the next photo I don’t want the Ken Burns music I want a real video I expect it now with your phone if you just come in and pan your you know pan your phone across that’s better than even just you know putting together a virtual tour so I think video mark more I’ve got mixed feelings about this sort of learned I’ve got kind of mixed feelings about boom boom bonbon what’s your feelings about what they are up to bham bham had what’s the the URL bomb bomb dot com yup Ebert’s it they provide living in traction there and they’re financed by avicii that finances software for real estate agents and their and it’s a that they promote sending personalized video emails with a obviously can’t simply it’s aunt got a static picture but they provide a much easier while you’re getting it all set up I think he has its place but if you overdo it I think people get a bit tired of it it’s um I think it’s a way of avoiding the thing is you just gotta write slappy interesting to focus that Pacific groups in your lists and don’t bombard them with flyers and open house flies it’s got to be targeted for the right audience what do you reckon yeah I mean if you’re Steven Spielberg and like send a video out every day right but if you’re if you don’t have that that new content all the time like you said everything in moderation uh and don’t overdo it so i think i’m funny off georgia mom lost girlfriend so good with sorry folks around but yeah I I think I think that’s one of the funny things with agents and I understand it they’re always looking for that magic bullet but i think the magic bullet myself is considering consistency dying waking mum f—ing unfair what do you reckon yeah yeah i mean the magic exactly the magic bullet is work hard right um like there’s no all the time right people say I I want to work smarter not harder well sometimes it’s the smartest thing to do is you know put on the overalls and can’t get to it so I really think that yeah there’s no magic bullet I you look talk to anybody who’s a real estate pro and it’s been around and around the block in there for 20 years had success they’re gonna tell you right you got it you got to just put that head down and get to work so what’s your views about the pole to zilio realtor.com home calm what was your attitude and am and how you can he falls how this is gonna play out with the brokers and blah blah blah any thoughts about the portals here’s the thing is I

think I think at the end of the day the consumer is gonna drive this decision and the consumers right now want to use the portals I think there’s something I think they have an affinity towards this you know zillow or trulia or whatever it may be realtor calm maybe a little bit more or they think that they can get more out of it you know right now post maybe just a single agent i think that the brokerages are AIT’s a it’s a tough battle it can be one but i think ultimately it’s going to be when zillow makes the consumer mad which i think they’re going to relatively soon as the whole you know five agents competing for one listing and then that consumer gets contacted by three four agents it’s just a broken experience the last thing i want to do is say i’m interested in this house and have five agents call me right I what might be laughs is they got this new virtual you know they but they’re providing really crappy stuff anyway and they may charge agents extra to clean clean what they’re providing free virtual cleansers aren’t like that makes me laugh when they win it and it’s aches just so it’s a premier service work or whatever they kind of market it you got you got a Meyer the cheek in some ways but yeah the you know that’s interesting you said that my wife talks quite a bit because she’s reestablishing from reno from central california and she had a really well-established farm our christmas list was 600 cards in where we left and we’re building it here it’s like a hundred now it takes time to build that list but that said it’s she’s got 25 years experience crs run two beverages better homes and gardens as runs run teams it is really tough to really start it is really tough because you really have to go out and pound the foot leather to got to go and talk and meet people you got to keep your online stuff going and I’m helping them too and she’s got a pretty good blog page he’s got pretty darn good blog but you know there’s still at traditional real estate still there and that relationship time it’s like it is changing for the millenniums but here in Reno when you say Jonathan the traditional relationship is stronger than anything else you’re out there seen agent Warren I am I think a thing for the people they’ve been here for a long time they built out strong relationships and I is going to be difficult I think joining chase was a good idea I think your wife’s extremely lucky to have you I think really very very fortunate to have your support I think you need you know we’ve been talking about this about being more involved in social media using Twitter more effectively the Finney’s George and Tesla is building an enormous factory on the outskirts Reno and also a number of Allah californian manufacturers are opening satellites or moving to this area children so there’s a lot of people probably in the Bay Area in California Southern California probably in the next two to three years be looking to move to reno and I said to Bill that is the kind of market that Karen’s got to try through articles Facebook advertisement in the bay area using twitter twitter advertisement she’s really got to become the expert for people who are looking to relocate because that would should get more agents outside the area contacting her referring people to her and she also get more increased contacts complete the people that are actually looking to move what do you think children yeah this is a I mean it’s I’ll answer this in two parts one I think yes you have to duck and weave with your consumer and you got to be if like you said if you’re able to just say okay a Tesla you know factories going to come in there or they’re going to start hiring people we know that that’s 25 to 45 year old tech savvy people who are going to be purchasing they spend time on social media they spend time on the Internet that being said traditional marketing it does work right there’s a reason it’s still around it works where I think the hardest part is it understanding where to spend your money right billboards work there’s a reason i see a coca-cola up on a billboard you know they’re still buying it it still works I just don’t think it’s the best bang for your buck with regards to there’s no and you know like Bill like you said there’s no replacing a handshake and I don’t think social media will ever do that right but but it’s you know how do you continue the conversation after the handshake right how do it right and I think that’s where social media go when you got it network you gotta go to go to meet up so you gotta do all this and yet and you really

got to put yourself out there but if you can connect on social and keep the conversation going yeah I thought I think it’s a machine really children and Bill I’m amazed at the man of I am I cut back my amount of networking meeting face-to-face networking a lot over a year ago because I’ve been busy with other things Jordan but when I used to go to networking things I used to scan the cards one to two days later they would always get a email from me I would connect with them through LinkedIn they would be sent my monthly newsletter I would try and friend them on Twitter and Facebook not all at the same time because that would feel like stalking it would be bad it would be done methodically um I was amazed that the man of people are never a hardly ever received an email from anybody hardly ever touched me on link in hardly tried to connect through Twitter I was amazed at the amount of people that would go toward ism wouldn’t even do the basics I would consider the basics do you think I’m being a bit too harsh or is that been your experience as well it’s what it is people only see what’s right in front of them and this is the problem right we see the Commission that’s right in front of us we’re going we get that Commission and then we forget about those people we don’t keep the conversation going right we’re on to the next one or like you said you go to this networking event you think that went really well right and a lot of effort without a plan right now you’re just you’re just hoping for things so we got to have a plan behind it and like you said a methodical plan I’m going to go meet people I’m going to find out the two or three best people that I talk to throughout the night they were just interesting you know you might not even have talked about anything to do with business and usually that’s the best the best type of networking and then yeah add them on LinkedIn Twitter take that first step start the conversation kind less bill says i also used to based is time consuming it was taken up too much of my time but i still believe if you can do it is meet some of those people just if they’re prepared to do it renamon say you know yours asking for email are you available for a quick coffee in their check yeah eventually you know you got it you can’t be afraid to ask right and to ask for things like that to ask people you gotta sell it at some point you gotta sell it and not a tire company rep for loan rep yeah okay you got that you know that they just have really agents get taken out all the time mmm right you know what I’m saying they’re right yeah that’s a math Robbie I mean people in the community build that is not good yeah have social credibility that could be influences and not try and direct Salem but just try and sell them on on your knowledge or ability and your credibility I’m sitting Karen out after the first year to do the interviews you know fielder if it’s not actually doing but set them up run the laptop things of that nature top you know we do some high-end interviews and green families is anybody gonna join this and all tonight I have some questions alcohol so no questions here the people can ask questions too okay here it is all these years in real estate we have never really taken advantage of referral networks my wife has CRS or both brokers you’d record two states you know focusing in and getting referrals is another source that a lot of good agents get and they stay on it because stand people you somehow how do you relay that message to your community your friends your personal net York your farm that you can you can get a referral you can send them when they go across country or buying or relatives or family you can find a crs in that community which is a topknot agent you can check them out because this is a big expense so there’s money in there that a lot of agents pass up at referral now furl how can they approach people and get the message out that they can find a topknot 8 not top not agents in another area for them or for family and then set up ahead of time in it we always say hey we’re going to give you one or two we suggest you look at three and then decide but the two we give you are going to be CRS I can be vetted and you always can call back for Karen to talk to her if you any questions in real estate too yeah I think I think in that situation you know you’re looking at a person that we’re going to assume if they’re they have a relationship with you and some level of trust or something so it just turns into talking and if you find out people post all the time hey I’m moving across the country whatever it may be I think there’s a way to to vocalize when you meet people or when you’re talking with people to say hey you know if you ever do if they start talking you know you talk to people they start talking about their job or they might move hey if you ever need me to help you find an agent like I will do that for you right and just there’s no I think there’s no problem in vocalizing that too it comes

to like a 9010 rule right or ninety percent give value give content share news stories and then ten percent of the time go and you know vocalize and say hey guys if you know anyone who is moving across the country I got some I would love to help them find an agent there right right i mean that’s that’s easier said than done but you have to make people aware of that family i mean everyone has family and there’s no reason why they can’t at least get somebody semi vetted you have a chance of getting that twenty to twenty-five percent referral general yeah I think I think a lot of people are just do I think there’s like a reservation to ask right they ask family and I sometimes it’s like I don’t know man am I you know am I teetering that line of you’re helping them if you think about yeah adding a cool yeah agent it’s crazy fall I can I completely agree and most of the time you know you ever ask a family member for anything and of course of course I’ll help you out right like it are out I’ll pass it along information whatever it may be so it’s a service somehow you get a relay you got to connect to them but that’s actually a very good service in there you know the CRS is the vetting process and we have crs is coming into my wife from time she actually gets calls to the CRS system but yeah and then the other thing is maybe can you and then the other part of this referral on a website maybe on their blog website maybe have some kind of message up there or even a short little tutorial on youtube I’m thinking out loud right now that would pop up you know why do I use a referral system why use this message how this can save you hassle or something the why it’s hard it’s a tough one so how long you been Jordan how long you’ve been in the business and what got you into this type of work yeah so we’re in your for of the agency um I started working with moving companies first actually so there are similar types of content and it kind of moving companies gotten the tech and tech companies in real estate tech and then agents and brokerages and it kind of just one thing spun into the next and inman reached it happened and yeah so for years and we’ve since then we got office I think we mentioned earlier in Toronto and in Florida but one thing that’s actually a nugget for referrals if you have a moving a local moving company in your area reach out to them a lot of these guys are small little operations reach out to them and say hey i love for you guys to write a guest blog post on my real estate site and start to build a relationship with a moving company because a lot of times they might have leads someone who’s trying to move cross country and you guys can start to share and build that relationship and build business off each other with the moving companies that we work with still to this day we have agent partnerships in different cities and there’s yeah there’s leads going their way um yeah good idea good really good idea on the moving companies what we do interview we try to find vendors and interview them for timelines and then that fits in him back Karen going out doing the interview very good so that was the biggest thing happen that there’s because a lot of money you miss on that referral some people you know some companies do nothing but referral to and yeah very good great so what are the components on the blog page we got a blog we want content easy way to get content is just find out who’s moving into your area and maybe do a short blog about the latest seven companies this month yeah I think I think with blogs one of the things you really want to look at is staying power and is this blog going to be relevant a year from now one of the things it comes to you know maybe not all about like if you were here I would say if you were a plumber right you wouldn’t write a blog like here are the 10 toilets I I worked on this punch right pitch but right yeah like it’s just know like but you might go and say you know here are 10 crazy toilets throughout history and like put pictures of the ancient Roman toilets and then people start to go good idea the other and then you’re able to go okay or they put up a picture and they blog about your company culture maybe they’re at a food bank give away whatever it may be because people don’t want your so like they don’t want to be sold your service as much as they want to be sold your personality and what you have to offer so if you have a way to do that through writing or through pictures or videos whatever maybe I mean that’s really the deal breaker right most expensive houses in Reno just go take pictures I’m you don’t have the listings a fight when they sold as I just saw that right now our taco some of the top Muslim like Bernie man the top 10 houses in Reno that fit in with Bodhi money burning man houses in Reno it burns you most wacko houses in the most artistic wacko houses in Reno or also advise bill is I totally agree view Jordan but I also feel and Brian cart talks about this and some the people that I really respect is choose specific areas that specialize

and write up about the schools about the area and really provide some value maybe do write all that out then do a video with you stay saying they’re talking about the area and then having some fun stuff which you then add to that particular section and build it out over the mamas what do you reckon children yeah the way we approach it is we think that the fun articles are what get people to your website and then once they’re in on the back end of the blog and throughout the blog you have all those useful posts on the five best schools that the best parks the best you know neighborhoods for young families because now you’re able to demonstrate your expertise but you’ve had you know these posts that are maybe a little more fun or entertaining to run to right sorry they’ve they ran on your social media accounts and they’ve actually brought people in so Tay what’s this all about then hey holy moly these guys you know this team actually knows this stuff for this agent is super informed right so I think that’s kind of a a good strategy with regards to to building content another thing I didn’t ask you what was your view about Instagram and a couple of yellow and pink wrists and do you think they have any traction or can you be an or and also youtube I think YouTube’s pretty important as well but it’s a difficult one because I also think you can spread yourself too thin can’t you as well can’t you um yeah I think this is kind of I think instagrams a must-have and I think it’s a must-have because this is where everyone’s gonna be in a year a year and a half so get ahead of it don’t don’t don’t think of Instagram as something that like is going to produce massive results for you but spent posting one picture every two weeks and finding out something of either yourself or something you’re up for dinner with a client or even just posting a picture that says you know man i love brow County the photo of you know somewhere in florida that’s that’s still useful with regards to having a present the presence because once again it shows that you’re in touch with modern marketing and we know that we got fourteen percent i believe is the number of mobile only users right so we want to start thinking mobile first to twitter instagram those platforms are mobile first so i think it’s just it’s really important to have it as people migrate their the next year year-and-a-half you’re going to see a lot more brands a lot more agents just a lot more people being very active on instagram what about YouTube what’s your feelings about YouTube yeah I think I think YouTube is it is the place to be if you’re creating video it’s a if you’re creating video that’s longer than 15 seconds it’s got to be on youtube so youtube’s one of the great thing everybody is familiar with youtube and one of the things i like is when you post a youtube link somewhere people recognize the URL so they’re a lot more likely to click it maybe then you posted something on your own website so i think that’s uh that’s a really useful part of it and then it’s got it youtube is you know that’s yeah we could it was good Christian of go what’s your feelings about periscope okay yeah periscope um I feel like you know we’re guilty a lot of times in every industry but you know real estate the new hottest thing comes out and we think hey we need to be on this periscope if you r kv periscope is immediate right so it’s live you got to make sure that you are good on your feet so I think you should do periscope if you’re if you’re comfortable front of the camera but I think you should have a plan before your Paris where you go on so you really got to look at hey what am I going to be providing in this video just starting a periscope and you’re walking around the IE it’s it’s risky right so just have a plan I think it’s I think if you have the talent and you can speak you can speak over live video then it’s going to be a great platform view in bill at this question the best combination of people for a real estate team I’ll just quickly put this to you I think the more the really successful brokers in the next couple years or those that realize that they are in marketing and they gotta prove that they’re good marketers themselves so they can do good marketing for their clients and they gotta be marketing social media digital media new media they got to prove that good marketers and also they can do that the technical stuff the documentation would you agree with that yeah one of the things about being an agent here even the leader of a

broker team is you are not only the CMO you’re the COO the CTO you know you’re you are wearing all the hats you got to approach it like a start-up and yeah you gotta handle the execution but you don’t have to be the world’s best marketer but you need to know what’s going on here you need to be able to you know pay someone to help you or invest in the right systems you know that help you really execute and get your message out because if you don’t have marketing behind you know you can have the best run plan or best plan in the world for a business and but if you don’t have the marketing behind it nobody’s going to know right so it’s that yeah I’ve kind of lost couple you know the elephant we were talking about the last couple episodes is I’m not a great believer in these long winded business plans but I do think you need some plain and having some outline about what you’re going to do real marketing and promoting yourself on a quarterly six-month nine-month yearly look is important because otherwise was discussing this with Bill I think it’s really easy to drift just kind of throw yourself all around and really get a bit lost do you agree with that it’s funny it’s funny bring that up that’s the next post I have going up on in min is that how to make a real estate marketing plan and will rub your back oh yeah um here’s here’s what I’d say about real estate marketing plans you need one keep it under like a page and a half long and there’s going to be a couple things that you really need to do one you got set a budget listen to you gotta define success and then three go to measure your results so as long as you’re going and saying I’m gonna spend this much oh and also you need to define your customer right do you sell bungalows are you selling apartments to first time buyers are you selling luxury homes define it and make all of your messaging around that so I think that’s tough if you’re new I journal agent establish because you feel you should have to take on everything but it’s a mistake unless you really got to I think it’s best to focus on a Pacific broad niche rather than try and be everything to everybody what do you think Jordan yeah I mean there’s the the saying right be an inch wide and a mile deep instead of a mile wide and an inch deep when it comes to your knowledge and we are service i think really if you’re going to be the luxury agent if they’re going to be an agent that specializes in bungalows in one County know everything there is to know about them know what your typical buyer looks like hey you know I’m selling the 31 year old 31 year olds who are buying their first home I need to be where they are i need to thank to market to them so yeah I think really coming and having that that niche is super important good evil cushions boo you know maybe raw I know frogs up right now but I think that’s his company up there you know he does the commercial AV systems and all that system he would on a team one thing that I see that big change and we the red book you know from keller williams is it is really getting now where you need an agent out there flesh to flesh doing their contracts all that but you need someone with them doing the social media the back side in the processing i really think it should be it is just too much to know for one person too much to do you have to have any of them the team multiplies how much you get I’m been a big team believer for 15 years so I think that’s the direction in fact that’s the kind of real estate companies I want to restart and my wife has let me do it again me but is the team concept smaller offices team designed around teams because you do need to do all those things but you need one person right right there you know constantly on the phone so you need to realize our team to help your client or when there’s something it comes up on a tweet or an IM from Twitter yeah mom react I I totally agree view to some extent bill but I really also feel it’s the amount of transactions you’re actually handling I think it can be daunting but I love Georgians input about this is that i think at a certain level a transaction you probably are going to have to do it yourself but then you need them a one and a half page marketing plan you need systems rescheduling systems call writing content a plan you know religious about how you do your social media and just kind of spend those 15-20 minutes you know your wife so fortunate to have you helping her but it was still in lawns that person is committed and realize that they got to be in the game not that first week but in six months time they’ve got to be doing the same things it is possible to manage it it just depends on the man or transactions

that you’re dealing with because as you if you’re really wanting to build up a really big biz there are a lot of transactions you’re all right you can’t do it all yourself what’s your response to that children yeah i mean like anything right it’s you gotta treat it like a business and scale it and at the start it probably just i would think it’s going to be a one-person show and as you’re you know revenue and sales starts to go any more and more transactions and what more and more work then it makes sense to scale out that team and build a bigger team i totally go on the other hand though if you have a team of people to start and say hey we got 15 years experience each and you know i bring this to the table you bring this to the table like let’s you know let’s set up a little shop and get going with regards to making a real estate company i think that’s also beneficial really it’s it’s all about the context in each in each situation right some people are going to be the go at it alone type other people are going to come out and want to put together teams and bounce off strengths of each other so i think that’s it’s really kind of a it’s unique to each situation yet was the only a new member I see from 15 years ago is you set up a listing agent in a buyer’s agent and sort of a generation or a processor but now you almost need somebody doing the social media for that team you need a time I mean it social media is a full-time job um well I think it isn’t it is and I think if you have a scheduling system and you learn how to use it and you build up your resources that you can clue right and get a calendar and then understand you also can never have to put more personal stuff and also use your video your camera on your iPhone your iPhone class and do those videos and also you do some blogging about have a schedule and get into a pattern I think it is I think it’s a will factor it’s getting over that hump and I think that most of us um don’t deal with that really well what do you reckon Jordan yeah I mean I think everyone would hope that eventually another business grows to a point where it is right it’s busy enough that they have a you know dedicated social media or digital marketer because one of the mistakes i think i see people make is they say okay I’m gonna go and I’m just gonna I’m gonna put the least talented person I know aunt are in charge of a social media and digital marketing because oh it’s what the kids do and opposed to saying no it’s where your customers are so I think in an initial time you’re going to have to do it yourself you’re gonna have to get either pay someone to do it or become competent with the platforms and and at least you know know how to use them and add those personal touches use your phone but uh I so agree of your children I think it’s better to use a connoisseur you know there are competitors to mine it’s better gee I think it’s better to use a semi corrected system and then use your own personal stuff rather than getting some 20 year old that’s really got no in is that they’re just told to do it I actually think that’s the worst worlds of all worlds and but you’re so right you see that so often don’t you children it’s the it’s the least powerful person that’s thrown to do that and they don’t read you after don’t want to do it do they know and you know nobody’s going to care about your business as much as you do and nobody’s going to represent it you know in a way you can and I think that really taking that and understanding that ok hey I care about my business so i need to pay someone else who is at least professional to do it or has the ability or has the experience but yeah you see a lot of brand mistakes and it’s as usually as you’re growing it’s not in the early days it’s usually as you’re growing and your brokerage that’s going from you know 10 to 10 to 30 agent Mark i find it that’s where you kind of things going to fall by the wayside because you’re growing so fast a lot of times yep I mean we’ll Christians boo no that’s that’s good we’re just a good nice conversation interesting stuff the world is definitely definitely changing you know one thing we didn’t talk about that didn’t exist like last year sorta is this new streaming streaming media and how do you use streaming media in real estate that’s the last one I’ll ask us something to think about because that’s that’s what we’re thinking like streaming media is there a way to use it other we got periscope you could so you do an open house you could do a periscope in fact yeah periscope it at open house but this is streaming media here which is really unique we have a live audience and I know someone back in st. Louis is doing a real estate show around the different communities bring people in but interesting thought how do you streaming media well I think it’s I

think it’s so powerful word you know ask Jordan his faults but I don’t know if you agree children is that um you know as I agent to build your credibility if you go to people and you go to nonprofits you go to community leaders who’ve got Pacific campaigns and you say why don’t you come on a bad when we talk about that and you get other people joining in and you market it a little bit it just builds up your own credibility and those people feel more morally and socially obliged within looking at selling a property to contact you first maybe what do you feel children yeah I mean the people want to reciprocate right they want to give back when they get something so I think if you go out and you bring people on and you’re giving them a platform with more specifically talking about something like this with blab I think that that’s uh that’s a great strategy really when it comes to like Facebook live or periscope one of the cool things with like Facebook live for instance is you’re able to do the open house which I was feeling and I would keep it you know I wouldn’t be periscoping for 20 minutes 25 minutes but hey guys you know cuz there’s people at the open house you got to talk to so I would you know hey guys we’re at the open house we’re so excited blah blah blah blah blah you know you do your spiel and then that actually lives on facebook too and people can go through and rewatch that after so i think yeah I think that this kid the future is going to be things like open houses with Paris it open facebook live the debut hope for the open house go to the open house dude look preview them to an open house tomorrow and put it alive you know a faster you go up into Facebook they say it gets a little bit more juice I hate the one that I one last question is a tough one you talked earlier about going to wear where the listings are going to be who’s selling a house where the turnover is so this is a tough one all real estate agents want to know how do they find who wants to sell a house what’s the magic for high propensity to identify we know five to seven years but that’s that’s just sort of random notes new subdivisions turn over a little bit more than old subdivisions right who wants to sell a house on a tough one so there’s a couple of a couple things I would do in terms of actually getting hey this person wants to you know getting that hard name that is that’s hard to do there’s an if I had that answer I would be the biggest real estate agent in in America right but I think things like Facebook’s tools which they give you hey these people are showing the signs or if somebody announces that they’re having a child in nine months hey we’re pregnant we’re announcing so if that person is going to be moving in next two years cuz they now need a bet they need another bedroom so you’re up now nine months to make a relationship to you know but typically that person’s friend um I think that would be like a simple one you know please look at when people or hey the kids are moved going off to college they now need to downsize stuff like that I mean this you know stuff that you would see in everyday life that you see online that would be where I would go yeah kind of our treaty like hunting in the way I’ve been a lot by upping like agents they’re just interested in the the nail kill the piece of animal that our contract right now but the skilled hunter learns everything about the terrain learns where the animals go at certain times of the year which water holes they’re going to and which animals show the signs of getting in weakness which will make it easier for them to hunt and capture and I think as agent you got to be you got to prepare your lead funnel you got to kind of do the track work and then look for some signs that lead to the direct kill what do you reckon Jordan yeah I mean it’s really the difference between you know being a hunter and being a shepherd right in terms of like you know sales terminology if you’re the shepherd you’re out and you have your sheep and you’re cultivating in your are the farmer right you’re cultivating your mom and yeah the farmer me um you know you’re out there and you’re you’re planting seeds all the time right so I mean this is one of those easier said than done things right if like it’s it’s I think that we just have to be very self-aware and realized that it’s not always about the short game you know it’s a combination of you should take easy sales and easy cells when you get them but you should also have the long game in mind when you’re putting out content when you’re talking to people when you see that you know people are just got married or whatever it may be um you should think about it just got divorced yeah no no hey they’re getting divorced they’re quick hey both up that’s a tough and my wife has had a lot of transaction with divorced couples that’s always tough look I thought it was but I verizon

alter that was a thing the divorce couples is the toughest in the world and someone has to take responsibility sometimes it comes down to a judge saying you’re in charge yeah yeah it’s tough those are tough things so to kind of finish up because you’ve been a really fantastic gasps children you stayed on and I think we I don’t want you feel journal but I think we’ve covered some really great stuff it’s really interesting stuff is there a couple tips things that you think agents should be really looking at or should be of top of mind in 20 16 is is there anything like that you can kind of no I don’t want to finish on divorce really that was a bit of a bad a lot of the finish of the high spot free here um see youth in your new kids yeah get married new kids and divorce ya gotta finish of all look at the water faces death going going on put 20 cards out around the house the person has died come on Georgia sinus one this is that the traditional one as soon as somebody list if you put five and ten around that listing really for some reason someone else will list it’s really weird where there’s a listing two listings pop up where there hasn’t been for a while really strange thing know for sure um in terms of 2016 and what I see things going are one tip I mean the biggest tip I would say is just be self-aware so before you post anything ask yourself hey what I share this if I was the consumer would I like this what I want to see this in terms of the biggest tip i would say use your phone if you use your phone and get on the intake you can link your Instagram right to your facebook sure you have good shares with all I said I’m a slut elephant but yeah it’s good I guess I honestly I can’t stress enough how under use the cell phone the smartphone is it’s everything right there there’s no excuse I i was updating I was tweeting people today about the article while I was taking the sub way to the office right like it’s just it’s right there and it’s easy so I think that yeah I think that it’s just so underused and just really being like because you can forget oh yeah I haven’t posted anything in a long time so maybe a scheduler but really it’s that just remembering you have the best weapon in your pocket so I think we’re anything for that highlight we don’t want to go back to this okay thanks Jill did you been a great guess we hope to have you in that hopefully you will consider coming back maybe after you’re Nick’s fault full article and you’ve been a great guess than I fink we’ve had a good show what do you reckon Jordan ya know it was great guys thanks ad thanks for having me this was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone who came in and it intended we like I appreciate that you come and listen to things that I have to say so I really appreciate that what give it to the policeman hang at the show after the show we get the virtual tour the office now you can you could be put in blab on here to another one oh that’s good let me see if I can do it right now so we’re a big like community table here and on one room in here so that’s one of our partner rooms all right it’s 11 here and the foosball no nice that’s very important RKO the office you going after that yeah so I can tell you we can’t tell your minions it’s okay you know I i know somebody see if this doesn’t blow us out I can you hear still is it echoing a little bad but let me turn this off I’ve gotta uh oh it’s to feel you know I was gonna just there’s another trick I just have to turn it just disable the uh that was there anyone here that was horrendous boo we tried again radford I mean I’m just going to disable the speaker and stuff yeah the UH here’s the thing do you have a media room to create media in your own office like videos a conference room so a really good company who’s watching right now and light navy out of Washington DC area they build like media rooms for companies be to be in their management in our in Florida we do so Florida we have like a room with the full we keep all our recording equipment because we do commercials and stuff so we have the full kitten kaboodle we have a full-time video guide there yeah something I see for real estate agents whether or not if you’re going to build or buy a house you’re making enough to have your own real estate is to create a media room

which is just another closet you know a closet doesn’t have to be a bedroom it should be no windows a closet it can’t be a living space right and it created as a workspace it for really you could do some neat things you could ever have all your camera set up ahead of time you could be knocking stuff out like that yeah little state licensure I totally agree view bill but I think I’m not being a bummer here but we’ve talked about it and I jordan i call it the secret agent habit there’s too many agents that wouldn’t become secretly to talk about this imitating to be arrested yeah it is you’re in the robbers you’re in the wrong profession if you want to become a sleeker are you do this that’s what i meant with like you know sometimes people are just scared right to like ask and they’re scared to put themselves out there and like there’s a certain time when you have to say okay I if you have a referral I’d love to have it thank you please you’re my friends and family right it’s really hard to get through that barrier I feel sometimes for people well I’m going to go off the hill looks like I know how to do this now I figured it out if I’m you put your will be ok now I can show it so I muted my I try to think how to do this I needed I’ve got another phone on right here ah i muted my iphone i muted a little X right here now we can show around you can see that you know back here is black you can watch it from up here down here there’s no it’s good whoa Oh studio it’s cool well it’s not really its family crappy it’s a mess right now but yeah I see the rest of our room bedroom just a big room back there stuff i des attacks you spent tons of money on taxes this year oh I’m often children but thanks for your help and yeah I me I leave I leave you with the wizard yeah we’re taking off yeah I just good talking this is kind of neat just playing around but there’s a lot they can do there’s so much changing right now hey Jordan just for FYI what I wanted to do is I want to build up we have a real estate come in California still today I want to build initially a few years ago when I I got out of the military again I want to build a small office which is to MacBook Pros it look like an apple store you walked in and a kind of enies bar for the processor and maybe one or two little conference rooms and that’s it and just get people a storefront yeah I’d be cool and then put teams and they’re like three teams smaller real estate office with three teams working and all and I thought I still think people use a lot i noticed when i was deployed overseas a lot of the young officers we’re looking at houses to buy when they got back because it’s a diff so much money they’re all you know when they could they could get online and they’re looking at Zillow of course the millenniums yes it’s where it’s where the eyeballs are right so he’s nice mean yet will when you get in Reno sometime give us a yell likewise arrive fun see one last thing I thought we have a lot of conventions here what if there’s a way to make leads off of conventions yeah I don’t know I’ve very mixed feelings about conventions with a lot of times like they just turned out i mixed feelings that’s another talk try to approach i’m just thinking they’re here you can just like to physically go to my off to travel lots and lots of convention so not as many as las vegas of course but a lot of convention of arena or anyway take care was a good night see you guys understand on for a second so i’m going to talk say hi to some folks out there in the audience awesome sounds get your all out I got you there hey I still got bill on I’ve got two of me on I can entertain myself I’m not recording oops crew are recording

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